List of cycling tracks and velodromes

This is a list of cycling tracks and velodromes for track cycling worldwide. Template:Aizontal TOC

Velodromes currently in use

 ArgentinaAntonio RíosSan Rafael, Mendoza250 munknownconcreteOutdoor689 m34.637118°S 68.324251°W / -34.637118; -68.324251
 ArgentinaBahiense Pedal ClubBahía Blanca250 munknownconcreteOutdoor31 m38.688392°S 62.273812°W / -38.688392; -62.273812
 ArgentinaChavense Pedal ClubGonzález Chaves150 munknownconcreteOutdoor197 m38.028504°S 60.102419°W / -38.028504; -60.102419
 ArgentinaCity of EsperanzaEsperanza250 munknownconcreteOutdoorRRF41 m31.447083°S 60.920651°W / -31.447083; -60.920651
 ArgentinaConcepción del Uruguay540 munknownasphaltOutdoor9 m32.473652°S 58.224562°W / -32.473652; -58.224562
 ArgentinaConcordia340 munknownconcreteOutdoor35 m31.372278°S 58.001488°W / -31.372278; -58.001488
 ArgentinaEduardo Maero (Bº Ayacucho) VelodromeCórdoba250 munknownconcreteOutdoorpainted430 m31.375739°S 64.174219°W / -31.375739; -64.174219
 ArgentinaErnesto Contreras ProvincialMendoza333.33 munknownconcreteOutdoorRRF859 m32.884205°S 68.880290°W / -32.884205; -68.880290
 ArgentinaGabriel Deramond Municipal cycletrackCaleta Olivia450 munknownasphaltOutdoor7 m46.450051°S 67.529755°W / -46.450051; -67.529755
 ArgentinaHéctor CassinaRafaela250 munknownconcreteOutdoorlights103 m31.272154°S 61.493785°W / -31.272154; -61.493785
 ArgentinaJorge BatizCorral de Bustos225 munknownconcreteOutdoor118 m33.275939°S 62.192824°W / -33.275939; -62.192824
 ArgentinaJulio Polet PanamericanMar del Plata250 munknownconcreteOutdoorlights, UP16 m38.016792°S 57.575439°W / -38.016792; -57.575439
 ArgentinaKDT CircuitBuenos Aires333.33 munknownconcreteOutdoorpainted, RRF9 m34.566094°S 58.415181°W / -34.566094; -58.415181
 ArgentinaLas Breñas Cycle AssociationLas Breñas400 munknownconcreteOutdoorlights105 m27.096371°S 61.074074°W / -27.096371; -61.074074
 ArgentinaLujánJosé María Jáuregui200 munknownconcreteOutdoorlights27 m34.594188°S 59.181770°W / -34.594188; -59.181770
 ArgentinaMayo ParkSan Juan400 munknownconcreteOutdoorlights, RRF656 m31.531321°S 68.543792°W / -31.531321; -68.543792
 ArgentinaReconquista MunicipalReconquista333.33 munknownconcreteOutdoor44 m29.166628°S 59.639164°W / -29.166628; -59.639164
 ArgentinaResistenciaResistencia400 munknownconcreteOutdoor53 m27.435003°S 59.036791°W / -27.435003; -59.036791
 ArgentinaRío Cuarto MunicipalRío Cuarto250 munknownconcreteOutdoor440 m33.113971°S 64.349065°W / -33.113971; -64.349065
 ArgentinaRoberto "Paco" EchegaraySan Carlos de Bariloche333.33 munknownconcreteOutdoorlights823 m41.136363°S 71.292591°W / -41.136363; -71.292591
 ArgentinaRubén RosettiJunín333.33 munknownconcreteOutdoor82 m34.585758°S 60.974359°W / -34.585758; -60.974359
 ArgentinaRufinoRufino333.33 munknownconcreteOutdoor121 m34.258369°S 62.724729°W / -34.258369; -62.724729
 ArgentinaSáenz PeñaPres. Roque Sáenz Peña333.33 munknownconcreteOutdoor93 m26.814527°S 60.422674°W / -26.814527; -60.422674
 ArgentinaSan FranciscoSan Francisco400 munknownconcreteOutdoornon-std, painted118 m31.416487°S 62.079451°W / -31.416487; -62.079451
 ArgentinaSan Luis ProvincialSan Luis250 munknownconcreteOutdoorlights, UP729 m33.312613°S 66.328478°W / -33.312613; -66.328478
 ArgentinaSan Nicolás cycletrackSan Nicolás de los Arroyos500 munknownasphaltOutdoor28 m33.353730°S 60.214062°W / -33.353730; -60.214062
 ArgentinaTrenque Lauquen CycletrackTrenque Lauquen575 munknownconcreteOutdoor100 m turns93 m35.986721°S 62.750528°W / -35.986721; -62.750528
 ArgentinaTres de FebreroVilla Martínez de Hoz535 munknownconcreteOutdoorlights, 40 m turns93 m34.603913°S 58.577175°W / -34.603913; -58.577175
 ArgentinaUnzué Park MunicipalGualeguaychú425 munknownasphaltOutdoorlights, 75m turns7 m33.010067°S 58.497099°W / -33.010067; -58.497099
 ArgentinaVelodrome of the LagoonSanta Rosa565 munknownasphaltOutdoorlights, RRF169 m36.628123°S 64.310869°W / -36.628123; -64.310869
 ArgentinaVenado Tuerto MunicipalVenado Tuerto333.33 munknownasphaltOutdoorlights123 m33.737229°S 61.961060°W / -33.737229; -61.961060
 ArgentinaVelódromo Héroes de MalvinasSan Juan250 munknownasphaltOutdoorlights, UP, RRF646 m31.581208°S 68.549754°W / -31.581208; -68.549754
 ArmeniaYerevan VelodromeYerevan250 m42°woodOutdoorBuilt in 2010-11 to replace the old cycling track which was later demolished.915 m
 Australia Adcock Park Velodrome West Gosford, NSW 460m unknown asphalt Outdoor Open to the public excepting cycle club competitions and training. Surrounds athletics track so caution when events are on. Lights. 4m 33.430872°S  151.327892°E
 AustraliaAdelaide Super-DromeGepps Cross250 m43.0°woodIndoorHosted 2011 Oceania Track Championships25 m34.841384°S 138.612296°E / -34.841384; 138.612296
 AustraliaAnna Meares VelodromeChandler, Queensland250 m40.0°woodIndoorHosted 2018 Commonwealth Games27.514972°S 153.146506°E / -27.514972; 153.146506
 AustraliaMarty BuschBallarat, Victoria250 m37.5°concreteOutdoor421 m37.604869°S 143.843474°E / -37.604869; 143.843474
 AustraliaBurwood EastBurwood East, Victoria307 m25°concreteOutdoor134 m37.855967°S 145.160255°E / -37.855967; 145.160255
 AustraliaBlackwaterBlackwater, Queensland333.33 munknownconcreteOutdoor169 m23.563408°S 148.884876°E / -23.563408; 148.884876
 AustraliaBlue Lake Sports ParkMount Gambier, South Australia250 munknownconcreteOutdoor40 m37.843460°S 140.816547°E / -37.843460; 140.816547
 AustraliaBob WhitfordNewborough, Victoria500 munknownasphaltOutdoor83 m38.177966°S 146.295445°E / -38.177966; 146.295445
 AustraliaBrunswickEast Brunswick, Victoria322 munknownconcreteOutdoorlights39 m37.761090°S 144.981417°E / -37.761090; 144.981417
 AustraliaBundabergBundaberg West, QLD400 munknownasphaltOutdoor16 m24.873638°S 152.338025°E / -24.873638; 152.338025
 AustraliaCaboolture Sports CentreCaboolture, QLD350 munknownconcreteOutdoorlights8 m27.088876°S 152.945461°E / -27.088876; 152.945461
 AustraliaCairns Cycledome Smith ParkCairns, Queensland400 munlnownbitumenOutdoorlights
 AustraliaChandler Velodrome Brisbane, Queensland333.33 m31concreteOutdoorlights, underpass34 m27.511004°S 153.147569°E / -27.511004; 153.147569
 AustraliaChelseaEdithvale, Victoria502 munknownconcreteOutdoorpainted5 m38.036176°S 145.120214°E / -38.036176; 145.120214
 AustraliaCoburgCoburg, Victoria250 munknownconcreteOutdoorlights (currently broken), underpass72 m37.729756°S 144.955411°E / -37.729756; 144.955411
 AustraliaCollieCollie, Western Australia333.33 munknownconcreteOutdoor187 m33.355330°S 116.155149°E / -33.355330; 116.155149
 AustraliaDalgety RoadAlice Springs, Northern Territory333.33 munknownconcreteOutdoorlights, underpass600 m23.669988°S 133.864115°E / -23.669988; 133.864115
 AustraliaBagot ParkDarwin, Northern Territory325 munknownconcreteOutdoorlights22 m12.396234°S 130.859035°E / -12.396234; 130.859035
 AustraliaDavid BlackieArarat, Victoria250 munknownconcreteOutdoorlights309 m37.270687°S 142.941535°E / -37.270687; 142.941535
 AustraliaDevonport OvalDevonport, Tasmania500 munknownconcreteOutdoorlights9 m41.166921°S 146.359195°E / -41.166921; 146.359195
 AustraliaDoug PowellCastlemaine, Victoria500 munknownasphaltOutdoor297 m37.072664°S 144.230781°E / -37.072664; 144.230781
 AustraliaDunc Gray VelodromeSydney, New South Wales250 m42°/12.5°woodIndoorHosted 2000 Summer Olympics52 m33.907419°S 150.998744°E / -33.907419; 150.998744
 AustraliaEchuca-MoamaMoama, New South Wales295 munknownconcreteOutdoor99 m36.101540°S 144.746994°E / -36.101540; 144.746994
 AustraliaEdwardstownSouth Plympton, South Australia480 munknownasphaltOutdoor22 m34.981434°S 138.564294°E / -34.981434; 138.564294
 AustraliaEridge Park (Bowral)Burradoo, New South Wales333.33 munknownasphaltOutdoorpainted, lights662 m34.515607°S 150.406955°E / -34.515607; 150.406955
 AustraliaExeter cycletrackExeter, Tasmania365 munknownasphaltOutdoor56 m41.298051°S 146.949112°E / -41.298051; 146.949112
 AustraliaGeelong West OvalGeelong WestunknownunknownunknownOutdoorunknown
 AustraliaGeorgetownGeorgetown, Tasmania375 munknownasphaltOutdoor23 m41.098970°S 146.834478°E / -41.098970; 146.834478
 AustraliaGold Coast Cycling CentreNerang, Queensland356 munknownasphaltOutdoorlights6 m27.985710°S 153.336197°E / -27.985710; 153.336197
 AustraliaGraeme JoseWhyalla, South Australia269 munknownconcreteOutdoorlights35 m33.024118°S 137.570420°E / -33.024118; 137.570420
 AustraliaH.A. Smith ReserveHawthorn, Victoria250 munknownasphaltOutdoor16 m37.838337°S 145.039090°E / -37.838337; 145.039090
 AustraliaHanson ReserveWoodville Gardens, South Australia405 munknownasphaltOutdoor12 m34.867490°S 138.552196°E / -34.867490; 138.552196
 AustraliaMelbourne Arena Melbourne, Victoria250 mwood IndoorBuilt in 2000. Hosted 2004 and 2012 UCI Track Cycling World Championships and 2006 Commonwealth Games12m
 AustraliaHurstville Velodrome Sydney Outdoor78m
 AustraliaJoe Ciavola Velodrome (DISC)Thornbury, Victoria250 m42°woodIndoor52 m37.764412°S 145.022930°E / -37.764412; 145.022930
 AustraliaKenrick Tucker Velodrome Rockhampton, Queensland333.33 m Outdoor
 AustraliaKyneton Velodrome Hurry Reserve Kyneton, Victoria250 munknownconcrete Outdoor510 m37.838337°S 145.039090°E / -37.838337; 145.039090
 AustraliaLatrobe Recreation Ground Latrobe, Tasmania Outdoor
 AustraliaLavington Sports Ground Albury, New South Wales250 mconcrete Outdoor
 AustraliaLidcombe Oval Lidcombe, New South Wales426 masphalt Outdoorlights. Resurfaced and corners softened Dec 2013
 AustraliaMaryborough Velodrome Avoca Rd Maryborough, Victoria333.33 munknownconcrete Outdoor250 m37.049469°S 143.725607°E / -37.049469; 143.725607
 AustraliaMuswellbrook Velodrome Muswellbrook, New South Wales166.66 mconcrete Outdoor150 m32.26952°S 150.89225°E / -32.26952; 150.89225
 AustraliaNarrabundah Capital Velodrome Canberra, Australian Capital Territory333.33 mconcrete Outdoor
 AustraliaNew Town Oval Hobart, Tasmania Outdoor
 AustraliaPacker Park Glen Eira, Carnegie335 munknownconcrete Outdoor50 m37.901469°S 145.057952°E / -37.901469; 145.057952


 AustraliaPerth SpeedDome Midvale, Western Australia250 mwood IndoorHosted 1997 UCI Track Cycling World Championships
 AustraliaPort Pirie Velodrome Port Pirie, South Australia502 m Outdoor
 AustraliaPrince of WalesTamworth, New South Wales250 munknownconcreteOutdoorlights, underpass384 m31.097542°S 150.935333°E / -31.097542; 150.935333
 AustraliaRosebery Oval Rosebery, Tasmania Outdoor
 AustraliaSale Velodrome Sale, Victoriaconcrete Outdoor38.107042°S 147.092119°E / -38.107042; 147.092119
 AustraliaSeiffert OvalGoulburn, New South Wales400 munknownasphaltOutdoorpainted, lights34.751539°S 149.710369°E / -34.751539; 149.710369
 AustraliaShepparton Velodrome Shepparton, Victoria333.33 mconcrete Outdoor36.354928°S 145.392816°E / -36.354928; 145.392816
 AustraliaSilverdome Launceston, Tasmania285.714 mwood IndoorThe first Southern Hemisphere's Indoor timber cycling velodrome.[2]
 AustraliaSt. Helens Velodrome St Helens, Tasmania Outdoor
 AustraliaCanterbury Tempe Velodrome Earlwood, New South Wales333.33 mconcrete OutdoorOfficial name is Canterbury Velodrome, though most call it Tempe Velodrome.5m33.9253437°S 151.1539239°E / -33.9253437; 151.1539239
 AustraliaTom Flood Sports Centre Velodrome Bendigo, Victoria412 m Outdoor225 m36.752596°S 144.280897°E / -36.752596; 144.280897
 AustraliaToormina Velodrome near Coffs Harbour, New South Wales330 masphalt OutdoorBuilt in 2005
 AustraliaTW Andrews Park Velodrome Preston, Victoria333.33 m Outdoor85m37.716366°S 145.016937°E / -37.716366; 145.016937
 AustraliaUnanderra Velodrome Unanderra, New South Wales270 mconcrete Outdoor
 AustraliaWagga Cricket Ground Wagga Wagga, New South Walesconcrete Outdoor
 AustraliaWangaratta Velodrome Wangaratta, Victoria490 m Outdoor145 m36.346972°S 146.317122°E / -36.346972; 146.317122
 AustraliaWarragul Velodrome Warragul, Victoria333.33 mconcrete Outdoor140 m38.169958°S 145.942734°E / -38.169958; 145.942734
 AustraliaWest Park Oval Burnie, Tasmania Outdoor
 AustriaFerry-Dusika-HallenstadionVienna250 m45°woodIndoor163 m48.2106°N 16.4240°E / 48.2106; 16.4240
 BarbadosBridgetownBush Hall500 munknownconcreteOutdoor46 m13.120344°N 59.604657°W / 13.120344; -59.604657
 BelarusMinsk-Arena Minsk250 mwoodIndoorHosted 2013 UCI Track Cycling World Championships
 BelgiumVlaams Wielercentrum Eddy Merckx Blaarmeersen, Ghent250 mwood IndoorHosted 2019 UEC European Track Championships (under-23 & junior)
 BelgiumKuipke Ghent166.66 mwood IndoorHosted annually the Six Days of Ghent
 BelgiumAntwerps Sportpaleis Antwerp250 mwood IndoorHosted 1969 and 2001 UCI Track Cycling World Championships
 BelgiumElewijt Zemst377 masphalt
 BelgiumWielerpiste Hulshout Hulshout384 masphalt Outdoor[3]
 BelgiumAlleur Ans400 masphalt
 BelgiumPeer400 masphalt
 BelgiumVélodrome de Charleroi-Gilly Gilly, Charleroi250 masphalt Outdoor[4]
 BelgiumJemelle Rochefort400 masphalt
 BelgiumQuenast Rebecq333.33 masphalt
 BelgiumStene Oostende333.33 masphaltOutdoor
 BelgiumWielercentrum Antwerpen Wilrijk, Antwerp333.33 masphalt Outdoorconstruction began 24 September 2005, opened 30 September 2006[5]
 BelgiumWielerbaan Patrick Sercu Brugge333.33 masphaltOutdoor
 BelgiumBeveren400 masphalt
 BoliviaVelodromo de Alto IrpaviLa Paz333.33 munknownconcreteOutdoorunderpass. Built for the 1977 Juegos Bolivarianos.3340 m16.5235°S 68.0820°W / -16.5235; -68.0820
 Bolivia Villa Suramericana La Tamborada Cochabamba 250 m wood Indoor Hosted 2018 South American Games ˜2500 m
 BoliviaVelodromo Edgar CuetoCochabamba333.33 munknownconcreteOutdoorpainted, underpass. Inside Parque Mariscal Santa Cruz. Never really inaugurated. Named after the Cochabamba cycling champ from Quillacollo.2571 m17.3995°S 66.1735°W / -17.3995; -66.1735
 Bolivia Tarija 250 m concrete Outdoor Inauguration 27.2.2018. Built from 2008. Inside park Oscar Zamora. ˜1500 m
 Bolivia Santa Cruz 250 m concrete Outdoor Inside the Villa Deportiva Abrahm Telchi. Inaugurated 10.4.2014. ˜800 m
 Bolivia Oruro 490 m around 10 % asphalt Outdoor ˜4000 m
 Bolivia Velódromo Municipal Sucre Chuquisaca 250 m concrete Outdoor As 2019 project is given green light by the authorities. Built for the Juegos Deportivos de la Juventud 2020. 2780 m
 BrazilCiclismo EAmericana, São Paulo333.33 munknownconcreteOutdoorlights538 m22.745205°S 47.320752°W / -22.745205; -47.320752
 BrazilFrancisca Maria R Praça Jardim BotânicoCuritiba, Paraná333.33 munknownconcreteOutdoorlights, underpass, tennis infield928 m25.443346°S 49.240742°W / -25.443346; -49.240742
 BrazilWillie DavidsMaringá, Paraná250 munknownconcreteOutdoorlights, underpass551 m23.411737°S 51.937014°W / -23.411737; -51.937014
 BrazilRio Olympic VelodromeRio de Janeiro250 m44.9ºwoodIndoorHosted 2016 Summer Olympics5 m22.980237°S 43.394769°W / -22.980237; -43.394769
 BrazilVelódromo de CaieirasCaieiras250 munknownconcreteOutdoorunderpass, traffic safety infield735 m23.356376°S 46.741582°W / -23.356376; -46.741582
 BrazilVelódromo da USPSão Paulo250 munknownconcreteOutdoorlights, underpass, stadium, multi-use infield727 m23.560275°S 46.715314°W / -23.560275; -46.715314
 CanadaArgyll Velodrome Edmonton, Alberta333.33 m37˚concreteOutdoorBuilt for the 1978 Commonwealth Games.[6] Also hosted track cycling competitions at the 1983 Summer Universiade.[7]
 CanadaBromont Velodrome Bromont, Quebec250 m42˚woodOutdoorBuilt for the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta and moved to Bromont in 2000.[8]
 CanadaBurnaby Velodrome Burnaby, British Columbia (near Vancouver)200 m47˚woodIndoorbuilt mid-1990s[9]. Pressurised dome.30 m
 CanadaVélodrome Caisse Populaire de Dieppe Dieppe, New Brunswick250 m39˚woodOutdoor[10] Demolished in 2018
 CanadaForest City Velodrome London, Ontario138 m50˚wood Indoorworld's shortest permanent velodrome, built 2005 inside former hockey arena[11]
 CanadaGlenmore Velodrome Calgary, Alberta400 m39˚concrete Outdoor[12]
 CanadaMattamy National Cycling Centre Milton, Ontario250 m42˚wood Indoorbuilt for the 2015 Pan American Games. First-ever UCI-regulated, class 1 Indoor velodrome in Canada. Designed by FaulknerBrowns Architects and opened in January 2015.
 CanadaWestshore Velodrome (Formerly Juan de Fuca Velodrome) Colwood, Victoria, British Columbia333.33 m28˚concreteOutdoorBuilt for the 1994 Commonwealth Games[13]
 CanadaWind-Del Velodrome Windham Centre, Ontario250 m13˚asphaltOutdoor
 ChileEstadio La GranjaCurico250 munknownconcreteOutdoorlights, RR entry221 m34.974407°S 71.229354°W / -34.974407; -71.229354
 ChilePunta ArenasPunta Arenas500 munknownconcreteOutdoor7 m53.154142°S 70.895553°W / -53.154142; -70.895553
 ChileEstadio NacionalSantiago333.33 munknownconcreteOutdoorlights, RR entry, underpass570 m33.469166°S 70.607444°W / -33.469166; -70.607444
 ChileVelódromo PeñalolénSantiago250 munknownwoodIndoorlaminated wood (Finland Master Plank Kerto), designed by Peter Junek: built for the 2014 South American Games33.465816°S 70.545315°W / -33.465816; -70.545315
 ChinaGuangzhou Velodrome Guangzhou250 mwood Indoorbuilt for the 2010 Asian Games
 ChinaLaoshan Velodrome Beijing250 mwood Indoorbuilt for the 2008 Summer Olympics
 ChinaTianjin Velodrome Tianjin250 mwood Indoorbuilt for the 2013 East Asian Games
 ChinaLiaoning Velodrome Shenyang250 mwood Indoor
 ChinaShandong Velodrome Jinan250 mwood Indoor
 ChinaShanxi Velodrome Taiyuan250 mwood Indoor
 ColombiaVelódromo Rafael Vásquez Barranquilla Outdoor
 ColombiaVelódromo Luís Carlos Galán Bogotá333.33 mconcreteOutdoorHosted 1995 UCI Track Cycling World Championships
 ColombiaVelódromo Primero de Mayo Bogotá333.33 m43°/11°wood OutdoorBuilt in 1951.
 ColombiaVelódromo Alfonso Flórez Ortiz Bucaramangaconcrete Outdoor
 ColombiaVelódromo Alcides Nieto Patiño Cali250 m46°/11°wood Outdoor, fully coveredBuilt in 1971. Renovated in 2007. Regular stop for the UCI Track Cycling World Cup Classics. Hosted 2014 UCI Track Cycling World Championships 998 m
 ColombiaVelódromo Alfonso Salamanca Duitama250 mconcrete Outdoor
 ColombiaVelódromo Martín Emilio Cochise Rodriguez Medellín250 m45°/8.5°concrete Outdoor
 ColombiaVelódromo Alfonso Hurtado Sarria Pereira Outdoor
 Costa RicaParque de la PazSan Jose333.33 m30/12concreteOutdoorlights1173 m9.912559°N 84.072993°W / 9.912559; -84.072993
 CroatiaStadion KranjčevićevaZagreb430 munknownconcreteOutdoorlights116 m45.804623°N 15.960862°E / 45.804623; 15.960862
 CubaVelodromo Reinaldo PaseiroHavana333.33 munknownconcreteOutdoorunderpass40 m23.153913°N 82.315042°W / 23.153913; -82.315042
 Czech RepublicMotol, Prague153.8 munknownwoodIndoor279 m50.065716°N 14.351952°E / 50.065716; 14.351952
 Czech RepublicVelodrom TřebešínTřebešín, Prague333.33 m35°/7.5°concreteOutdooroverpass271 m50.08419°N 14.488333°E / 50.08419; 14.488333
 Czech RepublicBrno VelodromeBrno400 munknownconcreteOutdoor, track coveredlights, underpass. Hosted 1969 and 1981 world championships208 m49.184660°N 16.579075°E / 49.184660; 16.579075
 Czech RepublicProstějov301 munknownconcreteOutdoorlights227 m49.480468°N 17.101522°E / 49.480468; 17.101522
 Czech RepublicPlzeň400 munknownconcreteOutdoorlights332 m49.736767°N 13.401070°E / 49.736767; 13.401070
 Czech RepublicLouny446 munknownconcreteOutdoor180 m50.367180°N 13.788241°E / 50.367180; 13.788241
 DenmarkAarhus CyklebaneAarhus333.33 munknownconcreteOutdoor20 m56.132485°N 10.191437°E / 56.132485; 10.191437
 DenmarkBallerup Super ArenaCopenhagen250 munknownwoodIndoorHosted 2002, 2010 UCI Track Cycling World Championships and annually the Six Days of Copenhagen24 m55.721157°N 12.368401°E / 55.721157; 12.368401
 DenmarkThorvald Ellegaard ArenaOdense250 m42°woodIndoor[14]20 m55.399473°N 10.346406°E / 55.399473; 10.346406
 Dominican RepublicJuan Pablo DuarteNaco333.33 munknownconcreteOutdoorlights, underpass, stadium18.477497°N 69.919199°W / 18.477497; -69.919199
 EcuadorJosé Luis Recalde VelodromeQuito333.33 munknownconcreteOutdoorlights, stadium2797 m0.213648°S 78.486987°W / -0.213648; -78.486987
 EstoniaPirita VelodromeTallinn333.33 m34°concreteOutdoorunderpass, multi-use infield, lights, stadium12 m59.463234°N 24.831527°E / 59.463234; 24.831527
 FinlandHelsinki VelodromeHelsinki400 m37.5˚/16˚concreteOutdoor11 m60.202837°N 24.943042°E / 60.202837; 24.943042
 FinlandTurku VelodromeTurku333.33 munknownasphaltOutdoor18 m60.444272°N 22.302112°E / 60.444272; 22.302112
 FrancePalais des Sports Grenoble210.52 m37°woodIndoor
 FranceVélodrome de Vincennes Bois de Vincennes, Paris500 m Outdoorbuilt 1894. Tour de France finish from 1968 to 1974
 FranceVélodrome du Lac Bordeaux250 mwood Indoor Hosted 1998 and 2006 UCI Track Cycling World Championship
 FranceVélodrome Roubaix (Vélodrome André-Pétrieux) Roubaix499.75 m31°concrete OutdoorSite of the finish of the spring classic Paris–Roubaix
 FranceVélodrome Stablinksi Roubaix250 m45°woodIndoorBuilt in 2012[15]
 FranceClermont Ferrand500 mconcrete
 FranceVélodrome du Parc de la Tête d'Or Lyon333.33 m43°resinOutdoor
 FranceINSEP Paris166.66 mwoodIndoor
 FranceVélodrome National de Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines Paris250 mwood IndoorHosted 2015 UCI Track Cycling World Championships and 2016 UEC European Track Championships. Will be venue for 2024 Summer Olympics
 FranceVélodrome de Toulon-Provence-MéditerranéeHyères, Var250 mwoodOutdoor, track covered
 FranceVélodrome Municipal de Dijon Dijon, Côte d'Or250 m45°resin Outdoor
 FranceVélodrome Jean Jaurès Equeurdreville, Manche400 mconcrete Outdoor
 FranceVélodrome Commandant Bouguin Rennes403 m Outdoor
 FranceVélodrome Amédée Détraux Baie-Mahault, Guadeloupe333.33 mconcreteOutdoorHosted 2014 UEC European Track Championships
 FranceVélodrome de Saint-Denis-de-l'Hôtel Saint-Denis-de-l'Hôtel333.33 mconcrete Outdoorbuilt 1985
 FranceVélodrome Gabriel ChéfiareSaint-Denis, Reunion333.33 mconcreteOutdoor
 FranceVélodrome de FautauaPapeete, Tahiti400 mconcreteOutdoor
 GermanyAndreasried Velodrome Erfurt250 mconcrete Outdoor, track coveredOriginally opened in 1885. Redeveloped in 2006-2007, converting the original 333.33 metre track to a 250-metre track and adding a roof.[16][17]
 GermanyBadewanne Dudenhofen250 m42°concreteOutdoor
 GermanyRadrennbahn Bielefeld333.33 m49°concreteOutdoor
 GermanyChemnitz Sportforum Velodrome Chemnitz318 mconcreteOutdoor
 GermanyCottbus Sport Centre Velodrome Cottbus333.33 mconcreteOutdoor, track covered
 GermanyEichwaldstadion Velodrome Schopp450 mconcreteOutdoor
 Germany Gäufelden200 mwoodOutdoor, fully covered
 GermanyGera Velodrome Gera250 mconcreteOutdoor
 GermanyIsar-Radstadion Niederpöring333.33 mconcreteOutdoor
 GermanyMannheim Velodrome Mannheim333.33 mconcreteOutdoor
 GermanyNRW-Leistungszentrum Kaarst-Büttgen250 mwoodIndoor
 GermanyOderlandhalle Frankfurt (Oder)250 mwoodIndoorRedeveloped in 2013-2014, converting the original 285,714 metre track to a 250-metre track.[18]
 GermanyAlbert Richter Bahn Köln250 m43°woodOutdoor, track covered
 GermanyReichelsdorfer Keller Nürnberg400 mconcreteOutdoor
 GermanyRosch-Kampfbahn Leipzig400 mconcreteOutdoor, track covered
 GermanyRostock Velodrome Rostock250 mconcreteOutdoor
 GermanyRSG Augsburg200 mwoodIndoor
 GermanySchanzenberg-Bahn Saarbrücken333.33 mconcreteOutdoornot used
 GermanySolingen Velodrome Solingen384.62 mconcreteOutdoor
 GermanyStadthalle Bremen166.66 mwoodIndoor
 GermanyStellingen Hamburg250 mconcreteOutdoor, fully covered
 GermanyVCD Darmstadt333.33 mconcreteOutdoor
 GermanyVelodrom Berlin250 mwoodIndoorHosted 1999 UCI Track Cycling World Championships, the 2017 UEC European Track Championships and annually the Six Days of Berlin
 GreeceOlympic VelodromeKifisia, Athens250 m42˚woodIndoorOriginally built in 1991, for the Mediterranean Games. Refurbished and covered in order to host the 2004 Summer Olympics. Redesigned for the 2004 Olympics by Santiago Calatrava.162 m38.040134°N 23.780321°E / 38.040134; 23.780321
 GreeceDiagoras VelodromeRodos415 munknownconcreteOutdoorlights16 m36.438224°N 28.228184°E / 36.438224; 28.228184
 GuatemalaVelodromo Nacional de GuatemalaGuatemala City250 mconcreteOutdoorOnly track. If stairs are needed built outside.˜50 m
 Hong KongHong Kong VelodromeTseung Kwan O New Town250 m41.9°woodIndoorBuilt in 2013. Hosted 2017 UCI Track Cycling World Championships22.31331°N 114.26232°E / 22.31331; 114.26232
 HungaryMillenáris Sporttelep[19]Budapest412 munknownconcreteOutdoorlights, underpass (2)113 m47.506193°N 19.094761°E / 47.506193; 19.094761
 HungaryTamási TrackTamási400 munknownconcreteOutdoor107 m46.626084°N 18.291624°E / 46.626084; 18.291624
 IndiaCommonwealth Games Velodrome Indira Gandhi Sports Complex, New Delhi250 mwood Indoor
 IndiaGuru Nanak Dev University Cycling Velodrome Amritsar333.33 mconcreteOutdoor
 IndiaNIS Velodrome Patiala333.33 mconcreteOutdoor
 IndiaOsmania University Velodrome Hyderabad333.33 mconcreteOutdoor
 IndiaPunjabi University Stadium Patiala500 mconcreteOutdoor
 IndiaVeerangna Rani Durgawati Sports Complex JabalpurOutdoor
 IndiaShree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex velodrome Pune333.33 mconcreteOutdoor
 IndiaSwai Maan Singh Sports Complex Cycling Velodrome Jaipur333.33 mconcreteOutdoor
 IndiaLNCPE SAI Cycling Velodrome Trivendrium333.33 mconcreteOutdoor
 IndiaSAI Sports Complex Cycling Velodrome Imphal, Manipur333.33 mconcreteOutdoor
 IndiaNational Games Sports Complex Cycling Velodrome Ranchi333.33 mconcreteOutdoor
 IndiaNational Games Sports Complex Cycling Velodrome Guwahati, Assam333.33 mconcreteOutdoor
 IndiaPAU Sports Complex Cycling Velodrome Ludhiana, Punjab333.33 mconcreteOutdoor
 IndiaMaharaja Karni Singh Stadium Bikaner, Rajasthan500 mconcreteOutdoor
 IndonesiaJakarta International VelodromeRawamangun, Jakarta250 munknownconcreteIndoorBuilt in 2018 in order to host the 2018 Asian Games.5,5 m6.191085°S 106.890227°E / -6.191085; 106.890227
 IndonesiaMunaip Saleh Memorial VelodromeCisangkan, Bandung333.33 munknownconcreteOutdoor749 m6.873614°S 107.529339°E / -6.873614; 107.529339
 IranAhvaz250 mconcreteOutdoor, track covered[20]38.029643°N 46.292755°E / 38.029643; 46.292755
 IranAzadi Velodrome[21] Tehran333.33 munknownconcreteOutdooroverpass, underpass, stadium, lights1285 m35.722432°N 51.272563°E / 35.722432; 51.272563
 IranSamenMashhad250 mconcreteOutdoor, track covered[22]1050 m36.290131°N 59.596831°E / 36.290131; 59.596831
 IranTabriz Cycling TrackMashhad250 mconcreteOutdoor, track covered[23]38.029643°N 46.292755°E / 38.029643; 46.292755
 IrelandEamonn Ceannt Stadium (Sundrive Road Track) Dublin457.5 mtarmac Outdoorresurfaced 2009[24]
 IrelandKanturk VelodromeKanturk250 mtarmacOutdoor
 IsraelSylvan Adams VelodromeTel Aviv250 mwoodIndoor
 ItalyAlbricciNaples600 mconcreteOutdoor
 ItalyMarco PoloAndora150 mconcreteOutdoor
 ItalyStadio Rino MercanteBassano del Grappa400 mconcreteOutdoorHosted 1985 UCI Track Cycling World Championships
 ItalyBusto Garolfo385 mconcreteOutdoor
 ItalyAntonio CaponeMarcianise285 mconcreteOutdoor
 ItalyNino BorsariCavezzo375 mconcreteOutdoor
 ItalyBandieraCivitavecchia465 mconcreteOutdoor
 ItalyVelodromo ComunaleDalmine375 mconcreteOutdoor
 ItalyGiovanile SalesianoDonada333.33 mconcreteOutdoor
 ItalyFausto CoppiTurin400 mconcreteOutdoor
 ItalyEnzo SacchiFlorence333.33 mconcreteOutdoor
 ItalyPacciarelliFiorenzuola d'Arda400 mconcreteOutdoor
 ItalyForano250 mconcreteOutdoor
 ItalyGlauco ServadeiForli400 mconcreteOutdoor
 ItalyCarliniGenova450 mconcreteOutdoor
 ItalyGuido BiondiLanciano400 mconcreteOutdoor
 ItalyMolinella425 mconcreteOutdoor
 ItalyMontallese325 mconcreteOutdoor
 ItalyNoto350 mconcreteOutdoor
 ItalyOppido Lucano250 mconcreteOutdoor
 ItalyVelodromo Paolo BorsellinoPalermo400 mconcreteOutdoorHosted 1994 UCI Track Cycling World Championships.
 ItalyStadio Tonino BenelliPesaro500 mconcreteOutdoorSoccer stadium. Velodrome partially removed.
 ItalyPontecorvo333.33 mconcreteOutdoor
 ItalyOttavio BottecchiaPordenone400 mconcreteOutdoor
 ItalyPier Giovanni MecchiaPortogruaro395.80 mconcreteOutdooropened in 1947[25]
 ItalyQuartu Sant Elena333.33 mconcreteOutdoor
 ItalyFranconeSan Francesco al Campo400 mconcreteOutdoor
 ItalyVelodromo Fassa Bortolo Montichiari, Brescia250 m43˚wood IndoorClimate controlled. Opened 2010.[26]
 ItalyVelodromo Lello Simeone Barletta333.33 mconcrete Outdoor
 ItalyVelodromo Corrado Ardizzoni Cento, Ferrara396.4 mconcrete Outdoor
 ItalyVelodromo Vigorelli Milan397.27 m42°woodOutdoor, track coveredHosted UCI Track Cycling World Championships in 1939, 1951, 1955 and 1962. From 1935 to 1967, the hour record it was set exclusively at the Velodromo Vigorelli by nine different cyclists in 10 rides.
 JamaicaIndependence ParkKingston500 mconcreteOutdoor
 JapanAkashi Velodrome Hyogo400 m29.5°asphaltOutdoor[27]
 JapanAomori Keirin Velodrome Aomori400 mOutdoor
 JapanBeppu Keirin Velodrome Oita400 m
 JapanChiba Keirin Velodrome Chiba500 mOutdoor
 JapanFukui Keirin Velodrome Fukui400 m
 JapanGifu Keirin Velodrome Gifu400 m
 JapanHachinohe Velodrome Aomori333.33 m
 JapanHakodate Keirin Velodrome Hakodate400 mOutdoor
 JapanHiratsuka Keirin Velodrome Kanagawa400 m
 JapanHiroshima Keirin Velodrome Hiroshima400 m
 JapanHofu Keirin Velodrome Yamaguchi333.33 m
 JapanIchinomiya Keirin Velodrome Aichi400 m
 JapanIto Keirin Velodrome Shizuoka333.33 m
 JapanIwaki Taira Keirin Velodrome Fukushima400 mOutdoor
 JapanIzumisaki International Cycle Stadium Fukushima333.33 m
 JapanIzu Velodrome Shizuoka250 m45°woodIndoorApproved for use in 2020 Summer Olympics for now.
 JapanJapan Cycle Sports Centre Shizuoka400 mOutdoor
 JapanKagetsu-en Keirin Velodrome Kanagawa400 mOutdoorClosed on March 31, 2010.
 JapanKanonji Keirin Velodrome Kagawa400 m
 JapanKansai Cycle Sports Centre Osaka400 m
 JapanKarigane Velodrome Nagano333.33 m
 JapanKawasaki Keirin Velodrome Kanagawa400 mOutdoor
 JapanKeiokaku Keirin Velodrome Tokyo400 mOutdoor
 JapanKishiwada Keirin Velodrome Osaka400 m
 JapanKochi Keirin Velodrome Kochi500 m
 JapanKokura Keirin Velodrome Fukuoka400 mIndoor
 JapanKomatsushima Keirin Velodrome Tokushima400 m
 JapanKumamoto Keirin Velodrome Kumamoto500 m
 JapanKurayoshi City Velodrome Tottori333.33 m
 JapanMaebashi Keirin Velodrome Gunma335 m42°Indoor
 JapanMatsudo Keirin Velodrome Chiba333.33 mOutdoor
 JapanMatsuyama Keirin Velodrome Ehime500 m
 JapanMatusaka Keirin Velodrome Mie400 m
 JapanMoji Keirin Velodrome Fukuoka500 m
 JapanMukomachi Keirin Velodrome Kyoto400 m
 JapanNara Keirin Velodrome Nara333.33 m
 JapanNagoya Keirin Velodrome Aichi400 m
 JapanNejime Velodrome Kagoshima400 m
 JapanNihon Keirin Gakko Shizuoka333.33 mOutdoor
 JapanNihon Keirin Gakko Shizuoka400 mOutdoor
 JapanOdawara Keirin Velodrome Kanagawa333.33 m
 JapanOgaki Keirin Velodrome Gifu400 m
 JapanOmiya Keirin Velodrome Saitama500 mOutdoor
 JapanOta City Velodrome Shimane333.33 m
 JapanOtsu Keirin Velodrome Shiga500 m
 JapanPrefectural Management Velodrome Miyagi400 m
 JapanPrefectural Management Park Velodrome Okinawa333.33 m
 JapanRokugo Velodrome Akita500 m
 JapanSakaigawa Velodrome Yamanashi400 m
 JapanSasebo Keirin Velodrome Nagasaki400 m
 JapanSeibu-en Keirin Velodrome Saitama400 mOutdoor
 JapanShinjyo Cycle Sports Centre Yamagata400 m
 JapanShiwa Velodrome Iwate333.33 m
 JapanShizuoka Keirin Velodrome Shizuoka400 m
 JapanTachikawa Keirin Velodrome Tokyo400 mOutdoor
 JapanTaiwa City Velodrome Miyagi333.33 m
 JapanTakamatsu Keirin Velodrome Kagawa400 m
 JapanTakeo Keirin Velodrome Saga400 m
 JapanTamano Keirin Velodrome Okayama400 m
 JapanTokyo Dome Stadium Tokyo400 m
 JapanToride Keirin Velodrome Ibaraki400 mOutdoor
 JapanToyama Keirin Velodrome Toyama333.33 m
 JapanToyohashi Keirin Velodrome Aichi400 m
 JapanUchinada Velodrome Ishikawa400 m
 JapanUtsunomiya Keirin Velodrome Tochigi500 mOutdoor
 JapanWakayama Keirin Velodrome Wakayama400 m
 JapanYahiko Keirin Velodrome Niigata400 mOutdoor
 JapanYokkaichi Keirin Velodrome Mie400 m
 KazakhstanSaryarka VelodromeAstana250 m44°/13.5°woodIndoor[28]349 m
 LibyaAl MadinaTripoli400 munknownconcreteOutdoorlights5 m32.888306°N 13.165293°E / 32.888306; 13.165293
 LithuaniaCido ArenaPanevėžys250 munknownwoodIndoor51 m55.733400°N 24.339162°E / 55.733400; 24.339162
 LithuaniaKlaipėda333.33 munknownconcreteOutdoorlights12 m55.732363°N 21.134546°E / 55.732363; 21.134546
 MalaysiaVelodrome Kuala LumpurKuala Lumpur330 munknownconcreteOutdoorunderpass. Will be demolished after velodrome national build61 m3.111342°N 101.728571°E / 3.111342; 101.728571
 MalaysiaVelodrome RakyatIpoh250 munknownwoodOutdoorpainted, underpass, lights51 m4.609273°N 101.100867°E / 4.609273; 101.100867
 MalaysiaNational Velodrome NilaiNilai250 munknownwoodIndoor2.842647°N 101.786346°E / 2.842647; 101.786346
 MexicoAguascalientes Bicentenary Velodrome Aguascalientes250 m41˚/12˚wood IndoorDesigned by Peter Junek. Hosted 2010 Pan American Track Championships[29][30]1887 m
 MexicoRadamés Treviño Velodrome Monterrey333.33 mconcreteOutdoor[31]
 MexicoState Sports Institute Velodrome Aguascalientes333.33 m34˚concrete OutdoorNot in use, cracked track surface[32]
 MexicoVelodromo Agustín Melgar Mexico City333.33 m39˚concreteOutdoor6,800 spectator capacity. Built for the 1968 Summer Olympics[33][34]. Built in wood, converted in concrete later.2260 m
 MexicoVelódromo Panamericano Guadalajara250 m39˚/12˚woodIndoorDesigned by Peter Junek; used for the 2011 Pan American Games[35]1550 m
 MexicoCentro DeportivoMexico City400 mconcrete
 MexicoLopez MateosGuadalajara400 mconcrete
 MexicoVelodromo Gobierno De Baja California SurLa Paz333.33 mconcrete
 MexicoLeon333.33 mconcrete
 MexicoLos Cabos250 mconcreteOutdoor
 MexicoCentro de Alto Rendimiento de Baja California (CAR)Tijuana250 m39˚/12˚woodOutdoor20 m
 MoroccoCasablanca333.33 munknownconcreteOutdoorunderpass30 m33.589301°N 7.645600°W / 33.589301; -7.645600
 NetherlandsOmnisport ApeldoornApeldoorn250 munknownwoodIndoorDesigned by FaulknerBrowns Architects. Hosted 2011 and 2018 UCI Track Cycling World Championships and 2011, 2013 and 2019 UEC European Track Championships10 m52.209286°N 5.997509°E / 52.209286; 5.997509
 NetherlandsSportpaleis AlkmaarAlkmaar250 munknownwoodIndoor0 m52.634669°N 4.716645°E / 52.634669; 4.716645
 NetherlandsVelodromeAmsterdam200 m49woodIndoor1 m52.339600°N 4.807748°E / 52.339600; 4.807748
 NetherlandsLaco sportcentrum Glanerbrook[36]Geleen500 munknownconcreteOutdoor
 NetherlandsRegionaal Wielercentrum NoordAssen200 munknownwoodOutdoorThere are plans for a semi-Indoor roof10 m
 New CaledoniaMagenta AérodromeNouméa333.33 munknownconcreteOutdoorlights14 m22.264120°S 166.467716°E / -22.264120; 166.467716
 New ZealandDenton Park Christchurch400 mconcrete Outdoorused for the 1974 British Commonwealth Games
 New ZealandAvantidrome Cambridge250 m43.5°wood Indoor[37]
 New ZealandInvercargill ILT Velodrome Invercargill250 mwood IndoorBuilt for city of Invercargill, New Zealand. Hosted 2012 UCI Juniors Track World Championships. Used for Oceania Championships, National Champs. Major sponsor: Invercargill Licensing Trust
 New ZealandLaurie Roberts Velodrome Levin450 m15° (?)AsphaltOutdoorlights
 New ZealandManukau Velodrome Auckland285.714 m43.5°concrete Outdoorused for the 1990 Commonwealth Games
 New ZealandSaxton VelodromeNelson333 m25° (?)AsphaltOutdoorBuilt in 2017. Replaced the Trafalgar Park Velodrome
 New ZealandTaranaki Cycle ParkNew Plymouth333 m25° (?)AsphaltOutdoorOfficially opened 2012
 New ZealandRotorua Velodrome Rotorua333.33 mconcreteOutdoorBuilt by the cycling clubs of Rotorua, New Zealand
 New ZealandSeddon Park Velodrome Dunedin250 m42°concrete Outdoor
 New ZealandTe Awamutu Velodrome 450 mOutdoor
 New ZealandTemuka 400 mOutdoor
 New ZealandTimaru 400 mOutdoor
 New ZealandTinwald Ashburton400 mOutdoor
 New ZealandWaimate Waimate400 mOutdoor
 New ZealandTrust Bank Velodrome Wanganui250 mwoodOutdoorBuilt in 1995 by Ron Webb.
 New ZealandWellington Velodrome Wellington333.33 m33°concrete OutdoorBuilt in 1968; opened early 1969. Hosted the 1981 NZ (International) Summer Games.
 New ZealandAthletic ParkBlenheim450 masphaltOutdoor
 NigeriaAbuja VelodromeAbuja250 m42°/12°concreteOutdoor, fully covered486 m9.039207°N 7.457251°E / 9.039207; 7.457251
 NorwayHalden VelodromYstehede, HaldenUnknownUnknownAsphaltOutdoorBuilt in 1979, renovated in 2016.[38]Unknown59.066584°N 11.415203°E / 59.066584; 11.415203
 NorwayPrestmoen sykkelvelodromPrestmoen, Stjørdal297 mUnknownAsphaltOutdoorBuilt in 1976, renovated in 1997.[39]Unknown63.45127648372652°N 10.990962982177734°E / 63.45127648372652; 10.990962982177734
 PakistanQuaid e Azam International Cycling VelodromeLahore333.33 m42°concreteOutdoor207 m31.511995°N 74.330070°E / 31.511995; 74.330070
 PeruVelodrome Cerro JuliArequipa333.33 munknownconcreteOutdoorunderpass, lights2295 m16.430896°S 71.546189°W / -16.430896; -71.546189
 PeruVelódromo de la VidenaLima250 m42°woodIndoorHosted 2019 Pan American Games177 m12.079698°S 76.999126°W / -12.079698; -76.999126
 PeruVelodrome Chiclayo- Colegio San JoséChiclayo200 m48°woodOutdoorunderpass177 m
 PeruVelodrome Puente del EjércitoLima250 munknownconcreteOutdoorunderpass127 m12.039646°S 77.044733°W / -12.039646; -77.044733
 PhilippinesAmoranto VelodromeQuezon City400 munknownconcreteOutdoorpainted, lights, underpass22 m14.629886°N 121.023292°E / 14.629886; 121.023292
 PolandBGŻ ArenaPruszków250 m42°woodIndoorHosted 2009 and 2019 UCI Track Cycling World Championship92 m52.163591°N 20.821674°E / 52.163591; 20.821674
 PolandWelodrom im. Wernera Józefa GrundmannaWrocław200 munknownconcreteOutdoor116 m51.157512°N 17.029855°E / 51.157512; 17.029855
 PolandOrzełWarsaw333.33 munknownconcreteOutdoordisrepair83 m52.251002°N 21.072798°E / 52.251002; 21.072798
 PolandSzaferaSzczecin400 munknownconcreteOutdoor, track covered31 m53.459113°N 14.497490°E / 53.459113; 14.497490
 PolandSpołemŁódź402 munknownconcreteOutdoor213 m51.781481°N 19.471492°E / 51.781481; 19.471492
 PolandKTK KaliszKalisz500 munknownconcreteOutdoor104 m51.758385°N 18.100713°E / 51.758385; 18.100713
 PolandGK ŻyrardówŻyrardów330 munknownconcreteOutdoor111 m52.056770°N 20.425921°E / 52.056770; 20.425921
 PortugalPista de AlpiarçaAlpiarça400 m38,6ºconcreteOutdoor17 m39.252054°N 8.589790°W / 39.252054; -8.589790
 PortugalPista da MalveiraMalveira406 masphaltOutdoor250 m38.934231°N 9.256697°W / 38.934231; -9.256697
 PortugalSangalhos National VelodromeSangalhos, Anadia Municipality250 m42°woodIndoordesigned by Peter Junek51 m40.479630°N 8.476070°W / 40.479630; -8.476070
 Puerto RicoVelodromo PanamericanoCoamo City333.33 m48°ConcreteOutdoor
 RomaniaBucarest400 mconcrete
 RussiaKrylatskoe Velodrome Moscow333.33 m42˚wood IndoorBuilt in 1979 as venue for 1980 Summer Olympics.
 RussiaLokosfinks Velodrome St. Petersburg250 mwood IndoorBuilt 2007–2008.
 RussiaOmsk Velotrack Omsk250 mwood IndoorBuilt 2013-2014.
 SloveniaVelodrom Novo MestoNovo Mesto250 mwoodIndoor
 South AfricaBellville Velodrome Cape Town250 m43°concreteIndoor
 South AfricaCyril Geoghegan Cycle StadiumDurban433 m42°concreteOutdoor
 South AfricaHector Norris VelodromeJohannesburg460 mconcreteOutdoor
 South AfricaPilditch StadiumPretoria250 m47°concreteOutdoor
 South AfricaWestbourne OvalPort Elizabeth500 mconcreteOutdoor
 South AfricaAlexandra ParkPietermaritzburg460 m25°concreteOutdoor
 South KoreaChangwon Velodrome Changwon250 mwoodIndoor
 South KoreaGwangmyeong Speedom Gwangmyeong333.33 m34°/4°asphalt concreteIndoor
 South KoreaIncheon VelodromeIncheon333.33 mOutdoor
 South KoreaOlympic Velodrome Seoul333.33 m38°/10°woodOutdoorConstructed for the 1988 Summer Olympics. Seating capacity of 6,322.[40]
 SpainVelódromo de Anoeta San Sebastián285.714 mconcrete IndoorBuilt in 1965. 5,500 spectator capacity. Also known as Belodromoa. Hosted 1965 and 1973 UCI Track Cycling World Championships
 SpainVelòdrom d'Horta Barcelona250 m41°wood OutdoorBuilt in 1984. Hosted 1984 UCI Track Cycling World Championships and 1992 Summer Olympics. Designed by Esteve Bonell and Francesc Rius.
 SpainVelódromo Luis Puig Valencia250 mconcrete IndoorPainted. Built in 1992. 6,500 spectator capacity. Hosted 1992 UCI Track Cycling World Championships
 SpainPalma Arena Palma de Mallorca250 m43°/15°wood IndoorBuilt in 2007. 5,000 spectator capacity. Hosted 2007 UCI Track Cycling World Championships
 SpainVelodromo Municipal Posadas250 mconcrete Outdoor
 SpainVelódromo de Galapagar Madrid250 mresinIndoor
 SpainVelódromo de Mataró Mataró200 mOutdoor
 SwedenYA Arena Falun190 m50°wood IndoorDesigned by Peter Junek, Sweden's first Indoor velodrome since 1927. Sweden had 7 in 1905. And there is still a disused velodrome in Trelleborg that was used between 1976 and 1990. UPDATE: During 2016 the Trelleborg velodrome was refurbished.[41]
  SwitzerlandVélodrome de Genève - Piste Tony Rominger Geneva166.66 m56°woodIndoorRefurbished in 2014[42]
  SwitzerlandOerlikon Velodrome Zürich333.33 m44.8°concrete with multip OutdoorHosted six times the UCI Track Cycling World Championships (1929, 1936, 1946, 1953, 1961, 1983)
  SwitzerlandHallenstadionZurich200 mwoodIndoor
  SwitzerlandCentre Mondial du CyclismeAigle200 m46.7°woodIndoor
  SwitzerlandVelodrome SuisseGrenchen250 m46°woodIndoorHosted 2015 UEC European Track Championships. Jens Voigt set the hour record here.[43][44].
 ThailandSuphan Buri VelodromeSuphan Buri333.33 mconcreteOutdoor
 ThailandChiang Mai VelodromeChiang Mai333.33 mconcreteOutdoor
 ThailandHua Mark VelodromeBangkok333.33 mconcreteOutdoor
 ThailandNakon Ratchisima VelodromeKorat333.33 mconcreteOutdoor
 Trinidad and TobagoArima VelodromeArima450 munknownconcreteOutdoorlights62.817 m10.637142°N 61.284243°W / 10.637142; -61.284243
 Trinidad and TobagoSkinner ParkSan Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago400 munknownconcreteOutdoorlights7.767 m10.267056°N 61.460705°W / 10.267056; -61.460705
 Trinidad and TobagoPalo Seco VelodromePalo SecounknownconcreteOutdoorlights16.954 m10.084543°N 61.601519°W / 10.084543; -61.601519
 Trinidad and TobagoIrwin Park Sporting ComplexSiparia333.33 munknownconcreteOutdoorlights64.620 m10.145067°N 61.505848°W / 10.145067; -61.505848
 Trinidad and TobagoNational Cycling VelodromeCouva250 m42°woodIndoor32.382 m10.426881°N 61.415937°W / 10.426881; -61.415937
 TurkmenistanWelotrek sport toplumy in Olympic VillageAshgabat250 m40°woodIndoorDesigned by Peter Junek
 United Arab EmiratesZayed VelodromeSharjah250 m42°concreteOutdoor35 m25.315786°N 55.522188°E / 25.315786; 55.522188
 EnglandAldersley Track Aldersley, Wolverhampton458.56 m22.5°asphalt Outdoor[45]
 EnglandBournemouth Cycle Centre Bournemouth, Dorset250 mtarmac OutdoorOpened June 2011[46]
 EnglandCalshot Velodrome Calshot (near Southampton)142.857 m45˚/20˚wood IndoorShort steeply banked track housed inside an old aircraft hangar, the original track was longer.[47] Track was rebuilt with a wooden surface by Ron Webb in 1996.
 EnglandDerby ArenaDerby250 m42°wood IndoorVelodrome and sports arena designed by FaulknerBrowns Architects. Opened in March 2015.
 EnglandForest Town WelfareMansfield, Nottinghamshire402 m10˚tarmacOutdoorBuilt in 1908, the track has 4 bankings, built in a rectangle shape around the football pitch.[48]
 EnglandGosling Sports Park Welwyn Garden City460.95 masphalt Outdoor
 EnglandHerne Hill Velodrome London450 m30°tarmac OutdoorA track in a shallow concrete bowl, constructed in 1891. Centenary rebuild by Ron Webb, concrete, completed 1992. Resurfaced in tarmac in 2011.
 EnglandLondon Velopark Leyton, east London250 m42˚wood IndoorHosted 2012 Summer Olympics and 2016 UCI Track Cycling World Championships
 EnglandLong View Leisure Huyton Knowsley, Merseyside400 mOutdoor
 EnglandLyme Valley Stadium[49] Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire400.05 m[50]asphaltOutdoor
 EnglandManchester Velodrome Manchester250 m42°wood IndoorNational Cycling Centre and home of British cycling,[51] designed by FaulknerBrowns Architects and built in 1994. Hosted 2000 and 2008 UCI Track Cycling World Championships
 EnglandMiddlesbrough Sports Village Middlesbrough250 m30° tarmac OutdoorOpened September 2015[52]
 EnglandHalesowen Velodrome Halesowen, West Midlands400 masphalt OutdoorOpened 1947[53]
 EnglandThe Mountbatten Centre Portsmouth535.6 masphalt OutdoorD shape track – two partial bends into a banked straight and flat D shaped loop
 EnglandPalmer Park Stadium Reading459.15 masphalt Outdoor
 EnglandPoole Park Track Poole, Dorset534 mtarmac
 EnglandPreston Park Velodrome Brighton, East Sussex579.03 mtarmac OutdoorBuilt in 1877, the oldest velodrome in the UK [54]
 EnglandQuibell Park Stadium Scunthorpe485.06 masphalt Outdoor[55]
 EnglandRoundhay Park Leeds, West Yorkshiresoil and grassGrasstrack
 EnglandRichmondshire Velodrome Richmond, North Yorkshire364 mgrassBuilt 1892, a banked velodrome covered with grass. It is used for league races through the summer and hosts national grass track meetings.
 EnglandYork Sport Velodrome York, North Yorkshire250 m30°tarmacOutdoorOpened in July 2014 to coincide with the Tour de France 2014.
 ScotlandCaird Park Dundee402.34 mconcrete Outdoor
 ScotlandSir Chris Hoy Velodrome Glasgow250 m45˚wood IndoorOpened October 2012. Hosted 2018 UEC European Track Championships
 WalesCarmarthen Park Carmarthen405.38 mconcreteOutdoorBuilt 1900, oldest concrete velodrome in the world in continuous use[56]
 WalesMaindy Stadium Cardiff459.37 m25˚concrete OutdoorUused in the 1958 British Empire and Commonwealth Games
 WalesNewport Velodrome Newport250 m42˚wood IndoorWelsh National Velodrome opened in 2003
 Northern IrelandTommy Givan Track Orangefield, Belfast396 mtarmac OutdoorOrangefield Track opened 1957, renamed Tommy Givan Track in 1981[57]
 United StatesOlympic Training Center Velodrome Colorado Springs, Colorado333.33 m33˚concreteOutdoorCovered during winter from 2015.[58] Built in 1982 in preparation for the 1984 Olympics in LA.[59]1840 m38.8292°N 104.7973°W / 38.8292; -104.7973
 United StatesCleveland velodrome Cleveland, Ohio166.66 mwoodOutdoorBuilt in 2012
 United StatesMajor Taylor Velodrome Indianapolis, Indiana333.33 m28˚ / 9˚concrete Outdoor28 degree banked turns, 9 degree straights. Hosted many national and international competitions, including the 1987 Pan American Games.[60]39.8215°N 86.1995°W / 39.8215; -86.1995
 United StatesThe Alkek Velodrome Houston, Texas333.33 m33˚concrete OutdoorBuilt 1986.[61]
 United StatesAlpenrose Velodrome Portland, Oregon268.43 m43˚concrete OutdoorOriginally built to host the 1967 National Championships.[62]
 United StatesDick Lane Velodrome East Point, Georgia (near Atlanta)321.8 m36˚concrete OutdoorBuilt 1972.[63]
 United StatesAsheville Velodrome Asheville, North Carolina500 m4–8˚asphalt OutdoorConverted from race car track in 2001.[64]
 United StatesBaton Rouge Velodrome Baton Rouge, Louisiana333.33 mconcrete OutdoorRe-opened March 2010 after extensive renovation
 United StatesThe Velodrome at Bloomer Park Rochester Hills, Michigan (near Detroit)200 m44˚woodOutdoorBuilt in 2002[65]
 United StatesLexus Velodrome Detroit, Michigan166.66 m50˚woodIndoorBuilt in 2017.[66]
 United StatesBoulder Valley Velodrome Erie, Colorado250 m41˚wood OutdoorConstruction began in 2012. Opening January 1, 2015.[67]
 United StatesBrian Piccolo Velodrome Cooper City, Florida (near Fort Lauderdale)333.33 m
200 m
30˚/>10˚concreteOutdoorTwo tracks: one competitive and one recreational.[68]
 United StatesEncino Velodrome[69] Encino, Los Angeles, California250 m28˚concrete Outdoor
 United StatesEd Rudolph Velodrome Northbrook, Illinois (near Chicago)382 m18˚epoxy on concrete OutdoorBuilt 1959, renovated 2004
 United StatesGarden State Velodrome Wall, New Jersey400 m33˚ / 15˚asphalt Outdoor33 degree banked turns, 15 degree straights. Term when Wall Township Speedway is used for cycling, Built in 1950.[70][71]
 United StatesHellyer Park Velodrome[72] San Jose, California (San Francisco Bay Area)335 m23˚concrete Outdoor
 United StatesIdaho Velodrome and Cycling Park[73] Eagle, Idahoconcrete
 United StatesKissena Park Velodrome Flushing, Queens, New York City400 masphalt OutdoorBuilt in 1962, resurfaced in 2004.[74][75]
 United StatesVELO Sports Center Carson, California (near Los Angeles)250 m45˚wood IndoorBuilt in 2004.[76] Siberian pine. First and only permanent Indoor track of international standard in United States. Will be venue for 2028 Summer Olympics.[77]
 United StatesJerry Baker Memorial Velodrome (formerly Marymoor Velodrome) Redmond, Washington (near Seattle)400 m25˚concrete OutdoorBuilt 1974, resurfaced 2005.[78]
 United StatesNortheast Velodrome Londonderry, New Hampshire333.33 m14˚asphalt OutdoorRuns events on Tuesday (Mass Start Racing), Thursday (Timed Events), Saturday (Structured Training and Open Track) and Sunday (Omnium). Re-opened in 2017
 United StatesPenrose Park St. Louis, Missouri322 m28˚concrete OutdoorBuilt in 1962, resurfaced in 1984, completely resurfaced in concrete overlay in 2019.[79]
 United StatesSan Diego Velodrome San Diego, California333.33 m27˚asphalt on concrete OutdoorBuilt 1976,[80] resurfaced in 2016[81]32.7370°N 117.1406°W / 32.7370; -117.1406
 United StatesThe Superdrome[82] Frisco, Texas (near Dallas)250 m44˚wood OutdoorNo longer open.
 United StatesValley Preferred Cycling Center Breinigsville, Pennsylvania333.33 m28-30˚ / 12.5˚concrete OutdoorBuilt 1975 as Lehigh County Velodrome, renovated 1995.[83] 30-degree banked turns and 12.5-degree straightaways.
 United StatesWashington Park Velodrome Kenosha, Wisconsin333.33 m27˚concrete OutdoorBuilt in 1927. Renovated in 2016[84]
 United StatesGiordana Velodrome[85] Rock Hill, South Carolina (Charlotte, NC region)250 m42.5˚/17°concrete Outdoor206 m34.9764°N 80.9780°W / 34.9764; -80.9780
 UruguayPaysandu333.33 mconcrete
 UruguayAmerico RicaldoniMontevideo333.33 mconcreteOutdoorHosted partly the 1968 UCI Track Cycling World Championships
 UzbekistanTashkent333.33 mconcrete
 VenezuelaPolideportivo LibertaorCoro333.33 mconcrete
 VenezuelaLa ParaguaCuidad Bolivar333.33 mconcrete
 VenezuelaUrbanizacion TiunaMaracay333.33 mconcrete
 VenezuelaVelódromo José de Jesús Mora FigueroaSan Cristobal333.33 mconcreteOutdoor
 VenezuelaTeo CaprilesCaracas333.33 m40°/10°concreteOutdoor
 VenezuelaMaximo RomeroValencia333.33 mconcreteOutdoor

Velodromes no longer in use

Buenos Aires MunicipalBuenos Aires333 m or 1,093 ft
Gen. Belgrano Park VelodromeSalta333 m or 1,093 ft
Luna ParkBuenos Aires
Don Pedro Milanese Velodrome
Formosa333 m
Maurice Kirby Velodrome Noble Park, Victoria 430 m asphalt 56 m
Baku VelodromeBaku333 m or 1,093 ftconcrete
Barra VelodromeRio de Janeiro, Nelson Piquet International Autodrome250 mwoodindoor. Built for the 2007 Pan American Games. Demolished in 20135 m
China Creek VelodromeVancouver245 m or 804 ft42˚wood Outdoor track. Built for the 1954 British Empire and Commonwealth Games. Rebuilt 1973. Demolished 1980.
Olympic Velodrome (Montreal) Montreal285 m or 935 ft48˚wood Indoor track. Built for the 1976 Summer Olympics. Converted into the Montreal Biodome in 1989.
Vélodrome de Queen's Park Verdun, Montrealwood Hosted 1899 ICA Track Cycling World Championships.[86]
Vélodrome Louis Garneau Quebec City Demolished in November 2007
Winnipeg Velodrome Winnipeg, Manitoba400 m or 1,300 ft38˚concreteBuilt for the 1967 Pan-American Games, demolished 1998
Stadion Koturaška[87]Zagreb500 munknownconcreteOutdoor. Built in 1894. Demolished in 1950s-
 Czech Republic
PardubicePardubice500 m or 1,640 ftconcrete Outdoor track. Built 1931, Schurmann design. Renovated 1974.
Tbilisi Central VelodromeTbilisi220 m or 722 ftconcrete Outdoor track
Tbilisi VelodromeTbilisi400 m or 1,312 ftwood Outdoor track
Olympiahalle München285 m or 935 ftwood Built for 1972 Olympic Games, demolished 2015.
Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle Stuttgart285.714 mwoodPalace still in place but track removed (not available anymore)
WestfalenhallenDortmund200 m or 660 ftindoorPalace still in place but track removed (not available anymore)
Wuelfel Hannover333 m or 1,093 ft49°woodOutdoor. Still existing, but no longer in use
Parc des Princes Paris666 m or 2,185 ft egg shape / 454 m or 1,490 ft oval Built 1897. Tour de France finish from its beginning in 1903. Track reduced in size in 1924 for Olympic Games. Track demolished 1967.
Vélodrome Buffalo Neuilly-sur-Seine
Vélodrome d'hiver Paris333 m or 1,093 ft Built in 1902, in the Salles des Machines which had previously housed the industrial display of the Exposition Universelle (1900). Used to hold thousands of Jews who were victims of a mass arrest during the Nazi occupation in 1942. The velodrome was partly destroyed by fire and the building subsequently demolished in 1959.
Vélodrome de la Seine Levallois-Perret Owned by Adolphe Clément from circa 1893-1900
 Hong Kong
Hong Kong Sports Institute Sha Tin Demolished 2009.[88]
Goff Cycle Track Waterford, Ireland400 m or 1,312 ftcinder and tarmac Outdoor track, donated to the People's Park in Waterford City by Sir W. G. D. Goff. Still exists but is covered in grass.[89]
Olympic VelodromeRome400 m or 1,300 ft37.27° / 9.55°Cameroonian doussieOutdoor track. Built in 1957-1960. Demolished in 2008 due to inactivity.[90][91]
Palazzo dello SportMilanIndoor track in the Palazzo dello Sport. Built in November 1923, and possibly a removable installation.[92]
Palasport di San SiroMilanIndoor track. Built in 1970-1976. Demolished in 1988 due to inactivity.
 South Africa
Western HoldingsWelkom, South Africa485 m or 1,591 ft25°concreteOnce the most popular track in the country. Facilities destroyed in a hurricane in 1991 and never rebuilt again.
President Steyn Mine TrackWelkom, South Africa485 m or 1,591 ft25°concreteStill existing, but no longer in use
Harmony Gold Mine TrackVirginia, South Africa485 m or 1,591 ft25°concreteStill existing, but no longer in use
Tirador Palma de Mallorca333.33 m or 1,093.6 ftconcreteOutdoor track. Built in 1903, closed in 1973. Still existing, but no longer in use.
PontaiseLausanne250 m or 820 ftconcreteNo more in activity since 2011
 United Kingdom
Bootle Stadium Bootle, Merseyside [93]
Butts Stadium Coventry, West Midlands402 m or 1,319 ftasphalt Built in 1879, fell out of use in the 1990s[94]
Catford Track Catford536 m or 1,759 ftconcrete [95][96]
Fallowfield Stadium Fallowfield, Manchester509 yards (465 m)30˚shale, later concrete Opened May 1892. Was renamed the Reg Harris Stadium in 1955.[97] Demolished in 1994.
Gypsies Green South Shields, Tyne and Wear401 m or 1,316 ftasphalt Semi-derelict
Harlow Track Harlow, Essex197 m or 646 ft45˚wood Opened 11 September 1976, closed 3 November 1993[98]
Harvey Hadden Stadium Bilborough Park, Nottingham460 m or 1,509 fttarmac Closed 2003[99]
Kirkby Sports Centre Kirkby, Merseyside485 m or 1,591 ftasphalt Built 1964. Last used 29 August 2007, demolished.[100]
North London Cycling Track Wood Green, London459 m or 1,506 ft [96][101]
Paddington Recreation Ground Maida Vale, Londonconcrete Demolished in 1987 to make way for a dog fouling area.[96]
Putney Velodrome Putney, London358 m or 1,175 ftconcrete Opened 1 August 1891[96][102]
Saffron Lane sports centre Leicester, Leicestershire333 m or 1,093 ft37˚wood Used for World Championships in 1970 and 1984 and national championships from the 1970s to the 1990s. Earlier plastic-coated concrete track given wood surface in 1978, fell into disrepair due to lack of funds after major events were moved to newly opened Manchester velodrome.[103]
Salford Stadium Birmingham402 m or 1,319 fttarmac Opened 11 July 1951[104]
Southampton Velodrome Southampton
Memorial Athletic Grounds West Ham, London [96][105]
Kensal Rise, London [96]
LNWR Sports Ground Wolverton, Milton Keynes Hard track in use in the 1950s. Last visible derelict sections demolished circa 2009.[106]
Meadowbank Stadium Edinburgh250 m or 820 ftwoodBuilt for the 1970 British Commonwealth Games and used again in the 1986 Commonwealth Games, the outdoor track was demolished in 2018.
Grangemouth Sports Stadium Grangemouth, FalkirkCirca 1966–1996
Celtic Park GlasgowCirca 1892–early 20th century. Hosted 1897 World Cycling Championships.
Taff Vale Park Treforest, Rhondda Cynon Taff Built before 1908, banking still exists covered in grass, surrounding a playing field behind Broadway[107]
 Isle of Man
Nivison Stadium Onchan, Isle of Man400 m or 1,312 ftasphalt Outdoor track, built 1951[108]
 Northern Ireland
Wallace Park Lisburn Opened in 1953. Fell into disrepair, partially demolished[57]
 United States
Boulder Indoor Cycling Boulder, Colorado142 m or 466 ft45wood Opened December 2008; ceased operations April 2012.[109] The velodrome was disassembled.
Dorais Velodrome Detroit, Michigan325 m or 1,066 ft24˚/8˚concrete Outdoor track, completed 1969, hosted National Championships in 1969[110][111]
Chicago Velo Campus Chicago, Illinois166 m or 545 ft Outdoor interim track, built in 2011. Permanently closed in July 2016.[112]
National Sports Center Velodrome Blaine, Minnesota (near Minneapolis)250 m43˚wood Outdoor, Built in 1990.[113] Officially Closed 2019 [114]
Olympic Velodrome Carson, California333.3 m or 1,094 ftconcrete Outdoor track, built for the 1984 Summer Olympics. Completed in 1981. Seating for 2,500 spectators. Demolished in 2003 and replaced with Dignity Health Sports Park, including the ADT Event Center (AKA LA Velodrome).[115]
Stone Mountain Velodrome Stone Mountain Park, Georgia250 m or 820 ft42˚/13˚polymer-wood Outdoor track, built for the 1996 Summer Olympics.[116] The velodrome site was restored to a songbird habitat in 2003.[117]

List of oldest cycling tracks and velodromes

This list exposes the oldest tracks around the world that are still existing today.

N.VelodromeCityYearLengthSurfaceNotesIn UseLocation
1Preston Park Velodrome[118]Brighton, East Sussex, England1877579.03 mtarmacoutdoorYes50.5029°N 00.0852°E / 50.5029; 00.0852
2Herne Hill Velodrome[119]London, England1891450 mtarmacoutdoorYes51.2704°N 00.0529°E / 51.2704; 00.0529
3Richmondshire VelodromeRichmond, North Yorkshire, England1892364 mgrassoutdoorYes54.404998°N 01.740925°E / 54.404998; 01.740925
4Vélodrome de VincennesBois de Vincennes, Paris, France1894500 mconcreteoutdoorYes48.4934°N 02.2441°E / 48.4934; 02.2441
5Loudun VelodromeLoudun, France1895185 mconcreteoutdoorYes47.008434°N 00.076897°E / 47.008434; 00.076897
6Vélodrome des AlliersAngouleme, France1895333.33 mconcreteoutdoorYes45.639153°N 00.126388°E / 45.639153; 00.126388
7Turquet de la BoisserieSenlis, France1896333.33 mconcreteoutdoorYes49.208863°N 02.576555°E / 49.208863; 02.576555
8Jacques Anquetil Velodrome[120]Saint-Omer, France1896412 mconcreteoutdoorYes50.743669°N 02.250982°E / 50.743669; 02.250982
9Millenáris Sporttelep[121]Budapest, Hungary1896412 mconcreteoutdoorYes47.3022°N 19.0541°E / 47.3022; 19.0541
10Lurcy-Lévis Vélodrome[122]Lurcy-Lévis, France1897250 mconcreteoutdoorYes46.734663°N 02.940161°E / 46.734663; 02.940161
11Carmarthen Park[123]Carmarthen, Wales1900405.38 mconcreteoutdoorYes51.854198°N 04.313400°E / 51.854198; 04.313400
12Tirador[124]Palma de Mallorca, Spain1903333.33 mconcreteoutdoorNo39.578678°N 02.644325°E / 39.578678; 02.644325
13Reichelsdorsfer Keller[125]Nürnberg, Germany1904400 mconcreteoutdoorYes49.3666°N 11.0452°E / 49.3666; 11.0452
14Radrennbahn Forst[126]Forst, Germany1906400 mconcreteoutdoorYes51.4344°N 14.3719°E / 51.4344; 14.3719
15Forest Town Welfare[127]Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, England1908402 mtarmacoutdoorYes53.152203°N 01.164346°E / 53.152203; 01.164346

The Andreasried Velodrome (Erfurt, Germany) was originally built in 1885 but was entirely redeveloped in 2006-2007. This one is in fact a new track.


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