List of concertos for English horn

A number of concertos and concertante works have been written for cor anglais (English horn) and string, wind, chamber, or full orchestra.

English horn concertos appeared about a century later than oboe solo pieces, mostly because until halfway through the 18th century different instruments (the taille de hautbois, vox humana and the oboe da caccia) had the role of the tenor or alto instrument in the oboe family. The modern English horn was developed from the oboe da caccia in the 1720s, probably in Silesia. The earliest known English horn concertos were written in the 1770s, mostly by prominent oboists of the day, such as Giuseppe Ferlendis, Ignaz Malzat (and his non-oboist brother Johann Michael Malzat) and Joseph Lacher.[1] Few of these works have survived. Among the oldest extant English horn concertos are those by Josef Fiala (a period transcription of a piece originally for viola da gamba) and Anton Milling. It is known that Milling's concerti were performed in 1782 by the Italian oboist Giovanni Palestrini.[1]

Many solos in orchestral works were written for the English horn and a decent amount of chamber music appeared for it as well. However, few solo works with a large ensemble were written for the instrument until well into the 20th century. Since then the repertoire has expanded considerably. Of the 270+ concertos listed below, only 35 predate the Second World War.

Solo concertos

Composer Title Year[lower-alpha 1] Accompaniment Length (min.) Publisher Record label
Raffaele d'Alessandro Serenade, op. 12 1936 strings and timpani 8' Amadeus Pan (Qualiton)
William Alwyn Autumn Legend 1954 strings 12' Lengnick Lyrita; Chandos; Naxos
Keith Amos Princess of the peacocks 1995 strings CMA Publications
Louis Applebaum Five Snapshots [2] 1999 strings
Jesús Arámbarri Ofrenda a Falla 1946 strings 4' UME Naxos
Henk Badings American Folks Song Suite 1975 winds Peters
Carlos Baguer Concerto [lower-alpha 2] 1801 orchestra
Matthias Bamert Concertino 1966 strings Schirmer; Schott
Jeanne Barbillion Cortège funèbre strings
Siegfried Barchet Concertino 1973 strings Hänssler Classic
Arnold Bax Concertante for Three Solo Instruments and Orchestra [3] 1949 orchestra 29' Chapell Chandos
Vincenzo Benatti Concerto in F major 1790 orchestra 15' Universal
Ortwin Benninghoff Legende 2001 strings
Warren Benson Recuerdo [4] 1965 winds 16' Presser Golden Crest
Alexandre Béon Air Lointain (Poème Symphonique) [5] 1912 orchestra Lemoine
Hans Willy Bergen Bucolica 1952 orchestra 3' Bernbach; M.M. Cole and Peters
Lorne Betts Elegy 1949 strings CNC
Oliver Corcoran Binney Three poems 1965 strings 8'
Yohanan Boehm Concerto, op. 19 1958 orchestra IMP
Jo van den Booren Suite Dionysienne, op. 10 1964 strings 13' Donemus
Teresa Borràs i Fornell Concerto, op. 116 1994 strings 20' Tritó
Siegfried Borris Concertino 1949 strings Peters
Neil Bramson Concertion 2006 strings Da Capo
Colin Brumby Scena for cor anglais 1988 strings 9' Phylloscopus ABC Classics
Victor Bruns Concerto, op. 61 1978 orchestra Breitkopf
Anthony Burgess Concerto—OS6.3 1988 orchestra Saga
Eurico Carrapatoso Cinco peças de carácter 2005 strings
Elliott Carter Pastoral [lower-alpha 3] 1988 strings marimba Merion
André Casanova Musique concertante 1969 orchestra United Music
Romeo Cascarino Blades of Grass 1945 strings&harp 7' Lyra Naxos
Frits Celis Kareol, op. 61b 1997 orchestra 8'30 Phaedra
Sergio Cervetti Duelle 1974 strings
Emmanuel Chabrier Lamento 1875 orchestra 8' Schirmer Naxos
Julius Chajes Melody and dance 1958 strings Transcontinental Archer
Brian Cherney In the stillness of September 1942 1992 orchestra Doberman-Yppan Centrediscs
Brian Cherney La Princesse lointaine [2] 2001 harp orchestra 18' Doberman-Yppan Centrediscs
Barney Childs Concerto 1955 strings harp percussion 14' ACE
Elizabeth Clark Larghetto 1941 orchestra
Dinos Constantinides Threnos of Creon 2006 strings Magni
Robert Cummings Concerto 2006 orchestra
Arthur Cunningham Dim du mim 1969 orchestra Presser
Michael Daugherty Spaghetti western [6] 1998 orchestra 21' Peer Music Equilibrium
Gion Antoni Derungs Elegia, op. 131/a 1993 harp strings Pizzicato
David Diamond Elegy in memory of William Faulkner (No. 1 of Elegies for flute, EH, and string orch.) 1963 strings 9' Peer Music
Igor Dibak Altayan Nocturne, op. 30 1984 strings percussion
Caspar Diethelm Concerto, op. 37 1963 harp strings
Gerd Domhardt Orpheus 1994 strings
Gaetano Donizetti Concertino in G major, In. 608 1816 orchestra 11' Peters; Litolff 8+ recordings
Will Eisma Indian summer 1981 orchestra Donemus
Roderick Elms Il Cygnet 2003 orchestra 4' Dutton
Eberhard Eyser Girondelle 1995 strings SMIC
Giuseppe Ferlendis Concerto in C [lower-alpha 4] 1790 orchestra KrausHaus
George Fiala Introduction et fugato 1961 strings
Josef Fiala Concerto in E-flat 1780 [lower-alpha 5] orchestra 12' Cesky Hudebni Fond Philips
Juraj Filas Ora pro nobis, Fantaisie concertante 2000 orchestra Bim Editions
Ernst Fischer First piece of “Drei Stücke” > Idylle 1948 orchestra 4' Robert Forberg
Anton Fladt Concertino [lower-alpha 6] 1810 orchestra Befoco
Bjørn Fongaard Concerto, op. 120, No. 7 [7] 1976 orchestra 21' NMIC
Matt Fossa Festive Dances 2006 strings timpany
Tommy Fowler Concerto 1995 orchestra
Luca Francesconi Plot in fiction [4] 1986 orchestra 9' Ricordi Metier; Attaca(2x); Megadisc
Luca Francesconi Secondo Concerto [lower-alpha 7] 1991 orchestra 14' Ricordi BVHaast
Isadore Freed Concertino 1953 orchestra [lower-alpha 8]
Peter Racine Fricker Concertante No.1, op. 13 1950 strings 13' Schott
Eugenia Frothingham Soliloquy 1974 orchestra
Kenneth Fuchs Eventide 2003 string orchestra, harp, percussion 21' Edward B. Marks Music Company Naxos
Peter Paul Fuchs Fantasy 1974 strings 12' Belwin & Mills
Peter Paul Fuchs Partita concertante, op. 43 1981 strings 10'
Anis Fuleihan Le cor anglais s'amuse 1969 orchestra
Raphael Fusco Capriccio Concertante 2007 orchestra
Kenji Fusé Elegy 1998 strings
John Linton Gardner The Last Prelude, op. 247 2003 strings MS
René Gerber Concertino 1976 orchestra 22' Gallo
Timothy Goplerud Concerto 2001 orchestra
Ursula Görsch Konzertstück [4] 1988 orchestra
Gabriel Ian Gould Watercolors 1998 orchestra 12' Albany
Matthias Grimminger Konzert 1995 orchestra Artivo
Richard Gross Interlude 1952 strings ACFE
Urho Hallaste Lyyrillinen sarja (Lyric Suite) 1962 strings 14' FMIC
Joseph Hallman Divine Discontent 2007 strings harp percussion Hallman
Ted Hansen Contrasts 1980 strings 25' Seesaw
A. Oscar Haugland Concertino 1996 orchestra TrevCo
Nico Hermans Ode 1985 strings Donemus
Jennifer Higdon Soliloquy 1989 strings Lawdon
Edward Burlingame Hill Music, op. 50 1943 orchestra 8'
Sydney Phillip Hodkinson The Edge of the Old One [8] 1977 strings percussion 26' Presser New World
Bernard Hoffer Concerto 1989 orchestra
Anders Hultqvist Variation n.31: concerto 1993 orchestra SMIC
Gordon Jacob Rhapsody [9] 1948 strings 9' Steiner & Bell; Galaxy Golden Crest
Stanislav Jelínek Partita strings
Ivo Jirasek Podvecerni hudba 1985 strings
Joseph Jongen Méditation op. 21 1901 orchestra
Joseph Kaminski Variations on an Israeli theme 1958 strings Israeli Music Institute
Maurice Karkoff Lieder ohne Worte: Stimmungsbilder, op. 188 1991 orchestra SMIC
Elena Kats-Chernin Champagne in a Teapot 1997 orchestra Boosey & Hawks
Ulysses Kay Pietà 1950 strings 7' Pembroke
Garrison Keillor What an English horn player thinks 2006 orchestra
Aaron Jay Kernis Colored Field 1994 orchestra 41' Schirmer Argo
Dirk-Michael Kirsch Jahreszeiten, Op. 18 2005/07 orchestra 28’ ACCOLADE Musikverlag
Uuno Klami Intermezzo 1937 orchestra 4' FMIC Alba
Erland von Koch Fantasi över en svensk vallåt 1975 strings SMIC
Erland von Koch Rondo 1983 strings WarnerCh
Jan Koetsier Vision pastorale, op. 15/1 1937 strings Donemus
Karl Michael Komma Elegie und Scherzo 1998 orchestra 12’
Leslie Kondorossy Serenade, op. 11 1946 orchestra
Marek Kopelent Concertino 1984 orchestra 19’ Breitkopf und Härtel Praga
Karl-Heinz Köper Der Schwan von Pesaro 1979 orchestra 12' Köper Verlag
William Kraft Concerto[2] 2002 orchestra 19’ Presser
Bernhard Krol Serenata amorosa, op. 57 1972 mandolin orchestra Trekel
Bernhard Krol Consolazione concerto, op. 70 1980 strings Bote & Bock
Herbert Küster Bukolische serenade & Notturno strings Bosworth
Oddvar S. Kvam Elegy, op. 8 [7] 1959 strings timpany 7' NMIC
Otomar Kvěch Cassandra and the Trojan Horse [10] 2004 orchestra 10' NMIC
Harold Laudenslager Elegy (In memoriam) 1959 strings timpany US-Wc
Aubert Lemeland L'automne et ses envols d'étourneaux, op. 145 1990 harp strings 12' Billaudot Skarbo
Dimitrios Levidis Divertissement, op. 25 1911 orchestra Durdilly-Hayet
Gerald Levinson From Erebus and black night 1979 orchestra Philharmusic
Ivana Loudova Luminous Voice 1985 orchestra C F Peters
James MacMillan The World's Ransoming 1996 orchestra 22' LSO;Bis
Bruno Maderna Concerto n.1 [lower-alpha 9] 1962 orchestra 20' Bruzzichelli BVHaast; Col Legno
Bruno Maderna Concerto n.3 [4][5] 1973 orchestra 17' Ricordi BVHaast; Col Legno
Johann Michael Malzat Concerto in E-flat 1785 orchestra
Johann Michael Malzat Concerto in F 1785 orchestra
Fritz Mareczek Sommerabend am Berg 1956 orchestra Gerig; Peters
John Marvin Concerto 2006 orchestra Fish Creek
Nicholas Maw Concerto 2005 orchestra 20' Faber
Hardy Mertens Tone poem "Queen of Sheba", op. 125 1984 winds
Anton Milling Concerto in B-flat 1780 strings Molinari
Walter Mourant Elm St, Fairbury, Illinois 1954 strings 7' ACA
Alexandros Mouzas Monologue 2001 orchestra 13' Naxos
Bernhard Eduard Müller Abendempfindung im Gebirge, op. 12 1880 orchestra Merseburger
Hans Müller-Talamona Ballata 1989 orchestra
Vazgen Muradian Concerto, op. 80 1993 orchestra
Gösta Nystroem Ett litet intermezzo 1937 strings SMIC
Leroy Osmon A Lonely Moment Wakens 2005 harp strings RBC
Ian Parrott Concerto 1954 orchestra Novello
Gustaf Paulson Concerto nr 1, op. 99 1958 strings timpany SMIC
Gustaf Paulson Concerto nr 2, op. 103 1959 strings SMIC
Krzysztof Penderecki Adagietto from the "Paradise Lost" 1979 strings 5' MS Dux
Alain Perron Double éclat [lower-alpha 10] 1992 orchestra 8' Doberman Vienna Modern Masters
Vincent Persichetti Concerto, op. 137 [8] 1977 strings 24' Elkan Grenadilla; New World
Bryony Phillips Child birth 1949 orchestra
Astor Piazolla Tanti anni prima (Molto cantabile)[lower-alpha 11] 1984 orchestra 5' 8+ records
Giuseppe Pilotti Konzertstück in F 1806 orchestra Berliner Torofon
Walter Piston Fantasy 1952 harp strings 9' AMP Capriccio; Delos; Naxos
Juan Bautista Plaza Elegía 1923 strings
David L. Post Concerto 1999 orchestra 19' MMC (2x)
Archibald James Potter Madra Líath na Mara (Grey Dog of the Sea) 1977 orchestra
Mel Powell Cantilena concertante 1948 orchestra Schirmer
Alexander Radvilovitch Concerto 1986 orchestra
Behzad Ranjbaran Concerto for English Horn and Strings 2015 string orchestra 16' Presser
Anton Reicha Scène (Recitative and Rondo) 1811 orchestra McGinnis & Marx; Amadeus Philips
Alan Ridout Concertino 1979 strings Emerson Wirripang
Richard Rijnvos Riflesso sull'acqua 2007 orchestra 15'
Ned Rorem Concerto[8][11] 1992 orchestra 23' Boosey & Hawkes New World
Ronald Roseman Concertion (or Chanson) 1983 strings 14' ACE
Arnold Rosner Five meditations, op. 36 1967 harp strings 18' Laurel
Arne Running Concertino, op. 4 1982 strings 18' Shawnee CRI
Marjorie M. Rusche Concerto 1974 orchestra
Josef Rut Concerto 1983 strings 15'
Herman Sandby Romance 1950 harp strings Skandinavisk
François Sarhan Cinq pièces: "Études pour la Fleur inverse“ 2004 orchestra 12'
Josef Schelb Concerto 1970 strings 19' Antes
Harold Schiffman Chamber Concerto 1986 orchestra 17' North/South
Wolfgang-Andreas Schultz Abendländisches Lied 1989 orchestra 18' Astoria
Peter Seabourne Concerto 2013 orchestra 26'
José Serebrier Casi un Tango 2002 strings 6' BIS
Larry Shackley Concerto 2006 orchestra
Rodney Sharman Song without Words 2009 orchestra 20'
Jean Sibelius The Swan of Tuonela, op. 22/3 1893 orchestra 9' Doblinger 125+ records
Stanislaw Skrowaczewski Concerto 1969 orchestra 18' Schirmer Desto; Phoenix
Vilnis Šmīdbergs Concerto Symphony 1983 strings 18' Musica Baltica
Hale Smith Recitative and Aria 1995 winds
Robert Edward Smith Concerto [12] 2007 orchestra
Vladimír Soukup Sonata 1966 strings piano
Simeon Stafford Andante 2006 orchestra Da Capo
Jack Stamp Elegy 1990 winds 6'
Christopher Stanichar Poem 2005 strings Trevco
Hans Steinmetz Liebesruf eines Faun 1954 orchestra Forberg; Trevco
Allan Stephenson Concerto 2000 strings 18' K&K Verlagsanstalt
David Stock Evensong 1985 winds 9' Peters
Wolfgang Stockmeier Sonata 1969 strings Möseler
Jan Stoeckart Suite Pastorale [lower-alpha 12] 1975 harp strings 9' Orlando
Allan Burrage Stout Intermezzo, op. 4 1955 strings celesta tom-tom Peters
Otto Strobl Musik 1994 orchestra 10'
Tomas Svoboda Chorale from 15th Century, op. 52f 1993 strings 4'
Keith Templeman Concerto 2006 orchestra
Johannes Paul Thilman Orpheus 1969 orchestra Peters
John Thow Bellini Sky 2005 orchestra 20'
Roger Trefousse Column 1979 strings 10'
Paul Turok Canzone Concertante, op. 57 1980 orchestra 13’ Schirmer
Paul Turok Concerto, op. 73 1985 strings 15’ Fischer
Pēteris Vasks Concerto 1989 orchestra 21’ Schott Wergo; Conifer; RCA
Giulio Viozzi Arioso e burlesca 1994 strings Pizzicato
Berthe di Vito-Delvaux Piece Concertante, op. 105 1965 orchestra 9’
Henk de Vlieger Concerto [lower-alpha 13] 1992 orchestra 20’
Lodewijk de Vocht Herderswijze ("Shepherd's tune") 1908 strings
Gustave Vogt Adagio [lower-alpha 14] 1830 orchestra F-Pn 16.683
Gustave Vogt Prière de Zingarelli, Lettre A 1835 orchestra Richault
Zbynek Vostrak Kristaly (Crystals), op. 65 1983 strings percussion 13'
Alarich Wallner Konzert [4] 1971 orchestra
Fried Walter Traunsee 1957 strings harp glockenspiel
Guy Warrack Lullaby 1950 orchestra 6' Novello
John Weinzweig Divertimento n.11 1990 strings 13' CMC CMC
Elliot Weisgarber Autumnal Music 1973 strings 15' CMC
Joseph Pollard White Concerto for Oboe d'amore 2006 orchestra
Michel Wiblé Nocturne 1946 harp orchestra
Michel Wiblé Ballade 1955 orchestra
Michel Wiblé Rapsodia 1962 strings percussion
Peter Wiegold Earth, receive an honoured guest 2003 strings 18'
Alec Wilder Air 1944 strings 4' USA Sony; Newport
Robert Wittinger Consonante, op. 5 1965 orchestra
Hugo Wolf Italian serenade [lower-alpha 15] 1892 orchestra 8'
Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari Concertino in A-flat, op. 34 1947 orchestra 27’ Leuckart; Peters CPO; Koch; Tactus (2x)
Pavel Zemek Serenade 2004 orchestra
Richard Zettler Concerto 1966 winds

Double and triple concertos

Composer Title Year Other soloist(s) Accompaniment Length (min.) Publisher Record label
Kalevi Aho Double Concerto 2014 harp orchestra 30' Fennica Gehrman
Benjamin Ashkenazy Izkor, in memoriam Glenn Gould, op. 9 1986 piano orchestra Donemus
Robert George Barrow Sinfonia concertante trumpet, double bass orchestra
Stefano Bellon Alfabeto deserto 2006 flute orchestra
Michael Berkeley Tristessa 2004 viola orchestra 22' OUP Chandos
John Biggs Double Reed Concerto [13] 2011 oboe, bassoon strings
Victor Bruns Concerto, op. 74 1982 flute strings, percussion Breitkopf
Diana Burrell Dunkelhvide Månestråler 1996 contralto orchestra UMP
Luigi Cherubini Ave Maria: Offertorium 1816 soprano orchestra 5' Fentone; Kalmus 9+ recordings
Aaron Copland Quiet City 1940 trumpet strings 10' Boosey & Hawks 46+ recordings
Lars Danielsson Double Concerto 2018 double bass/cello orchestra 40'
Jan van Dijk Suite pastorale, op. 199 1953 oboe orchestra Donemus
Franco Donatoni Holly 1990 oboe, oboe d'amore orchestra Ricordi
Antal Dorati Trittico 1985 oboe, oboe d'amore orchestra Decca
Johannes Driessler Concerto da camera I, op. 51 1962 flute, violin strings Boosey & Hawks
Roderick Elms Cygncopations - Reverie et Danse 2003 vibraphone orchestra 7' Dutton
Harold Farberman Shapings 1983 percussion (2) strings Cortelu
Josef Fiala Concertante in B flat 1780 clarinet orchestra 20' Musica Rara Arte Nova
Eugene Goossens Concert piece op.65 [4] 1958 2 harps orchestra Mills ABC
Percy Grainger Colleen Dhas (The Valley Lay Smiling) 1904 flute, guitar strings 4' Bardic Cala; Chandos; Koch
Jozef Gresak Concertino pastorale 1965 oboe, horn orchestra
Gary Hayes Serenade 1984 trumpet strings
Harald Heilmann Gulbenkian-Concerto 1974 trombone orchestra FGC
Lee Hoiby Prayer and Procession 2010 flute, clarinet wind ensemble 24'
Arthur Honegger Concerto da camera, H 196 1948 flute strings 17' Salabert 12+ recordings
Alan Hovhaness Anahid op.57 1944 flute, trumpet strings, percussion 14' Peters Crystal
Charles Ives The Rainbow [lower-alpha 16] 1914 flute strings, piano 2' Peer Music EMI, Sony, Unicorn Kanchana
Milko Kelemen Interplay 1998 oboe, oboe d'amore orchestra Sikorski
Miklos Kocsar Episodi 1982 oboe strings 15' Editio Musica Hungaroton
Karl Heinz Köper Concertino Tricolore 1974 bass clarinet, bassoon strings 12' Köper
David I. Krivitsky Double concerto 1989 piccolo trumpet strings
Riccardo Malipiero Composizione concertata 1982 oboe, oboe d'amore strings 14' Suvini Zerboni
Ignaz? Malzat Arietta e rondo 1792 English horn orchestra
Ignaz? Malzat Variazione e cantabile 1799 bassoon orchestra
Clark McAlister Elegia para Quijote y Quijana [14] 1996 double bass winds 21' Maecenas Albany
Louis Moyse Marlborian concerto No. 2 1969 flute orchestra
Knut Nystedt Concertino, op. 29 [7] 1952 clarinet strings 19' NMIC Norsk Komponist Forening
Alessio Prati Misero pargoletto (aria) 1786 alto orchestra
André Previn Reflections 1981 cello orchestra 13' Chester Angel
Augusto B. Rattenbach Doppio concerto 1969 clarinet orchestra
João Guilherme Ripper Abertura Concertante 1999 oboe orchestra
Irving Robbin Concerto for oboes and strings 1983 oboe, oboe d'amore strings
Alec Roth Departure of the Queen of Sheba 1999 oboe strings
Helmut Sadler Dialog-Szenen oboe strings 20' Latzina
Nicola Scardicchio Kemit, canti e danze del giovane Horus 2002 soprano, viola orchestra Latzina
Othmar Schoeck Serenade, op. 27 1930 oboe strings 5' Breitkopf & Härtel CPO
Max Schubel Elation "Uniesienie" 2002 voice, cello orchestra 8' Opus One
Max Schubel Aquirelle 2003 cello orchestra 13' Opus One
Rodion Shchedrin Shepherd's Pipes of Vologda (Hommage to Bartók), op. 91 1995 oboe, horn strings 8' Schott
Heinrich Simbriger Elegie, op. 94 1963 violin strings 12'
Robert Starer Concerto a quattro 1983 oboe, clarinet, bassoon orchestra 22' MCA MMC
Clive Strutt Suite in G minor after Loeillet 1996 oboe strings, harpsichord 22' SMC
Gleb Taranov Concerto piccolo 1937 flute, bassoon strings
Ivan Tcherepnin Triple Concertino [5] 1997 trombone, contrabass clarinet winds 13'
Francis Thorne Triple Concerto 2004 bass clarinet, viola orchestra 23' Presser
František Xaver Thuri Triple Concerto in D-major 2005 oboe, oboe d'amore strings, harpsichord Thuri
Tôn-Thât Tiêt Hy Vong 14 1971 harpsichord strings 15' Salabert
Michael Touchi Tango Barroco 2000 soprano saxophone strings 16' JDA
Eugenio Toussaint Gauguin 2000 harp strings 20' Urtext
John Veale Triune 1993 oboe orchestra 14' Lengnick
Mathieu Vibert Nocturne 1973 oboe orchestra 15' Doron
Graham Whettam Les Roseaux Au Vent 1993 2 oboes, bassoon strings 17' Meriden
Isang Yun Duetto concertante 1987 oboe strings 18' Bote & Bock


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