List of company registers

A company register is a register of organizations in the jurisdiction they operate under. The following is an incomplete list of company registers by country:

For a worldwide registry of most companies engaged in any type of financial transaction (stocks, bonds, derivatives, foreign exchange, etc.) see Legal Entity Identifier



  • National Business Center (Qendra Kombetare e Biznesit)[2]


  • The National Center of The Trade Register (Centre National du Registre du Commerce (CNRC)) (in French) (registration required) [3]


  • Oficina de Marques


  • Ministry of Justice and Human Rights Central Register of Business Names (Ficheiro Central de Denominações Sociais) (not searchable) (in Portuguese)[4]
  • Ministry of Finance Registry of State Suppliers (registration required) (in Portuguese)[5]


  • Anguilla Financial Services Anguilla Commercial Online Registration Network (ACORN) (registration required) [6]

Antigua and Barbuda

  • Financial Services Regulatory Commission (not searchable)[7]


  • Ministry of Justice and Human Rights (in Spanish)[8]
  • Official Gazette (Click on "Sociedades") (in Spanish)[9]
  • Federal Administration of Public Revenue tax identification number (CUIT) check (in Spanish)[10]
  • National Securities Commission Issuers[11]
  • National Procurement Office Providers (in Spanish)[12]
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship Directory of Importers/Exporters (in Spanish)[13]



  • Aruba Chamber of Commerce and Industry[16]



  • Firmenbuch (in German) Information on accessing the official corporate registry[21]
  • Wiener Zeitung Firmenmonitor (company notices) (in German)[22]
  • Financial Market Authority Supervised Companies[23]


  • Ministry of Taxes State Register of Business Entities (in Azerbaijani)[24]
  • Ministry of Taxes Businesses engaged in production (in Azerbaijani)[25]


  • Registrar General's Department[26]


  • Office of the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms[27]






  • International Business Companies Registry of Belize[36]


  • Ministry of Industry, Trade, Small and Medium Enterprises Business Registry (GUFE) (in French)[37]


  • Registrar of Companies[38]


  • Ministry of Economic Affairs (not searchable)[39]


  • Registry of Commerce (Fundempresa) (in Spanish)[40]

Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Brčko District of Bosnia and Herzegovina Registers of Business Entities[41]
  • Republika Srpska Registers of Business Entities[42]
  • Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Brčko District Registry of Securities Issuers[43]
  • Republika Srpska Central Registry of Securities Issuers[44]



State registries

  • Department of Business Registration and Integration (DREI) Map of commercial registries (juntas comerciais) (in Portuguese)[47]
State/District Searchable Registry Ref.
AcreNoCommercial Registry of Acre (in Portuguese) [48]
AlagoasYesCommercial Registry of Alagoas (registration required) (in Portuguese) [49]
AmapáYesCommercial Registry of Amapá (registration required) (in Portuguese) [50]
AmazonasNoCommercial Registry of Amazonas (registration required) (in Portuguese) [51]
BahiaYesCommercial Registry of Bahia (in Portuguese) [52]
CearáNoCommercial Registry of Ceará (in Portuguese) [53]
Distrito FederalYesCommercial Registry of Distrito Federal (registration required) (in Portuguese) [54]
Espírito SantoYesCommercial Registry of Espírito Santo (in Portuguese) [55]
GoiásNoCommercial Registry of Goiás (in Portuguese) [56]
MaranhãoNoCommercial Registry of Maranhão (in Portuguese) [57]
Mato GrossoYesCommercial Registry of Mato Grosso (in Portuguese) [58]
Mato Grosso do SulNoCommercial Registry of Mato Grosso do Sul (in Portuguese) [59]
Minas GeraisYesCommercial Registry of Minas Gerais (registration required) (in Portuguese) [60]
ParáYesCommercial Registry of Pará (in Portuguese) [61]
ParaíbaNoCommercial Registry of Paraíba (in Portuguese) [62]
ParanáYesCommercial Registry of Paraná (in Portuguese) [63]
PernambucoYesCommercial Registry of Pernambuco (in Portuguese) [64]
PiauíNoCommercial Registry of Piauí (registration required) (in Portuguese) [65]
Rio de JaneiroNoCommercial Registry of Rio de Janeiro (in Portuguese) [66]
Rio Grande do NorteNoCommercial Registry of Rio Grande do Norte (in Portuguese) [67]
Rio Grande do SulYesCommercial Registry of Rio Grande do Sul (registration required) (in Portuguese) [68]
RondôniaYesCommercial Registry of Rondônia (in Portuguese) [69]
RoraimaYesCommercial Registry of Roraima (in Portuguese) [70]
Santa CatarinaYesCommercial Registry of Santa Catarina (registration required) (in Portuguese) [71]
São PauloYesCommercial Registry of São Paulo (in Portuguese) [72]
SergipeYesCommercial Registry of Sergipe (in Portuguese) [73]
TocantinsNoCommercial Registry of Tocantins (in Portuguese) [74]

British Virgin Islands


  • Brunei Attorney General's Chamber[76]


  • Bulgarian trade register (in Bulgarian)[77]
  • Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Trade Register[78]

Burkina Faso

  • House of Enterprises (Maison de l'Entreprise) Company search (in French)[79]


  • Investment Promotion Authority (not searchable)



  • Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Crafts (CCIMA) Company Directory (in French)
  • Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Crafts (CCIMA) Database of Industrial Enterprises (in French)[81]
  • Ministry of Economy, Planning, and Regional Development Business Directory (Annuaire des entreprises)
  • National Institute of Statistics List of companies (in French)[82]


Provincial and territorial registries

Province/Territory Freely searchable Register Ref.
AlbertaYesService Alberta (licensed businesses only) [85]
British ColumbiaNoBritish Columbia Corporate Registry (subscription required) [86]
ManitobaNoManitoba Companies Office (subscription required) [87]
New BrunswickYesCorporate Affairs Registry Database [88]
Newfoundland and LabradorYesCompanies and Deeds Online [89]
Northwest TerritoriesYesDepartment of Justice - Corporate Registry [90]
Nova ScotiaYesRegistry of Joint Stock Companies [91]
NunavutYesDepartment of Economic Development and Transportation [92]
NunavutNoDepartment of Justice - Corporate Registries [93]
NunavutYesInuit Firm Registry [94]
OntarioNoIntegrated Business Services Application (subscription required) [95]
Prince Edward IslandYesDepartment of Environment, Labor and Justice - Corporate/Business Names Registry [96]
QuebecYesRegistraire des entreprises Quebec (in French) [97]
SaskatchewanNoSaskatchewan Corporate Registry (subscription required) [98]
YukonNoDepartment of Community Services - Corporate Affairs [99]
YukonYesYukon Chamber of Commerce - Business Directory [100]

Cape Verde

  • Official Gazette (subscription required) (in Portuguese)[101]

Cayman Islands

Central African Republic

  • Ministry of Commerce and Industry (in French)
  • Ministry for the Promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises (in French)


  • Registry of Commerce of Santiago (in Spanish)[104]
  • Official gazette (in Spanish)[105]
  • Securities and Insurance Supervisor (in Spanish)[106]
  • Ministry of Finance Directory of Providers (in Spanish)[107]

China, People's Republic of

Provincial, sub-provincial and municipal registries

  • Anhui Province Anhui Administration for Industry and Commerce (in Chinese)[111]
    • Hefei Hefei Administration for Industry and Commerce (in Chinese)
  • Beijing Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce (in Chinese)[112]
  • Chongqing Chongqing Administration for Industry and Commerce (in Chinese)
  • Chongqing Chongqing Enterprise Credit Information System (in Chinese)[113]
  • Fujian Province Fujian Administration for Industry and Commerce (in Chinese)[114]
  • Fujian Province Fujian Enterprise Credit Information System (in Chinese)
    • Fuzhou Fuzhou Enterprise Credit Information System (in Chinese)
    • Xiamen Xiamen Enterprise Credit Information System (in Chinese)
  • Gansu Province Gansu Administration for Industry and Commerce (in Chinese)[115]
  • Guangdong Province Guangdong Administration for Industry and Commerce (in Chinese)[116]
    • Guangzhou Guangzhou Administration for Industry and Commerce (in Chinese)[117]
    • Guangzhou Guangzhou Commercial Registration Information (in Chinese)
    • Shenzhen Market Supervision Administration of Shenzhen Municipality (in Chinese)
    • Shenzhen Shenzhen Enterprise Credit Information System (in Chinese)[118]
  • Guangxi Province Guangxi Administration for Industry and Commerce (in Chinese)
  • Guizhou Province Guizhou Administration for Industry and Commerce (in Chinese)
  • Guizhou Province Guizhou Enterprise Credit Information System (in Chinese)[119]
    • Guiyang Guiyang Administration for Industry and Commerce (in Chinese)
  • Hainan Province Hainan Administration for Industry and Commerce (in Chinese)
  • Hebei Province Hebei Administration for Industry and Commerce (in Chinese)[120]
  • Heilongjiang Province Heilongjiang Administration for Industry and Commerce (in Chinese)[121]
  • Heilongjiang Province Heilongjiang Enterprise Credit Information System (in Chinese)[122]
    • Harbin Harbin Enterprise Credit Information System (in Chinese)[123]
  • Henan Province Henan Administration for Industry and Commerce (in Chinese)[124]
  • Hubei Province Hubei Administration for Industry and Commerce (in Chinese)
    • Wuhan - Wuhan Administration for Industry and Commerce (in Chinese)[125]
  • Hunan Province Hunan Administration for Industry and Commerce (in Chinese)
  • Hunan Province Hunan Enterprise Credit Information System (in Chinese)[126]
  • Inner Mongolia Inner Mongolia Administration for Industry and Commerce (in Chinese)
  • Inner Mongolia Inner Mongolia Enterprise Credit Information System (in Chinese)[127]
  • Jiangsu Province - Jiangsu Administration for Industry and Commerce (in Chinese)[128]
    • Wuxi Wuxi Enterprise Credit Information System (in Chinese)
  • Jiangxi Province Jiangxi Administration for Industry and Commerce (in Chinese)[129]
  • Jilin Province Jilin Administration for Industry and Commerce (in Chinese)[130]
  • Liaoning Province Liaoning Administration for Industry and Commerce (in Chinese)[131]
  • Liaoning Province Liaoning Enterprise Credit Information System (in Chinese)[132]
    • Dalian Dalian Administration for Industry and Commerce (in Chinese)[133]
    • Dandong Dandong Administration for Industry and Commerce (in Chinese)[134]
    • Shenyang Shenyang Administration for Industry and Commerce (in Chinese)[135]
  • Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Ningxia Administration for Industry and Commerce (in Chinese)[136]
  • Qinghai Province Qinghai Administration for Industry and Commerce (in Chinese)[137]
  • Shaanxi Province Shaanxi Administration for Industry and Commerce (in Chinese)
  • Shaanxi Province Shaanxi enterprise credit information system (in Chinese)
    • Xi'an Xi'an Administration for Industry and Commerce (in Chinese)[138]
  • Shandong Province Shandong Administration for Industry and Commerce (in Chinese)[139]
    • Dongying Dongying Enterprise Credit Information System (in Chinese)
    • Qingdao Qingdao Administration for Industry and Commerce (in Chinese)
    • Weihai Weihai Administration for Industry and Commerce (in Chinese)
  • Shanghai Shanghai Administration for Industry and Commerce (in Chinese)[140]
  • Shanxi Province Shanxi Administration for Industry and Commerce (in Chinese)
  • Sichuan Province Sichuan Administration for Industry and Commerce (in Chinese)[141]
  • Sichuan Province Sichuan Enterprise Credit Information System (in Chinese)
    • Chengdu Chengdu Administration for Industry and Commerce (in Chinese)[142]
  • Tianjin Tianjin City Administration for Industry and Commerce (in Chinese)[143]
    • Binhai - Binhai company search (in Chinese)
  • Tibet Autonomous Region Tibet Administration for Industry and Commerce (in Chinese)
  • Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region Xinjiang Administration for Industry and Commerce (in Chinese)
  • Yunnan Province Yunnan Administration for Industry and Commerce (in Chinese)[144]
    • Kunming Kunming Administration for Industry and Commerce (in Chinese)[145]
  • Zhejiang Province Zhejiang Administration for Industry and Commerce (in Chinese)
  • Zhejiang Province Zhejiang Enterprise Credit Information System (in Chinese)[146]
    • Hangzhou Hangzhou Administration for Industry and Commerce (in Chinese)
    • Hangzhou Hangzhou Enterprise Credit Information System (in Chinese)[147]

Hong Kong



  • Ministry of Economic Affairs Company Registration Enquiry (in Chinese)[153]
  • Ministry of Economic Affairs Business registration lists (in Chinese)[154]
  • Ministry of Economic Affairs Business registration lists (by municipality) (in Chinese)
  • Ministry of Economic Affairs List of Taiwanese companies in mainland China (in Chinese)[155]
  • Ministry of Economic Affairs List of Taiwanese companies doing business outside of Taiwan (in Chinese)[156]
  • Ministry of Economic Affairs List of non-Taiwanese companies registered in Taiwan (in Chinese)[157]
  • Taiwan Stock Exchange Market Observation Post System[158]


Congo, Democratic Republic of the

  • Ministry of Justice and Human Rights Business Registry (Guichet unique) (in French)[163]

Congo, Republic of the

  • National Center for Statistics and Economic Studies (in French) - Click on "Base de données"[164]
  • Official gazette (in French)[165]

Cook Islands

  • Financial Supervisory Commission Registrar's Office (not searchable)[166]

Costa Rica

  • National Registry (registration required) (in Spanish)[167]
  • General Directorate Of Taxation (DGT) Company check (in Spanish)[168]
  • Government Procurement System Provider search (in Spanish)[169]

Côte d'Ivoire

  • Center for Investment Promotion Company search (in French)[170]



  • National Office of Statistics Registries (in Spanish)[174]


  • Curaçao Chamber of Commerce & Industry


  • Department of the Registrar of Companies and Official Receiver[175]

Czech Republic


Danish realms


  • Office of Industrial Property and Commerce (ODPIC) Official Bulletin (in French)


  • Companies and Intellectual Property Office Name search[179]

Dominican Republic

  • Generate Directorate of Internal Revenue (DGII) Tax-paying companies search (in Spanish)[180]
  • Generate Directorate of Internal Revenue (DGII) Companies without operations (in Spanish)
  • National Office of Industrial Property (ONAPI) Trade name search (in Spanish)[181]
  • General Directorate of Public Procurement Provider search (in Spanish)[182]
  • Santo Domingo Santo Domingo Chamber of Commerce and Production (in Spanish)


  • Superintendency of Companies (in Spanish)[183]
  • Internal Revenue Service (SRI) Company check (in Spanish)[184]
  • National Institute of Statistics and Census (INEC) Business Directory (in Spanish)
  • National Secretariat of Policy Management Directory of Social Organizations (in Spanish)[185]
  • Official Public Procurement System Provider search (in Spanish)[186]


El Salvador

  • National Center of Registries List of registered businesses (in Spanish)[188]
  • Official Gazette search (in Spanish)
  • Salvadoran Institute of Social Security Solvent companies (in Spanish)
  • Public Procurement Unit (UNAC) List of providers (in Spanish)[189]


  • Ministry of Information Official journal (Haddas Ertra) (in Tigrinya)[190]


  • Centre of Registers and Information Systems[191]
  • Financial Supervision Authority Supervised Entities[192]



  • Fiji Government Companies and Business Registration (registration required)[194]




  • Investment Promotion Agency (Centre de Développement des Entreprises) (not searchable) (in French)


  • iCommerce Registry (registration required)[203]


  • Public Registry (in Georgian)[204]




  • Companies House Gibraltar (subscription required) [209]


  • General Commercial Registry (Γενικό Εμπορικό Μητρώο) (in Greek)[210]
  • Official gazette Company search (in Greek)
  • Athens Chamber of Commerce & Industry (EBEA)


  • Registrar of Companies and Intellectual Property (not searchable)[211]


  • Mercantile Registry (subscription required) (in Spanish)[212]
  • State Procurement System Provider search (in Spanish)[213]

Guernsey, Channel Islands


  • Investment Promotion Agency (in French)




  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry (in Spanish)
  • Executive Directorate of Income company tax identification code (RTN) check (in Spanish)
  • State Office Procurement (ONCAE) Provider search (in Spanish)[217]



  • Directorate of Internal Revenue Company Directory (in Icelandic)[220]



  • Ministry of Industry Industrial Company Directory (in Indonesian)[222]
  • Ministry of Trade Corporate Directory
  • Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN) (in Indonesian)[223]
  • Indonesia Charter bus Transportation


  • Legal Entities National ID Portal (in Persian)[224]
  • Official Journal (RRK) (in Persian)[225]
  • Official Journal (Dastour) (in Persian)[226]
  • Official Journal (in Persian) For older gazette filings[227]
  • Tehran Tehran Chamber of Commerce and Industries and Mines Trade Directory (in Persian)[228]
  • DigiPedia Co


  • Ministry of Trade Iraq Registrar of Companies[229]
  • Baghdad Chamber of Commerce Companies Search (in Arabic)[230]
  • Erbil Chamber of Commerce and Industry Companies List[231]


Isle of Man

  • Isle of Man Companies Registry[234]




  • Office of the Registrar of Companies[241]
  • National Contracts Commission Registered Contractors[242]


Jersey, Channel Islands

  • Jersey Financial Services Commission Companies Registry[244]



  • Ministry of Justice Database of legal entities[248]
  • State Revenue Committee Legal entities[249]
  • Tax Committee of the Ministry of Finance Legal entities (in Russian)
  • Business Licenses[250]


  • State Law Office Registrar General (not searchable)
  • National Construction Authority Registered Contractors[251]


  • Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Cooperatives (not searchable)[252]


  • Ministry of Trade and Industry Business Registration Agency[253]



  • Ministry of Justice Register of Legal Entities (in Russian)



  • Register of Enterprises[256]
  • Database of all companies registered in Latvia



  • Ministry of Trade, Industry, Cooperatives and Marketing[257]


  • Liberia Business Registry


  • Office of Justice Commercial Register (in German)[258]


  • Register of Legal Entities[259]



  • Central Registry (in Macedonian)[263]
  • Securities and Exchange Commission Registry of joint stock companies


  • Economic Development Board of Madagascar List of companies
  • General Directorate of Taxes (DGI) Taxable entity search (registration required) (in French)[264]


  • Malta Financial Services Authority Registry of Companies[265]


  • Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Registrar General (not searchable)[266]



  • Ministry of Economic Development[269]


  • Investment Promotion Agency (in French)[270]

Marshall Islands

  • Marshall Islands Maritime & Corporate Administrators[271]


  • Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Agriculture (Click on "Répertoires des entreprises") (in French)[272]



  • Secretariat of Economy National Business Information Registry (SIEM) (in Spanish)
  • Secretariat of Economy Company name search (in Spanish)[274]
  • Secretariat of Economy Integrated System of Registry Management (SIGER) list of all state and municipal commercial registries (in Spanish)[275]
  • Mexican Institute of Industrial Property Trade name search (in Spanish)
  • Registry of Suppliers and Contractors (RUPC) (in Spanish)[276]
  • ProMéxico Directory of Exporters (in Spanish)[277]

State registries

State/District Searchable Registry Ref.
AguascalientesNoPublic Registry of Property and Commerce of Aguascalientes (in Spanish) [278]
Baja CaliforniaNoPublic Registry of Property and Commerce of Baja California (in Spanish) [279]
Baja California SurNoPublic Registry of Property and Commerce of Baja California Sur (in Spanish) [280]
CampecheNoPublic Registry of Property and Commerce of Campeche (in Spanish) [281]
ChiapasNoPublic Registry of Property and Commerce of Chiapas (in Spanish) [282]
ChihuahuaYesPublic Registry of Property and Commerce of Chihuahua (subscription required) (in Spanish) [283]
CoahuilaYesPublic Registry of Property and Commerce of Coahuila (subscription required) (in Spanish) [284]
ColimaNoPublic Registry of Property and Commerce of Colima (in Spanish) [285]
Federal DistrictNoPublic Registry of Property and Commerce of the Federal District (in Spanish) [286]
DurangoNoPublic Registry of Property and Commerce of Durango(in Spanish) [287]
GuanajuatoYesPublic Registry of Property and Commerce of Guanajuato (subscription required) (in Spanish) [288]
GuerreroNoPublic Registry of Property and Commerce of Guerrero (in Spanish) [289]
HidalgoNoPublic Registry of Property and Commerce of Hidalgo (in Spanish) [290]
JaliscoYesPublic Registry of Property and Commerce of Jalisco (registration required) (in Spanish) [291]
Mexico StateNoPublic Registry of Property and Commerce of Mexico State (in Spanish) [292]
MichoacánNoPublic Registry of Property and Commerce of Michoacán (in Spanish) [293]
MorelosNoPublic Registry of Property and Commerce of Morelos (in Spanish) [294]
NayaritNoPublic Registry of Property and Commerce of Nayarit (in Spanish) [295]
Nuevo LeónNoPublic Registry of Property and Commerce of Nuevo León (in Spanish) [296]
OaxacaNoPublic Registry of Property and Commerce of Oaxaca (in Spanish) [297]
PueblaNoPublic Registry of Property and Commerce of Puebla (in Spanish) [298]
QuerétaroYesPublic Registry of Property and Commerce of Querétaro (registration required) (in Spanish) [299]
Quintana RooNoPublic Registry of Property and Commerce of Quintana Roo (in Spanish) [300]
San Luis PotosíNoPublic Registry of Property and Commerce of San Luis Potosí (in Spanish) [301]
SinaloaNoPublic Registry of Property and Commerce of Sinaloa (in Spanish) [302]
SonoraNoPublic Registry of Property and Commerce of Sonora (in Spanish) [303]
TabascoNoPublic Registry of Property and Commerce of Tabasco (in Spanish) [304]
TamaulipasNoPublic Registry of Property and Commerce of Tamaulipas (in Spanish) [305]
TlaxcalaNoPublic Registry of Property and Commerce of Tlaxcala (in Spanish) [306]
VeracruzNoPublic Registry of Property and Commerce of Veracruz (in Spanish) [307]
YucatánNoPublic Registry of Property and Commerce of Yucatán (in Spanish) [308]
ZacatecasNoPublic Registry of Property and Commerce of Zacatecas (in Spanish) [309]

Micronesia, Federated States of

  • Registrar of Companies Listing of FSM Corporations


  • Licensing Chamber[310]
  • Ministry of Justice State Registration Chamber (in Romanian)[311]
  • Ministry of Justice State Register of Non-Profit Organizations (in Romanian)[312]
  • State Tax Service Taxable entity search (in Romanian) search by Unique State Identification Number (IDNO)[313]
  • State Tax Service List of taxable entities (in Romanian)[314]


  • Registry of Commerce and Industry (in French)[315]


  • General Authority for State Registration [316]



  • Financial Services Commission (not searchable)[319]


  • Central Trade Registry (OMPIC) (subscription required) (in French)[320]
  • Central Trade Registry (OMPIC) (in French)[321]
  • Financial Markets Authority (CDVM) Listed Companies[322]
  • Casablanca Register of Commerce (in French)
  • Fès Register of Commerce (in French)
  • Marrakech Register of Commerce (in French)[323]
  • Meknès Register of Commerce (in Arabic)
  • Oujda Register of Commerce (in Arabic)
  • Rabat Register of Commerce (in French)
  • Salé Register of Commerce (in French)
  • Tangier Register of Commerce (in French)


  • Bulletin of the Republic (in Portuguese)[324]



  • Business and Intellectual Property Authority[326]


  • Registrar of Corporations


  • Office of Company Registrar[327]


Caribbean Netherlands

New Zealand


  • Ministry of Development, Industry and Trade (in Spanish)[332]
  • General Revenue Service (DGI) Business search (in Spanish)[333]
  • General Directorate of State Procurement Provider search (in Spanish)[334]


  • National Institute of Statistics Directory of Companies (in French)



  • Companies Office of Niue[337]





  • Office of the Attorney General Registrar of Corporations (not searchable)[344]

Palestinian territories

  • Ministry of National Economy Companies Registry[345]


  • Public Registry of Panama (registration required) (in Spanish)[346]
  • Panadata (in Spanish)[347]

Papua New Guinea

  • Investment Promotion Authority Entity Search[348]


  • Ministry of Finance Taxable entity search (in Spanish)[349]
  • Undersecretary of State Taxation (SET) company tax identification number (RUC) check (in Spanish)[350]
  • National Directorate of Public Procurement Provider search (in Spanish)[351]


  • National Superintendency of Public Registries (SUNARP) (in Spanish)[352]
  • National Superintendency of Tax Administration (SUNAT) (in Spanish)[353]
  • Supervisory Agency for State Contracts (OSCE) Provider search (in Spanish)[354]






Russian Federation

  • Federal Tax Service Unified State Register of Legal Entities (in Russian)[368]
  • National Classifier of Enterprises and Organizations (in Russian)[369]


  • Office of the Registrar General (ORG)[370]
  • Rwanda Revenue Authority VAT Registered Taxpayers

Saint Kitts and Nevis

  • Financial Services Regulatory Commission Registrar of Companies (registration required)[371]
  • Nevis Financial Regulatory Services Commission[372]

Saint Lucia

  • Registry of Companies and Intellectual Property (ROCIP)[373]
  • Registry of International Business Companies and International Trusts (Pinnacle)[374]

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

  • Commerce and Intellectual Property Office (subscription required) [375]


  • Samoa Business Registry[376]

San Marino

São Tomé and Príncipe

  • Ministry of Justice Company Registry[378]

Saudi Arabia


  • Business Creation Support Bureau[382]


  • The Serbian Business Registers Agency (in Serbian)[383]
  • Central Securities Depository and Clearing House[384]
  • Securities Commission Public Company Register (in Serbian)
  • National Bank of Serbia ; Lists of Providers of Financial Services[385]


  • Seychelles Business Register (onshore companies only)[386]
  • Seychelles Financial Services Authority (not searchable)[387]

Sierra Leone

  • Office of the Administrator and Registrar General[388]




  • Slovenian Business Register (registration required)[392]
  • Financial Administration List of taxable legal entities (in Slovene)[393]
  • Central Securities Clearing Corporation[394]
  • Securities Market Agency List of public companies[395]

Solomon Islands

  • Solomon Islands Business Registry[396]

South Africa

South Korea

South Sudan


  • Central Mercantile Register (Registro Mercantil Central) (RMC) (subscription required) [402]
  • Association of Spanish Property & Commercial Registers (subscription required) [403]
  • National Securities Market Commission (Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores) Search by entity (in Spanish)[404]

Sri Lanka

  • Department of Registrar of Companies[405]

Sint Maarten

  • St. Maarten Chamber of Commerce & Industry (not searchable)[406]


  • Ministry of Justice Commercial Registrations Department (in Arabic)[407]


  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry[408]




  • Swiss company registers are organized at cantonal level[411]
  • Federal Commercial Registry Office Central Business Names Index (Zefix)[412]
  • Official Gazette of Commerce[413]


  • Tax Committee Register of Legal Entities (in Russian)[414]


  • Business Registrations and Licensing Agency (BRELA)[415]



  • Institute for Business Support Enterprises[417]
  • Service Registry and Company Verification (not yet searchable) (in Portuguese)[418]
  • Official Gazette (in Portuguese)


  • Business Registries Office[419]


  • Business Start-up Center (in French)[420]


  • Registry of Commerce (in French)[421]
  • Agency for the Promotion of Industry and Innovation - Directory of industrial enterprises[422]


Turks and Caicos Islands

  • Financial Services Commission Companies Registry (not searchable)[432]

Trinidad & Tobago

  • Companies Registry[433]
  • Trinidad and Tobago Securities and Exchange Commission Registered Companies, Individuals & Securities[434]


  • Uganda Registration Services Bureau[435]
  • Register of Providers[436]


  • State Enterprise Information Resource Centre (in Ukrainian)[437]
  • State Fiscal Service Business Search (in Ukrainian)[438]
  • State Fiscal Service Register of VAT payers (in Ukrainian)[439]
  • State Fiscal Service Register of Fixed (or single) tax payers (in Ukrainian)[440]
  • State Commission for Regulation of Financial Services Markets Integrated Information System (in Ukrainian)[441]
  • State Commission for Regulation of Financial Services Markets Other registers (in Ukrainian)
  • Ministry of Justice Unified Register of Civic Organizations (in Ukrainian)[442]

United Arab Emirates

United Kingdom

United States

State registries

State Department/Agency Ref.
AlabamaSecretary of State of Alabama [467]
AlaskaAlaska Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development [468]
ArizonaArizona Corporation Commission [469]
ArkansasSecretary of State of Arkansas [470]
CaliforniaSecretary of State of California [471]
ColoradoSecretary of State of Colorado [472]
ConnecticutSecretary of the State of Connecticut [473]
DelawareSecretary of State of Delaware [474]
FloridaSecretary of State of Florida [475]
GeorgiaSecretary of State of Georgia [476]
HawaiiDepartment of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (DCCA) [477]
IdahoSecretary of State of Idaho [478]
IllinoisIllinois Secretary of State [479]
IndianaSecretary of State of Indiana [480]
IowaIowa Secretary of State [481]
KansasSecretary of State of Kansas [482]
KentuckySecretary of State of Kentucky [483]
LouisianaSecretary of State of Louisiana [484]
MaineSecretary of State of Maine [485]
MarylandMaryland State Department of Assessments and Taxation [486]
MassachusettsMassachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth [487]
MichiganDepartment of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs [488]
MinnesotaMinnesota Secretary of State [489]
MississippiSecretary of State of Mississippi [490]
MissouriMissouri Secretary of State [491]
MontanaSecretary of State of Montana [492]
NebraskaSecretary of State of Nebraska [493]
NevadaSecretary of State of Nevada [494]
New HampshireNew Hampshire Secretary of State [495]
New JerseyNew Jersey Department of the Treasury [496]
New MexicoNew Mexico Public Regulation Commission [497]
New YorkSecretary of State of New York [498]
North CarolinaNorth Carolina Secretary of State [499]
North DakotaNorth Dakota Secretary of State [500]
OhioOhio Secretary of State [501]
OklahomaOklahoma Secretary of State [502]
OregonOregon Secretary of State [503]
PennsylvaniaSecretary of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania [504]
Rhode IslandSecretary of State of Rhode Island [505]
South CarolinaSecretary of State of South Carolina [506]
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