List of clock manufacturers

The following is a list of notable companies that produced, or currently produce clocks. Where known, the location of the company and the dates of clock manufacture follow the name. In some instances the "company" consisted of a single person.

American clockmakers

Australian clockmakers

Austrian clockmakers

  • L. Hainz, Prague (1813 - 1873) Fine inlaid Vienna Regulators, Dwarf Vienna Regulator
  • Carl Saboy, Vienna (1875-1890)
  • Karl Suchy & Sohne, Vienna (1870–1890 (?))
  • Mikulas of Kadan, Prague
  • M.Miller & Sohn, Vienna (1800-?)
  • Wilhelm Bauer, Vienna (active 1884) President of Vienna Clockmakers Society 1881, and active Clockmaker until late 1920s. Produced Post Office/Official Government Vienna Regulators. Some clocks signed "Kreutz & Bauer in Wein".
  • Gebr. Reach, Ebensee, Austria. Used trademark "REMEMBER". Factory began 1861. Settled in Ebensee 1871. Produced up to 15,000 clocks in 1885. Factory sold to Junghans 1901 & renamed "Uhrenfabrik Ebensee Austria.
  • Johann Mold, (c. 1870) Vienna. Example known: Serpentine Dwarf Case Vienna Regulator. No record found of this maker.

Canadian clockmakers

Danish clockmakers

English clockmakers

French clockmakers

German clockmakers

Russian clockmakers

  • Egor Grigorievich Kuznetzov-Zhepinskiy (1775–1805); Nijniy Tagil
  • Ivan Mezgin (1855–1900 (?)); Cherniy Yar, Siberia
  • Lev Isidorovich Nechaev (1825–1861); Yaroslavl

Scottish clockmakers

John Paterson Airdrie

Swedish clockmakers

Swiss clockmakers

Ukrainian clockmakers

  • Johann Kroeger (1804–1823); Rosental
  • Kroeger & Co (1804–1938); Rosental
  • Peter Lepp (ca. 1850); Chortitza


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