List of clarinet makers

The following are lists of makers of clarinets, clarinet mouthpieces, clarinet ligatures, and clarinet reeds. Note that some of the following are simply brands for instruments from original equipment manufacturers.

Companies by specialty


Piccolo Soprano Basset clarinet Basset horn Alto Bass Contra-alto Contrabass
Amati-Denak E♭, C, B♭, A, G  E♭B♭  
Arioso  C, B♭, A   B♭  
Backun Musical Services  B♭, AA Clarinet Extensions Only     
E. K. Blessing B♭      
Boosey & Hawkes E♭, B♭, A  E♭B♭  
Buffet Crampon E♭, D, C, B♭, AAFE♭B♭E♭ 
Chadash Clarinet B♭, AA (joints & bells only)     
Wolfgang DietzGE♭, D, C, B♭, AAF B♭  
Peter Eaton B♭, A      
Benedikt Eppelsheim       B♭
Forté C, B♭      
Stephen Fox E♭, D, C, B♭, A, GC, B♭, A, G (also joints and joint conversions in C, B♭, A)F B♭, A (projected)  
Gerold Klarinetten B♭, A      
Hakam Din and Sons  E, B, A, G  EB  
Hammerschmidt E♭, D, C, B♭, A(?)B♭ AF B♭  
Hanson Clarinet Company B♭, A      
Howarth of London B♭, AA (joints & barrels only)     
Harald Hüyng E♭, D, C, B♭, AB♭, AF B♭  
Jupiter Band Instruments B♭   B♭  
Leblanc (division of Conn-Selmer)A♭E♭, D, C, B♭, AAFE♭B♭E♭B♭
Leitner and Kraus E♭, D, C, B♭, AB♭, AF B♭  
Lyons ( C      
Martin Freres Company () C (Model: C-34)E♭ Soprano (Models: E-34, E-77 Grenadilla) and Exotic Wood Eb Barrels, B♭ (Models: B-88, B-34, B-44 Rosewood, B-66 Grenadilla, B-77 Grenadilla) and Exotic Wood Bb Barrels Eb AltoB♭ Bass  
Gustav Mollenhauer & Söhne E♭, D, C, B♭, A      
Orsi Instrument CompanyG, A♭ (on request; soprano?)E♭, C, B♭, A, G F (on request)E♭B♭  
Orsi and Weir B♭      
Patricola E♭, C, B♭, A      
Thomas Ridenour B♭, C, AA basset clarinet  B♭  
L. A. RipamontiA♭E♭, C, B♭, GAF   B♭
Luis Rossi D, C, B♭, A      
Bernd Schille  E♭, B♭, AA (Mozart clarinet)
W. Schreiber (division of Buffet Crampon Germany) B♭, C, A      
Schwenk und SeggelkeG, A♭E♭, D, C, B♭, AB♭, AF    
Henri Selmer, Paris E♭, C, B♭, AFE♭B♭E♭B♭
Selmer (division of Conn-Selmer) B♭E♭B♭B♭
F. Arthur Uebel E♭, C, B♭, A F B♭  
Herbert Wurlitzer Clarinets high G, E♭, D, C, B♭, AB♭, AF E♭B♭  
Yamaha Corporation E♭, B♭, A  E♭B♭  


  • Amati-Denak
  • Vytas Krass Mouthpieces -
  • AW-Reeds GbR
  • jj Babbitt
  • Backun Musical Services
  • Behn Mouthpieces International
  • Blayman Music
  • BocaGrande
  • Chadash Clarinet
  • ClarinetXpress (Walter Grabner)
  • Peter Eaton
  • Clark W. Fobes
  • Roger Garrett
  • A. M. Gigliotti
  • Richard Hawkins Mouthpieces
  • Ramon Wodkowski Mouthpieces
  • Jewel Music
  • Bas de Jong (Viotto)
  • Kessler and Sons
  • Leblanc
  • Leitner & Kraus
  • Lomax Classic
  • Ralph Morgan
  • Pereira 3D
  • Music Center (Luciano Pisoni)
  • Edward Pillinger
  • Pomarico snc
  • Pyne/Clarion
  • Rastmusic
  • RedwineJazz
  • Thomas Ridenour
  • Rico
  • Rovner
  • Runyon Products
  • Ernst Schreiber Mundstück (ESM)
  • Schwenk und Seggelke
  • Henri Selmer, Paris
  • Gregory Smith Clarinet Products
  • T.D. Mouthpiece (Thomas Dowling)
  • Dirk Vandamme
  • Vandoren
  • Herbert Wurlitzer Clarinets
  • Yamaha Corporation
  • Hans Zinner

Clarinet Barrels


  • Atelier Peter Leuthner
  • AW-Reeds GbR
  • B.K. Classic
  • D'Addario (Grand Concert, Jazz Select, Evolution & Reserve Classic)
  • Foglietta
  • Glotin
  • Gonzalez Reeds
  • H&H-Reeds
  • Légère Reeds (synthetic reeds)
  • Marca
  • Olivieri
  • Rudolf Pflaumer
  • Reeds Australia
  • Rico (makers of Grand Concert Select, La Voz, Mitchell Lurie, Plasticover, and Rico reeds)
  • Steuer
  • Thomas Ridenour
  • Vandoren
  • A.M.Gigliotti inc.


Historical reproductions

  • Daniel Bangham
  • Guy Cowley
  • Daniel Deitch
  • Stephen Fox
  • Joel Robinson
  • Schwenk und Seggelke
  • Rudolph Tutz
  • Peter van der Poel
  • Guntram Wolf
  • Agnès Guéroult
  • Andreas Schöni
  • François Masson
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