List of churches in Copenhagen

This list of churches in Copenhagen lists church buildings in Copenhagen and Frederiksberg, Denmark.

Indre By

Name Denomination Year Coordinates Image Refs
Alexander Nevsky ChurchRussian Orthodox186655°41′7.01″N 12°35′26.92″E
Christian's ChurchChurch of Denmark175855°40′20.5″N 12°35′14″E
Church of HolmenChurch of Denmark161955°40′36″N 12°35′00″E
Church of the Holy GhostChurch of Denmark15th century56°40′44.4″N 12°34′36.84″E
Church of Our LadyChurch of Denmark182955°40′46″N 12°34′27″E
Church of Our SaviourChurch of Denmark169555°40′22″N 12°35′38″E
Frederick's ChurchChurch of Denmark189455°41′06″N 12°35′22″E
Garrison ChurchChurch of Denmark170655°40′54.48″N 12°35′21.84″E
Jerusalem ChurchMethodist186655°41′19.87″N 12°15′1.94″E
Reformed ChurchReformed168955°41′1.57″N 12°34′30.38″E
St. Alban's ChurchChurch of England188756°41′21″N 12°35′49″E
St. Ansgar's CathedralRoman Catholic184055°41′10″N 12°35′33″E
St. Paul's ChurchChurch of Denmark187755°41′15″N 12°35′15″E
St. Peter's ChurchChurch of Denmark15th century55°40′48.2″N 12°34′14.8″E
Trinitatis ChurchChurch of Denmark164255°40′53.7″N 12°34′34.1″E


Name Denomination Year Coordinates Image Refs
All Saints' ChurchChurch of Denmark193255°39′44.5″N 12°36′56″E
Dragør ChurchChurch of Denmark188555°35′38″N 12°40′6.5″E
Hans Tausen's ChurchChurch of Denmark192455°39′53.13″N 12°34′36.06″E
Højdevang ChurchChurch of Denmark188555°35′38″N 12°40′6.5″E
Nathanael's ChurchChurch of Denmark193555°38′52.2″N 12°36′18.39″E
Philip's ChurchChurch of Denmark1924 55°39′20″N 12°37′04″E
St. Anne's ChurchRoman Catholic193855°39′18″N 12°36′33″E
Simon Peter's ChurchChurch of Denmark194455°38′49.58″N 12°37′25.95″E
Solvang ChurchChurch of Denmark197655°38′55.8″N 12°35′41.6″E
Sundby ChurchChurch of Denmark187055°39′39″N 12°36′19″E


Name Denomination Year Coordinates Image Refs
Grundtvig's ChurchChurch of Denmark192155°42′59.7″N 12°32′1″E
EmsdrupkerkChurch of Denmark196155°43′41″N 12°31′13″E


Name Denomination Year Coordinates Image Refs
Brønshøj ChurchChurch of Denmark1180s55°42′20.89″N 12°20′54.6″E[1]


Name Denomination Year Coordinates Image Refs
Church of the DeafChurch of Denmark190455°11′12.2″N 12°32′32.8″E
Frederiksberg ChurchChurch of Denmark173455°40′27.4″N 12°31′58″E
Godthaab ChurchChurch of Denmark190955°41′01.5″N 12°31′58″E
Immanuel ChurchChurch of Denmark190555°40′35.9″N 12°33′04″E
Mariendal ChurchChurch of Denmark190855°41′31.1″N 12°32′4.4″E
Martin's ChurchEvangelical Lutheran Free Church190855°40′47.64″N 12°33′20.34″E
Solbjerg ChurchChurch of Denmark190855°40′47.8″N 12°31′44″E
St. Luke's ChurchChurch of Denmark189755°40′56.3″N 12°32′11″E
St. Mark's ChurchChurch of Denmark190255°40′47.6″N 12°33′9.5″E
St. Thomas' ChurchChurch of Denmark189855°41′3.6″N 12°32′30″E


Name Denomination Year Coordinates Image Refs
Anna ChurchChurch of Denmark191455°41′34.8″N 12°32′38.9″E[2]
Bethlehem ChurchChurch of Denmark193755°40′59.3″N 12°33′24.7″E[3]
Brorson's ChurchChurch of Denmark190155°41′15.01″N 12°32′46″E[4]
St. John's ChurchChurch of Denmark186155°41′31″N 12°33′43″E


Name Denomination Year Coordinates Image Refs
Church of the Free PortChurch of Denmark190555°41′56″N 12°35′19″E
Gustaf ChurchChurch of Sweden191155°41′32″N 12°35′24″E
Isaiah ChurchChurch of Denmark191255°41′32.51″N 12°34′42″E
Kildevæld ChurchChurch of Denmark193255°42′49.8″N 12°34′03″E
St. Augustine's ChurchRoman Catholic191455°42′26.5″N 12°34′01.4″E
St. James' ChurchChurch of Denmark187855°42′12.6″N 12°34′35″E
Zion's ChurchChurch of Denmark189655°42′40.7″N 12°34′41″E


Name Denomination Year Coordinates Image Refs
Jesus ChurchChurch of Denmark189555°39′55″N 12°31′19.5″E

Vesterbro/Kongens Enghave

Name Denomination Year Coordinates Image Refs
Absalon's ChurchDefunct193455°39′55.4″N 12°33′01″E[5]
Apostle ChurchChurch of Denmark190155°40′18.8″N 12°33′04″E
Church of ChristChurch of Denmark190055°40′04″N 12°32′42.3″E[6]
Church of Jesus' HeartRoman Catholic189555°40′24″N 12°33′26″E
St. Matthew's ChurchChurch of Denmark187955°40′10″N 12°32′53″E

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