List of centenarians (actors, filmmakers and entertainers)

The following is a list of centenarians – specifically, people who became famous as actors, filmmakers and entertainers – known for reasons other than their longevity. For more lists, see lists of centenarians.

Name Lifespan Age Notability
George Abbott1887–1995107American stage actor, director, and producer[1]
Rosa Albach-Retty1874–1980105Austrian film and stage actress[2]
Jenny Alpha1910–2010100Martinique actress and singer[3]
Lukas Ammann1912–2017104Swiss actor[4]
Nina Andrycz1912–2014101Polish actress[5]
Nikolay Annenkov1899–1999100Soviet-Russian actor[6]
Neal Arden1909–2014104British actor[7]
Svend Asmussen1916–2017100Danish jazz violinist
Richard L. Bare1913–2015101American motion picture and television director[8]
Etta Moten Barnett1901–2004102African American stage actress and singer[9]
Dave Bartholomew1918–2019100American musician, bandleader, composer, arranger, and record producer[10]
Sam Beazley1916–2017101British actor[11]
Amelia Bence1914–2016101Argentine film actress[12]
Bruce Bennett1906–2007100American actor and Olympic athlete[13]
Irving Benson1914–2016102American actor[14]
Irving Berlin1888-1989101American composer and lyricist[15]
Walter Bernstein1919-100American screenwriter and film producer[16]
Stella Bloch1897–1999101American dancer[17]
Susanna Bokoyni1879–1984105Hungarian circus performer[18]
Margaret Booth1898–2002104American film editor[19]
Osmond Borradaile1898–1999100Canadian cameraman and cinematographer[20]
Rosa Bouglione1910–2018107French circus performer[21]
Robert F. Boyle1909–2010100American art director and production designer[22]
Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia1894–1998103Italian film director and screenwriter[23]
José Bragato1915–2017101Italian-born Argentine cellist, composer, conductor, arranger and musical archivist[24]
Artur Brauner1918–2019100German film producer[25]
Renate Brausewetter1905–2006100German silent film actress[26]
Helen Bray1889–1990100American actress[27]
Oscar Brodney1907–2008100American screenwriter[28]
Mona Bruns1899–2000100American actress[29]
Zoya Bulgakova1914–2017102Soviet-Russian stage actress[30]
George Burns1896–1996100American Academy Award-winning actor and comedian[31]
Helen Burns1916–2018101English actress[32]
Irving Caesar1895–1996101American lyricist and theater composer[33]
John Calvert1911–2013102American magician[34]
Earl Cameron1917–102Bermudian-born British actor[35]
Anna Campori1917–2018100Italian actress[36]
Mary Carlisle1914–2018104American actress[37]
Diana Serra Cary1918–101American child actress (known as "Baby Peggy"), author and cinema historian[38]
Christian Casadesus1912–2014101French actor[39]
Gisèle Casadesus1914–2017103French actress[40]
Wally Cassell1912–2015103Italian-born American actor[41]
Marge Champion1919–100American dancer, choreographer, and actress[42]
Horacio Coppola1906–2012105Argentine photographer and filmmaker[43]
Irwin Corey1914–2017102American comedian[44]
Norman Corwin1910–2011101American screenwriter and producer[45]
Diosa Costello1913–2013100American entertainer[46]
Louise Currie1913–2013100American film actress[47]
Leila Danette1909–2012103American actress[48]
Henry Danton1919–100British dancer[49]
Robert Darène1914–2016102French actor, film director and screenwriter[50]
Danielle Darrieux1917–2017100French actress[51]
Jimmie Davis1899–2000101American singer and songwriter[52]
Dame Olivia de Havilland1916–103British–born American film actress[53]
Suzy Delair1917–101French actress and dancer[54]
Rosine Delamare1911–2013101French Academy Award-nominated costume designer[55]
Jean Delannoy1908–2008100French actor and film director[56]
Frances Dewey Wormser1903–2008104American stage actress[57]
Dorothy Dickson1893–1995102American-British stage actress[58]
Caren Marsh Doll1919–100American actress and dancer[59]
Kirk Douglas1916–103American film actor and producer[60]
Ellen Albertini Dow1913–2015101American character actress[61]
Orlando Drummond1919–100Brazilian stage, television and film actor[62]
Claire Du Brey1892–1993100American film actress[63]
Paulette Dubost1910–2011100French actress[64]
Marta Eggerth1912–2013101Hungarian-born American actress and singer[65]
Mary Ellis1897–2003105American-born British stage actress[66]
Jean Erdman1916–103American dancer[67]
Carl Esmond1902–2004102German-American actor[68]
Irving Fein1911–2012101American television and film producer[69]
Dame Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies1891–1992101English actress[70]
Gunnar Fischer1910–2011100Swedish cinematographer[71]
Rina Franchetti1907–2010102Italian actress[72]
Harriet Frank Jr.1917–102American screenwriter and producer[73]
Arthur Gardner1910–2014104American television producer[74]
Hal Geer1916–2017100American producer and filmmaker[75]
Pierre Gérald1906–2012105French actor[76]
Erwin Geschonneck1906–2008101German actor[77]
Julie Gibson1913–2019106American actress and singer[78]
Marie Glory1905–2009103French actress[79]
Dercy Gonçalves1907–2008101Brazilian actress[80]
Coleridge Goode1914–2015100Jamaican-born British jazz bassist[81]
Karl Otto Götz1914–2017103German artist, filmmaker, draughtsman/printmaker, writer, and art professor[82]
Liane Haid1895–2000105Austrian actress[83]
Stein Grieg Halvorsen1909–2013104Norwegian actor[84]
Kathleen Harrison1892–1995103British actress[85]
Johannes Heesters1903–2011108Dutch actor, vocalist, and performer[86]
Bob Hope1903–2003100British-born American comedian[87]
Mieczysław Horszowski1892–1993100Polish-American pianist[88]
Shep Houghton1914–2016102American actor and dancer[89][90]
Yvonne Howell1905–2010104American silent film actress[91]
Marsha Hunt1917–102American actress[92]
Minoru Inuzuka1901–2007106Japanese film director and screenwriter[93]
Vilma Jamnická1906–2008101Slovakian actress[94]
Joli Jászai1907–2008101Hungarian actress[95]
Gertrude Jeannette1914–2018103American actress, theatre director and producer[96]
Herb Jeffries1913–2014100American singer and actor[97]
Tatyana Karpova1916–2018102Soviet-Russian actress[98]
John Kenley1906–2009103American Broadway director and producer[99]
Barbara Kent1907–2011103Canadian-born American actress[100]
Robert Kinoshita1914–2014100American art director[101]
Hans F. Koenekamp1891–1992100American cinematographer[102]
Mae Laborde1909–2012102American television actress[103]
Carla Laemmle1909–2014104American film actress[104]
Guje Lagerwall1918–2019100Swedish actress[105]
Charles Lane1905–2007102American character actor[106]
Sid Laverents1908–2009100American amateur filmmaker[107]
Yvette Lebon1910–2014103French actress[108]
Francis Lederer1899–2000100American actor[109]
Everett Lee1916–103American conductor and violinist[110]
Aleen Leslie1908–2010101American screenwriter[111]
Chen Liting1910–2013102Chinese playwright, drama and film director[112]
Norman Lloyd1914–105American actor[113]
Elena Lucena1914–2015101Argentine actress[114]
Don Lusk1913–2018105American animator[115]
Ingrid Luterkort1910–2011101Swedish actress[116]
Lincoln Maazel1903–2009106American actor and singer[117]
Kurt Maetzig1911–2012101German film director[118]
Maciej Maciejewski1914–2018103Polish actor[119]
Martin Magner1900–2002101German-American theatre and television director and producer[120]
Tommie Manderson1912–2015102British make-up artist[121]
Margery Mason1913–2014100British actress[122]
Leslie H. Martinson1915–2016101American television and film director[123]
Carmen Martínez Sierra1904–2012108Spanish actress[124]
Sherman Maxwell1907–2008100American sportscaster[125]
Fay McKenzie1918–2019101American actress[126]
Joe McQueen1919–2019100American jazz saxaphonist[127]
Mariuccia Medici1910–2012102Italian-born Swiss actress[128]
Benjamin Melniker1913–2018104American film producer[129]
Sheila Mercier1919–2019100English actress[130]
Doris Merrick1919–100American actress and model[131]
Madeleine Milhaud1902–2008105French actress and librettist[132]
Moi-Yo Miller1914–2018104Australian magician's assistant[133]
Antony Mitradas1913–2017103Indian film director[134]
Igor Moiseyev1906–2007101Soviet-Russian choreographer[135]
Miguel Morayta1907–2013105Mexican film director[136]
Patricia Morison1915–2018103American actress[137]
Meg Mundy1915–2016101English-born American actress[138]
Audrey Munson1891–1996104American model and actress[139]
Randi Lindtner Næss1905–2009104Norwegian actress and singer[140]
Grim Natwick1890–1990100American animator[141]
Ivan Novikoff1899–2002102Russian ballet teacher[142]
Gladys O'Connor1903–2012108British-Canadian actress[143]
Kevin O'Morrison1916–2016100American actor and playwright[144]
Kazuo Ohno1906–2010103Japanese dancer[145]
Manoel de Oliveira1908–2015106Portuguese film director[146]
Nelly Omar1911–2013102Argentine actress and singer[147]
Juan Orrego-Salas1919–2019100Chilean-American composer[148]
Risto Orko1899–2001102Finnish film producer and director[149]
Ethel Waite Owen1893–1997103American actress[150]
Emily Perry1907–2008100British actress[151]
Nehemiah Persoff1919–100American actor[152]
Fern Persons1910–2012101American film and television actress[153]
Tullio Pinelli1908–2009100Italian playwright and screenwriter[154]
Marc Platt1913–2014100American actor and dancer[155]
Olaf Pooley1914–2015101English actor[156]
Willis Pyle1914–2016101American animator[157]
Milton Quon1913–2019105American animator, artist and actor[158]
Luise Rainer1910–2014104German-born American-British Academy Award-winning actress[159]
Irving Rapper1898–1999101British-American film director[160]
Red Wing1873–1974101Native-American film actress[161]
Harry Redmond Jr.1909–2011101American special effects artist and film producer[162]
Connie Douglas Reeves1901–2003101American cowgirl[163]
Georgette Rejewski1910–2014104Dutch actress[164]
Helen Reichert1901–2011109American talk show personality and professor[165]
Ted Richmond1910–2013103American film producer[166]
Leni Riefenstahl1902–2003101German filmmaker[167]
Gerda Ring1891–1999107Norwegian stage actress and producer[168]
Hal Roach1892–1992100American film and television producer[169]
Zvonimir Rogoz1887–1988100Croatian actor [170]
Jack Rollins1915–2015100American film producer[171]
Jean Rouverol1916–2017100American actress and screenwriter[172]
Frederica Sagor Maas1900–2012111American screenwriter, playwright, and essayist[173]
Sol Saks1910–2011100American screenwriter and producer[174]
Connie Sawyer1912–2018105American actress[175]
Ivy Sawyer1898–1999101American dancer, singer and actress[176]
Hannes Schiel1914–2017103Austrian actor[177]
Robert C. Schnitzer1906–2008101American actor, producer, educator and theater administrator[178]
Ida Schuster1918–101Scottish actress[179]
Miriam Seegar1907–2011103American actress[180]
Zohra Sehgal1912–2014102Indian dancer and actress[181]
Tonio Selwart1896–2002106German actor and stage performer[182]
Marina Semyonova1908–2010101Soviet-Russian prima ballerina[183]
Ramananda Sengupta1916–2017101Indian cinematographer[184]
Athene Seyler1889–1990101English actress[185]
Helen Shaw1897–1997100American actress[186]
Jane Sherman1908–2010101American dancer and writer[187]
Kaneto Shindo1912–2012100Japanese film director[188]
Renée Simonot1911–108French actress[189]
Douglas Slocombe1913–2016103British cinematographer[190]
June Spencer1919–100English actress[191]
Helli Stehle1907–2017109Swiss actress and radio presenter[192]
Hugh Stewart1910–2011100British film editor and producer[193]
Dorothy Stickney1896–1998101American actress[194]
Gloria Stuart1910–2010100American film actress[195]
Alan Surgal1916–2017100American screenwriter[196]
Wolfgang Suschitzky1912–2016104Austrian cinematographer and photographer[197]
Danuta Szaflarska1915–2017102Polish actress[198]
Takumi Furukawa1917–2018101Japanese film director[199]
Tang Xiaodan1910–2012101Chinese film director[200]
Ellaline Terriss1871–1971100British stage and film actress and musical performer[201]
Katsumi Tezuka1912-107Japanese monster movie actor[202]
Nini Theilade1915–2018102Danish ballet dancer, choreographer and teacher[203]
Frank M. Thomas1889–1989100American actor[204]
Ruthie Tompson1910–109American animator[205]
Roman Totenberg1911-2012101Polish-American violinist[206]
Lupita Tovar1910–2016106Mexican-American actress[207]
Dorothy Toy1917–2019102Asian-American dancer[208]
Doris Eaton Travis1904–2010106American actress, dancer/dance instructor, writer, and rancher; last surviving Ziegfeld Girl[209]
Roger Tréville1902–2005102French actor[210]
Mabel Trunnelle1879–1981101American actress[211]
Morton Tubor1917–2019102American film editor and sound editor[212]
Dame Ninette de Valois1898–2001102British founder of the Royal Ballet, London[213]
Otakar Vávra1911–2011100Czech film director, screenwriter and pedagogue[214]
Pauline Wagner1910–2014103American actress[215]
Bea Wain1917–2017100American big band singer and radio personality[216]
Mary Ward1915–104Australian actress and radio broadcaster[217]
Señor Wences1896–1999103Spanish-American ventriloquist[218]
Gösta Werner1908–2009101Swedish film director[219]
Frances Wessells1919-100American Dancer and Choreographer[220]
Murray Westgate1918–2018100Canadian television and film actor[221]
Stephen Wilkinson1919–100English choral conductor and composer[222]
Elmo Williams1913–2015102American film and television editor[223]
Irv Williams1919-2019100American jazz saxophonist and composer[224]
Estelle Winwood1883–1984101English stage and movie actress[225]
Norrie Woodhall1905–2011105English stage actress[226]
Katja Wulff1890–1992101Swiss expressionist dancer[227]
Yan Jizhou1917–2018100Chinese film director[228]
Dorothy Young1907–2011103American entertainer and assistant to Harry Houdini[229]
Izabella Yurieva1899–2000100Russian singer[230]
Miguel Zacarías1905–2006101Mexican film director and producer[231]
Vladimir Zeldin1915–2016101Soviet-Russian actor[232]
Adolph Zukor1873–1976103Hungarian-born American founder of Paramount Pictures[233]


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