List of caves in Canada

This is an incomplete list of caves in Canada. Most notable caves are in western Canada and in parts of southern Ontario where limestone predominates.

Name Entrance
elevation (m)
Depth (m) Length (m) Province Remarks
Bisaro Anima 670 5300 British Columbia Discovered in 2012 on a mountain plateau North of Fernie, BC. Extreme depth reached in a sump in late 2017.[1]
Booming Ice Chasm 140 704 Alberta Located in the Crowsnest Pass area
Cadomin Cave 1891 220 2791 Alberta Closed in 2012 - white nose syndrome
Canyon Creek Ice Cave 1769 +89.4 727.12 Alberta Impassable beyond first 150m since 1980, due to ice buildup[2]
Castleguard Cave 2016[2] 384 20357 Alberta The longest cave in Canada. Located in Banff National Park, the cave entrance is gated and requires permission from Parks Canada to enter.
Cave and Basin 1403[2] Alberta In the Banff townsite. Entry is paid, cave consists of a tunnel blasted through to a natural cavern containing hot springs.
Gargantua Cave 2501[2] 286 6001 Alberta Contains largest natural cavern in Canada. It is also the highest.
Hole in the Wall 2013[2] 30[2] Alberta A prominent feature on the side of Mount Cory, north of Banff, visible from the Trans-Canada Highway
Hoodoo Cave Alberta Near Nordegg
Plateau Mountain Ice Cave 2226 90[2] Alberta In the Plateau Mountain Ecological Reserve. Closed to the public in the early 1970s.[3]
Rat's Nest Cave 1450[2] 245 4003 Alberta Near Exshaw, beneath Grotto Mountain. Access is by guided tour only.
Wapiabi Cave 152 540 Alberta Near Nordegg
Arctomys Cave 536 3496 British Columbia Located in Mount Robson Provincial Park
Artlish River Cave 396 British Columbia Artlish Caves Provincial Park
The Black Hole 740 British Columbia Artlish Caves Provincial Park
Cody Caves 800 British Columbia Guide necessary
Chipmunk Caves British Columbia Near the Chilliwack River
Close To The Edge 700 475 967 British Columbia
Devil's Bath British Columbia
Eternal Fountain British Columbia
Horne Lake cave complex British Columbia Located on Vancouver Island
Gumdrop British Columbia Near Sechelt
Little Huson Cave British Columbia
Nakimu Caves British Columbia In Glacier National Park
Raspberry Rising 220 975 British Columbia Located in Mount Tupper, BC. Still being explored, its full extents are yet to be determined.[4]
Sarlacc's Pit cave 130m+ 2000m+ British Columbia Located in Wells Gray Provincial Park. Discovered in 2018 and not yet accurately measured. The largest known cave of its type.[5]
Skaha North Cave 40m 300m British Columbia ~5km south of north end of Skaha and 3km up from Skaha lake
Skaha South Cave 30m 150m British Columbia ~2km south of Skaha North
Slesse Creek caves British Columbia Near Slesse Creek
Thanksgiving Cave 479[6] 8386[6] British Columbia Located on Vancouver Island, near Tahsis. A through passage was discovered in September 2017.
Valdes Island cave British Columbia On island in the Strait of Georgia
Vanishing River/Reappearing River British Columbia Located on Vancouver Island
Limestone deposits Manitoba Near Lake Winnipeg
Kitt's Cave 8 141 New Brunswick Located near Hammondvale, New Brunswick
Underground Lake 13.1 141 New Brunswick Gypsum cave in Demoiselle Creek
Hayes Cave 400[7] Nova Scotia Located near Elmsdale
Cape Dauphin cave Nova Scotia Located at Cape Dauphin
Bonnechere Caves Ontario Located at Eganville
Duncan Crevice Caves Ontario Located at Beaver Valley
Scenic Caves Ontario Located near Collingwood
Warsaw Caves Ontario Located in Douro-Dummer Township near Warsaw
Eramosa Karst Ontario Located in Hamilton
Niagara Falls 46 Ontario Man-made grotto
Cave Falls Ontario
Saint-Alban caves Quebec Saint-Alban
Cavernicole Cave/Saint-Leonard Cavern 250 Quebec Saint-Léonard; original cave is 35 metres long with a depth of 8 metres;[8] a second 250-metre cave was discovered in 2017.[9]
Le trou de la Fée Quebec Located in Desbiens on the Métabetchouane River
Trou du Diable 980 Quebec Second longest cave in Quebec
Trou du Perdus Quebec Saint-Michel-du-Squatec
Bluefish Caves Yukon South of Old Crow

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