List of caves in Belize

A shroud of darkness cloaks the innate beauty of caves. A cave is a natural opening in the ground stretching beyond the zone of light and large enough to permit the entry of a man. Some are found in cliffs at the edge of the coastline, chiseled away by the relentless pounding of waves and also by a variety of geological processes. Caves range from the size of a single small room to interlinked passages, miles long.

Below shows a list of some caves in Belize with known depths and lengths.


Cave Depth
Discovery Date Discoverer
Actun A 0 7,000
Actun Box Ch'iich' -183 0
Actun Check 0 4,500
Actun Chapat Cave
Actun Kabal -95 12,000
Actun Loch Tunich (Black Hole Drop)
Actun Lubul Ha 0 3,750
Actun Nab Nohol inferior 0 4,500
Actun Tun Kul 160 39,000
Actun Tunichil Muknal 4,800
Barton Creek Cave 8,000
Che Chem Ha Cave 1989 William Morales
Chiquibul Cave System -95 58,000
Flour Camp Cave
Great Blue Hole 124 0
Caves Branch Cave 0 0
Hitch Tulz 0 3,000
Hokeb Ha Cave (Blue Creek Cave)
Laguna Cave
Midnight Terror Cave 2006
Nohoch Che'en
Petroglyph Cave 0 3,000
St Herman's Cave 0 3,800
Tiger Cave (San Miguel Cave)

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