List of caves in Austria

The following article shows a list of caves in Austria. The list also includes ice caves and tourist former salt caves (Salzwelten).[1]


The main concentration of Austrian caves (German: Höhle) is by the Northern Limestone Alps, a mountain range of the Eastern Alps. Many of them are located in the geographical region of Salzkammergut and in the Totes Gebirge.


The caves are listed by alphabetical order and there are shown the main tourist caves and other notable (ex.: archaeological or paleontological) underground voids. In the "length" section is shown, between parentheses, the cave's trail as a show cave (SC).

Image Name Municipality State Length Elevation Coordinates
Allander Tropfsteinhöhle Alland (BN) Lower Austria 0.07 km
(SC: 0.07 km)
410 amsl 48°03′12″N 16°04′33″E
Dachstein-Mammuthöhle Obertraun (GM) Upper Austria 66 km
(SC: 1 km)
1,368 amsl 47°30′10″N 13°11′23″E
Dachstein-Rieseneishöhle Obertraun (GM) Upper Austria 2 km
(SC: 1 km)
1,455 amsl 47°32′54″N 13°42′17″E
DÖF-Sonnleiter Tauplitz (LI) Styria 21.4 km
(SC: no)
1,996 amsl 47°36′00″N 13°02′00″E
Einhornhöhle[lower-alpha 1] Markt Piesting[lower-alpha 2] (WB) Lower Austria 0.6
(SC: 0.6 km)
585 amsl 47°51′27″N 16°05′23″E
Eisensteinhöhle Bad Fischau-Brunn (WB) Lower Austria 2 km
(SC: 1 km)
380 amsl 47°49′51″N 16°08′36″E
Eiskogelhöhle Werfenweng (JO) Salzburg 2 km
(SC: 0.5 km)
2,100 amsl 47°29′42″N 13°17′22″E
Eisriesenwelt Werfen (JO) Salzburg 42 km
(SC: 1 km)
1,656 amsl 47°30′10″N 13°11′23″E
Entrische Kirche Goldegg (JO) Salzburg 2.5 km
(SC: 1 km)
1,040 amsl 47°16′45″N 13°05′04″E
Gasselhöhle Ebensee[lower-alpha 3] (GM) Upper Austria 3.7 km
(SC: 0.6 km)
1,229 amsl 47°49′23″N 13°50′34″E
Grasslhöhle Naas (WZ) Styria 1.5 km
(SC: 0.6 km)
720 amsl 47°14′42″N 15°32′59″E
Griffener Tropfsteinhöhle Griffen (VK) Carinthia 0.5 km
(SC: 0.5 km)
485 amsl 46°42′14″N 14°43′47″E
Hermannshöhle Kirchberg am Wechsel (NK) Lower Austria 4.2 km
(SC: 0.6 km)
660 amsl 47°31′01″N 15°58′56″E
Hochkarschacht Göstling an der Ybbs[lower-alpha 4] (SB) Lower Austria 0.7 km
(SC: 0.7 km)
1,620 amsl 47°31′01″N 14°54′54″E
Hundalm-Eishöhle Mariastein[lower-alpha 5] (KU) Tyrol 2 km
(SC: 1 km)
1,520 amsl 47°32′42″N 12°01′45″E
Katerloch Naas[lower-alpha 6] (WZ) Styria 1 km
(SC: 1 km)
900 amsl 47°15′10″N 15°32′59″E
Kolkbläser-Monsterhöhle-System Saalfelden (ZE) Salzburg 44.5 km
(SC: no)
1,400 amsl 47°28′15″N 12°55′03″E
Kraushöhle Gams bei Hieflau (LI) Styria 0.3 km
(SC: 0.3 km)
600 amsl 47°40′04″N 14°48′14″E
Koppenbrüllerhöhle Obertraun (GM) Upper Austria 3.9 km
(SC: 0.5 km)
580 amsl 47°34′01″N 13°42′49″E
Lamprechtsofen Weißbach[lower-alpha 7] (ZE) Salzburg 51 km
(SC: 0.7 km)
660 amsl 47°31′34″N 12°44′21″E
Lurgrotte Peggau (GU)
Semriach (GU)
Styria 5 km
(SC: 2 km)
640 amsl 47°13′37″N 15°22′46″E
Nixhöhle Frankenfels (PL) Lower Austria 1.4 km
(SC: 0.3 km)
556 amsl 47°58′28″N 15°18′31″E
Obir-Tropfsteinhöhlen Eisenkappel-Vellach[lower-alpha 8] (VK) Carinthia 6 km
(SC: 1 km)
1,100 amsl 46°30′34″N 14°32′54″E
Odelsteinhöhle Johnsbach[lower-alpha 9] (LI) Styria 0.6 km
(SC: 0.4 km)
1,085 amsl 47°31′27″N 14°36′43″E
Ötscher-Tropfsteinhöhle Gaming[lower-alpha 10] (SB) Lower Austria 0.5 km
(SC: 0.5 km)
750 amsl 47°54′36″N 15°11′23″E
Rettenwandhöhle Thörl (BM) Styria 0.6 km
(SC: 0.6 km)
630 amsl 47°28′05″N 15°15′08″E
Salzofen Grundlsee (LI) Styria 2 km
(SC: no)
1,850 amsl 47°41′21″N 13°49′36″E
Salzwelten Altaussee Altaussee (LI) Styria 1 km
(SC: 1 km)
960 amsl 47°39′05″N 13°46′58″E
Salzwelten Hallein Hallein[lower-alpha 11] (HA) Salzburg 1 km
(SC: 1 km)
650 amsl 47°40′2″N 13°05′25″E
Salzwelten Hallstatt Hallstatt (GM) Upper Austria 1 km
(SC: 1 km)
860 amsl 47°33′44″N 13°38′24″E
Schönberg Bad Ischl (GM)
Altaussee (LI)
Upper Austria
140 km
(SC: no)
1,060 amsl 47°42′06″N 13°46′20″E
Spannagelhöhle Tux (SZ) Tyrol 10 km
(SC: 0.5 km)
2,521 amsl 47°04′49″N 11°40′18″E
Schwarzmooskogel-Höhlensystem Altaussee[lower-alpha 12] (LI) Styria 126 km
(SC: no)
1,877 amsl 47°41′27″N 13°49′17″E

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  1. Translated as Unicorn cave
  2. In the civil parish (Ortsteil) of Dreistetten
  3. Entrance situated in Erlakogel mountain
  4. Entrance situated in Hochkar mountain
  5. In the civil parish (Ortsteil) of Hundalm
  6. In the civil parish (Ortsteil) of Dürntal
  7. Entrance situated in Leoganger Steinberge
  8. Entrance situated in Hochobir mountain
  9. Entrance situated in the Ennstaler Alps
  10. Situated in Ötscher-Tormäuer natural park
  11. In the civil parish (Ortsteil) of Dürrnberg
  12. Entrance situated in Loser Plateau


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