List of busiest cruise ports by passengers

This is a list of busiest cruise ports by passengers. Some Asian ports are not included due to lack of information.

Annual cruise passengers
PortCountry2016 / 2017Date
1Port of Miami4,980,490[1]
2Port Canaveral4,248,296[1]
3Port Everglades3,826,415[1]
4Port of Cozumel3,636,649[1]
5Port of Nassau3,521,178[2]
6Port of Shanghai2,847,000[3]
7Port of Barcelona2,712,247[4]
8Ports of Out Islands2,549,803[2]
9Port of Civitavecchia2,204,336[4]
10Port of The Balearic Islands2,110,663[4]
11Port of Galveston1,730,289[1]
12Port of George Town1,711,853[2]
13Ports of St. Thomas/St. John1,694,008[2]
14Port of Philipsburg1,668,863[2]
15Ports of Jamaica1,655,565[3]
16Port of New York and New Jersey1,537,695[1]
17Port of Southampton1,529,000 (2013)[5]
18Port of Marseille1,487,313[4]
19Port of Venice1,427,812[4]
20Port of Singapore1,379,753[6]
21Port of San Juan1,379,367[1]
22Port of Jeju1,200,000[7]
23Port of Keelung1,064,174[8]
24Port of Piraeus1,055,559[4]
25Port of New Orleans1,048,112[1]
26Port of Roatan1,037,647[9]
27Penang, Swettenham Pier 1,020,000[10]
28Port of Juneau1,004,774[1]
29Port of Tampa1,000,000[1]
30Port of Costa Maya1,000,000[11]
31Port of Seattle983,539[1]
32Port of Tenerife964,337 [4]
33Port of Basseterre951,021[2]
34Port of Hakata, Fukuoka950,000(2017)[12]
35Port of Ketchikan947,972[13]
36Port of Naples927,458[4]
37Port of Genoa925,118[4]
38Port of Hong Kong903,084 (2017)[14]
39Port of Grand Turk Island901,300[15]
40Port of Naha888,300(2017)[16]
41Port of Savona854,443[4]
42Port of Copenhagen840,000(2013)[5]
43Port of Barbados818,752[17]
44Port of Vancouver895,000 (2018)[18]
45Port of Valletta778,596[4]
46Port of Rostock-Warnemünde766,000 (2016)[19]
47Port of Dubrovnik748,918[4]
48Port of Corfu679,681[4]
49Port of Mahahual673,661[1]
50Port of Ensenada650,225[1]
51Port of Dubai625,000 (2017)[20]
52Port of Bergen599,964 (2018)[21]
53Port of Los Angeles578,668[22]
54Port of Victoria563,302[1]
55Port of Tunis560,000 [23]
56Port of Hamburg552,459 (2013)[5]
57Port of Kotor541,017[4]
58Port of Madeira540,593[4]
59Port of Saint Petersburg523,525 (2013)[5]
60Port of Lisbon521,042[4]
61Port of Tallinn519,319 (2013)
62Port of Malaga510,607 [4]
63Port of Tianjin500,000 (2016)
64Port of Palm Beach480,000[1]
65Port of Palermo459,229 [4]
66Port of La Spezia454,954 [4]
67Port of Cagliari424,305 [4]
68Port of Helsinki420,000[24]
69Port of Valencia411,317[4]
70Port of Gibraltar404,995[4]
71Port of Bari397,558[4]
72Port of Messina390,196[4]
73Port of Boston388,222 (2017)[25]
74Port of Quebec387,678 (2017)[26]
75Cabo San Lucas383,381[1]
76Port of Nouméa351,400[27]
77Port of Progreso347,345[1]
78Port of Puerto Vallarta337,031[1]
79Port of Ajaccio302,700[27]
80Port of Qingdao300,000[28]
81Port of Halifax300,000 (2018)[29]
82Port of Oslo298,000 [30]
83Port of Villefranche-sur-Mer296,100 [27]
84Port of Toulon - Var Provence239,023[4][27]
85Port of Cartagena236,412[4]
86Port of Split232,244[4]
87Port of Mazatlan212,518[1]
88Port of Saint John, New Brunswick208,818 (2017)[31]
89Port of Casablanca198,140 (2013)[32]
90Port of Heraklion181,693[4]
91Port of Portland, Maine172,184 (2018)[33]
92Port of Jacksonville170,000 (2017)[34]
93Port of Monaco168,017[4]
94Port of Liverpool122,964


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