List of burials at Nikolskoe Cemetery

Nikolskoe Cemetery (Russian: Никольское кладбище) is part of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra in the centre of Saint Petersburg, and contains a large number of burials as well as monuments and memorials to notable figures in Russian Imperial history, as well as those of Soviet and post-Soviet times.

The cemetery, opened in 1863, was the third cemetery in the monastery complex, after the original Lazarevskoe Cemetery in the 1710s, and the Tikhvin Cemetery in 1823.[1] It became known as the Nikolskoe after the construction of the Church of St. Nicholas between 1868 and 1871 to the design of diocesan architect Grigory Karpov.[1][2] From its inception burial there was restricted to the elite of society, the monastery's Spiritual Council noting that "the Lavra cemetery is not open to everyone, as are the city cemeteries, but only a few persons from the government service and persons with honorary titles are buried here."[2] Part of the cemetery also served as the burial site for the Monastery's monks and the metropolitans of St. Petersburg, leading to the name Bratskoe (Russian: Братское), or "Brotherhood" section.[3] Wealthy patrons commissioned large chapels and crypts, with elaborate decorations and reliefs from prominent artists such as Nikolai Laveretsky, Ivan Podozerov, Robert Bach and Ivan Schroeder.[1]

Despite this the cemetery was not considered to have any particular artistic or historical value during the Soviet period. It was closed in 1927 and sporadic efforts were made during the 1930s and 1940s to eliminate it, with the graves of several prominent figures were transferred to the Lazarevskoe, Tikhvin and Volkovo cemeteries; including Vera Komissarzhevskaya, Ivan Goncharov, Anton Rubinstein and Boris Kustodiev.[1][2] Other graves were lost or destroyed.[3] The Church of St Nicholas was closed in 1932, and the cemetery fell into neglect.[4]

The Nikolskoe Cemetery was restored and landscaped in the 1970s, with a columbarium built between 1979 and 1980.[3] The cemetery church was repaired and reconsecrated on 22 April 1985.[1][4] Burials resumed in the late 1970s, and since 1989 a comprehensive restoration of monuments has been underway.[1][3]

Burials and monuments

Image Name Born Died Occupation Monument Reference
Antonina Abarinova18421901Opera singer, contralto, mezzo-soprano, Mariinsky Theatre, Alexandrinsky Theatre[5]
Vsevolod Abramovich18901913Аviation pioneer, test pilot, altitude and endurance records[6]
Dmitry Averkiyev18361905Playwright, theatre critic, novelist, publicist and translator. Frol Skorbeyev and Old Times in Kashira[7]
Dmitry Bagration18631919Army officer, general and military writer. First World War, Caucasian Native Cavalry Division, Kornilov affair, Red Army, High Cavalry School[8]
Fyodor Batyushkov18571920Philologist, editor (Kosmopolis, Mir Bozhy), literary critic, theatre and literary historian.[9]
Aleksei Birilev18441915Naval officer, admiral, member of the State Council, Minister of the Navy[10]
Mikhail Brusnev18641937Explorer, Bolshevik activist, 1901 arctic expedition. Eduard von Toll, Aleksandr Kolchak.[11]
Grigory Butakov18201882Naval officer, admiral, Crimean War. Steam-powered ship tactics, New Principles of Steamboat Tactics, Demidov Prize, State Council[12]
Nikolai Chagin18231909Architect, Vilnius, Crimea. Byzantine Revival, Nativity Cathedral, Riga, Cathedral of the Theotokos, Vilnius.[13]
Evgeny Feoktistov18281898Journalist, editor, historian, state official. Russkaya Rech.[14]
Dmitry Filippov19441998Statesman, political and public figure, industrialist, member of the Council of Ministers of the Soviet Union, supervisor of industry of the Leningrad Regional Committee of the Communist Party, head of State Tax Inspection in St. Petersburg.[15]
Sergei Gershelman18541910Army officer, general, Russo-Japanese War, Governor-General of Moscow.[16]
Boris Golitsyn18621916Physicist, inventor of the electromagnetic seismograph, seismologist, president of the International Seismology Association, member of the Royal Society.[17]
Grigory Golitsyn18381907Military officer, statesman, Caucasian War, Governor of Uralsk Oblast; Governor of Transcaucasia.[18]
Ivan Grigorovich18531930Naval officer, admiral, Minister of the Navy, Russo-Japanese War, First World War, member of the State Council. Initially buried in France, reburied in the family vault in the Nikolskoe Cemetery in 2005.[19]
Lev Gumilyov19121992Historian, ethnologist, anthropologist and Persian translator. Ethnogenesis, historiosophy, eurasianism.[20]
Natalia Iretskaya18451922Singer and teacher, Saint Petersburg Conservatory.[21]
Aleksandra Ishimova18051881Translator, children's author. Little Star, Rays of Light, History of Russia in Stories for Children, Demidov Prize.[22]
Alexandra Jacobi18411918Journalist, memoirist and publicist, translator and publisher.[23]
Nikolay Karazin18421908Military officer, painter and writer. Imperial Academy of Arts, January Uprising, Russo-Turkish War.[24]
Evgeny Karnovich18231885Writer, historian, journalist and editor. Sovremennik, Golos.[25]
Vasily Kenel18341893Architect. St Petersburg Academy of Arts, Ciniselli Circus, Grand Duke Vladimir Alexandrovich of Russia, Vladimir Palace.[26]
Fyodor Kokoshkin18711918Lawyer and politician, State Duma deputy, a founding member of the Constitutional Democratic Party, Controller general of the Provisional Government.[27]
Nikolay Koksharov18181893Mineralogist, crystallographer, army officer, major general.[28]
Roman Kondratenko18571904Army officer, general, Russo-Japanese War, Siege of Port Arthur[29]
Fyodor Koni18091889Dramatist, theatre critic and literary historian, editor and memoirist[30]
Nestor Kotlyarevsky18631925Author, publicist, literary critic and historian. Moscow University, The Nineteenth Century[31]
Maksim Kovalevsky18511916Sociologist, president of the International Institute of Sociology, Psycho-Neurological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences.[32]
Mikhail Koyalovich18281891Theologian, historian, translator, Archaeological Commission.[33]
Nikolai Linevich18391908Military officer, General of Infantry, Russo-Turkish War, Boxer Rebellion, Battle of Peking, Russo-Japanese War.[34]
Mirra Lokhvitskaya18691905Poet, Pushkin Prize, the "Russian Sappho", Silver Age of Russian Poetry.[35]
Aleksandr Lopukhin18521904Bible commentator, Lopukhin Bible.[36]
Askold Makarov19252000Ballet dancer and professor, leading soloist at the Kirov Ballet, director of the Saint-Petesburg State Academic Ballet, USSR State Prize, People's Artist of the USSR[37]
Konstantin Makovsky18391915Painter, Peredvizhniki. Beneath the Crown, representative of Academic art.[38]
Mikhail Malofeyev19562000Military officer, general, missing in Grozny, Chechnya. Posthumous Hero of Russia.[39]
Boleslav Markevich18221884Writer, essayist, journalist, and literary critic; author of Marina of the Aluy Rog, A Quarter of a Century Ago, The Turning Point and The Void.[40]
Aleksey Mazurenko19172004Military officer, aviator, Second World War, twice Hero of the Soviet Union[41]
Mikhail Mikeshin18351896Artist, House of Romanov, Imperial Academy of Arts, Millennium of Russia, "Orthodoxy, Autocracy, and Nationality".[42]
Konstantin Mikhaylovsky18341909Engineer, Alexander Railway Bridge, Novomariinsky Canal, Volga–Baltic Waterway, railways, Actual Privy Councillor.[43]
Vasily Minakov19212016Military officer, naval aviation pilot, Second World War, Major General of Aviation, Hero of the Soviet Union[44]
Aleksandr Nelidov18351910Diplomat, Russo-Turkish War, Treaty of San Stefano and Treaty of Berlin. Ambassador to Saxony, Italy and France. 1907 Hague Peace Conference.[45]
Nikodim19291978Russian Orthodox metropolitan of Leningrad and Novgorod, World Council of Churches, Second Vatican Council[46]
Nikolai Obruchev18301904Military officer, general staff officer, military statistician, planner and chief of the Main Staff. Voyenny Sbornik, Russo-Turkish War.[47]
Volodymyr Pidvysotskyi18571913Pathologist, endocrinologist, immunologist and microbiologist. Institute of Experimental Medicine, until his death Member of the Paris Anatomical Society and Member of the Imperial Military Medical Academy[48]
Viacheslav Platonov19392005Volleyball player and coach. Avtomobilist Leningrad, coach of Russia men's national volleyball team, Volleyball Hall of Fame.[49]
Alexei Polivanov18551920Military officer, infantry general, Minister of War, chief of the General Staff. Appointed to State Council. First World War, Red Army service.[50]
Alexander Presnyakov18701929Historian, Russian Academy of Sciences, Princely Law in Old Rus, The Tsardom of Muscovy , The Development of the State of Great Russia, revisionist biographies of Alexander I and Nicholas I. Institute of Historical Studies.[51]
Nikolay Rodin19232003Military officer, Soviet Air Force colonel, Hero of the Soviet Union, Second World War.[52]
Mikhail Rosenheim18201887Poet, editor, publicist and translator.[53]
Mikhail Sado19342010Linguist, scholar, Professor of Semitic languages, orientalist, politician, former paratrooper, wrestling champion.[54]
Nikolai Sazonov18341902Stage actor, Alexandrinsky Theatre, Alexander Ostrovsky, The Seagull.[55]
Sergey Shubinsky18341913Historian, journalist, military officer. Old and New Russia, Istorichesky Vestnik.[56]
Anatoly Sobchak19372000Politician, co-author of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, first democratically elected mayor of Saint Petersburg, mentor and teacher of Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev.[57]
Nicolai Soloviev18461916Music critic, composer, and teacher at the Saint Petersburg Conservatory.[58]
Galina Starovoytova19461988Dissident, politician and ethnographer.[59]
Aleksey Suvorin18341912Newspaper and book publisher, journalist, Novoye Vremya, Istorichesky Vestnik.[60]
Ivan Tolstoy18581916Politician, Vice President of the Russian Imperial Academy of Arts, Minister of Education.[61]
Feofil Tolstoy18091881Composer, music critic and writer.[62]
Erast Tsytovich18301898Military officer, general. 1849 Hungarian campaign, the Caucasian War, Russo-Turkish War, Imperial Military Council.[63]
Boris Turayev18681920Ancient Near East scholar, Russian Academy of Sciences, University of St Petersburg[64]
Yury Tyukalov19302018Olympic rower, 1952 Summer Olympics, 1956 Summer Olympics, 1960 Summer Olympics[65]
Fyodor Uglov19042008Medical professional, oldest practicing surgeon in the world. Winter War, Second World War.[66]
Pyotr Vannovsky18221904Statesman and military leader, general, Crimean War, Minister of War.[67]
Ivan Vsevolozhsky18351909Director of the Imperial Theatres, director of the Hermitage Museum.[68]
Anastasia Vyaltseva18711913Mezzo-soprano, specializing in Gypsy art songs.[69]
Lydia Zinovieva-Annibal18661907Prose writer and dramatist, Silver Age of Russian Poetry.[70]
Lydia Zvereva18901916Aviator, first woman in Russia to earn a pilot's license. Air show competitor, aircraft manufacturer.[71]


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