List of bridges in Ottawa

This is a list of bridges in the city of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. They are listed from west to east for the Ottawa River or North to South for the Rideau River and Canal.

Spanning the Ottawa River

Bridges spanning the Ottawa River from west to east:

Spanning the Rideau River

Bridges spanning the Rideau River from north to south:

West Branch of the Rideau River

  • Barnsdale Road
  • Bridge Street
    • Connects downtown Manotick to Long Island.

Spanning the Rideau Canal

Bridges spanning the Rideau Canal from north to south:

Other bridges

Bridges not spanning the above water courses:

  • Pooley's Bridge
    • The oldest bridge entirely within Ottawa,[2] spanning the tailrace in Lebreton Flats
  • Somerset Street bridge[3] or (a.k.a. "O-Train Bridge"[4])
  • Booth Street Bridge
    • Connects Booth Street to Wellington Street, the Sir John A MacDonald Parkway, and the Chaudière Bridge over the O-Train Confederation Line

Eight bridges crossing the Jock River are not listed.

The Sir George-Étienne Cartier Parkway has four bridges. From west to east, it crosses the Aviation Parkway, a stream near Ogilvie Road, Green's Creek and Highway 174.

Bridges crossing the Castor River are not listed.

Bridges carrying roads or pedestrian ways over or under Highways 417, Highway 416 and Ottawa Highway 174 are not listed.

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