List of archaeologists

This is a list of archaeologists – people who study or practise archaeology, the study of the human past through material remains.






  • Elizabeth Eames (1918 – 2008) British; specialist in English medieval tiles
  • Amelia Edwards (1831-1892) British; Egypt
  • Kenan Erim (1929–1990) Turkish; Hellenistic Anatolia
  • Ufuk Esin (1933–2008) Turkish; prehistoric Anatolia, archaeometry
  • Roland Étienne (born 1944) French; ancient Greece and Hellenistic period
  • Sir Arthur Evans (1851–1941) British; Aegean archaeology (Minoan studies, Knossos, Linear A and B)
  • Sir John Evans (1823–1908) English; British archaeology











  • Neil Oliver (born 1967) Scottish; popularizer and television presenter: northern Europe
  • Bjørnar Olsen (born 1958) Norwegian; theory, material culture, Arctic
  • John W. Olsen (born 1955) American; prehistory, Paleolithic, Central Asia
  • Stanley John Olsen (1919–2003) American; historical archaeology and zooarchaeology
  • Tahsin Özgüç (1916–2005) Turkish; Assyria





  • [[James B. Stoltman (1935-2019) American; ceramic analysis, Great Lakes (North America0
  • James R. Stewart, Australian; 3 July 1913 – 6 February 1962; University of Sydney; Cyprus and the Ancient Near East
  • Eugene Stockton, Australian; born 1934 Sydney University
  • George E. Stuart III (1935–2014) American; Mayan archaeology[39]
  • William Duncan Strong (1899–1962) American; Peru, U.S. Mid-West, California, Honduras, seriation statistics
  • Su Bai (1922–2018) Chinese; Chinese Buddhism, grottoes
  • Su Bingqi (1909–1997) Chinese; ancient China
  • Eleazar Sukenik (1889–1953) Israeli; Dead Sea scrolls
  • Sharon Sullivan, Australian; Ba(Hons) History and Archaeology (University of New England) 1964; Dip.Ed. (University of New England) 1965; MA (Honours) History and Archaeology (University of New England) 1972; heritage conservation[40]
  • Pál Sümegi (born 1960) Hungarian; environmental archaeology, Hungary








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