List of amphibians

List of amphibians organizes the class of amphibian by family and subfamilies and mentions the number of species in each of them.

The list below largely follows Darrel Frost's Amphibian Species of the World (ASW), Version 5.5 (31 January 2011). Another classification, which largely follows Frost, but deviates from it in part is the one of AmphibiaWeb, by the University of California, Berkeley. The major differences between these two classifications are:

  • Frost's ASW has split several families off from other families (i.e. elevated to distinct families), whereas AmphibiaWeb has not (i.e., keeping them within the original families as subfamilies):
    • From Dendrobatidae: Aromobatidae
    • From Myobatrachidae: Limnodynastidae
    • From Ranidae: Ceratobatrachidae, Dicroglossidae, Mantellidae, Micrixalidae, Nyctibatrachidae, Petropedetidae, Phrynobatrachidae, Ptychadenidae, Pyxicephalidae, Ranixalidae, Rhacophoridae
  • AmphibiaWeb has also split a few families off from other families (i.e. elevated to distinct families), where Frost's ASW has not (i.e., keeping them within the original families):

Class Amphibia

There are a total of 6771 amphibian species

Order Anura: Frogs and Toads

Total 5966 species

Suborder Archaeobatrachia

Suborder Mesobatrachia

  • Family Megophryidae - Litter frogs or Short Legged toads, 156 species
  • Family Pelobatidae - European Spadefoot toads, 4 species
  • Family Pelodytidae - Parsley frogs, 3 species
  • Family Pipidae - Tongueless frogs or clawed frogs, 33 species
  • Family Rhinophrynidae - Mexican Burrowing Toad, 1 species
  • Family Scaphiopodidae - American spadefoot toads, 7 species

Suborder Neobatrachia

Order Caudata: Salamanders

Total 619 species

Suborder Cryptobranchoidea

  • Family Cryptobranchidae - Giant salamanders, 3 species
  • Family Hynobiidae - Asiatic salamanders, 55 species
      • Subfamily: Hynobiinae, 54 species
      • Subfamily: Protohynobiinae, 1 species

Suborder Salamandroidea

Suborder Sirenoidea

Order Gymnophiona: Caecilian

Total 186 species

  • Family Caeciliidae - Common caecilians, 125 species. Most species in this family are sometimes placed in the subfamily Caeciliinae, however, this is not always considered a coherent subfamily. The remaining two subfamilies contain a small minority of the species:
    • Subfamily: Scolecomorphinae, 6 species, considered a distinct family, Scolecomorphidae, by AmphibiaWeb
    • Subfamily: Typhlonectinae, 13 species, considered a distinct family, Typhlonectidae, by AmphibiaWeb
  • Family Ichthyophiidae - Fish caecilians, 50 species. The genus Uraeotyphlus, 7 species, is considered a distinct family, Uraeotyphlidae, by AmphibiaWeb
  • Family Rhinatrematidae - Beaked caecilians, 11 species

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