List of ambassadors of France to the United States

The French ambassador to the United States is the diplomatic representation of the French Republic to the United States.[1][2] They reside in Washington, D.C.. The current ambassador is Gérard Araud.

List of Ambassadors

from to Ambassadors
17781779Conrad-Alexandre Gérard
17791784Anne-César, Chevalier de la Luzerne
17841785François Barbé-Marbois chargé d'affaires ad interim
17851787Louis-Guillaume Otto chargé d'affaires ad interim
17871789Elénor-François-Elie, Comte de Moustier[3]
17911793Chevalier Jean Baptiste Ternant [4]
17931794Edmond-Charles Genêt
17941795Jean Antoine Joseph Fauchet[5][6]
17951796Pierre Auguste Adet
17961800Michel Ange Bernard Mangourit[7][8]
18001800Joseph Bonaparte Minister Plenipotentiary, Treaty of Mortefontaine
Charles Pierre Claret de Fleurieu Minister Plenipotentiary, Treaty of Mortefontaine
Pierre Louis Roederer Minister Plenipotentiary, Treaty of Mortefontaine
18011804Louis Andre Pichon chargé d'affaires ad interim[9]
18041804Felix Beaujour
18041811General Louis Marie Turreau of Garambouville
18111815Louis Barbe Charles Sérurier
18151821Jean-Guillaume Hyde de Neuville
18211824Jacques de Menou chargé d'affaires ad interim
18241830Joseph Alexandre Jacques Durant de Mareuil
18301831Jean Baptiste Gaspard Roux Rochelle
18311835Louis Barbe Charles Sérurier
18351837Alphonse Pageot chargé d'affaires ad interim
18371838Charles Edward Pontois[10]
18381841Alphonse Pageot chargé d'affaires ad interim
18411846Louis Adolphe Aimé Fourier, comte de Bacourt
18431849Alphonse Pageot[11]
18491850Charles Alphonse de Sain de Bois-le-Comte
18501851Guillaume-Tell de La Vallée Poussin
18511860Count Eugène de Sartiges[12]
18601864Henri Mercier[13]
18641866Charles Frederic Francois, Marquis de Montholon
18661870Jules Berthemy
18701870Lucien-Anatole Prévost-Paradol
18701870Jules Berthemy
18701870Jules Treillard
18711871Henry de Bellonnet chargé d'affaires ad interim
18721873Emmanuel Henri Victurnien de Noailles
18731877Amédée Bartholdi[14]
18771882Georges Maxime Outrey[15]
18821891Théodore Roustan[16][17]
18911897Jules Patenotre des Noyers
18971902Jules Cambon
19021924Jean Jules Jusserand
19241925Emile Daeschner[18]
19251926Henry Bérenger (1867–1952)[19]
19261933Paul Claudel
19331937André Lefebvre de La Boulaye
19371938Georges Bonnet
19381940René Doynel de Saint-Quentin
19401942Gaston Henry-Haye
19411942Adrien Tixier Delegate of the French Committee of National Liberation
19431943Henri Hoppenot Delegate of the French Committee of National Liberation
19441954Henri Bonnet
19541956Maurice Couve de Murville
19561965Hervé Alphand
19651972Charles Lucet
19721977Jacques Kosciusco-Morizet[20]
19771981François Lefebvre de Laboulaye
19811984Bernard Vernier-Palliez
19841989Emmanuel Jacquin de Margerie
19891995Jacques Andreani
19952002François Bujon de l'Estang
20022007Jean-David Levitte
20072010Pierre Vimont
20112014François Delattre[21]
20142019Gérard Araud[22]
2019-Philippe Étienne[23]


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