List of actors with Academy Award nominations

This list of actors with Academy Award nominations includes all male and female actors with Academy Award nominations for lead and supporting roles in motion pictures, and the total nominations and wins for each actor. Nominations in non-acting categories, such as for producing, directing or writing, are not included.

The winners for films released in 2018: best actor—Rami Malek for Bohemian Rhapsody; best actress—Olivia Colman for The Favourite; best supporting actor—Mahershala Ali for Green Book; and best supporting actress—Regina King for If Beale Street Could Talk.

The award information is available on the Academy Awards website via dynamically-generated lists for specific actors,[1] and for each year's nominees and winners via a scrolling timeline of all ceremonies.[2]


A total of 928 actors appear in the list—467 males and 461 females. Non-winning nominees include 317 males and 310 females—a total of 627. One time winners include 128 males and 131 females—a total of 259. Only 42 actors—22 males and 20 females—are multiple Academy Award winners.

Katharine Hepburn won four times from twelve nominations—all for lead roles—making her the actor with the most wins in Academy Awards history. Daniel Day-Lewis has won three times from six lead actor nominations—the most wins for any male in the lead actor category.

Meryl Streep is the most-nominated actor of all with twenty one nominations. Jack Nicholson has received the most Academy Award nominations for any male actor with twelve nominations. Both actors have had three wins which included two for lead roles and one for a supporting role.

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§  a winning actor who refused an award

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Current age for living actors, or age at death
The total nominations for lead and supporting roles
The total wins for lead and supporting roles
Lead and supporting details
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All nominations were for Lead roles
All nominations were for Supporting roles
2 Lead nominations, 1 Supporting nomination - no wins
5 Lead nominations with 1 win, 2 Supporting nominations with 1 win
First winning film role, else first nominated film role, with lead roles taking precedence
First year
Year of first nomination (if italicized, it is the year of the listed film)
Last year
Year of last nomination (if italicized, it is the year of the listed film)

An italicized First or Last year indicates the listed film's year of release when it is the first or most recent nomination of an actor with multiple nominations, otherwise the film year is provided after the film title in parentheses.

List of actors

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porting details
First winning film role or first nomination
(also see list of all nominated roles)
Barkhad AbdiM1985~3410SCaptain Phillips20132013
F. Murray AbrahamM1939~8011LAmadeus19841984
Amy AdamsF1974~45601L:5SAmerican Hustle (2013)20052018
Nick AdamsM193119683610STwilight of Honor19631963
Isabelle AdjaniF1955~6420LStory of Adele H., The19751989
Casey AffleckM1975~44211L1:1S0Manchester by the Sea20072016
Shohreh AghdashlooF1952~6710SHouse of Sand and Fog20032003
Brian AherneM190219868310SJuarez19391939
Danny AielloM193320198610SDo the Right Thing19891989
Anouk AiméeF1932~8710LMan and a Woman, A19661966
Eddie AlbertM190620059920SRoman Holiday19531972
Jack AlbertsonM190719817411SSubject Was Roses, The19681968
Alan AldaM1936~8310SAviator, The20042004
Norma AleandroF1936~8310SGaby: A True Story19871987
Jane AlexanderF1939~80402L:2SGreat White Hope, The19701983
Mahershala AliM1974~4522SMoonlight [w 1]20162018
Joan AllenF1956~63301L:2SContender, The19952000
Woody AllenM1935~8410LAnnie Hall19771977
Sara AllgoodF188019506910SHow Green Was My Valley19411941
Don AmecheM190819938511SCocoon19851985
Judith AndersonF189719929410SRebecca19401940
Julie AndrewsF1935~8431LMary Poppins19641982
Yalitza AparicioF1993~2610LRoma20182018
Anne ArcherF1947~7210SFatal Attraction19871987
Eve ArdenF190819908210SMildred Pierce19451945
Alan ArkinM1934~85412L0:2S1Little Miss Sunshine (2006)19662012
George ArlissM186819467711LDisraeli19291929
Patricia ArquetteF1968~5111SBoyhood20142014
Jean ArthurF190019919010LMore the Merrier, The19431943
Peggy AshcroftF190719918311SPassage to India, A19841984
Fred AstaireM189919878810STowering Inferno, The19741974
Mary AstorF190619878111SGreat Lie, The19411941
Mischa AuerM190519676110SMy Man Godfrey19361936
Margaret AveryF1944 *~7510SColor Purple, The19851985
Dan AykroydM1952~6710SDriving Miss Daisy19891989
Lew AyresM190819968810LJohnny Belinda19481948
Lauren BacallF192420148910SMirror Has Two Faces, The19961996
Hermione BaddeleyF190619867910SRoom at the Top19591959
Mary BadhamF1952~6710STo Kill a Mockingbird19621962
Fay BainterF1893196874311L0:2S1Jezebel [n 1]19381961
Carroll BakerF1931~8810LBaby Doll19561956
Alec BaldwinM1958~6110SCooler, The20032003
Christian BaleM1974~45412L0:2S1Fighter, The20102018
Martin BalsamM191919967611SThousand Clowns, A19651965
Anne BancroftF193120057351LMiracle Worker, The19621985
George BancroftM188219567410LThunderbolt19291929
Ian BannenM192819997110SFlight of the Phoenix, The19651965
Javier BardemM1969~50312L0:1S1No Country for Old Men (2007)20002010
Marie-Christine BarraultF1944~7510LCousin Cousine19761976
Adriana BarrazaF1956~6310SBabel20062006
Barbara BarrieF1931~8810SBreaking Away19791979
Ethel BarrymoreF187919597941SNone but the Lonely Heart19441949
Lionel BarrymoreM187819547611LFree Soul, A19311931
Richard BarthelmessM189519636810LPatent Leather Kid, The19271927
Mikhail BaryshnikovM1948~7110STurning Point, The19771977
Kim BasingerF1953~6611SL.A. Confidential19971997
Albert BassermannM186719528410SForeign Correspondent19401940
Angela BassettF1958~6110LWhat's Love Got to Do with It19931993
Alan BatesM193420036910LFixer, The19681968
Kathy BatesF1948~71311L1:2S0Misery19902002
Anne BaxterF1923198562211L0:1S1Razor's Edge, The19461950
Warner BaxterM188919516211LIn Old Arizona19281928
Ned BeattyM1937~8210SNetwork19761976
Warren BeattyM1937~8240LBonnie and Clyde19671991
Wallace BeeryM188519496421LChamp, The19301931
Ed BegleyM190119706911SSweet Bird of Youth19621962
Bérénice BejoF1976~4310SArtist, The20112011
Barbara Bel GeddesF192220058210SI Remember Mama19481948
Ralph BellamyM190419918710SAwful Truth, The19371937
William BendixM190619645810SWake Island19421942
Roberto BenigniM1952~6711LLife Is Beautiful19981998
Annette BeningF1958~61403L:1SAmerican Beauty (1999)19902010
Tom BerengerM1949~7010SPlatoon19861986
Candice BergenF1946~7310SStarting Over19791979
Ingrid BergmanF1915198267736L2:1S1Gaslight (1944) [w 2]19431978
Elisabeth BergnerF189719868810LEscape Me Never19351935
Jeannie BerlinF1949~7010SHeartbreak Kid, The19721972
Halle BerryF1966~5311LMonster's Ball20012001
Demián BichirM1963~5610LBetter Life, A20112011
Charles BickfordM189119677630SSong of Bernadette, The19431948
Theodore BikelM192420159110SDefiant Ones, The19581958
Juliette BinocheF1964~55211L0:1S1English Patient, The19962000
Karen BlackF193920137410SFive Easy Pieces19701970
Betsy BlairF192320098510SMarty19551955
Linda BlairF1959~6010SExorcist, The19731973
Ronee BlakleyF1945~7410SNashville19751975
Cate BlanchettF1969~50724L1:3S1Blue Jasmine (2013) [w 3][n 2]19982015
Brenda BlethynF1946~73201L:1SSecrets & Lies19961998
Mary J. BligeF1971~4810SMudbound20172017
Joan BlondellF190619797310SBlue Veil, The19511951
Ann BlythF1928~9110SMildred Pierce19451945
Humphrey BogartM189919575731LAfrican Queen, The (1951)19431954
Beulah BondiF188919819120SGorgeous Hussy, The19361938
Helena Bonham CarterF1966~53201L:1SWings of the Dove, The19972010
Shirley BoothF189819929411LCome Back, Little Sheba19521952
Ernest BorgnineM191720129511LMarty19551955
Charles BoyerM189919787840LConquest 19371961
Lorraine BraccoF1954~6510SGoodfellas19901990
Alice BradyF189219394621SIn Old Chicago19361937
Kenneth BranaghM1960~59201L:1SHenry V19892011
Klaus Maria BrandauerM1943~7610SOut of Africa19851985
Marlon Brando §M192420048082 [a 1]7L2:1S0On the Waterfront (1954) [w 4]19511989
Eileen BrennanF193220138010SPrivate Benjamin19801980
Walter BrennanM189419748043SCome and Get It [w 5]19361941
Abigail BreslinF1996~2310SLittle Miss Sunshine20062006
Jeff BridgesM1949~70713L1:4S0Crazy Heart (2009)19712016
Jim BroadbentM1949~7011SIris20012001
Adrien BrodyM1973~4611LPianist, The20022002
Josh BrolinM1968~5110SMilk20082008
Albert BrooksM1947~7210SBroadcast News19871987
Leslie BrowneF1957~6210STurning Point, The19771977
Yul BrynnerM192019856511LKing and I, The19561956
Geneviève BujoldF1942~7710LAnne of the Thousand Days19691969
Sandra BullockF1964~5521LBlind Side, The20092013
Victor BuonoM193819824310SWhat Ever Happened to Baby Jane?19621962
Billie BurkeF188419708510SMerrily We Live19381938
Catherine BurnsF1945~7410SLast Summer19691969
George BurnsM1896199610011SSunshine Boys, The19751975
Ellen BurstynF1932~87615L1:1S0Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore (1974)19712000
Richard BurtonM1925198458706L:1SRobe, The (1953)19521977
Gary BuseyM1944~7510LBuddy Holly Story, The19781978
Red ButtonsM191920068711SSayonara19571957
Spring ByingtonF188619718410SYou Can't Take It with You19381938
James CaanM1940~7910SGodfather, The19721972
Adolph CaesarM193319865210SSoldier's Story, A19841984
Nicolas CageM1964~5521LLeaving Las Vegas19952002
James CagneyM189919868631LYankee Doodle Dandy (1942)19381955
Michael CaineM1933~86624L0:2S2Hannah and Her Sisters (1986) [w 6]19662002
Louis CalhernM189519566110LMagnificent Yankee, The19501950
Dyan CannonF1937~8220SBob & Carol & Ted & Alice19691978
Steve CarellM1962~5710LFoxcatcher20142014
Harry CareyM187819476910SMr. Smith Goes to Washington19391939
Lynn CarlinF1938~8110SFaces19681968
Art CarneyM191820038511LHarry and Tonto19741974
Leslie CaronF1931~8820LLili19531963
Diahann CarrollF193520198410LClaudine19741974
Nancy CarrollF190319656110LDevil's Holiday, The19301930
Peggy CassF192419997410SAuntie Mame19581958
John CassavetesM192919895910SDirty Dozen, The19671967
Seymour CasselM193520198410SFaces19681968
Richard S. CastellanoM193319885510SLovers and Other Strangers19701970
Keisha Castle-HughesF1990~2910LWhale Rider20032003
George ChakirisM1934~8511SWest Side Story19611961
Timothée ChalametM1995~2310LCall Me by Your Name20172017
Jeff ChandlerM191819614210SBroken Arrow19501950
Carol ChanningF192120199710SThoroughly Modern Millie19671967
Stockard ChanningF1944~7510LSix Degrees of Separation19931993
Charlie ChaplinM188919778810LGreat Dictator, The19401940
Jessica ChastainF1977~42201L:1SZero Dark Thirty20112012
Ruth ChattertonF189219616820LMadame X19291930
Don CheadleM1964~5510LHotel Rwanda20042004
Michael ChekhovM189119556410SSpellbound19451945
Maurice ChevalierM188819728310LLove Parade, The19291929
Julie ChristieF1940~7941LDarling19652007
Thomas Haden ChurchM1960~5910SSideways20042004
Diane CilentoF193320117810STom Jones19631963
Candy ClarkF1947~7210SAmerican Graffiti19731973
Patricia ClarksonF1959~5910SPieces of April20032003
Jill ClayburghF194420106620LUnmarried Woman, An19781979
Montgomery CliftM1920196645403L:1SSearch, The19481961
George ClooneyM1961~58413L0:1S1Syriana20052011
Glenn CloseF1947~72704L:3SFatal Attraction (1987)19822018
Lee J. CobbM191119766420SOn the Waterfront19541958
Charles CoburnM187719618431SMore the Merrier, The (1943)19411946
James CoburnM192820027411SAffliction19981998
James CocoM193019875610SOnly When I Laugh19811981
Claudette ColbertF190319969231LIt Happened One Night19341944
Toni ColletteF1972~4710SSixth Sense, The19991999
Patricia CollingeF189219748110SLittle Foxes, The19411941
Pauline CollinsF1940~7910LShirley Valentine19891989
Olivia ColmanF1974~4511LFavourite, The20182018
Ronald ColmanM189119586731LDouble Life, A19291947
Betty CompsonF189719747710LBarker, The19281928
Jennifer ConnellyF1970~4911SBeautiful Mind, A20012001
Sean ConneryM1930~8911SUntouchables, The19871987
Tom ContiM1941~7810LReuben, Reuben19831983
Bradley CooperM1975~44403L:1SSilver Linings Playbook20122018
Chris CooperM1951~6811SAdaptation20022002
Gary CooperM190119616052LSergeant York (1941) [w 7]19361952
Gladys CooperF188819718230SNow, Voyager19421964
Jackie CooperM192220118810LSkippy19311931
Ellen CorbyF191119998710SI Remember Mama19481948
Valentina CorteseF192320199610SDay for Night19741974
Kevin CostnerM1955~6410LDances with Wolves19901990
Marion CotillardF1975~4421LLa Vie en Rose20072014
Tom CourtenayM1937~82201L:1SDresser, The19651983
Jeanne CrainF192520037810LPinky19491949
Bryan CranstonM1956~6310LTrumbo20152015
Broderick CrawfordM191119867411LAll the King's Men19491949
Joan CrawfordF190419777331LMildred Pierce19451952
Donald CrispM188219749111SHow Green Was My Valley19411941
James CromwellM1940~7910SBabe19951995
Hume CronynM191120039110SSeventh Cross, The19441944
Bing CrosbyM190319777431LGoing My Way19441954
Rupert CrosseM192719734510SReivers, The19691969
Lindsay CrouseF1948~7110SPlaces in the Heart19841984
Russell CroweM1964~5531LGladiator (2000)19992001
Tom CruiseM1962~57302L:1SBorn on the Fourth of July19891999
Penélope CruzF1974~45311L0:2S1Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008)20062009
Benedict CumberbatchM1976~4310LImitation Game, The20142014
Quinn CummingsF1967~5210SGoodbye Girl, The19771977
Tony CurtisM192520108510LDefiant Ones, The19581958
Joan CusackF1962~5720SWorking Girl19881997
Willem DafoeM1955~64401L:3SAt Eternity's Gate19862018
Dan DaileyM191519786210LWhen My Baby Smiles at Me19481948
John DallM192019715010SCorn Is Green, The19451945
Matt DamonM1970~49302L:1SGood Will Hunting19972015
Dorothy DandridgeF192219654210LCarmen Jones19541954
Bobby DarinM193619733710SCaptain Newman, M.D.19631963
Jane DarwellF187919678711SGrapes of Wrath, The19401940
Jaye DavidsonM1968~5110SCrying Game, The19921992
Bette DavisF190819898111 [a 2]2LDangerous (1935) [w 8]19341962
Geena DavisF1956~63211L0:1S1Accidental Tourist, The19881991
Judy DavisF1955~64201L:1SPassage to India, A19841992
Viola DavisF1965~54311L0:2S1Fences20082016
Bruce DavisonM1946~7310SLongtime Companion19901990
Doris DayF192220199710LPillow Talk19591959
Daniel Day-LewisM1957~6263LMy Left Foot [w 9]19892017
Olivia de HavillandF1916~103524L2:1S0To Each His Own (1946) [w 10]19391949
Robert De NiroM1943~76725L1:2S1Raging Bull (1980) [w 11]19742012
Vittorio De SicaM190119747310SFarewell to Arms, A19571957
Marina de TaviraF1974~4510SRoma20182018
James DeanM193119552420LEast of Eden19551956
Ruby DeeF192220149110SAmerican Gangster20072007
Benicio del ToroM1967~5221STraffic20002003
William DemarestM189219839110SJolson Story, The19461946
Judi DenchF1934~85715L0:2S1Shakespeare in Love (1998)19972013
Catherine DeneuveF1943~7610LIndochine19921992
Sandy DennisF193719925411SWho's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?19661966
Gérard DepardieuM1948~7010LCyrano de Bergerac19901990
Johnny DeppM1963~5630LPirates of the Caribbean20032007
Bruce DernM1936~83201L:1SNebraska19782013
Laura DernF1967~52201L:1SRambling Rose19912014
Brandon deWildeM194219723010SShane19531953
Leonardo DiCaprioM1974~45514L1:1S0Revenant, The19932015
Marlene DietrichF190119929010LMorocco19301930
Matt DillonM1964~5510SCrash20052005
Melinda DillonF1939~8020SClose Encounters of the Third Kind19771981
Richard DixM189319495610LCimarron19311931
Robert DonatM190519585321LGoodbye, Mr. Chips19381939
Brian DonlevyM190119727110SBeau Geste19391939
Kirk DouglasM1916~10330LChampion19491956
Melvyn DouglasM1901198180321L0:2S2Hud [w 12]19631979
Michael DouglasM1944~7511LWall Street19871987
Brad DourifM1950~6910SOne Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest19751975
Robert Downey Jr.M1965~54201L0:1S0Chaplin19922008
Louise DresserF187819658510LShip Comes In, A19281928
Marie DresslerF186819346521LMin and Bill19301932
Richard DreyfussM1947~7221LGoodbye Girl, The19771995
Adam DriverM1983~3610SBlacKkKlansman20182018
Minnie DriverF1970~4910SGood Will Hunting19971997
Jean DujardinM1972~4711LArtist, The20112011
Olympia DukakisF1931~8811SMoonstruck19871987
Patty DukeF194620166911SMiracle Worker, The19621962
Faye DunawayF1941~7831LNetwork19671976
Michael Clarke DuncanM195720125410SGreen Mile, The19991999
James DunnM190119676511STree Grows in Brooklyn, A19451945
Michael DunnM193419733810SShip of Fools19651965
Irene DunneF189819909150LCimarron19311948
Mildred DunnockF190119919020SDeath of a Salesman19511956
Charles DurningM192320128920SBest Little Whorehouse in Texas, The19821983
Robert DuvallM1931~88713L1:4S0Tender Mercies (1983)19722014
Jeanne EagelsF189019293910LLetter, The19291929
Clint EastwoodM1930~8920LUnforgiven19922004
Samantha EggarF1939~8010LCollector, The19651965
Jesse EisenbergM1983~3610LSocial Network, The20102010
Chiwetel EjioforM1977~4210L12 Years a Slave20132013
Denholm ElliottM192219927010SRoom with a View, A19861986
Sam ElliottM1944~7510SStar Is Born, A20182018
Hope EmersonF189719606210SCaged19501950
Stuart ErwinM190319676410SPigskin Parade19361936
Edith EvansF1888197688301L:2SWhisperers, The19631967
Peter FalkM192720118320SMurder, Inc.19601961
Vera FarmigaF1973~4610SUp in the Air20092009
Richard FarnsworthM1920200080201L:1SStraight Story, The19781999
Michael FassbenderM1977~42201L:1SSteve Jobs20132015
José FerrerM1912199280312L1:1S0Cyrano de Bergerac (1950)19481952
Sally FieldF1946~73322L2:1S0Norma Rae [w 13]19792012
Ralph FiennesM1962~56201L:1SEnglish Patient, The19931996
Peter FinchM191619776021LNetwork19711976
Frank FinlayM192620168910SOthello19651965
Albert FinneyM1936201982504L:1STom Jones19632000
Colin FirthM1960~5921LKing's Speech, The20092010
Peter FirthM1953~6610SEquus19771977
Laurence FishburneM1961~5810LWhat's Love Got to Do with It19931993
Barry FitzgeraldM1888196172211L0:1S1Going My Way [n 3]19441944
Geraldine FitzgeraldF191320059110SWuthering Heights19391939
Louise FletcherF1934~8511LOne Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest19751975
Nina FochF192420088410SExecutive Suite19541954
Henry FondaM190519827721LOn Golden Pond19401981
Jane FondaF1937~81726L2:1S0Klute (1971) [w 14]19691986
Peter FondaM194020197910LUlee's Gold19971997
Joan FontaineF191720139631LSuspicion (1941)19401943
Lynn FontanneF188719839510LGuardsman, The19311931
Harrison FordM1942~7710LWitness19851985
Frederic ForrestM1936~8210SRose, The19791979
Robert ForsterM194120197810SJackie Brown19971997
Jodie FosterF1962~57423L2:1S0Accused, The (1988) [w 15]19761994
Jamie FoxxM1967~52211L1:1S0Ray [n 4]20042004
Anthony FranciosaM192820067710LHatful of Rain, A19571957
James FrancoM1978~4110L127 Hours20102010
Morgan FreemanM1937~82513L0:2S1Million Dollar Baby (2004)19872009
Leonard FreyM193819884910SFiddler on the Roof19711971
Brenda FrickerF1945~7411SMy Left Foot19891989
Clark GableM190119605931LIt Happened One Night19341939
Lady GagaF1986~3310LStar Is Born, A20182018
Greta GarboF190519908430LAnna Christie19301939
Andy GarcíaM1956~6310SGodfather Part III, The19901990
Vincent GardeniaM192019927220SBang the Drum Slowly19731987
Ava GardnerF192219906710LMogambo19531953
Andrew GarfieldM1983~3610LHacksaw Ridge20162016
John GarfieldM1913195239201L:1SBody and Soul19381947
William GarganM190519797310SThey Knew What They Wanted19401940
Judy GarlandF1922196947201L:1SStar Is Born, A19541961
James GarnerM192820148610LMurphy's Romance19851985
Teri GarrF1944 *~7510STootsie19821982
Greer GarsonF190419969171LMrs. Miniver (1942)19391960
Janet GaynorF190619847721L7th Heaven19271937
Michael V. GazzoM192319957110SGodfather Part II, The19741974
Leo GennM190519787210SQuo Vadis19511951
Chief Dan GeorgeM189919818210SLittle Big Man19701970
Gladys GeorgeF190419545010LValiant Is the Word for Carrie19361936
Paul GiamattiM1967~5210SCinderella Man20052005
Giancarlo GianniniM1942~7710LSeven Beauties19761976
John GielgudM190420009621SArthur19641981
Jack GilfordM190719908210SSave the Tiger19731973
Lillian GishF189319939910SDuel in the Sun19461946
Jackie GleasonM191619877110SHustler, The19611961
James GleasonM188219597610SHere Comes Mr. Jordan19411941
Paulette GoddardF191019907910SSo Proudly We Hail!19431943
Whoopi GoldbergF1955~64211L0:1S1Ghost19851990
Thomas GomezM190519716510SRide the Pink Horse19471947
Cuba Gooding Jr.M1968~5111SJerry Maguire19961996
Dexter GordonM192319906710LRound Midnight19861986
Ruth GordonF189619858821SRosemary's Baby19651968
Ryan GoslingM1980~3920LHalf Nelson20062016
Louis Gossett Jr.M1936~8311SOfficer and a Gentleman, An19821982
Elliott GouldM1938~8110SBob & Carol & Ted & Alice19691969
Gloria GrahameF192319815721SBad and the Beautiful, The19471952
Cary GrantM190419868220LPenny Serenade19411944
Lee GrantF1925 *~9441SShampoo (1975)19511976
Richard E. GrantM1957~6210SCan You Ever Forgive Me?20182018
Bonita GranvilleF192319886510SThese Three19361936
Graham GreeneM1952~6710SDances with Wolves19901990
Sydney GreenstreetM187919547410SMaltese Falcon, The19411941
Joel GreyM1932~8711SCabaret19721972
Corinne GriffithF189419798410LDivine Lady, The19291929
Hugh GriffithM191219806721SBen-Hur19591963
Melanie GriffithF1957~6210LWorking Girl19881988
Rachel GriffithsF1968~5010SHilary and Jackie19981998
Alec GuinnessM1914200086412L1:2S0Bridge on the River Kwai, The (1957)19521988
Edmund GwennM187719598121SMiracle on 34th Street19471950
Jake GyllenhaalM1980~3810SBrokeback Mountain20052005
Maggie GyllenhaalF1977~4210SCrazy Heart20092009
Joan HackettF193419834910SOnly When I Laugh19811981
Gene HackmanM1930~89522L1:3S1French Connection, The (1971) [w 16]19671992
Jean HagenF192319775410SSingin' in the Rain19521952
Jackie Earle HaleyM1961~5810SLittle Children20062006
Grayson HallF192219856210SNight of the Iguana, The19641964
Tom HanksM1956~6352LPhiladelphia (1993) [w 17]19882000
Marcia Gay HardenF1959~6021SPollock20002003
Ann HardingF190219817910LHoliday19301930
Tom HardyM1977~4210SRevenant, The20152015
Tess HarperF1950~6910SCrimes of the Heart19861986
Woody HarrelsonM1961~58301L:2SPeople vs. Larry Flynt, The19962017
Barbara HarrisF193520188310SWho Is Harry Kellerman...?19711971
Ed HarrisM1950~69401L:3SPollock (2000)19952002
Julie HarrisF192520138710LMember of the Wedding, The19521952
Naomie HarrisF1976~4310SMoonlight20162016
Richard HarrisM193020027220LThis Sporting Life19631990
Rosemary HarrisF1927~9210STom & Viv19941994
Rex HarrisonM190819908221LMy Fair Lady19631964
Elizabeth HartmanF194319874310LPatch of Blue, A19651965
Laurence HarveyM192819734510LRoom at the Top19591959
Anne HathawayF1982~37211L0:1S1Les Misérables20082012
Ethan HawkeM1970~4920STraining Day20012014
John HawkesM1959~6010SWinter's Bone20102010
Sally HawkinsF1976~43201L:1SShape of Water, The20132017
Goldie HawnF1945~74211L0:1S1Cactus Flower19691980
Nigel HawthorneM192920017210LMadness of King George, The19941994
Sessue HayakawaM188919738410SBridge on the River Kwai, The19571957
Salma HayekF1966~5310LFrida20022002
Helen HayesF1900199392221L1:1S1Sin of Madelon Claudet, The [w 18]19311970
Susan HaywardF191719755751LI Want to Live!19471958
Eileen HeckartF191920018221SButterflies Are Free19561972
Lucas HedgesM1996~2310SManchester by the Sea20162016
Van HeflinM190819716211SJohnny Eager19421942
Mariel HemingwayF1961~5810SManhattan19791979
Justin HenryM1971~4810SKramer vs. Kramer19791979
Taraji P. HensonF1970~4910SCurious Case of Benjamin Button, The20082008
Audrey HepburnF192919936351LRoman Holiday19531967
Katharine HepburnF1907200396124LMorning Glory [w 19]19331981
Barbara HersheyF1948~7110SPortrait of a Lady, The19961996
Charlton HestonM192320088411LBen-Hur19591959
William HickeyM192719976910SPrizzi's Honor19851985
Jonah HillM1983~3520SMoneyball20112013
Wendy HillerF1912200390311L0:2S1Separate Tables (1958)19381966
Judd HirschM1935~8410SOrdinary People19801980
Dustin HoffmanM1937~8272LKramer vs. Kramer (1979) [w 20]19671997
Philip Seymour HoffmanM1967201446411L1:3S0Capote20052012
Hal HolbrookM1925~9410SInto the Wild20072007
William HoldenM191819816331LStalag 17 (1953)19501976
Judy HollidayF192119654311LBorn Yesterday19501950
Stanley HollowayM189019829110SMy Fair Lady19641964
Celeste HolmF191720129531SGentleman's Agreement19471950
Ian HolmM1931~8810SChariots of Fire19811981
Oskar HomolkaM189819787910SI Remember Mama19481948
Anthony HopkinsM1937~81413L1:1S0Silence of the Lambs, The19911997
Miriam HopkinsF190219726910LBecky Sharp19351935
Dennis HopperM193620107410SHoosiers19861986
Bob HoskinsM194220147110LMona Lisa19861986
Djimon HounsouM1964~5520SIn America20032006
John HousemanM190219888611SPaper Chase, The19731973
Leslie HowardM189319435020LBerkeley Square19331938
Terrence HowardM1969~5010LHustle & Flow20052005
Trevor HowardM191319887410LSons and Lovers19601960
Jennifer HudsonF1981~3811SDreamgirls20062006
Kate HudsonF1979~4010SAlmost Famous20002000
Rock HudsonM192519855910LGiant19561956
Felicity HuffmanF1962~5710LTransamerica20052005
Tom HulceM1953~6610LAmadeus19841984
Josephine HullF187719578011SHarvey19501950
Arthur HunnicuttM191019796910SBig Sky, The19521952
Helen HuntF1963~56211L1:1S0As Good as It Gets19972012
Linda HuntF1945~7411SYear of Living Dangerously, The19831983
Holly HunterF1958~61412L1:2S0Piano, The (1993) [n 5]19872003
Kim HunterF192220027911SStreetcar Named Desire, A19511951
Isabelle HuppertF1953~6610LElle20162016
John HurtM1940201777201L:1SElephant Man, The19781980
William HurtM1950~69413L1:1S0Kiss of the Spider Woman19852005
Ruth HusseyF191120059310SPhiladelphia Story, The19401940
Anjelica HustonF1951~68311L0:2S1Prizzi's Honor19851990
John HustonM190619878110SCardinal, The19631963
Walter HustonM1883195067412L0:2S1Treasure of the Sierra Madre, The19361948
Timothy HuttonM1960~5911SOrdinary People19801980
Martha HyerF192420148910SSome Came Running19581958
John IrelandM191419927810SAll the King's Men19491949
Jeremy IronsM1948~7111LReversal of Fortune19901990
Amy IrvingF1953~6610SYentl19831983
Burl IvesM190919958511SBig Country, The19581958
Hugh JackmanM1968~5110LLes Misérables20122012
Glenda JacksonF1936~8342LWomen in Love [w 21]19701975
Samuel L. JacksonM1948~7010SPulp Fiction19941994
Richard JaeckelM192619977010SSometimes a Great Notion19711971
Sam JaffeM189119849310SAsphalt Jungle, The19501950
Dean JaggerM190319918711STwelve O'Clock High19491949
Allison JanneyF1959~6011SI, Tonya20172017
Emil JanningsM188419506511LWay of All Flesh, The19271927
Marianne Jean-BaptisteF1967~5210SSecrets & Lies19961996
Richard JenkinsM1947~72201L:1SVisitor, The20082017
Glynis JohnsF1923~9610SSundowners, The19601960
Ben JohnsonM191819967711SLast Picture Show, The19711971
Celia JohnsonF190819827310LBrief Encounter19461946
Angelina JolieF1975~44211L0:1S1Girl, Interrupted19992008
Carolyn JonesF193019835310SBachelor Party, The19571957
Felicity JonesF1983~3610LTheory of Everything, The20142014
James Earl JonesM1931~8810LGreat White Hope, The19701970
Jennifer JonesF1919200990514L1:1S0Song of Bernadette, The19431955
Shirley JonesF1934~8511SElmer Gantry19601960
Tommy Lee JonesM1946~73411L0:3S1Fugitive, The (1993)19912012
Katy JuradoF192420027810SBroken Lance19541954
Madeline KahnF194219995720SPaper Moon19731974
Daniel KaluuyaM1989~3010LGet Out20172017
Ida KamińskaF189919808010LShop on Main Street, The19661966
Carol KaneF1952~6710LHester Street19751975
Diane KeatonF1946~7341LAnnie Hall19772003
Michael KeatonM1951~6810LBirdman20142014
Lila KedrovaF191820008111SZorba the Greek19641964
Catherine KeenerF1959~6020S Being John Malkovich19992005
Harvey KeitelM1939~8010SBugsy19911991
Cecil KellawayM189019738220SLuck of the Irish, The19481967
Sally KellermanF1937~8210SMASH19701970
Gene KellyM191219968310LAnchors Aweigh19451945
Grace KellyF1929198252211L1:1S0Country Girl, The19531954
Nancy KellyF192119957310LBad Seed, The19561956
Anna KendrickF1985~3410SUp in the Air20092009
Arthur KennedyM1914199075501L:4SBright Victory (1951)19491958
George KennedyM192520169111SCool Hand Luke19671967
Deborah KerrF192120078660LEdward, My Son19491960
Nicole KidmanF1967~52413L1:1S0Hours, The (2002)20012016
Rinko KikuchiF1981~3810SBabel20062006
Regina KingF1971~4811SIf Beale Street Could Talk20182018
Ben KingsleyM1943~75412L1:2S0Gandhi19822003
Greg KinnearM1963~5610SAs Good as It Gets19971997
Sally KirklandF1941~7810LAnna19871987
Kevin KlineM1947~7211SFish Called Wanda, A19881988
Shirley KnightF1936~8320SDark at the Top of the Stairs, The19601962
Keira KnightleyF1985~34201L:1SPride & Prejudice20052014
Alexander KnoxM190719958810LWilson19441944
Susan KohnerF1936~8310SImitation of Life19591959
Miliza KorjusF190919807110SGreat Waltz, The19381938
Jack KruschenM192220028010SApartment, The19601960
Diane LaddF1935~8430SAlice Doesn't Live Here Anymore19741991
Jocelyne LaGardeF192419795510SHawaii19661966
Christine LahtiF1950~6910SSwing Shift19841984
Burt LancasterM191319948041LElmer Gantry (1960)19531981
Elsa LanchesterF190219868420SCome to the Stable19491957
Martin LandauM192820178931SEd Wood19881994
Diane LaneF1965~5410LUnfaithful20022002
Hope LangeF193320037010SPeyton Place19571957
Jessica LangeF1949~70625L1:1S1Blue Sky [n 6]19821994
Frank LangellaM1938~8110LFrost/Nixon20082008
Angela LansburyF1925~9430SGaslight19441962
Brie LarsonF1989~3011LRoom20152015
Queen LatifahF1970~4910SChicago20022002
Charles LaughtonM189919626331LPrivate Life of Henry VIII, The19331957
Piper LaurieF1932~87301L:2SHustler, The19611986
Jude LawM1972~46201L:1SCold Mountain19992003
Jennifer LawrenceF1990~29413L1:1S0Silver Linings Playbook (2012)20102015
Eva Le GallienneF189919919210SResurrection19801980
Cloris LeachmanF1926~9311SLast Picture Show, The19711971
Heath LedgerM1979200828211L0:1S1Dark Knight, The20052008
Peggy LeeF192020028110SPete Kelly's Blues19551955
Andrea LeedsF191419846910SStage Door19371937
Janet LeighF192720047710SPsycho19601960
Jennifer Jason LeighF1962~5710SHateful Eight, The20152015
Vivien LeighF191319675322LGone with the Wind [w 22]19391951
Margaret LeightonF192219765310SGo-Between, The19711971
Jack LemmonM1925200176827L1:1S1Save the Tiger (1973) [w 23]19551982
Lotte LenyaF189819818310SRoman Spring of Mrs. Stone, The19611961
Melissa LeoF1960~59211L0:1S1Fighter, The20082010
Michael LernerM1941~7810SBarton Fink19911991
Jared LetoM1971~4711SDallas Buyers Club20132013
Juliette LewisF1973~4610SCape Fear19911991
Laura LinneyF1964~55302L:1SYou Can Count On Me20002007
John LithgowM1945~7420SWorld According to Garp, The19821983
Sondra LockeF194420187410SHeart Is a Lonely Hunter, The19681968
Gene LockhartM189119576510SAlgiers19381938
Robert LoggiaM193020158510SJagged Edge19851985
Carole LombardF190819423310LMy Man Godfrey19361936
Sophia LorenF1934~8521LTwo Women19611964
Joan LorringF192620148810SCorn Is Green, The19451945
Bessie LoveF189819868710LBroadway Melody, The19291929
Paul LukasM189119718011LWatch on the Rhine19431943
Alfred LuntM189219778410LGuardsman, The19311931
Ali MacGrawF1939~8010LLove Story19701970
Shirley MacLaineF1934~8551LTerms of Endearment19581983
Aline MacMahonF189919919210SDragon Seed19441944
William H. MacyM1950~6910SFargo19961996
Amy MadiganF1950~6910STwice in a Lifetime19851985
Virginia MadsenF1961~5810SSideways20042004
Anna MagnaniF190819736521LRose Tattoo, The19551957
Marjorie MainF189019758510SEgg and I, The19471947
MakoM193320067210SSand Pebbles, The19661966
Karl MaldenM191220099721SStreetcar Named Desire, A19511954
Rami MalekM1981~3811LBohemian Rhapsody20182018
John MalkovichM1953~6620SPlaces in the Heart19841993
Dorothy MaloneF192420189311SWritten on the Wind19561956
Joe MantellM191520109410SMarty19551955
Lesley ManvilleF1956~6310SPhantom Thread20172017
Rooney MaraF1985~34201L:1SGirl with the Dragon Tattoo, The20112015
Fredric MarchM189719757752LDr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1931) [w 24]19301951
Colette MarchandF192520159010SMoulin Rouge19521952
John MarleyM190719847610SLove Story19701970
Lee MarvinM192419876311LCat Ballou19651965
James MasonM1909198475301L:2SStar Is Born, A19541982
Marsha MasonF1942~7740LCinderella Liberty19731981
Daniel MasseyM193319986410SStar!19681968
Raymond MasseyM189619838610LAbe Lincoln in Illinois19401940
Mary E. MastrantonioF1958~6110SColor of Money, The19861986
Marcello MastroianniM192419967230LDivorce Italian Style19621987
Marlee MatlinF1965~5411LChildren of a Lesser God19861986
Walter MatthauM1920200079312L0:1S1Fortune Cookie, The19661975
Rachel McAdamsF1978~4110SSpotlight20152015
Mercedes McCambridgeF191620048721SAll the King's Men19491956
Kevin McCarthyM191420109610SDeath of a Salesman19511951
Melissa McCarthyF1970~49201L:1SCan You Ever Forgive Me?20112018
Matthew McConaugheyM1969~5011LDallas Buyers Club20132013
Patty McCormackF1945~7410SBad Seed, The19561956
Hattie McDanielF189519525711SGone with the Wind19391939
Mary McDonnellF1952~67201L:1SPassion Fish19901992
Frances McDormandF1957~62522L2:3S0Fargo (1996) [w 25]19882017
Elizabeth McGovernF1961~5810SRagtime19811981
Dorothy McGuireF191620018510LGentleman's Agreement19471947
Ian McKellenM1939~80201L:1SGods and Monsters19982001
Victor McLaglenM1886195972211L1:1S0Informer, The19351952
Maggie McNamaraF192819784910LMoon Is Blue, The19531953
Steve McQueenM193019805010LSand Pebbles, The19661966
Janet McTeerF1961~58201L:1STumbleweeds19992011
Kay MedfordF191919806010SFunny Girl19681968
Adolphe MenjouM189019637310LFront Page, The19311931
Vivien MerchantF192919825310SAlfie19661966
Melina MercouriF192019947310LNever on Sunday19601960
Burgess MeredithM190719978920SDay of the Locust, The19751976
Una MerkelF190319868210SSummer and Smoke19611961
Laurie MetcalfF1955~6410SLady Bird20172017
Bette MidlerF1945~7420LRose, The19791991
Sarah MilesF1941~7710LRyan's Daughter19701970
Sylvia MilesF192420199420SMidnight Cowboy19691975
Penelope MilfordF1948~7110SComing Home19781978
Ray MillandM190719867911LLost Weekend, The19451945
Jason MillerM193920016210SExorcist, The19731973
John MillsM190820059711SRyan's Daughter19701970
Sal MineoM193919763720SRebel Without a Cause19551960
Liza MinnelliF1946~7321LCabaret19691972
Helen MirrenF1945~74412L1:2S0Queen, The (2006)19942009
Thomas MitchellM189219627021SStagecoach19371939
Robert MitchumM191719977910SStory of G.I. Joe, The19451945
Fernanda MontenegroF1929~9010LCentral Station19981998
Robert MontgomeryM190419817720LNight Must Fall19371941
Ron MoodyM192420159110LOliver!19681968
Dudley MooreM193520026610LArthur19811981
Grace MooreF189819474810LOne Night of Love19341934
Juanita MooreF191420149910SImitation of Life19591959
Julianne MooreF1960~59513L1:2S0Still Alice [n 7]19972014
Mary Tyler MooreF193620178010LOrdinary People19801980
Terry MooreF1929~9010SCome Back, Little Sheba19521952
Agnes MooreheadF190019747340SMagnificent Ambersons, The19421964
Rita MorenoF1931~8811SWest Side Story19611961
Frank MorganM1890194959201L:1SAffairs of Cellini, The19341942
Cathy MoriartyF1960~5910SRaging Bull19801980
Pat MoritaM193220057310SKarate Kid, The19841984
Robert MorleyM190819928410SMarie Antoinette19381938
Chester MorrisM190119706910LAlibi19291929
Viggo MortensenM1958~6130LEastern Promises20072018
Samantha MortonF1977~42201L:1SIn America19992003
Armin Mueller-StahlM1930~8810SShine19961996
Carey MulliganF1985~3410LEducation, An20092009
Paul MuniM18951967716 [a 2]1LStory of Louis Pasteur, The (1936)19291959
Eddie MurphyM1961~5810SDreamgirls20062006
Bill MurrayM1950~6910LLost in Translation20032003
Don MurrayM1929~9010SBus Stop19561956
J. Carrol NaishM189619737720SSahara19431945
Mildred NatwickF190519948910SBarefoot in the Park19671967
Patricia NealF192620108421LHud19631968
Liam NeesonM1952~6710LSchindler's List19931993
Ruth NeggaF1982~3710LLoving20162016
Kate NelliganF1950~6910SPrince of Tides, The19911991
Paul NewmanM1925200883918L1:1S0Color of Money, The (1986)19582002
Haing S. NgorM194019965511SKilling Fields, The19841984
Jack NicholsonM1937~821238L2:4S1One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975) [w 26]19692002
David NivenM191019837311LSeparate Tables19581958
Nick NolteM1941~78302L:1SPrince of Tides, The19912011
Edward NortonM1969~50301L:2SAmerican History X (1998)19962014
Lupita Nyong'oF1983~3611S12 Years a Slave20132013
Edmond O'BrienM191519856921SBarefoot Contessa, The19541964
Arthur O'ConnellM190819817320SPicnic19551959
Dan O'HerlihyM191920058510LRobinson Crusoe19541954
Michael O'KeefeM1955~6410SGreat Santini, The19801980
Ryan O'NealM1941~7810LLove Story19701970
Tatum O'NealF1963~5611SPaper Moon19731973
Barbara O'NeilF191019807010SAll This, and Heaven Too19401940
Peter O'TooleM193220138180LLawrence of Arabia19622006
Jack OakieM190319787410SGreat Dictator, The19401940
Merle OberonF191119796810LDark Angel, The19351935
Sophie OkonedoF1968~5110SHotel Rwanda20042004
Gary OldmanM1958~6121LDarkest Hour20112017
Lena OlinF1955~6410SEnemies, A Love Story19891989
Edna May OliverF188319425910SDrums Along the Mohawk19391939
Laurence OlivierM19071989821019L1:1S0Hamlet (1948)19391978
Edward James OlmosM1947~7210LStand and Deliver19881988
Nancy OlsonF1928~9110SSunset Boulevard19501950
Haley Joel OsmentM1988~3110SSixth Sense, The19991999
Maria OuspenskayaF187619497320SDodsworth19361939
Clive OwenM1964~5510SCloser20042004
Al PacinoM1940~79815L1:3S0Scent of a Woman [n 8]19721992
Ellen PageF1987~3210LJuno20072007
Geraldine PageF1924198762814L1:4S0Trip to Bountiful, The19531985
Jack PalanceM191920068731SCity Slickers19521991
Chazz PalminteriM1952~6710SBullets over Broadway19941994
Gwyneth PaltrowF1972~4711LShakespeare in Love19981998
Anna PaquinF1982~3711SPiano, The19931993
Eleanor ParkerF192220139130LCaged19501955
Larry ParksM191419756010LJolson Story, The19461946
Estelle ParsonsF1927~9221SBonnie and Clyde19671968
Dev PatelM1990~2910SLion20162016
Marisa PavanF1932~8710SRose Tattoo, The19551955
Katina PaxinouF190019737211SFor Whom the Bell Tolls19431943
David PaymerM1954~6510SMr. Saturday Night19921992
Gregory PeckM191620038751LTo Kill a Mockingbird19451962
Sean PennM1960~5952LMystic River (2003) [w 27]19952008
Rosie PerezF1964~5510SFearless19931993
Anthony PerkinsM193219926010SFriendly Persuasion19561956
Valerie PerrineF1943~7610LLenny19741974
Joe PesciM1943~7621SGoodfellas19801990
Susan PetersF192119523110SRandom Harvest19421942
Michelle PfeifferF1958~61302L:1SFabulous Baker Boys, The (1989)19881992
Joaquin PhoenixM1974~45302L:1SWalk the Line (2005)20002012
River PhoenixM197019932310SRunning on Empty19881988
Mary PickfordF189219798711LCoquette19291929
Walter PidgeonM189719848720LMrs. Miniver19421943
Rosamund PikeF1979~4010LGone Girl20142014
Brad PittM1963~55302L:1SCurious Case of Benjamin Button, The (2008)19952011
Joan PlowrightF1929~9010SEnchanted April19921992
Christopher PlummerM1929~9031SBeginners (2011)20092017
Sidney PoitierM1927~9221LLilies of the Field19581963
Michael J. PollardM193920198010SBonnie and Clyde19671967
Natalie PortmanF1981~38312L1:1S0Black Swan (2010)20042016
Pete PostlethwaiteM194620116410SIn the Name of the Father19931993
William PowellM189219849130LThin Man, The19341947
Robert PrestonM191819876810SVictor/Victoria19821982
Randy QuaidM1950~6910SLast Detail, The19731973
Anthony QuayleM191319897610SAnne of the Thousand Days19691969
Kathleen QuinlanF1954~6510SApollo 1319951995
Anthony QuinnM1915200186422L0:2S2Viva Zapata! [w 28]19521964
Luise RainerF1910201410422LGreat Ziegfeld, The [w 29]19361937
Claude RainsM188919677740SMr. Smith Goes to Washington19391946
Marjorie RambeauF188919708020SPrimrose Path19401953
Charlotte RamplingF1946~7310L45 Years20152015
Anne RamseyF192919885910SThrow Momma from the Train19871987
Basil RathboneM189219677520SRomeo and Juliet19361938
Stephen ReaM1946~7310LCrying Game, The19921992
Robert RedfordM1936~8310LSting, The19731973
Lynn RedgraveF1943201067201L:1SGeorgy Girl19661998
Michael RedgraveM190819857710LMourning Becomes Electra19471947
Vanessa RedgraveF1937~82614L0:2S1Julia (1977)19661992
Joyce RedmanF191520129620STom Jones19631965
Eddie RedmayneM1982~3721LTheory of Everything, The20142015
Donna ReedF192119866411SFrom Here to Eternity19531953
John C. ReillyM1965~5410SChicago20022002
Lee RemickF193519915510LDays of Wine and Roses19621962
Jeremy RennerM1971~48201L:1SHurt Locker, The20092010
Anne RevereF190319908731SNational Velvet (1945)19431947
Burt ReynoldsM193620188210SBoogie Nights19971997
Debbie ReynoldsF193220168410LUnsinkable Molly Brown, The19641964
Beah RichardsF192020008010SGuess Who's Coming to Dinner19671967
Miranda RichardsonF1958~61201L:1STom & Viv19921994
Ralph RichardsonM190219838020SHeiress, The19491984
Thelma RitterF190219696660SAll About Eve19501962
Emmanuelle RivaF192720178910LAmour20122012
Jason RobardsM192220007832SAll the President's Men [w 30]19761980
Margot RobbieF1990~2910LI, Tonya20172017
Tim RobbinsM1958~6111SMystic River20032003
Eric RobertsM1956~6310SRunaway Train19851985
Julia RobertsF1967~52412L1:2S0Erin Brockovich (2000)19892013
Rachel RobertsF192719805310LThis Sporting Life19631963
Cliff RobertsonM192320118811LCharly19681968
Flora RobsonF190219848210SSaratoga Trunk19461946
May RobsonF185819428410LLady for a Day19331933
Sam RockwellM1968~5121SThree Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri20172018
Ginger RogersF191119958311LKitty Foyle19401940
Howard RollinsM195019964610SRagtime19811981
Saoirse RonanF1994~25302L:1SBrooklyn (2015)20072017
Mickey RooneyM1920201493402L:2SBabes in Arms19391979
Diana RossF1944~7510LLady Sings the Blues19721972
Katharine RossF1940 *~7910SGraduate, The19671967
Tim RothM1961~5810SRob Roy19951995
Mickey RourkeM1952~6710LWrestler, The20082008
Gena RowlandsF1930~8920LWoman Under the Influence, A19741980
Mercedes RuehlF1948~7111SFisher King, The19911991
Mark RuffaloM1967~5230SKids Are All Right, The20102015
Geoffrey RushM1951~68412L1:2S0Shine19962010
Harold RussellM191420028811SBest Years of Our Lives, The19461946
Rosalind RussellF190719766940LMy Sister Eileen19421958
Margaret RutherfordF189219728011SV.I.P.s, The19631963
Amy RyanF1969~5010SGone Baby Gone20072007
Robert RyanM190919736310SCrossfire19471947
Winona RyderF1971~48201L:1S Little Women19931994
Mark RylanceM1960~5911SBridge of Spies20152015
Eva Marie SaintF1924~9511SOn the Waterfront19541954
George SandersM190619726511SAll About Eve19501950
Catalina Sandino MorenoF1981~3810LMaria Full of Grace20042004
Chris SarandonM1942~7710SDog Day Afternoon19751975
Susan SarandonF1946~7351LDead Man Walking19811995
Telly SavalasM192219947210SBirdman of Alcatraz19621962
Diana ScarwidF1955~6410SInside Moves19801980
Roy ScheiderM1932200875201L:1SAll That Jazz19711979
Maximilian SchellM1930201483312L1:1S0Judgment at Nuremberg19611977
Joseph SchildkrautM189619646711SLife of Emile Zola, The19371937
Paul ScofieldM1922200886211L1:1S0Man for All Seasons, A19661994
George C. Scott §M192719997141 [a 3]2L1:2S0Patton (1970)19591971
Martha ScottF191220039010LOur Town19401940
Kristin Scott ThomasF1960~5910LEnglish Patient, The19961996
George SegalM1934~8510SWho's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?19661966
Peter SellersM192519805420LDr. Strangelove19641979
Chloë SevignyF1974~4510SBoys Don't Cry19991999
Michael ShannonM1974~4520SRevolutionary Road20082016
Omar SharifM193220158310SLawrence of Arabia19621962
Robert ShawM192719785110SMan for All Seasons, A19661966
Norma ShearerF190219838051LDivorcee, The19301938
Sam ShepardM194320177310SRight Stuff, The19831983
Talia ShireF1946~73201L:1SRocky19741976
Anne ShirleyF191819937510SStella Dallas19371937
Elisabeth ShueF1963~5610LLeaving Las Vegas19951995
Gabourey SidibeF1983~3610LPrecious20092009
Sylvia SidneyF191019998810SSummer Wishes, Winter Dreams19731973
Simone SignoretF192119856421LRoom at the Top19591965
J. K. SimmonsM1955~6411SWhiplash20142014
Jean SimmonsF1929201080201L:1SHappy Ending, The19481969
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Imelda StauntonF1956~6310LVera Drake20042004
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Margaret WycherlyF188119567410SSergeant York19411941
Jane WymanF191720079041LJohnny Belinda (1948)19461954
Ed WynnM188619667910S Diary of Anne Frank, The19591959
Diana WynyardF190619645810LCavalcade19331933
Susannah YorkF193920117210SThey Shoot Horses, Don't They?19691969
Burt YoungM1940~7910SRocky19761976
Gig YoungM191319786431SThey Shoot Horses, Don't They?19511969
Loretta YoungF191320008721LFarmer's Daughter, The19471949
Roland YoungM188719536510STopper19371937
Renée ZellwegerF1969~50312L0:1S1Cold Mountain20012003
Catherine Zeta-JonesF1969~5011SChicago20022002

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  1. Marlon Brando accepted the award for On the Waterfront (1954) but refused the award for The Godfather (1972).
  2. Counts include Bette Davis's performance in Of Human Bondage (1934) and Paul Muni's performance in Black Fury (1935) which were not properly nominated for an Oscar. For two years only, the Academy allowed a write-in vote[5][6] which meant that any performance was eligible for the award. Davis came in 3rd place at the 7th ceremony in 1935, while Muni came in 2nd place at the 8th ceremony in 1936; however, the Academy does not recognize either as official nominees for those years[7][8] though both actors remain listed as nominees in the Academy's database.[9][10]
  3. George C. Scott refused the award for Patton (1970).

Actors with multiple nominations at a single ceremony:

  1. Fay Bainter was nominated for two awards at the 1939 ceremony: Best Actress for White Banners (1938) and Best Supporting Actress for Jezebel (1938), winning in the supporting actress category.[3]
  2. Cate Blanchett was nominated for two awards at the 2008 ceremony: Best Actress for Elizabeth: The Golden Age (2007) and Best Supporting Actress for I'm Not There (2007), winning in neither category.[4]
  3. Barry Fitzgerald was nominated for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor at the 1945 ceremony for his role in Going My Way (1944), winning in the supporting actor category.[11] A subsequent rule change prevents nominations in both categories for the same role.[12]
  4. Jamie Foxx was nominated for two awards at the 2005 ceremony: Best Actor for Ray (2004) and Best Supporting Actor for Collateral (2004), winning in the lead actor category.[13]
  5. Holly Hunter was nominated for two awards at the 1994 ceremony: Best Actress for The Piano (1993) and Best Supporting Actress for The Firm (1993), winning in the lead actress category.[14]
  6. Jessica Lange was nominated for two awards at the 1983 ceremony: Best Actress for Frances (1982) and Best Supporting Actress for Tootsie (1982), winning in the supporting actress category.[15]
  7. Julianne Moore was nominated for two awards at the 2003 ceremony: Best Actress for Far from Heaven (2002) and Best Supporting Actress for The Hours (2002), winning in neither category.[16]
  8. Al Pacino was nominated for two awards at the 1993 ceremony: Best Actor for Scent of a Woman (1992) and Best Supporting Actor for Glengarry Glen Ross (1992), winning in the lead actor category.[17]
  9. Emma Thompson was nominated for two awards at the 1994 ceremony: Best Actress for The Remains of the Day (1993) and Best Supporting Actress for In the Name of the Father (1993), winning in neither category.[14]
  10. Sigourney Weaver was nominated for two awards at the 1989 ceremony: Best Actress for Gorillas in the Mist (1988) and Best Supporting Actress for Working Girl (1988), winning in neither category.[18]
  11. Teresa Wright was nominated for two awards at the 1943 ceremony: Best Actress for The Pride of the Yankees (1942) and Best Supporting Actress for Mrs. Miniver (1942), winning in the supporting actress category.[19]

Additional winning roles:

  1. Mahershala Ali also won Best Supporting Actor for Green Book (2018)
  2. Ingrid Bergman also won Best Actress for Anastasia (1956) and Best Supporting Actress for Murder on the Orient Express (1974).
  3. Cate Blanchett also won Best Supporting Actress for The Aviator (2004).
  4. Marlon Brando also won Best Actor for The Godfather (1972) but refused the award that year.
  5. Walter Brennan also won Best Supporting Actor for Kentucky (1938) and The Westerner (1940).
  6. Michael Caine also won Best Supporting Actor for The Cider House Rules (1999).
  7. Gary Cooper also won Best Actor for High Noon (1952).
  8. Bette Davis also won Best Actress for Jezebel (1938).
  9. Daniel Day-Lewis also won Best Actor for There Will Be Blood (2007) and Lincoln (2012).
  10. Olivia de Havilland also won Best Actress for The Heiress (1949).
  11. Robert De Niro also won Best Supporting Actor for The Godfather Part II (1974).
  12. Melvyn Douglas also won Best Supporting Actor for Being There (1979).
  13. Sally Field also won Best Actress for Places in the Heart (1984).
  14. Jane Fonda also won Best Actress for Coming Home (1978).
  15. Jodie Foster also won Best Actress for The Silence of the Lambs (1991).
  16. Gene Hackman also won Best Supporting Actor for Unforgiven (1992).
  17. Tom Hanks also won Best Actor for Forrest Gump (1994).
  18. Helen Hayes also won Best Supporting Actress for Airport (1970).
  19. Katharine Hepburn also won Best Actress for Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (1967), The Lion in Winter (1968) and On Golden Pond (1981).
  20. Dustin Hoffman also won Best Actor for Rain Man (1988).
  21. Glenda Jackson also won Best Actress for A Touch of Class (1973).
  22. Vivien Leigh also won Best Actress for A Streetcar Named Desire (1951).
  23. Jack Lemmon also won Best Supporting Actor for Mister Roberts (1955).
  24. Fredric March also won Best Actor for The Best Years of Our Lives (1946).
  25. Frances McDormand also won Best Actress for Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017).
  26. Jack Nicholson also won Best Actor for As Good as It Gets (1997) and Best Supporting Actor for Terms of Endearment (1983).
  27. Sean Penn also won Best Actor for Milk (2008).
  28. Anthony Quinn also won Best Supporting Actor for Lust for Life (1956).
  29. Luise Rainer also won Best Actress for The Good Earth (1937).
  30. Jason Robards also won Best Supporting Actor for Julia (1977).
  31. Maggie Smith also won Best Supporting Actress for California Suite (1978).
  32. Kevin Spacey also won Best Supporting Actor for The Usual Suspects (1995).
  33. Meryl Streep also won Best Actress for The Iron Lady (2011) and Best Supporting Actress for Kramer vs. Kramer (1979).
  34. Hilary Swank also won Best Actress for Million Dollar Baby (2004).
  35. Elizabeth Taylor also won Best Actress for Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966).
  36. Spencer Tracy also won Best Actor for Boys Town (1938).
  37. Peter Ustinov also won Best Supporting Actor for Topkapi (1964).
  38. Christoph Waltz also won Best Supporting Actor for Django Unchained (2012).
  39. Denzel Washington also won Best Supporting Actor for Glory (1989).
  40. Dianne Wiest also won Best Supporting Actress for Bullets over Broadway (1994).
  41. Shelley Winters also won Best Supporting Actress for A Patch of Blue (1965).


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