List of active People's Liberation Army Navy ships

List of active People's Liberation Army Navy ships is a list of ships currently in active service with the People's Liberation Army Navy. There are approximately 496 ships listed in the tables below that constitute active ships, but this figure does not include the 232 various auxiliary vessels of the PLAN. A summary of ship types in service with the PLAN include an aircraft carrier, amphibious transport docks, landing ship tanks, landing ship medium, destroyers, frigates, corvettes, missile boats, submarine chasers, gunboats, mine countermeasures vessels, replenishment oilers and various auxiliaries. In addition, there are also nuclear and conventional submarines presently in service.

All ships and submarines currently in commission with the People's Liberation Army Navy were built in China, with the exception of the Sovremenny-class destroyers, Kilo-class submarines and the aircraft carrier Liaoning. Those vessels were either imported from, or originated from Russia or Ukraine.

The convention for naming naval ships is as follows: Aircraft carriers are named after provinces. Nuclear-powered submarines are all named Changzheng (Long March) and number. Destroyers and frigates are named after cities. Smaller anti-submarine ships are named for counties. Tank landing ships and dock landing ships carry the names of mountains. Infantry landing ships are named for rivers. Replenishment ships are named for lakes.[1]

Summary and method

(by type)

* Figure includes both coastal and ocean-going auxiliaries, from tugboats to hospital ships. Not counted towards total number of active ships.

The tables below list the various ships according to their class and date of commission. The newest class of ship is listed first, with proceeding classes listed afterwards, arranged in order of age. Column headings include: "Type" (i.e. Chinese class designation), the types "NATO designation", the ships "Pennant number" (or hull number), the ships name in English and Chinese (Han 中文), ships "Displacement" in tonnes, and the "Fleet" in which it serves (e.g. North Sea Fleet, South Sea Fleet and East Sea Fleet).

The "Status" column is colour coded, green indicates relatively new and modern classes in service, while red indicates obsolescence and being in the process of decommissioning as newer types are brought into service. A third colour, blue, specifically indicates a ship which is not yet in commission, but has been launched and is in the final stages of construction, or has been handed over for sea trials. Any ships with a status colour of blue is not counted towards the total number of active ships.

Where a specific piece of information is not known, the cell is left blank.

Active ships


Nuclear ballistic missile submarines (SSBN)

Type NATO designation Pennant No. Name
(Han 汉)
Commissioned Displacement[lower-alpha 1] Fleet Status
Type 096 submarineTang class6 planned, 2 under construction2020 est.15,600 tUnder Construction
Type 094 / 094A submarineJin class6 in serviceChangzheng 9

Changzheng 10

Changzheng 11

Changzheng 12

Changzheng 20

Changzheng 21







2007-11,500 tActive
Type 092 submarineXia class406Changzheng 6长征619878,000 tActive

Nuclear attack submarines (SSN)

Type NATO designation Pennant No. Name
(Han 汉)
Commissioned Displacement[lower-alpha 1] Fleet Status
Type 095 submarine Sui class Active
Type 093 / 093A/B submarineShang class407









Changzheng 7

Changzheng 8

Changzheng 13

Changzheng 14

Changzheng 15

Changzheng 16

Changzheng 17

Changzheng 18

Changzheng 19










2006-7,000 tActive
Type 091 submarineHan class403Changzheng 3长征319845,500 tActive
404Changzheng 4长征419885,500 tActive
405Changzheng 5长征519915,500 tActive

Conventional submarines

Type NATO designation Pennant No. Name
(Han 汉)
Commissioned Displacement[lower-alpha 1] Fleet Status
Type 039A/039B submarineYuan classApprox. 18 in service2006-3,600 tActive
Type 039/039G/039G1 submarineSong classApprox. 14 in service1998-20062,250 tActive
Kilo-class submarine (Project 877EKM / 636 / 636M)Kilo classApprox. 12 in service1994-20054,000 tActive
Type 035 submarineMing classApprox. 13 in service1990-20032,110 tActive (Some are being retired)

Surface ships

Aircraft carriers

Type NATO designation Pennant No. Name
(Han 汉)
Commissioned Displacement Fleet Status
Type 001 aircraft carrier[lower-alpha 2]16Liaoning辽宁201254,500 tNorth Sea FleetActive
Type 001A aircraft carrier2019 est.58,600 tSea trials
Type 002 aircraft carrier  2022 est.85,000 tUnder Construction

Amphibious warfare ships

Type NATO designation Pennant No. Name
(Han 汉)
Commissioned Displacement Fleet Status
Type 075 landing helicopter dock2019 est40,000 tEastern FleetFitting Out
Type 071 amphibious transport dockYuzhao class998Kunlun Shan昆仑山200725,000 tSouth Sea FleetActive
999Jinggang Shan井冈山201125,000 tSouth Sea FleetActive
989Changbai Shan长白山201225,000 tSouth Sea FleetActive
988Yimen Shan沂蒙山201625,000 tEast Sea FleetActive
980Longhu Shan龙虎山201825,000 tEast Sea Fleet Active
987 Wuzhi Shan 五指山 2019 25,000 t South Sea Fleet Active
986 2019 est 25,000 t Fitting Out
Type 072A landing shipYuting III class911Tianzhu Shan天柱山20034,800 tNorth Sea FleetActive
912Daqing Shan大青山20034,800 tNorth Sea FleetActive
913Baxian Shan八仙山20034,800 tEast Sea FleetActive
992Huading Shan华顶山20034,800 tSouth Sea FleetActive
993Luoxiao Shan罗宵山20044,800 tSouth Sea FleetActive
994Daiyun Shan戴云山20044,800 tSouth Sea FleetActive
995Wanyang Shan万羊山20044,800 tSouth Sea FleetActive
996Laotie Shan老铁山20054,800 tSouth Sea FleetActive
997Lühua Shan绿华山20044,800 tSouth Sea FleetActive
981Dabie Shan大别山20154,800 tEast Sea FleetActive
982Taihang Shan太行山20154,800 tActive
916Tianmu Shan天目山20164,800 tEast Sea FleetActive
914Wuyi Shan武夷山20164,800 tActive
915Culai Shan徂徕山20164,800 tActive
917Wutai Shan五台山20164,800 tActive
Type 072III landing shipYuting II class991Emei Shan峨眉山19924,800 tSouth Sea FleetActive
934Danxia Shan丹霞山19954,800 tEast Sea FleetActive
935Xuefeng Shan雪峰山19954,800 tEast Sea FleetActive
936Haiyang Shan海洋山19964,800 tEast Sea FleetActive
937Qingcheng Shan青城山19964,800 tEast Sea FleetActive
908Yandang Shan雁荡山19974,800 tNorth Sea FleetActive
909Jiuhua Shan九华山20004,800 tNorth Sea FleetActive
939Putuo Shan普陀山20004,800 tEast Sea FleetActive
910Huanggang Shan黄岗山20014,800 tNorth Sea FleetActive
940Tiantai Shan天台山20024,800 tEast Sea FleetActive
Type 072II landing shipYuting class930Lingyan Shan灵岩山4,170 tEast Sea FleetActive
931Dongting Shan洞庭山4,170 tSouth Sea FleetActive
932Helan Shan贺兰山4,170 tSouth Sea FleetActive
933Liupan Shan六盘山19954,170 tSouth Sea FleetActive
Type 072 landing shipYukan class927Yuntai Shan云台山19784,170 tEast Sea FleetActive
928Wufeng Shan五峰山19804,170 tEast Sea FleetActive
929Zijin Shan紫金山19824,170 tEast Sea FleetActive
Type 073A landing shipYunshu classApprox. 10 in service2000-20022,000 tActive
Type 073III landing shipYudeng class99019911,850 tActive
Type 074A landing shipYubei classApprox. 10 in service1995-800 tActive
Type 074 landing shipYuhai classApprox. 12 in service1995-800 tActive


Type NATO designation Pennant No. Name
(Han 中文)
Commissioned Displacement Fleet Status
Type 055 destroyerRenhai class101Nanchang南昌201912,000+ tSouth Sea FleetActive
2020 est.12,000+ tSea Trial
2020 est.12,000+ tFitting Out
2020 est. 12,000+ t Fitting Out
2021 est 12,000+ t Fitting Out
Type 052D destroyerLuyang III class172Kunming昆明20147,500 tSouth Sea FleetActive
173Changsha长沙20157,500 tSouth Sea FleetActive
174Hefei合肥20157,500 tSouth Sea FleetActive
175Yinchuan银川20167,500 tSouth Sea FleetActive
117Xining西宁20177,500 tNorth Sea FleetActive
154Xiamen厦门20177,500 tEast Sea FleetActive
118Urumqi乌鲁木齐20187,500 tNorth Sea FleetActive
155Nanjing南京20187,500 tEast Sea FleetActive
131Taiyuan太原20187,500 tEast Sea FleetActive
161 Hohhot呼和浩特20197,500 tSouth Sea FleetActive
119Guiyang贵阳20197,500 tNorth Sea FleetActive
120Chengdu成都20197,500 tNorth Sea FleetActive
121Qiqihar齐齐哈尔2019 est.7,500 tEast Sea Fleet Sea trials
162Nanning南宁2020 est.7,500 tFitting out
132Zibo淄博2020 est.7,500 tFitting out
2020 est 7,500 t Fitting out
2020 est 7,500 t Fitting out
2021 est 7,500 t Fitting out
2021 est 7,500 t Fitting out
2021 est 7,500 t Fitting out
Type 052C destroyerLuyang II class170Lanzhou兰州20046,300 tSouth Sea FleetActive
171Haikou海口20056,300 tSouth Sea FleetActive
150Changchun长春20136,500 tEast Sea FleetActive
151Zhengzhou郑州20136,500 tEast Sea FleetActive
152Jinan济南20146,500 tEast Sea FleetActive
153Xi'an西安20156,500 tEast Sea FleetActive
Type 051C destroyerLuzhou class115Shenyang沈阳20067,100 tNorth Sea FleetActive
116Shijiazhuang石家庄20077,100 tNorth Sea FleetActive
Type 052B destroyerLuyang I class168Guangzhou广州20045,900 tSouth Sea FleetActive
169Wuhan武汉20045,900 tSouth Sea FleetActive
Sovremenny-class destroyerSovremenny class136Hangzhou杭州19997,900 tEast Sea FleetActive
137Fuzhou福州20007,900 tEast Sea FleetActive
138Taizhou泰州20067,900 tEast Sea FleetActive
139Ningbo宁波20067,900 tEast Sea FleetActive
Type 051B destroyerLuhai class167Shenzhen深圳19996,100 tSouth Sea FleetActive
Type 052 destroyerLuhu class112Harbin哈尔滨19944,800 tNorth Sea FleetActive
113Qingdao青岛19964,800 tNorth Sea FleetActive
Type 051 destroyerLuda class165Zhanjiang湛江19893,670 tSouth Sea FleetActive
166Zhuhai珠海19913,670 tSouth Sea FleetActive


Type NATO designation Pennant No. Name
(Han 中文)
Commissioned Displacement Fleet Status
Type 054A frigateJiangkai II class530Xuzhou徐州20084,200 tEast Sea FleetActive
529Zhoushan舟山20084,200 tEast Sea FleetActive
570Huangshan黄山20084,200 tSouth Sea FleetActive
568Hengyang衡阳20084,200 tSouth Sea FleetActive
571Yuncheng运城20104,200 tSouth Sea FleetActive
569Yulin玉林20104,200 tSouth Sea FleetActive
548Yiyang益阳20104,200 tEast Sea FleetActive
549Changzhou常州20114,200 tEast Sea FleetActive
538Yantai烟台20114,200 tNorth Sea FleetActive
546Yancheng盐城20124,200 tNorth Sea FleetActive
572Hengshui衡水20124,200 tSouth Sea FleetActive
573Liuzhou柳州20124,200 tSouth Sea FleetActive
547Linyi临沂20124,200 tNorth Sea FleetActive
575Yueyang岳阳20134,200 tSouth Sea FleetActive
550Weifang潍坊20134,200 tNorth Sea FleetActive
574Sanya三亚20134,200 tSouth Sea FleetActive
577Huanggang黄冈20154,200 tEast Sea FleetActive
576Daqing大庆20154,200 tNorth Sea FleetActive
578Yangzhou扬州20154,200 tEast Sea FleetActive
579Handan邯郸20154,200 tNorth Sea FleetActive
532Jingzhou荆州20164,200 tEast Sea FleetActive
531Xiangtan湘潭20164,200 tEast Sea FleetActive
515Binzhou滨州20164,200 tEast Sea FleetActive
536Xuchang许昌20174,200 tSouth Sea FleetActive
539Wuhu芜湖20174,200 tNorth Sea FleetActive
598Rizhao日照20184,200 tNorth Sea FleetActive
599Anyang安阳20184,200 tEast Sea FleetActive
500Xianning咸宁20184,200 tSouth Sea FleetActive
601Nantong南通20194,200 tEast Sea FleetActive
542Zaozhuang枣庄20194,200 tNorth Sea FleetActive
Type 054 frigateJiangkai I class525Ma'anshan马鞍山20053,900 tEast Sea FleetActive
526Wenzhou温州20053,900 tEast Sea FleetActive
Type 053H3 frigateJiangwei II class523Putian蒲田19992,400 tEast Sea FleetActive
564Yichang宜昌19992,400 tNorth Sea FleetActive
565Huludao葫芦岛20002,400 tNorth Sea FleetActive
524Sanming三明20002,400 tEast Sea FleetActive
567Xiangyang襄阳20022,400 tEast Sea FleetActive
566Huaihua怀化20022,400 tEast Sea FleetActive
527Luoyang洛阳20052,400 tSouth Sea FleetActive
528Mianyang绵阳20052,400 tSouth Sea FleetActive
Type 053H1 frigate Jianghu class 543Dandong丹东19852,000 tSouth Sea FleetActive
553Shaoguan韶关19852,000 tSouth Sea FleetActive
555Zhaotong昭通19872,000 tSouth Sea FleetActive
Type 053H1G frigate558Beihai北海19932,000 tEast Sea FleetActive
560Dongguan东莞19932,000 tEast Sea FleetActive
561Shantou汕头19932,000 tEast Sea FleetActive
559Foshan佛山19942,000 tEast Sea FleetActive
562Jiangmen江门19952,000 tEast Sea FleetActive
563Zhaoqing肇庆19952,000 tEast Sea FleetActive


Type NATO designation Pennant No. Name
(Han 中文)
Commissioned Displacement Fleet Status
Type 056 corvetteJiangdao class582Bengbu蚌埠20131,440 tEast Sea FleetActive
580Datong大同20131,440 tNorth Sea FleetActive
583Shangrao上饶20131,440 tEast Sea FleetActive
596Huizhou惠州20131,440 tHong KongActive
597Qinzhou钦州20131,440 tHong KongActive
584Meizhou梅州20131,440 tSouth Sea FleetActive
581Yingkou营口20131,440 tNorth Sea FleetActive
585Baise百色20131,440 tSouth Sea FleetActive
586Ji'an吉安20141,440 tEast Sea FleetActive
587Jieyang揭阳20141,440 tEast Sea FleetActive
590Weihai威海20141,440 tNorth Sea FleetActive
592Luzhou泸州20141,440 tSouth Sea FleetActive
589Qingyuan清远20141,440 tSouth Sea FleetActive
591Fushun抚顺20141,440 tNorth Sea FleetActive
588Quanzhou泉州20141,440 tEast Sea FleetActive
595Chaozhou潮州20141,440 tEast Sea FleetActive
503Suzhou宿州20151,440 tEast Sea FleetActive
501Xinyang信阳20151,440 tNorth Sea FleetActive
509Huaian淮安20161,440 tEast Sea FleetActive
512Heze 菏泽20161,440 tEast Sea FleetActive
511Baoding 保定20161,440 tEast Sea FleetActive
510Ningde 宁德20161,440 tEast Sea FleetActive
Type 056A corvette502Huangshi黄石20151,440 tNorth Sea FleetActive
593Sanmenxia三门峡20141,440 tEast Sea FleetActive
594Zhuzou株洲20141,440 tEast Sea FleetActive
504Suqian宿迁20151,440 tSouth Sea FleetActive
505Qinhuangdao秦皇岛20151,440 tNorth Sea FleetActive
506Jingmen荆门20161,440 tSouth Sea FleetActive
507Tongren铜仁20161,440 tEast Sea FleetActive
508Qujing曲靖20161,440 tSouth Sea FleetActive
513Ezhou鄂州20171,440 tEast Sea FleetActive
514Liupanshui六盘水20171,440 tSouth Sea FleetActive
520Hanzhong汉中20171,440 tSouth Sea FleetActive
518Yiwu义乌20171,440 tEast Sea FleetActive
535Xuancheng宣城20171,440 tEast Sea FleetActive
556Yichun宜春20171,440 tEast Sea FleetActive
552Guangyuan广元20171,440 tSouth Sea FleetActive
551Suining遂宁20171,440 tSouth Sea FleetActive
540Wuhai乌海20181,440 tNorth Sea FleetActive
541Zhangye张掖20181,440 tNorth Sea FleetActive
554Deyang德阳20181,440 tEast Sea FleetActive
557Nanchong南充20181,440 tSouth Sea FleetActive

Missile boats, submarine chasers and gunboats

Type NATO designation Pennant No. Name
(Han 中文)
Commissioned Displacement Fleet Status
Type 22 missile boatHoubei classApprox. 60 in service2004-220 tActive
Type 037II missile boatHoujian class770Yangjiang阳江1991520 tHong KongActive
771Shunde顺德1995520 tHong KongActive
772Nanhai南海1995520 tHong KongActive
773Panyu番禹1995520 tHong KongActive
774Lianjiang廉江1999520 tHong KongActive
775Xinhui新会1999520 tHong KongActive
Type 037IG missile boatHouxin classApprox. 9 in service1991-1999478 tActive
Type 037IS submarine chaserHaiqing classApprox. 8 in service1982-478 tActive
Type 062I gunboatShanghai III classApprox. 17 in service1988-170 tActive

Mine countermeasures

Type NATO designation Pennant No. Name
(Han 中文)
Commissioned Displacement Fleet Status
Type 081 mine countermeasure vesselWochi classApprox. 12 in service2007-1,200 tActive
Type 082II mine countermeasure vesselWozang class804Huoqiu霍邱2005575 tActive
818Kunshan昆山2011575 tActive
811Rongcheng荣城2016575 tActive
814Donggang东港2016575 tActive
808Rudong如东2017575 tActive
Type 082 mine countermeasure vesselWosao classApprox. 16 in service1988-1990s400 tActive

Fleet replenishment

Type NATO designation Pennant No. Name
(Han 中文)
Commissioned Displacement Fleet Status
Type 901 fast combat support ship965Hulun Lake呼伦湖201745,000 tActive
967Chagan Lake查干湖201845,000 tActive
Type 904B general stores issue shipDayun class962Lugu Lake泸沽湖201515,000 tSouth Sea FleetActive
961Junshan Lake军山湖201515,000 tSouth Sea FleetActive
Type 904A general stores issue ship888Fuxian Lake抚仙湖200715,000 tSouth Sea FleetActive
Type 904 general stores issue ship883Dongting Lake阳澄湖199211,000 tSouth Sea FleetActive
Type 903 replenishment shipFuchi I class886Qiandao Lake千岛湖200423,000 tEast Sea FleetActive
887Weishan Lake微山湖200423,000 tSouth Sea FleetActive
Type 903A replenishment shipFuchi II class889Tai Lake太湖201323,000 tNorth Sea FleetActive
890Chao Lake巢湖201323,000 tEast Sea FleetActive
960Dongping Lake东平湖201523,000 tNorth Sea FleetActive
966Gaoyao Lake高邮湖201623,000 tEast Sea FleetActive
963Hong Lake洪湖201623,000 tSouth Sea FleetActive
964Luoma Lake骆马湖201623,000 tSouth Sea FleetActive
Type 908 replenishment shipFusu class885Qinghai Lake青海湖199937,000 tSouth Sea FleetActive
Type 905 replenishment tankerFuqing class882Poyang Lake鄱阳湖198221,750 tEast Sea FleetActive


For a complete list of auxiliary vessels currently in service with the People's Liberation Army Navy please see: People's Liberation Army Navy Surface Force#Auxiliaries. Note that it may contain significant inaccuracies.


Ships of PLAN are named per Naval Vessels Naming Regulation (中国海军舰艇命名条例) [2] that was first issued by the Central Military Commission (CMC) on November 3, 1978, and subsequently revised July 7, 1986.[2]

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  2. Refurbished Kuznetsov-class aircraft carrier.


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