List of accountancy bodies

This is a list of the various professional bodies and organisations that seek to provide regulation and oversight over individuals and firms operating in the accountancy industry.

Accounting standard-setting bodies

Accounting standard setting bodies are national or international organisations that have been delegated responsibility for setting Generally Accepted Accounting Principles by statute in a country or jurisdiction.

Getting replaced soon by NFRA in the Company Bill 2012.

Professional bodies

Professional bodies represent the interests of their members by lobbying governments, and provide the framework for self-regulation where this is permitted by statute. Professional bodies are also responsible for administering training and examinations for students and members.

The primary bodies in each country are affiliated to the International Federation of Accountants while a few do not belong to IFAC as they operate more like specialist bodies helping the work of accountants and auditors such as the field of taxation, forensic auditing and systems auditing. These bodies include:

Oversight boards

Following the Enron scandal some countries removed or limited auditors' rights to self-regulation and set up independent, not-for-profit organisations to regulate the conduct of auditors. (In the EU it is compulsory to have a dedicated supervisory authority, cf. 8th European Directive).

Auditing standards-setting bodies

Pronouncements by the International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (IAASB) govern audit, review and other assurance services conducted in accordance with international standards.[17] Most countries that have adopted the International Standards on Auditing (ISAs) still retain the national auditing standards setting body to enact the international standards in their country.

National accounting standard setting board. NACAS.

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