List of Yukon by-elections

The list of Yukon by-elections includes every by-election held in the Canadian territory of Yukon. By-elections occur whenever there is a vacancy in the Legislative Assembly, although an imminent general election may allow the vacancy to remain until the dissolution of parliament.


A by-election occurs whenever there is a vacancy in the Yukon legislature. Vacancies can occur for the following reasons:

  • Death of a member.
  • Resignation of a member.
  • Voided results
  • Expulsion from the legislature.
  • Ineligibility to sit.

When there is a vacancy, a by-election must be called within six months.

34th Legislative Assembly of Yukon 2016-present

No by-elections have yet occurred during the 34th legislative assembly

33rd Legislative Assembly of Yukon 2011-2016

No by-elections occurred during the 33rd legislative assembly

32nd Legislative Assembly of Yukon 2006-2011

Whitehorse Centre December 13, 2010 Todd Hardy      New Democratic Elizabeth Hanson      New Democratic Death Yes

31st Legislative Assembly of Yukon 2002-2006

Copperbelt November 21, 2005 Haakon Arntzen     Independent Arthur Mitchell     Liberal Resignation after being criminally charged with the sexual assault of two teenage girls in the 1970s when he was convicted. No

30th Legislative Assembly of Yukon 2000-2002

Faro November 27, 2000 Trevor Harding     New Democratic Jim McLachlan     Liberal Resignation No

29th Legislative Assembly of Yukon 1996-2000

Lake Laberge October 25, 1999 Doug Livingston     New Democratic Pam Buckway     Liberal Resignation No
Vuntut Gwitchin April 1, 1997 Esau Schafer     Yukon Party Robert Bruce     New Democratic Void Election No

28th Legislative Assembly of Yukon 1992-1996

Whitehorse West February 5, 1996 Tony Penikett      New Democratic David Sloan      New Democratic Resignation Yes
Vuntut Gwitchin February 5, 1996 Johnny Abel      Yukon Party Esau Schafer      Yukon Party Death (boating accident) Yes

27th Legislative Assembly of Yukon 1989-1992

No by-elections occurred during the 27th legislative assembly

26th Legislative Assembly of Yukon 1985-1989

Tatchun February 2, 1987 Roger Coles     Liberal Danny Joe     New Democratic Resignation after pleading guilty to cocaine trafficking, and was sentenced to three years in prison. No
Whitehorse Porter Creek West February 10, 1986 Andy Philipsen     Progressive Conservative Alan Nordling     Progressive Conservative Death Yes

25th Legislative Assembly of Yukon 1982-1985

No by-elections occurred during the 25th legislative assembly

24th Legislative Assembly of Yukon 1978-1982

Whitehorse South Centre October 13, 1981 Dr. Jack Hibberd     Progressive Conservative Roger Kimmerly     New Democratic Resignation No
Whitehorse Riverdale South March 9, 1981 Iain MacKay     Liberal Ron Veale     Liberal Resignation Yes

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