List of Yukon Leaders of Opposition

This is a list of the Leaders of the Opposition of the Yukon Territory, Canada, since 1978 when responsible government was given to the territory. Prior to 1978 the territory had a legislature which had a largely advisory role and no political parties or government leader. Instead powers were invested in a governing Commissioner appointed by the federal government.

#NameTook OfficeLeft OfficeParty
     1.Iain MacKay19781981Liberal
     2.Tony Penikett19811985NDP
     3.Willard Phelps19851991Progressive Conservative
  4.Daniel Lang19911992Yukon Party**
     5.Tony Penikett19921995NDP
     6.Piers McDonald19951996NDP
  7.John Ostashek19961999Yukon Party
     8.Pat Duncan19992000Liberal
     9.Trevor Harding20002000NDP
     10.Eric Fairclough20012002NDP
     11.Todd Hardy20022006NDP
     12.Arthur Mitchell20062011Liberal
     13.Liz Hanson20112016NDP
  14.Stacey Hassard2016presentYukon Party

**In 1992, the Progressive Conservative Party in the Yukon changed its name to the Yukon Party.

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