List of World War II aces from the United Kingdom

This is a list of fighter aces in World War II from the United Kingdom and the British Empire (Country names as per name at the time of World War II). For other countries see List of World War II aces by country.

Name Victories Squadron(s) Awards Notes
Acworth, Richard Alvin8112, 80DFC
Agazarian, Noel Le Chavalier ("Aggy")7274, 609KIA 16 May 1941
Aitken, Sir John William Maxwell ("Max")1546, 68, 601DSO, DFC6 Victories in a Beaufighter[1]
Became a Conservative MP
Allen, John Watson ("Ian")14256, 151, 29DSO, DFC, AFCRetired in 1973 with rank of Air Commodore
Allard, Geoffrey ("Sammy")2485, 87DFC, DFM*KIFA 13 March 1941
Allen, Hubert Raymond ("Dizzy")866DFC
Allen, John Lawrence8
Allen, James A. Sandeman ("Sandy")7
Allen, Derek Hurlestone685DFCKIA 18 May 1940
Allen, Percy Frank568Flew a Beaufighter with N/RO[2] Bennett, G.[3]
Osgood-Finney, Macleod Hamish6
Ambrose, H.9
Andrew, James Richard6607DFMKIA 25 June 1945[4]
Archer, Philip Leslie Irving6DFCBorn in Barbados,KIA 17 June 1943 flying with RCAF[5]
Aries, Ellis Walter6
Ashton, John Henry5
Atcherley, David Francis William525CB, CBE, DSO, DFC3 Victories in a Beaufighter[3]
Was lost at sea on 8 June 1952 as an Air Vice-Marshal whilst piloting a Gloster Meteor
Atkinson, Harold Derrick12213DFCKIA 25 August 1940
Ayerst, Peter Vigne573, 33, 238, 124DFC
Ayre, Harold Woolgar ("Harry")5
Babbage, Cyril Fredrick8602DFM
Bader, Douglas Robert Steuart22222, 242, Tangmere WingDSO*, DFC*Later Sir Douglas Bader
Badger, John Vincent Clarence ("Tubby")8DFCWIA 30 August 1940; DOW 30 June 1941
Baker, Henry Collingham ("Harry","Butch")741, 19, 74Surviving Aircrew[6]
Baldwin, John Robert ("Johnny")15DSO*, DFC*, AFCHighest scorer on Typhoons. MIA during Korean War
Ball, George Eric7DFCKIFA 1 February 1946
Bamberger, Cyril Stanley ("Bam")5DFC*, AE*
Barker, Frederick James13264DFM*Turret gunner on two-man Boulton Paul Defiant fighter piloted by Sgt. E.R. Thorn(e)
Surviving aircrew. Thorn and Barker were the top-scoring Defiant crew.[7][8]
Barclay, Richard George Arthur8DFCKIA 17 July 1942
Barwell, Eric Gordon ("Dickie")[9][10]12[11]:91264, 125DFC*Flew a Boulton Paul Defiant during the B.O.B. so his 5 first victories also credited to his air gunner P/O J.E.M. Williams, and the next 2 to Sgt. A. Martin
Barwell left the RAF on 2 September 1945 as a Wing Commander.[12]
Barton, Anthony Richard Henry9KIFA 4 April 1943
Bayne, Alfred William Alexander11
Bazin, James Michael10
Beamont, Roland Prosper ("Bee")9DSO*, DFC*
Beard, John Morris Bentley6
Beaumont, The Hon.Walter8DFCMIA 23 September 1940
Beazley, Hugh John Sherard6249DFCBeazley joined 249 Sqn RAF at RAF Church Fenton on its formation in May 1940 as a Flying Officer flying Hurricanes. He was promoted to the rank of Flying Officer on 25 September 1940.
Bennions, George Herman ("Ben")1241DFC
Berry, Ronald ("Ras")24DFC*, DSO
Bird-Wilson, Harold Arthur Cooper917, 254, 118, 66, 152DSO*, DFC*, AFC*Retired in 1967 as an Air Vice-Marshal
Blackadder, William Francis7DSO
Blair, Kenneth Hughes885, No. 151 Squadron RAF, 1453, 25, 613DFC, Bar[13]
Blake, Arthur Giles ("Admiral")5FAA,KIA 29 October 1940
Boardman, Hubert Stanley5600, 153DFCFlew a Beaufighter with N/RO[2] F/Sgt James Roy Mordan[3][14]
Boddington, Michael Christopher B.11
Bodie, Crelin Arthur W. ("Bogle")1166KIFA 24 February 1942
Boitel-Gill, Derek Pierre Aumale8India,KIA 1 August 1941
Boulter, John Clifford6DFCKIA 17 February 1941
Boyd, Adrian Hope ("Ginger")18DSO, DFC*
Boyd, Archibald Douglas McNeill ("Archie")10600, 219DSO, DFCFlew a Beaufighter with N/RO[2] Alexander Joseph Glegg[3]
Boyd, Robert Finlay21DSO, DFC*
Braham, John Randall Daniel ("Bob")2929, 51 OTU, 141DSO**, DFC**, AFC19 Victories as a night fighter. Flew a Beaufighter with different N/RO's[2] (Ross; Heywood; Gregory, W. S.; Jacobs, H.)[3]
Bright, Vernon Maxwell8
Brothers, Peter Malam ("Pete")16DSO, DFC*
Bruen, John Martin8800, 801, 802, 803DSO, DSCFAA[15]
Bungey, Robert W.5[16][17]226,145,452DFCDied 10 June 1943 in Australia. Bungey was an Australian[18][19]
Burbridge, Bransome Arthur ("Branse")21½85DSO*, DFC*20 Victories as a night fighter
Burnell-Phillips, Peter Anthony5607DFMKIFA 9 February 1941
Butler, Thomas Roy546DFCFlew a Beaufighter night fighter with N/RO[2] Graham, R. F.[3]
Butterfield, Samuel Leslie5213DFMKIA 11 August 1940[20]
Caister, James Russell6
Caldwell, G. L.7
Cameron, Matthew5
Cameron, Neil5
Campbell, Francis6
Carey, Frank Reginald28DFC*, DFM, AFC2nd highest Hurricane ace, did not fly after 1942
Carpenter, John Michael Vowles ("Chip")8
Cartridge, David Leslie5KIA 4 July 1940
Cartwright, Henry5
Casbolt, Charles Edward ("Cas")13DFM[21]
Casson, Lionel Horwood ("Buck")5DFC, AFC, AE*
Chandler, Horatio Herbert5
Charlton, Philip Noel ("Freddie")6
Charney, Kenneth Langley6
Charnock, Harry Walpole9DFC, DFM, CdeGDied 24 May 1974
Chase, Frederick John Allison5
Chisholm, Roderick Aeneas9604DSO, DFCFlew a Beaufighter with N/RO[2] Ripley, W. G.[3]
Chisholm, John Henry Mackellar7KIA 15 September 1944
Churchill, Walter Myers6DSO, DFCKIA 26 August 1942[22]
Clapperton, Raymond Hedley0 (+24 V-1's)DFC[14][23]24 V-1's’s destroyed[14]
Cleaver, Gordon Neil S. ("Mouse")7DFC
Clerke, Rupert Francis Henry7125DFC2 Victories in a Beaufighter with N/RO Wheldon, J. R.[2][3]
Clift, Douglas Gerald ("Duggie")5
Clowes, Arthur Victor ("Darky")11DFC, DFM
Clyde, William Pancoast ("Billy")10
Cobley, Peter Charles5272DFC*2 Victories in a Beaufighter[3]
Coghlan, John Hunter6DFCKIA 17 August 1940
Cole, Robert Walton25
Cole, Robert Bruce6
Coleman, George Byrne Stanislaus7256, MNFU,[24] 46, 272, 600DFCFlew a Beaufighter[3]
Coleman, Patrick Tuisley7
Collard, Peter6DFCKIA 14 August 1940
Comely, Peter Woodruff5MIA 15 August 1940
Connors, Stanley Dudley Pierce12DFC*KIA 18 August 1940
Constable-Maxwell, Michael Hugh7604DSO, DFC2 Victories in a Beaufighter[3]
Conway, Alfred Gordon7DFC
Cook, Harry6
Cooke, Charles Alfred566, 264DFCSurviving aircrew. Retired on 11 July 1958 as a Squadron Leader.[25]
Cooke, Nicholas Gresham ("Lanky")12264DFCFlew a Boulton Paul Defiant so all victories also credited to his air gunner, Cpl. A. Lippett.
On 29 May 1940 during the Dunkirk evacuation they claimed 2 Messerschmitt Bf 109's and a Messerschmitt Bf 110 during their 1st sortie, plus 5 Junkers Ju 87's in their 2nd that day, becoming Britain's first "aces in a day" in the Second World War.[14]:p190
KIA 31 May 1940
Cooper-Slipper, Thomas Paul Michael8DFC
Cork, Richard John ("Dickie")11DSO, DSCflew with RAF and FAA,KIA 14 April 1944
Corre, Howard John5
Cosby, Ivor Henry8DFC
Cotes-Preedy, Digby Vawdre Cartmel ("Digger")12GM, DFC[26][27]
Cottingham, Leonard14
Cox, Graham James11
Cox, David George Samuel Richardson8DFC
Cox, Neill Dudley539DFC*4 Victories in a Beaufighter[3]
Craig, John Teasdale ("Bobby")8DFMKIA 2 June 1941
Creed, Ernest William Durham ("Bill")11DSO, DFC
Crew, Edward Dixon12604DSO*, DFC*, CB8 Victories in a Beaufighter with N/RO's[2] Guthrie, Norman and Duckett, Basil[3]
Crook, David Moore8DFCKIA 18 December 1944
Crosley, R. Michael ("Mike")5
Cross, Robert Walter9
Crossley, Michael Nicholson22DSO, DFC
Crowley-Milling, Denis6DSO, AE, DFC*
Cruikshank, A. R.11
Cullen, Richard Nigel ("Ape")12DFCKIA 4 March 1941
Cunningham, John ("Cats Eyes")20604DSO, AE, DFC*19 Victories in a Beaufighter night fighter with N/RO's[2] Phillipson, J. R and Rawnsley, C. F.[3]
Cunningham, Wallace ("Jock")8DFC
Curchin, John12DFCKIA 4 June 1941[28]
Currant, Christopher Frederick ("Bunny")15CdeG, DFC, MC, DFC
Czernin, Count Manfred Beckett18DSO, MC, DFCSon of an Austrian diplomat. From 1943 operated in occupied Europe for the SOE.
Daber, John5
Daddo-Langlois, Raoul William6WIA 10 June 1943 over Sicily, DOW same day. Born Guernsey. Commemorated on Malta Plinth
Dafforn, Robert Chippindall8501, 229DFCKIA 9 September 1943
Dahl, Roald580
Dalton-Morgan, Thomas Frederick1743DFC
Daniel, Stephen Walter ("Dan")17
Daniel, Edward Gough111435 Flt7 Victories in a Beaufighter with N/RO[2][3]
Darley, Horace Stanley ("George")5609 (S/Ldr)
Darling, Edward Vivian ("Mitzi")641DFCMIA 2 June 1942
David, William Dennis1787, 213
Davidson, Henry John6249KIA 6 October 1942
Davies, James William Elias8
Davis, Charles Trevor10238KIFA 26 March 1941
Davison, Michael Metcalfe1346, 108DFC*8 Victories in a Beaufighter with N/RO[2] Dye, Bertram E.[3]
Davy, Dennis Henry10
Daw, Victor George ("Jack")6
Dawson-Paul, Francis7.564DOW 30 July 1940, FAA seconded to RAF
De L'Ara, Louis George Charles5
Deacon, Albert Henry6
Dean, Ernest Henry ("Dixie")5
Deanesley, Edward Christopher ("Jumbo")6
Denholm, George Lovell6603 (S/Ldr)
Dewar, John Scatliff9DSOIndia,KIA 12 September 1940
Dixon, Henry Peter5
Dobie, Ian Alexander14
Dodds, James ("Hamish")13274[29]
Doe, Robert Francis Thomas16234DSO, DFC*
Doll, John Christopher Shaboe5
Donaldson, Edward Mortlock6151DSO, AFC*, LOM
Donaldson, Georges Millar ("Paddy")6
Donaldson, Arthur Hay5
Douglas, William Anderson6
Dovell, Ronald Leonard6
Downing, Alwyn Berriman ("Berry")12600Flew a Beaufighter with N/RO[2] John P. Lyons[3]
Drake, Billy22213, 421 FltDSO, DFC*Surviving Aircrew
Draper, Bryan Vincent774DFCKIA 28 February 1945
Dredge, Alan Sydney9
Drummond, John Fraser946, 92DFCKIA 10 October 1940
Dryland, Rodney 'Rod'20
Dudley, Stanley12
Duke, Neville Frederick29DSO, DFC**, AFC
Duke-Wooley, Raymond Myles Beecham7253, 23DFCAmerican
Duncan-Smith. Wilfred George Gerald19DSO*, DFC**
Dundas, Hugh Spencer Lisle ("Cocky")10616DSO*, DFCBrother of John Dundas
Dundas, John Charles16609DFCKIA 28 November 1940 Brother of Hugh Dundas.
Dunn, Patrick Hunter ("Paddy")9
Dunning-White, Peter William5
Durnford, Peter Edward George5
Dutton, Roy Gilbert19145DFCCeylon
Dymond, William Lawrence1141DFMKIA 2 September 1940
Dyson, Charles Harold9
Eagle, William Geoffrey7274, 198DFCKIA 30 June 1945
Eckford, Alan Francis1232, 242, 253, 154DFC
Edgar, A. H.6
Edge, Gerald Richmond20DFC
Edghill, Douglas Frank Kitchener7229DFC
Edll, Frank Eric6
Edwards, Edward Walter8
Edwards, Henry Grahame ("Nick")7604, 89, 108DFCSquadron Leader. A Malta night fighter ace. Flew a Beaufighter with N/RO[2] Phillipson, J. R.[3]
Also received two King's Commendations for Brave Conduct.
Recommended for the George Medal for saving a cadet from a burning aircraft in 1941.
KIFA aged 30 in an air crash over Malta on 6 May 1943. Buried in the Malta (Cappucini) Naval Cemetery.
Edwards, Malcolm Finney ("Eddie")12247, 587, 3Served with 247 Sqn during the B.O.B..
KIA 29 December 1944 whilst flying Hawker Tempest JF-V, EJ803, of 3(f) Sqn.
Crashed into moorland next to the railroad track near the town of Spelle, Germany.
Ekbery, Joseph Scarisbrick6
Elcock, Arthur Richard ("Big")891KIFA 14 May 1945
Eliot, Hugh William ("Chubby")92552 Victories in a Beaufighter with N/RO Ibbotson, D. R.[2][3]
Ellis, John15DFC
Ellis, Ronald Vernon ("Monty")7
Elsdon, Thomas Arthur F. ("Jimmy")9
Ensor, Philip Stephen Baddesly5
Etherton, John Hill689Flew a Beaufighter[3]
Evans, Charles L. G. ("Crash")10
Evans, Kenneth William Samuel6
Evans, George5
Everson, L. G.7
Eyre, Anthony10615; 132 WingDFCStalag Luft III 1942–1945;
KIFA 16 February 1946[30]
Farnes, Paul Caswell Powe8501DFMSurviving Aircrew
Farquhar, Andrew Douglas5257DFC
Faulkner, J. A.791
Feary, Alan Norman5609KIA 7 October 1940
Ferriss, Henry Michael11111DFMKIA 16 July 1940
Finlay, Donald Osborne641, 54
Finucane, Brendan Eamon Fergus ("Paddy")3265DSO, DFC**KIA 15 July 1942 ( Irish)
Flinders, John Layton ("Polly")632
Fokes, Ronald Henry ("Ronnie")1392, 257DFCKIA 12 June 1944
Forbes, Athol Stanhope9303, 66
Forster, Anthony Douglas ("Bunny")6151, 607DFM
Foster, J. K.6
Foster, Reginald John ("Jack")9604, 1084 Victories in a Beaufighter with N/RO Newton, M. F.[2][3]
Foster, Robert William7605DFCSurviving Aircrew
Foster, William Morley Culver5
Fowlow, Norman Ralph5Newfoundland
Franklin, William Henry1665DFM*MIA 12 December 1940
Fras(i)er, Joseph Frederick10Ceylon
Freeborn, John Connell1474DFC*Surviving Aircrew[31]
Friendship, Alfred Henry Basil83DFM
Fulford, David464, 19DFCKIA 2 November 1942
Garden, Mowbray5(1914–1978)
Gardner, Peter Melvill10DFC(1918–1984)
Gardner, Richard Exton ("Jimmy")10(1914–1999) FAA
Garton, Geoffrey William11DSO, DFC,(1915–1976)
Gash, Fred5264DFMTurret gunner on two-man Boulton Paul Defiant fighter piloted by P/O F.D. Hughes[8]
Surviving aircrew. Sergeant. Warrant Officer in May 1943 and released from the RAF in 1945 as a Flight Lieutenant[32]
Geddes, Keith Irvine5604DFC,Flew a Beaufighter[3]
Genders, George E. Clifford ("Jumbo")10(1920–1950)
Gibb, Walter Frame6DSO, DFC(1919–2006)[33]
Gibbs, Eric Malcom6DFC(1912–1972)
Giddings, Kenneth Charles Michael5KCB, OBE, DFC, AFC*(1920–2009)
Gilbert, Humphrey Trench5DFC(1919–1942) KIFA 2 May 1942
Gilders, John Stanley6(1919–1941) KIA 21 February 1941
Gillam, Denys Edgar8DSO**, DFC*, AFC(1915–1991)
Gillan, James7(1914–1940) MIA 11 August 1940
Gillies, James6
Gillies, Kenneth McLeod1066KIA 4 October 1940 over the channel.
Gilmour, William MacMillan9
Gilroy, George Kemp ("Sheep")25DSO, DFC*(1914–1995)
Gleed, Ian Richard16DFCKIA 16 April 1943
Glen, Arthur Allan ("Pinkie")9
Glendinning, John Nixon5KIA 12 March 1941
Glew, Norman Vipan ("Sticky")6KIA 17 May 1944
Gloster, Michael John112555 Victories in a Beaufighter with N/RO[2] Oswald, James F.[3]
Godfrey, Donald Ling10
Goode, J.7
Goodman, George Ernest ("Randy")16DFCKIA 14 June 1941[34]
Goodman, Geoffrey Horace929D.S.O, D.F.C.1 Victory in a Beaufighter with N/RO Wall, R. C. B.[2][3]
Goucher, Richard Tannatt7
Gough, William John8681 Victory in a Beaufighter with N/RO Matson[2][3]
Gould, Derrick Leslie5
Gracie, Edward John ("Jumbo")10DFCKIA 15 February 1944
Graham, Michael6
Grant, Stanley Bernard7
Gray, William Napier5
Greaves, Douglas Haig9255DFC*5 Victories in a Beaufighter with N/RO[2] Robbins, F. Milton[3]
Borb 4 April 1917 Leeds. Died Nov 2006
Green, Charles Patrick ("Paddy")14600DSO, DFC9 Victories in a Beaufighter with N/RO[2] Gillies, Reginald Joseph.[3] Died 10 April 1999
Green, Wilfrith Peter27
Greenwood, John Peter Bowtell9
Gregory, Donald Swift8
Gregory, William6
Gribble, Dorian George7DFCMIA 4 June 1941
Grice, Douglas Hamilton ("Grubby")8DFC
Grier, Thomas12DFCKIA 5 December 1941
Griffiths, Glyn10
Gunnis, Herbert H. Kitchener ("Alec")5252Flew a Beaufighter[3]
Guthrie, Giles Connop McEachern5
Guy, Leonard Northwood ("Len")7MIA 18 August 1940
Hackwood, Gerald Henry8264Flew a Boulton Paul Defiant so all victories also credited to his air gunner LAC G.E. Lille.
KIFA 20 November 1940[35]
Hagger, Ronald Arthur7
Haine, Richard Cummins5
Haines, Leonard Archibald12DFCKIA 30 April 1941
Hall, Archibald Robert ("Bobbie")856, 126, 260, 322DFC
Hall, John Anthony Sanderson8
Hallett, Nigel George ("Buster")6
Hallowes, Herbert James L. ("Darkie")19
Hamar, Jack Royston6DFCKIA 24 July 1940
Hamblin, B. W.5
Hamilton, Claud Eric ("Hamish")6MiDKIA 14 May 1941 ( Malta)
Hamlyn, Ronald Fairfax11Hamlyn and Archie McKellar, both British pilots[14] New Zealander Brian Carbury and Antoni Głowacki of Poland were the only four" aces in a day",[36][37] in the B.O.B..[38]
Hanbury, Osgood Villiers12602, 260DSO, DFC*KIA 3 June 1943
Hancock, John Allan7
Hanks, Peter Prosser15
Hardacre, John Reginald5KIA 30 September 1940
Hards, Maurice Sydney10250, 92DFC, DFMLater Chief Inspector of Police (Reserve) in Kenya
Harker, Alan Stuart ("Budge")7
Harries, Raymond Hiley24DFC*KIFA 14 May 1950
Harrison, Geoffrey Austen5KIA 12 June 1944
Hart, Kenneth Graham9DFCKIA 28 December 1944 ( Italy)
Hartley, James12
Hastings, I.5
Havercroft, Ralph Edward6
Haw, Charlton ("Wag")5504, 81, 122, 611, 129DFM, DFC, Order of LeninServed with 151 Wing in Russia. Retired as Squadron Leader in 1951. Died 1993.
Hay, Ronald Cuthbert13DSO, DSC*Sole Royal Marine fighter ace
Hayden, Lawrence Hamilton7264DFMTurret gunner on two-man Boulton Paul Defiant fighter piloted by P/O T.D. Welsh. Released from the RAF in 1945 as a [[Flight Lieutenant[8][39]
Hayley-Bell, Dennis5682 Victories in a Beaufighter[3]
Hayward, Robert Kitchener6Born in Newfoundland
Head, Norman Sidney11
Hearne, Peter Joseph5Born in India
Hedgecoe, Edward Richard9DFC*KIA 1 January 1944
Henley, Robert Stephen5
Heppell, Phillip W. Ellis ("Nip")5
Hetherington, Erik Lawson5DFCKIFA 31 October 1942 ( Gibraltar)
Hewett, Edward William F. ("Ted")16
Hibbert, Walter James ("Jesse")6DFC
Higgins, William Burley5KIA 14 September 1940
Higginson, Frederick William ("Taffy")12
Hill, Howard Perry6
Hillary, Richard Hope5603KIFA 7 January 1943 (night training flight)
Hoare, Bertie R. O'Bryen ("Sammy")9
Hobbs, Joseph Bedo7
Hodgkinson, Arthur John ("Hodge")12219DSO, DFC*8 Victories in a Beaufighter with N/RO[2] Dye, Bertram E.[3] KIA 10 July 1943 ( Italy)
Hogan, Henry Algernon Vickers8DFC
Hogg, Graham Angus12DSC*FAA. KIA 11 November 1940
Hogg, Richard Malzard6KIA 25 August 1940
Hogg, Robert Dudley5
Holden, Eustace J. ("Gus")7
Holden, Kenneth6
Holder, Maurice Henry ("Blondie")5KIFA 16 July 1942
Holland, Robert Hugh6Born in Ceylon
Hollingsworth, Alec5
Honor, Dudley Sandry Garton988, 145, 274, 258 Wg[40]DFC* (LG, 35187/3321)Service number: 40113. Was born at Quilmes, Buenos Aires, Argentina[40][41][42] Died in 2007
Hope, Sir Archibald Philip[43]6601OBE, DFC
Hopewell, James5KIA 21 January 1942
Hopkin, William P. (“John Willie")5
Horne, Angus William7219, 6Flew a Beaufighter with N/RO[2] Rex Browne[3]
Howard, Donald Ridgwell ("Podge")6
Howard-Williams, Peter Ian5
Howell, Frank Jonathan1025, 80, 609, 118, 243, 54DFC*KIFA when hit by a taxiing Vampire, 9 May 1948
Howes, Harold Norman ("Harry")12DFMKIFA 24 December 1940
Howitt, Geoffrey Leonard8
Hubbard, Thomas Edward ("Tom")5
Hughes, David Price5
Hughes, Dennis Lawrence5KIA
Hughes, Fredrick Desmond19264, 145, 600, 604DFC*, DSOFlew a Boulton Paul Defiant during the B.O.B. so his 5 first victories also credited to his air gunner Sgt. F. Gash.
12 Victories in a Beaufighter with N/RO[2] Dixon, L.[3]
Hughes was awarded the DFC (1954), made a CBE (1962), CB (1972) and retired on 6 June 1974 as an Air Vice-Marshal.
Died on 11 January 1992.
Hughes-Rees, John Anthony ("David")5
Hull, Bernard John ("Johnnie")5
Humpherson, John Bernard William5DFCKIA 22 June 1941
Humphrey, Andrew Henry5
Hunter, Philip Algernon10264DSOFlew a Boulton Paul Defiant so all victories also credited to his air gunner LAC F.H. King
KIA 24 August 1940
Hurst, John5
Hussey, Roy Jack Hubert14
Ibbotson, Desmond1154, 112, 601DFC*KIA 19 November 1944
Ingle, Alec11DFC, AFC, AEPOW from 11 September 1943
Inniss, Aubrey Richard de Lisle9236, 248DFCSurviving aircrew.[44] Barbados, British West Indies. 2 Victories in a Beaufighter.
Jacobs, Henry8
Jay, Dudley Trevor9DFC, MiDKIA 24 October 1940
Jeffery, Alistair John Oswald5
Jefferies, Charles G. StDavid ("Porky")6
Jennings, Bernard James5
Jeram, Dennis Mayvore6
Johnson, Herbert Dennis1491
Johnson, James Edgar ("Johnnie")38DSO**, DFC*, CB, CBE, American, DFC, Air, Medal, Legion, of, MeritTop British Ace of War, Retired Air Vice-Marshal
Johnson, Stanley B.11264Turret gunner on two-man Boulton Paul Defiant fighter piloted by P/O M.H. Young
KIA 31 May 1940[8]
Johnson, William John ("John")7
Johnston, Hugh Anthony Stephen ("Tim")6
Johnstone, Alexander Vallance Riddell ("Sandy")9DFCRetired with the rank of Air Vice-Marshal
Joll, Ian Kenneth Sefton5604DFC4 Victories in a Beaufighter with N/RO O'Leary M.[2][3]
Jones, Edward Gordon ("Tap")6DSO, DFC
Jones, Norman Garston7
Jonsson, Thorsteinn Elton ("Tony")5DFMIcelandic National
Josling, Norman Herbert ("Jos")6DFC
Judd, Michael Thomas5DSO, DFC, AFC
Kayll, Joseph Robert ("Joe")13DSO, DFC, AE
Keele, Brian Rushworth66045 Victories in a Beaufighter with N/RO[2] Cowles, George H.[3]
Keighley-Peach, Charles Lindsay5
Kellet, Ronald Gustave5DFC, DSO, AE*
Kelsey, Howard Charles91414 Victories in a Beaufighter with N/RO Smith, Edward M.[2][3]
Kendall, Philip Stanley82555 Victories in a Beaufighter with N/RO[2] Hill, C. R.[3]
Kettlewell, George Victor Wildeman5
Kilburn, Michael Plaistowe7124, 56DFC, CdeG,Irish
Kilmartin, John Ignatus ("Killy")13 + 2shDFCIrish
Kilner, Joseph Richard6
King, Frederick Harry10264DFMTurret gunner on two-man Boulton Paul Defiant fighter piloted by S/Ldr P.A. Hunter
KIA 24 August 1940[8]
King, George James ("Jimmy")7
Kingaby, Donald Ernest23DSO, AFC, DFM
Kingcombe, Charles Brian Fabris12DFC*, DSO
Kinmonth, Michael William789Flew a Beaufighter with N/RO[2] Edgar[3]
Kitchener, Herbert Horatio6
Kynaston, Norman Arthur2791
Lacey, James Harry ("Ginger")28CdeG, DFM*
Lamb, Deryck Percy9
Lamb, Peter Gilbert5AFC
Lane, Brian John Edward ("Sandy")7DFCMIA 13 December 1942[45]
Lapsley, John Hugh11
Latimer-Jefferies, Jerrard9
Laws, Adrian Francis5DFMKIFA in training accident 30 September 1940
Lawson, Walter John7KIA 28 August 1941
Le Cheminant, Jerrold Le ("Chem")6
Leary, David Cooper8
Leathart, James Anthony Leathart ("The Prof")889DSO1 Victory in a Beaufighter with N/RO Glass, G. J.[2][3]
Retired from RAF in 1962 at the rank of Air Commodore
Leather, William Johnson7
Lee, Kenneth Norman Thomas ("Hawkeye")7DFC
Lee, Richard Hugh Antony ("Dickie")11DSO, DFCKIA 18 August 1940
Lee-Knight, Roland Anthony6DFCKIA 27 September 1941
LeFevre, Peter William ("Pip")10DFCMIA 6 February 1944
Libbert, Albert12
Lille, George Edward8264Turret gunner on two-man Boulton Paul Defiant fighter piloted by P/O G.H. Hackwood. Surviving aircrew[8][46]
Retired from the RAF on 18 December 1957 as a Squadron Leader, retaining the rank of Wing Commander.
Lindsay, William Roy Mackintosh6
Linnard, Sidney ("Sid")7
Lippett, Albert12264DFMTurret gunner on two-man Boulton Paul Defiant fighter piloted by F/C N.G. Cooke
On 29 May 1940 during the Dunkirk evacuation, they claimed 2 Messerschmitt Bf 109's and a Messerschmitt Bf 110 during their 1st sortie, plus 5 Junkers Ju 87's in their 2nd that day, becoming Britain's first “aces in a day” in the Second World War.[14]:p190
KIA 31 May 1940[8]
Llewellyn, Reginald Thomas14DFM
Lock, Erick Stanley ("Sawn Off Lockie")26DSO, DFC*, MiDMIA 3 August 1941
Lockwood, G.7
Lofts, Keith Temple7
Lord, Geoffrey7
Lott, Charles George5CB, CBE, DSO, DFC, MiDRetired as Air vice-marshal[47]
Lovell, Anthony Desmond Joseph22DSO*, DFC*born in Ceylon,KIFA 17 August 1945
Lovell, Victor Charles5
Lowe, Ivan Lawrence Firth6
Lucas, Norman John5
Lucy, William Paulet7DSOKIA May 1940
Lyall, Archibald ("Pat")6KIA 28 November 1940[48]
MacArthur, James Henry Gordon8
MacDonald, Harold Kennedy8KIA 28 August 1940
MacDonald-Hall, Robert ("Sam")7
MacDonnell, Aeneas Ranald Donald10
McDowall, Andrew13DFM*Later became the first leader of an RAF jet fighter squadron (616)
McGrath, John Keswick Ulick Blake18DFC
McIntosh, Wallace8
McKay, Donald Alistair Stewart17DFM*
McKellar, Archibald Ashmore20DSO, DFC*McKellar and Ronald Hamlyn and both British pilots, [14] New Zealander Brian Carbury and Antoni Głowacki of Poland were the only four" aces in a day”,[36][37] in the B.O.B..
KIA 1 November 1940
McKinley, G. M.5
MacLachlan, James Archibald Findlay17DSO, DFC,Flew with one arm after amputation in Feb 1941
POW, 1943; Died in captivity
McLardy, W. A.8
MacLaren, William Ross9
McClean, Tom Joseph9
McMullen, Desmond Anthony Peter2254, 222, 151DFC & Two Bars
McPherson, Robert Reid5
MacQueen, Norman Carter9
Maguire, William Hudson6
Mallinson, James Robin5
Manger, Kenneth8
Mann, Jack5
Marland, Rainford Gent7
Marples, Roy7
Marrs, Eric Simcox ("Boy")11152DFCKIA 24 July 1941 aged 20
Marshall, Alfred Ernest1973, 250, 25DFC, DFMKIA 27 November 1944
Marshall, William Cyril9DFC
Martin, Richard Frewen8
Mason, Ernest Mitchelson ("Imshi")17112, 80, 274, 94DFCKIA 15 February 1942
Mason, Frank5
Masterman, Cedric Audley62273 Victories in a Beaufighter with N/RO Burnside, G. B.[2][3]
Mathews, John Owen ("Jimmy")14
Matthews, Peter Gerald Hugh9
Mayne, Ernest5
Meager, Patrick Edward9107, 41, 602, 211DFC, DSO5 Victories in a Beaufighter.[3][14] Promoted Group Captain in 1945.
Meaker, James Reginald Bryan846,263,249(Irish). KIA 27 September 1940[49]
Measures, William Edward G. ("Tink")5
Mellersh, Francis Richard Lee ("Togs")600DFC*8 Victories as in a Beaufighter nightfighter,[3] 39 V-1 flying bombs[50]
Mellor, Frank5
Melville-Jackson, George Holmes5248DFCFlew a Beaufighter[3]
Miller, Wilfred Handel ("Andy")111253 Victories in a Beaufighter with N/RO Bone, F. C.[2][3]
Miller, Reginald Arthur ("Dusty")71435 Flt4 Victories in a Beaufighter with N/RO Tearle, Francis J.[2][3]
Millington, William Henry11
Mills, Jack Percival5KIA
Milne, Richard Maxwell15
Mitchell, Richard Angelo ("Mitch")8
Moberley, George Edward5
Modera, John Raymond Stewart62275 Victories in a Beaufighter with N/RO[2] Hodges[3]
Moore, Arthur Robert28
More, James Winter C. ("Hank")6
Morfill, Percy Frederick ("Peter")7
Morgan, Thomas Fredrick Dalton17DSO, DFC1917–2004
Morris, Douglas Griffith ("Zulu")64064 Victories in a Beaufighter with N/RO Rix, A. V.[2][3]
Morris, Thomas Charles ("Tom")5
Mortimer-Rose, Edward Brian13
Morton, James Storrs ("Black")10603, 54, 539, 2192 Victories in a Beaufighter with N/RO Bailey, C.[2][3]
Mottram, Roy592, 54KIA 31/8/1941 Neuf-Berquin, France Nord
Mould, Peter William Olbert ("Boy")11DFC*MIA 1 October 1941 after an air battle with Italian Macchi C.202s North of Gozo, Malta
Muirhead, Ian James7
Mulliner, Reginald W. L.5DFC and Bar
Mungo-Park, John Colin13DFC*KIA 27 June 1941. Credited with 600th victory for Biggin Hill with H.M. Stephen – their pairing was known as the”Deadly Twins."[51]
Musgrave, John Gothorp12
Nash, Peter Alfred12
Nash, Raymond Stanley2+1sh (+17+3sh V-1's)’s)[14]23,91,1DFC
Neil, H. M.5
Neil, Thomas Francis ("Ginger")16DFC, AFC, AE
Nelson-Edwards, George Hassall ("Hal")6DFC
Newbery, Richard Alfred13DFC*
Newhouse, Peter Saxton5600DFCFlew a Beaufighter with N/RO[2] Tate, Gerald[3]
Newling, Michael Alan5DFCKIA 6 July 1941
Niblett, John5
Nicholls, Henry Treweeke6
Nicholls, John Hamilton7DFC
Niven, John Brown9
Norris, Stanley Charles9DFC
Norwell, John King ("Jock")7AFCSurviving Aircrew
Nowell, Gareth Leofric1187, 32DFM*, AE
O'Brien, Joseph Somerton592, 234DFCKIA 7 September 1940
O'Meara, James Joseph ("Orange")1364, 72, 421 FltDSO, DFC*
O'Neil, John Anthony5DFC
O'Sullivan, Kevin Thomas Anthony52553 Victories in a Beaufighter with N/RO Hood, W. G.[2][3]
Oldham, R.5
Oliver, John Oliver William8
Olver, Peter6DFCShot down, captured and made POW 11 June 1943; Surviving Aircrew. Died 14 February 2013
Orr, Stanley Gordon17Top Royal Navy ace
Orton, Newell ("Fanny")1773, 242, 54DFC*Born Warwick, KIA 17 September 1941.[52]
Osborne, Anthony Frederick7
Ottewill, Peter Guy7
Overton, Charles Nevill6DFC[53]
Owen, Alan Joseph ("Red")16600, 85DFC*6 Victories in a Beaufighter with N/RO[2] S.V. (Vic) MacAllister[3]
North Africa, then Bomber support and intruder operations over Germany[54]
Oxspring, Robert Wardlow21DFC**, AFC
Page, Alan Geoffrey15DSO, DFC*
Pain, Derek Sydney568, 89Flew a Beaufighter with N/RO[2] Briggs, John Victor[3]
Palliser, George Charles Calder11DFCSurviving Aircrew
Palmer, Arthur G.5
Panter, Keith Vernon6
Pargeter, Reginald Clive5
Parker, Gartrell Richard Ian ("Sailor")9 (+ 5 V-1's)219DFC*, AFC, DSM, MiD (twice), King's Commendation219 Sqn top scorer. Test pilot post-war, KIFA 19 February 1963.
Parker, Bernard James ("Jimmy")5
Parker, Dennis Coates5
Parker, Thomas Campbell ("John")6
Parker-Rees, Alastair12
Parnall, Denis Geach6KIA 18 September 1940
Parrott, Peter Lawrence9DFC*, AFCRetired as a Wing Commander in 1965, Died 2003
Parsons, Claude Arthur5KIA 8 November 1941
Passy, Cyril Wolrich5
Paton, Donald Pearson5600, 114DFC*[55][56]Flew a Beaufighter with N/RO's[2] John McAnulty and Alec William[3]
Acting Wing Commander. Squadron Leader retaining rank of Wing Commander[57]
Pattullo, William Blair5WIA 26 October 1940
Paul, Frank Dawson6FAA, WIA 30 July 1940
Paul, Harold George ("Ginger")6
Pavey, Alan Francis7122DFCKIA 27 July 1944 Normandy
Payne, A. D. ("Jammy")5
Payne, William John9
Payton, James Joseph ("Joe")7
Peacock, Reginald John5122DFCKIA 5 February 1943 (North Africa)
Pedley, Michael George Foxter5
Peel, John Ralph Alexander5DFC
Pegge, Constantine Oliver Joseph9
Phillips, James William Bristowe654DFMKIFA 25 March 1942 near Ford, Sussex
Pike, Thomas Geoffrey6219Flew a Beaufighter[3]
Pinches, Maurice Henry8
Pinckney, David John Colin7DFCKIA 23 January 1942 (Singapore)
Pleasance, Harold Percival ("Flash")525Flew a Beaufighter[3]
Plinston, George Hugo Formby8
Plumer, B. E.5
Polley, William F.6
Ponsford, Ian Reginald8
Porter, D. A.7
Pottinger, R. W.8
Powell, Robin Peter Reginald11
Powell-Shedden, George Ffolliott7DSO, DFC
Price-Owen, Waldo B.8
Pring, Arthur Maurice Owers989, 1766 Victories in a Beaufighter with N/RO[2] Phillips, C. T.[3]
Proctor, John Ernest11DFC
Provan, William Wright5DFC
Rabagliati, Alexander Coultate ("Sandy")21KIA 6 July 1943
Rabone, Paul Wattling9
Ramsey, Charles Maurice81532 Victories in a Beaufighter with N/RO Morton[2][3]
Ranger, Geoffrey Harold6
Rankin, James E. ("Jamie")22DSO*, DFC*
Rayment, Kenneth Gordon7153DFC5 Victories in a Beaufighter with N/RO's[2] Lanning; Ayliffe, H. D. and Bone[3]
Died in the Munich air disaster on 15 March 1958.
Rayner, Roderick Malachi Seaborne10
Read, James Alfred Avory ("Jasper")1089, 46, 108Flew a Beaufighter.[3]
Redhead, E.5
Reeves, Nevil Everard1489DSO, DFCWon 9 of his victories in a Beaufighter with N/RO[2] O'Leary, Arthur Alexander[3]
Reynolds, Richard Henry6
Reynolds, Robert Edward5255Flew a Beaufighter with N/RO[2] Wingham, M.[3]
Rhodes-Moorhouse, William Henry9DFCKIA 6 September 1940
Richey, Paul Henry Mills11
Rigler, Thomas Charles8
Riley, William6263, 302, 145, 252,272DFCSurviving aircrew. Flew a Beaufighter with N/RO[2] F/Sgt. J Martin[3]
Both Riley and Martin KIFA 16 July 1942.[58]
Rippon, Anthony John7
Ritchie, Blyth7
Robb, Robert L. T. ("Jackson")14
Robertson, Frederick Neal12
Robertson, John12
Robertson, Ronald James H. ("Robbie")6
Robinson, Michael Lister ("Mike")20DSO, DFCMIA 8 June 1942
Rolls, William Thomas Edward18
Rook, Michael ("Mickey")6
Rose, Maurice James Alexander14
Ross, Jack Kenneth7DFCKIA 6 January 1942
Ruchwaldy, Desmond Fred16
Rudland, Clifford Percival7DFC*[59]
Russell, Noel52721 Victory in a Beaufighter[3]
Ryder, Edgar Norman8DFCPOW 1944
Sabey, Albert5
Sage, Paul Christopher Wendover589, 46DFC[60]Flew a Beaufighter with N/RO[2] Cockburn, John[3]
KIA 22 February 1945
St John, Peter Cape Beauchamp5KIA 22 October 1940
Samouelle, Charles James ("Sammy")1141 92 130DFC*Retired as a Wing Commander
Sampson, Ralph W. Fraser ("Sammy")5
Sanders, James Gilbert16
Sanders, Philip James7DFC
Satchell, William Arthur J. ("Jack")7DSO
Saunders, Cecil Henry7
Savage, Thomas Wood5KIA 10 July 1943 (Malta)
Schade, Patrick Alfred ("Paddy")1891
Scott, Allan Hugh5
Scott, Ernest ("Ernie")5KIA 27 September 1940
Scott-Malden, David Francis Stephen6
Scoular, John Evelyn18
Selby, John Beauchamp5
Sewell, Alfred Jack ("Jackie")13804, 806, 1837
Sewell, Herbert Scott ("Susie")554, 124DFC
Shaw, Harry ("Artie")16
Shaw, John Thornhill7
Shead, Harold Frederick William589Flew a Beaufighter with N/RO[2] Curtis[3]
Shepherd, John Bean20DFC**KIFA 22 January 1946
Simpson, John William Charles13
Simpson, Peter James7
Sims, James Ayscough5
Sinclair, Gordon Leonard8
Sing, John Eric James ("Jackie")8
Singleton, Joseph S.8251 Victory in a Beaufighter with N/RO Bradshaw, Chris[2][3]
Sizer, Wilfred Max ("Wilf")13DFC**Retired as Wing Commander in 1963[61]
Skinner, Wilfred Malcom11
Slade-Betts, Kenneth Gordon20DFC
Smart, Thomas8DFC*KIA 12 April 1943
Smith, Alan7
Smith, Edward Brian Bretherton5DFCSurviving Aircrew
Smith, Leonard Alfred7Surviving Aircrew
Smith, Leslie Ernest5
Smith, William Alexander6
Smythe, Rupert Frederick6504,32DFCLeft the service in 1946 as a Flight Lieutenant[14]
Snowdon, Ernest George5
Soden, Ian Scovill6
Soper, Francis Joseph15
Sowrey, John Adam7DFC, AFC[62]
Sparke, Philip Donald Julian6
Spencer, Terence ("Terry")10
Staples, Michael Edmund5KIA 9 November 1941
Stapleton, Frederick Snowden7
Stark, Lawrence W. F. ("Pinkie")6
Starr, Norman John ("Jack")5605DFC & BARKIA 8 Jan 1945 Dunkirk. Wing Commander.
Stavert, Charles Michael6
Steer, Harry11DFMKIA 8 June 1944
Steere, Jack6
Stephen, Harbourne Mackay22DSO, DFC**Surviving aircrew. Credited with 600th victory for Biggin Hill with J.C. Mungo-Park – their pairing was known as the "Deadly Twins." Died 22 August 2001[63]
Stephens, Maurice Michael ("Mike")23DSO, DFC**
Stephenson, Leslie10153DFC*6 Victories in a Beaufighter with N/RO[2] Hall, G. A.[3][64]
Stevens, Richard Playne15
Stevenson, Peter Charles Fasken8
Stevenson, Ian Turnbull5
Steward, George Arthur6
Stewart, Charles L. W.5
Stok, Bram van der ("Bob")6[65][66][67]41[66][67]CdeG MBE, Dutch Bronze Lion, Dutch Airman's Cross[68]Dutch
Stokoe, Jack9
Stone, Cedric Arthur C. ("Bunny")7
Stones, Donald William A. ("Dimsie")12DFC
Storrar, James Eric ("Jas")14DFC
Stott, J. P.5
Strickland, James Murray9DFCKIA 14 August 1941
Stuckey, Vincent Allan J. ("Heimar")6
Styles, Lawrence Hinton5219, 153, 600DFC*Flew a Beaufighter with N/RO's[2] Smith, L.; Ritchie, J. and Wilmer, H. J.[3]
Surman, John Clarke56041 Victory in a Beaufighter with N/RO Weston, Clarence E.[2][3]
Sutherland, C.7
Sutton, Fraser Barry5
Talalla, Cyril Lionel F. ("Jimmy")5118, 122DFC*Malayan. Surviving Aircrew.
Taylor, Edwin Murray6
Taylor, Frederic Frank ("Eric")7
Taylor, John Stuart15
Taylor, Norman7KIFA 28 April 1948
Taylour, Edward Winchester Tollemache7DSCFAA. KIA 13 September 1942
Tennant, Eric6
Theobald, Albert William5
Thomas, Eric Hugh5DFC
Thomas, Hugh Brian5
Thomas, Rhys H.5
Thompson, Dennis Alfred5600Flew a Beaufighter with N/RO's[2] White and Beaumont, Gerald[3]
Thompson, John Marlow10DFC, DSO, AFC
Thompson, Peter Douglas6DFCSurviving Aircrew
Thompson, William L.5
Thorn(e), Edward Rowland13264DFC*, DFM*Flew a Boulton Paul Defiant so all victories also credited to his air gunner, Sgt. F.J. Barker.
Surviving aircrew. Thorn and Barker were the top-scoring Defiant crew. KIFA 2 February 1946.[69]
Thornton, Cyril Brooking9
Thornton-Brown, Patrick Glynn5
Thwaites, Bernard John6DFC*
Tillard, Rupert Claude6DSCFAA,KIA 8 May 1941
Tinsey, Thomas Davy ("Tommy")9
Topham, E.1091
Topham, John K. Groves14219DSO, DFC*9 Victories in a Beaufighter with N/RO[2] Berridge, H. W.[3]
Townsend, Kenneth Norman Varwell5
Townsend, Peter Wooldridge11DFC*, DSO
Toyne, William Arthur6
Tuck, Robert Roland Stanford29DFC**, DSO, AFC
Tuckwell, George Arthur5272DFMFlew a Beaufighter with N/RO[2] Hubbard, K. F.[3]
Tull, Desmond Trevor8FIU1 Victory in a Beaufighter[3]
Turkington, Robert W.9124, 611, 43, 72, 241, 601Irish. KIFA Apr 1945
Turner, Percival Stanley14242, 145, 411, 249DSO, DFC*Canadian. Surviving aircrew. He remained in the RCAF until 1965 and died in Ottawa on 23 July 1985.[70]
Turner, Robert Charles6264Turret gunner on two-man Boulton Paul Defiant fighter piloted by P/O D. Whitley.
KIA 28 August 1940[8][71]
Unwin, George Cecil ("Grumpy")1519, 613DSO, DFM*Retired in 1961 as Wing Commander
Upton, Hamilton Charles11DFC
Usher, Dennis Charles5DFC, DFMRetired as Squadron Leader
Vale, William ("Cherry")3333, 80DFC*, AFC
Varey, Arthur William6
Vassiliades, Basilios Michael ("Basil")10Greek, but flew with the RAF. KIA 25 March 1945
Vigors, Timothy Ashmead6DFC
Villa, John Wolferstan ("Pancho")17DFC
Voase-Jeff, Robert5DFC*, CdeGKIA 11 August 1940
Wade, Trevor Sidney ("Wimpy")1092DFC, AFCTest pilot post war. KIFA 3 April 1951
Wake, Frederick William5264, No. 96 Squadron RAFDFMTurret gunner on two-man Boulton Paul Defiant 96 Night Fighter Sqn piloted by New Zealander F/O V.B.S. Verity[8][72]
Wakeham, Ernest John Cecil7DFC
Wallens, Ronald Walter5DFC
Walmsley, Harold Edward11½130, 350DFC*Promoted to Group Captain postwar.
Watkins, Desmond John ("Des")7⅓DFC, CdeG + palm1921–2003
Watson, Anthony6203, 272DFCFlew a Beaufighter[3][73][14]
Weaver, Percy Stevenson956KIA 31 August 1940
Webb, Paul Clifford6
Webster, John Terrance16DFC
Welsh, Terence Deane7264, 125DFCFlew a Boulton Paul Defiant and scored all his victories in it, so all victories also credited to his air gunner L.D. Hayden
In 1945 released from the RAF as a Flight Lieutenant. Died in 1980.[74]
Whall, Basil Ewart Patrick9602DFMKIA 7 October 1940
White, Derek6BCRF,[75] 39DFCFlew a Beaufighter with N/RO[2] Sgt A. Coldman[3] Retired as a S/Ldr in 1968.[14]
White, John5
Whitley, David ("Bull")[11]:916264Flew a Boulton Paul Defiant so all victories also credited to his air gunner Sgt. R.C. Turner.
KIA 28 August 1940[76]
Wickham, Peter Reginald Whalley17Born in Nairobi, Kenya
Wight, Ronald Derek Gordon5213DFCKIA 11 August 1940
Williams, Cedric Watcyn5
Williams, J.E.M.5264Turret gunner on two-man Boulton Paul Defiant fighter piloted by P/O E.G. Barwell[8]
Williams, William Dudley6
Willson, John Ellis10219, 153Flew a Beaufighter with N/RO[2] Burch, D. C.[3]
KIA 27 August 1943 Malta[14]
Woodman, Ronald George ("Tim")7169, 85, BSDU, 410, No. 96 Squadron RAFDSO, DFCMosquito ace.[77]
Woods-Scawen, Charles Anthony743DFCKIA 2 September 1940. Brother of Patrick Woods-Scawen
Woods-Scawen, Patrick Philip1485DFCKIA 1 September 1940. Brother of Charles Woods-Scawen
Wright, Allan Richard1492, 29DFC, AFCSurviving Aircrew. 1 Victory in a Beaufighter[3]
Wright, Eric William ("Ricky")6
Yates, Jack Neville ("Banger")5607, 60, 802DFC
Yaxley, Robert Gordon5252, 272, 117DSO, MC, DFCKIA 3 June 1943 returning to El Djem Airfield from UK
Young, Michael Hugh13264DFCFlew a Boulton Paul Defiant and won the first 11 of his victories with air gunner LAC S.B. Johnson (KIA 31 May 1940), and the final 2 with Sgt. L.P. Russell
Surviving aircrew[78]


AEAir Efficiency AwardAwarded for ten years' efficient service in the Royal Auxiliary Air Force
AFCAir Force CrossAt this time, awarded "for acts of courage or devotion to duty whilst flying, though not in active operations against the enemy" to commissioned officers and warrant officers.[80] Extended to all ranks in 1993.
CdeGCroix de guerreA military decoration of both France and Belgium, also commonly bestowed to foreign military forces allied to France and Belgium.
DFCDistinguished Flying CrossAt this time, awarded "for acts of gallantry when flying in active operations against the enemy" to commissioned officers and warrant officers.[80] Extended to all ranks in 1993.
DFC*Distinguished Flying Cross and BarA bar is added to the ribbon for holders of the DFC who receive a second award.
DFC*Distinguished Flying Cross and two BarsA second bar is added to the ribbon for holders of the DFC and Bar who receive a third award.
DFMDistinguished Flying MedalAt this time, awarded "for acts of gallantry when flying in active operations against the enemy" to non-commissioned officers and men.[80] Discontinued in 1993.
DSODistinguished Service OrderAwarded for meritorious or distinguished service by officers of the armed forces during wartime, typically in actual combat.
DSO*Distinguished Service Order and BarA bar is added to the ribbon for holders of the DSO who receive a second award.
MCMilitary CrossAt this time, awarded for "distinguished and meritorious services" to officers of the rank of Captain or below, and warrant officers.[81] Extended to all ranks in 1993.
MiDMentioned in DespatchesAwarded for gallantry or otherwise commendable service.
VCVictoria CrossHighest British military decoration, awarded for valour in the face of the enemy.
VMVirtuti MilitariHighest Polish military award for courage in the face of the enemy

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  67. One of Van der Stok’s Dutch Fokker D.XXI victory claims and two of his Supermarine Spitfire victory claims are disputed
  68. Van der Stok is the only soldier who won all four Dutch bravery awards that were set during WW2 for bravery and valour: the Bronze Lion (awarded 15 June 1946), the Bronze Cross (Netherlands) (5 October 1944), the Dutch Airman's Cross (21 September 1942) and the Cross of Merit (Netherlands) (3 September 1942). He also won the Officer’s Cross w. palm of the Order of Leopold (Belgium) (24 March 1947), the Belgian CdeG w palm, 3 British campaign medals (1939–1945 Star; Air Crew Europe Star; France and Germany Star), the Cross of Valour (Poland) (9 May 1945), the Dutch Resistance Memorial Cross. He was made an Officer in the Orde van Oranje-Nassau and a (Honorary) Member of the Order of the British Empire (19 November 1947).
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