List of Universal Television programs

Here is a partial list of television series and notable made-for-TV movies produced by Universal Studios, at one time one of the most prolific producers of TV programs in the United States.

Universal Television

Title Original run Network Notes
Suspense Theatre1963–1965NBCco-production with Roncom Films
Arrest and Trial1963–1964ABC
The Munsters1964–1966CBSco-production with Kayro-Vue Productions
90 Bristol Court1964–1965NBCco-production with Kayro-Vue Productions
The John Forsythe Show1965–1966NBC
Tammy1965–1966ABCco-production with Uni-Bet Productions
Run For Your Life1965–1968NBCco-production with Roncom Films
The Jean Arthur Show1966-1966CBS
The Road West1966–1967NBC
Pistols 'n' Petticoats1966–1967CBSco-production with Kayro-Vue Productions
Family Affair1966–1971CBSInternational distribution only; produced by Don Fedderson Productions and Family Affair Company
Mister Terrific1967CBS
Dragnet1967–1970NBC/Syndication/ABCco-production with Mark VII Limited
Ironside1967–1975NBCco-production with Harbour Productions Unlimited
It Takes a Thief1968–1970ABC
The Name of the Game1968–1971NBC
Adam-121968–1975NBCco-production with Mark VII Limited
Blondie1968–1969CBSco-production with Kayro-Vue Productions and King Features Presentations
The Outsider1968–1969NBCco-production with Universal-Public Arts Productions
The Bold Ones: The Lawyers1968–1972NBCco-production with Public Art Films
The Bold Ones: The Protectors1969–1970NBC
Harold Robbins' The Survivors1969–1970ABC
The Bold Ones: The New Doctors1969–1973NBCco-production with Harbour Productions Unlimited
Marcus Welby, M.D.1969–1976ABC
Paris 70001970ABC
Matt Lincoln1970–1971ABC
The Bold Ones: The Senator1970–1971NBC
San Francisco International Airport1970–1971NBC
The Psychiatrist1970–1971NBC
Night Gallery1970–1973NBC
The Man and the City1971–1972ABC
O'Hara, U.S. Treasury1971–1972CBSco-production with Mark VII Limited and David Janssen Enterprises Inc.
The D.A.1971–1972NBC
The Partners1971–1972NBCco-production with Don/Lee Productions
Alias Smith and Jones1971–1973ABC
McMillan & Wife1971–1977NBCco-production with Talent Associates-Norton Simon
Owen Marshall: Counselor at Law1971-1974ABC
Sarge1971NBCco-production with Harbour Productions Unlimited
Cool Million1972NBCco-production with Public Art Films
The Sixth Sense1972ABC
Hec Ramsey1972–1974NBCco-production with Mark VII Limited
Emergency!1972–1977NBCco-production with Mark VII Limited
Escape1973NBCco-production with Mark VII Limited
The Snoop Sisters1973–1974NBCco-production with Talent Associates-Norton Simon
Faraday and Company1973–1974NBCco-production with Talent Associates-Norton Simon
Griff1973–1974ABCco-production with Groverton Productions
Toma1973–1974ABCco-production with Public Art Films
Emergency +41973–1974NBCco-production with Mark VII Limited and Fred Calvert Productions
Chase1973–1974NBCco-production with Mark VII Limited
The Six Million Dollar Man1973–1978ABCSeason 1–3 co-produced by Silverton Productions; Season 4–5 co-produced by Harve Bennett Productions
Frankenstein: The True Story1973NBCminiseries
Kolchak: The Night Stalker1974–1975ABCco-production with Francy Productions Inc.
Lucas Tanner1974–1975NBC
Amy Prentiss1974–1975NBCco-production with Francy Productions Inc.
Get Christie Love!1974–1975ABCco-production with Wolper Productions
The Rockford Files1974–1980NBCco-production with Roy Huggins-Public Arts Productions and Cherokee Productions
Sierra1974NBCco-production with Mark VII Limited
Sons and Daughters1974CBS
Saturday Night Live1975–presentNBCco-production with Broadway Video. produced as SNL Studios (1999–present)
Baretta1975–1978ABCco-production with Roy Huggins-Public Arts Productions
Mobile One1975ABCco-production with Mark VII Limited
Don Adams' Screen Test1975–1976Syndication
The Invisible Man1975–1976NBCco-production with Silverton Productions
Doctors' Hospital1975–1976NBC
Fay1975–1976NBCco-production with Witt/Thomas Productions
Ellery Queen1975–1976NBCco-production with Fairmount/Foxcroft Productions and Tom Ward Enterprises
Switch1975–1978CBSco-production with Glen A. Larson Productions
Rich Man, Poor Man1976ABCco-production with Harve Bennett Productions
Gemini Man1976NBCco-production with Harve Bennett Productions
City of Angels1976NBCco-production with Roy Huggins-Public Arts Productions
Holmes & Yo-Yo1976–1977ABCco-production with Heyday Productions Inc.
Rich Man, Poor Man Book II1976–1977ABC
Sirota's Court1976–1977NBC
Quincy, M.E.1976–1983NBCco-production with Glen A. Larson Productions
Baa Baa Black Sheep1976–1978NBCco-production with Stephen J. Cannell Productions
The Bionic Woman1976–1978ABC/NBCco-production with Harve Bennett Productions
The Oregon Trail1977NBC
Kingston: Confidential1977NBCco-production with R.B. Productions, Inc. and Groverton Productions, Inc.
Lanigan's Rabbi1977NBCco-production with Heyday Productions
Rosetti and Ryan1977NBCco-production with Heyday Productions
The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries1977–1979ABCco-production with Glen A. Larson Productions
Operation Petticoat1977–1979ABCco-production with Heyday Productions (season 1) and Kukoff-Harris Boiney Stoones Productions (season 2)
Richie Brockelman, Private Eye1978NBCco-production with Stephen J. Cannell Productions and Bunky Productions, Inc.
Sam1978CBSco-production with Mark VII Limited
The Eddie Capra Mysteries1978–1979NBC
Sword of Justice1978–1979NBCco-production with Glen A. Larson Productions
The Incredible Hulk1978–1982CBS
Battlestar Galactica1978–1979ABCco-production with Glen A. Larson Productions
The Duke1979NBCco-production with Stephen J. Cannell Productions
Delta House1979ABCco-production with Marty Simmons-Ivan Reitman Productions
Turnabout1979NBCco-production with Sam Denoff Productions
Harris & Company1979NBC
Shirley1979–1980NBCco-production with Procter & Gamble Productions
Mrs. Columbo1979–1980NBCco-production with Gambit Productions
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century1979–1981NBCco-production with Glen A. Larson Productions and Bruce Lansbury Productions, Ltd. Buck Rogers characters by courtesy of Leisure Concepts and Robert C. Dille
B. J. and the Bear1979–1981NBCco-production with Glen A. Larson Productions
The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo1979–1981NBCco-production with Glen A. Larson Productions
House Calls1979–1982CBSco-production with Alex Winitsky-Arlene Sellers Productions
Galactica 19801980ABCco-production with Glen A. Larson Productions
Stone1980ABCco-production with Stephen J. Cannell Productions and Gerry Productions, Inc.
When the Whistle Blows1980ABCco-production with Daydreams Productions
Good Time Harry1980NBC
Nobody's Perfect1980ABC
Magnum, P.I.1980–1988CBSco-production with Belisarius Productions and Glen A. Larson Productions
Fitz and Bones1981NBCco-production with Glen A. Larson Productions
The Gangster Chronicles1981NBC
Harper Valley PTA1981–1982NBCco-production with Ten-Four Productions
Simon & Simon1981–1989CBS
Voyagers!1982–1983NBCco-production with James D. Parriott Productions and Scholastic Productions
Tales of the Gold Monkey1982–1983ABCco-production with Belisarius Productions
Knight Rider1982–1986NBCco-production with Glen A. Larson Productions
The A-Team1983–1987NBCco-production with Stephen J. Cannell Productions
Whiz Kids1983–1984CBS
The New Leave It to Beaver1983–1989CBS/Disney Channel/TBSco-production with Telvan Productions and Qintex Productions
Domestic Life1984CBSco-production with 40 Share Productions
Hawaiian Heat1984ABCco-production with James D. Parriott Productions
Miami Vice1984–1989NBCco-production with Michael Mann Productions
Airwolf1984–1987CBS, USA Networkco-production with Belisarius Productions (seasons 1–3) and Atlantis Films (season 4). Universal only produced seasons 1–3.
Murder, She Wrote1984–1996CBS
Charles in Charge1984–1990CBS/Syndicationco-production with Al Burton Productions and Scholastic Productions
Street Hawk1985ABCco-production with Limekiln and Templar Productions
Code Name: Foxfire1985NBC
Code of Vengeance1985–1986NBC
Misfits of Science1985–1986NBCco-production with James D. Parriott Productions
The Insiders1985–1986ABC
Amazing Stories1985–1987NBCco-production with Amblin Entertainment
The Equalizer1985–1989CBS
The New Alfred Hitchcock Presents1985–1989NBC/USA Networkco-production with Michael Sloan Productions and Paragon Motion Pictures, Inc.
He's the Mayor1986ABC
Fast Times1986CBS
Leo & Liz in Beverly Hills1986CBSco-production with 40 Share Productions
Blacke's Magic1986NBC
Outlaws1986–1987CBSco-production with Mad Dog Productions
Together We Stand1986–1987CBS
Hard Copy1987CBS
A Year in the Life1987–1988NBCco-production with Falahey/Austin Street Productions
Private Eye1987–1988NBCco-production with Yerkovich Productions
The Law & Harry McGraw1987–1988CBS
Coming of Age1988–1989CBSco-production with Bungalow 78 Productions
Almost Grown1988–1989CBS
Gideon Oliver1989ABCco-production with Wolf Films Inc.
Christine Cromwell1989–1990ABCco-production with Wolf Films
Nasty Boys1989–1990NBCco-production with Wolf Films
B.L. Stryker1989–1990ABCco-production with Blue Period Productions, Inc. and T.W.S. Productions, Inc.
Quantum Leap1989–1993NBCco-production with Belisarius Productions
Major Dad1989–1993CBSco-production with S.B.B. Productions and Spanish Trail Productions
Coach1989–1997ABCco-production with Bungalow 78 Productions
H.E.L.P.1990ABCco-production Wolf Films and ABC Productions
Parenthood1990–1991NBCco-production with Imagine Television. Based on the 1989 film of same name by Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment
Uncle Buck1990–1991CBSco-production with Verbatim Productions. based on the 1989 film of the same name by Universal Pictures
Over My Dead Body1990–1991CBS
Shannon's Deal1990–1991NBC
Northern Exposure1990–1995CBSco-production with Cine-Nevada Productions (1990), Finnegan-Pinchuk Productions (1991–1995), Falahey/Austin Street Productions (1991–1992) and Brand/Falsey Productions (1992–1995)
Law & Order1990–2010NBCco-production with Wolf Films. Seasons 9–13 were produced by Studios USA.
Princesses1991CBSco-production with Bungalow 78 Productions
The Antagonists1991CBS
Harry and the Hendersons1991–1993Syndicationco-production with Amblin Entertainment
Shelley Duvall's Bedtime Stories1991–1994Showtimeproduced by Universal/MCA Family Entertainment, Think Entertainment, and Universal Cartoon Studios
Mann & Machine1992NBCco-production with Wolf Films
The Human Factor1992CBSco-production with Wolf Films
Delta1992–1993ABCco-production with Bungalow 78 Productions
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno1992–2009; 2010–2014NBCco-production with Big Dog Productions. NBCU/Universal produced only from 2004-2009 and 2010-2014
Family Dog1993CBSco-production with Amblin Entertainment, Tim Burton Productions, Nelvana Limited and Warner Bros. Television
Distributed outside of the USA by Warner Bros. International Television Distribution
Johnny Bago1993CBSco-production with Chicago Five Productions and Papazian-Hirsch Entertainment
Late Night with Conan O'Brien1993–2009NBCco-production with Broadway Video and Conaco. NBCU/Universal produced only from 2004-2009
South Beach1993NBCco-production with Wolf Films
Fallen Angels1993–1995Showtimeco-production with Propaganda Films and Mirage Enterprises
SeaQuest DSV1993–1996NBCco-production with Amblin Television
Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle1993–1994Showtimeproduced by Universal Family Entertainment and Think Entertainment
Blue Skies1994ABCco-production with Bungalow 78 Productions
M.A.N.T.I.S.1994–1995Foxco-production with Wilbur Force Productions and Renaissance Pictures
Earth 21994–1995NBCco-production with Amblin Entertainment
TekWar1994–1996Syndication/USA Network/Sci-Fi Channel
co-production with Atlantis Films, CTV Television Network, Lemli Productions, Inc., USA Network and Western International Communications
New York Undercover1994–1998Foxco-production with Wolf Films
Weird Science1994–1998USA Networkco-production with St. Clare Entertainment
A Whole New Ballgame1995ABCco-production with Greengrass Productions and Bungalow 78 Productions
Partners1995–1996Foxco-production with Jeff & Jeff Productions
American Gothic1995–1996CBSco-production with Renaissance Pictures
Sliders1995–2000Fox/Sci Fico-production with St. Clare Entertainment
The Steve Harvey Show1996–2002The WBco-production with Brillstein/Grey Communications/Brad Grey Television, Winifred Hervey Productions, Stan Lathan Television and Columbia Pictures Television/Columbia TriStar Television. Universal co-produced the series from Season 4–6.
Swift Justice1996UPNco-production with Wolf Films
The Burning Zone1996–1997UPNco-production with Sandstar Productions
Mr. Rhodes1996–1997NBCco-production with NBC Studios
EZ Streets1996–1997CBSco-production with Paul Haggis Productions
Something So Right1996–1998NBC/ABCco-production with Big Phone Productions
Feds1997CBSco-production with Wolf Films
Spy Game1997ABCco-production with McNamara Paper Products, Inc., Renaissance Pictures and Warner Bros. Television
The Tom Show1997–1998The WBco-production with Clean Break Productions and Floating Cork Productions
Players1997–1998NBCco-production with Wolf Films and NBC Studios
Team Knight Rider1997–1998Syndication
Just Shoot Me!1997–2003NBCco-production with Brillstein/Grey Communications (1997–1999); Brad Grey Television (1999–2002), Stephen Levitan Productions and Columbia Pictures Television (1997–1998); Columbia TriStar Television (1998–2002); Sony Pictures Television (2002–2003). Universal only produced from seasons 3–6.
Will & Grace1998–2006; 2017–presentNBCco-production with KoMut Entertainment (1998–2006; 2017–present), 3 Sisters Entertainment (1998–2006) and 3 Princesses and a P (2017–present). NBCU only produced the final 2 seasons of the original series, with the revival series later produced as a Universal Television production
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit1999–presentNBCco-production with Wolf Films (1999-2019); Wolf Entertainment (2019-present). The first three seasons were produced by Studios USA.
Passions1999–2008NBC/The 101 NetworkNBCU/Universal only produced from 2004–2008.
The District2000–2004CBSco-production with Di Novi Pictures and CBS Productions. The first two seasons were produced by Studios USA.
Distributed outside of the USA by CBS Studios International
Crossing Jordan2001–2007NBCco-production with Tailwind Productions and Kaledo Dritte Productions. The first three seasons were produced by NBC Studios.
Distributed outside of the U.S. by MGM Worldwide Television Distribution
The Agency2001–2003CBSco-production with Radiant Productions and CBS Productions. The first season was produced by Studios USA.
Last Call with Carson Daly2002–2019NBCco-production with Carson Daly Productions. Produced by NBC Studios until 2004
Robbery Homicide Division2002–2003CBS
Crime & Punishment2002–2004NBCco-production with Wolf Films and Shape Pictures. The first season was produced by Studios USA.
American Dreams2002–2005NBCco-production with Once a Frog Productions, Dick Clark Productions and NBC Studios
Distributed outside of the U.S. by MGM Worldwide Television Distribution
Nashville Star2003–2008USA Network/NBCco-production with 495 Productions and Reveille Productions
Las Vegas2003–2008NBCco-production with DreamWorks Television. The first season was produced by NBC Studios.
Distributed outside of the U.S. by MGM Worldwide Television Distribution
Mister Sterling2003NBCco-production with Lawrence O'Donnell, Jr. Productions and NBC Studios
Dragnet2003–2004ABCco-production with Wolf Films. Revival of the 1967–70 television series
Karen Sisco2003–2004ABCco-production with Jersey Television and Eighty-D Productions
Average Joe2003–2005NBC
Boo!2003–2006BBC Two/CBeebiesdistribution only; produced by Tell-Tale Productions
Century City2004CBS
Medical Investigation2004–2005NBCco-production with Landscape Entertainment and Paramount Television
Distributed in the USA by CBS Television Distribution
Hawaii2004NBCco-production with Jeff Eastin Films
Complete Savages2004–2005ABCco-production with Nothing Can Go Wrong Now Productions and Icon Productions
Battlestar Galactica2004–2009Syfyco-production with David Eick Productions, R&D TV and British Sky Broadcasting; revival of the 1978–1979 TV series by Glen A. Larson Productions and Universal Television
House2004–2012Foxco-production with Heel & Toe Productions, Shore Z Productions and Bad Hat Harry Productions
Committed2005NBCco-production with Blackie and Blondie Productions
Distributed outside of the U.S. by MGM Worldwide Television Distribution
Revelations2005NBCminiseries; co-production with Stillking Films and Pariah Films
Distributed outside of the U.S. by MGM Worldwide Television Distribution
Law & Order: Trial by Jury2005–2006NBCco-production with Wolf Films
Surface2005–2006NBCco-production with Rock Fish Productions
Three Wishes2005NBCco-production with Glassman Media, June Road Productions and Furry Prawn Productions
The Office2005–2013NBCco-production with Deedle-Dee Productions and Reveille Productions/Shine America
Teachers2006NBCco-production with Two Soups Productions
Heist2006NBCco-production with Cullen Bros. Television, Dutch Oven Productions and Sony Pictures Television
The Book of Daniel2006NBCco-production with Flody Co., Bumpy Night Productions and Sony Pictures Television
Distributed outside of the USA by Sony
Conviction2006NBCco-production with Wolf Films
Sons & Daughters2006–2007ABCco-production with Broadway Video
Heroes2006–2010NBCco-production with Tailwind Productions
30 Rock2006–13NBCco-production with Broadway Video and Little Stranger, Inc.
Friday Night Lights2006–2011NBC/101 Networkco-production with Imagine Television and Film 44. based on the 2004 film by Universal Pictures
The Black Donnellys2007NBC
Andy Barker, P.I.2007NBCco-production with Red Pulley Productions and Conaco
Raines2007NBCco-production with Nemo Films
Bionic Woman2007NBCco-production with GEP Productions and David Eick Productions. Revival of the 1976–1978 TV series by Harve Bennett Productions and Universal Television
Lipstick Jungle2008–2009NBCco-production with Blackie and Blondie Productions
Worst Week2008–2009CBSco-production with Two Soups Productions, Hat Trick Productions and CBS Paramount Network Television
Distributed outside of the USA by CBS Studios International
Knight Rider2008–2009NBCco-production with Dutch Oven Productions and Gary Scott Thompson Productions. Revival of the 1982–1986 TV series
Kath & Kim2008–2009NBCco-production with Reveille Productions and Riley-Turner Productions
My Own Worst Enemy2008NBC
Crusoe2008–2009NBCco-production with Muse Entertainment
Late Night with Jimmy Fallon2009–2014NBCco-production with Broadway Video
The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien2009–2010NBCco-production with Conaco and Broadway Video
Parks and Recreation2009–2015NBCco-production with 3 Arts Entertainment, Deedle-Dee Productions, Polka Dot Pictures
The Philanthropist2009NBCco-production with Levinson/Fontana Company, Original Media and Carnival Films
Community2009–2015NBC/Yahoo! Screenco-production with Krasnoff/Foster Entertainment, Dan Harmon Productions (seasons 1–3; 2009–2012), Russo Brothers Films (seasons 1–3; 2009–2012), Harmonious Claptrap (seasons 5–6; 2013–2015), Yahoo Screen Originals (season 6; 2015) and Sony Pictures Television
Mercy2009–2010NBCco-production with Selfish Mermaid and BermanBraun
Trauma2009–2010NBCco-production with False Mirror Films and Film 44
The Jay Leno Show2009–2010NBCco-production with Big Dog Productions
Minute to Win It2010–2011NBCco-production with Friday TV and Smart Dog Media
Parenthood2010–2015NBCco-production with Imagine Television and True Jack Productions. Based on the 1989 film of same name by Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment and the 1990–91 TV series of the same name
100 Questions2010NBCco-production with Bicycle Path Productions and TagLine Television
Outlaw2010NBCco-production with Conaco
The Event2010–2011NBCco-production with Steve Stark Productions
Law & Order: LA2010–2011NBCco-production with Wolf Films
Outsourced2010–2011NBCco-production with Open 4 Business Productions and In Cahoots Productions
Perfect Couples2010–2011NBC
The Cape2011NBC
Love Bites2011NBCco-production with Loud Blouse Productions and Working Title Television
Prime Suspect2011–2012NBCco-production with Open 4 Business Productions, ITV Studios America, and Film 44
Whitney2011–13NBCco-production with Stuber Television (2011–2012); Bluegrass Television (2012–2013)
Up All Night2011–12NBCco-production with Broadway Video
Who's Still Standing?2011NBCco-production with Armoza Formats and Smart Dog Media
Free Agents2011NBC
Grimm2011–2017NBCco-production with GK Films, Hazy Mills Productions and Open 4 Business Productions
Smash2012–13NBCco-production with DreamWorks Television
Bent2012NBCco-production with Quill Productions and Open 4 Business Productions
Best Friends Forever2012NBCco-production with Open 4 Business Productions
The Mindy Project2012–2017FOX/Huluco-production with 3 Arts Entertainment and Kaling International
Animal Practice2012NBCco-production with Open 4 Business Productions
Guys with Kids2012–13NBC
Go On2012–13NBCco-production with Open 4 Business Productions
Chicago Fire2012–presentNBCco-production with Wolf Films (2012-2019); Wolf Entertainment (2019-present)
Deception2013NBCco-production with BermanBraun
Ready for Love2013NBCco-production with Renegade 83 Entertainment and UnbeliEVAble Entertainment
Do No Harm2013NBCco-production with Open 4 Business Productions
Bates Motel2013–2016A&Eco-production with American Genre, Carlton Cuse Production, and Kerry Ehrin Productions
Camp2013NBCco-production with Matchbox Pictures, Selfish Mermaid and BermanBraun
Hollywood Game Night2013–presentNBCco-production with Hazy Mills Productions and Mission Control Media
Brooklyn Nine-Nine2013–presentFOX/NBCco-production with Dr. Goor Productions, Fremulon Productions and 3 Arts Entertainment
The Blacklist2013–presentNBCco-production with Sony Pictures Television and Davis Entertainment
Ironside2013NBCco-production with Grand Via Productions and Davis Entertainment. Revival of the 1968–75 series
Sean Saves the World2013–2014NBC/iTunesco-production with Hazy Mills Productions
Dracula2013–2014NBCco-production with Carnival Films
Chicago P.D.2014–presentNBCco-production with Wolf Films (2014-2019); Wolf Entertainment (2019-present)
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon2014–presentNBCco-production with Broadway Video
Late Night with Seth Meyers2014–presentNBCco-production with Broadway Video
About a Boy2014–2015NBCco-production with Working Title Television and Tribeca Productions. based on the 2002 film by Universal Pictures/StudioCanal
Growing Up Fisher2014NBCco-production with Aggregate Films and Next Thing You Know Productions
American Dream Builders2014NBC
Crossbones2014NBCco-production with P+M Image Nation
Food Fighters2014–2015NBCco-production with Electus
Bad Judge2014–2015NBCco-production with Gary Sanchez Productions
Mulaney2014–2015FOXco-production with 3 Arts Entertainment and Broadway Video
State of Affairs2014–2015NBCco-production with STX Entertainment
Allegiance2015NBCco-production with Matchbox Pictures
The Slap2015NBCco-production with Matchbox Pictures
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt2015–2019Netflixco-production with 3 Arts Entertainment and Little Stranger, Inc.
American Odyssey2015NBC
I Can Do That2015NBCco-production with Armoza Formats and Live Animals Productions
Mr. Robinson2015NBCco-production with 3 Arts Entertainment
The Carmichael Show2015–2017NBCco-production with 20th Century Fox Television, A24, Morningside Entertainment (pilot only), Stoller Global Solutions and Lunch Bag Snail Productions (episode 2 onwards)
Distributed in the USA by Disney–ABC Home Entertainment and Television Distribution
The Player2015NBCco-production with Sony Pictures Television and Davis Entertainment
Heroes Reborn2015–2016NBCminiseries; co-production with Tailwind Productions (episode 1 only); Imperative Entertainment (episode 2 onwards)
Truth Be Told2015NBCco-production with Will Packer Productions
Master of None2015–2017Netflixco-production with 3 Arts Entertainment
Chicago Med2015–presentNBCco-production with Wolf Films (2015-2019); Wolf Entertainment (2019-present)
Superstore2015–presentNBCco-production with Spitzer Holding Company and The District
Shades of Blue2016–2018NBCco-production with Nuyorican Productions, EGTV Productions, Ryan Seacrest Productions, Jack Orman Productions and ADI TV Studios
Crowded2016NBCco-production with Hazy Mills Productions and SamJen Productions
Heartbeat2016NBCco-production with P.D. Oliver, Inc., Molly Bloom Productions and Reveal Productions
Game of Silence2016NBCwith David Hudgins Productions, Carol Mendelsohn Productions, and Sony Pictures Television
The Path2016–2018Huluco-production with True Jack Productions and Refuge, Inc.
Maya & Marty2016NBCco-production with Broadway Video, 3 Arts Entertainment and Brillstein Entertainment Partners
Uncle Buck2016ABCco-production with Will Packer Productions, Unaccountable Freaks Productions and ABC Studios. based on the 1989 film of the same name by Universal Pictures and a remake of the 1990–91 series
The Good Place2016–presentNBCwith 3 Arts Entertainment and Fremulon
Timeless2016–2018NBCwith MiddKid Productions, Kripke Enterprises, Davis Entertainment and Sony Pictures Television
Pure Genius2016–2017CBSco-production with True Jack Productions and CBS Television Studios
Emerald City2017NBCco-production with Shaun Cassidy Productions, Oedipus Productions and Mount Moriah
The Blacklist: Redemption2017NBCwith Davis Entertainment, The Jo(h)ns and Sony Pictures Television
Taken2017–2018NBCco-production with FLW Films (season 1), Boomerang Productions, Matthew Gross Entertainment (season 2) and EuropaCorp Television US
based on the 2008 film and its sequels by EuropaCorp/20th Century Fox
Chicago Justice2017NBCco-production with Wolf Films
The Ollie & Moon Show2017–presentUniversal Kidsco-production with Frederation Kids and Family and Cottonwood Media
Great News2017–2018NBCco-production with 3 Arts Entertainment, and Little Stranger, Inc. Netflix distributed the series in selected international markets
Gypsy2017Netflixco-production with Working Title Television
Midnight, Texas2017–2018NBCco-production with Moorish Dignity Productions (season 1), Discord and Rhyme (season 2) and David Janollari Entertainment
Marlon2017–2018NBCco-production with Biycle Path Productions, Baby Way Productions and 3 Arts Entertainment. Netflix distributed the series in selected international markets
The Bold Type2017–presentFreeformco-production with The District, Sarah Watson Productions and Freeform Original Productions
The Brave2017–2018NBCco-production with Kesch Studios
Law & Order: True Crime2017–presentNBCco-production with Wolf Films
Wisdom of the Crowd2017–2018CBSco-production with Algorithm Entertainment, Kesch Studios, and CBS Television Studios
Distributed outside of the USA by CBS Studios International
A.P. Bio2018–presentNBC/Peacockco-production with Broadway Video, and Sethmaker Shoemeyer Productions
Good Girls2018–presentNBCco-production with Minnesota Logging Co. Netflix distributed the series in selected international markets
Champions2018NBCco-production with Kalling International, and 3 Arts Entertainment. Netflix distributed the series in selected international markets
Rise2018NBCco-production with True Jack Productions, and Seller/Suarez Productions
Reverie2018NBCco-production with Extant Storytech, Energy Entertainment, Cheap Theatrics Inc. (episode 2 onward) and Amblin Television
I Feel Bad2018NBCco-production with Paper Kite Productions, CannyLads Productions, Seemu! Inc. and 3 Arts Entertainment
Manifest2018–presentNBCco-production with Compari Entertainment, Jeff Rake Productions and Warner Bros. Television
Magnum P.I.2018–presentCBSco-production with 101st Street Entertainment, Perfect Storm Entertainment, Davis Entertainment, and CBS Television Studios. Remake of the 1980–1988 TV series
Distributed in the USA by CBS Television Distribution
New Amsterdam2018–presentNBCco-production with Pico Creek Productions and Mount Morah
FBI2018–presentCBSco-production with CBS Television Studios and Wolf Films (2018-2019); Wolf Entertainment (2019-present)
Distributed outside of the USA by CBS Studios International
Russian Doll2019–presentNetflixco-production with Paper Kite Productions, Jax Media and 3 Arts Entertainment
The Enemy Within2019NBCco-production with 82nd West
The Village2019NBCco-production with 6107 Productions
Abby's2019NBCco-production with Fremulon and 3 Arts Entertainment
The InBetween2019NBCco-production with Heyday Television and Look at My New Bag Productions
A Little Late with Lilly Singh2019–presentNBCco-production with Unicorn Island Productions
Four Weddings and a Funeral2019Huluco-production with MGM Television, Kalling International, 3 Arts Entertainment and Working Title Television. Based on the 1994 film of the same name by Polygram Filmed Entertainment/Gramercy Pictures
Bluff City Law2019NBCco-production with Dean Georgaris Entertainment/2.0 and David Janollari Entertainment
Perfect Harmony2019–presentNBCco-production with Hungry Mule Amusement Corp., Introvert Hangover Productions, Small Dog Picture Company and 20th Century Fox Television
Sunnyside2019NBC/NBC.comco-production with Panther Co., Fremulon and 3 Arts Entertainment
Almost Family2019–presentFOXco-production with True Jack Productions and FOX Entertainment
Fast & Furious: Spy RacersComing 2019Netflixcoo-production with Chris Morgan Productions, Original Film, One Race Films, Universal Animation Studios and DreamWorks Animation Television
Council of DadsComing 2020NBCco-production with Jerry Bruckheimer Television and Midwest Livestock Productions
The Kenan ShowNBCco-production with Broadway Video
Little AmericaApple TV+
Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt for the Bone CollectorNBCco-production with Sony Pictures Television and Keshet Studios. Based on the 1999 film The Bone Collector by Universal Pictures and Columbia Pictures
Distributed outside of the USA by Sony
Zoey's Extraordinary PlaylistNBCco-production with The Tannenbaum Company, Feigco Entertainment, Polygram Entertainment and Lionsgate Television
IndebtedNBCco-production with Sony Pictures Television and Doug Robinson Productions
DuncanvilleFOXco-production with Paper Kite Productions, 3 Arts Entertainment, Bento Box Entertainment and 20th Century Fox Television
FBI: Most WantedCBSco-production with Wolf Entertainment and CBS Television Studios
Distributed outside of the USA by CBS Studios International
The Baker and The BeautyABCco-production with Keshet International and ABC Studios. Co-distributed with Keshet International
Jurassic World: Camp CretaceousNetflixco-production with Amblin Television, Legendary Television, Universal Animation Studios and DreamWorks Animation Television
The Gilded AgeHBO/HBO Maxco-production with HBO Original Programming
Untitled Tina Fey/Robert Carlock projectTBANBCco-production with Little Stranger, Bevel Gears and 3 Arts Entertainment
Untitled True Lies TV Series[1][2]Disney+with Wonderland Sound and Vision and 20th Century Fox Television
Distributed outside of the USA by Disney–ABC Home Entertainment and Television Distribution
Amazing Stories[3]Apple TV+with Kitsis/Horowitz and Amblin Television

Revue Studios

Title Original run Network Notes
The Adventures of Kit Carson1951–1955Syndication
Schlitz Playhouse of Stars1951–1959CBSco-production with Meridian Productions
Biff Baker, U.S.A.1952–1953CBS
Meet Mr. McNutley1953–1955CBS
General Electric Theater1953–1962CBS
Studio 571954–1958DuMont/Syndication
Star Stage1955–1956NBC
Alfred Hitchcock Presents1955–1962CBS/NBCco-production with Shamley Productions
State Trooper1956–1959Syndication
Tales of Wells Fargo1957–1962NBCco-production with Overland Productions (seasons 1–5) and Juggernaut, Inc. (season 6)
Bachelor Father1957–1962CBS/NBC/ABCco-production with Bachelor Productions
Wagon Train1957–1965NBC/ABCSeason 1–6 produced by Revue Studios; Season 7–8 produced by Universal Television
M Squad1957–1960NBCco-production with Latimer Productions
The Restless Gun1957–1959NBCco-production with Window Glen Productions
Suspicion1957–1958NBCco-production with Shamley Productions
Leave It to Beaver1957–1963CBS/ABCco-production with Gomalco Productions (seasons 1–4) and Kayro Productions (seasons 5–6)
Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer1958–1959Syndication
Cimarron City1958–1959NBC
Johnny Staccato1959–1960NBC
Markham1959–1960CBSco-production with Markham Productions
The Deputy1959–1961NBCco-production with Top Gun Co.
Riverboat1959–1961NBCco-production with Meladre Co.
Shotgun Slade1959–1961CBS
Overland Trail1960NBC
The Tall Man1960–1962NBC
Bringing Up Buddy1960–1961CBSco-production with Kayro Productions
Alcoa Premiere1961–1963ABC
The Investigators1961CBS
Ichabod and Me1961–1962CBSco-production with Kayro-J&M Productions
The New Bob Cummings Show1961–1962CBS
Whispering Smith1961NBCco-production with Whispering Co.
87th Precinct1961–1962NBC
It's a Man's World1962–1963NBC
Wide Country1962–1963NBCco-production with Ralph Edwards Productions
Going My Way1962–1963ABCco-production with My Way Co.
McHale's Navy1962–1966ABCco-production with Sto-Rev Co.

Season 1 produced by Revue Studios; Season 2–4 produced by Universal Television

The Virginian1962–1971NBCSeason 1 produced by Revue Studios; Season 2–9 produced by Universal Television


Title Original run Network Notes
The Jack Benny Program1950–1965CBS/NBC1954–1965 produced by MCA Television
Dragnet1951–1959NBCdistribution only; produced by Mark VII Limited
Court Martial1966ATV/ABCco-production with ITC Entertainment and Roncom Films, Inc.
The Big Showdown1974–1975ABCco-production with Don Lipp Productions and Ron Greenberg Productions
That's Incredible!1980–1984ABCdistribution only; produced by Alan Landsburg Productions
Those Amazing Animals1980–1981ABCdistribution only; produced by Alan Landsburg Productions
Lewis & Clark1981–1982NBCco-production with Carson Productions
Gimme a Break!1981–1987NBCdistribution only; co-production with Alan Landsburg Productions (1981–1985); Reeves Entertainment Group (1985–1987)
Donkey Kong/Donkey Kong Jr.1983–1984CBSinternational distribution; produced by Ruby-Spears Productions
Foul-Ups, Bleeps & Blunders1984–1985ABCdistribution only; produced by Bob Booker Productions
Puttin' on the Hits1984–1988Syndicationdistribution only; produced by Chris Bearde Productions and Dick Clark Productions
Kate & Allie1984–1989CBSdistribution only; produced by Alan Landsburg Productions (1984–1985); Reeeves Entertainment Group (1985–1989)
FTV1985–1987Syndicationdistribution only; produced by Chris Bearde Productions
Airwolf1984–1987CBS, USA Networkco-production with Belisarius Productions (seasons 1–3) and Atlantis Films (season 4). MCA TV only produced the final season.
The Blinkins1986–1987Syndicationfour specials
Amen1986–1991NBCco-production with Carson Productions
Home Shopping Game1987Syndicationco-production with Home Shopping Network
Bionic Six1987–1989Syndicationco-production with TMS Entertainment
Out of This World1987–1991Syndicationdistribution only; produced by Bob Booker Productions
The Munsters Today1988–1991Syndicationco-production with The Arthur Company
My Secret Identity1988–1991CTV/Syndicationco-production with Sunrise Films and Scholastic Productions
The New Dragnet1989–1990Syndicationco-production with The Arthur Company
The New Lassie1989–1992Syndicationco-production with Al Burton Productions
Pictonary1989Syndicationco-production with Barry & Enright Productions. Mattel owns the copyright to Pictonary
The New Adam-121990–1991Syndicationco-production with The Arthur Company
Shades of L.A.1990–1991Syndicationdistribution only; produced by Papazian-Hirsch Entertainment
Dream On1990–1996HBOco-production with St. Clare Entertainment
Roggin's Heroes1991–1993Syndicationco-production with Jennon Productions and KNBC
Currently owned by Fred Roggin
Tequila and Bonetti1992CBSco-production with Belisarius Productions
The Suzanne Somers Show1994Syndication
Vanishing Son1995Syndicationco-production with Stu Segall Productions
American Gothic1995–1996CBSco-production with Renaissance Pictures


Title Original run Network Co-production with
The Krypton Factor 1981ABCAlan Landsburg Productions
Swamp Thing1990–1993USA Network
She-Wolf of London1990–1991SyndicationThe Finnegan/Pinchuk Company and HTV
They Came from Outer Space1990–1991SyndicationThe Finnegan/Pinchuk Company
Dream On1990–1996HBO/Fox
Fudge1995–1997ABC/CBSAmblin Television
Campus Cops1996USA NetworkChelsey Avenue Productions and St. Clare Entertainment

PolyGram Television/Universal Worldwide Television

Title Original run Network Notes
The Big Easy1996–1997USA Networkco-production with ITC Entertainment
The Crow: Stairway to Heaven1998–1999Syndicationco-production with Alliance Atlantis and Crescent Entertainment
Motown Live1998–1999Fox
Maisy1999–2001Nick Jr.Universal takes over the later episodes following the folding of PolyGram Television by Seagram.
Blind Date1999-2006Syndicationco-production with Gold Coast Television Entertainment
The 5th Wheel2001–2004Syndicationproduced by Bobwell Productions

Multimedia Entertainment

Title Original run Network Notes
The Phil Donahue Show/Donahue1970–1996Syndication
Young People's Specials1984–85Syndication
The $10,000 Pyramid1991Syndicationproduced by Stewart Tele Enterprises. Multimedia only handles distribution for season 2.
Rush Limbaugh: The Television Show1992–1996Syndication
The Dennis Prager Show1994–95Syndication
The Susan Powter Show1994–95Syndicationco-production with Katz-Rush Entertainment and Woody Fraser Productions

Studios USA/USA Cable Entertainment

Title Original run Network Notes
Calliope1978–1993USA Networkco-production with Buzzco Associates
USA Tuesday Night Fights1982–1998USA Network
The Sally Jessy Raphael Show / Sally1983–2002SyndicationPreviously produced by Multimedia Entertainment (until 1997) and Universal Television (1997–1998).
Commander USA's Groovie Movies1985–1989USA Network
USA Up All Night1989–1998USA Network
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys1995–1999Syndicationco-production with Renaissance Pictures. Previously produced by MCA TV (1995–1996) and Universal Television (1997–1998).
Xena: Warrior Princess1995–2001Syndicationco-production with Renaissance Pictures. Previously produced by MCA TV (1995–1997) and Universal Television (1997–1998).
Young Hercules1998–1999Fox Kidsco-production with Renaissance Pictures
Brother's Keeper1998–1999ABCco-production with Axelrod/Widdoes Entertainment and Donald Todd Productions
Turks1999CBSco-production with December 3 Productions
Happy Hour1999USA Network
Payne1999CBSco-production with Big Phone Productions and Port Street Films
G vs E1999–2000USA Network/Sci-Fico-production with Rockfish Films
Crossing Over with John Edward2001–2004SyndicationUSA only produced and handles distribution from 2001–2002.
Jack of All Trades2000Syndicationco-production with Renaissance Pictures
Cleopatra 25252000–2001Syndicationco-production with Renaissance Pictures
Cover Me2000–2001USA Networkco-production with Shaun Cassidy Productions and Panomore Productions
D.C.2000The WB
The Invisible Man2000–2002Sci-Fico-production with Stu Segall Productions
Manhattan, AZ2000USA Networkco-production with Bats Left Throws Left Productions
The War Next Door2000USA Networkco-production with Wellsville Films
The Huntress2000–2001USA Networkco-production with C.C. Lyons Productions and Chelsey Avenue Productions
Deadline2000–2001NBCco-production with Wolf Films
Arrest & Trial2000–2001Syndicationco-production with Mopo Entertainment and Wolf Films
Welcome to New York2000–2001CBSco-production with Worldwide Pants Incorporated, Crazy Canyon Productions, and CBS Productions
First Days2001NBCco-production with P.D. Oliver, Inc. and NBC Studios
Tremors2003Sci-Fibased on the 1990 film of the same name and its sequels by Universal Pictures
Peacemakers2003USA Network
Battlestar Galactica2003Sky One/Sci-Fiminiseries; co-production with David Eick Productions, R&D TV and British Sky Broadcasting
Touching Evil2004USA Network
Wonder Showzen2005–2006MTV2season 1 only; co-production with PFFR and MTV/MTV2 Music Group

Universal Television Alternative Studio

Title Network Original run Co-production with
Better Late Than Never2016–2018NBCStoryline Entertainment, CJ E&M and Small World International Format Television
The Wall2016–presentNBCGlassman Media and SpringHill Entertainment
World of Dance2017–presentNBCNuyorican Productions
Making It2018–presentNBCPaper Kite Productions
The Titan Games2019–presentNBCA. Smith & Co. Productions and Seven Bucks Productions
Songland2019-presentNBCLive Animals, Dave Stewart Entertainment, and 222 Productions
Bring the Funny2019–presentNBCJust for Laughs Television
The Awesome Showcoming TBANBCFish Ladder, MGM Television, and Brillstein Entertainment Partners

Universal Cartoon Studios/Universal Animation Studios

Title Original run Network Notes
Back to the Future1991–1992CBSco-production with Amblin Entertainment, BIG Pictures, Zaloom/Mayfield Productions. based on the 1985 film and its sequels by Universal Pictures.
Fievel's American Tails1992CBSco-production with Amblin Entertainment/Nelvana. based on the 1986 film An American Tail and its sequels by Universal Pictures
Problem Child1993–1994USA Networkco-production with D'Ocon Films Productions (Season 1) / Lacewood Productions (Season 2)
Monster Force1994Syndicationco-production with Lacewood Productions
Beethoven1994–1995CBSco-production with Northern Lights Entertainment. based on the 1992 film and its sequels by Universal Pictures
Earthworm Jim1995–1996Kids' WBco-production with Shiny Entertainment and Flextech Television Limited
Savage Dragon1995–1996USA Networkco-production with Lacewood Productions (season 1), Studio B Productions (season 2), and P3 Entertainment
The Spooktacular New Adventures of Casper1996–1998Fox Kidsco-production with Amblin Entertainment/The Harvey Entertainment Company. based on the 1995 film by Universal Pictures
Wing Commander Academy1996USA Networkbased on the video game franchise Wing Commander by Origin Systems/Electronic Arts
Vor-Tech: Undercover Conversion SquadSyndication
Happy Tree Friends1999–presentSyfyco-production with FlippyFilms, Working Title Films, Tree Friends Productions, Universal Animation Studios Syfy Animation and Universal Television
The Mummy2001–2003Kids' WBco-production with The Sommers Company, Rough Draft Studios and Sunwoo Entertainment. based on the 1999 film and its sequel by Universal Pictures
Curious George2006–2015PBSco-production with Imagine Entertainment and WGBH. based on the 2006 film by Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment
The Land Before Time2007–2008Cartoon Networkco-production with Amblin Entertainment. based on the 1988 film and its sequels by Universal Pictures
Woody Woodpecker (2018)2018–presentYouTubeco-production with Splash Studios and Universal 1440 Entertainment

NBC Studios

CBS Television Distribution currently distributes most of NBC's pre-1973 series. Most NBC programs made from 1973 to 2004 are distributed by NBCUniversal Television Distribution in the USA and MGM Worldwide Television Distribution outside of the USA with the exceptions of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, In the House (both are distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Television), World's Most Amazing Videos (distributed by Alfred Haber Distribution), Homicide: Life on the Street (which NBCU retains worldwide distribution rights; Fremantle also co-owns the copyright ownership with NBCU) and The Pretender (which NBCU owns international distribution and Disney-ABC Home Entertainment and Television Distribution handles distribution in the USA).

Title Original run Network Notes
Fireside Theatre1949–1958NBCco-production with General Television Enterprises, Hal Roach Studios and Lewman Productions/Revue Studios
Cameo Theatre1950–1955NBC
Victory at Sea1952–1953NBC
The Loretta Young Show1953–1961NBCco-production with Lewislor Films and Toreto Enterprises
Inner Sanctum1954–1955NBC
People are Funny1954–1960NBC
Big Town1955–1956NBC
The Great Gildersleeve1955–1956NBC
Tonight Starring Jack Paar1957–1962NBC
Continental Classroom1958–1963NBC
Fibber McGee and Molly1959–1960NBC
The Tab Hunter Show1960–1961NBCco-produced with Shunto Productions
The Americans1961NBC
Car 54, Where Are You?1961–1963NBCco-produced with Eupolis Productions
The Funny Manns1961–1963NBC
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson1962–1992NBCco-produced with Carson Productions (1980–1992)
Temple Houston1963–1964NBCco-produced with Warner Bros. Television and Apollo Productions
Kentucky Jones1964–1965NBC
Get Smart1965–1970NBC/CBSco-produced with Talent Associates and CBS Productions (season 5)
Animal Secrets1966–1967NBC
T.H.E. Cat1966–1967NBC
Captain Nice1967NBC
Accidental Family1967–1968NBCco-production with Sheldon Leonard Productions
The High Chaparral1967–1971NBCco-produced with Xanadu Productions
My Friend Tony1969NBCco-production with Sheldon Leonard Productions
My World and Welcome to It1969–1970NBCco-production with Sheldon Leonard Productions
Hot Dog1970–1971NBC
Make Your Own Kind of Music1971NBCco-production with Tomka Productions
The Tomorrow Show1973–1982NBC
Little House on the Prairie1974–1983NBCco-production with Ed Friendly Productions
Saturday Night Live1975–presentNBCco-production with Broadway Video. NBC only produced from 1975–1999; later produced as SNL Studios (1999–present)
Supertrain1979NBCco-production with Dan Curtis Productions
Father Murphy1981–1983NBC
Late Night with David Letterman1982–1993NBCco-production with Carson Productions and Space Age Meats Productions (1982–1990); Worldwide Pants Incorporated (1990–1993)
Rage of Angels1983NBCminiseries; co-production with Furia-Oringer Productions
Princess Daisy1983NBCminiseries; co-production with Steve Krantz Productions
Fatal Vision1984NBCminiseries
Hot Pursuit1984NBCco-production with Kenneth Johnson Productions
Punky Brewster1984–1988NBC/Syndication1984–1986 produced by NBC Productions; 1987–1988 produced by Columbia Pictures Television
It's Punky Brewster1985–1986NBCco-produced by Ruby-Spears Enterprises. Based on the series Punky Brewster
Sara1985NBCco-production with UBU Productions
Kissyfur1986–1990NBCco-production with DIC Entertainment and Saban International (season 2)
Rage of Angels: The Story Continues1986NBCminiseries; co-production with Furia-Oringer Productions
Favorite Son1988NBCminiseries
Hardball1989–1990NBCco-production with Columbia Pictures Television
Mancuso, F.B.I.1989–1990NBCco-production with Steve Sohmer Productions
True Blue1989–1990NBCco-production with Grosso-Jacobson Productions
Generations1989–1991NBCco-production with Old Forest Hill Productions
Saved by the Bell1989–1993NBCco-production with Peter Engel Productions
Blind Faith1990NBCminiseries
Shannon's Deal1990–1991NBC
Gravedale High1990–1991NBCco-production with Hanna-Barbera Productions
A Family for Joe1990NBCco-production with Grosso-Jacobson Productions
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air1990–1996NBCco-production with The Stuffed Dog Company, Quincy Jones Productions (1990–1993) (seasons 1–3) and Quincy Jones/David Salzman Entertainment (1993–1996) (seasons 4–6)
Guys Next Door1990–1991NBC
Lucky Chances1990NBCminiseries
Man of the People1991–1992NBCco-production with Neal and Gary Productions
Chip & Pepper's Cartoon Madness1991–1992NBCco-production with DIC Entertainment and Rainforest Entertainment
Double Up1992NBCco-production with Slam Dunk Productions
Here and Now1992–1993NBCco-production with SAH Productions, Inc.
Secret Service1992–1993NBCco-production with Grosso-Jacobson Productions and Skyvision Entertainment
Out All Night1992–1993NBCco-production with PAZ, Inc., Alan Haymon Productions and The Stuffed Dog Company
Name Your Adventure1992–1995NBC
California Dreams1992–1996NBCco-production with Peter Engel Productions
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno1992–2009; 2010–2014NBCco-production with Big Dog Productions. NBC only produced from 1992–2004.
Brains & Brawn1993NBC
Running the Halls1993NBCco-production with Steve Slavkin Productions
Saved by the Bell: The College Years1993–1994NBCco-production with Peter Engel Productions
Homicide: Life on the Street1993–1999NBCco-production with Baltimore Pictures and Reeves Entertainment. NBC Productions (1993–1996); NBC Studios (1996–1999)
Saved by the Bell: The New Class1993–2000NBCco-production with Peter Engel Productions. NBC Productions (1993–1996); NBC Studios (1996–2000)
Late Night with Conan O'Brien1993–2009NBCco-production with Broadway Video and Conaco. NBC only produced from 1993–2004.
Message from Nam1993NBCminiseries
The Martin Short Show1994NBCco-production with Dolshor Productions
Winnetka Road1994NBCco-production with Spelling Television
Family Album1994NBCminiseries
Amazing Grace1995NBC
JAG1995–2005NBC/CBSco-production with Belisarius Productions and Paramount Network Television. NBC only co-produces for the first season.
In the House1995–1999NBC/UPNco-production with Quincy Jones/David Salzman Entertainment and Warner Bros. Television (1999) (season 5). NBC Productions (1995–1996); NBC Studios (1996–1999)
Hang Time1995–2000NBCco-production with Peter Engel Productions (1997–2000). NBC Productions (1995–1996); NBC Studios (1996–2000)
The Single Guy1995–1997NBCco-production with Hall of Production and Castle Rock Entertainment. NBC Productions (1995–1996); NBC Studios (1996–1997)
The Pretender1996–2000NBCco-production with Mitchell/Van Sickle Productions, MTM Enterprises (1996–1997) (season 1) and 20th Century Fox Television (1997–2000) (seasons 2–4). International distribution only, the North American distribution to series is handled by Disney-ABC Home Entertainment and Television Distribution.
Profiler1996–2000NBCco-production with Three Putt Entertainment (1998–2000) (seasons 3–4) and Sander/Moses Productions (1996–1999) (seasons 1–3)
Mr. Rhodes1996–1997NBCco-production with Universal Television
Doomsday Virus1996NBCminiseries
The Tony Danza Show1997NBCco-production with Katie Face Productions, Kokoro Productions and Columbia TriStar Television
Union Square1997–1998NBCco-production with Barron/Pennette Productions and Three Sisters Entertainment
Sleepwalkers1997–1998NBCco-production with Columbia TriStar Television
Players1997–1998NBCco-production with Wolf Films and Universal Television
Working1997–1999NBCco-production with Davidoff/Rosenthal Productions
City Guys1997–2001NBCco-production with Peter Engel Productions
Sunset Beach1997–1999NBCco-production with Spelling Television
House Rules1998NBC
Conrad Bloom1998NBCco-production with Pennette Productions and Three Sisters Entertainment
One World1998–2001NBCco-production with Peter Engel Productions
Will & Grace1998–2006NBCco-production with KoMut Enteratinment and Three Sisters Entertainment. NBC only produced seasons 1–6.
Everything's Relative1999NBCco-production with Witt/Thomas Productions and Warner Bros. Television
Passions1999–2008NBC/The 101 NetworkNBC only produces from 1999–2004.
Cold Feet1999NBCco-production with Kerry Ehrin Productions and Granada Entertainment USA
The Mike O'Malley Show1999NBC
Providence1999–2002NBCco-production with John Masius Productions
World's Most Amazing Videos1999–2000; 2006–2008NBC/Spike TVco-production with Nash Entertainment
Twenty One2000NBCco-production with The Fred Silverman Company and The Gurin Company. Revival of the 1956–1958 game show by Jack Barry-Dan Enright Productions
The Others2000NBCco-production with Delusional Films and DreamWorks Television
God, the Devil and Bob2000NBC/Adult Swimco-production with Vanity Logo Productions for Carsey-Werner Productions
M.Y.O.B.2000NBCco-production with Charade Productions
Titans2000NBCco-production with Spelling Television
Tucker2000NBCco-production with Sudden Entertainment and Regency Television
DAG2000–2001NBCco-production with Gordon & Conn Productions and Double Wide Productions
Cursed/The Weber Show2000–2001NBCco-production with Artists Television Group and Captain Shadow And Steve
Just Deal2000–2002NBCco-production with Lynch Entertainment and GEP Productions
Ed2000–2004NBCco-production with Worldwide Pants Incorporated and Viacom Productions
Three Sisters2001–2002NBCco-production with Blackie and Blondie Productions
First Years2001NBCco-production with P.D. Oliver, Inc. and Studios USA Television
The Fighting Fitzgeralds2001NBCco-production with Artists Television Group, Irish Twins Productions and Mauretania Productions
The Downer Channel2001NBCco-production with Carsey-Werner Productions
All About Us2001NBCco-production with Peter Engel Productions
UC: Undercover2001–2002NBCco-production with Jersey Television, Chasing Time Pictures, Regency Television and 20th Century Fox Television
Inside Schwartz2001–2002NBCco-production with Stephen Engel Productions and 20th Television
Leap of Faith2002NBCco-production with Perkins Street Productions
The Rerun Show2002NBCco-production with David Salzman Enterprises, John Davies Enterprises, Inc. and Columbia TriStar Television
Boomtown2002–2003NBCco-production with Nemo Films and DreamWorks Television
In-Laws2002–2003NBCco-production with Grammnet Productions and Paramount Network Television
Dog Eat Dog2002–2003NBCco-production with BBC Worldwide Americas
Watching Ellie2002–2003NBCco-production with Hammond's Reef Productions
Hidden Hills2002–2003NBCco-production with Primarily Entertainment and Rude Mood Productions
American Dreams2002–2005NBCco-production with Once a Frog Productions, Dick Clark Productions and Universal Network Television. NBC only produced seasons 1–2.
America's Most Talented Kid2003–2005NBC/PAXNBC only produces the first season.
A.U.S.A.2003NBCco-production with Persons Unknown Productions and 20th Century Fox Television
Hunter2003NBCco-production with 20th Century Fox Television and Stu Segall Productions
Lost at Home2003ABCco-production with Michael Jacobs Productions and Touchstone Television
Mister Sterling2003NBCco-production with Lawrence O'Donnell, Jr. Productions and Universal Television
Kingpin2003NBCco-production with Knee Deep Productions and Spelling Television
Coupling2003NBCco-production with Reveille Productions, Hartswood Films and BBC Worldwide Americas
Whoopi2003–2004NBCco-production with One Ho Productions and Carsey-Werner-Mandabach Productions
The Tracy Morgan Show2003–2004NBCco-production with Broadway Video and Carsey-Werner-Manadbach Productions
Happy Family2003–2004NBCco-production with Guarascio/Port Productions
Average Joe2003–2005NBC
Las Vegas2003–2008NBCco-production with Gary Scott Thompson Productions and DreamWorks Television. NBC only produced season 1.
Come to Papa2004NBCco-production with Warner Bros. Television
Next Action Star2004NBCco-production with Warner Bros. Television, Silver Pictures Television, Brass Ring Productions and GRB Entertainment
Last NBC produced series before its merger with Universal

California National Productions

Most of California National Productions' series are currently distributed by CBS Television Distribution.

Title Original run Network Notes
The Adventures of Hiram Holliday1956–1957NBC
Boots and Saddles1957–1958Syndication
The Silent Service1957–1958Syndicationco-production with Twin Dolphin Productions, Inc.
Union Pacific1958–1959Syndication
Philip Marlowe1959–1960ABCco-production with Mark Goodson-Bill Todman Productions
Pony Express1959–1960Syndication
The Lawless Years1959–1961NBCco-production with Jack Chertok Television Productions
The Blue Angels1960–1961Syndication
The Jim Backus Show1960–1961Syndication

NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment Group

Title Original run Network Notes
Talk Soup1991–2002E!
E! True Hollywood Story1996–2014E!
Celebrity Profile1997–2001E!
Wild On!1997–2003E!
Mysteries and Scandals1998–2001E!
Bravo Profiles2000–2002Bravo
The Look for Less2001–2003Style
Revealed with Jules Asner2001–2003E!
Game On2002G4
Judgment Day2002–2006G4
The Anna Nicole Show2002–2004E!
Star Dates2002–2003E!
The Michael Essany Show2003–2004E!
Celebrities Uncensored2003–2004E!
Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?2003–2010Style
Clean House2003–2011Style
The Soup2004–2015E!
How Do I Look?2004–2012Styleco-production with Left-Right Productions
Dr. 902102004–2008E!
The Gastineau Girls2005–2006E!
Keeping Up with the Kardashians2007–presentE!co-production with Ryan Seacrest Productions and Bunim/Murray Productions
The Block2007–2008G4
The Little Dega Show2008–presentSproutproduction by The Boj & Dega Company/HIT Entertainment
Ruby2008–2012Styleco-production with Gay Rosenthal Productions
Giuliana and Bill2009–2014Style
co-production with Wilshire Studios and You & I Productions
Kourtney and Kim Take Miami2009–2013E!co-production with Ryan Seacrest Productions and Bunim/Murray Productions
Jerseylicious2010–2014Styleco-production with Endemol USA
Noodle and Doodle2010–2013Sproutproduced by Enthusiastic Productions/Grooters Productions
Fashion Police2010–2017E!
Kourtney and Kim Take New York2011–2012E!co-production with Ryan Seacrest Productions and Bunim/Murray Productions
After Lately2011–2013E!co-production with Borderline Amazing Productions
Khloé & Lamar2011–2012E!co-production with Ryan Seacrest Productions and Bunim/Murray Productions
Ice Loves Coco2011–2013E!
Big Rich Texas2011–2013Styleco-production with Fly on the Wall Productions
Glam Fairy2011–2012Styleco-production with Endemol USA
Mrs. Eastwood & Company2012E!co-production with Bunim/Murray Productions
Chicagolicious2012–2013Styleco-production with Endemol USA
Opening Act2012E!co-production with Nigel Lythgoe Productions
Married to Jonas2012–2013E!co-production with Ryan Seacrest Productions
The Chica Show2012–2014Sprout
Chasing the Saturdays2013E!
Playing with Fire2013E!co-production with Atlas Media Corporation
What Would Ryan Lochte Do?2013E!co-production with Intuitive Entertainment and Wright Entertainment and Sports
The Wanted Life2013E!co-production with Global TV UK, Ryan Seacrest Productions and SB Productions
Total Divas2013–presentE!co-production with Bunim/Murray Productions and WWE
Knife Fight2013–2015Esquire Networkco-production with Flower Films and Authentic Entertainment
The Getaway2013–2014Esquire Networkco-production with Zero Point Zero Production
Eric & Jessie: Game On2013–2014
Killer Contact2013Syfyco-production with Pilgrim Films and Television
Party On2013–2014E!
Rich Kids of Beverly Hills2014–2016E!co-production with ITV Studios America, Gennfier Gardiner TV and Leepson Bounds Entertainment
Escape Club2014E!
Botched2014–presentE!co-production with Evolution Media
Christina Milian Turned Up2015–2016E!co-production with Banca Studio, G3 Production and Lionsgate Television
Good Work2015E!co-production with World of Wonder

Universal Content Productions

Formerly known as Universal Cable Productions until 2019.

Title Network Original running Notes
Law & Order: Criminal IntentNBC/USA2001–2011with Wolf Films. Previously produced by Studios USA (2001–2002), Universal Television (2002–2004), and NBC Universal Television Studio/Universal Media Studios (2004–2008).
MonkUSA2002–2009with Mandeville Films and Touchstone Television. Previously produced by USA Cable Entertainment (2002-2004) and NBC Universal Television Studio/Universal Media Studios (2004–2008).
PsychUSA2006–2014with Pacific Mountain Productions and Tagline Television. Previously produced by NBC Universal Television Studio/Universal Media Studios (2006–2008).
EurekaSyfy2006–2012Previously produced by NBC Universal Television Studio/Universal Media Studios (2006–2008).
In Plain SightUSA2008–12with Pirates' Cove Entertainment, Tiny Clambake Productions, McNamara Paper Products and Frontier Pictures
Royal PainsUSA2009–16with 34 Films, Prospect Park and Open 4 Business Productions
Warehouse 13Syfy2009–14
Covert AffairsUSA2010–14with Corman Ord and Hypnotic Films & Television
Being HumanSyfy2011–2014with Muse Entertainment Enterprises. UCP replaced Zodiak Media as the co-production company for the International release of the show's fourth season.
Fairly LegalUSA2011–12with Steve Stark Productions, Garfield St. Productions, and Ocko & Company
SuitsUSA2011–19with Untitled Korsh Company and Hypnotic Films & Television
Necessary RoughnessUSA2011–13with Still Married Productions and Sony Pictures Television. Domestic distribution only, International distribution to the series is been held by Sony.
AlphasSyfy2011–12with BermanBraun
Against the WallLifetime2011with Paid My Dues Productions and Open 4 Business Productions
I Just Want My Pants BackMTV2011–12with Hypnotic
DefianceSyfy2013–15with Five & Dime Productions
Playing HouseUSA2014–17with A24 Films, Parham St. Clair Productions and Open 4 Business Productions
SatisfactionUSA2014–15with Krasnoff/Foster Entertainment, Rhythm Arts Entertainment and Working Title Television
DominionSyfy2014–15with FanFare Productions, Film Afrika, Bold Films, and Sony Pictures Television. based on the 2010 film Legion by Sony Pictures
AscensionSyfy2014with Sea-to-Sky, Levens, Blumhouse Productions, and Lionsgate Television
Girlfriends' Guide to DivorceBravo2014–18with Tiny Pyro Productions
12 MonkeysSyfy2015-2017with Atlas Entertainment. based on the 1995 film by Universal Pictures.
DigUSA2015with Tailwind Productions, G. Raff Productions, The Jackal Group and Keshet Media Group
The RoyalsE!2015-2018with Mastermind Laboratories, Varsity Pictures, and Lionsgate Television
KilljoysSyfy2015-2019with Mendacity Pictures, Bell Media and Temple Street Productions. UCP only handles the International release of the series.
Mr. RobotUSA2015-2019with Anonymous Content and Esmail Corp
Difficult PeopleHulu2015-2017with Paper Kite Productions, 3 Arts Entertainment and Jax Media
Childhood's EndSyfy2015miniseries; with Michael De Luca Productions and Weed Road Productions
The MagiciansSyfy2015 onwardswith McNamara Moving Company, Man Sewing Dinosaur, and Groundswell Productions
ColonyUSA2016–17with Carlton Cuse Productions and Legendary Television
HuntersSyfy2016with Valhalla Entertainment
Queen of the SouthUSA2016 onwardswith Frequency Films, Friendly Films, Skeeter Rosenbaum Productions, and Fox 21 Television Studios
2016 onwardswith Harmonious Claptrap and Starburns Industries
AftermathSyfy2016with Halfire Entertainment and Bell Media. UCP only handles the International release of the series.
Channel ZeroSyfy2016-18with Eat the Cat and UTMK Limited (seasons 1–2)
EyewitnessUSA2016with Adi TV Studios
ShooterUSA2016-18with di Bonaventura Pictures, Leverage Entertainment, Closest to the Hole Productions and Paramount Television. based on the 2007 film by Paramount Pictures
IncorporatedSyfy2016with Pearl Street Films and CBS Television Studios
Falling WaterUSA2016–17with Valhalla Entertainment
Happy!Syfy2017 onwardsco-production with Original Film Television and Sony Pictures Television. Netflix distributed the series in selected international markets
The SinnerUSA2017 onwardswith Iron Ocean
DamnationUSA2017-18with Entertainment 360, Netflix and Sigma Films
The PurgeUSA2018 onwardswith Blumhouse Television and Platinum Dunes, based on the 2012 film and its sequels by Universal Pictures
ImpulseYouTube Premium2018 onwardswith Hypnotic
Dirty JohnBravo2018 onwardswith Atlas Entertainment
HomecomingAmazon Prime2018 onwardswith Amazon Studios, Anonymous Content, Esmail Corp., Gimlet Media, Red Om Films, and We Here At
Deadly ClassSyfy2019with Gozie ABCO, Chipmunk Hill, Getaway Entertainment and Sony Pictures Television
The Umbrella AcademyNetflix2019 onwardswith Borderline Entertainment and Dark Horse Entertainment
The ActHulu2019with Eat The Cat and Writ Large
PearsonUSA2019with Untitled Kosch Company, Hypnotic Films & Television and Major Migraine, Inc.
TreadstoneUSA2019 onwardswith Captivate Entertainment and Imperative Entertainment
BriarpatchUSA2019 onwardswith Anoymous Content, Esmail Corp., and Paramount Television
Dare MeUSAwith Film 44; upcoming
The Von Bulow Affair[4]Investigation DiscoveryTBABased on the William Wright book of the same name

NBCUniversal News Group

NBC News

NBCUniversal Television Distribution

Title Original run Network Notes
On The Money1970–presentCNBC/Syndicationformerly as The Wall Street Journal Report (1970–2013)
The Kids From C.A.P.E.R.1976–1977NBC
In Search of...1977–1982; 2002Syndication/Syfy
The Jerry Springer Show1991–2018SyndicationPreviously produced by Multimedia Entertainment (1991–1997), Universal Television (1997–1998, 2002–2004), and Studios USA (1998–2002)
Maury1991–presentSyndicationproduced by Mopo Productions (1991–present) and Faulhaber Media (2009–present). NBCU took control of the distribution of the series beginning in 1998, taking over from Paramount Domestic Television.
Access Hollywood1996–presentSyndicationco-distributed with 20th Television (1997–1999) and Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution (1999–2001)
USA High1997–1999USA Networkco-production with Peter Engel Productions and Rysher Entertainment
Malibu, CA1998–2000Syndicationco-produced by Peter Engel Productions and Tribune Entertainment
Crossing Over with John Edward1999–2004Syndication
Blind Date1999-2006Syndicationco-production with Gold Coast Television Entertainment
Arrest & Trial2000–2001Syndicationco-production with Wolf Films
Fear Factor2001–2006; 2011NBCDistribution for off-network syndication only; produced by Pulse Creative, Evolution Media (season 1) and Endemol USA.
Weakest Link2001–2003NBC/SyndicationDistribution only; produced by Laurelwood Entertainment (first episodes), The Gurin Company (later episodes) and BBC Worldwide Americas.
The 5th Wheel2001–2004Syndicationproduced by Bobwell Productions
The Other Half2001–2003Syndication
The Chris Matthews Show2002–2013Syndication
The John Walsh Show2002–2004Syndication
Starting Over2003–2006Syndicationco-production with Bunim/Murray Productions
The Jane Pauley Show2004–2005Syndication
Your Total Health2004–2008Syndication
The Biggest Loser2004–2016NBCproduced by 3 Ball Productions (2004–2012), 25/7 Productions and Reveille Productions/Shine America/Endemol Shine North America
Deal or No Deal2005–2010NBC/Syndicationproduced by Endemol Shine North America
Martha2005–2012Syndication/The Hallmark Channelproduced by Martha Stewart Living Ommimedia
Distributed outside of the USA by Fremantle International
The Megan Mullally Show2006–2007Syndication
1 vs. 1002006–2008NBCproduced by Endemol Shine North America
The Steve Wilkos Show2007–presentSyndicationproduced by Stamford Media Center Productions
Lyons & Bailes Reel Talk2007–2009Syndication
The Starter Wife2008USA Network
The Brian McKnight Show2009–2010Syndication
American Ninja Warrior2009–presentNBC/G4/Esquire Network/USA NetworkDistribution only; produced by A. Smith and Co., Lake Paradise Entertainment (2009–2013) and Tokyo Broadcasting System
Access Daily2010–presentSyndication
Mrs. Brown's Boys2011–presentRTÉ/BBCco-production with BBC Scotland, BOC-PIX and RTÉ
Distributed outside of North America by BBC Worldwide
America's Next Great Restaurant2011NBCco-production with Magical Elves, Inc.
Steve Harvey2012–2017Syndicationproduced by Endemol USA (2012–2014); Endemol Shine North America (2014–2017)
Stars Earn Stripes2012NBCproduced by One Three Media, Wolf Reality LLC and Bill's Market & Television Productions
Trisha2012–2014Syndicationproduced by Faulhaber Media
Motive2013–2016CTV/ABC/USA Networkdistribution only; produced by Foundation Features, Lark Productions and Bell Media
The Meredith Vieira Show2014–2016Syndicationco-production with Meredith Vieira Productions
Crazy Talk2015–2016Syndicationproduced by Faulhaber Media
The Expanse2015–presentSyfy/Amazon Prime Videoproduced by Penguin in a Parka, SeanDanielCo, and Alcon Entertainment
Harry2016–2018Syndicationco-production with HC Productions
Dateline2017–presentNBCre-cuts of true crime episodes for syndication
Steve2017–2019Syndicationco-production with WME-IMG
Papaya Bull2017–presentNickelodeon Brazilas NBCUniversal International Distribution; co-production with Boutique Filmes and Ancine
The Kelly Clarkson Show2019–presentSyndication
Judge Jerry2019–presentSyndication
All Access2019–presentSyndication

Working Title Television

Title Original run Network Notes
The Baldy Man1995–1998ITVco-production with Central Independent Television
Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased)2000–2001BBC One
The Tudors2007–2010Showtime/CBCInternational distribution only with Sony Pictures Television, co-production with Reveille Eire, Octagon Films and Peace Arch Entertainment
Love Bites2011NBCco-production with Loud Blouse Productions and Universal Media Studios
True Love2012BBC
Yonderland2013–2016Sky 1
About a Boy2014–2015NBCco-production with Tribeca Productions and Universal Television. based on the 2002 film by Universal Pictures/StudioCanal
You, Me and the Apocalypse2015Sky 1/NBCco-production with BigBalls Films, British Sky Broadcasting and NBCUniversal International Studio
Gypsy2017Netflixco-production with Universal Television
Hanna2019–presentAmazon Videoco-production with Amazon Studios, Tomorrow Studios, Focus Features and NBCUniversal International Studios. Based on the 2011 film of the same name by Focus Features
Four Weddings and a Funeral2019Huluco-production with MGM Television, Kalling International, 3 Arts Entertainment and Universal Television. Based on the 1994 film of the same name by Polygram Filmed Entertainment/Gramercy Pictures

Matchbox Pictures

Carnival Films

DreamWorks Animation

Television specials

Universal Television

Airdate Title Network Notes
March 28, 1998Barney's First AdventuresFox Kidsco-production with Gold Coast Television Entertainment and Lyrick Studios. based on the 1998 film Barney's Great Adventure by PolyGram Films. Mattel Creations owns the copyright to the Barney characters.
December 5, 2013The Sound of Music Live!NBCco-production with Sony Pictures Television. Based on the musical of same name by Rodgers & Hammerstein
December 4, 2014Peter Pan Live!NBCco-production with Sony Pictures Television. based on the 1954 musical of the same name by Jerome Robbins and an remake of the 1955, 1956 and 1960 live musical broadcasts by NBC
December 3, 2015The Wiz Live!NBCco-production with Sony Pictures Television and Cirque du Soleil. based on the 1978 film by Universal Pictures
December 14, 2015Adele Live in New York CityNBC
February 21, 2016Must See TV: A Tribute to James BurrowsNBC
December 7, 2016Hairspray Live!NBCco-production with Warner Bros. Television, New Line Cinema, Storyline Entertainment and Sony Pictures Television. based on the 1988 film and the 2007 remake by Warner Bros. Pictures/New Line Cinema
February 19, 2017The Paley Center Salutes NBC's 90th AnniversaryNBC
April 1, 2018Jesus Christ Superstar Live in ConcertNBCco-production with Sony Pictures Television, Storyline Entertainment and Marc Platt Productions. based on the stage musical of the same name produced by Really Useful Group and the 1973 film of the same name by Universal Pictures
September 17, 201870th Primetime Emmy AwardsNBCco-production with Done and Dusted, Broadway Video and Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
October 29, 2018A Very Wicked Halloween: Celebrating 15 Years on BroadwayNBCco-production with Marc Platt Productions and White Cherry Entertainment

Universal Television Alternative Studio

Airdate Title Network Notes
February 17, 2019Elvis' 1968 Special's 50th Anniversary (All Star Tribute)NBCco-production with AEG/Ehrlich Productions and Authentic Brands Group
Distributed outside the USA by Alfred Haber Distribution

NBC Studios

Airdate Title Network Notes
December 24, 1955Babes in ToylandNBC
January 17, 1972The Bob Hope Vietnam Christmas ShowNBC
February 15, 1981Women Who Rate a 10NBC
May 12, 1986NBC's 60th Anniversary CelebrationNBC
November 24, 1995TV's Funniest Friends & NeighborsNBCco-production with Big Daddy Productions
April 27, 1998The World's Most Dangerous MagicNBC
February 17, 1999Confirmation: The Hard Evidence of Aliens Among Us?NBC
May 2, 1999The World's Most Dangerous Magic 2NBC
September 23, 200150 Years of NBC Late NightNBC
May 5, 2002NBC 75th Anniversary SpecialNBC
April 23, 2003Secrets of the Psychics RevealedNBCco-production with Nash Entertainment and Don Weiner Productions. Distributed internationally by Alfred Haber Distribution
November 27, 2003Harry for the HolidaysNBC

DreamWorks Animation

Television movies

Universal Television

Airdate Title Network
October 7, 1964See How They RunNBC
March 13, 1974The Execution of Private SlovikNBC
October 2, 1977Just a Little InconvenienceNBC
March 7, 1980Brave New World (1980 film)NBC
February 27, 1981The Munsters' RevengeNBC
April 7, 1986AnnihilatorNBC
May 14, 1996Doctor Who the MovieFOX
July 16, 1997DaughtersLifetime
April 19, 1998Brave New World (1998 film)NBC
October 31, 1999Anya's BellCBS
August 26, 2000The Last of the Blonde BombshellsHBO
May 16, 2003The Celebrity Look-Alike ShowThe WB
November 30, 2003Stealing ChristmasUSA Network
December 5, 2014How Murray Saved ChristmasNBC

NBC Studios

Airdate Title Network
November 23, 1974Cotton Club '75NBC
January 17, 1983Wait till Your Mother Gets Home!NBC
November 11, 1985An Early FrostNBC
December 12, 1988I'll Be Home for ChristmasNBC
January 22–23, 1989Brotherhood of the RoseNBC
March 6, 1989Those She Left BehindNBC
May 15, 1989Roe vs. WadeNBC
April 29, 1990Fall from GraceNBC
October 15, 1990KaleidoscopeNBC
October 16, 1990Fine ThingsNBC
April 1, 1991ChangesNBC
October 21, 1991Danielle Steel's 'Palomino'NBC
February 16, 1992In the Best Interest of the ChildrenNBC
April 6, 1992SecretsNBC
May 17/19, 1992Cruel DoubtNBC
September 20, 1992Danger IslandNBC
November 27, 1992Saved by the Bell: Hawaiian StyleNBC
February 8, 1993HeartbeatNBC
September 20, 1993Danielle Steel's StarNBC
November 28, 1993Bonanza: The ReturnNBC
February 15, 1994Once in a LifetimeNBC
April 18, 1994A Time to HealNBC
October 7, 1994Saved by the Bell: Wedding in Las VegasNBC
January 15, 1995Bonanza: Under AttackNBC
November 6, 1995She Fought AloneNBC
November 12, 1995Her Hidden TruthNBC
December 11, 1995Mixed BlessingsNBC
January 1, 1996No Greater LoveNBC
February 25, 1996Seduced by MadnessNBC
September 16, 1996Sweet DreamsNBC
January 20, 1997Friends 'Til the EndNBC
February 16–17, 1997AsteroidNBC
March 9, 1997Murder Live!NBC
March 17, 1997Born Into ExileNBC
April 7, 1997Killing Mr. GriffinNBC
April 22, 1997Sleeping with the DevilCBS
September 8, 1997Perfect BodyNBC
September 28, 1997ClonedNBC
March 22, 1998I've Been Waiting for YouNBC
May 10–11, 1998Witness to the MobNBC
October 11, 1998Crime and PunishmentNBC
January 4, 1999The Wrong GirlNBC
February 1, 1999Vanished Without a TraceNBC
February 7–8, 1999The '60sNBC
March 28, 1999MutinyNBC
May 16–17, 1999Atomic TrainNBC
May 23, 1999The Jesse Ventura StoryNBC
August 3, 1999The PromiseNBC
August 29, 1999Cruel JusticeNBC
October 3, 1999Road RageNBC
October 10, 1999A Touch of HopeNBC
November 21, 1999Countdown to ChaosNBC
January 9, 2000The David Cassidy StoryNBC
February 13, 2000Homicide: The MovieNBC
April 30, 2000The '70sNBC
December 3, 2000In His Life: The John Lennon StoryNBC
December 10, 2000Livin' for Love: The Natalie Cole StoryNBC
April 1, 2001Semper FiNBC
May 6, 2001The JudgeNBC
May 20, 2001SubmergedNBC
August 12, 2001Dying to DanceNBC
November 29, 2002It's A Very Merry Muppet Christmas MovieNBC
July 12, 2003Critical AssemblyNBC
November 9, 2003Saving Jessica LynchNBC

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