List of Turkish sports clubs by foundation dates

Football was introduced to the Ottoman Empire by English men living in the area. The first matches took place in Selanik, now known as Thessaloniki, in 1875. F.C. Smyrna was the first football club established in Turkey. The same men brought football from İzmir to Istanbul in 1895. The first competitive matches between İzmir and Istanbul clubs took place in 1897, 1898, 1899, and 1904. The İzmir team won every match.[1]

List of Turkish Sports Clubs by Foundation Dates

YearHome townClubNotes
1875IstanbulHermes ACAC1923 renamed Peraclub, but disbanded; new foundation in Greece as PAOK
1890IzmirOrpheus MSCmoved 1922 to Athens, Greece, as Panionios G.S.S.
1891IzmirApollon Smyrnimoved 1922 to Athens, Greece, as GS Apollon Smyrnis
1894IzmirSmyrna FCDissolved
1896IstanbulKurtuluş SKFounded as "Tatavla Heraklis", oldest still existing Turkish sports club.[2]
1899IstanbulCadi-Keuy FCDissolved 1912
1901IstanbulBlack Stockings FCDissolved 1901
1903IstanbulBeşiktaş JKFootball section in 1911
1903IstanbulModa FCDissolved 1910
1904IstanbulElpis FCDissolved 1910
1904IstanbulHMS Imogene FCDissolved 1909
1905IstanbulGalatasaray SKTurkish club with the oldest football team
1907IstanbulFenerbahçe SK
1907IstanbulÜsküdar Anadolu SK
1908IstanbulBeykoz 1908 S.K.D.
1908IstanbulVefa SK
1908IstanbulUnion Club FCDissolved
1908IstanbulStrugglers FCDissolved 1913
1909IstanbulAltınordu İdman Yurdu SKFounded as Galatasaray B team under the name Progres FC. Changed name in 1914. Dissolved 1926
1910AnkaraMKE Ankaragücü SKFounded in istanbul and moved to Ankara in 1920
1910IstanbulArmstrong-Vickers FCDissolved 1914
1910IstanbulTürk İdman Ocağı SKDissolved 1915
1911IstanbulRumblers FCDissolved
1911IstanbulKüçükçekmece SKFounded as Süleymaniye Sirkeci
1911IstanbulBeylerbeyi SK
1912IstanbulHilal SK
1912IzmirKarşıyaka SK
1912IstanbulTelefoncular FCDissolved 1914
1913IstanbulAnadolu Hisarı İdman Yurdu SK
1913IstanbulTürk Gücü SK13 March 1913
1913IstanbulOSG MaccabiDissolved late 1930s
1914IzmirAltay SK
1914IstanbulNişantaşı SK
1914IstanbulBeyoğlusporFounded as Pera SK
1914IstanbulDarüşşafaka SK
1915Izmirİzmir İdman Yurdu SK
1921IstanbulKasımpaşa SKFounded as Altıntuğ
1922KonyaKonyasporFounded as Konya Gençlerbirliği
1923AnkaraGençlerbirliği S.K.
1925IzmirGöztepe S.K.
1926Istanbulİstanbulspor A.Ş.Founded on July 23rd, 1913 as Makriköy İdman Yurdu,
changed name to İstanbul Spor Kulübü in 1925 and merged with Istanbul High School in 1926.
1926IstanbulFatih Karagümrük SKFounded as Karagümrük İdman Yurdu
1927IstanbulFeriköy SK
1930AnkaraAnkara Demirspor
1930EskişehirEskişehir Demirspor


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