List of Turkish regions by Human Development Index

This is a list of Turkish NUTS1 statistical regions by Human Development Index as of 2018 with data for the Year 2017.[1]

Very High Human Development
RankRegion2017 HDIComparable country
1West Anatolia0.841 Chile
2West Marmara0.818 Russia
3Istanbul0.812 Bulgaria
4East Marmara0.811 Romania
High Human Development
5Aegean0.798 Iran
6West Black Sea0.791 Mauritius
 Turkey 0.791  Mauritius
7Central Anatolia0.790 Mauritius
8Mediterranean0.779 Georgia
9East Black Sea0.772 Sri Lanka
10Central East Anatolia0.740 Mongolia
11Southeast Anatolia0.737 Dominican Republic
12Northeast Anatolia0.726 Tonga

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