List of Tobis Film films

The German production and distribution company Tobis Film operated between 1929 and 1945. It was one of the four biggest German studios of this period along with Bavaria Film, Terra Film and UFA. Although the company ceased production following the collapse of Nazi Germany and the country's occupation by the Allies, several previously unreleased Tobis films were distributed in the postwar era.

The list does not included foreign-language films produced by Tobis as Multiple-language versions of their German works. A number of Tobis Film's were handled by the subsidiary distributors Rota Film, Europa Film and Neue Deutsch Lichtspiel-Syndikat.


Release date Title Director Notes
September 1929Land Without WomenCarmine GalloneProduced by Felsom Film


Release date Title Director Notes
August 1930The Cabinet of Doctor LarifariRobert Wohlmuth
January 1931Different MoralsGerhard Lamprecht
February 1931The Threepenny OperaGeorg Wilhelm Pabst
December 1931The Night Without PauseAndrew Marton
December 1931The Trunks of Mr. O.F.Andrew Marton
February 1932A Tremendously Rich ManAlexis Granowsky
March 1932Here's BerlinJulien DuvivierCo-production with France
September 1932I Do Not Want to Know Who You AreGéza von Bolváry
November 1932Madame Makes Her ExitWilhelm Thiele
November 1932The Secret of Johann OrthWilli Wolff
January 1933Madame Wants No ChildrenHans SteinhoffCo-production with Austria
February 1933The Big BluffGeorg Jacoby
May 1933Tell Me Who You AreGeorg Jacoby
October 1933Dream of the RhineHerbert Selpin
November 1933The Judas of TyrolFranz Osten
March 1934The World Without a MaskHarry Piel
July 1934PaganiniE. W. Emo
August 1934The Daring SwimmerGeorg Jacoby
August 1934Music in the BloodErich Waschneck
September 1934The Cousin from NowhereGeorg Zoch
September 1934Heinz in the MoonRobert A. Stemmle
November 1934Love Conquers AllGeorg Zoch
January 1935The Old and the Young KingHans Steinhoff
January 1935Peter, Paul and NanetteErich Engels
January 1935Sergeant SchwenkeCarl Froelich
March 1935Demon of the HimalayasAndrew MartonCo-production with Switzerland
August 1935The Private Life of Louis XIVCarl Froelich
August 1935The Blonde CarmenVictor Janson
September 1935The Bird SellerE. W. Emo
September 1935If It Were Not for MusicCarmine Gallone
September 1935The Valiant NavigatorHans Deppe
October 1935I Was Jack MortimerCarl Froelich
October 1935Lady Windermere's FanHeinz Hilpert
November 1935MazurkaWilli Forst
November 1935VictoriaCarl Hoffmann
December 1935The Student of PragueArthur Robison
December 1935Trouble BackstairsVeit Harlan
January 1936The DreamerCarl Froelich
February 1936Across the DesertJohann Alexander Hübler-Kahla
February 1936The Czar's CourierRichard Eichberg
May 1936Family ParadeFritz Wendhausen
July 1936Der Kaiser von KalifornienLuis Trenker
August 1936The Castle in FlandersGéza von Bolváry
August 1936Three Girls for SchubertE.W. Emo
September 1936EscapadeErich Waschneck
October 1936If We All Were AngelsCarl Froelich
October 1936Maria the MaidVeit Harlan
October 1936Where the Lark SingsCarl Lamac
October 1936A Woman of No ImportanceHans Steinhoff
November 1936The Violet of Potsdamer PlatzJohann Alexander Hübler-Kahla
December 1936Susanne in the BathJürgen von Alten
January 1937TruxaHans H. Zerlett
February 1937Fridericus Johannes Meyer
March 1937The Divine JettaErich Waschneck
April 1937Such Great FoolishnessCarl Froelich
June 1937Land of LoveReinhold Schünzel
August 1937Crooks in TailsJohannes Riemann
August 1937Love Can LieHeinz Helbig
October 1937The Broken JugGustav Ucicky
October 1937The Irresistible ManGéza von Bolváry
October 1937The Coral PrincessVictor Janson
October 1937The Model HusbandWolfgang Liebeneiner
November 1937Another WorldAlfred StögerCo-production with France
December 1937Mother SongCarmine Gallone
January 1938The Roundabouts of Handsome KarlCarl Froelich
February 1938Adventure in WarsawCarl BoeseCo-production with Poland
February 1938The Marriage SwindlerHerbert Selpin
March 1938The Stars ShineHans H. Zerlett
March 1938YvetteWolfgang Liebeneiner
April 1938The Great and the Little LoveJosef von Báky
August 1938Covered TracksVeit Harlan
September 1938The GamblerGerhard Lamprecht
November 1938Napoleon Is to Blame for EverythingCurt Goetz
December 1938Sergeant BerryHerbert Selpin
February 1939Bel AmiWilli Forst
July 1939Robert and BertramHans Heinz Zerlett
August 1939Renate in the QuartetPaul Verhoeven
August 1939The ScoundrelHans Deppe
August 1939Wibbel the TailorViktor de Kowa
September 1939Robert KochHans Steinhoff
October 1939D III 88Herbert Maisch
November 1939The Journey to TilsitVeit Harlan
December 1939We Danced Around the WorldKarl Anton
December 1939The Singing GateJohannes Meyer


Release date Title Director Notes
March 1940The Star of RioKarl Anton
April 1940The Fox of GlenarvonMax W. Kimmich
August 1940The Three CodonasArthur Maria Rabenalt
August 1940The Vulture WallyHans Steinhoff
September 1940Falstaff in ViennaLeopold Hainisch
December 1940BismarckWolfgang Liebeneiner
February 1941My Life for IrelandMax W. Kimmich
April 1941Ohm KrügerHans Steinhoff
July 1941Pedro Will HangVeit Harlan
November 1941Her Other SelfWolfgang Liebeneiner
January 1942Two in a Big CityVolker von Collande
March 1942The Great KingVeit Harlan
April 1942A Gust of WindWalter Felsenstein
April 1942The Thing About StyxKarl Anton
May 1942The Rainer CasePaul Verhoeven
December 1942My Wife TheresaArthur Maria Rabenalt
June 1943Romance in a Minor KeyHelmut Käutner
July 1943The Bath in the BarnWolfgang Staudte
October 1943I'll Carry You in My ArmsKurt Hoffmann
November 1943TitanicHerbert Selpin
December 1943Bravo Acrobat!Volker von Collande
July 1944The DegenhardtsWerner Klingler
January 1945Anna AltWerner Klingler
February 1945The Years PassGünther Rittau
September 1946Peter Voss, Thief of MillionsKarl AntonOriginally shot in 1945
November 1948An Everyday StoryGünther RittauOriginally shot in 1944
December 1948The Court ConcertPaul VerhoevenOriginally shot in 1944
October 1949The Appeal to ConscienceKarl AntonOriginally shot in 1944

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