List of The Amazing World of Gumball characters

The animated comedy television series The Amazing World of Gumball features a wide array of primary and supporting characters, all of whom reside in the fictional American city of Elmore. The series primarily revolves around the daily life of the cat Gumball Watterson and his family—adoptive brother Darwin, sister Anais, and parents Nicole and Richard. Gumball's fellow Elmore Junior High students also have frequent recurring roles throughout the series. Creator Ben Bocquelet conceived The Amazing World of Gumball in 2007 while working as a development artist for Cartoon Network Development Studio Europe,[1][2] and based several of its characters on previous sketches characters he had created for commercials.[3]

The Watterson family, depicted outside their home; from left to right, clockwise: Gumball, Nicole, Richard, Anais (with Daisy) and Darwin.

Main characters

Gumball Watterson

Gumball Watterson
The Amazing World of Gumball character
First appearance"Early Reel" (2008)
Created byBen Bocquelet
Voiced byLogan Grove (2011-2014)
Jacob Hopkins (2014-2017)
Nicolas Cantu (2017–present)
Full nameGumball Tristopher Watterson
NicknameZach (birth name)
AffiliationElmore Junior High
FamilyRichard Watterson (father)
Nicole Watterson (mother)
Darwin Watterson (adoptive brother)
Anais Watterson (sister)
Jojo Watterson (paternal grandmother)
Frankie Watterson (paternal grandfather)
Louie (paternal step-grandfather)
Mr and Mrs. Senicourt (maternal grandparents)

Gumball Tristopher Watterson, born Zach Watterson, (voiced by Logan Grove on seasons 1-3, Jacob Hopkins on seasons 3-5, and Nicolas Cantu in season five onwards) is the protagonist of the series. He is a 12-year-old[4] mischievous blue cat who lives with his family in the fictional California city of Elmore. He attends Elmore Junior High in the seventh grade with his adoptive brother Darwin, who is 10 years old.[5] Often finding himself and Darwin in various antics which end up getting them into trouble, episodes in the series' first season characterized Gumball as well-meaning in his actions, but with naive tendencies; throughout the show's progression, he has since established himself as a more serious character capable of logical thinking and prone to sarcasm. In "The Name", it was discovered that his real name was "Zach", however, this caused him to develop a split personality, though he was seemingly cured at the end of the episode, by changing his name to Gumball.

Gumball has a crush on his classmate Penny Fitzgerald, who in turn shares the same feelings for him. They initially struggle to properly express their feelings for each other until the episode "The Shell", where he finally works up the nerve to express his feelings to her after she reveals her true form, and they begin dating.[6] In the premiere of season 3 it is revealed that Gumball and Darwin are part of a small fraction of people who don't age past a certain point, which by the end of the episode causes them to regress to a point slightly before puberty.

Despite occasional lapses in judgement, Gumball is loyal, straightforward, and a good-natured person at heart. He is protective of his loved ones, but has a large ego, often causing him to react out of proportion to criticism or out of jealousy.

Darwin Watterson

Darwin Watterson
The Amazing World of Gumball character
First appearance"Early Reel" (2008)
Last appearanceTBA
Created byBen Bocquelet
Voiced byKwesi Boakye (2011-2014)
Terrell Ransom Jr. (2014-2017)
Donielle T. Hansley Jr. (2017-2018)
Christian J. Simon (2018-present)
Full nameDarwin Raglan Caspian Ahab Poseidon Nicodemius Watterson, III
AliasFish Kid
  • Walking Fish (by Granny Jojo)
  • JPXFRD (by 4-year-old Gumball)
SpeciesGoldfish (with legs)
AffiliationElmore Junior High
FamilyRichard Watterson (adoptive father)
Nicole Watterson (adoptive mother)
Gumball Watterson (adoptive brother)
Anais Watterson (adoptive sister)
RelativesJojo Watterson (adoptive paternal grandmother)
Frankie Watterson (adoptive paternal grandfather)
Louie (adoptive paternal step-grandfather)
Mr. and Mrs. Senicourt (adoptive maternal grandparents)

Darwin Raglan Caspian Ahab Poseidon Nicodemius Watterson, III (voiced by Kwesi Boakye on seasons 1-3, Terrell Ransom Jr. on seasons 3-5, Donielle T. Hansley Jr. on seasons 5-6, and Christain J. Simon on season 6) is a 10 year old[7] orange goldfish who is Gumball's best friend adopted by the Watterson family. Initially given to Gumball as a pet, Darwin later sprouted legs and subsequently became a full member of the Watterson family. The series' first season depicted Darwin with a tendency to be more naive and gullible than others, due to his sudden introduction into the world; subsequent seasons established his more serious side, including the ability to think logically and, in "The Words", speak his mind freely.[8] Although Gumball can sometimes be a negative influence on him, Darwin is extremely loyal to Gumball and often helps him out of sticky situations. He is sometimes shown to not exhibit normal behaviour, such as calling his adoptive parents Mr. Dad and Mrs. Mom. In Season 4, Darwin began showing heavy feelings for Carrie Krueger. In Season 5, they officially began dating.

Anais Watterson

Anais Watterson
The Amazing World of Gumball character
First appearance"The Responsible" (2011)
Created byBen Bocquelet
Voiced byKyla Rae Kowalewski
Full nameAnais Rosie Watterson
NicknameSis (by Gumball)
AffiliationElmore Junior High
FamilyRichard Watterson (father)
Nicole Watterson (mother)
Gumball Watterson (brother)
Darwin Watterson (adopted brother)
RelativesJojo Watterson (paternal grandmother)
Frankie Watterson (paternal grandfather)
Louie (paternal step-grandfather)
Mr and Mrs. Senicourt (maternal grandparents)

Anais Rosie Watterson (voiced by Kyla Rae Kowalewski), a pink rabbit, is Gumball and Darwin's precocious 4-year-old[9] sister. She is one grade above her brothers, as revealed in "The Others". Gumball resents the fact that she is always telling him what to do, but nonetheless loves her and acknowledges her good intentions. Although impatient with her brother, she often tags along with him on his misadventures as a voice of reason, usually having to help Gumball out of situations caused by these misadventures. She has, however, been shown to not be above manipulating her family to get what she wants. Despite her intellectualism, she still shows typical childlike behavior, including an obsession with the children's television character Daisy the Donkey, and has tried to fit in with Gumball and Darwin on numerous occasions. She attends eighth grade at Elmore Junior High, which Gumball and Darwin are unaware of due to them "filtering" out anyone or anything that isn't part of their lives.

Nicole Watterson

Nicole Watterson
The Amazing World of Gumball character
First appearance"The DVD" (2011)
Last appearanceTBA
Created byBen Bocquelet
Voiced byTeresa Gallagher
Full nameDoctor Nicole Watterson (née Senicourt)
AliasMrs. Watterson
NicknameMom (by Gumball and Anais), Mrs. Mom (by Darwin)
OccupationEmployee at the Rainbow Factory
AffiliationRainbow Factory
FamilyDaniel Senicourt (father)
Mary Senicourt (mother)
SpouseRichard Watterson
ChildrenGumball Watterson (son)
Darwin Watterson (adopted son)
Anais Watterson (daughter)
RelativesJojo Watterson (mother-in-law)
Frankie Watterson (father-in-law)
Louie (stepfather-in-law)

Doctor Nicole Watterson (née Senicourt) (voiced by Teresa Gallagher) is a 43 year old cat and the mother of Gumball, Darwin, and Anais. A workaholic, she is often over-stressed and possesses a bad temper. She acts as a guide to her sons when they get in a tough spot with their misadventures. Competitive by nature, Nicole is a master martial artist, and is very agile and flexible. Despite her overstressed and bad-tempered personality, she is sweet and shows much affection for her family, keeping them safe as much as she can. She is also very protective of her family, as seen in "The Ape." Since she is the only truly responsible member of the family, Nicole does most of the household chores, and in addition, works long hours at the Rainbow Factory just to put food on the table.

Unfortunately, Nicole also suffers from a tremendous amount of emotional stress because of her many duties, and as such, is quite strict and demanding whenever upset. In fact, on one occasion, Gumball decides it would be easier to face Tina than an angry Nicole. Despite all that, Nicole is still a good mother and person, and she still loves her family very much, especially her son, Gumball. Much of her issues stem from her hard pushing parents who gave her the first name Doctor in the hopes that she will become one later on in life.

Nicole is also occasionally vindictive, as was shown in the episode "The Ape," after Miss Simian called her and her family "losers." On top of this, she is also very resourceful and inventive, a trait she most likely passed on to her daughter Anais, who has demonstrated similar talents. Winning seems to be a necessity for her at times, most likely due to her mother's ambition for her to succeed in her youth. Though, despite her somewhat ruthless faults, she can accept defeat, acknowledge her mistakes, and even find humor in them. As shown in "The Parents", Nicole's parents have very high expectation for her, which explains her awkward first name "Doctor" and her short temper due to the tremendous stress they would put on her as a child.

Richard Watterson

Richard Watterson
The Amazing World of Gumball character
First appearance"The Responsible" (2011)
Created byBen Bocquelet
Voiced byDan Russell
Full nameRichard Buckley Watterson
AliasMr. Watterson
NicknameDad (by Gumball and Anais), Mr. Dad (by Darwin)
SpeciesRabbit (series)
Dog (prototype)
AffiliationPizza deliverer (formerly)
Chanax Inc. (formerly)
FamilyJojo Watterson (mother)
Frankie Watterson (father)
Louie (stepfather)
SpouseNicole Watterson
ChildrenGumball Watterson (son)
Darwin Watterson (adopted son)
Anais Watterson (daughter)
RelativesMr. Senicourt (father-in-law)
Mrs. Senicourt (mother-in-law)

Richard Buckley Watterson (voiced by Dan Russell) is a 43 year old anthropomorphic pink rabbit. He is the father of Gumball, Darwin and Anais. Being a stay-at-home dad, he spends most of his time sleeping, watching TV and playing video games. As revealed in the episode "The Lady" Richard also dresses up as a woman (Samantha) and spends the day with his girlfriends (parodying The Golden Girls), but it is later revealed that all of them are men who couldn't seem to make friends with other men and decide to continue their friendship as sassy old women. He has been "the laziest person in Elmore" for 13 years[10] and has a large appetite and is a voracious eater. Richard often serves as a third-wheel to his sons' misadventures and cares deeply for his family despite his lethargic nature. He can be very naive at some times and may be called "dumb" or similar words by other characters throughout the series. In the episode "The Job" it appears that Richard can't hold a job or else the universe will be destroyed which is why he must remain unemployed.

Richard is the father figure in the Watterson family but doesn't seem to possess any responsibility or common sense. He is very childlike and lazy and is not a good role model for his children either. However, Richard genuinely loves his family, and has good intentions, despite his severe lack of intelligence and maturity as seen especially in "The Prank" and "The Authority."

He also greatly enjoys eating, and as a result, he is overweight. His obsession with food can sometimes be his undoing, such as when he was supposed to help his wife in "The Spoon," but he ends up licking a sausage on the floor instead. He can also sense when there is toast nearby, as seen in "The Recipe." Due to his continuous hunger, he gained an instinctive-like nature, as seen in "The Game" and many other episodes, where he runs toward any food he sees.

Richard is very childish and has been seen exhibiting childish behaviors in several episodes, which include believing in ghosts, joining in some of Gumball's misadventures, believing in Santa Claus, and many others. He also has a very hypocritical sense of humor. He enjoys pulling pranks and laughing at people, but hates it when others prank or laugh at him, saying that "it's only funny when it happens to someone else."

The motive for Richard's personality was shown in "The Authority," where it was revealed that Granny Jojo sheltered Richard his entire life, leading him to grow up as an unintelligent and lazy person. In "The Man," it was revealed that Richard's father walked out on him when he was young, claiming he was going out to buy some milk. Richard still believed it out of denial, even into his adult life.

Despite his incompetency and childishness, Richard can occasionally spout out some good advice. In "The Gift," he was the one telling his sons to give Masami friendship (which they later did), and he manages to tell Nicole some very good, philosophical advice about life. It is also possible that Richard has a sufficiently sized brain, just he neglects to use it. As seen in "The Fuss" when he tried to think, a large cramping mass grew rapidly in size and made his veins stand out on his head.

According to Ben Bocquelet, his height is 6’2” (1.88 m).

Supporting/Recurring characters

Elmore Junior High students

Penny Fitzgerald

Penny Fitzgerald (voiced by Teresa Gallagher) is a shape-shifting fairy (formerly a peanut with antlers) and following the events of the episode "The Shell", Gumball's girlfriend. Their mutual affection and incapability of expressing their feelings for one another was a running theme in the series[12] until "The Shell", where Gumball finally directly reveals his feelings for her and they have their first kiss in the woods.[6] In the same episode, it is revealed that underneath Penny's shell lies a yellow, fairy-like self which shape-shifts based on her emotional state.[6] Penny's father Patrick, the head of a local construction company, is extremely overprotective of his daughter,[13] and does not trust Gumball until he saves her from getting run over by his own car in the episode "The Knights" and "The Shell" for helping his daughter through her emotions.[14] She is a member of the Elmore Junior High cheerleading and synchronized swimming teams.[13]

Tobias Wilson

Tobias Wilson (voiced by Rupert Degas, season 1; Hugo Harrison, season 2 onward) is a multicolored, cloud-shaped humanoid who is heavily interested in sports and possesses an overbearing self-confidence.[12] He thinks of himself as a heavily built jock, despite actually being rather weak, and appears to be quite wealthy.[15] He makes his debut appearance in "The Third", where Gumball and Darwin pay him twenty dollars to become their friend.[15] In "The Knights", Tobias holds a mock medieval battle with Gumball for the affection of Penny.[14] Despite this, he has been seen hanging out with Gumball and Darwin on several occasions, including having a starring role in one of the duo's home movies.[16] He has an older sister, Rachel (voiced by Jessica McDonald), who considers herself of higher status than Tobias and his "dweeb loser baby friends".[17]

Carrie Krueger

Carrie Krueger (voiced by Jessica McDonald) is a ghost who lives in a malevolent mansion[18] and "enjoys being depressed".[12] She can teleport[19] and possess living bodies, and in "The Ghost" she uses the latter ability on Gumball so she can feel the satisfaction of being able to eat again.[20] In "Halloween", she turns the Watterson siblings into ghosts so they can attend a ghost-exclusive Halloween party at her mansion,[19] and in the process almost gets them trapped in the Underworld.[19] Carrie is the daughter of a mortal man who formed a romantic relationship with a female ghost and, as a result of using a forbidden spell, was cursed to live a lonely existence inside mirrors until Carries sets his soul free in "The Mirror" and they are happily reunited. In "The Matchmaker", she and Darwin become a couple.[21]

Banana Joe

Joseph "Banana Joe" A. Banana (voiced by Mic Graves) is a hyperactive banana and the class clown of Gumball's Elmore Junior High class, with the tendency to crack a joke whenever possible.[12] His jokes often serve as a source of irritation to others, with Gumball describing him as a "one-trick pony" in his debut appearance.[15] While he is often classified as the class clown, he can be a bully, usually to Gumball and Darwin. He is killed by Rob in "The Rerun" but this event was erased from the timeline by a reformed Rob. He also has an active Elmore Stream account where he posts a variety of videos.

Tina Rex

Tina Rex (voiced by Dan Russell, season 1; Stefan Ashton Frank, season 2 onward) is a Tyrannosaurus who lives in the Elmore city junkyard, and who is Elmore Junior High's most notorious bully.[22] She often picks on her fellow schoolmates, especially Gumball,[22] and has her own gang of bullies which includes Jamie[23] and, to his reluctance, Anton.[24] As a dinosaur, she is one of the strongest students in school, contributing to her fearsome and aggressive reputation.[22] Despite this, she also has a softer side not only in general, but also for Gumball; in the episode "The Fight" she reveals that she considers him to be a friend.[25] Her Cartoon Network biography suggests that she might have animosity toward others because she is "angry at the world for not noticing her femininity".[22]

Hector Jötunheim

Hector Jötunheim (voiced by Kerry Shale) is a gentle, gorilla shaped giant who is the largest student in Elmore Junior High, to the point that only his legs and feet are seen on-screen. Hector is the subject of the episode "The Colossus", where his mother – a witch who works as a cleaning lady – reveals that he can be dangerous if he expresses too much emotion, such as anger, sadness or excitement.[26] In the same episode, he goes on a rampage around Elmore after Gumball and Darwin, unaware of Hector's need to control his emotions, describe him as being boring.[26] His surname is a reference to Jötunheimr, the homeland of giants in Norse mythology.[27]

Masami Yoshida

Masami Yoshida (voiced by Jessica McDonald) is a living cloud who is the wealthy daughter of the Rainbow Factory's owner.[12] Spoiled by her parents, she is tantrum-prone and has apparently threatened to have her classmates' parents fired if she doesn't have her way; in "The Gift", several of her classmates panic about getting her a perfect birthday gift out of fear of such a scenario, though it is later indicated that this has never actually happened and she admits that she simply wants be a treated like a normal person.[28] When angry, she has the ability to develop into a full storm cloud capable of causing massive amounts of damage.[29] The episode "The Storm" reveals her unrequited crush on Alan, and she manipulates Gumball into getting the two together, albeit temporarily.[29]

Sarah Lato

Sarah G. Lato (voiced by Jessica McDonald) is a yellow ice cream cone who debuted in "The Banana" as a transferee to Elmore Junior High and makes her first major role in "The Sweaters", where she attempts to defend Gumball and Darwin from two uptight human students, only to lead them into more trouble.[30] In "The Fan", she is depicted as an obsessive fan of Gumball and Darwin.[31]


Bobert (voiced by Kerry Shale) is a robot who is one of the smartest students at Elmore Junior High but constantly struggles to understand emotion and develop a social life.[12] He is the primary focus of the episode "The Robot", where Darwin and Gumball's efforts to help him fit in ultimately end with him stealing Gumball's identity.[32] Multiple times in the series, he has showcased his ability to transform into a larger form by triggering his "defense mode".[32] In the episode "The Bet", he is forced to become Gumball's personal slave for a day after losing a bet.[33] Bobert is also the primary focus of the episode "The Upgrade", where he has an update with his software that Gumball and Darwin struggle getting used to and go to the Bobert Store to get a downgrade. The manager gave them a new Bobert and sent old Bobert on a plane with a bunch of random old junk. Gumball and Darwin use new Bobert to fly up to the plane to get old Bobert back. They open the hatch in the back of the plane and everything falls out including Bobert. While falling Gumball finds Bobert's original os disc and installs it. At the last minute before impact Bobert boots ups up and saves them from smashing into the ground.


Carmen (voiced by Teresa Gallagher, season 1; Alix Wilton Regan, season 2 onward) is a small green cactus who is considered to be a leader among her female classmates.[12] She is in a relationship with her balloon classmate Alan,[12] though the danger of her spikes bursting him is a constant hindrance. Their relationship in the cafeteria annoys their classmates, who are frequently annoyed by their romantic gestures and deem them "too perfect" and Alan interrupts and yells at Gumball.[29] In "The Storm", Carmen and Alan are baby talking in the lunch room when everyone comments they are "too perfect". Later Gumball and Darwin see Carmen crying and she says it's because her and Alan's relationship is too boring so she gets Gumball to flirt with her then kiss her. Alan gets jealous and ends up saying he loves her so much that he wants her to be happy even if it isn't with him. Gumball tells him he needs to get back into dating to show Carmen he's moved on. Alan reluctantly agrees and ends up dating Masami. Masami had given Gumball the plan that Carmen would get jealous and try to get him back but really only wanted to date Alan. Gumball tries to tell Masami her plan didn't work when she informed him it worked perfectly cause now her and Alan were dating. Gumball is gonna go tell everyone of her plan but Masami turns into a huge storm and rampages through the school taking Alan with her. Everyone chases them and then Alan bravely confronts Masami and states his feelings for Carmen.[29] In "The Best," it is shown that Carmen was once a trouble making student at her old school, so much so that she ended up on the news.[34] Carmen is also one of the cheerleaders for her school. She is best friends with Penny Fitzgerald, Sarah, and Molly.

Alan Keane

Alan Keane (voiced by Kerry Shale, season 1; Hugo Harrison, season 2 onward) is a teal-colored balloon who, despite their physical incompatibility, is in a romantic relationship with Carmen and sits at lunch with her.[12] He is overly nice and even-tempered, never showing anger or raising his voice even when the subject of insults or physical attacks, much to the annoyance of his classmates.[35] Being filled with helium, Alan regularly speaks in a high-pitched voice. In "The Photo", Gumball envies him for having a beautiful face. Alan rebuffs this, but Gumball replies: "Dude, even your mole looks better than me". In "The Vision" it is revealed Alan secretly plans to take over the world and rule it as a dictator, brainwashing people to eradicate sadness. After discovering this, Gumball and Darwin attempt to assassinate Alan, which they succeed in after many failed attempts – though he reappears in subsequent episodes without any explanation. It was shown in "The Faith" that the world goes through chaos if Alan stops his kindness.


Leslie (voiced by Kerry Shale) is an effeminate, friendly daisy who plays flute in the school band and can often be found hanging around the girls.[36] He is Penny's cousin, and Gumball's mistaken assumption that he is her boyfriend is his major source of jealousy in the episode "The Flower".[37]


Teri (voiced by Teresa Gallagher) is a hypochondriac paper bear usually found in the nurse's office.[38] Although somewhat self-absorbed and paranoid, she is very nice and is one of the school's cheerleaders.[38] Her mother works as a doctor and maintains a website discussing the dangers of germs.[39]


Idaho (voiced by Kerry Shale, season 1; Hugo Harrison, season 2 onward) is a free-spirited potato from the rural countryside with old-fashioned beliefs, and is one of the less popular students of Elmore Junior High.[40] In "The Bumpkin", Gumball, disillusioned with his suburban lifestyle, seeks Idaho's help in teaching his family how to live a simple lifestyle.[41] However, Gumball eventually finds himself unable to resist his modern lifestyle, and one night Idaho walks in on him indulging in video games and junk food.[41] Gumball talks him into trying out his modern lifestyle and eventually sends him into severe culture shock, which his rural family cure by burying him in soil.[41]

Anton Baudgérald Toodrusse

Antonio "Anton" Baudgérald Toodrusse (voiced by Lewis MacLeod in “The Dress” and Anthony Hull in every other each appearance) is a simple-minded piece of toast who was forcibly drafted into Tina's gang despite his unwillingness to do so, and only appeases them to avoid their anger.[24] He is prone to being killed in various freak accidents, only to be resurrected by his parents after each occasion with a toaster which creates a new copy of him.[42]


Juke (voiced by Hugo Harrison, music by Beatbox Hobbit)[43] is a native of the continent of Boomboxemburg who moved to Elmore, and is, as described by Gumball, a "boombox head" who speaks entirely in beatboxing.[44] In "The Boombox", he spoke it. As a result, nobody in Elmore Junior High can understand him.[45] He is able to speak comprehensible English if he is switched from "Music Mode" to "Voice Mode" through a switch on the back of his head, but his arms are too short to reach it and his attempts to communicate this fact to others end in failure.[44]


Sussie (face by Aurelie Charbonnier, voiced by Fergus Craig Season 3 until end of Season 4, voiced by Charbonnier Season 5 onwards and Season 1, Ben Bocquelet voiced her screaming, yelling, and laughing Season 2 onward) is an upside-down chin with googly eyes and puppet-like characteristics who debuted in the episode “The Ghost”. She is talkative, odd, and obnoxious, and as a result is generally avoided by the rest of her classmates. She was the main problem for Darwin in "The Words".[8]


Clayton (voiced by Rupert Degas, in “The Party” Kwesi Boakye in “The Dress”; Max Cazier, season 2 onward) is a red ball of clay who is a compulsive liar, with a tendency of making up absurd stories about himself.[46] In the episode "The Skull", Clayton begins an on-and-off friendship with Gumball and Darwin, and displays his ability to transform into different people and objects.[47] At the end of the episode, he tells Principal Brown the truth for the first time.[47] In "The Move" he reveals that he lies because he is insecure and feels like a loser, though Gumball and Darwin help him and presumably cure his lying habit.[48]

Rachel Wilson

Rachel Wilson (voiced by Jessica McDonald) is Tobias' older sister, who disgusts his "dweeb loser baby friends." In "The Party", however, after her friends don't show up to the party Tobias invited all of Elmore Junior High to, Darwin helps her feel better and fixes the trashed house, so she kisses Darwin. The directing staff did not like the character, so Rachel made a handful of cameos in the second season before being dropped from the show. Rachel does make a brief cameo in a flashback in "The Matchmaker".


Harry "Ocho" Tootmorsel (voiced by Max Cazier) is a Space Invaders-esque 8-bit spider[49] and a generally friendly person, but often overreacts to what people say about him in a negative manner, such as to Darwin and Gumball after the latter accidentally sends him an insulting text message.[50] In the show's first season, he spoke solely in video game blips; since the second season, however, he has started speaking in comprehensible, albeit distorted, English.[50] In season five, his real name is revealed to be Harry Tootmorsel, a name that he only tells to his most trusted friends.[51]

The Eggheads

Colin and Felix (voiced by Kerry Shale for Colin and Rupert Degas in season 1 and Hugo Harrison in season 2 onward for Felix) are a pair of egg brothers who are two of the most intelligent students and bullies at Elmore Junior High, speaking in English accents and considering themselves to be much smarter than their classmates.

Jamie Russo

Jamie Russo (voiced by Jessica McDonald, seasons 1–2; Maria Teresa Creasey, season 3 onward) is a "half-cow, half-troglodyte" creature who is a bully of Elmore Junior High and member of Tina's gang.[8][23] As a result of Miss Simian holding her back a year, she has grown resentful of her new classmates and of authority in general.[23] Her mother is Elmore Junior High's gym coach, whom she listens to and respects despite her disapproval towards Jamie's bullying.[52]


William (internal monologue narrated by Mic Graves)[53] is a flying eyeball who is Miss Simian's personal spy and only talks when reporting information to her.[54] The episode "The Voice" reveals that he has psychic abilities, which he uses to wreak havoc on Gumball and Darwin after they accidentally block him on the social networking site Elmore Plus.[55] The same episode shows that he actually expresses a desire to interact with his classmates, which is hindered by his lack of a mouth; his inner thoughts are narrated to the viewers.[55]

Molly Collins

Molly Collins[56] (voiced by Jessica McDonald) is a shy sauropod who is a member of the cheerleading team and, as shown in "The Pressure", the owner of a treehouse where she and the other girls hang out in.[57] She made several appearances in the show's first season, but was absent for the entire second season; no reason was given for her disappearance until the third-season episode "The Void", where Gumball, Darwin, and Mr. Small realize that all traces of Molly have vanished and nobody else seems to have any memory of her. Investigating further, they eventually open up a portal at the former location of Molly's home and are sucked into a void containing "all the mistakes the world has ever made", where they find and rescue her.[58]


Rob (voiced by Hugo Harrison) was one of the more prominent Elmore Junior High students, and later on in the series, Rob is the main antagonist and Gumball's sworn enemy. Rob is formerly a tall blue cyclops, and upon exposure to the Void, he turns into a disfigured, polygonal, white cyclops. He tries to have some friendly conversation with Gumball and Darwin in "The Pony", only to discover – much to his annoyance – that the two do not even know his name.[18] He is later seen in the Void of all the world's mistakes in the episode "The Void".[58] However, in "The Nobody", he manages to escape the void, becoming disfigured in the process, and takes residence in the Wattersons' basement. As a result, he remembers that Gumball and Darwin left him, and swears revenge on them for not noticing him.[59] In "The Bus", he attempts to blow up everybody and the hijacked bus up as well, but his plans were foiled thanks to Gumball and Richard. In "The Ex", it is seen that Banana Joe was his new nemesis. But toward the end he resumes his hatred with Gumball. In "The Inquisition" Rob disguises himself as Superintendent Evil, and begins transforming the students and staff of Elmore Junior High into real people, though Gumball and Darwin restore everyone to normal, and Tina beats Rob up when he tries to explain his motives and knocks him out. The ending shows Rob’s actions were part of an attempt to save everyone from an unknown threat, and Rob, now alone, is sucked into the Void along with the school. The series ends on a freeze frame of Rob falling into the Void.

Hot Dog Guy

Hot Dog Guy (voiced by Alex Jordan) is a hot dog who, when in contact, is awkward with Gumball. He made periodic appearances prior to the episode "The Hug", when Gumball hugs him several times to prove he is not predictable to Darwin. In "The Awkwardness," Gumball wants to buy ketchup for a hot dog before running into the Hot Dog Guy many other times in the episode. In "The Nest" he is seemingly eaten by the carnivorous baby turtles, but came back. His butt exploded in “The Castle”.

Clare Cooper

An emo girl who is a human. She hates Gumball and Darwin, but is friends with Penny and Anais.

Julius Oppenheimer Jr.

A bomb-headed humanoid with anger issues whose head explodes when he feels disgusted or angry. Julius is one of the bullies at Elmore High; he often appears in detention or with his gang of fellow delinquents. Julius often suffers much abuse at the hands of Gumball and Darwin.

Elmore Junior High staff

Principal Brown

Principal Nigel Brown (voiced by Steve Furst) is a furry slug who is Elmore Junior High's principal and Ms. Simian's love interest. He likes to lick Ms. Simian's hair, and likes to sing while being held by her. He teaches music, judges cheerleader tryouts, leads the school's band, and is a substitute sports teacher. He used to, along with Mr. Small and Ms. Simian, teach gym until Russo got her job. His Cartoon Network biography states that their romance has been detrimental to his profession, leaving him incapable of properly running Elmore Junior High.[60] In "The Fraud", it is revealed that Principal Brown has worked as a principal for 20 years with a fake diploma.[61] In “The Grades” Principal Brown hints at having a shady past, where it is implied that he is on the run from the FBI and a closet furry, as well as having a face on the back of his head similar to that of Quirinus Quirell and Lord Voldemort. Principal Brown makes numerous budget cuts, filling vending machines with pictures of food and renting half the school out to a prison, among other things.

Ms. Simian

Ms. Lucy Simian (voiced by Lewis MacLeod, season 1; Hugo Harrison, season 2 onward) is a 2 million year old baboon and the sadistic teacher of Gumball and Darwin's class as well as a major antagonist. She takes great pleasure in giving her students pop quizzes and being generally unpleasant, and as such is widely reviled by the entire school body, save for Principal Brown, her love interest. She has a generally antagonistic relationship with Gumball, often suspecting him of being nothing but a troublemaker, but once faked friendship with the Wattersons in order to win a teacher's appreciation award, and offered a genuine apology to Gumball and Darwin for her rash judgement against them in "The Apology". Her face intentionally resembles that of the Grim Reaper.

Mr. Small

Mr. Steve Small (voiced by Adam Long) is the Elmore Junior High guidance counselor, a cloud man who is interested in New Age culture and possesses hippie-like qualities in terms of appearance and behavior. Mr. Small's eccentric and unconventional teaching methods are usually more confusing to the children than helpful, and despite his good intentions they often leave his office confused and not any better, if not worse from the time they entered.[62] It is revealed in the episode "The Fraud" that he is not a U.S. citizen, though it is unclear if he was merely born elsewhere or renounced his citizenship. He also mentions he lost his love Janice, which in the episode "The Void," is revealed to be a purple van that runs on "good vibes." Several episodes show that he indulges in questionable practices rather than normal activities; he goes on a diet of raw sunlight, his attempts to cure Gumball and Darwin traumatize them, uses herbal teas Implied to be a type of drug, and he often uses alternative medicine. His mannerisms are similar to those of Mr. Van Driessen from Beavis and Butt-head.

Rockwell “Rocky” Robinson

Rockwell “Rocky” Robinson (voiced by Lewis MacLeod in season 1, Hugo Harold-Harrison in season 2, and Simon Lipkin in season 3, 4, 5, and 6) is an orange, fuzzy 27 year old Muppet-like character who performs various odd jobs around Elmore Junior High, mostly as the janitor, but also as a cafeteria worker, a school bus driver, and, in "The Curse", the clerk at the lost and found office. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Robinson, the Wattersons' next-door neighbors, and is generally good-natured and gets along with the children well.

Coach Russo

The Elmore Junior High gym teacher Coach Russo (voiced by Dan Russell) is a large, pink 3-dimensional cube who is Jamie's mother. The newest member of the faculty, she works to ensure that all of the students are fit like her daughter. She makes her debut appearance in "The Coach" and speaks in a consistently deadpan tone, never showing emotion facially or in her speech.

Mr. Corneille

Mr. Moonchild Corneille (voiced by Simon Lipkin) is a frog and the 8th grade teacher of geography at Elmore Junior High. He always pretends to be sophisticated, but is a fake personality. As of “The Cage”, he is in a relationship with Joan Markham, the school's nurse. He also has his picture on all of his history books.

Joan Markham

Joan Markham (voiced by Teresa Gallagher) is Elmore Junior High's nurse. She is in a relationship with Mr. Corneille, starting in “The Cage”. She hates her job because Gumball and Darwin try lame excuses to get sick notes and get out of gym class, Teri comes to her office every day, Lucy is a jerk to her, and she doesn't know how to help the students because most of them have biologies she has no clue how to work with. She is always sarcastic because of this, and sometimes tries to do the least work possible to help her students. She is also a paramedic, doctor, and nurse at a hospital, even though she hates her jobs. She has long blonde hair under her hat.

Other Watterson family members

Frankie Watterson

Frankie Watterson (voiced by Richard "Rich" Fulcher) is a conman rat and the ex-husband of Granny Jojo and the father of Richard who abandoned them a long time ago. In "The Signature", after his apartment was re-possessed due to his overdue rent, he returns to the Watterson household, and he reunited with Richard, only to scam him of taking over the house. The Wattersons stop him, while Frankie looks back to the day he left his son. He then decides to reunite the whole Watterson family. In "The Outside", Frankie comes for a visit, but gets treated like a prisoner, because of a misunderstanding.

Joanna Watterson

Granny Jojo (voiced by Sandra Dickinson) is the Watterson children's grandmother and also Richard's mother. She is a 66 year old pink rabbit who speaks in a New York accent. In the season 1 episode "The Kiss", she is depicted as a general annoyance to the family, doing nothing but watching police dramas on television, and with Nicole and Richard always leaving the house whenever she makes a visit. She was previously married to a traveling conman named Frankie Watterson, who abandoned her and a young Richard under the pretense of going out to buy milk; she later remarries to Louie, a local Elmore senior citizen, in "The Signature", despite Richard's initial disapproval.[63]

Louie Watterson

Louie Watterson (voiced by Shane Rimmer) is a 72 year old black mouse and a former member of a close-knit crew of Elmore senior citizens which includes Betty, Donald, and Marvin Finkleheimer.[64] In "The Man" it is revealed that he was dating Joanna Watterson,[65] whom he marries in "The Signature", making him Richard's stepfather and Gumball, Darwin, and Anais' stepgrandfather.[63]

Other characters

Mr. and Mrs. Robinson

Gaylord and Margaret Robinson (Mr. Robinson voiced by Stefan Ashton Frank and Mrs. Robinson voiced by Teresa Gallagher) are the Wattersons' stuck-up, grouchy, 55-year-old next door neighbors, and Rocky's parents. They are grey Muppet-like characters and hate their neighbors with a passion. Mr. Robinson deeply despises Gumball and Darwin in Season 1 and “The Sale” for annoying him all the time; the boys, however, look up to him as their idol. In later episodes, he warms up to them somewhat and treats them better, though they still irritate him. Mrs. Robinson is, however, pure evil and enjoys causing suffering for no reason. Their constant bickering is a focal point of their relationship, and they actually enjoy doing so. Mr. Robinson owns a prized 1970 Cadillac Coupe de Ville Convertible which often ends up getting damaged by the Wattersons as a running gag, much to his annoyance.

Gary Hedges

Gary Hedges (voiced by Dan Russel) is the neighbor of Gumball. He is a purple moose with large antlers. Even is commonly seen wearing a pale brown hat, green sweater with blue slacks. Also known as "this guy" by Gumball as they often forget his name.

Larry Needlemeyer

Larry Needlemeyer (voiced by Kerry Shale) is an origami rock, who works at almost every establishment in Elmore, including the grocery store, the gas station, convenience store, several fast food restaurants and the DVD rental shop amongst other places. He had previously been known as "Lazy Larry", the laziest person in Elmore, until he lost his title to Richard 13 years prior to the start of the series and subsequently morphed into a hard worker.[10] Larry was generally distrusting of the Wattersons, as they often get him into trouble at his various occupations until "The Pizza". It was revealed that he works everywhere just to pay the damages the Wattersons created that involves him. He has a girlfriend named Karen, who the Wattersons damage his relationship with as a running gag, but they may not be together anymore, as in “The Boredom” Karen says she has a daughter who may be with a different guy, and in “The Love”, Melted Cheese Guy almost asks her out. The son may have been with Larry or before she met Larry, and Melted Cheese Guy could simply not have known she was dating Larry.

Marvin Finkleheimer

Marvin Finkleheimer (voiced by Dan Russell) is an 80-year-old red bean who lives at a house and likes to beat kids with his cane on the skull if they help him across the street. In the episode "The Watch", he feuds with Gumball and Darwin over possession of a gold watch, an heirloom which the Wattersons and Finkleheimers have feuded over for several generations. Towards the end of the episode, the two sides chase each other to claim the watch and cash it in for its $700 value. Marvin is eaten by the Evil Turtles in "the Nest", but he somehow escaped their stomach and, as Kip said, made a full recovery. In Season 1, he was originally going to be named Bert, when he is called that by the yellow old man, Donald, and Louie but that was changed/retconned by the writers.

Doughnut Sheriff

Doughnut Sheriff (voiced by Dan Russell) is a pink-frosted doughnut who, as his name suggests, is an officer in Elmore's police force. He is rather oblivious and has displayed incompetency on the job, often finding himself involved in the Watterson's antics. He was a main character in the episode “The Law” where he tried to run over men, women, children, senior citizens, and babies and Gumball and Darwin cheered him on.

Sal Left Thumb

Sal Left Thumb (voiced by Kerry Shale) is one of Elmore's most wanted criminals, a walking fingerprint whose weapon of choice is a rusty spoon. He is often seen robbing the local convenience store, and in "The Spoon" Gumball and Darwin become unwitting accomplices in one of his crimes. He was killed in "The Bumpkin", but came back.

Felicity and Billy Parham

Felicity Parham, 43 years old, is an orange background character on the show along with her blue son William Geoffrey "Billy" Fitzgerald Kitchener Parham, III (as shown in "The Extras). Billy appears to be an intelligent boy who usually just asks his mother random questions about life. After Season 3, he gained more of an active role and was rejected from Anais Watterson's heart. So, he then became a big mouthed, smart aleck-like individual. Billy's dad is also mentioned.

Mr. Rex

Mr. Rex is Tina Rex's father. He loves to eat invaders at home. He fought with Nicole when she tried to speak with him about the fight that Tina had with Gumball. His true appearance was originally written to be shown in the episode "The Rex" where it might have been shown how he came back to life, but this episode was ultimately cancelled and not produced, but later his true appearance is revealed in "The Routine", where he fought Richard while getting mayonnaise. He gained a scar after “The Fight” possibly due to Nicole's fight with him.[66]


Phillip "Mowdown" (voiced by Simon Lipkin) is a violent giant pink teddy bear. He makes his first appearance in "The Lesson," and another appearance in "The Finale" near the end among the angry crowd. In Season 3, he appears with Julius again in "The Question." Mowdown is part of Julius’ crew, and is one of the more violent members, though he contrasts this with his appearance and occasional incompetence.


A grayish-brown monstrous blob creature created by Gumball mixing disgusting things into a jar and Richard accidentally microwaving it. He made his debut in “The Microwave” and reappears in “The Finale” and in Gumball's subconscious in “The Name”.

Carlton and Troy

Two teenage human boys from Richwood High that first appeared in "The Sweaters", where they taunted Gumball and Darwin. Carlton later appears in "The Society" in a mascot costume and was kidnapped by Gumball.

Mr. Kreese

Carlton and Troy's coach. Mr. Kreese acts as though he is a playground bully, taunting Gumball and Darwin by making faces at them and bragging how Carlton and Troy will win the fight with Gumball and Darwin.

Harold Wilson

Harold is the father of Tobias Wilson and a psychotherapist. He seems to have been making fun of Richard Watterson ever since he played a prank on him in high school, as seen in "The Cycle." Harold is a fairly despicable person, at one point abandoning his wife for a younger woman when he believes he is a billionaire and conning his patients into paying for his home renovations.

Patrick and Judith Fitzgerald

Penny's parents.


Anais’ imaginary friend.

Anton clones

Anton's clones who were killed in “The Recipe”.

Ripley 2000 Manager

A teddy bear and Larry's boss.


Azrael was Carrie's boyfriend for one or two decades. He first appears in "The Drama".


Various background characters, including:

  • Banana Bob, Banana Joe's dad
  • Banana Barbara, Banana Joe's mom
  • Mrs. Jötunheim, Hector's mom who is, bizarrely, a troll witch
  • Betty MacArthur, an elderly cloud-shaped woman
  • Donald MacArthur, a plaid cloth and Betty's husband
  • Jackie Wilson, Tobias’ mom who is a rainbow humanoid
  • Karen, Larry's girlfriend, a humanoid axolotl
  • Pantsbully, a blue bean
  • Hank and George, two LEGO men who work as construction workers
  • Grady, Frank, and Howdy, puppets that were formerly owned by the Wattersons.
  • Samantha, Angela, Maria, and Violet, the four women in the episode "The Lady"
  • Floppy Disk, the cyber police.
  • Mike, a clipboard police officer, researcher, and office worker.
  • Lenny Smith, a 3D cube office worker.
  • Newspaper Employee, an office worker and weatherman.
  • Quattro Pepperoni, Siciliana's husband who has a son.
  • Siciliana Pepperoni, Quattro's wife who has a son.
  • Peter Pepperoni, Quattro and Siciliana's son, who was homeschooled until he came to Elmore Junior High.
  • Blue Elephant, an elderly blue elephant who works at a car dealership. His nose moves when he talks.
  • Allison Sandra Gator, an elderly crocodile woman who is desperate for love and has a cat named Martin who she believes is a real boy.
  • Martin, Allison's pet cat who she believes is a real boy.
  • Ed, a blue triangle who can't speak English.
  • Black Rectangle, a black rectangle who can't speak English.
  • Black Pentagon, a black pentagon who can't speak English.
  • Bert, a yellow elderly bean shaped man with a cane.
  • The Mayor of Elmore, who is very corrupt and rich.
  • Dolphin Man, a humanoid dolphin wearing a motorcycle jacket.


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