List of Telugu-language television channels

This is a list of satellite television channels in Telugu language (spoken in the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana) broadcasting at least throughout Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states.


State Owned

High Definition Channels

General entertainment channels

Movie channels

Music channels

Comedy channels

  • Gemini Comedy - 24Hrs comedy entertainment channel from Sun TV Network
  • ETV Plus - 24Hrs comedy entertainment channel from ETV Network

Lifestyle channels

  • ETV Abhiruchi - 24Hrs Telugu food & cooking channel from ETV Network

Health & Fitness Channels

Religious channels

News channels

  • 6TV - news channel from LCGC Broadcasting
  • 10TV - CPM party news Channel
  • 99TV - news channel from New Waves Media
  • ABN Andhra Jyothi - news channel from Andhra Jyothi newspaper
  • Bhaarat Today - 24 Hrs News, Devotional and Entertainment Channel
  • ETV Andhra Pradesh - news channel from ETV Network
  • ETV Telangana - news channel from ETV Network
  • HMTV - 24Hrs news channel from Hyderabad Media House
  • Jai Telangana TV- news channel from Associated Broadcasting Company
  • NTV - news channel from Rachana Television
  • Prime9 News - news channel from Samhitha Broadcasting Pvt. Ltd
  • Raj News Telugu - news channel from Raj Television Network
  • Sakshi TV - news channel from Sakhi newspaper
  • Studio N News - news channel from Narne Network
  • T News- news channel from Telangana Broadcasting company
  • TV5 - owned by Shreya Broadcasting Pvt, Ltd
  • TV9 - news channel from Associated Broadcasting Company
  • V6 News - 24 Hrs news channel from Visaka Industries Media Group
  • MOJO TV (Telugu) - news channel from Media NxT India Pvt Ltd
  • Ap24x7 (Telugu) - news channel from Annapurna Broadcasting Pvt Ltd.

Kids' channels

  • Kushi TV - Telugu kids channel from Sun TV Network

Dubbed Kids' channels

Infotainment Channels

Sports Channels

Shopping Channels


  • Astro Vaanavil - There were selected time slot to show Telugu movie and shows.


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