List of Tasmanian representative cricketers

This is a list of cricket players who have played representative cricket for Tasmania in Australia.

It includes players that have played at least one match, in senior first-class, List A cricket, or Twenty20 matches. Practice matches are not included, unless they have officially been classified as first-class, List A or T20 games. The list is in chronological order of the players' first appearances for the Tasmania first team in any form of cricket; where two or more players debuted in the same match, they are ordered by their surnames. The list is complete to the end of the 2010/11 season.

Tasmania in senior cricket

Though Tasmania took part in the first recognised first-class cricket match in Australia in 1850/51, it remained on the peripheries of Australian cricket for more than a century, confined to "friendly" first-class matches against other Australian states, primarily Victoria, and touring teams from the other Test-playing nations. After World War II, even the friendly matches against other Australian states became less frequent. To supplement the limited local schedule, matches were arranged in several seasons for a "Tasmania Combined XI", with the side consisting of some Tasmanian cricketers and others imported, usually from mainland Australia; matches played by this team do not count as first-class games for the Tasmania cricket team, and are therefore not included in this table.

From the late 1960s, with the import of foreign players, such as John Hampshire, Jack Simmons and Alan Knott, Tasmania was admitted first into the List A competitions and then into first-class competition.

The Sheffield Shield is the premier domestic cricket competition in Australia. It was founded in 1892, but a Tasmanian representative side was not permitted to enter the competition by the Australian Cricket Board (now Cricket Australia) until the 1977/78 season. Even then the first two seasons were on a trial basis only.

Whilst they initially struggled to prove competitive at first-class level, the Tasmanian Tigers won their first domestic trophy in 1978/79, capturing the domestic List A cricket Gillette Cup. This was a success repeated when they won the Ford Ranger Cup in 2004/05, and again in 2007/08. The Tigers also won their first First class cricket title in 2006/07, winning the Sheffield Shield, then known as the Pura Cup, in that year. A second success followed in 2010/11. Tasmania has also been twice runners-up in the domestic Twenty20 competition.



  • First – Year of debut
  • Last – Year of latest game
  • Apps – Number of matches played
  •      – Player has represented Australia in a Test match, Limited Overs International or Twenty20 International match.
  •      – Player has represented a nation other than Australia in a Test match, Limited Overs International or Twenty20 International.

Players whose debut was between 1851 and 1900

No Name First Last Apps First Last Apps First Last Apps Notes
First-class List A Twenty20
1.Charles Arthur1850/511850/511
2.Gervase Du Croz1850/511850/511Played for Victoria against Tasmania in 1853/54
3.William Field1850/511850/511
4.Vincent Giblin1850/511850/511
5.George Gibson1850/511857/583
6.William Henty1850/511851/522
7.George Maddox1850/511857/584
8.John Marshall1850/511853/543He captained the team in the first first-class match
9.Robert McDowall1850/511853/542
10.John Tabart1850/511857/585
11.Walter Westbrook1850/511853/542
12.Henry Allison1851/521857/582
13.John Cox1851/521857/582Played for Victoria against Tasmania in 1853/54
14.Adye Douglas1851/521851/521
15.Henry Lette1851/521851/521
16.Arthur Marriott1851/521851/521
17.W McEwan1851/521851/521
18.John Watson1851/521851/521
19.Richard Cox1853/541853/541
20.Augustus Lochner1853/541853/541
21.George Matson1853/541857/582
22.Robert Still1853/541857/582
23.Joseph Ware1853/541853/541
24.Nicholas Clayton1857/581857/581
25.Joseph Dixon1857/581857/582
26.Charles Evans1857/581857/581
27.Walter Jamieson1857/581857/582
28.Thomas Westbrook1857/581857/582
29.George Briant1857/581857/581
30.William Brown1857/581857/581
31.John Mace1857/581857/581
32.George Marshall1857/581857/581
33.Thomas Patterson1857/581857/581
34.Thomas Whitesides1857/581868/692
35.George Arthur1868/691877/782
36.John Arthur1868/691872/733He also played for Rest of Australia in 1872/73
37.William Birch1868/691877/782
38.James Burn1868/691868/691
39.Daniel Cuthbert1868/691877/782
40.Thomas Daly1868/691868/691
41.Henry Dumaresq1868/691868/691
42.Henry Evans1868/691868/691He later played for Wellington
43.James Hamilton1868/691868/691
44.Cecil Perry1868/691868/691He later played for Canterbury
45.Richard Barnes1870/711870/711He also played for Rest of Australia in 1872/73
46.Henry Barrett1870/711870/711
47.Henry Bayly1870/711877/782
48.Edward Butler1870/711883/845He played for Victoria against Tasmania in 1872/73 and in four matches in England in 1877
49.Miles Coverdale1870/711870/711
50.George Davies1870/711883/847Later Speaker of House of Assembly in Tasmanian parliament and knighted
51.James Ferguson1870/711877/782
52.William Glynn1870/711870/711
53.Frederick Haymes1870/711872/732
54.John Thomas1870/711870/711
55.George Herbert Bailey1872/731892/93213 of his 15 first-class matches were for the 1878 Australians in England. Father of Keith Bailey.
56.Charles Butler1872/731898/996
57.William Collins1872/731872/731
58.Edward Freeman1872/731872/731
59.John Lord1872/731872/731He played for Hampshire in 1864
60.James Martin1872/731872/731
61.William Walker1872/731877/782
62.John Walshe1872/731872/731
63.James Bennison1877/781877/781
64.Henry Lovett1877/781877/781
65.Edward Lucas1877/781877/781
66.William Martin1877/781877/781
67.Kenneth Burn1883/841909/1025He toured England in 1890 and played two Tests there
68.George Gatehouse1883/841899/190014
69.Harold Hale1883/841910/1113He played in England between 1886 and 1890 for Gloucestershire and Cambridge University
70.Vere Harris1883/841883/844He played once for Western Australia in 1898/99
71.Thomas Kendall1883/841888/895He played in the first-ever Tests in 1876/77 and once for Victoria in 1879/80
72.Richard Kirby1883/841883/844
73.James Mansfield1883/841883/844
74.Louis Sams1883/841883/844Brother of Richard Sams
75.William Sidebottom1883/841894/958
76.Eustace Maxwell1888/891897/985
77.Claude Rock1888/891892/933He played for Cambridge University from 1884 to 1886. Brother of Norman Rock.
78.Thomas Ryan1888/891889/902
79.John Savigny1888/891910/1113Brother of William Savigny
80.William Savigny1888/891895/964Brother of John Savigny
81.Charles Vautin1888/891895/962
82.Charles Eady1889/901907/0820He toured England in 1896 playing one Test and appeared in a single Test in Australia in 1901/02
83.Charles McAllen1889/901900/0110
84.George Pennefather1889/901896/972
85.George Vautin1889/901889/901He played once for Victoria in 1894/95
86.Henry Wilson1889/901900/016Brother of John Wilson
87.John Wilson1889/901889/901Brother of Henry Wilson
88.Norman Rock1890/911893/942Brother of Claude Rock
89.Edward Windsor1890/911911/1224He also played twice in Australian XI v The Rest matches, once on each side
90.John Bingham1892/931900/016
91.Alfred Douglas1893/941895/963
92.Richard Sams1893/941904/052Brother of Louis Sams
93.John Watt1893/941895/963Father of John Charles Watt
94.Norman Westbrook1893/941908/096
95.Francis Campbell1894/951894/951
96.John Howe1894/951894/951
97.Colin Campbell1896/971896/971
98.George Palmer1896/971896/971He had played in 17 Test matches between 1880 and 1886 and for Victoria between 1878/79 and 1894/95
99.Tom Tabart1896/971908/0910
100.Francis Pictet1897/981897/981
101.John Ramsay1897/981897/981Later knighted for career as a surgeon
102.William Ward1897/981906/074
103.Osborne Douglas1898/991904/057
104.Charles Hammond1898/991899/19002
105.Walter Richardson1898/991911/124Brother of Leslie Richardson
106.Norman Dodds1898/991907/0812He also played for Australia on a non-Test tour of New Zealand in 1909-10.
107.Reginald Hawson1898/991913/1427Brother of Stan Hawson
108.George Paton1898/991913/1421
109.Alfred Pickett1899/19001899/19002
110.Edgar Hawson1899/19001904/055Brother of Reginald Hawson

Players whose debut was between 1900 and 1940

No Name First Last Apps First Last Apps First Last Apps Notes
First-class List A Twenty20
111.Arthur Betts1902/031902/031
112.Frederick Chancellor1902/031911/1211
113.Ernest Harrison1902/031910/1110
114.Frederick Richardson1902/031902/031
115.Keith Bailey1903/041903/042Son of George Herbert Bailey
116.Leonard Cuff1903/041904/053He had played for Canterbury, Auckland and New Zealand sides since 1886/87.
117.Douglas Smith1903/041904/053
118.Alexander Addison1903/041903/041
119.Eric James1903/041903/041
120.Albert Frost1904/051907/083
121.John Charles Watt1904/051904/051Son of John Watt
122.Frederick Hanson1906/071907/082
123.John Hudson1906/071911/126
124.James Meech1906/071909/102
125.Harry Henri1907/081907/081
126.Charles Martin1907/081928/2921
127.Harry Smith1907/081914/154He played a single match for Victoria in 1912/13
128.Leonard Ward1907/081907/081
129.William Forster1907/081907/081
130.Thomas Carroll1907/081921/2211
131.Charles Payne1907/081912/134
132.Arthur Braithwaite1908/091908/092
133.Ashley Facy1908/091922/234He also played for Australia on a non-Test tour of New Zealand and for Victoria.
134.Harry Parkinson1908/091913/146
135.Thomas Elliott1908/091913/143
136.William Reid1908/091908/091
137.Hastings Woolley1908/091908/091
138.William Eltham1909/101913/1411
139.Ted McDonald1909/101910/112He played 11 Test matches between 1920/21 and 1921/22. From 1911/12 to 1921/22 he played for Victoria; from 1924 to 1931 he played for Lancashire.
140.Stanley McKenzie1909/101912/135
141.Keith Westbrook1909/101909/101Nephew of Russell Westbrook; brother of Roy Westbrook
142.Ernest Free1909/101909/101
143.Thornton Rockliffe1909/101909/101
144.Sydney Frost1910/111910/112
145.Charles Russen1910/111910/111He played as a full substitute for John Savigny, who failed to appear for the match
146.Llewellyn Thomas1910/111921/227
147.Roy Westbrook1910/111913/143Nephew of Russell Westbrook; brother of Keith Westbrook. He played 11 matches for Otago from 1914/15 to 1921/22.
148.Edmond Boddam1910/111913/145
149.Lynwood Gill1911/121912/133Played for Queensland in 1926/27 and 1927/28.
150.Leonard Tumilty1911/121911/122
151.Norman Vincent1911/121911/122
152.Alan Newton1911/121933/3427
153.Arthur Thomlinson1911/121911/121
154.Arthur Crowder1911/121911/121
155.Eustace Headlam1911/121911/121Brother of Felix Headlam
156.Rupert Pennycuick1911/121912/133
157.Arthur Watt1911/121925/267Son of John Watt, brother of John Charles Watt
158.Reginald Davis1912/131914/154
159.Charles Robinson1912/131913/144He played one match for Western Australia in 1920/21.
160.Harold Allen1912/131913/142
161.George Linney1912/131912/131His son Keith played for Somerset in the 1930s.
162.Edward Butler1913/141914/152
163.Thomas Freeman1913/141913/141
164.Hubert Myers1913/141924/254He played for Yorkshire from 1901 to 1910.
165.Horace Smith1913/141927/286
166.Julian Woods1913/141913/141
167.Laurence Gatenby1913/141913/142
168.Robert Bayles1913/141913/141Brother of William Bayles
169.William Bayles1913/141913/141Brother of Vivian Bayles
170.Algernon Findlay1913/141930/317
171.Felix Headlam1913/141914/152Brother of Eustace Headlam
172.James Jakins1913/141913/141
173.Phillip Shawe1913/141914/152
174.Weller Arnold1914/151914/151
175.Sidney Lord1914/151914/151
176.Ronald Powell1914/151914/151
177.Frank Butler1921/221923/243He played for Canterbury in 1914/15.
178.Bert Davie1921/221922/232He played for Victoria in 1926/27.
179.Geoffrey Martin1921/221932/3323
180.Les Richardson1921/221921/221Brother of Walter Richardson.
181.Frederick Toby1921/221921/221
182.George Allan1922/231927/287
183.Garnet Goodrick1922/231922/231
184.Philip Henty1922/231928/297
185.Geoffrey Loney1922/231922/231
186.Alfred Rushforth1922/231936/3724
187.Owen Burrows1923/241936/3732
188.Neil Davis1923/241935/3611Brother of Arthur Davis.
189.Allen Limb1923/241928/293
190.Clyde Lucas1923/241923/241
191.Rex Bennett1924/251925/263He played five matches for South Australia in 1922/23.
192.Arthur Davis1924/251925/262Brother of Neil Davis.
193.Douglas Green1924/251936/3725
194.Albert Shugg1924/251924/252
195.Syd James1924/251924/251
196.Clarence Lee1925/261925/261
197.Douglas Wardlaw1925/261928/297Brother of Robert Wardlaw.
198.Roy Wilkins1925/261925/262
199.Alfred Watson1925/261927/284
200.Jim Atkinson1926/271933/3422He played four times for Victoria between 1921/22 and 1925/26.
201.Rex Townley1926/271935/3616
202.Raymond Friend1927/281928/292
203.Clarence Driscoll1927/281927/281Brother of Vernon Driscoll.
204.Vernon Driscoll1927/281931/324Brother of Clarence Driscoll.
205.Austin Punch1927/281927/281He played for New South Wales between 1919/20 and 1928/29.
206.Arnell Horton1928/291928/291
207.Stephen Wellington1928/291928/291
208.Victor Hooper1928/291932/3314
209.Gerald James1928/291945/4635
210.Leslie Richardson1928/291931/329
211.Gordon Gibson1928/291932/336
212.Leslie Phelps1928/291928/291
213.Cecil Wood1928/291929/305
214.Walter McDonald1928/291928/291He had played for Victoria in 1921/22 and Queensland in 1924/25.
215.Edward Pickett1928/291935/3611He was Australian national snooker champion in 1955.
216.Laurie Nash1929/301931/3217He played Test cricket in 1931/32 and 1936/37 and for Victoria in 1936/37.
217.Gordon Lethborg1929/301932/334
218.Jack Badcock1929/301933/3419He played seven Tests from 1936/37 to 1938 and for South Australia from 1934/35 to 1940/41.
219.Alan Cuff1929/301929/301Son of Leonard Cuff.
220.Douglas Vautin1929/301929/301Son of Charles Vautin.
221.Desmond Brain1930/311930/313
222.John Brain1930/311930/312
223.Stuart Taylor1930/311930/312
224.Norman Murray1930/311930/312
225.Sydney Putman1930/311938/3920
226.Edward Smith1930/311938/3912
227.Thomas Matthews1930/311930/313
228.Ron Ward1930/311935/365
229.Bill Cahill1931/321931/324
230.Ron Morrisby1931/321951/5233He toured India with the Australians in 1935/36 but no Tests were played on the tour.
231.Cyril Parry1931/321933/3415He played for South Australia from 1925/26 to 1930/31.
232.Ken Gourlay1932/331936/373
233.James Walsh1932/331936/3715
234.Reginald Broomby1932/331932/332
235.James Tringrove1932/331938/393
236.Clifton Jeffery1932/331946/4715
237.Arthur Trebilcock1932/331932/331
238.Artie Combes1932/331946/478Brother of Maxwell Combes
239.Max Combes1932/331938/3910Brother of Artie Combes
240.Frank Davis1933/341933/342
241.Raymond Ferrall1933/341934/355
242.John Rothwell1933/341933/344
243.Ron Thomas1933/341950/5124
244.Alan Pearsall1933/341938/397
245.Philip Dulling1934/351934/351
246.Joe Sankey1934/351947/487
247.Jack Gardiner1935/361948/4913
248.John Nicolson1936/371938/394
249.Douglas Thollar1936/371938/393
250.Bruce Wardlaw1936/371936/371Brother of Douglas Wardlaw.
251.Eric Dwyer1937/381937/381
252.Julian Murfett1937/381947/4811
253.Cecil Oakes1937/381938/392

Players whose debut was between 1940 and 1969

No Name First Last Apps First Last Apps First Last Apps Notes
First-class List A Twenty20
254.Ray Elliott1945/461945/461
255.Donald Ellis1945/461945/461
256.Arthur Lovett1945/461945/461He played once for Western Australia in 1950/51.
257.Eric Morse1945/461946/473
258.Max Thomas1945/461956/5717
259.Alfred Wilkes1945/461948/498
260.Brian Booth1946/471959/608
261.Donald Clark1946/471946/473
262.Leonard Alexander1946/471951/529
263.Jack Laver1946/471951/5211
264.Colin Richardson1946/471950/518
265.Derreck Calvert1946/471952/533
266.Keith Kildey1946/471946/471
267.Noel Diprose1947/481956/5715
268.Darrell Jackman1947/481950/515
269.Wal Walmsley1947/481947/483He played for New South Wales in 1945/46 and later played for Queensland and Northern Districts.
270.Emerson Rodwell1947/481955/5615
271.Trevor Gordon1948/491948/492
272.Reg Richardson1948/491951/524
273.Athol Shephard1948/491959/607
274.Harry Ward1948/491948/491
275.Terence Cowley1948/491961/6224
276.Ivor Clay1949/501950/513
277.Rex Davidson1949/501955/5611
278.Basil Reid1949/501952/535
279.Keith Schmidt1949/501960/6115
280.Lloyd Smith1950/511958/597
281.Arthur Triffitt1950/511950/511
282.Doug Walton1950/511960/617
283.Keith Dollery1950/511950/512He played for Queensland in 1947/48, Auckland in 1949/50 and Warwickshire from 1951 to 1956.
284.Geoffrey Martin1950/511950/511Son of Geoff Martin.
285.Jack Shelton1950/511956/572
286.Geoffrey Goodwin1951/521951/522
287.John Maddox1951/521956/578
288.Richard Newman1951/521952/534
289.Clifton Hurburgh1951/521951/521
290.Dale Anderson1952/531963/646
291.Rex Garwood1952/531955/565
292.Bill Hird1952/531960/6114
293.Donald Broughton1952/531952/531
294.Bertie Brownlow1952/531956/576
295.Ray Stokes1952/531965/666
296.Byron Hyland1953/541963/64111969/701969/701
297.Ross Dufty1953/541960/612
298.Bernard Considine1954/551954/551He played for Victoria from 1949/50 to 1952/53.
299.Brian Richardson1954/551969/7041969/701969/701
300.Ken MacDonald1955/561955/562
301.Dennis Blair1956/571956/572
302.David McGuire1956/571958/593
303.Harold Pinkus1956/571956/572He scored a century on debut
304.Roy Brain1958/591958/592
305.Brian Patterson1958/591972/73161969/701973/745
306.Edward Richardson1958/591959/603
307.Ray Heffernan1959/601967/689
308.Graeme Hudson1959/601961/628
309.Thomas Rocher1959/601959/602
310.Brian Carney1959/601959/601
311.Brian Sheen1960/611963/643
312.Gregory Tilyard1960/611960/611
313.Richard Wallace1960/611960/611
314.Darrel Baldock1960/611960/611
315.Gerry Connor1960/611963/642He played for Western Australia in 1958/59.
316.Ian Cowley1960/611963/643
317.Ian Crowden1960/611963/646
318.Kevin Miller1960/611960/611
319.John Aldridge1961/621963/644He played for Worcestershire from 1956 to 1960.
320.Leon Braslin1961/621961/621
321.Barry Harper1961/621968/694
322.Glen Waters1961/621961/623
323.Bruce John1963/641963/641
324.Len Maddocks1963/641967/683He played 11 Tests for Australia from 1954/55 to 1956/57 and for Victoria from 1946/47 to 1961/62.
325.Harold Allen1965/661970/7181969/701973/743
326.Daniel Archer1965/661965/661
327.Kevin Brown1965/661969/7041969/701970/712
328.Graeme Farrell1965/661969/705
329.Kerry Flint1965/661965/661
330.Kerry Hooper1965/661972/7321972/731972/731
331.Brent Palfreyman1965/661972/7341970/711971/722
332.Ray Biffin1967/681967/681
333.Gregory Blair1967/681967/681He played for Victoria in 1968/69.
334.John Hampshire1967/681978/79141977/781978/797He played Test cricket for England from 1969 to 1975 and ODI cricket in 1970/71 and 1971/72. He played first-class and List A cricket for Yorkshire and Derbyshire from 1961 to 1984.
335.Lyndon Menegon1967/681970/712
336.Don Pearce1967/681968/692
337.Baden Sharman1967/681969/7031969/701969/701
338.Kevin Badcock1968/691975/7691969/701976/779
339.Michael Gandy1968/691968/691
340.Neil Hawke1968/691968/691He played 27 Tests between 1962/63 and 1968. He played for Western Australia in 1959/60 and for South Australia from 1960/61 to 1967/68.
341.Alan Jacobson1968/691968/691
342.Barry Stewart1968/691968/691

Players whose debut was between 1969 and 1985

No Name First Last Apps First Last Apps First Last Apps Notes
First-class List A Twenty20
343.Leslie Appleton1969/701973/7461969/701974/756
344.Bruce Hodgetts1969/701970/7131969/701970/712
345.Stephen Howard1969/701978/79191969/701978/7916
346.Rohan Kanhai1969/701969/702He played 79 Test matches and seven ODIs for West Indies.
347.Alan Knott1969/701969/7021969/701969/701He played 95 Test matches and 20 ODIs for England.
348.Brian Cartledge1970/711972/7331970/711972/733
349.Rodney Cass1970/711972/7331970/711972/732He played for Essex from 1964 to 1967 and for Worcestershire from 1969 to 1975.
350.Khalid Ibadulla1970/711971/7221970/711971/722He played four Test matches for Pakistan from 1964/65 to 1967. He played for Warwickshire from 1954 to 1972 and for Otago from 1964/65 to 1966/67.
351.Peter Roberts1970/711974/7541972/731974/754
352.Gary Knight1971/721973/742Brother of Robert Knight.
353.Graeme Miller1971/721971/721Brother of Kevin Miller.
354.Tony Benneworth1971/721978/79131971/721981/8210
355.Peter Gatenby1971/721971/7211971/721971/721
356.Peter Lever1971/721971/7211971/721971/721He played 17 Tests for England between 1970/71 and 1975. He played first-class and List A cricket for Lancashire from 1960 to 1983.
357.Bruce Doolan1972/731977/78111972/731977/7811
358.Jack Simmons1972/731978/79191972/731978/7915He played for Lancashire from 1968 to 1989.
359.Michael Leedham1973/741981/8231973/741975/762
360.Sadiq Mohammad1974/751974/7521973/741974/753He played 41 Test matches and 19 ODIs for Pakistan from 1969/70 to 1981/82.
361.Robert Panitzki1973/741975/7641974/751975/763
362.Kenneth Thomson1973/741973/741
363.Gary Whitney1973/74 11978/7981973/74 11978/797
364.Jim Wilkinson1973/741974/7531974/751976/772
365.Trevor Docking1976/771979/80151974/751980/8116
366.Graeme Mansfield1974/751976/7731974/751975/763
367.Barry Beard1974/751974/7521974/751974/751
368.Peter Warren1974/751976/7731974/751976/772
369.Gerald Davies1974/751974/751
370.David Hughes1975/761976/7721975/761976/773He played for Lancashire from 1967 to 1991.
371.Michael Norman1975/761978/79111975/761978/795
372.Craig Brown1975/761976/7721975/761976/772-
373.Michael Sellers1975/761976/7731975/761978/793
374.Rowan Sherriff1976/771978/7961975/761979/8010
375.Christopher Hargrave1976/771980/815
376.Colin Arnold1976/771976/771
377.Ray Brown1976/771976/771
378.Garry Cowmeadow1976/771978/79131977/781978/798
379.Dennis Baker1977/781977/7861977/781977/784He played for Western Australia from 1972/73 to 1981/82, except for this one season with Tasmania.
380.Bruce Neill1977/781977/7831977/781977/781
381.Blair Campbell1977/781979/8010
382.David Smith1977/781983/84291977/781983/8414
383.Roger Woolley1977/781987/88771977/781986/8725He played two Tests in 1982/83 and 1983/84 and four ODIs in 1982/83.
384.Robert Knight1977/781981/82141978/791980/812Brother of Gary Knight.
385.David Gatenby1978/791978/794He played first-class and List A cricket for Canterbury in 1972/73.
386.David Boon1978/791998/991391978/791998/9964He played 107 Tests between 1984/85 and 1995/96 and 181 ODIs between 1983/84 and 1994/95.
387.Gary Goodman1978/791985/86291978/791992/9312He played for South Australia in 1980/81.
388.Mark Scholes1978/791981/8281978/791980/815
389.Greg Wilson1979/801981/8291978/791981/827
390.Neil Majewski1978/791979/8051979/801979/804
391.Brian Davison1979/801987/88491979/801987/8818He played for Rhodesia from 1967/68 to 1978/79, for Leicestershire from 1970 to 1983 and for Gloucestershire in 1985.
392.Richard Hadlee1979/801979/8061979/801979/804He played 86 Tests and 115 ODIs for New Zealand.
393.Robert Jeffery1979/801981/82201979/801981/829He played for New South Wales in 1978/79.
394.Phillip Blizzard1979/801983/84261980/811987/8814He played for New South Wales in 1985/86.
395.Chris Broadby1979/801987/88101980/811980/811
396.Stuart Saunders1979/801988/89561982/831983/846
397.Nick Allanby1980/811982/8361980/811982/834
398.Peter Clough1980/811983/84351980/811983/8410He played for Western Australia in 1984/85 and 1985/86.
399.Rod McCurdy1980/811980/8171980/811980/813He played 11 ODIs in 1984/85.
400.David Robinson1980/811981/8291980/811981/823He played for Victoria in 1984/85.
401.Anthony Spillane1980/811980/812
402.Anthony Walters1980/811980/811
403.Leslie Allen1980/811983/8471980/811981/823
404.Ian Beven1980/811983/84181980/811983/848He also played first-class and List A cricket for Scotland and for Scotland in the 1996/97 ICC Trophy.
405.Peter Faulkner1982/831989/90421980/811988/8911He toured South Africa with "rebel" Australian XIs in 1985/86 and 1986/87. Father of James Faulkner.
406.Dale O'Halloran1980/811980/811
407.Peter Mancell1981/821982/83131981/821982/832
408.Franklyn Stephenson1981/821981/8271981/821981/822He played first-class and List A cricket for domestic teams in West Indies, England and South Africa as well.
409.David Mullett1981/821981/821
410.Stanley Reid1981/821982/83111982/831982/832
411.Emmanuel Benjamin1981/821981/821He played first-class cricket for Punjab from 1973/74 to 1977/78.
412.Roland Butcher1982/831982/83121982/831982/833He played three Tests for England in 1980/81 and three ODIs in 1980 and 1980/81.
413.Michael Holding1982/831982/8391982/831982/833He played 60 Tests and 102 ODIs for West Indies between 1975/76 and 1986/87.
414.Mark Ray1982/831985/86411982/831985/865He played first-class cricket for New South Wales in 1981/82.
415.Steve Small1982/831983/84131982/831983/844He played first-class and List A cricket for New South Wales between 1978/79 and 1992/93.
416.William Kirkman1982/831986/8741984/851984/851
417.Graham Astley1983/841983/8411983/841983/842
418.Francis Woolley1983/841983/842
419.Danny Buckingham1983/841993/94831983/841993/9423
420.Roland Hyatt1983/841985/86211983/841985/865
421.Neil Williams1983/841983/8471983/841983/841He played in one Test for England in 1990.
422.Richard Soule1983/841990/91571986/871989/9011
423.Keith Bradshaw1984/851987/88251984/851987/889
424.Roger Brown1984/851986/87311984/851986/877
425.Patrick Patterson1984/851984/85101984/851984/852He played 28 Tests and 59 ODIs for West Indies between 1985/86 and 1992/93.
426.Michael Tame1984/851986/8781984/851986/878
427.Richard Bennett1984/851991/92351985/861985/861

Players whose debut was between 1985 and 2000

No Name First Last Apps First Last Apps First Last Apps Notes
First-class List A Twenty20
428.Winston Davis1985/861985/8681985/861985/862He played 15 Tests and 35 ODIs for West Indies between 1982/83 and 1987/88.
429.Mark Hill1985/861985/8651985/861985/862
430.Lynton Rowlands1985/861985/861
431.Troy Cooley1985/861995/96331995/961995/963
432.Christopher Dell1985/861985/861
433.Errol Harris1985/861987/88141986/871986/872He played one List A match for Queensland in 1991/92.
434.Bruce Cruse1985/861992/93251987/881991/922
435.Peter Bowler1986/871986/8721986/871986/872Though brought up in Australia, most of his cricket was in England between 1986 and 2004, for Leicestershire, Derbyshire and Somerset.
436.Richard Ellison1986/871986/8791986/871986/873He played in 11 Tests and 14 ODIs for England between 1984 and 1986.
437.Glenn Hughes1986/871991/92401986/871991/9212He played for Orange Free State in 1989/90. Brother of Kim Hughes.
438.Allister de Winter1986/871989/90211986/871992/9310
439.Stephen Milosz1986/871986/87111986/871986/871He played for Western Australia between 1983/84 and 1987/88.
440.Robert Gartrell1986/871986/873He played for Western Australia in 1984/85 and 1985/86.
441.Neville Jelich1986/871987/8891986/871986/872He played for Queensland in 1985/86.
442.Greg Campbell1986/871991/92291988/891991/9210He played four Tests and 12 ODIs in 1989 and 1989/90.
443.Tim Bower1987/881991/92151989/901993/942
444.Michael Taylor1987/881988/89191987/881988/894He played for Victoria from 1977/78 to 1984/85.
445.Jamie Cox1987/882005/061711988/892003/0482He played for Somerset in English domestic first-class, List A and T20 cricket from 1999 to 2004.
446.Dennis Lillee1987/881987/8861987/881987/881He played 70 Tests and 63 ODIs between 1970/71 and 1983/84.
447.Nicholas Courtney1987/881994/95241992/931995/9612
448.Claye Young1987/881987/883
449.Rod Tucker1988/891998/991001987/881998/9945He played for New South Wales from 1985/86 to 1987/88.
450.Dave Gilbert1988/891991/92381988/891991/929He played nine Tests and 14 ODIs between 1985 and 1986/87.
451.Greg Shipperd1988/891990/91261988/891990/914He played for Western Australia from 1977/78 to 1987/88.
452.Dirk Wellham1988/891990/91321988/891990/917He played six Tests and 17 ODI between 1981 and 1986/87.
453.Scott Hookey1989/901989/9071989/901991/923He played for New South Wales in 1987/88 and 1994/95.
454.Don O'Connor1989/901989/9021989/901989/902He played for South Australia between 1981/82 and 1987/88.
455.Gavin Robertson1989/901990/91171989/901990/915He played in four Tests and 13 ODIs between 1994 and 1998/99. He played for New South Wales in 1987/88 and from 1992/93 to 1999/2000.
456.Peter McPhee1989/901992/93271990/911992/938
457.Michael Farrell1989/901995/96251990/911997/9832
458.Shaun Young1991/922001/021121990/912001/0270He played one Test in 1997. Brother of Claye Young.
459.Tim Coyle1990/911990/9171990/911990/911
460.Kevin Pearce1990/911990/911
461.Josef Holyman1990/911991/9291991/921991/923
462.Stuart Oliver1990/911995/9651992/931995/965
463.Chris Matthews1991/921994/95391991/921994/9511He played three Tests between 1986/87 and 1988/89. He played for Western Australia between 1984/85 and 1990/91.
464.Dene Hills1991/922001/021091992/932001/0246
465.Mark Atkinson1991/921999/2000941992/931999/200041
466.Michael Di Venuto1991/922007/081451992/932007/081102005/062006/076He played nine ODIs between 1996/97 and 1997/98.
467.Colin Miller1992/931999/2000571992/931999/200036He played 18 Tests between 1998/99 and 2000/01. He also played for South Australia and Victoria.
468.Ricky Ponting1992/932010/11581992/932007/0843He played 168 Tests and 376 ODIs (one for an International XI).
469.Nigel Brookes1992/931992/931
470.Ian Connell1992/931992/931
471.David Castle1992/931992/931
472.Mark Ridgway1993/941999/2000461993/941999/200023
473.Steven Herzberg1993/941993/9471993/941993/941He also played for Western Australia, Kent, Somerset and Worcestershire.
474.Scott Plummer1993/941993/941
475.Anthony Humphreys1993/941993/941
476.Brian Robinson1993/941994/9571994/951994/953
477.Mark Wasley1994/951994/9511994/951994/953He played first-class cricket for Western Australia in 1990/91.
478.Andy Belsak1994/951994/951
479.David Millns1994/951994/9561994/951994/951He played for Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire between 1988 and 2001.
480.Richard Allanby1994/951994/9521996/971996/972Brother of Nick Allanby.
481.Mark Hatton1994/951996/97141994/951995/966
482.Todd Pinnington1994/952000/0121998/992000/017
483.Anthony Daly1994/951995/96131994/951996/976
484.Josh Marquet1994/951997/98221994/952001/0217
485.Adam McGinty1994/951994/951He played first-class cricket for Victoria in 1995/96 and 1996/97.
486.Gerard Denton1994/952009/10401995/962010/11232008/092009/107He played for Victoria between 2004/05 and 2007/08.
487.Robert Hodgson1995/961998/9931995/961995/962
488.John Saint1995/961996/9741995/961997/986
489.Daniel Marsh1996/972009/101371996/972009/101052006/072008/0913He played for South Australia in 1993/94 and for Leicestershire in 2001.
490.Andrew Saballus1996/971996/9711996/971996/972
491.Andrew Dykes1998/992000/01181996/972000/0117
492.Paul Hutchison1996/971997/9831996/971997/986He played for South Australia from 1991/92 to 1994/95.
493.Damien Wright1997/982006/07651997/982006/07552006/072006/074He played for Victoria from 2008/09 and for five English counties.
494.Ben Targett1997/982000/01161997/981999/20005
495.Scott Mason1997/982003/04281999/20002001/028
496.Greg Rowell1998/991998/9961998/991998/994He played for New South Wales from 1989/90 to 1990/91 and for Queensland from 1991/92 to 1997/98.
497.Scott Kremerskothen1999/20002005/06371998/992005/0644
498.Andrew Downton1999/20002004/05321999/20002003/044
499.Shannon Tubb1999/20002005/06122001/022005/06102005/062005/062He played List A cricket for South Australia in 2004/05.

Players whose debut was after 2000

No Name First Last Apps First Last Apps First Last Apps Notes
First-class List A Twenty20
500.Sean Clingeleffer2000/012007/08742000/012003/0440
501.Brett Geeves2004/052009/10412000/012010/11642007/082009/1010He played ODI and international T20 matches in 2008 and 2008/09.
502.David Saker2000/012002/03232000/012001/0216He played for Victoria from 1994/95 to 1999/2000.
503.Mark Colegrave2000/012000/011
504.Shane Watson2000/012003/04262000/012003/0430He has played 30 Tests, 138 ODIs, and 24 International T20 matches. He has also played for Queensland and New South Wales.
505.Graeme Cunningham2002/032002/0322000/012002/0323He played List A cricket for Australian Capital Territory in 1998/99 and 1999/2000.
506.Kade Munday2000/012000/011
507.Adam Polkinghorne2002/032005/0622000/012005/06182005/062006/075
508.Brad Thomas2001/022001/0212000/012001/024
509.Shane Jurgensen2000/012002/03172001/022002/036He played for Western Australia in 1998/99 and for Queensland from 2003/04 to 2006/07.
510.Michael Dighton2001/022008/09532001/022009/10742006/072009/1016He played for Western Australia from 1997/98 to 1999/2000 and for Derbyshire in 2007.
511.Xavier Doherty2001/022010/11402001/022010/11822005/062010/1124He has played two Tests and 13 ODIs from 2010/11.
512.George Bailey2004/052016/171012001/022010/111202005/062010/1126Bailey has played five tests for Australia, 29 T20's (25 as captain) and 90 ODI's (40 as captain).
513.Matthew Pascoe2001/022001/021He played for Queensland in 1998/99 and 2000/01.
514.Adam Griffith2002/032010/11452002/032007/08472005/062005/062He played for Leicestershire in 2006.
515.Ben Oliver2002/032002/0322002/032002/034He played for Victoria between 1999/2000 and 2001/02.
516.Chris Bassano2002/032002/032He played for Derbyshire from 2001 to 2005.
517.Travis Birt2004/052010/11502003/042010/11732005/062010/1127He played three International T20 matches in 2009/10. He also played for Derbyshire in 2006 and 2007 and for Wellington in 2010/11.
518.Luke Butterworth2006/072010/11402003/042010/11492006/072010/115He played List A cricket for Scotland in 2011.
519.Michael Bevan2004/052006/07192004/052006/0718He played 18 Tests and 232 ODIs between 1993/94 and 2003/04. He played for South Australia in 1989/90, for New South Wales from 1990/91 to 2003/04 and for four English county sides.
520.David Dawson2004/052008/09232004/052008/0910
521.Andy Blignaut2004/052004/051He played 19 Tests, 54 ODIs and one International T20 for Zimbabwe between 1999 and 2010.
522.Rhett Lockyear2004/052009/10152005/062010/11212005/062010/1123
523.Darren McNees2004/052005/0632005/062005/0632005/062005/062
524.Ben Hilfenhaus2005/062010/11432005/062010/11412005/062010/1114He has played 17 Tests, 15 ODIs and six International T20s since 2006/07.
525.Dane Anderson2006/072008/0972005/062008/09242005/062007/0810
526.Tim Paine2005/062010/11362005/062010/11462005/062010/1118He has played four Tests, 26 ODIs and five International T20s since 2009.
527.Brendan Drew2005/062010/11302005/062010/11452006/072010/1115
528.Chris Duval2007/082008/0972006/072008/0952008/092008/092He played for South Australia before and after playing for Tasmania.
529.Jason Krejza2006/072010/11232006/072010/11242007/082010/1117He played two Tests and eight ODIs from 2008/09. He played for New South Wales in 2004/05 and 2005/06.
530.Matthew Wade2006/072006/071He has played for Victoria since 2007/08.
531.Mark Divin2007/082008/09132007/082008/098
532.Nathan Wegman2007/082007/0822007/082007/081
533.Tim MacDonald2007/082009/10202007/082007/081He played for Western Australia in 2006/07.
534.Jonathan Wells2008/092010/11172010/112010/1192010/112010/115
535.James Faulkner2008/092010/11142008/092010/11182009/102010/1111Son of Peter Faulkner. Played test for Australia in 2013,
536.Alex Doolan2008/092010/11232010/112010/1152009/102009/103
537.Jeremy Smith2008/092008/0912008/092010/112
538.Ed Cowan2009/102010/11212009/102010/11222009/102010/113He played for Oxford University in 2003 and for New South Wales from 2004/05 to 2008/09.
539.Brady Jones2009/102010/11122009/102010/114
540.Wade Irvine2009/102009/101
541.Adam Maher2009/102010/1113
542.Rana Naved-ul-Hasan2009/102010/1112
543.John Rogers2009/102009/1012009/102009/103
544.Steven Cazzulino2010/112010/112
545.Mark Cosgrove2010/112010/11112010/112010/11112010/112010/117He played three ODIs in 2005/06 and 2006/07. He played for South Australia from 2002/03 to 2009/10 and for Glamorgan from 2006 to 2010.
546.Matthew Day2010/112010/111
547.Ryan ten Doeschate2010/112010/117He has played 33 ODIs for Netherlands. He has played for Essex since 2003.
548.Nick Kruger2010/112010/1152010/112010/111He played for Queensland from 2002/03 to 2009/10.
549.Tom Triffitt2010/112010/1142010/112010/113
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