List of Tasmanian courts and tribunals

The following is a list of courts and tribunals in Tasmania:

List of boards, commissions, courts, and tribunals

Sitting boards, commissions, courts, and tribunals

The list of sitting boards and commissions is sourced from the Service Tasmania Online portal.[1]

Sitting boards and councils

  • Agricultural, Silvicultural and Veterinary Chemicals Council
  • Guardianship and Administration Board
  • Legal Profession Board of Tasmania
  • Local Government Board
  • Motor Accidents Insurance Board
  • National Parks and Wildlife Advisory Council
  • Nomenclature Board
  • Parole Board
  • Poppy Advisory and Control Board
  • Road Safety Advisory Council
  • Schools Registration Board
  • State Fire Management Council of Tasmania
  • Tasmanian Development Board
  • Tasmanian Heritage Council
  • Teachers Registration Board
  • Veterinary Board of Tasmania
  • Workcover Tasmania

Sitting authorities

  • Environment Protection Authority
  • Forest Practices Authority
  • Marine and Safety Tasmania
  • Port Arthur Historic Site
  • Wellington Park Management Trust

Sitting courts

Sitting tribunals

The following are sourced from the Tasmanian Department of Justice website.[2]

  • Anti-Discrimination Tribunal
  • Asbestos Compensation Tribunal
  • Forest Practices Tribunal
  • Guardianship and Administration Board
  • Health Practitioners Tribunal
  • Mental Health Tribunal
  • Mining Tribunal
  • Motor Accidents Compensation Tribunal
  • Resource Management and Planning Appeal Tribunal
  • Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Tribunal

Abolished boards, courts and tribunals

Abolished boards

Abolished courts

Abolished tribunals

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