List of Sydney Metro railway stations

Sydney Metro is the brand name for rapid transit service, operating over a network of purpose-built lines and stations in Sydney, New South Wales currently under construction, in development, or proposed, to be operated by Metro Trains Sydney. As of 2017, 31 stations are planned for the network, divided into two distinct sections, although operating as a single service between two termini, Tallawong on the Sydney Metro Northwest line, and Bankstown on the Sydney Metro City & Southwest line. In addition, a proposed third line, the Sydney Metro West, is anticipated to add more stations to the network if approved by the Government of New South Wales.



Name Railway line(s) Date opened Previous name(s) Connections
Bella Vista Northwest 26 May 2019
Castle Hill Northwest 26 May 2019
Chatswood Epping to Chatswood 1 January 1890
Cherrybrook Northwest 26 May 2019
Epping Epping to Chatswood
  • 17 September 1886 (original site)
  • 15 February 1900 (present site)
  • Field of Mars (1886–1887)
  • Carlingford (1887–1899)
Hills Showground Northwest 26 May 2019
Kellyville Northwest 26 May 2019
Macquarie Park Epping to Chatswood 23 February 2009
Macquarie University Epping to Chatswood 23 February 2009
North Ryde Epping to Chatswood 23 February 2009
Norwest Northwest 26 May 2019
Rouse Hill Northwest 26 May 2019
Tallawong Northwest 26 May 2019

Planned or under construction

  Stations currently under construction
Name Railway line(s) Date opened Previous name(s) Connections
Bankstown Bankstown 14 April 1909
Barangaroo City and Southwest 2024 (planned)
Belmore Bankstown 1 February 1895
Campsie Bankstown 1 February 1895
Canterbury Bankstown 1 February 1895
Central City and Southwest
  • 26 September 1855 (original site)
  • 5 August 1906 (present site)
Sydney (1855–1926)
Crows Nest City and Southwest 2024 (planned)
Dulwich Hill Bankstown 1 February 1895 Wardell Road (1895–1920)
Hurlstone Park Bankstown 1 February 1895 Fern Hill (1895–1911)
Lakemba Bankstown 14 April 1909
Marrickville Bankstown 1 February 1895
Martin Place City and Southwest 2024 (planned)
Pitt Street City and Southwest 2024 (planned)
Punchbowl Bankstown 14 April 1909
Sydenham Bankstown 15 October 1884 Marrickville (1884–1895)
Victoria Cross City and Southwest 2024 (planned)
Waterloo City and Southwest 2024 (planned)
Wiley Park Bankstown 19 June 1938

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