List of Swedish youth football champions

This is a list of Swedish youth football champions. Boys' teams' competitions have been contested since 1982, when Swedish Under-18 Championships (later Swedish Under-19 Championships) started, while girls have competed since 1994, when Swedish Under-17 Championships (later Swedish Under-16 Championships).[1] Boys' districts organisations' competitions have been contested since 1962, when Distriktsjuniorturneringen started, while girls have competed since 1982.[1]




Under-16 Championships

Year Winner Runners-up
Swedish Under-17 Championships
1994Hammarby IF (1)
1995Gideonsbergs IF (1)
1996Bälinge IF (1)
1997QBIK (1)
Swedish Under-16 Championships
2009QBIK (2)
2010AIK (1)
2011Kristianstads DFF (1)
2012Piteå IF (1)Gamla Upsala SK
2013IF Limhamn Bunkeflo (1)Örebro SK Söder
2014AIK (2)QBIK

District Organisations

Cup Byggnads (Boys')

Year Winner Runners-up
1975Stockholm FA (1)Västergötland FA
1976Skåne FA (1)Stockholm FA
1977Västergötland FA (1)Skåne FA
1978Göteborg FA (1)Skåne FA
1979Skåne FA (2)Stockholm FA
1980Skåne FA (3)Norrbotten FA
1981Stockholm FA (2)Skåne FA
1982Västergötland FA (2)Stockholm FA
1983Skåne FA (4)Västergötland FA
1984Göteborg FA (2)Stockholm FA
1985Västergötland FA (3)Stockholm FA
1986Stockholm FA (3)Dalarna FA
1987Göteborg FA (3)Västergötland FA
1988Skåne FA (5)Småland FA
1989Skåne FA (6)Uppland FA
1990Västerbotten FA (1)Skåne FA
1991Skåne FA (7)Småland FA
1992Skåne FA (8)Stockholm FA
1993Göteborg FA (4)Stockholm FA
1994Örebro Läns FA (1)Skåne FA
1995Skåne FA (9)Stockholm FA
1996Stockholm FA (4)Skåne FA
1997Västergötland FA (4)Dalarna FA
1998Göteborg FA (5)Stockholm FA
1999Göteborg FA (6)Stockholm FA
2000Stockholm FA (5)Skåne FA
2001Skåne FA (10)Stockholm FA
2002Skåne FA (11)Stockholm FA
2003Västergötland FA (5)Stockholm FA
2004Småland FA (1)Uppland FA
2005Skåne FA (12)Stockholm FA
2006Örebro Läns FA (2)Stockholm FA
2007Västergötland FA (6)Örebro Läns FA
2008Småland FA (2)Skåne FA
2010Stockholm FA (6)Västergötland FA
2011Småland FA (3)Västerbotten FA
2012Örebro Läns FA (3)Stockholm FA
2013Stockholm FA (7)Västerbotten FA
2014Stockholm FA (8)Östergötland FA

Cup Kommunal (Girls')

Year Winner Runners-up
1982Stockholm FA (1)Skåne FA
1983Stockholm FA (2)Halland FA
1984Småland FA (1)Västergötland FA
1985Stockholm FA (3)Skåne FA
1986Västergötland FA (1)Stockholm FA
1987Göteborg FA (1)Uppland FA
1988Småland FA (2)Stockholm FA
1989Skåne FA (1)Värmland FA
1990Stockholm FA (4)Uppland FA
1991Uppland FA (1)Småland FA
1992Östergötland FA (1)Stockholm FA
1993Ångermanland FA (1)Skåne FA
1994Skåne FA (2)Dalarna FA
1995Stockholm FA (5)Halland FA
1996Skåne FA (3)Småland FA
1997Västerbotten FA (1)Uppland FA
1998Örebro Läns FA (1)Skåne FA
1999Värmland FA (1)Uppland FA
2000Skåne FA (4)Västergötland FA
2001Västerbotten FA (2)Skåne FA
2002Skåne FA (5)Västergötland FA
2003Skåne FA (6)Örebro Läns FA
2004Skåne FA (7)Västergötland FA
2005Stockholm FA (6)Småland FA
2006Norrbotten FA (1)Dalarna FA
2007Dalarna FA (1)Västergötland FA
2008Skåne FA (8)Västergötland FA
2010Uppland FA (2)Stockholm FA
2011Skåne FA (9)Stockholm FA
2012Västerbotten FA (3)Skåne FA
2013Stockholm FA (7)Västerbotten FA
2014Skåne FA (10)Stockholm FA

Distriktsjuniorturneringen (Boys'; defunct)

Year Winner Runners-up
1962Västmanland FA (1)
1963Göteborg FA (1)
1964Stockholm FA (1)
1965Skåne FA (1)
1966Stockholm FA (2)
1967Stockholm FA (3)
1968Västergötland FA (1)
1969Västergötland FA (2)
1970Västergötland FA (3)
1971Stockholm FA (4)
1972Göteborg FA (2)
1973Västergötland FA (4)
1974Västergötland FA (5)
1975Skåne FA (2)
1976Västergötland FA (6)
1977Småland FA (1)
1978Skåne FA (3)
1979Skåne FA (4)
1980Skåne FA (5)
1981Halland FA (1)
1982Södermanland FA (1)
1983Göteborg FA (3)
1984Skåne FA (6)
1985Västergötland FA (7)
1986Halland FA (2)
1987Halland FA (3)
1988Västmanland FA (2)
1989Stockholm FA (5)
1990Östergötland FA (1)
1991Göteborg FA (4)
1992Skåne FA (7)
1993Stockholm FA (6)
1994Västergötland FA (8)

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