List of Swedish football champions

Swedish football champions (Swedish: Svenska mästare i fotboll) is a title held by the winners of the highest Swedish football league played each year, Allsvenskan.[1] Malmö FF are the holders of the record of most titles with 20 Swedish championships. After winning the 2017 Allsvenskan, Malmö FF are also the reigning Swedish football champions. The title has been contested since 1896 in varying forms of competition.[2] The first Swedish Champions, Örgryte IS, were declared in 1896 when the club won the cup tournament Svenska Mästerskapet. This happened before there existed any Swedish national association, which was not created until 1904. The winners of Svenska Mästerskapet between 1896 and 1904 have retroactively been declared holders of the title by the Swedish Football Association (SvFF). After the creation of the SvFF, the title continued to be held by the winners of Svenska Mästerskapet until 1925, even though a Swedish first national league, Svenska Serien, started in 1910.[3] Svenska Mästerskapet was discontinued in 1925.

In 1924–25, a new Swedish national league was created, Allsvenskan, but the Swedish Champions title wasn't awarded to the winners of that league until 193031.[4] Since then, the winners of Allsvenskan are considered Swedish Champions, with a few exceptions. Between 1982 and 1990, the title was given to the winners of a play-off held after Allsvenskan was finished, and the following two years, 1991 and 1992, the title was given to the winners of Mästerskapsserien, a continuation league with the best teams from Allsvenskan.[5]

The current trophy, Lennart Johanssons Pokal, has been awarded since 2001 with Hammarby IF being the first winners. Johansson himself handed out the trophy in Sundsvall on 27 October 2001. The first trophy which was in use from 1904 to 2000 was named von Rosen's Pokal after the first chairman of the Swedish FA Clarence von Rosen. However, in November 2000 it was discovered that von Rosen had been active in the Swedish national socialist movement during World War II which prompted the FA to give up using the old trophy.[6]


Winners also won Svenska Cupen during the same season
(number of championship titles) A running tally of the total number of championship titles won by each club is kept in brackets.

Svenska Mästerskapet (1896–1925)

Year Winner Runners-up
1896Örgryte IS (1)IS Idrottens Vänner
1897Örgryte IS (2)Örgryte IS 2[nb 1]
1898Örgryte IS (3)AIK
1899Örgryte IS (4)Göteborgs FF
1900AIK (1)Örgryte IS
1901AIK (2)[nb 2]Örgryte IS 2
1902Örgryte IS (5)Jönköpings AIF
1903Göteborgs IF (1)Göteborgs FF
1904Örgryte IS (6)Djurgårdens IF
1905Örgryte IS (7)IFK Stockholm
1906Örgryte IS (8)Djurgårdens IF
1907Örgryte IS (9)IFK Uppsala
1908IFK Göteborg (1)IFK Uppsala
1909Örgryte IS (10)Djurgårdens IF
1910IFK Göteborg (2)Djurgårdens IF
1911AIK (3)IFK Uppsala
1912Djurgårdens IF (1)[nb 3]Örgryte IS
1913Örgryte IS (11)Djurgårdens IF
1914AIK (4)Hälsingborgs IF
1915Djurgårdens IF (2)Örgryte IS
1916AIK (5)Djurgårdens IF
1917Djurgårdens IF (3)AIK
1918IFK Göteborg (3)Hälsingborgs IF
1919GAIS (1)Djurgårdens IF
1920Djurgårdens IF (4)IK Sleipner
1921IFK Eskilstuna (1)IK Sleipner
1922GAIS (2)Hammarby IF
1923AIK (6)IFK Eskilstuna
1924Fässbergs IF (1)[nb 4]IK Sirius
1925Brynäs IF (1)BK Derby

Allsvenskan (1931–1981)

Year Winner Runners-up Top scorer (club) Goals
193031GAIS (3)AIKJohn Nilsson (GAIS)26
193132AIK (7)Örgryte ISCarl-Erik Holmberg (Örgryte IS)29
193233Hälsingborgs IF (1)GAISTorsten Bunke (Hälsingborgs IF)21
193334Hälsingborgs IF (2)GAISSven Jonasson (IF Elfsborg)20
193435IFK Göteborg (4)AIKHarry Andersson (IK Sleipner)23
193536IF Elfsborg (1)AIKSven Jonasson (IF Elfsborg)24
193637AIK (8)IK SleipnerOlle Zethlerlund (AIK)23
193738IK Sleipner (1)Landskrona BoISCurt Hjelm (IK Sleipner)13
193839IF Elfsborg (2)AIKErik Persson (AIK)
Ove Andersson (Malmö FF)
Yngve Lindgren (Örgryte IS)
193940IF Elfsborg (3)IFK GöteborgAnders Pålsson (Hälsingborgs IF)17
194041Hälsingborgs IF (3)Degerfors IFStig Nyström (IK Brage)17
194142IFK Göteborg (5)GAISSven Jacobsson (GAIS)20
194243IFK Norrköping (1)IF ElfsborgGunnar Nordahl (Degerfors IF)16
194344Malmö FF (1)IF ElfsborgLeif Larsson (IFK Göteborg)19
194445IFK Norrköping (2)IF ElfsborgGunnar Nordahl (IFK Norrköping)27
194546IFK Norrköping (3)Malmö FFGunnar Nordahl (IFK Norrköping)25
194647IFK Norrköping (4)AIKGunnar Gren (IFK Göteborg)18
194748IFK Norrköping (5)Malmö FFGunnar Nordahl (IFK Norrköping)18
194849Malmö FF (2)Hälsingborgs IFCarl-Johan Franck (Hälsingborgs IF)19
194950Malmö FF (3)Jönköpings Södra IFIngvar Rydell (Malmö FF)22
195051Malmö FF (4)Råå IFHasse Jeppson (Djurgårdens IF)17
195152IFK Norrköping (6)Malmö FFKarl-Alfred Jacobsson (GAIS)17
195253Malmö FF (5)IFK NorrköpingKarl-Alfred Jacobsson (GAIS)24
195354GAIS (4)Hälsingborgs IFKarl-Alfred Jacobsson (GAIS)21
195455Djurgårdens IF (5)Halmstads BKKurt Hamrin (AIK)22
195556IFK Norrköping (7)Malmö FFSylve Bengtsson (Halmstads BK)22
195657IFK Norrköping (8)Malmö FFHarry Bild (IFK Norrköping)19
195758IFK Göteborg (6)IFK NorrköpingBertil Johansson (IFK Göteborg)
Henry Källgren (IFK Norrköping)
1959Djurgårdens IF (6)IFK NorrköpingRune Börjesson (Örgryte IS)21
1960IFK Norrköping (9)IFK MalmöRune Börjesson (Örgryte IS)24
1961IF Elfsborg (4)IFK NorrköpingBertil Johansson (IFK Göteborg)20
1962IFK Norrköping (10)Djurgårdens IFLeif Skiöld (Djurgårdens IF)21
1963IFK Norrköping (11)Degerfors IFLars Heinermann (Degerfors IF)
Bo Larsson (Malmö FF)
1964Djurgårdens IF (7)Malmö FFKrister Granbom (Hälsingborgs IF)22
1965Malmö FF (6)IF ElfsborgBo Larsson (Malmö FF)28
1966Djurgårdens IF (8)IFK NorrköpingOve Kindvall (IFK Norrköping)20
1967Malmö FF (7)Djurgårdens IFDag Szepanski (Malmö FF)22
1968Östers IF (1)Malmö FFOve Eklund (Åtvidabergs FF)16
1969IFK Göteborg (7)Malmö FFReine Almqvist (IFK Göteborg)16
1970Malmö FF (8)Åtvidabergs FFBo Larsson (Malmö FF)16
1971Malmö FF (9)Åtvidabergs FFRoland Sandberg (Åtvidabergs FF)17
1972Åtvidabergs FF (1)AIKRalf Edström (Åtvidabergs FF)
Roland Sandberg (Åtvidabergs FF)
1973Åtvidabergs FF (2)Östers IFJan Mattsson (Östers IF)20
1974Malmö FF (10)AIKJan Mattsson (Östers IF)22
1975Malmö FF (11)Östers IFJan Mattsson (Östers IF)31
1976Halmstads BK (1)Malmö FFRutger Backe (Halmstads BK)21
1977Malmö FF (12)IF ElfsborgReine Almqvist (IFK Göteborg)
Mats Aronsson (Landskrona BoIS)
1978Östers IF (2)Malmö FFTommy Berggren (Djurgårdens IF)19
1979Halmstads BK (2)IFK GöteborgMats Werner (Hammarby IF)14
1980Östers IF (3)Malmö FFBilly Ohlsson (Hammarby IF)19
1981Östers IF (4)IFK GöteborgTorbjörn Nilsson (IFK Göteborg)20

Allsvenskan Play-offs (1982–1990)

Year Winner Runners-up Top scorer (club) Goals
1982IFK Göteborg (8)
League Winner: IFK Göteborg
Hammarby IFDan Corneliusson (IFK Göteborg)12
1983IFK Göteborg (9)
League Winner: AIK
Östers IFThomas Ahlström (IF Elfsborg)16
1984IFK Göteborg (10)
League Winner: IFK Göteborg
IFK NorrköpingBilly Ohlsson (Hammarby IF)14
1985Örgryte IS (12)
League Winner: Malmö FF
IFK GöteborgSören Börjesson (Örgryte IS)
Peter Karlsson (Kalmar FF)
Billy Lansdowne (Kalmar FF)
1986Malmö FF (13)
League Winner: Malmö FF
AIKJohnny Ekström (IFK Göteborg)13
1987IFK Göteborg (11)
League Winner: Malmö FF
Malmö FFLasse Larsson (Malmö FF)19
1988Malmö FF (14)
League Winner: Malmö FF
Djurgårdens IFMartin Dahlin (Malmö FF)17
1989IFK Norrköping (12)
League Winner: Malmö FF
Malmö FFJan Hellström (IFK Norrköping)16
1990IFK Göteborg (12)
League Winner: IFK Göteborg
IFK NorrköpingKaj Eskelinen (IFK Göteborg)10

Mästerskapsserien (1991–1992)

Year Winner Runners-up Top scorer (club) Goals
1991IFK Göteborg (13)
League Winner: IFK Göteborg
IFK NorrköpingKennet Andersson (IFK Göteborg)13
1992AIK (9)
League Winner: IFK Norrköping
IFK NorrköpingHans Eklund (Östers IF)16

Allsvenskan (1993–present)

Allsvenskan champions since 1993
Season Winner Runners-up Third place Player Goals
(Top scorer)
1993 IFK Göteborg (14) IFK Norrköping AIK Henrik Bertilsson (Halmstads BK)
Mats Lilienberg (Trelleborgs FF)
1994 IFK Göteborg (15) Örebro SK Malmö FF Niclas Kindvall (IFK Norrköping) 23
1995 IFK Göteborg (16) Helsingborgs IF Halmstads BK Niklas Skoog (Västra Frölunda IF) 17
1996 IFK Göteborg (17) Malmö FF Helsingborgs IF Andreas Andersson (IFK Göteborg) 19
1997 Halmstads BK (3) IFK Göteborg Malmö FF Mats Lilienberg (Halmstads BK)
Christer Mattiasson (IF Elfsborg)
Dan Sahlin (Örebro SK)
1998 AIK (10) Helsingborgs IF Hammarby IF Arild Stavrum (Helsingborgs IF) 18
1999 Helsingborgs IF (4) AIK Halmstads BK Marcus Allbäck (Örgryte IS) 15
2000 Halmstads BK (4) Helsingborgs IF AIK Fredrik Berglund (IF Elfsborg) 18
2001 Hammarby IF (1) Djurgårdens IF AIK Stefan Selaković (Halmstads BK) 15
2002 Djurgårdens IF (9) Malmö FF Örgryte IS Peter Ijeh (Malmö FF) 24
2003 Djurgårdens IF (10) Hammarby IF Malmö FF Niklas Skoog (Malmö FF) 22
2004 Malmö FF (15) Halmstads BK IFK Göteborg Markus Rosenberg (Halmstads BK) 14
2005 Djurgårdens IF (11) IFK Göteborg Kalmar FF Gunnar Heiðar Þorvaldsson (Halmstads BK) 16
2006 IF Elfsborg (5) AIK Hammarby IF Ari (Kalmar FF) 15
2007 IFK Göteborg (18) Kalmar FF Djurgårdens IF Marcus Berg (IFK Göteborg)
Razak Omotoyossi (Helsingborgs IF)
2008 Kalmar FF (1) IF Elfsborg IFK Göteborg Patrik Ingelsten (Kalmar FF) 19
2009 AIK (11) IFK Göteborg IF Elfsborg Tobias Hysén (IFK Göteborg)
Wánderson (GAIS)
2010 Malmö FF (16) Helsingborgs IF Örebro SK Alexander Gerndt (Gefle IF / Helsingborgs IF) 20
2011 Helsingborgs IF (5) AIK IF Elfsborg Mathias Ranégie (BK Häcken / Malmö FF) 21
2012 Elfsborg (6) BK Häcken Malmö FF Majeed Waris (BK Häcken) 23
2013 Malmö FF (17) AIK IFK Göteborg Imad Khalili (IFK Norrköping / Helsingborgs IF) 15
2014 Malmö FF (18) IFK Göteborg AIK Lasse Vibe (IFK Göteborg) 23
2015 IFK Norrköping (13) IFK Göteborg AIK Emir Kujović (IFK Norrköping) 21
2016 Malmö FF (19) AIK IFK Norrköping John Owoeri (BK Häcken) 17
2017 Malmö FF (20) AIK Djurgårdens IF Kalle Holmberg (IFK Norrköping)
Magnus Eriksson (Djurgårdens IF)
2018 AIK (12) IFK Norrköping Malmö FF Paulinho (BK Häcken) 20
2019 Djurgårdens IF (12) Malmö FF Hammarby IF Mohamed Buya Turay (Djurgårdens IF) 15


Total titles won by club

Titles won by club (%)

  Malmö FF – 20 (17%)
  IFK Göteborg – 18 (16%)
  IFK Norrköping – 13 (12%)
  Örgryte IS – 12 (10%)
  AIK – 12 (9%)
  Djurgårdens IF – 12 (9%)
  Other clubs (28%)

A total of 19 clubs have been crowned Swedish champions from Örgryte IS in 1896 until Malmö FF in 2017.
A total of 117 Swedish championships have been awarded. Malmö FF is the most successful club with 20 Swedish championships.

Total titles won by club
Club Winners Runners-up Winning seasons
Malmö FF 20 15 1943–44, 1948–49, 1949–50, 1950–51, 1952–53, 1965, 1967, 1970, 1971, 1974, 1975, 1977, 1986, 1988, 2004, 2010, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017
IFK Göteborg 18 9 1908, 1910, 1918, 1934–35, 1941–42, 1957–58, 1969, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1987, 1990, 1991, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 2007
IFK Norrköping 13 11 1942–43, 1944–45, 1945–46, 1946–47, 1947–48, 1951–52, 1955–56, 1956–57, 1960, 1962, 1963, 1989, 2015
AIK 12 16 1900, 1901, 1911, 1914, 1916, 1923, 1931–1932, 1936–1937, 1992, 1998, 2009, 2018
Djurgårdens IF 12 11 1912, 1915, 1917, 1920, 1954–55, 1959, 1964, 1966, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2019
Örgryte IS 12 6 1896, 1897, 1898, 1899, 1902, 1904, 1905, 1906, 1907, 1909, 1913, 1985
IF Elfsborg 6 5 1935–36, 1938–39, 1939–40, 1961, 2006, 2012
Helsingborgs IF 5 8 1932–33, 1933–34, 1940–41, 1999, 2011
GAIS 4 3 1919, 1922, 1930–31, 1953–54
Östers IF 4 3 1968, 1978, 1980, 1981
Halmstads BK 4 2 1976, 1979, 1997, 2000
Åtvidabergs FF 2 2 1972, 1973
IK Sleipner 1 3 1937–38
Hammarby IF 1 3 2001
IFK Eskilstuna 1 1 1921
Kalmar FF 1 1 2008
Göteborgs IF 1 1903
Fässbergs IF 1 1924
Brynäs IF 1 1925

Total titles won by city

The 19 title-winning clubs have come from a total of 13 cities. The most successful city is Gothenburg.

Total titles won by city
City Titles Winning clubs
Gothenburg 35 IFK Göteborg (18), Örgryte IS (12), GAIS (4), Göteborgs IF (1)
Stockholm 25 AIK (12), Djurgårdens IF (12), Hammarby IF (1)
Malmö 20 Malmö FF (20)
Norrköping 14 IFK Norrköping (13), IK Sleipner (1)
Borås 6 IF Elfsborg (6)
Helsingborg 5 Helsingborgs IF (5)
Växjö 4 Östers IF (4)
Halmstad 4 Halmstads BK (4)
Åtvidaberg 2 Åtvidabergs FF (2)
Eskilstuna 1 IFK Eskilstuna (1)
Kalmar 1 Kalmar FF (1)
Mölndal 1 Fässbergs IF (1)
Gävle 1 Brynäs IF (1)

Total titles won by county

The Swedish championship has been won by 19 clubs from nine counties. The most successful county is Västra Götaland.

Total titles won by county
County Titles Winning clubs
Västra Götaland[nb 5] 42 IFK Göteborg (18), Örgryte IS (12), IF Elfsborg (6), GAIS (4), Göteborgs IF (1), Fässbergs IF (1)
Skåne[nb 6] 25 Malmö FF (20), Helsingborgs IF (5)
Stockholm 25 AIK (12), Djurgårdens IF (12), Hammarby IF (1)
Östergötland 16 IFK Norrköping (13), Åtvidabergs FF (2), IK Sleipner (1)
Kronoberg 4 Östers IF (4)
Halland 4 Halmstads BK (4)
Södermanland 1 IFK Eskilstuna (1)
Gävleborg 1 Brynäs IF (1)
Kalmar 1 Kalmar FF (1)

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  1. Örgryte IS 2 was the reserve team of Örgryte IS.
  2. AIK won the final on walkover as the match could not be played due to darkness. AIK was considered to be the better team and were thus given the title.
  3. Decided in the third match after draws in the previous two.
  4. Not decided until the spring 1925 due to heavy rain the autumn 1924.
  5. Including the former counties Gothenburg and Bohus County and Älvsborg County.
  6. Including the former county Malmöhus County.


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