List of Stewards of the Manor of East Hendred

This is a list of the Members of Parliament appointed as Steward of the Manor of East Hendred, a notional 'office of profit under the crown' which was used to resign from the House of Commons. Appointment of an MP to the office was first made in 1763. The Manor of East Hendred was sold by the Crown in 1823, but through oversight, appointments to the post of Steward continued until 1840, after which it was discontinued for Parliamentary purposes in favour of other stewardships. The last steward died in 1851.


Dates given are of the writ to replace the member who accepted the Stewardship.

DateMemberConstituencyPartyReason for resignation
21 November 1763Edward Southwell[1]BridgwaterTo contest Gloucestershire
16 January 1765William Hamilton[1]MidhurstMade Ambassador to the Two Sicilies
30 May 1765Joseph Gulston[1]PooleIll-health
23 December 1765Verney Lovett[1]WendoverTo allow Viscount Fermanagh to bring Edmund Burke into Parliament
15 May 1769Charles Morgan[1]BreconTo contest Breconshire
20 May 1769Alexander Wedderburn[1]Richmond (Yorks)To express support for John Wilkes
16 January 1770William Clive[1]Bishop's CastleTo return Wedderburn (above) to Parliament
31 January 1770Thomas Anson[1]LichfieldTo bring George Adams into Parliament
18 April 1770James Grenville[1]HorshamPressure from his brothers over his support for William Pitt
25 May 1770Thomas Hutchings-Medlycott[1]Milborne PortTo bring the Earl of Catherlough into Parliament
30 January 1771Lord Robert Spencer[1]WoodstockTo contest Oxford
15 May 1771Hon. Edward Bouverie[1]SalisburyTo bring Viscount Folkestone into Parliament
31 January 1772John Morgan[1]BreconTo contest Monmouthshire
4 February 1772Lord Archibald Hamilton[1]Lancashire
18 May 1772Andrew Wilkinson[1]AldboroughTo bring the Earl of Lincoln into Parliament
7 December 1772Henry Herbert[1]WiltonTo contest Wiltshire
28 December 1772William Lemon[1]PenrynTo contest Cornwall
16 April 1773Nathaniel Lister[1]ClitheroeTo bring Thomas Lister into Parliament
31 May 1774Edward Foley[1]DroitwichTo contest Worcestershire
31 December 1774Henry Fownes-Luttrell[1]MineheadTo allow the North Ministry to bring Thomas Pownall into Parliament
14 March 1775Joseph Bullock[1]Wendover
20 April 1775Middleton Onslow[1]RyeTo bring Thomas Onslow into Parliament
24 April 1775Harcourt Powell[1]NewtownSold his electoral interest to Sir Richard Worsley
31 May 1775Fletcher Norton[1]CarlisleSir James Lowther, on whose interest he was elected, went into opposition against the North Ministry
9 November 1776John Rolle Walter[1]ExeterTo contest Devon
20 February 1777Gilbert Elliot[1]MorpethTo contest Roxburghshire
29 May 1777Sir George Suttie[1]HaddingtonshireTo bring William Hamilton Nisbet into Parliament, by prearrangement
24 February 1778William Hanger[1]East RetfordTo bring Lord John Pelham-Clinton into Parliament
11 January 1779Thomas Lyon[1]Aberdeen Burghs
20 March 1779Nathaniel Bayly[1]WestburyTo attend to his business affairs in Jamaica
29 April 1779Arthur Duff[1]ElginshireTo bring Lord William Gordon into Parliament
12 June 1780Thomas Johnes[1]CardiganTo contest Radnorshire
30 November 1780Warren Lisle[1]Weymouth and Melcombe Regis
7 December 1780Savile Finch[1]Malton
14 February 1781The Lord Macartney[1]Bere AlstonAppointed Governor of Madras
30 April 1781William Chaffin Grove[1]Cardigan
8 June 1781Edward Onslow[1]AldboroughLeft England after making homosexual advances at a Royal Academy exhibition
30 June 1781Philip Yorke[1]Helston
20 April 1782John Parker[1]Clitheroe
15 July 1783James Whitshed[1]Cirencester
23 November 1783Sir Robert Clayton[1]Bletchingley
1 January 1784Sir George Savile[1]Yorkshire
6 January 1784John Pollexfen Bastard[1]Truro
20 January 1784Charles Mellish[1]AldboroughDisagreement with the Duke of Newcastle
31 August 1784James Hunter Blair[1]Edinburgh
22 April 1785Andrew Bayntun[1]Weobley
3 February 1786Chaloner Arcedeckne[1]Westbury
13 February 1786John Grant[1]Fowey
1 April 1786John Rogers[1]Helston
16 August 1786Peter Johnston[1]Kirkcudbright Stewartry
29 January 1787Sir Edward Dering[1]New Romney
4 June 1787Edward Leeds[1]Reigate
23 December 1788Charles Rainsford[1]Bere Alston
4 September 1789Charles Edwin[1]Glamorganshire
4 January 1791Thomas Clarke Jervoise[1]Yarmouth (Isle of Wight)
6 May 1791William Morton Pitt[1]Dorset
18 May 1791Richard Ford[2][1]Appleby
26 August 1791Sir Richard Worsley[1]Newtown
7 January 1793Philip Yorke[1]Grantham
13 February 1793The Viscount Melbourne[1]Newport (Isle of Wight)To bring his son Peniston Lamb into Parliament
6 March 1793Brook Watson[1]City of London
3 February 1794John Curtis[1]Steyning
15 February 1794Augustus Rogers[1]Queenborough
17 February 1794Sir Frederick Fletcher-Vane[1]Winchelsea
9 June 1794John Walker-Heneage[1]Cricklade
12 July 1794William Windham[1]Norwich
14 January 1795Thomas Gilbert[1]Lichfield
21 February 1795Viscount Garlies[1]Saltash
10 November 1795Thomas Calvert[1]St Mawes
22 November 1796John Buller[1]West Looe
13 December 1796Richard Barwell[1]Winchelsea
14 June 1797John Hunter[1]Leominster
29 July 1797Sir George Thomas[1]Arundel
1 March 1799Lord Robert Spencer[1]Wareham
28 July 1799Sir John Mitford[1]Bere Alston
30 October 1799Mark Singleton[1]Eye
29 April 1800John Petrie[1]Gatton
22 May 1800Alexander Hope[1]Dumfries Burghs
10 March 1801Sir William Grant[1]Banffshire
6 July 1801William Adams[1]Plympton Erle
14 December 1802Samuel Haynes[1]Brackley
12 January 1803John Hiley Addington[1]Bossiney
24 January 1803James Dashwood[1]Gatton
25 February 1803James Patrick Murray[1]Yarmouth (Isle of Wight)
18 July 1803Ayscoghe Boucherett[1]Great Grimsby
22 August 1803Charles Philip Yorke[1]Cambridgeshire
22 April 1805Philip Dundas[1]Gatton
22 July 1805James Graham[1]CockermouthTory
24 February 1806The Viscount FitzWilliam[1]Wilton
6 March 1806Philip Langmead[1]Plymouth
21 March 1806George Peter Moore[1]Queenborough
20 January 1806Sir Home Popham[1]Yarmouth (Isle of Wight)
24 February 1806George Dundas[1]Richmond (Yorks)
1 August 1806Viscount Proby[1]Buckingham
14 January 1807Sir John Lethbridge[1]MineheadTory
30 July 1807Viscount Howick[1]MineheadWhig
30 January 1808Godfrey Wentworth Wentworth[1]TregonyWhig
8 February 1808Evan Foulkes[1]Tralee
22 April 1808Scrope Bernard[1]St MawesTory
27 July 1808Patrick Crawford Bruce[1]Dundalk
4 February 1809Charles Harward Butler[1]Kilkenny CityWhig
30 January 1810Sir George Bowyer[1]MalmesburyWhig
13 July 1810Henry Glassford[1]Dunbartonshire
21 January 1812Lawrence Dundas[1]RichmondWhig
13 April 1812William Dundas[1]Elgin Burghs
30 June 1812Richard Hart Davis[1]ColchesterTory
22 December 1812Magens Dorrien-Magens[1]LudgershallTory
13 February 1813Richard Nevill[1]Wexford Borough
23 March 1813Lord Henry FitzGerald[1]Kildare
10 November 1813William Thornton[1]Woodstock
5 December 1814Charles Trelawny-Brereton[1]Mitchell
21 July 1815William Vane Powlett[1]Winchelsea
1 March 1816Arthur Shakespeare[1]Portarlington
11 March 1816Charles Buller[1]West LooeTory
2 April 1816Sir Thomas Winnington[1]DroitwichWhig
10 May 1816Thomas Philipps Lamb[1]Rye
29 November 1820Jonathan Elford[1]Westbury
11 February 1823Sir Herbert Taylor[1]WindsorTory
24 February 1823John Poo Beresford[1]ColeraineTory
11 March 1824Ranald George Macdonald[1]Plympton Erle
6 April 1824James Drummond[1]Perthshire
16 February 1826William Morton Pitt[1]Dorset
19 December 1826Henry Monteith[1]Saltash
6 April 1827John Buller[1]West LooeWhig
20 April 1827Augustus Frederick Ellis[1]SeafordTory
2 March 1829Sir Robert Inglis[1]RiponTory
6 March 1829William Edward Tomline[1]TruroTory
10 April 1830William Ashley-Cooper[1]Dorchester
25 February 1831Charles Arbuthnot[1]AshburtonTory
4 April 1831Henry Dundas[1]WinchelseaTory
15 July 1831Mathew Pennefather[1]CashelTory
6 October 1831William Ponsonby[1]Poole
25 February 1832Charles George James Arbuthnot[1]TregonyTory
3 March 1834Thomas Francis Kennedy[1]Ayr BurghsWhig
8 February 1837Edward George Granville Howard[1]MorpethLib
24 January 1840Sir Edward Codrington[1]DevonportLib

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