List of South Korea Davis Cup team representatives

This is a list of tennis players who have represented the South Korea Davis Cup team in an official Davis Cup match. South Korea have taken part in the competition since 1960.[1]


Player W–L
Ties Debut
An Jae-sung4–33–21–152005
Bae Nam-ju1–30–21–131988
Baek Se-hyun0–10–10–011965
Baek Seung-bok0–40–30–122001
Chang Eui-jong13–118–75–4101991
Cho Min Hyeok2–42–40–042012
Cho Soong-jae2–01–01–012011
Choi Boo-kil2–42–10–341975
Chung Yong-ho1–181–110–781962
Chung Hee-sung2–30–12–252000
Chung Hee-seok14–87–37–5132002
Chung Hong0–00–00–012011
Chung Hyeon5–35–20–142014
Hong Seong-chan1–11–10–012015
Im Chung-yang2–92–50–441964
Im Kyu-tae6–95–71–2112003
Jeon Young-dai14–1011–43–6141980
Jeon Chang-dae5–55–40–161980
Jeong Suk-young4–54–40–162010
Ji Seung-ho3–32–21–131991
Ju Chang-nam4–82–52–351976
Jun Woong-sun12–89–53–3112004
Kim Bong-soo18–913–85–1141984
Kim Chi-wan6–41–15–381992
Kim Choon-ho8–117–81–381980
Kim Jae-sik5–44–21–251989
Kim Nam-hoon1–00–01–011998
Kim Sung-bae4–84–60–261971
Kim Bong-suk2–61–31–351978
Kim Doo-hwan2–152–110–481962
Kim Ke-hwan0–10–00–111960
Kim Moon-il3–132–81–581968
Kim Dong-hyun5–73–42–3101997
Kim Young-jun6–46–30–162003
Kim Sun-yong3–13–10–032005
Kim Hyun-joon3–42–11–342010
Kwon Oh-hee3–11–02–142002
Lee Ek-son0–10–10–011968
Lee Woo-ryong1–30–31–031981
Lee Sang-yun0–80–50–331960
Lee Tong-won0–10–10–011962
Lee Jeong-min0–10–00–111996
Lee Hyung-taik51–2441–910–15311995
Lee Seung-hoon0–30–30–032000
Lim Yong-kyu14–1010–74–3142009
Na Jung-woong0–10–10–012012
Nam Hyun-woo1–01–00–012004
Nam Ji-sung2–41–11–342013
Park Do-sung0–10–00–111963
Roh Gap-taik7–17–10–051985
Seol Jae-min3–40–13–362010
Shin Han-cheol3–72–71–051992
Song Dong-wook13–127–76–5151981
Song Hyeong-keun0–20–20–011999
Song Min-kyu0–20–00–222015
Suk Hyun-joon0–20–20–012005
Um Hwa-yong0–20–20–011960
Yoo Jin-sun18–118–510–6171984
Yoon Yong-il19–1416–103–4161993


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