List of South African admirals

The following is an incomplete list of people who have attained admiral rank within the South African Navy (SAN).


R Adm (JG)Rear Admiral (Junior Grade)
R AdmRear Admiral
V AdmVice Admiral

The ranks of Flag Officers changed in 1997 when the rank previously called Commodore became known as Rear Admiral (Junior Grade).[1] For the purposes of this list if they held the rank of Commodore before 1997 they are listed with that rank


Rank Name Last position held Notes Dates of service
AdmHugo BiermannChief of the Defence ForceOnly person to hold the rank of admiral1952–1976
V AdmJames JohnsonChief of the Navy[2]
V AdmJohan Charl WaltersChief of the Navy[2]
V AdmRonald A EdwardsChief of the Navy[2]
V AdmAndries P PutterChief of the Navy[2]
V AdmGlen SyndercombeChief of the Navy[2]
V AdmLambert Jackson WoodburneChief of the Navy[2]
V AdmRobert Simpson-AndersonChief of the Navy[2]
V AdmJohan RetiefChief of the Navy[2]
V AdmRefiloe Johannes MudimuChief of the Navy[2]
V AdmSamuel HlongwaneChief of the Navy
V AdmMarthinus BekkerChief of the SADF StaffNickname "Bert"
V AdmMartyn TrainorChief of the SANDF Corporate StaffNickname "Spook"
V AdmPaul MurrayChief of the Staff Finance[3]
V AdmPiet LoedolffChief of Staff Personnel[4]Now an author and lecturer
V AdmAart MalherbeChief of Staff Logistics[4]
V AdmAsiel KubuChief of Human Resources[5]
R AdmChris BennettChief of Naval Staff
R AdmRobert W. HiggsChief of Naval StaffNickname "Rusty"
R AdmM.R. Terry-LloydChief of Naval Staff
R AdmBubele MhlanaFlag Officer FleetNickname "Bravo"
R AdmHanno TeutebergDeputy Chief of the Navy
R AdmPhillip SchoultzFlag Officer Fleet
R AdmDave ForsythDirector Navy Reserves[6]
R AdmPeter TomlinsonFOC Fleet Operations
R AdmBernhard TeutebergChief Director: Maritime Strategy
R AdmGeorge Noel GreenCNS Log
R AdmEric GreenFlag Officer FleetBrother of Alan Green
R AdmAlan GreenChief: Military Policy, Strategy PlanningBrother of Eric Green
R AdmHennie van Eeden BesterFlag Officer Fleet
R AdmSagaren PillayChief Director: Maritime Strategy
R AdmPaul WijnbergFOC Naval Command East
R AdmMosoeu MagalefaChief of Naval Staff
R AdmGeorge MphafiCD Operations Development, CJ OPS
R AdmRolf HauterChief Director Maritime Strategy,[7] Chief Director Strategy and Planning SANDF
R AdmAnthony HowellChief Director: Maritime Warfare
R AdmRP Dryden Dymond
R AdmRaymond EberleinChief Director Manpower Provisioning and Development, SADF; Chief of Naval Staff Personnel[8]
R AdmEvert GroenewaldChief of Naval Staff Intelligence,[9] Chief of Naval Operations[10]Nickname "Gringo"
R AdmJaap WeidemanNavy Inspector General[11]
R AdmJ. Richard NortierChief of Naval Staff Logistics[12][13][14]Nickname Dick
R AdmJames SleighChief of Naval Staff[15]
R AdmBarend VisserChief Director Logistic Systems, SANDF[16]
R AdmPaul ViljoenFOC Navcom East,[17] Chief of Naval Operations[18]Nickname Flip[19]1989–1992
R AdmStephanus BiermannChief of Staff, Training and ManningBrother of Hugo Biermann[20]
R Adm (JG)Khanyisile Litchfield-TshabalalaDirector Fleet Human ResourcesFirst woman admiral
R AdmGuy JamiesonDeputy Chief of the Navy
R Adm (JG) William Joubert Director Naval Planning Nickname Bill
R Adm (JG)Ralph NdabambiDirector Naval Reserves
R Adm (JG)Monde LobeseDirector Fleet Logistics
R Adm (JG)James MatshimaneDirector Naval Personnel[21]
R Adm (JG)Edward RatalaInspector General (Navy)
R Adm (JG)Koos LouwFOC Naval Base Simon's Town
R Adm (JG)Arne Söderlund
R Adm (JG)Gert EngelbrechtDirector:Performance Audit IG DoD[7]
R Adm (JG)Karl WiesnerDirector Maritime Warfare
R Adm (JG)Rendani MasuthaDefense Legal Services[22]
R Adm (JG)John George BarkerDefence Attaché in France
R Adm (JG)Cobus VisserDirector Technology Development, Defence Materiél Division[23]
R Adm (JG)Derek DeweyDirector Technology Development
R Adm (JG)Laura Jansen van VuurenCommandant Defence College2nd woman admiral
R Adm (JG)Patrick DuzeDirector Force Preparation and Joint Operations
R Adm (JG)Monica JosiasDirector Maritime Diplomacy and Strategy[24]
R Adm (JG)Emily MasanaboDirector Navy Transformation[25]
R Adm (JG)Kevin J. WatsonDirector Naval Engineering Services
R AdmDerek ChristianDeputy Chief Joint Operations Division
R Adm (JG)Dirk I. De VilliersD Strat at Mil Pol Strat & Plan
R Adm (JG)F.A HansDirector Supply Services Support Management at DOD LSF, Director Naval Logistics[21]
R Adm (JG)Alan Claydon-FinkDirector Naval Acquisitions
R Adm (JG)Kasaval NaidooDirector Maritime Plans[26]
R AdmDavid MkhontoChief Director: Maritime Strategy
R Adm (JG)Mokgadi MaphotoProvost Marshal General SANDF
R Adm (JG)Nomonde Gogi-GumedeDirector Maritime Intelligence
R Adm (JG)Z KaniDirector Operational Law Support[21]
R Adm (JG)Z CamaguDirector Supply Services Support Management[21]
R Adm (JG)S MakhanyaDir HR Sep[21]
R Adm (JG)M.A MaphotoProvost-Marshal General[21]
R Adm (JG)M NkomondeInspector General of the Navy[21]
R Adm (JG)Leslie KaterinicChief of Fleet Staff[21]
R Adm (JG)Douglas FaureDirector Maritime Warfare[21]
R Adm (JG)Ernest PenzhornDirector Naval Reserves
R Adm (JG)Jonathan Kamerman
R Adm (JG)John RenoldsOC Naval Log Base[27]
R Adm (JG)Steven SteadChief of Naval Staff Operations
CdrePeter BitzkerChief of the NavyInspector General Navy[28]
CdreJames DalgleishChief of the Navy
CdreFrederick DeanChief of the Navy
CdreJohn Dart
CdreChris BothaCommanded the SA base in France, later CNavyStaff Finance
CdreDieter GerhardtFOC Naval Base Simon's TownConvicted Soviet spy[29]
CdreGert BritsCommander Naval Operations Command
CdreBill HoggCommander Naval Operations Command
CdreSam Davis
CdreRoy Kingon
CdreJohn FairbairnOC Naval Vase Simon's Town
CdreJohn FerrisCOMNAVCAPE 1982[30]
CdreAndre BurgersChief of Naval Staff Intelligence[31]
CdreAndrew Cecil McMurray
CdreA RudmanCommander Naval Training Command
CdreJeremy MathersDirector Naval Technology
CdreN VorsterChief of Naval Staff Operations (now known as Director Maritime Warfare)
CdreErrol Massey-HicksChief of Naval Staff Operations
CdreBryan DonkinChief of Naval Staff Operations
CdreTheo HoniballChief of Naval Staff Planning
CdreVic HoldernessCommander Naval Operations Command
CdreJ KleinschmidtCommander Naval Logistic Command
CdreTrevor BeddyCOMNAVCAPE
CdreNorman WiseCommander Naval Logistics Command
CdreGeorge BassonChief of Naval Staff Operations, Director Maritime Warfare[32]
CdreS. van H. du ToitChief of Naval Staff Personnel[33]
CdreJacques de VosFOC Naval Base Simonstown[34]
CdreNiel GuyDirector:Resources[35]
CdrePieter PotgieterFOC Naval Base Simonstown[36]
CdrePeter KeeneChief of Naval Staff Intelligence,[37] FOC Naval Base Simonstown[38]

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