List of Singaporean films

This is a list of Singaporean films, including foreign films which involved collaborations or co-productions with Singaporean film makers or artists, marked accordingly in the list as follows:

Films by year

Singaporean films by chronological order since 1927. All fiscal figures in Singapore dollars unless otherwise specified.


4 March / 29 April 1927The New Immigrant (新客/唐山來客) [1]Guo ChaowenNanyang Low Poey Kim Motion Picture Co.
27 March 1934Leila Majnun [2]B. S. RajhansMotilal Chemical Co. (Bombay)


20 July 1940Mutiara (Pearl)Hou Yao, Wan Hoi LingShaw Brothers
26 November 1940Bermadu (Polygamy)Hou Yao, Wan Hoi LingShaw Brothers
9 April 1941Toping Saitan (The Devil's Mask)Hou Yao, Wan Hoi LingShaw Brothers
1 July 1941Hancor Hati (Broken-hearted)Hou Yao, Wan Hoi LingShaw Brothers
27 September 1941Ibu Tiri (Step-Mother)Hou Yao, Wan Hoi LingShaw Brothers
21 October 1941Terang Bulan Di Malaya (Full Moon in Malaya)Hou Yao, Wan Hoi LingShaw Brothers
1943Tiga Kekaseh (Three Lovers)Hou Yao, Wan Hoi LingShaw Brothers
1946Menantu Derhaka (The Rebellious Daughter-in-Law)B. S. RajhansTan & Wong Film Co.
5 December 1946Spirit of Overseas Chinese (海外征魂)Wan Hoi LingChina Motion Picture Studio
16 August 1947Seruan Merdeka (Cry of Freedom) [3]B. S. RajhansMalayan Arts Productions
8 October 1947Honour and Sin / Miss Nanyang (南洋小姐)Wan Hoi LingChina Motion Picture Studio
15 November 1947Singapura Diwaktu Malam (Night Time in Singapore)B. S. RajhansMalay Film Productions
1948Chempaka (Franjipani)B. S. RajhansMalay Film Productions
1948Pisau Berachun (Poisonous Knife)B. S. RajhansMalay Film Productions
October 1948Chinta (Love)B. S. RajhansMalay Film Productions
1949Nasib (Fate)B. S. RajhansMalay Film Productions
1949Nilam (Sapphire)B. S. RajhansMalay Film Productions
9 April 1949Noor Asmara (Light of Love)B. S. RajhansMalay Film Productions


December 1991Medium RareArthur SmithDerrol Stepenny Productions$2,000,000$130,000
9 March 1993Time TomorrowUncreditedSingapore Broadcasting Corporation
7 April 1993The BonelotDavid M. EvansRegency Films Pte LtdS$5,000,000S$730,000
7 October 1994On The Fringe (边缘情缘)David M. EvansGramercy Pictures Pte LtdS$400,000S$200,000
April 1995Mee Pok ManEric KhooZhao Wei Films$100,000$450,000
13 April 1995Bugis Street (妖街皇后)Yon FanJaytex Productions$2,000,000$1,000,000
August 1995Cupid Love (七月俏佳人)UncreditedChannel 8 (Singapore)
November 1996Army DazeOng Keng SenCathay Asia Films$700,000$1,600,000
May 1997God or DogHugo NgL S Entertainment$1,100,000$497,000
June 199712 StoreysEric KhooZhao Wei Films$280,000$650,000
July 1997A Road Less TravelledLim Suat YenOak 3 Films$320,000$29,000
April 1998Hitman in the CityJack NeoJ Team Productions
7 May 1998Money No Enough (钱不够用)Tay Teck LockJSP Films$800,000$6.02 million
November 1998The Teenage Textbook MoviePhilip LimMonster Films$500,000$680,000
November 1998Forever FeverGlen GoeiTiger Tiger Productions/ChinaRunn$1,500,000$800,000
December 1998Tiger's WhipVictor Khoo, Tony Yeow[4]River Films$1,000,000$60,000
January 1999Lucky NumberLam Po KoDS Movie Production$500,000$360,000
February 1999Liang Po Po: The Movie (梁婆婆重出江湖)Teng Bee LengRaintree Pictures$800,000$3,032,000
May 1999Where Got Problem (问题不大)J. P. TanJSP Films/Sunnez Productions$900,000$140,000
May 1999That One No Enough (那个不够)Jack NeoCathay Asia Films$850,000$1,020,000
July 1999The Truth About Jane and Sam (真心话)Derek YeeRaintree Pictures/Films Unlimited$1,200,000$1,058,452
September 1999The MirrorSiu WIngGolden Mandarin/Mandarin Films$2,000,000$160,000
September 1999Street AngelsDavid LamAct Venture Films$1,000,000$115,805
December 1999Eating Air (吃风)Kelvin Tong/Jasmine NgMulti-Story Complex$800,000$352,586


DateTitleDirectorProducerProduction CostSingapore
3 February 20002000 AD (公元2000)Gordon ChanRaintree Pictures/Media Asia Films$6,231,000$910,698
March 2000Crazy PeopleLin TingWealth Film Production$500,000$35,061
April 2000Stamford HallManoharan RamakrishnanTemasek Hall, NUS$18,000$3,500
21 July 2000Where The Money IsHolly Goldberg SloanMax Stronghold Pictures Pte Ltd$500,000$50,000
27 July 2000Stories About LoveCheeK, Abdul Nizam, James TohZhao Wei Films/Cyberflics$300,000$50,600
16 November 2000Chicken Rice WarCheeKRaintree Pictures/Singapore Film Commission$880,000$400,000


DateTitleDirectorProducerProduction CostSingapore
18 January 2001Miss WontonMeng OngDreamChamber Films$700,000$15,000
26 April 2001The Tree (孩子.树)Daisy ChanRaintree Pictures$1,100,000$720,000
28 June 2001Return to PontianakDjinnVacant Films$150,000$140,000
August 2001HypeVincent WongnuSTUDIOS, NUS$19,000NA
August 2001Sharp PencilGallen MeiUnder Pressure Pictures$189,000$2,000
November 2001One Leg KickingWei Koh/Eric KhooZhao Wei Films/Raintree Pictures/Singapore Film Commission$900,000$716,000


DateTitleDirectorProducerProduction CostSingapore
2002True FilesJohn D. LamondApple Pie Productions
February 2002I Not Stupid (小孩不笨)Jack NeoRaintree Pictures$1,000,000$3,800,000
March 2002Dirty LaundrySerene LeongTemasek Hall, NUS$30,000$10,000
March 2002Angel HeartGerald LeeTouch Entertainment$1,100,000NA
April 2002TalkingCock: The MovieColin GohWu Liao Media$150,000$120,000
June 2002The Eye (见鬼)Danny Pang/Oxide PangRaintree Pictures/Applause PicturesUS$2,500,000$1,990,000
September 2002Nothing to LoseDanny PangRaintree Pictures/Golden Network$1,200,000NA


DateTitleDirectorProducerProduction CostSingapore
January 2003Song of the StorkJon Foo/Nguyen Phan Quang BinhMega MediaUS$1,000,000NA
January 2003e'TZAINTESTzang Merwyn TongINRI studioNANA
March 2003City SharksEsan SivalingamHoodsInc Productions$800,000$40,000
27 April 200315Royston TanZhao Wei Films$200,000$140,000
July 2003Twilight KitchenGerald LeeGateway Entertainment$250,000NA
7 August 2003Homerun (跑吧,孩子)Jack NeoRaintree Pictures$1,500,000$2,350,000
8 August 2013Last Life in the UniversePen-Ek RatanaruangCathay Asia Films/Cineasia/Five Star Production/Bohemian FilmsUS$2,000,000$65,000
11 September 2003Turn Left, Turn Right (向左走,向右走)Johnnie To/Wai Ka-FaiMediaCorp Raintree Pictures/Milkyway ImageUS$3,000,000$1,058,000
1 October 2003Infernal Affairs IIAndrew Lau, Alan MakMediaCorp Raintree Pictures / Media Asia (HK)$1,049,000
22 November 2003After School (放学后)Zhu HourenNational Crime Prevention CouncilNANA


DateTitleDirectorProducerProduction CostSingapore
2004Nobody's Child (谁来爱我)Lin Wenhui新格媒体公司
2004TequilaJonathan LimCrimson Forest FilmsUS$13,000NA
18 March 2004The Eye 2Danny Pang/Oxide PangRaintree Pictures/Applause PicturesUS$3,000,000$1,577,000
28 April 2004PerthDjinnWorking Man Films/Ground Glass Images$400,000$61,000
30 April 2004Zombie DogsToh Hai LeongZhao Wei FilmsNANA
9 June 2004The Best Bet (突然发财)Jack NeoRaintree Pictures$1,500,000$2,664,000
5 August 2004Clouds in My CoffeeGallen MeiReversal FilmsUS$125,000$11,000
15 September 2004AvatarKuo Jian HongCinemancerUS$2,000,000NA


DateTitleDirectorProducerProduction CostSingapore
January 2005A Wicked TaleTzang Merwyn TongINRI studioNANA
February 2005I Do I Do (爱都爱都)Jack NeoJ Team Productions/Raintree Pictures$800,000$1,849,000
February 2005Hainan Chicken Rice (海南鸡饭)Kenneth BiGround Glass Images/Kenbiroli FilmsUS$1,000,000$15,000
April 2005Singapore GaGaTan Pin PinPoint Pictures$100,000NA
12 May 2005Be with MeEric KhooZhao Wei Films$200,000$175,000
29 July 2005The Bonelot 2David M. EvansRegency Films Pte Ltd$300,000NA
18 August 2005The Maid (女佣)Kelvin TongRaintree Pictures/Dream Movie Entertainment$1,500,000$2,154,000
7 October 2005Cages[5]Graham StreeterAquafire Productions, Imperative Pictures$1,000,000$11,200
30 October 2005House of HarmonyMarco SerafiniFFP Media, ZDF Pictures, Oak 3 Films
2 September 2005One More Chance (3个好人)Jack NeoJ Team Productions$1,100,000$1,200,000


26 January 2006I Not Stupid Too (小孩不笨2)Jack NeoRaintree Pictures$1.5 million$4,180,987
26 January 2006Zodiac: The Race BeginsEdward FooCubix International, Media Development Authority$329,766
12 February 20064:30Royston TanZhao Wei Films, NHK, supported by Singapore Film Commission$400,000$24,061
March 2006Smell of RainGloria CheeSmell of Rain Production$4,396
March 2006PassabeJames Leong, Lynn LeeRe:Think Entertainment
24 April 2006The Art of FlirtingKan LumeKuantum Pictures
25 May 2006Love StoryKelvin TongFocus Films/Boku Films$850,000$13,312
June 2006Unarmed CombatHan Yew KwangDigital Media Academy, supported by Singapore Film Commission$2,989
June 2006We Are FamilyClifton Ko Chi Sum & Lau Jian Hua (HK)Spring Time Cinema (HK) / Impact Entertainment (HK) / MediaCorp Raintree Pictures$83,844
3 August 2006S11Gilbert Chan & Joshua ChiangDigital Media Academy, supported by Singapore Film Commission$3,018
August 2006The High Cost of LivingLeonard Lai Yok WaiDigital Media Academy, supported by Singapore Film Commission$877
7 September 2006Singapore Dreaming (美满人生)Colin Goh/Yen Yen Wu5C Films$452,586
October 2006The Missing Star (La Stella che non c'è)Gianni AmelioCattleya (Italy) & Oak3 Films; Lakeshore Entertainment (distribution), Media Development Authority
18 October 2006Match MadeMirabelle Ang
25 November 2006I Love MalayaChan Kah Mei, Christopher Len, Ho Choon Hiong, Eunice Lau, Wang Eng EngAsia Witness Production
27 November 2006Feet UnboundKhee Jin NgLong March Films$25,158.00
December 2006A Hero's Journey (aka Where the Sun also Rises)Grace PhanLux Lucis


11 January 2007One Last DanceMax MakowskiMing Productions/MediaCorp Raintree PicturesUS$2,000,000$459,000
February 2007ProtégéDerek YeePeter Chan/MediaCorp Raintree PicturesUS$6,000,000$1,658,000
15 February 2007Just Follow Law (我在政府部门的日子)Jack NeoJ-Team Productions/Innoform Media$1,200,000$2,777,400
March 2007Aki Ra's BoysJames Leong, Lynn LeeLianain Films
25 March 2007The Kallang WaveYanfeng Lee/Hanafi RamdanZayed bin Abdul Aziz Talib/Mohamed Fairil bin Sugang$100,000$3,500
26 March 2007Pink PaddlersJasmine NgGreen Mango Productions
April 2007F.Chew Tze Chuan
April 2007SolosKan Lume, Zihan LooRed Dawn Productions
4 May 2007The Bonelot: Heading HomeNeil LaButeRegency Films Pte Ltd/MM2 Entertainment$191,000.00
23 May 2007Pleasure FactoryEkachai UekrongthamSpicy Apple Films/Fortissimo Films$196,673.00
June 2007The TattooistPeter BurgerEyeworks Touchdown Films/MediaCorp Raintree PicturesNZ$5,600,000$285,000
6 June 2007Men in White (鬼啊鬼啊)Kelvin TongBoku Films/Innoform Media$500,000$500,315
7 June 2007Legend of the SeaBenjamin TohAxxis Group, Media Development Authority$125,209
19 July 2007Invisible CityTan Pin PinTan Pin Pin, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Institute of Policy Studies,
supported by Singapore Film Commission, Asian Network of Documentary (Pusan International Film Festival),
Mindwasabi, Naresh Mahtani
26 July 2007Gone ShoppingWee Li LinBobbing Buoy Films$650,000$28,067
August 2007Becoming RoystonNicholas CheeOriginasian Pictures$3,608.00
9 August 2007881Royston TanMediacorp Raintree Pictures$1,000,000$3,540,000
30 August 2007The Home Song StoriesTony AyresRaintree PicturesA$5,500,000$120,000
September 2007Remember Chek JawaEric Lim
October 2007Truth Be ToldTeo Eng TiongPilgrim Pictures$500,000$23,000
November 2007Anna & AnnaAubrey LamNg Sian NgohUS$2,000,000$30,000
9 November 200718 Grams of LoveHan Yew Kwang18g Pictures, Media Development Authority
December 2007Boomtown BeijingTan Siok Siok


2008Missing You...Lin Kun HuiInnoForm Media
January 2008Lucky 7Sun Koh, Rajagopal, Boo Junfeng,
Brian Gothong Tan, Chew Tze Chuan, Ho Tzu Nyen
and Tania Sng
Lucky 7 Film Company
17 January 2008The Olive DepressionJoshua Lim
7 February 2008Ah Long Pte Ltd (老师嫁老大)Jack NeoDouble Vision/Raintree Pictures/Scorpio East Pictures$1.2 million$3,173,460.00
29 February 2008The Leap YearsJean YeoRaintree Pictures/Golden Village$3 million$1,001,362.50
13 March 2008Rule No. 1 (第一诫)Kelvin TongMediaCorp Raintree Pictures, Scorpio East and Boku Films (Singapore), Fortune Star and DME (HK)$1,056,766.50
20 March 2008SlamJonathan LimJonathan Lim$47,602.50
5 April 2008Road to MeccaHarman Hussin
5 April 2008Women Who Love Women: Conversations in SingaporeLim Mayling
6 April 2008Homeless FCJames Leong, Lynn LeeLianain Films, supported by Singapore Film Commission
6 April 2008HashiSherman OngPaddy Pictures
6 April 2008Dreams from the Third WorldKan Lume
7 April 2008Veil of DreamsZaihirat Banu CodelliOak3 Films, Media Plant
7 April 2008Dirt OutYousry Mansour
8 April 2008Diminishing Memories IIEng Yee PengSupported by Singapore Film Commission
10 April 2008To SpeakCraig OwerLionel Chok
10 April 2008Keronchong for Pak BakarAbdul Nizam Hamid
May 2008Dance of the DragonMax Mannix and John RadelSilkroad Pictures$222,198.00
23 May 2008My MagicEric KhooZhao Wei Films$200,000$29,911.50
11 June 2008SalawatiMarc X GrigoroffMarc X Grigoroff$3,438.32
July 2008The Spirit CompendiumFoo Fung Koon
31 July 2008Money No Enough 2Jack NeoNeo Studios, MediaCorp Raintree Pictures, Scorpio East Pictures$5,084,563.50
7 August 2008Mad About EnglishLian PekJourney Pictures, Media Development Authority$181,086
7 August 2008A Month of Hungry GhostsTony KernGenevieve Woo, Tony Kern$65,029.50
14 August 200812 LotusRoyston TanMediaCorp Raintree Pictures, 10twentyeight & Infinite Frameworks (Singapore)$1.5 million$1,027,129.50
21 August 2008Kallang Roar the MovieCheng Ding AnMerelion Pictures$1 million$93,159
September 2008Invisible ChildrenBrian Gothong TanZhao Wei Films
September 2008Painted SkinGordon ChanMediaCorp Raintree Pictures, Ningxia Film Studio,
Beijing Century Jiaying Central Development, Beijing Ding Long Da Media,
Shanghai Film Group Corporation and Golden Sun Films Distribution Ltd, Salon Films
$19 million$1,538,058.00
11 September 2008The Days (歲月)Boi KwongOriginasian Pictures & Company X$190,000
October 2008The CoffinEkachai UekrongthamCathay-Keris Films, Mediacorp Raintree Pictures, Viva Entertainment, Scorpio East Pictures Pte Ltd$1,262,216.82
30 October 2008Sing to the DawnPhilip MitchellMediaCorp Raintree Pictures & Infinite Frameworks, Media Development Authority$2.5 million$270,259.50
November 2008The Carrot Cake ConversationsMichael WangThe Vintage Film Co$350,000$23,711.21
November 2008Pulau HantuEsan Sivalingam


22 January 2009Love MattersJack Neo, Gilbert ChanNeo Studios$1,676,948.98
23 January 2009The Wedding GameEkachai UekrongthamMediaCorp Raintree Pictures, Scorpio East Pictures, Double Vision Malaysia, Speedy Productions$1.5 million$1,692,663.92
March 2009Flooding in the time of DroughtSherman OngPaddy Pictures and 13 Little Pictures
29 March 2009White DaysLooi Wan Ping13 Little Pictures
April 2009Brother No. 2Jason LaiOak3 Films, Asia Witness Production & fact + Fiction GmbH, Media Development Authority
April 2009Female GamesKan LumeKan Lume
April 2009This Too Shall PassAng Aik Heng360 Productions
April 2009A Big RoadAlec TokOne Kind Pictures
20 May 2009HereHo Tzu Nyengsmprjctmedia, Akanga Film Asia, Oak3 Films, Singapore Film Commission$6,894
13 August 2009Where Got Ghost?Jack Neo, Boris BooNeo Studios$2,499,412.15
13 August 2009The InsomniacMadhav MathurBad Alliteration Films
September 2009In the House of StrawYeo Siew Hua13 Little Pictures
8 September 2009Autumn in MarchHuang YiliangRed Group Film$1 million
10 September 2009Blood TiesChai Yee WeiHot Cider Films, Oak3 Films, Singapore Film Commission$261,001.87
13 October 2009The Blue MansionGlen GoeiTiger Tiger Pictures$2.8 million$192,492


January 2010Memories of a Burning TreeSherman Ong13 Little Pictures/Paddy Pictures
3 January 2010Cooking Without Clothes《煮持人》Jean YeoOchre Pictures
4 March 2010Being HumanJack NeoJ Team Productions, Scorpio East Pictures, Mei Ah Entertainment Group Ltd$916,430
4 March 2010Happy Go LuckyHarry YapYee Man Chan, Harry Yap$223,027
18 March 2010KidnapperKelvin TongScorpio East Pictures Pte Ltd, RAM Entertainment Sdn Bhd., PMP Entertainment Sdn Bhd$436,033
8 April 2010Gurushetram – 24 Hours of AngerT. T. DhavamanniManickam/N. Tinagaran$99,453
16 April 2010Roulette CityThomas LimIsland Man Pictures
May 2010Red DragonfliesLiao Jiekai13 Little Pictures
22 July 2010Old Cow vs Tender GrassFok Chi KaiClover Films, Apostrophe Films$452,456
8 August 2010Old Places (老地方)Royston Tan, Eva Tang, Victric ThngChuan Pictures
11 August 2010Phua Chu Kang The MovieBoris BooMM2 Entertainment Sdn Bhd, Primeworks Studios, Scorpio East Pictures, RAM Entertainment Sdn Bhd, PMP Entertainment Sdn Bhd$328,685
14 August 2010Like Sunshine After RainJeffrey ChiangCinematopia, Splices Creative
18 August 2010Sandcastle《沙城》Boo JunfengZhao Wei Films/Fortissimo Films/Peanut Pictures$417,021.03$51,674
2 September 2010Haunted ChangiAndrew LauSheena Chung, Mythopolis Pictures$519,470
9 September 2010Love CutsGerald LeeClover Films$150,087
October 2010Floating Lives[6]Nguyen Phan Quang BinhVietnam Media Corp & Vietnam Studio/BHD/Mega Media
November 2010Breakfast, Lunch, DinnerWang Jing, Anocha Suwichakornpong, Kaz CaiWormwood Films
3 December 2010When Hainan Meets TeochewHan Yew Kwang18g Pictures$10,000


6 January 2011The Ghosts Must Be CrazyMark Lee, Boris BooJ Team Productions$1.2 million$1,450,000
13 January 2011Lelio PopoAdrian TehCathay-Keris Films, Clover Films$850,000
27 January 2011It's a Great, Great WorldKelvin TongMediaCorp Raintree Pictures, Innoform Media and Astro Shaw$2 million$2,450,000
3 February 2011HomecomingLee Thean-jeenHomerun Asia$1.5 million$1,400,000
3 March 2011ForeverWee Li LinBobbing Buoy Films, Add Oil Films, Singapore Film Commission$500,000$44,347
17 March 2011Perfect RivalsHan Yew KwangA I Pictures, MM2 Entertainment, Singapore Film Commission$155,000
1 April 2011MausamsShilpa Krishnan ShuklaKathaah Productions$5,000
14 April 2011The Ultimate WinnerLi NanxingHE Productions$354,000
28 July 2011TwistedChai Yee WeiClover Films Pte Ltd, Way OnNet Group, Primeworks Studios Sdn Bhd, PMP Entertainment Sdn Bhd, Passion Entertainment Sdn Bhd, mm2 Entertainment Sdn Bhd$340,099
29 July 2011Where the Road Meets the SunYong Mun CheeBig Machine Films
10 September 2011Before We ForgetJeremy Boo & Lee Xian JieHachisu, Lien FoundationNA
15 September 2011TatsumiEric KhooZhao Wei Films$1,011,034.18$22,000
17 September 2011Echoing Love (爱情六重奏)Edmund Chen
18 September 2011I Have LovedElizabeth Wijaya, Lai Weijie13 Little Pictures
24 September 2011Ignore All Detour SignsHelmi Ali, Razin Ramzi
24 September 2011EclipsesDaniel Hui13 Little Pictures
25 September 2011The OutsidersMadhav Mathur
8 October 2011I Carried You Home[7]Tongpong ChantarangkulTriton Co.
3 November 201123:59Gilbert ChanGorylah, mm2, PMP, Grand Brilliance, Clover Films$700,000$1,550,000
3 November 2011Already FamousMichelle ChongHuat Films, Scorpio East$899,000$1.4 million


19 January 2012Dance Dance Dragon《龙众舞》Kat GohMediaCorp Raintree Pictures$1.2 million$1,338,430
19 January 2012We Not Naughty (孩子不坏)Jack NeoJ Team Productions, mm2 Entertainment$1 million$2,146,280
9 February 2012The Wedding DiaryAdrian TehClover Films, Golden Screen Cinemas, Mega Cineplex, Asia Tropical Films$1 million$451,436
8 March 2012Timeless Love《那个夏天》Dasmond Koh & Lim Koong HweeNoonTalk Media$70,000
17 May 2012Ghost on Air《灵听了》Cheng Ding AnMerelion Pictures$1 million$310,198
22 June 2012Hsien of the DeadGary OwMonkeywrench/Genetix S/Arte Associates
August 2012LibertaKan LumeKan Lume/Megan Wonowidjoyo
16 August 2012Greedy Ghost《贪心鬼见鬼》Boris BooGalaxy Entertainment$1 million$585,000
29 August 2012Imperfect《我們都不完美》Steve ChengCorner Stone Pictures, MM2 Entertainment, Clover Films$24,833
30 August 2012My Ghost Partner《人鬼拍挡》Huang YiliangRed Group Studio$800,000$577,289
20 September 2012My Dog Dou Dou《我的狗蚪蚪》Ng Say YongMM2 Entertainment, Clover Films, Homerun Asia, Singapore Film Commission$1.2 million$102,623
27 September 2012Dead MineSteven SheilInfinite Frameworks$30,618
5 October 2012Sex.Violence.FamilyValuesKen KwekKen Kwek/The Butter Factory$40,000
25 October 2012Bait 3DKimble RendallArclight Films, Story Bridge Films, Pictures in Paradise, Blackmagic Design, Media Development Authority$34,368,468$187,456
November 2012InnocentsChen-Hsi WongChen-Hsi Wong$200,000
8 November 2012Ah Boys to Men - Part 1 (新兵正传)Jack NeoJ Team Productions, Clover Films, MM2 Entertainment, Neo-Film, Sky Films, StarHub, Vividthree Productions$1.5 million$6.03 million
15 December 2012Old Romances《老情人》Royston Tan, Eva Tang, Victric ThngChuan Pictures


3 January 2013Taxi! Taxi!《德士当家》Kelvin SngSIMF Management$1 million$1,430,018
24 January 2013Time No EnoughJP TanJust Simply Perfect Productions
30 January 2013Ah Boys to Men 2 《新兵正传II》Jack NeoJack Neo/Lim Teck/Leonard Lai$1.5 million$7,895,058
14 February 2013Love... And Other Bad HabitsLee Thean-jeenHuanwen Li
14 February 2013Wedding Diary IIAdriah TehClover Films$1.2 million$277,729
22 February 2013Red NumbersDominic OwChan Gin Kai/Edmund Chen/Alvin Soe$800,000$14,000
7 March 2013Ghost Child《鬼仔》Gilbert ChanLim Teck/Eric Khoo$523,848
13 March 2013Durian KingDavid HeveyFirefly Films
23 March 2013The Great North Korean Picture ShowLynn Lee, James LeongLynn Lee/Sharon Roobol
April 2013Menstrual ManAmit VirmaniKui Luan Seah/Amit Virmani$6,500
18 April 2013Judgement DayOng Kuo SinMark Lee$1 million$305,617
19 May 2013Ilo Ilo《 爸妈不在家》Anthony ChenAng Hwee Sim/ Yuni Hadi$700,000$1,227,925
24 June 2013Mister JohnJoe Lawlor, Christine MolloyDavid Collins, Fran Borgia, Joe Lawlor
1 August 2013That Girl in Pinafore《我的朋友,我的同學,我愛過的一切》Chai Yee WeiEugene Lee$551,132
8 September 2013CanopyAaron WilsonFiner Films, Chuan PicturesAUD $1.3 million
3 October 2013To Singapore, with Love《星国恋》Tan Pin PinTan Pin Pin
6 October 2013Letters from the South[8]Aditya Assarat, Royston Tan, Midi Z, Sun Koh, Tan Chui Mui, Tsai Ming-liangDa Huang Pictures
24 October 20133:50Eysham Ali, Chhay BoraSilver Media Group, House of Ou Studios
November 2013Wukan: The Flame of Democracy[9]Lynn Lee, James LeongLianain Films
14 November 20133 Peas in a Pod《他她他》Michelle ChongMichelle Chong/Pauline Yu/Irving Artemas$1.7 million$300,000
5 December 2013Everybody's BusinessLee Thean-jeenPui Yin Chan/Yan Yan Chan/Yok Wai Leonard Lai/Saw Yam Seah/Soo Wei Toong$730,000
5 December 2013I Hugged The Berlin PatientEdgar Tang, Dzul SungitEdgar Tang/Dzul Sungit$8,463


30 January 2014The Lion Men《狮神决战》Jack NeoLeonard Lai, Jack Neo, "Mang" (Melvin Ang)$2 million$2.1 million
2 February 2014Gone CaseLer JiyuanLee Thean-Jeen
27 February 2014Resolve《决议案》Randy AngRed Action Entertainment, JF Lennon & Associates, Bettermen Asia$1.2 million$35,000
13 March 2014The Second ComingHerman Yao, Tin Chi NgScout Pictures$96,111
4 May 2014Sayang DisayangSanif OlekSanif Olek
8 May 2014Filial Party《我是孝子》Boris BooClover Films$731,118
12 June 2014The Lion Men: Ultimate ShowdownJack NeoLeonard Lai, Jack Neo, "Mang" (Melvin Ang)$2 million$1 million
19 June 2014Meeting the Giant《再见巨人》Tay Ping HuiStellar Mega Film, Clover Films, G & J Creation, Aquila, StarHub$143,649
19 July 2014CameraJames LeongLianain Films, Fortissimo Films
4 September 2014Unlucky PlazaKen KwekKaya Toast Pictures$800,000$64,580
11 September 2014AfterimagesTony KernTony Kern, Genevieve Woo$112,584
October 2014Fluid Boundaries[10]Jeonghyun Mun, Daniel Rudi Haryanto, Vladimir TodorovicPURN Production
3 October 201403-FlatsLei Yuan BinLilian Chee
4 October 2014Southeast Asian Cinema: When the Rooster Crows[11]Leonardo Cinieri LombrosoBlue Film, M'GO Films
18 October 2014SnakeskinDaniel Hui13 Little Pictures
23 October 2014Nightmare on Armenian Street / Hell on EarthWesley Leon Aroozoo, Koh Chong Wu, Nelson Yeo, Kopi Bing, Koo Chia Meng, JD Chua, Linh Duong, Syazali Bin Mohd Fazal, Teo Wei Yong, Russel Morton, Fade To Salon, Yeo Siew Hua, Dzafirul Haniff, Ghazi Alqudcy, Ila, Mads K. Baekkewold, Thong Kay Wee, Allysa SingNelson Yeo, Chris Yeo and The Substation
27 October 2014As You WereLiao Jiekai13 Little Pictures
31 October 2014BantingM. Raihan HalimPapahan Films$26,130
11 November 2014Little People Big DreamsMak Chun KitMak Chun Kit, Cindy Zeng
11 November 2014A Fantastic Ghost WeddingMeng OngScout Pictures$291,711
13 November 2014Wayang Boy《戏曲小子》Raymond TanMM2 Entertainment Pte Ltd, Brainchild Pictures Pte Ltd, The Number 8 Yard, Cornerstone Pictures, Bert Pictures, StarHub Cable Vision Limited and Zingshot Productions$1 million$135,000
4 December 2014The Naked DJKan LumeChapter Free Productions
6 December 2014The Obs: A Singapore StoryYeo Siew HuaYeo Siew Hua, Adeline Setiawan, Dan Koh$33,330
6 December 2014Miss J Contemplates Her Choice《石头剪刀布》Jason LaiLim Suat Yen
7 December 2014Standing in Still WaterRic AwJoanna Ying Ng
8 December 2014Singapore GirlKan LumeKan Lume
10 December 2014Breaking the IceA Nizam KhanA Nizam Khan
12 December 2014Rubbers 《 套》Han Yew KwangLau Chee Nien$110,000
13 December 2014Lang Tong 《靚汤》Sam LohOutsider Pictures


2 January 2015Spelling ArmadilloGlenn ChanMedia Development Authority/Channel 5 (Singapore)/Oak3 Films
8 January 2015Bring Back the Dead《招魂》Lee Thean-jeenWeiyu Films$1.1 million$376,973
9 January 20152 Boys And A MermaidLee Thean-jeenWeiyu Films/Channel 5 (Singapore)
15 January 2015FaeryvilleTzang Merwyn TongDavid Foo, Juliana Matter, Ko Mori, Tzang Merwyn Tong
19 February 2015King of Mahjong《麻雀王》Adrian TehAllyan Too, Lim Teck$820,000
19 February 2015Ah Boys to Men 3: Frogmen《新兵正传III:蛙人传》Jack NeoJ Team, mm2 Entertainment$2.85 million$7.62 million
13 March 2015Cats And Dogs: Chronicles Of A Pest DetectiveKabir BhatiaMedia Development Authority/Verite Productions/Channel 5 (Singapore)
20 March 2015The Playground: Gone Kimmy GoneK. RajagopalMedia Development Authority/Verite Productions/Channel 5 (Singapore)
27 March 2015October: The DreamboatWee Li LinMedia Development Authority/Verite Productions/Channel 5 (Singapore)
24 April 2015Fundamentally Happy[12]Tan Bee Thiam, Lei Yuan Bin13 Little Pictures
24 May 2015Old Friends《老朋友》Debe Hoo, Boi Kwong, Alvin Lee, Royston TanSingapore Memory Project, Chuan Pictures
15 July 2015Our Sister MamboWi Ding HoMeileen Choo, Lee Soon Gee, Suat Yen Lim$221,302
24 July 20157 LettersBoo Junfeng, Eric Khoo, K Rajagopal, Jack Neo, Tan Pin Pin, Royston Tan, Kelvin TongMelvin Ang, Ric Aw, Fran Borgia, Kent Chan, Leon Cheo, Jeremy Chua, Tan Fong Cheng, Kat Goh, Huang Junxiang, Jacqueline Khoo, Karen Khoo, Sock Leng Ling, Jack Neo, Yue Weng Pok, Royston Tan, Leon Tong, Soo Wei Toong$3.1 million$331,882
30 July 20151965Randy Ang, Daniel YunDaniel Yun, Ng Say Yong$2.8 million$613,841
15 August 2015Second ChancesGlenn ChanAnanya Pictures/Okto
3 September 20151400[13]Derrick LuiDerrick Lui
10 September 2015The Return[14]Green ZengJune Chua
17 September 20153688《想入飞飞》Royston TanMelvin Ang, Royston Tan, Bert Tan, Zheng Le, Ng Say Yong, Karen Khoo, Soo Wei Toong$1.4 million$461,316
19 September 20151987: Untracing the Conspiracy[15]Jason Soo
28 September 2015In the Room[16]Eric KhooNansun Shi$800,000$52,423
2 October 2015HeartlandK. RajagopalVerite Productions
24 October 2015Kapatiran (Brotherhood)Pepe DioknoEpicmedia/QCinema International Film Festival/Potocol
30 October 2015FragmentKan Lume, Wesley Leon Aroozoo, Sherman Ong, U-Wei Haji Saari, Tan Chui Mui, Lucky Kuswandi, Phan Dang Di, Kavich Neang, Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit and Lav DiazAsian Film Archive
November 20155 to 9Vincent Du, Tay Bee Pin, Daisuke Miyazaki, Rasiguet SookkarnWormwood Films/Deep End Pictures Inc./CAM+ life Film Production/Off Scene Films/White Light Post
5 November 2015Distance 《再见, 在也不见》[17]Xin Yukun, Tan Shijie & Sivaroj KongsakulGiraffe Pictures$57,215
27 November 2015Voluptas[18]Sanif OlekSanif Olek
29 November 2015The Songs We Sang[19]Eva TangIrene Films$35,000[20]$133,879
30 November 2015Singapore Minstrel[21]Ng Xi JieSmall Moon Projections
3 December 2015Mr. UnbelievableOng Kuo SinOng Kuo Sin, Ng Say Yong$1 million$560,000


4 February 2016Long Long Time Ago《我们的故事》Jack NeoThum$2.5 million$4.1 million
5 February 2016Let's Eat!《开饭啦!》Chapman ToChapman ToUS$489,850[22]
14 February 2016Muthar Kanave (First Dream)N. Mohamed YahssirMillenia Motion Pictures, Vasantham
14 February 2016The Love MachineLer Jiyuanbirdmandog, Channel 5 (Singapore)
18 February 2016A Lullaby to the Sorrowful MysteryLav DiazTen17P, Epicmedia, Sine Olivia Pilipinas, Potocol, Akanga Film Asia
14 March 2016Wa-Cheew! Rise of A Kung-Fu ChefRobert TanWeiyu Films, Okto
19 March 2015Spelling Armadillo 2Zeng Ming ShanMedia Development Authority/Channel 5 (Singapore)/Oak3 Films
31 March 2016The Faith of Anna Waters / The OfferingKelvin TongBoku Films and PEP PicturesUS$5 million[23]$261,895
31 March 2016Long Long Time Ago 2 《我们的故事2》Jack NeoThum$2.5 millionS$3 million
30 April 2016Baby BumpsWee Li LinBobbing Buoy Films, Channel 5 (Singapore)
16 May 2016Apprentice[24]Boo JunfengAkanga Film Asia, Peanut Pictures, Zhao Wei Films, augenschein Filmproduktion, Cinema Defacto, Making Film Productions and Sun Culture Entertainment$270,306
18 May 2016A Yellow Bird[25]K RajagopalAkanga Film Asia€400,000[26]$21,961
26 May 2016Young & Fabulous《最佳伙扮》Michael Woo, Joyce LeeEncore Films, Golden Village Pictures, Singapore Film Commission and SIMF Management$1.2 million[27]$1.3 million
28 May 2016RiseLee Thean-jeenWeiyu Films, Channel 5 (Singapore)
5 July 2016Rough MixYing J. TanMonochrome Films$300,000
September 2016Pularum Iniyum Naalekal (There's Always Tomorrow)Shilpa Krishnan ShuklaKathaah Productions
8 September 2016My Love SinemaTan Ai LengFLY Entertainment$109,363
24 November 2016Lulu The Movie 《露露的电影》Michelle ChongHuat FilmsS$1.5 million$2 million
24 November 2016Ariel & OliviaKan LuméChapter Free
25 November 2016Siew LupSam Lohmm2 Entertainment$800,000$88,884
26 November 20164Love《爱在小红点》M. Raihan Halim, Gilbert Chan, Sam Loh, Daniel Yammm2 Entertainment$25,778
28 November 2016I'm Coming UpMin-Wei TingMin-Wei Ting
2 December 2016hUShKan Lumé, Djenar Maesa AyuChapter Free Productions


19 January 2017Pop AyeKirsten TanGiraffe Pictures/E&W Films$96,348
26 January 2017The Fortune Handbook 《财神爷》Kelvin Sngmm2 Entertainment$1.3 million$1 million
26 January 2017Take 2 《遇见贵人》Ivan Homm2 Entertainment$1.2 million$1.4 million
24 February 2017Chennai2SingaporeAbbas AkbarComicbook$9,000
30 March 2017Goodbye Mr. Loser 《令伯特烦恼》Adrian TehAsia Tropical Films/mm2 Entertainment$853,000
20 April 2017In Time To Come《终有一天》Tan Pin Pin$14,500
18 May 2017Lucky Boy《天公仔》Boris BooClover Films/mm2 Entertainment$2.5 million$451,868
25 May 2017667[28]Eva Tang, He Shuming, Kirsten Tan, Liao Jiekai, and Jun ChongChuan Pictures/Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre
17 June 2017Outsiders[29]Sam Loh
28 June 2017Chaplin in Bali[30]Raphaël MilletNocturnes Productions, Man's Film Productions, Phish Communications
1 August 2017TimeScapes《时间风景》Ervin HanRobot Playground Media/StarHub Cable Vision
3 August 2017Wonder BoyDick Lee, Daniel Yammm2 Entertainment/Bert Pictures$1.3 million$76,611
9 August 2017The Song of ScorpionsAnup SinghFeather Light Films/KNM/Ciné-Sud Promotion/Aurora Media/M Capital
23 September 2017Damascus CoverDaniel Zelik BerkXeitgeist Entertainment Group/Marcys Holdings/BBM
14 October 2017I Want to Go HomeWesley Leon Aroozoo13 Little Pictures
9 November 2017Jimami Tofu《ジーマーミ豆腐》 [31]Jason Chan, Christian LeeBananaMana Films
9 November 2017Ah Boys to Men 4Jack NeoJ Team, mm2 Entertainment$5 million$5 million
28 November 2017Diamond Dogs《钻石狗》Gavin LimVoid Deck Films
9 December 2017Dreaming in Black and White《 幻境黑白》Lei Yuan Binactivated C Studio


30 January 2018Their Remaining Journey 《灰彩虹》[32]John ClangElin Tew
15 February 2018Wonderful! Liang Xi Mei 《旺得福梁细妹》Jack Neomm2 Entertainment$1.7 million
29 March 2018Ramen TehEric KhooMK2 Films$136,124
5 April 2018The Wayang Kids《戏曲总动员》Raymond TanBrainchild Pictures$41,039
21 June 2018The Big Day《简单的婚礼》Lee Thean-jeenClover Films, mm2 Entertainment, Weiyu Films$1.5 million$191,821
29 June 2018CannonballMark Chua, Lam Li ShuenEmoumie
19 July 2018Buffalo BoysMike WiluanInfinite Frameworks/Zhao Wei Films$2,549
August 2018TashiShilpa Krishnan ShuklaKathaah Productions
2 August 2018A Family Tour《自由行》Ying LiangTaiwan Public Television Service/90 Minutes Film Studio/Potocol/Shine Pictures
7 August 2018A Land Imagined《幻土》Yeo Siew HuaAkanga Film Asia/mm2 Entertainment/Films de Force Majeure/Volya Films
9 August 201823:59: The Haunting HourGilbert ChanClover Films/mm2 Entertainment$616,313
10 August 2018Republic Of FoodKelvin TongBoku Films$2,071
6 October 2018Demons [33]Daniel Hui13 Little Pictures
25 October 2018ZombiepuraJacen Tanmm2 Entertainment$359,232
17 November 2018Konpaku [34]Remi M SaliStudio59 Concepts
28 November 2018Temporary Visa [35]Ghazi AlqudcyWideWall Studio
5 December 2018The Last ArtisanCraig McTurkLatent Image Productions


3 January 2019Make It Big Big《玉健煌崇大件事》Mark LeeKing Kong Media Production
5 February 2019Killer Not Stupid《杀手不笨》Jack NeoJ TeamS$2.7 million
14 February 2019When Ghost Meets Zombie《女鬼爱上尸》Han Yew KwangClover Films, Wawa Pictures
8 March 2019Repossession[36]Ming Siu Goh, Scott C. HillyardMonkey & Boar
11 April 2019From Victoria Street To Ang Mo Kio《从维多利亚到宏茂桥》[37]Eva TangCHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School
15 June 2019Accept the Call[38]Eunice LauEunice Lau, Yasu Inoue, Ben Selkow, Noland Walker, Sue Turley
19 July 2019Lihaaf (The Quilt)[39][40]Rahat KazmiRahat Kazmi Films, Nutzaboutme, Tariq Khan Productions, Zeba Sajid Films, Dreams Beyond, Marc Baschet
21 July 2019Changfeng Town[41][42]Wang JingAnzhu Films, Wormwood Films
12 August 2019Nhà cây (The Tree House)[43]Trương Minh QuýLevo Films, Lagi Film, Inselfilm Produktion, Sarl Kafard Films, New Asian Filmmakers Collective
29 August 2019Revenge of the Pontianak[44]Glen Goei, Gavin YapTiger Tiger Pictures, 13 Little Pictures$912,000[45]
31 August 2019Kathaah@8 (Stories@8)[46]Shilpa Krishnan ShuklaKathaah Productions
4 September 2019Bor Mi Vanh Chark (The Long Walk)[47]Mattie DoLao Art Media, Screen Division, Aurora Media Holdings
8 September 2019Wet Season《热带雨》[48]Anthony ChenGiraffe Pictures, HOOQ, Rediance, New Century Influence
19 September 2019The Playbook《爱本》[49]Bryan WongChannel U,
6 October 2019Maadathy, An Unfairy Tale[50]Leena ManimekalaiKaruvachy Films, Golden Ratio Films
1 November 2019Motel Acacia[51]Bradley LiewBlack Sheep, Epicmedia, Mandarin Vision, Tier Pictures, Potocol, Studio Virc, Nukleus Films, Globe Studios, White Light Post
24 November 2019I Dream of Singapore [52]Lei Yuan BinTiger Tiger Pictures
26 November 2019Revolution Launderette《信念のメリーゴーランド》[53]Mark Chua, Lam Li ShuenEmoumie
26 November 2019Unteachable [54]Yong Shu LingMedia For Social Change
December 2019Uncovering The Story Of Singapore's First Sikh – The Saint Soldier[55]Upneet Kaur-NagpalUptake Media
Late 2019Hell Hole《鬼地方》Sam Lohmm2 Entertainment, Vividthree Productions
Late 2019Fat Hope《超磅名模》Joyce LeeEncore Films
Late 2019Circle LineChua Jing Du
Late 2019IbuM. Raihan Halim
Late 2019Tiong Bahru Social ClubTan Bee Thiam
Late 2019Number OneOng Kuo Sin
Late 2019MalamLeonard Yip
End 2019Not So Long Time Ago《我们的故事之沉默的年代》Jack NeoJ Team, mm2 Entertainment
Ah Boys to Men 5Jack NeoJ Team, mm2 Entertainment$5 million
Mr Kiasu: The MovieTBAJohnny Lau

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