List of SCM Group subsidiaries

System Capital Management or SCM (Ukrainian: Систем Кепітал Менеджмент) is a major Ukrainian financial and industrial holding company with headquarters in Donetsk in the east of the country. The business is controlled by a Ukrainian businessman Rinat Akhmetov who owns 100% of the company shares. In 2010, the group has revenues of around $12.8 billion and has assets worth over $22.7 billion.[1]

SCM Holding

  • System Capital Management
  • SCM Advisors (UK)

List of assets

  • Metinvest holding (mining metallurgical complex)
  • DTEK (energy engineering)
    • Corum Group (machine building)
  • (banking and insurance finance services)
    • First Ukrainian International Bank (PUMB)
    • ASKA
    • ASKA-Zhyttia
  • Vega telecom (telecommunications)
  • ESTA Holding (real estate)
    • Donbass Palace (Donetsk)
    • Opera boutique hotel (Kiev)
    • Central Department store (Kiev)
    • Art project at Andriyivksy uzviz (Andrew descent, Kiev)
    • Pushkinsky business center (Donetsk)
    • Park Inn by Radisson (former Kiev Hotel, Donetsk)
  • Ukraina Media Group (media-business)
    • Ukrayina TV channel
    • Football 1 TV channel
    • Football 2 TV channel
    • Donbas TV channel
    • OLL.TV internet
      • Digital screens
    • NLO TV
    • Today Multimedia
      • Segodnya, a Russophone daily newspaper
      • Vecherkom, a Russophone weekly magazine
    • Trading chambers in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan
  • United Minerals Group (UMG, clay mining)
    • Druzhkovka Quarry (Druzhkivka Ore Administration)
    • VESKO
    • Ogneupornerud (Fire Resistance non-Ore)
  • Parallel-M LTD (network of gas stations in East Ukraine and Crimea)
    • associated with "Donbasnaftoprodukt", "Nyeftyepromtorg"
    • other brands include "Hefest", "PitStop", ""
  • Portinvest (Marine transportation,
  • HarvEast Holding (agricultural business)
  • Shakhtar Donetsk (football)
  • Lemtrans (Rail transportation)
  • (internet)
  • life:) (communications)
    • Astelit
  • Dokuchayevsk Flux and Dolomite Combine
  • Kryvbas Explosive Industries
  • Novotroitsk Ore Administration


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