List of Royal Air Force commands

This is a list of Royal Air Force commands, both past and present.[1]
Although the concept of a command dates back to the foundation of the Royal Air Force, the term command (as the name of a formation) was first used in purely RAF-context in 1936 when Bomber Command, Fighter Command, Coastal Command and Training Command were formed. Since that time the RAF has made considerable use of the term. Until early 2007, the RAF had two commands, Strike Command and Personnel and Training Command, which were co-located at RAF High Wycombe. On 1 April 2007, the two were merged to form Air Command.

Command Formation Disbandment Notes
Aden Command19281961
Air Command2007present
Air Command Far East19461949
Air Support Command19671972
Army Cooperation Command19401943
Balloon Command19381945
Bomber Command19361968
Coastal Command19361969
Eastern Air CommandFormed on the basis of No. 333 (Special Operations) Group, November 1942.
Far East Air Force19431971
Ferry Command19411943
Fighter Command19361968
Flying Training Command19401968
Home Command19501959
Iraq Command19221932
Joint Helicopter Command1999presentUnder British Army command
Logistics Command19941999
Maintenance Command19381973
Mediterranean Air Command19431943
Near East Air Force19611976
Middle East Command19411943
Personnel and Training Command19942007
Reserve Command1939
Signals Command19581969
Strike Command19682007
Support Command19731994
Technical Training Command19401968
Training Command19361977
Transport Command19431967
Air Defence of Great Britain19251936
Advanced Air Striking Force19391940
British Air Forces in France
No. 1 Area
No. 2 Area
No. 3 Area
No. 4 Area
No. 5 Area
Training Division
Coastal Area19191936
Central Area
North Eastern Area
North Western Area
Northern Area
South Eastern Area
South Western Area
Southern Area
Western Area
RAF Bengal and Burma
RAF Burma
RAF Germany19591993
RAF Gibraltar1942present
RAF Iceland
RAF Northern Ireland
RAF India
RAF Iraq
RAF Ireland
RAF Mediterranean
RAF Mediterranean and Middle East19431949
RAF Middle East19491961
RAF Rhine19181919
First Tactical Air Force(Desert Air Force)
Second Tactical Air Force19431959
Third Tactical Air Force19431944
Allied Expeditionary Air Force
Balkan Air Force19441945
Far East Air Force (Royal Air Force)19431971
Mediterranean Allied Air Forces19431945
Mediterranean Allied Coastal Air Force19431945
Mediterranean Allied Strategic Air Force
Mediterranean Allied Tactical Air Force
Mediterranean Coastal Air Force
Middle East Air Force19491961
Near East Air Force19611976
Northwest African Coastal Air Force19431945
Northwest African Tactical Air Force19431945
Northwest African Strategic Air Force19431945

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