List of Roman dynasties

This is a list of the dynasties that ruled the Roman Empire and its two succeeding counterparts, the Western Roman Empire and the Byzantine Empire (Eastern Roman Empire). Dynasties of states that had claimed legal succession from the Roman Empire are not included in this list.

List of Roman dynasties

Dynasty Period of rule Rulers
Start End Term First to rule Last to rule List
Classical dynasties
Julio–Claudian dynasty 27 BCE 68 CE 95 years Augustus Nero (list)
Flavian dynasty 69 CE 96 CE 27 years Vespasian Domitian (list)
Nerva–Antonine dynasty 96 CE 192 CE 96 years Nerva Commodus (list)
Severan dynasty 193 CE 235 CE 42 years Septimius Severus Severus Alexander (list)
Gordian dynasty 238 CE 270 CE 8 years[lower-alpha 1] Gordian I Quintillus (list)
Decian dynasty 249 CE 251 CE 2 years Decius Hostilian (list)
Valerian dynasty 253 CE 268 CE 15 years Valerian Gallienus (list)
Caran dynasty 282 CE 285 CE 3 years Carus Carinus (list)
Dynasties of the Dominate
Constantinian dynasty 305 CE 363 CE 58 years Constantius Chlorus
Constantine I
(Western & Eastern)
Valentinian dynasty 364 CE 392 CE 28 years Valentinian I
(Western & Eastern)
Valentinian II
Theodosian dynasty 379 CE 457 CE 78 years Theodosius I
(Western & Eastern)
Valentinian III
(list W)
(list E)
Eastern (Byzantine) dynasties
Leonid dynasty 457 CE 518 CE 61 years Leo I Anastasius I (list)
Justinian dynasty 518 CE 602 CE 84 years Justin I Maurice
Theodosius[lower-alpha 2]
Heraclian dynasty 610 CE 711 CE 91 years[lower-alpha 3] Heraclius Justinian II
Tiberius[lower-alpha 4]
Isaurian dynasty 717 CE 802 CE 85 years Leo III Irene of Athens (list)
Nikephorian dynasty 802 CE 813 CE 11 years Nikephoros I Michael I Rangabe
Theophylact[lower-alpha 5]
Amorian dynasty 820 CE 867 CE 47 years Michael II Michael III (list)
Macedonian dynasty 867 CE 1056 CE 189 years Basil I Theodora Porphyrogenita (list)
Komnenid dynasty[lower-alpha 6] 1057 CE 1185 CE 106 years[lower-alpha 7] Isaac I Komnenos Andronikos I Komnenos
John Komnenos[lower-alpha 8]
Doukid dynasty 1059 CE 1078 CE 19 years Constantine X Doukas Michael VII Doukas (list)
Angelid dynasty 1185 CE 1204 CE 19 years Isaac II Angelos Alexios V Doukas (list)
Laskarid dynasty[lower-alpha 9] 1205 CE 1261 CE 56 years Theodore I Laskaris John IV Laskaris (list)
Palaiologan dynasty 1259 CE 1453 CE 194 years Michael VIII Palaiologos Constantine XI Palaiologos (list)

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  1. The rule of the Gordian dynasty was interrupted between 244 CE and 268 CE. Gordian III was the last ruler before the interregnum. Claudius II was the first ruler after the interregnum.
  2. Maurice and Theodosius reigned as co-rulers.
  3. The rule of the Heraclian dynasty was interrupted between 695 CE and 705 CE. Justinian II was both the last ruler before the interregnum and the first ruler after the interregnum.
  4. Justinian II and Tiberius reigned as co-rulers.
  5. Michael I Rangabe and Theophylact reigned as co-rulers.
  6. The Komnenid dynasty ruled the Empire of Trebizond between 1204 CE and 1461 CE.
  7. The rule of the Komnenid dynasty was interrupted between 1059 CE and 1081 CE. Isaac I Komnenos was the last ruler before the interregnum. Alexios I Komnenos was the first ruler after the interregnum.
  8. Andronikos I Komnenos and John Komnenos reigned as co-rulers.
  9. The Laskarid dynasty of the Empire of Nicaea during the Fourth Crusade is considered as the legitimate continuation of the Roman Empire.


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