List of Recorded Texas Historic Landmarks (Mason-Rusk)

The following is a partial list of Recorded Texas Historic Landmarks (RTHLs) arranged by county as designated by the Texas Historical Commission and local county historical commissions in Texas. This page includes RTHLs in the following counties: Mason, Matagorda, Maverick, McCulloch, McLennan, McMullen, Medina, Menard, Midland, Milam, Mills, Mitchell, Montague, Montgomery, Moore, Morris, Motley, Nacogdoches, Navarro, Newton, Nolan, Nueces, Ochiltree, Oldham, Orange, Palo Pinto, Panola, Parker, Parmer, Pecos, Polk, Potter, Presidio, Rains, Randall, Reagan, Real, Red River, Reeves, Refugio, Roberts, Robertson, Rockwall, Runnels, and Rusk.

Recorded Texas Historic Landmarks listed by county
Anderson-Callahan Cameron-Duval Eastland-Gray Grayson-Hudspeth Hunt-Martin Mason-Rusk Sabine-Travis Trinity-Zavala


Landmarks with multiple historic designations are colored according to their highest designation within the following hierarchy.

⁕ Listed individually on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) as a National Historic Landmark
Listed on the NRHP as a contributing property of a National Historic Landmark District
Listed individually on the NRHP
Listed as a contributing property of an NRHP Historic District
Listed individually as or as part of a State Historic Site
Listed individually as or as part of a State Antiquities Landmark

Mason County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Art Methodist Church 11266 Art-Hedwigs Hill Rd. S of SH 29

30°44′15″N 99°7′12″W

Art 1968 Off Art-Hedwig Rd
Art Schoolhouse 11267 Lower Willow Creek Rd. S of SH 29

30°44′3″N 99°6′43″W

Art 1968 From Art take Lower Willowcreek Rd. south approx. 400 yds.
Bethel M. E. Church 11269 5840 Loeffler Ln.

30°35′14″N 99°6′41″W

Mason vicinity 1965 take US 87 approx. 10 miles south to RR 783; then approx. 4.2 miles south on RR 783 to Loeffler Lane; then 0.2 mile east
Broad Street Bridge
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12047 Broad St. over Comanche Creek

30°45′9″N 99°13′53″W

Mason 1998 Broad Street at Comanche Creek
First Christian Church 11272 100 Willow St.

30°44′52″N 99°13′29″W

Mason 1973 Corner of Austin St. and Willow St.
Holmes & Bierschwale Law and Land Office 12510 421 McKavett St.

30°44′59″N 99°14′5″W

Mason 2000 (McKavett St. is also US 87 N)
Mason County Courthouse
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11286 Courthouse Square S of W. Austin St.

30°44′56″N 99°13′27″W

Mason 1988 Courthouse Square
Mason County Jail 11287 S of Westmoreland St. between Moody St. and Post Hill St.

30°44′51″N 99°13′55″W

Mason 1983 Corner of Westmoreland and Post Hill St.
Mason House Hotel & Stage Station 12048 NE corner Austin St. at N. Live Oak St.

30°44′57″N 99°13′51″W

Mason 1999 Live Oak and SH 29, Mason
Old Mason Grammar School 11289 SE corner Schmidt St. at Post Hill St.

30°44′42″N 99°13′54″W

Mason 1965 Corner of Post Hill and Schmidt St.
Rudolph and Therese Runge House 13029 916 San Antonio St.

30°44′28″N 99°13′22″W

Mason 2003 916 San Antonio
Seaquist Home 11293 400 Broad St.

30°45′5″N 99°13′54″W

Mason 1974 Corner of Broad and Lotus streets
Spring Street Church 11295 403 Spring St.

30°45′7″N 99°14′0″W

Mason 1989 Spring St. at Bluebird
St. Paul Lutheran Church 11292 102 Magnolia St.

30°44′53″N 99°13′42″W

Mason 1972
Taylor-Carter House 12049 610 N. Robin Ave.

30°45′17″N 99°14′17″W

Mason 1999
The Lindsay House 11284 516 Spring St.

30°45′11″N 99°14′0″W

Mason 1984

Matagorda County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Bandstand 295 2000 Sixth St.

28°58′54″N 95°57′57″W

Bay City 1967 2000 Sixth Street, Bay City
Bay City U.S.O. Building 12050 2105 Ave. M

28°59′4″N 95°57′44″W

Bay City 1999
Blessing State Bank
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12054 SE corner Ave. B at N. Tenth St.

28°52′18″N 96°13′17″W

Blessing 1997 corner of Avenue B and 10th Street, Blessing
Cates-Price House 12061 506 S. Bay Blvd.

28°41′58″N 96°13′3″W

Palacios 1998
Christ Episcopal Church 840 206 Cypress St.

28°41′33″N 95°58′3″W

Matagorda 1962 southeast corner of Cypress and Lewis; Matagorda
D. P. and Louise Moore House 1145 2404 Ave. E

28°58′46″N 95°58′18″W

Bay City 1994 2404 Avenue E, Bay City
Dale-Rugeley-Sisk Home ca. 1830 1157 751 Catalpa St.

28°41′33″N 95°57′52″W

Matagorda 1964 southeast corner of Fisher and Catalpa; Matagorda
Fisher-Sargent-Gottschalk House 1901 107 St. Mary St.

28°41′16″N 95°58′22″W

Matagorda 1991 107 St. Mary, Matagorda
Hawkins Lake Home 2410 S of FM 521 near Lake Austin

28°49′40″N 95°47′35″W

Wadsworth 1962 SH 60 18 southeast from Bay City to FM 521; then 3 1/2 miles south to Lake Austin

(Private Property) - Not Surveyed

Hensley - Gusman House 2455 2120 Sixth St.

28°58′56″N 95°57′52″W

Bay City 1994 2120 6th Street, Bay City
Holman House 2511 2504 Ave. K

28°58′43″N 95°57′51″W

Bay City 1994 2504 Avenue K, Bay City
Home of Horace Yeamans 2538 S of FM 521 W of Cashs Creek

28°47′18″N 96°11′41″W

Palacios 1965 from missing go east on SH 35 approximately 6 miles; then north on FM 521 approximately 1 mile
Hotel Blessing
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2570 128 N. Tenth St.

28°52′17″N 96°13′19″W

Blessing 1965 corner 10th and FM 616; Blessing
Kilbridge - Barkley House 2938 1704 Third St.

28°58′42″N 95°58′10″W

Bay City 1994 1704 3rd Street, Bay City
Luther Hotel 3149 408 S. Bay Blvd.

28°41′58″N 96°12′57″W

Palacios 1965 408 South Bay, Palacios (between 4th and 6th Streets)
M. S. and Cora Alice Perry House 12067 2504 Ave. I

28°58′43″N 95°58′0″W

Bay City 1997
Masonic Lodge #411
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3243 619 Ave. B

28°52′34″N 96°13′8″W

Blessing 1965 southeast corner of 11th and FM 616; Blessing
Old Bay City Bank 3689 2044 Ave. F

28°58′59″N 95°58′13″W

Bay City 1965 corner (northwest) of FM 60 and SH 35, Bay City or 2044 Avenue F, Bay City
Old Matagorda Post Office 3763 SW corner Laurel St. at Fisher St.

28°41′20″N 95°58′18″W

Matagorda 1965 northeast corner of Fisher and Laurel; Matagorda
Price-Farwell House 13282 300 S. Bay Blvd.

28°41′55″N 96°12′50″W

Palacios 2004 300 S Bay
Pybus-Koerber House 13244 208 Main St.

28°42′6″N 96°12′46″W

Palacios 2004 208 Main St
R. J. Hill Building 12436 401 Commerce St.

28°42′1″N 96°12′54″W

Palacios 2000
Rugeley Building (Old City Bank) 15246 2044 Ave. F

28°58′59″N 95°58′13″W

Bay City 1965
Sargent-Rugeley-Herreth House 18099 3224 Ave. K

28°58′14″N 95°57′50″W

Bay City 2015
St. Francis Catholic 5031 105 mi. W on FM 521

28°48′26″N 95°57′13″W

Wadsworth 1965 from Wadsworth go west on SH 521 approximately 1.5 miles
The A. B. Pierce Home 5283 366 Ave. C

28°52′9″N 96°13′27″W

Blessing 1968 corner of 8th and Avenue C; Blessing
The Culver Home 5317 1001 Wightman St.

28°41′40″N 95°58′2″W

Matagorda 1967 northeast corner of Wightman and Caney Street, Matagorda
The F. Cornelius House 5330 E end of CR 450 at Juanita Creek

28°57′19″N 96°11′12″W

Midfield 1971 from Midfield go north on SH 71 approximately 2 miles; 120 east on one lane paved road approximately 2 miles (turns to dirt road approximately .5 miles from house)
W.C. Williams Building 18282 456 Commerce St.

28°42′2″N 96°13′0″W

Palacios 2015
Yeamans-Stallard House 14498 S of FM 521 W of Cashs Creek

28°47′18″N 96°11′41″W

Palacios 1965

Maverick County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Church of the Redeemer 862 648 Madison St.

28°42′48″N 100°30′11″W

Eagle Pass 1978 648 Madison Street, Eagle Pass
Dos Chimeneas Ranch House 18547 17703-18509 US 277 Eagle Pass 2016
Eagle Pass Post Office 1328 589 E. Main St.

28°42′31″N 100°30′3″W

Eagle Pass 1996 589 Main Street, Eagle Pass
Maverick County Courthouse
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3261 501 E. Main St.

28°42′32″N 100°30′5″W

Eagle Pass 1971 Courthouse lawn
S. P. Simpson, Jr., House 4402 597 N. Ceylon St.

28°42′46″N 100°30′3″W

Eagle Pass 1972 597 Ceylon Street (door reads 597 at bottom, but 419 at top)
The Lee Building 5370 400 Bliss St.

28°42′9″N 100°30′10″W

Eagle Pass 1968 Adams Street on right 1 block past hospital

McCulloch County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Camp San Saba Masonic Lodge 678 10 mi. S of Brady near FM 1955 Brady vicinity 1962 FM 1955, in Camp San Saba community; about 10 miles south of Brady via US 87
East Sweden Presbyterian Church 1367 CR 414 at CR 412

31°9′59″N 99°15′25″W

Brady vicinity 1989 From Brady take US 190 5.5 miles northeast, then turn east on CR 412. Church is at junction with CR 414.
McCulloch County Courthouse
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3286 199 Courthouse Sq.

31°8′6″N 99°20′5″W

Brady 1967 Courthouse square, US 87/377 at US 190
McCulloch County Jail 3287 117 N. High St.

31°8′7″N 99°20′12″W

Brady 1976
Ogden Home 3679 10 mi. S of Brady near FM 1955 Brady vicinity 1962 10 miles south of Brady on US 377/87 in the Camp San Saba community
Union Passenger Depot
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5597 505 N. Bridge St.

31°8′21″N 99°20′9″W

Brady 1984 North Bridge Street

McLennan County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Albert Turner Clifton House 103 2600 Austin Ave.

31°32′22″N 97°9′4″W

Waco 1991 2600 Austin (26th Austin)
Alico Building
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118 425 Austin Ave.

31°33′25″N 97°7′55″W

Waco 1982 425 Austin Ave. (4th Austin), Waco
Austin Avenue Methodist Church
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241 1300 Austin Ave.

31°33′0″N 97°8′20″W

Waco 1990 1300 Austin Ave. (13th Austin), Waco
Bagby House 274 1825 S. Eighth St.

31°32′27″N 97°7′7″W

Waco 1983 1825 S. 8th (corner of S. 8th St. and Wood Ave) - razed in 2014
Best Theatre Building
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386 218 N. Main St.

31°48′11″N 97°5′30″W

West 1994 218 N Main
Bull Hide Creek Iron Bridge 14774 W of I-35 over Bull Hide Creek between Lorena and Hewitt

31°25′2″N 97°11′59″W

Waco 1994
Deyerle-Fall House 12118 917 Old Oglesby Rd.

31°26′8″N 97°26′19″W

McGregor 1998
Earle-Harrison House 1334 1901 N. Fifth St.

31°34′9″N 97°8′53″W

Waco 1970 1901 N. 5th St., Waco
Earle-Napier-Kinnard House 1335 814 S. Fourth St.

31°34′43″N 97°7′21″W

Waco 1969 814 S. 4th (at corner of 4th & I-35), Waco
East Terrace 1368 100 Mill St.

31°34′2″N 97°8′1″W

Waco 1962 100 Mill Ave. (corner of Mill and Lake Brazos Dr; House faces Lake Brazos Dr.), Waco
Eddy Methodist Church 1386 404 W. Third St.

31°17′49″N 97°15′22″W

Eddy 1993 Corner of SH 107 and Ausborn St., Eddy
Elite Cafe 1454 2132 S. Valley Mills Dr.

31°31′29″N 97°7′58″W

Waco 1994 2132 S. Valley Mills Dr. (on the Circle Off I-35), Waco
First Lutheran Church 1736 1008 Jefferson Ave.

31°33′19″N 97°8′23″W

Waco 1984 1008 Jefferson (10th & Jefferson), Waco
Flowers House 12121 600 W. Third St.

31°17′51″N 97°15′27″W

Eddy 1998 600 W. Third Street
Forsgard House
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12905 1122 N. Fourth St.

31°33′51″N 97°8′24″W

Waco 2002 1122 North Fourth
Fort House
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1990 503 S. Fourth St.

31°33′14″N 97°7′35″W

Waco 1969 503 South 4th St.
George W. Carroll Science Hall 16017 1401 S. Fifth St.

31°32′47″N 97°7′13″W

Waco 2009
Glenn and Mary Gulledge Crain House 12897 705 S. Adams St.

31°26′3″N 97°24′26″W

McGregor 2002 705 S. Adams St
Groppe Barn 2288 SE on private road from FM 3149 at Groppe Rd.

31°44′26″N 97°3′55″W

West 1991 From West, take Main St. south from center of town one mile, take Cemetery Rd. east, go 2.5 more miles to Barn
Groppe Building
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2289 130 N. Main St.

31°48′8″N 97°5′31″W

West 1983 130 N. Main (Corners of Main & Oak), West
H. J. and Cora Hudson House 18674 306 S. Bordon St.

31°23′1″N 97°12′56″W

Lorena 2017 Behind sidewalk in front (to the east) of the H. J. and Cora Hudson House on 306 South Bordon Street in Lorena, Texas
H. & T. C. Railroad 2311 Off S. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. between Taylor St. and E. Bridge St.

31°33′45″N 97°7′30″W

Waco 1966 N/A
Hill House 2483 901 Ave. E

31°18′20″N 97°21′46″W

Moody 1989 901 Ave. E, Moody
Hoyle Cabin 2507 421 Rice Ave.

31°34′43″N 97°9′10″W

Waco 1963 421 Rice Ave on western edge of Cameron Park in Waco (on private property)
Johnson-Taylor House 2838 1705 N. Fifth St.

31°34′5″N 97°8′47″W

Waco 1963 1705 N. 5th St., Waco (corner of 5th & Garland); (also called Nell Pape Garden Center)
Kuykendall House 2978 300 Estelle Rice St.

31°18′26″N 97°21′51″W

Moody 1979 corner of Estelle Rice & Ave. F.,Moody
Lorena United Methodist Church
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5372 205 S. Bordon St.

31°23′4″N 97°12′54″W

Lorena 1976 Corner of Borden & Bettie Sts., Lorena
Lusk House 3148 301 Jefferson Ave.

31°33′42″N 97°8′2″W

Waco 1965 301 Jefferson (3rd & Jefferson), Waco
McLennan County Courthouse
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3302 501 Washington Ave.

31°33′26″N 97°8′1″W

Waco 1970 Between 5th and 6th on Washington, Waco (Courthouse Square)
Old Main 16018 1411 S. Fifth St.

31°32′45″N 97°7′13″W

Waco 2009
Old Walker Homestead 3829 3401 Dever Dr.

31°34′2″N 97°11′11″W

Waco 1969
Rotan-Dosset House
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4358 1503 Columbus Ave.

31°33′1″N 97°8′35″W

Waco 1978 1503 Columbus (15th & Columbus), Waco
Saint Paul's Episcopal Church 4482 501 Columbus Ave.

31°33′31″N 97°8′5″W

Waco 1963 501 Columbus (5th Columbus), Waco
St. James United Methodist Church 4444 600 S. Second St.

31°33′19″N 97°7′26″W

Waco 1986 600 S. 2nd (2nd & clay St.), Waco
Stratton-Stricker Building 18271 800 Austin Ave.

31°33′15″N 97°8′4″W

Waco 2015 Southwest corner of 8th and Austin, on sidewalk facing Austin Avenue
The C. C. McCulloch House
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5397 406 Columbus Ave.

31°33′32″N 97°7′58″W

Waco 1979 (4th & Columbus), Waco
The Cottonland Castle 5314 3300 Austin Ave.

31°32′1″N 97°9′28″W

Waco 1977 3300 Austin Avenue
The George Butler - Jesse Harrison House 2154 1018 Taylor Ave.

31°34′12″N 97°7′9″W

Waco 1971
The Howard House 5356 800 Ave. E

31°18′23″N 97°21′47″W

Moody 1978 800 Ave. E, Moody
The Isaac Jackson Teague Property 5358 172 Teague Dr.

31°17′50″N 97°21′47″W

Moody 1976 From Moody take 1/2 mile south on Highway 317, east of 317 and south of cemetery.
The Sims Cabin 5427 1020 Sleepy Hollow Rd.

31°30′16″N 97°14′1″W

Waco 1963 on private property in the Woodway Neighborhood, .
The Sturgis House 5433 1316 Washington Ave.

31°33′2″N 97°8′26″W

Waco 1971 across from St. Mary's
W. H. Janes Home 5672 N of FM 308 W of Fajkus Rd.

31°45′16″N 97°0′44″W

Leroy 1981 From Leroy 2 mi E on FM 2311, off-road on southside (private property)
Waco Theatre
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5694 724 Austin Ave.

31°33′16″N 97°8′3″W

Waco 1981
Watson Feed Store 15253 308 E. Texas Ave.

31°32′29″N 96°50′5″W

Mart 2003
Wesley United Methodist Church 18221 125 Turner St.

31°34′6″N 97°7′22″W

Waco 2015 Northeast corner of Turner St and Elm, directly behind the old Bailsbondsman building on Elm St.

McMullen County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Dog Town Jail 1242 204 Elm St.

28°27′39″N 98°32′56″W

Tilden 1966 Behind courthouse, located at intersection of Highway 72 and Highway 16, Tilden.
Old Rock Store
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3799 502 River St.

28°27′41″N 98°32′59″W

Tilden 1966 Faces courthouse across from courthouse on Route 16 at intersection with Highway 72, Tilden.

Medina County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Arcadius Steinle House 186 1416 Florella St.

29°21′31″N 98°52′44″W

Castroville 1962 1416 Florella St.
Cordier-Tschirhart-Seal House 1058 1213 Isabella St.

29°21′29″N 98°52′34″W

Castroville 1976 Intersection of Paris/Isabella, Castroville.
Dolch-Hans Compound 13252 1213 Fiorella St.

29°21′26″N 98°52′37″W

Castroville 2004 1213-1215 Fiorella Street
Dubuis House
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1291 1207 Angelo St.

29°21′20″N 98°52′42″W

Castroville 1966 On Angelo Street across from St. Louis Church, Castroville.
F. Xavier Schmidt House
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1523 714 Lisbon St.

29°21′29″N 98°52′34″W

Castroville 1966 Corner of Lisbon and Naples, Castroville.
Family Home of George T. Briscoe 1566 402 W. Hondo Ave.

29°8′32″N 98°54′31″W

Devine 1977 402 West Hondo Street, Devine.
First Church in Castroville
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14895 1208 Angelo St.

29°21′19″N 98°52′43″W

Castroville 1966
Fohn-Bless Store
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1934 1020 18th St.

29°20′55″N 99°8′26″W

Hondo 1974 1020 Eighteenth Street, Hondo.
Fred Metzger House 377 1003 16th St.

29°21′0″N 99°8′24″W

Hondo 1964 1003 Sixteenth Street, Hondo.
Gallagher Ranch House 2100 Private road south of SH 16 near Bexar County line

29°36′15″N 98°48′36″W

Helotes 1967 From San Antonio, take SH 16 about 23 mi NW to Bexar, Medina Co. Line-house on private property.
J. M. Koch's Hotel 12357 1906 Sacarosa Ave.

29°19′54″N 99°16′46″W

D'Hanis 2000 on FM 1796 (Main Street), 1 block north of US 90, D'Hanis
Landmark Inn
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3031 402 Florence St.

29°21′16″N 98°52′28″W

Castroville 1965 Intersection of Highway 90 and Florence Street, Castroville.
Leinweber Building 3068 1706 Ave. M

29°20′57″N 99°8′31″W

Hondo 1986 M Street on downtown plaza, Highway 90, Hondo.
Louis Haller House
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3135 1307 Fiorella St.

29°21′28″N 98°52′39″W

Castroville 1976 Fiorella Street #1307, Castroville
Medina County Courthouse
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3313 1100 16th St.

29°21′3″N 99°8′29″W

Hondo 1984 In Hondo, at intersection of Highway 16 and FM 462, Courthouse Square, Hondo.
Oefinger House 12538 2.7 mi. N of Quihi on FM 2676

29°25′24″N 99°1′3″W

Quihi vicinity 1994 2.7 miles north of Quihi on FM 2676
Old Wurzbach Place 3836 1 mi. N on CR 381 from FM 1957

29°26′50″N 98°48′36″W

Castroville 1967 From San Antonio, about 12 miles Southwest on Potranco Road, from Potranco Road take CR 381 North at one mile.
Rothe-Rowe Ranch House 4359 3.2 mi. N of D'Hanis W of FM 1796

29°22′18″N 99°17′10″W

D'Hanis 1972 (Inside Row Ranch up at house - on drive). From D'Hanis, about 3.2 miles north on FM 1796.
Schuehle-Saathoff House 4606 CR 365 at CR 4512

29°23′49″N 99°0′30″W

Quihi 1996 CR 365 to CR 4512, walk down road at Pichot Ranch house on left
St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church 5040 2102 Ave. J

29°20′41″N 99°8′22″W

Hondo 1992 2102 Avenue J, Hondo.
St. Louis Catholic Church
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5051 1306 Angelo St.

29°21′21″N 98°52′47″W

Castroville 1970 Angelo, opposite Houston Square, Castroville.
St. Louis Church
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5053 1306 Angelo St.

29°21′21″N 98°52′47″W

Castroville 1966 Angelo Street, one of south block north from 90, Castroville.
Yancey United Methodist Church 12556 255 Church St.

29°8′21″N 98°8′34″W

Yancey 2001

Menard County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Bank of Menard, 1903 297 101 W. San Saba Ave.

30°55′2″N 99°47′7″W

Menard 1964 at the corner of Bevans and San Saba Sts., Menard
Frisco Depot 2068 103 Frisco Ave.

30°55′27″N 99°47′5″W

Menard 1978 near the intersection of US 190 and US 83 in Menard
Menard County Courthouse
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14993 206 E. San Saba Ave.

30°54′55″N 99°47′2″W

Menard 2003
Sacred Heart Catholic Church 4431 136 Bevans St.

30°54′59″N 99°47′8″W

Menard 1984 at the corner of Canal and Bevans Streets, Menard
Sentry Building 7066 FM 864 at Fort McKavett

30°49′42″N 100°6′20″W

Menard 1968 in Ft. McKavett from Menard take US 190 17 miles W to FM 864, take FM 864 SW 6 miles to Fort McKavett

Midland County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Bush, George W., Childhood Home
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15411 1412 W. Ohio Ave.

32°0′2″N 102°5′24″W

Midland 2004
Dorsey Home
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1256 213 N. Weatherford St.

31°59′55″N 102°4′19″W

Midland 1962 213 N. Weatherford St., Midland
Lawrence Home 14438 1017 N. Loraine St.

32°0′30″N 102°4′34″W

Midland 1965
Midland's First House 3369 1017 N. Loraine St.

32°0′30″N 102°4′34″W

Midland 1965 1017 North Loraine St., Midland
Petroleum Building 4002 214 W. Texas Ave.

31°59′55″N 102°4′36″W

Midland 1982 214 W. Texas, Midland
Scharbauer Hotel (destroyed) 14436 117 W. Wall St.

31°59′50″N 102°4′31″W

Midland 1965
W. F. Scarborough Home, 5665 802 S. Main St.

31°59′24″N 102°4′29″W

Midland 1965 802 S. Main St., Midland
Yucca Theater 5935 208 N. Colorado St.

31°59′56″N 102°4′35″W

Midland 1981 208 N. Colorado St., Midland

Milam County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
All Saints Episcopal Church 7937 200 N. Travis Ave.

30°51′8″N 96°58′41″W

Cameron 1987 1 block off US 190 on right-hand side of road
Buckholts SPJST Lodge Hall 15079 600 E. US 190

30°52′12″N 97°7′10″W

Buckholts 2008 600 E. Hwy 36
Dr. Nathan Cass House ("Ne Plus Ultra") 7941 502 N. Travis Ave.

30°51′16″N 96°58′38″W

Cameron 1990 now called the Magnolia House; turn right at stop light on US 190
Green-Batte House 7977 201 E. Main St.

30°51′0″N 96°58′34″W

Cameron 1969
International & Great Northern Railroad Passenger Depot 13466 11 N. Main St.

30°39′16″N 97°0′4″W

Rockdale 2005 100 N Main St
Milam County Jail of 1895 14048 201 E. Main St.

30°51′0″N 96°58′34″W

Cameron 1978 lawn of museum on Fannin St.
R. F. and Minta Pool House 12891 901 E. Eighth St.

30°51′12″N 96°58′0″W

Cameron 2002 901 East 8th St
Rainbow Tourist Camp and Courts 18116 915 E. Cameron Ave.

30°39′39″N 96°59′32″W

Rockdale 2015
Sharp General Store
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8002 FM 487 at CR 410A

30°45′6″N 97°9′22″W

San Gabriel 1996 6 mi. NE on FM 486, 2 mi. W on FM 487
Sharp Presbyterian Church
More images
8003 13054 N. FM 487

30°45′3″N 97°9′35″W

Buckholts 1988 FR 487 approx. 14 mi. west of Rockdale; from MCR 407, 4 mi. east on FR 487
St. Monica's Catholic Church 7998 306 S. Nolan Ave.

30°51′3″N 96°59′10″W

Cameron 1983
The B. J. and Sue Dollar Baskin Home 12988 202 E. Fifth St.

30°51′12″N 96°58′27″W

Cameron 2002 Cameron, 202 E. 5th
The Kay Theater 17630 352 N. Main St.

30°39′26″N 97°0′7″W

Rockdale 2013
Wied Hardware Store 16508 413 W. Batte St.

30°50′52″N 96°58′53″W

Cameron 2010
Williams-Atkinson Homestead 13691 FM 485 at N. CR 255

30°53′21″N 96°50′13″W

Maysfield 2006 1.5 mi E on SH 485, S on CR 255

Mills County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Hamilton-Soules House 13253 32 S. FM 1047

31°28′11″N 98°19′3″W

Star 2004 32 S FM 1047
Mills County Courthouse
More images
12916 1011 Fourth St.

31°26′59″N 98°34′10″W

Goldthwaite 2002 Courthouse, 1011 Fourth Street
Mills County Jail 3389 1000 Fifth St.

31°26′58″N 98°34′7″W

Goldthwaite 1965 Highway 183, Courthouse Square, Goldthwaitex

Mitchell County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
All Saints' Church 119 304 Locust St.

32°23′22″N 100°51′47″W

Colorado City 1968 Third and Locust, Colorado City.
E.M. Hardigree Home 1314 305 Hickory St.

32°23′23″N 100°51′45″W

Colorado City 1967 305 Hickory Street, Colorado City.
F. M. Burns Home 1525 304 E. Fourth St.

32°23′27″N 100°51′50″W

Colorado City 1963 304 East Fourth Street, Colorado City.
First Baptist Church 1601 104 W. Market Ave. at Longfoot St.

32°24′22″N 100°42′45″W

Loraine 1967 Lightfoot and Market Streets, Loraine.
First Methodist Church 1742 333 Chestnut St.

32°23′25″N 100°51′53″W

Colorado City 1962 333 Chesnut, Colorado City.
John C. Prude Home 2770 334 E. Fourth St.

32°23′27″N 100°51′49″W

Colorado City 1979 334 East Fourth Street, Colorado City.
Majors Home 3195 425 Chestnut St.

32°23′27″N 100°51′52″W

Colorado City 1966 425 Chesnut Street, Colorado City.
Old D.N. Arnett Home 3717 685 Chestnut St.

32°23′37″N 100°51′52″W

Colorado City 1968 685 Chestnut Street, Colorado City.

Montague County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
1927 Montague County Jail
More images
33 112 S. Grand St.

33°39′52″N 97°43′11″W

Montague 1991 Southeast corner of courthouse square, Montague.
Central Christian Church 789 300 Cooke St.

33°47′25″N 97°43′35″W

Nocona 1962 300 Cooke Street, Nocona.
Cumberland Presbyterian Church 15043 401 W. Pecan St.

33°33′47″N 97°51′0″W

Bowie 1962
First Christian Church of Bowie 1708 E. Wise St. Bowie 1963 E. Wise St. (not located)
Montague County Courthouse
More images
17656 101 E. Franklin St.

33°39′52″N 97°43′12″W

Montague 2013
St. Peter Lutheran Church
More images
5076 806 Lindsey St.

33°33′51″N 97°50′35″W

Bowie 1988 806 North Lindsey, Bowie.
The Phillips House 17563 900 S. Main St.

33°41′22″N 97°31′0″W

Saint Jo 2013 US Highway 82 in front of house facing highway, 0.1 miles from Saint Jo city limit sign.

Montgomery County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Bay's Chapel Methodist Church 7864 24790 Bays Chapel Rd.

30°36′12″N 95°48′46″W

Richards 1967 off SH 149
Cathalorri 7866 300 Prairie St.

30°23′24″N 95°41′39″W

Montgomery 1966 SH 105 E, 1 block east of SH 149
Crane Family Cabin 7870 770 Clepper Dr., Montgomery

30°23′34″N 95°41′23″W

Conroe 1974
Davis Law Office 7874 14272 Liberty St.

30°23′22″N 95°41′47″W

Montgomery 1967
Esperanza 7875 470 Esperanza Rd.

30°29′16″N 95°29′21″W

Willis 1963 Marker reported missing May 1985
First State Bank of Montgomery 7878 14343 Liberty St.

30°23′25″N 95°41′48″W

Montgomery 1970
Frontier Colonial Home 7901 770 Clepper Dr.

30°23′33″N 95°41′25″W

Montgomery 1964 1 block south of SH 105 via Houston St., west on Rankin, Montgomery City Hall
J. S. Griffith Home 7879 202 Prairie St.

30°23′27″N 95°41′40″W

Montgomery 1963
James Jordan (Jardine) Log House 7882 770 Clepper Dr., Montgomery

30°23′34″N 95°41′23″W

Conroe 1977
M. B. Steger Home 7902 709 College St.

30°23′27″N 95°41′56″W

Montgomery 1978
Magnolia 7885 801 College St.

30°23′26″N 95°41′58″W

Montgomery 1966
Magnolia Depot 12233 426 Melton St.

30°12′35″N 95°44′59″W

Magnolia 1999
Methodist Parsonage 7888 705 College St.

30°23′27″N 95°41′55″W

Montgomery 1965
Montgomery Baptist Church Building 7889 301 Pond St.

30°23′23″N 95°41′51″W

Montgomery 1985
N. H. Davis Cottage
More images
7873 14272 Liberty St.

30°23′22″N 95°41′47″W

Montgomery 1966
Old Dr. Wm. P. Powell Home 7895 201 N. Wood St.

30°25′29″N 95°28′57″W

Willis 1967
Reinhardt Homestead 7897 Comer Reinhart Rd.

30°9′29″N 95°12′0″W

New Caney 1991 US 59 and Loop 494, on corner Reinhardt Rd. north of New Caney
Simonton Home 15456 770 Clepper Dr.

30°23′33″N 95°41′25″W

Montgomery 1964
Sunday-Moore House 7904 SW of Cook's Branch Conservancy beyond S end of Collier Cemetery Rd.

30°16′41″N 95°39′47″W

Montgomery 1982 7 mi. SE, Cook's Branch Conservancy, off Collier Cemetery Road and SH 105
The W. A. "Bay" Evans Home 7876 118 W. Pauline St.

30°19′11″N 95°27′28″W

Conroe 1984
Thomas Chapel United Methodist Church 12608 512 W. Martin Luther King Blvd.

30°25′30″N 95°29′8″W

Willis 2001 corner of Martin Luther King Blvd. (Waverly St.) and Holland
William Womack Home 7912 4 mi. S on FM 149

30°20′29″N 95°42′1″W

Montgomery 1963 4 mi. south of Montgomery on SH 149
Willis Methodist Church 7911 200 N. Thomason St.

30°25′31″N 95°28′54″W

Willis 1965
Wood-Valda Home 7913 303 Mason St.

30°23′28″N 95°41′43″W

Montgomery 1962

Moore County

There are currently no Recorded Texas Historic Landmarks listed within the county.

Morris County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Concord Meeting House 7844 260 CR 3306

33°9′45″N 94°47′33″W

Omaha 1966 off FM 144 west of Omaha about 3 mi. to Concord Church Rd.
Ned Walker Home 7861 11127 N. FM 144

33°9′12″N 94°45′21″W

Omaha 1967 FM 144 about 2 mi. SW of Omaha
Spring Hill Primitive Baptist Church of Christ 7858 CR 4201 E of SH 338

33°7′18″N 94°41′35″W

Daingerfield 1964 off US 259 on CR __ about 6 mi. north of Daingerfield

Motley County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Motley County Jail 3484 900 Main St.

34°0′55″N 100°49′19″W

Matador 1976 Stewart Street (FM 94), Matador
Roaring Springs Depot 4288 First St. at Broadway St.

33°53′55″N 100°51′20″W

Roaring Springs 1977 End of Broadway Street, Roaring Springs
Traweek House 5555 927 Lariat Ave.

34°0′41″N 100°49′29″W

Matador 1964 927 Lariat Street, Matador

Nacogdoches County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Adolphus Sterne House
More images
14549 211 S. Lanana St.

31°36′0″N 94°39′2″W

Nacogdoches 1977
Austin Building
More images
9245 2212 Alumni Dr.

31°37′19″N 94°38′58″W

Nacogdoches 1993
Burrows - Millard House 9256 6020 North St.

31°39′43″N 94°39′25″W

Millard's Crossing 1976 north of Nacogdoches on Bus. 59
Chas. Hoya Land Office
More images
9262 120 E. Pilar St.

31°36′8″N 94°39′21″W

Nacogdoches 1974 corner of Pilar and Pecan Sts.
Durst - Taylor House
More images
9270 304 North St.

31°36′19″N 94°39′16″W

Nacogdoches 1994
Gingerbread House 9274 316 Loop 34

31°29′56″N 94°20′55″W

Chireno 1965 Loop 34 of SH 21 in Chireno
Halfway Inn (Flournoy - Granberry House)
More images
9276 21457 SH 21

31°30′40″N 94°21′23″W

Chireno 1962 1 mi. W on SH 21 from junction FM 95 and SH 21, Chireno
Hotel Wiley 12098 116 S. D Ave.

31°49′25″N 94°29′25″W

Garrison 1999
Ingraham Building 12099 210 E. Pilar St.

31°36′9″N 94°39′19″W

Nacogdoches 1998
Lindsey House 9282 706 Virginia Ave.

31°35′57″N 94°39′40″W

Nacogdoches 1994
Nacogdoches Federal Building / Post Office
More images
12101 200 E. Main St.

31°36′10″N 94°39′18″W

Nacogdoches 1999
Old Nacogdoches University Building
More images
9299 515 N. Mound St.

31°36′24″N 94°39′5″W

Nacogdoches 1962 515 N. Mound St., Washington Square
Old Stone Fort
More images
9393 1808 Alumni Dr.

31°37′10″N 94°38′56″W

Nacogdoches 1962 SFA University, on Alumni Dr.
Rusk Building
More images
12106 2008 Alumni Dr.

31°37′16″N 94°38′57″W

Nacogdoches 1998
Sam P. Smith Place 9352 5986 E. Main St.

31°34′43″N 94°35′36″W

Nacogdoches 1985 about 4 mi. E of Nacogdoches on S side of SH 21
The Millard - Lee House 9285 6020 North St.

31°39′41″N 94°39′24″W

Millard's Crossing 1974 N of Nacogdoches on Bus. 59 at Millard's Crossing
The Roland Jones House
More images
9280 141 N. Church St.

31°36′13″N 94°39′10″W

Nacogdoches 1973
The Sparks House 9353 433 Phillips Rd.

31°32′4″N 94°40′12″W

Nacogdoches 1976 on FM 2863, 3 mi. S of Loop 224, Nacogdoches
Tol Barret House 9249 433 Phillips Rd.

31°32′9″N 94°40′1″W

Nacogdoches 1981
Zion Hill First Baptist Church
More images
9403 324 N. Lanana St.

31°36′18″N 94°38′56″W

Nacogdoches 1977 Corner of Boisdarc and LaNana Sts.
Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Beauford Halbert Jester Home 7218 1508 Sycamore Ave.

32°5′32″N 96°29′2″W

Corsicana 1968
Britton Dawson Home 11612 Dawson 1977
Dunn-Ransom Home 11618 1303 W. Fourth Ave.

32°5′19″N 96°28′40″W

Corsicana 1981
First Methodist Church
More images
7198 320 N. 15th St.

32°5′36″N 96°28′16″W

Corsicana 1967
Frost Methodist Church 7203 121 E. North Front St.

32°4′47″N 96°48′22″W

Frost 1990
George Taylor Jester 7219 609 W. Seventh Ave.

32°5′19″N 96°28′8″W

Corsicana 1967
Holman Home 7211 212 N. 30th St.

32°5′4″N 96°29′10″W

Corsicana 1983
Indian Trading Post 7216 912 W. Park Ave.

32°5′41″N 96°28′34″W

Corsicana 1962
Jester-Butler House 12113 1522 Sycamore Ave.

32°5′31″N 96°29′4″W

Corsicana 1997
Johnson-McCammon House 7220 420 W. Sixth Ave.

32°5′27″N 96°28′3″W

Corsicana 1992
L. P. Hodge Home 7214 Rice Rd. in Chatfield

32°14′27″N 96°24′50″W

Corsicana 1963
Lemon-Edens House
More images
7225 745 W. Third Ave.

32°5′31″N 96°28′26″W

Corsicana 1983
Navarro County Courthouse
More images
7236 300 W. Third Ave.

32°5′43″N 96°28′5″W

Corsicana 1983
Old Welding Shop of H. C. Nicol 7239 418 S. 12th St.

32°5′21″N 96°27′50″W

Corsicana 1968 Petroleum Industry Park, 400 block of S. 12th St.
Roger Q. Mills Home 7230 1200 W. Second Ave.

32°5′33″N 96°28′39″W

Corsicana 1967
Senator James H. Woods Home 11650 504 W. Second Ave.

32°5′43″N 96°28′15″W

Corsicana 1967 Corner of W 2nd and N 14th at 504 W. Second Ave
Squire Josiah Daniel Home 12551 Kerens vicinity 1963 7 mi. E of Kerens, 5 mi. off SH 31
Tatum Home 11640 729 W. Third Ave.

32°5′32″N 96°28′23″W

Corsicana 1983
Temple Beth-El
More images
11642 208 S. 15th St.

32°5′22″N 96°28′6″W

Corsicana 1981
The Scales-Fortson House 11633 220 N. 14th St.

32°5′34″N 96°28′10″W

Corsicana 1980

Newton County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Autrey-Williams House 11082 717 North St.

30°51′10″N 93°45′13″W

Newton 1981 1/2 mi. E of Courthouse on North St., Newton
Cade Building
More images
11108 142 SH 63 E

30°59′55″N 93°40′9″W

Burkeville 1993 SE Corner of SH 87 & SH 63, Burkeville on SH 63, (Burkeville ISD)
Newton County Courthouse 11121 110 Court St.

30°50′52″N 93°45′37″W

Newton 1974
Stringtown Schoolhouse 12453 5385 FM 1414

30°54′5″N 93°37′41″W

Newton vicinity 2000 4 miles north of Newton on SH 87, then 5 miles north on FM 1414
W. H. Ford Male & Female College 11116 309 N. Rusk St.

30°50′53″N 93°45′35″W

Newton 1965
Watson Chapel Methodist Church 11140 13080 SH 87 S

30°40′40″N 93°48′44″W

Bleakwood 1972 1 mi S of Bleakwood on SH 87

Nolan County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Davis House 1176 513 Pine St.

32°28′33″N 100°24′23″W

Sweetwater 1992 513 Pine Street -Sweetwater
Edward J. Hamner House 1399 509 E. Third St.

32°28′25″N 100°24′15″W

Sweetwater 1989 509 E. 3rd Street, Sweetwater (house gone/marker gone)
I.M. (Mose) and Margaret Newman House 13013 309 Ragland St.

32°28′29″N 100°24′9″W

Sweetwater 2003 309 Ragland
R.A. Ragland House 4149 610 E. Third St.

32°28′26″N 100°24′10″W

Sweetwater 1979 610 East 3rd Street, Sweetwater (Pioneer Museum)
Ragland Building 4165 113-117 E. Third St.

32°28′17″N 100°24′29″W

Sweetwater 1979 113-115-117 E. 3rd Street, Sweetwater
Simmons House 4701 810 E. Broadway Ave.

32°28′26″N 100°24′0″W

Sweetwater 1987 810 Broadway, Sweetwater
Sweetwater Municipal Auditorium 5164 400 Locust St.

32°28′22″N 100°24′30″W

Sweetwater 1982 400 Locust Street, Sweetwater
Trammell House 5551 1400 Sam Houston St.

32°27′16″N 100°24′22″W

Sweetwater 1996 1400 Sam Houston, Sweetwater

Nueces County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Boby's Residence (PL65 - now Merriman House) 14148 1521 N. Chaparral St.

27°48′22″N 97°23′44″W

Corpus Christi 1962
Broadway Bluff Improvement
More images
515 Roughly bounded by Upper and Lower Broadway Sts., I-37, Mann and Mesquite Sts.

27°47′48″N 97°23′46″W

Corpus Christi 1986 Peoples Street at Broadway, Corpus Christi
Centennial House
More images
780 411 N. Upper Broadway St.

27°47′37″N 97°23′48″W

Corpus Christi 1966 411 N. Upper Broadway, Corpus Christi
Corpus Christi Cathedral 1065 505 N. Upper Broadway St.

27°47′40″N 97°23′49″W

Corpus Christi 1991 505 North Upper Broadway
First Presbyterian Church of Corpus Christi 1832 435 S. Upper Broadway St.

27°47′19″N 97°23′49″W

Corpus Christi 1989 435 South Broadway, Corpus Christi
First United Methodist Church of Robstown 12986 107 N. Fourth St.

27°47′25″N 97°39′54″W

Robstown 2002 Robstown, 107 N. 4th
French-Galvan House 2059 1601 N. Chaparral St.

27°48′23″N 97°23′46″W

Corpus Christi 1986 Heritage Park, 1513 North Chaparrel, Corpus Christi
Grande-Grossman House 2251 1517 N. Chaparral St.

27°48′22″N 97°23′45″W

Corpus Christi 1985 Heritage Park, 1513 North Chaparral, Corpus Christi
Grossman-Graham House 12128 821 Oak Park Ave.

27°47′58″N 97°26′9″W

Corpus Christi 1999
Hotel Brendle 2571 601 E. Ave. A

27°47′17″N 97°39′41″W

Robstown 1984 601 East Avenue A, Robstown
Julius Lichtenstein House
More images
6323 1617 N. Chaparral St.

27°48′25″N 97°23′44″W

Corpus Christi 1976 Heritage Park, 1513 North Chaparral, Corpus Christi
Nueces County Courthouse of 1914
More images
3621 1100 N. Mesquite St.

27°48′6″N 97°23′45″W

Corpus Christi 1976 North Mesquite and IH 37, Corpus Christi
Nuecestown Schoolhouse 3626 11429 Leopard St.

27°50′52″N 97°35′29″W

Corpus Christi 1983 11429 Leopard Street, Corpus Christi
Old Saint Anthony's Catholic Church
More images
8332 3918 CR 61

27°46′57″N 97°35′40″W

Robstown 1978 SH 44 and south Violet Road, from Robstown take SH 44 about 4 miles east
Richard King House 18484 611 S. Upper Broadway

27°47′14″N 97°23′49″W

Corpus Christi 2016
Sidbury House
More images
4691 1609 N. Chaparral St.

27°48′25″N 97°23′44″W

Corpus Christi 1976 Heritage Park, 1513 North Chaparral, Corpus Christi
Simon Gugenheim House
More images
6319 1601 N. Chaparral St.

27°48′24″N 97°23′43″W

Corpus Christi 1976 Heritage Park, 1513 North Chaparral, Corpus Christi
Temple Beth El 12997 1315 Craig St.

27°46′48″N 97°24′17″W

Corpus Christi 2003 Craig and 11th streets
Wynn Seale Junior High School
More images
5915 1701 Ayers St.

27°46′12″N 97°24′12″W

Corpus Christi 1986 1707 Ayers Street, Corpus Christi

Ochiltree County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
First Sanitarium 1861 221 S. Baylor St.

36°23′52″N 100°48′19″W

Perryton 1962 221 S. Baylor, Perryton
Old Blasingame Home 3691 1001 S. Cedar St.

36°23′24″N 100°47′54″W

Perryton 1987 1001 S. Cedar, Perryton

Oldham County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
LS Alamosa Ranch Headquarters 2989 S. of RM 1061 one mile E. of US   385

35°29′41″N 102°13′27″W

Vega 1975 North of Vega on private property, Alamosa Ranch.
Tascosa Courthouse, 1884. 5201 Just beyond E. end of Texas State Highway Spur 233 at Cal Farley's Boys Ranch

35°31′55″N 102°15′22″W

Vega 1965 on Boys Ranch, from Vega take US 385 about 24 miles to north

Orange County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Bland-Bazzano House 11472 601 N. 12th St.

30°5′43″N 93°44′34″W

Orange 1981
Cow Bayou Swing Bridge 16525 SH 73 / SH 87 over Cow Bayou

30°2′42″N 93°49′15″W

Bridge City 2010 SH73/87, 1.13 mi. N.E. of jct. with FM 1442
Cox House 18169 612 W. Orange Ave.

30°5′50″N 93°44′7″W

Orange 2015
Home of Jimmy O. Sims 11517 905 Division Ave.

30°5′22″N 93°44′18″W

Orange 1979
Jackson-Hustmyre House 11485 611 N. Seventh St.

30°5′45″N 93°44′13″W

Orange 1982
Joe and Annie Lucas House 11493 812 W. Pine Ave.

30°5′43″N 93°44′24″W

Orange 1992
Jorgensen House 11487 1209 W. Pine Ave.

30°5′41″N 93°44′32″W

Orange 1994
Lutcher Memorial Church Building
More images
11496 902 W. Green Ave.

30°5′36″N 93°44′16″W

Orange 1978
The Howell-Linscomb Home 11484 1212 W. Pine Ave.

30°5′43″N 93°44′32″W

Orange 1981
The Neyland-Gilmer House 11499 312 W. Pine Ave.

30°5′43″N 93°43′55″W

Orange 1979
W. H. Stark House
More images
11519 611 W. Green Ave.

30°5′34″N 93°44′7″W

Orange 1976
Woodmen of the World Lodge Building 11556 110 S. Border St.

30°5′21″N 93°44′15″W

Orange 1993 across from Courthouse

Palo Pinto County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
First Christian Church 1700 Elm St. between S. Seventh St. and S. Eighth St.

32°45′58″N 98°18′9″W

Palo Pinto 1968 South 7th and W. Elm Street, Palo Pinto
Home of Stephen Bethel Strawn 5104 721 Hinkson Ave.

32°33′30″N 98°29′57″W

Strawn 1973 Corner of Binney and Hinkson Sts., Strawn
Mineral Wells High School
More images
12424 101 NW Fifth Ave.

32°48′34″N 98°7′5″W

Mineral Wells 2001
Robinson School 12525 6 mi. N of town on SH 16

32°38′1″N 98°28′39″W

Strawn vicinity 2001 6 miles north of Strawn on SH 16
Rock Schoolhouse
More images
4320 201 NW Fifth Ave.

32°48′36″N 98°7′5″W

Mineral Wells 1987 100 block of NW 5th Avenue, Mineral Wells
Strawn City Hall 5138 118 E. Housley St.

32°33′7″N 98°29′50″W

Strawn 1994 118 East Housley, Strawn
Thomas House 12708 715 Central Ave.

32°33′28″N 98°29′53″W

Strawn 2002 715 Central Avenue (SH 16)
Weatherford, Mineral Wells & Northwestern Railway Depot
More images
5733 403 S. Oak Ave.

32°48′22″N 98°6′41″W

Mineral Wells 1985 300th block South Oak Street, Mineral Wells

Panola County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Old Panola County Jail 10838 213 N. Shelby St.

32°9′29″N 94°20′20″W

Carthage 1967 213 N. Shelby, Carthage
Woods Methodist Church 10851 383 CR 425

32°0′24″N 94°14′50″W

Woods 1970 12 mi. S of Carthage on US 59 to CR 425, E .25 mi. to church in Woods Community

Parker County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
1933 Weatherford City Hall
More images
35 119 Palo Pinto St.

32°45′31″N 97°47′56″W

Weatherford 1987 100 block of Palo Pinto Street, Weatherford
Chandor Gardens
More images
16883 711 W. Lee Ave.

32°45′16″N 97°48′28″W

Weatherford 2011 711 West Lee St., Weatherford
Eureka Lodge No. 371, A. F. & A. M. 1508 101 N. Main St.

32°57′57″N 97°41′2″W

Springtown 1987 Corner of SH 51 (Main Street) and 1st Street -Springtown
First Plant of Acme Brick Company 1811 2350 Bennett Rd., Millsap

32°43′1″N 98°3′11″W

Weatherford 1966 From Weatherford, take US 80/I-20 west about 13.5 miles to FM 113. Take FM 113 about 1 mile north, then follow Bennett Road northwest about 3 miles.
First Plant of Acme Brick Company 3872 2350 Bennett Rd., Millsap

32°43′1″N 98°3′11″W

Weatherford 1966 From Weatherford take US80/I20 W about 13.5 miles to FM 113. Take FM 113 about 1 mile N, then follow Bennett Road NW about 3 miles
First United Methodist Church of Weatherford
More images
1899 301 S. Main St.

32°45′22″N 97°47′49″W

Weatherford 1979 S. Main Street at Columbia -Weatherford
Franco-Texan Land Company Building 17253 116 Houston Ave.

32°45′29″N 97°47′54″W

Weatherford 2012 Southwest Corner Weatherford Downtown Square
James Claude Wright House 17354 202 W. Oak St.

32°45′28″N 97°47′58″W

Weatherford 2012
Millsap United Methodist Church 17997 402 Lamar St.

32°44′37″N 98°0′32″W

Millsap 2014
Parker County Courthouse
More images
3939 1 Courthouse Sq.

32°45′32″N 97°47′50″W

Weatherford 1965 Courthouse Square, College Street at US 180, one on west side, one on east side, Weatherford
R. W. Kindel House 4155 402 W. Spring St.

32°45′39″N 97°48′9″W

Weatherford 1975 402 W. Spring Street, Weatherford
Santa Fe Depot
More images
4576 401 Fort Worth Hwy.

32°45′33″N 97°47′36″W

Weatherford 1962 2 blocks east of courthouse on Fort Worth Street, Weatherford
Silver Creek United Methodist Church 4697 2200 Church Rd.

32°50′32″N 97°35′54″W

Azle 1983 From Azle, take FM 730 about 3.2 miles, turn south on Church Road and continue about 3 miles on 2200 block of Church Road.
Sunshine Special's "Ellsmere" 5153 3.5 mi. N on US 377

32°34′21″N 97°36′9″W

Cresson 1966 Pate Museum of Transportation, from Cresson take US 377 north about 3.5 miles to museum.
Texas Pythian Home 5266 1825 E. Bankhead Dr.

32°45′4″N 97°45′23″W

Weatherford 1985 1825 E. Bankhead Drive, 3 miles east of Weatherford.
Tucker House 17252 245 Tucker Dr.

32°50′47″N 97°39′48″W

Weatherford 2012 The site is on the west side of Tucker Drive, one mile north of Farm Road 730.
Twentieth Century Club 16456 321 S. Main St.

32°45′18″N 97°47′49″W

Weatherford 2010 NE corner of S. Main & E. Lee
Weatherford College Old Main Building
More images
15030 225 College Park Dr.

32°44′30″N 97°47′33″W

Weatherford 1964 Weatherford College, E. Park Ave.
Weatherford Post Office 5732 117 Fort Worth Hwy.

32°45′33″N 97°47′45″W

Weatherford 1988 117 Fort Worth Street, Weatherford
Woolfolk-McCall House 5904 202 S. Waco St.

32°45′26″N 97°47′58″W

Weatherford 1975 202 S. Waco, Weatherford

Parmer County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Bank Building, Old 15554 400 3rd St.

34°23′5″N 103°2′26″W

Farwell 1962
First National Bank 1779 400 3rd St.

34°23′5″N 103°2′26″W

Farwell 1962 on west side of courthouse square-Farwell
Hopping-Aldridge House 2563 710 4th St.

34°22′47″N 103°2′22″W

Farwell 1984 710 4th Street, Farwell
Parmer County Courthouse 3947 401 3rd St.

34°23′5″N 103°2′22″W

Farwell 1962 Courthouse Square, south of US 84-Farwell

Pecos County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Annie Riggs Hotel 171 301 S. Main St.

30°53′0″N 102°52′43″W

Ft. Stockton 1966 301 S. Main (corner of Main and Callaghan Sts) Ft. Stockton
Courthouse, Jail and Zero Stone
More images
1096 103 W. Callaghan St.

30°52′58″N 102°52′47″W

Ft. Stockton 1966 In between Main and Nelson St. on James St. Ft. Stockton
First National Bank Building 6476 121 N. Main St.

30°53′10″N 102°52′45″W

Ft. Stockton 1983 Second and Main Sts. Ft. Stockton
Fort Stockton Guard House
More images
2021 301 E. 3rd St.

30°53′13″N 102°52′35″W

Ft. Stockton 1966 Corner of E. 3rd and Rooney Sts. Ft. Stockton
Fort Stockton Officers' Quarters
More images
2022 400 N. Williams St.

30°53′19″N 102°52′35″W

Ft. Stockton 1966 Near intersection of E. 5th and N. Williams Sts., Ft. Stockton
Grey Mule Saloon 2283 219 S. Main St.

30°53′1″N 102°52′44″W

Ft. Stockton 1966 219 S. Main (corner of Main and Callaghan Sts.)
Koehler's Saloon and Store 2971 100 blk. S. Spring Dr.

30°53′4″N 102°52′36″W

Ft. Stockton 1966 Spring Dr. across from Comanche Springs in Rooney Park Ft. Stockton
Oldest House 3842 601 S. Nelson St.

30°52′51″N 102°52′50″W

Ft. Stockton 1966 Corner of Sherer and Nelson Sts. Ft. Stockton
St. Joseph's Catholic Church 5048 403 S. Main St.

30°52′57″N 102°52′44″W

Ft. Stockton 1966 Corner of James and Main St., Ft. Stockton
St. Stephen's Episcopal Church 4488 300 blk. E. 2nd St.

30°53′10″N 102°52′32″W

Ft. Stockton 1966 Corner of E 2nd and Spring Rd
Telegraph Office & School 5218 201 W. Gallagher St.

30°52′54″N 102°52′50″W

Ft. Stockton 1966 Corner of Gallagher and Nelson St., FT. Stockton

201 W. Gallagher St.

Young's Store 5930 201 E. Callaghan St.

30°53′1″N 102°52′40″W

Ft. Stockton 1966 Corner of Callaghan and Spring Dr., Ft. Stockton

Polk County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Augustus Darby Home 10398 N side of FM 350 E of Old Berring Rd.

30°54′32″N 94°54′13″W

Moscow 1964 5 mi W of Moscow on FM 350

*on private property - locked gate*

Bethel Baptist Church 10385 8815 FM 350 N

30°50′21″N 94°59′15″W

Bold Springs 1966 from Livingston take FM 350 about 9 miles NW to Bold Springs, church is on west side of road, just north of intersection w/ FM 942
Birthplace of Margo Jones 10401 517 S. Washington Ave.

30°42′17″N 94°55′57″W

Livingston 1967 517 S. Washington, Livingston
Davison Home 7427 307 N. Beatty St.

30°42′37″N 94°56′6″W

Livingston 1966
E. C. Matthews Home 10409 477 Loop 177

30°55′4″N 94°49′41″W

Moscow 1966 on Loop 177, south of FM 350, .25 mi. west of US 59, Moscow
First Baptist Church 10414 13994 N. Old Hwy. 35

30°55′13″N 94°49′38″W

Moscow 1965 on Loop 177, just north of FM 350, .25 mi. west of US 59, Moscow
First National Bank 10394 308 W. Church St.

30°42′41″N 94°56′8″W

Livingston 1967
G. G. Nettles Home 10417 434 Young St.

30°42′15″N 94°55′41″W

Livingston 1966 400 block of E. Young St., Livingston
Goodrich School
More images
17001 234 Katie Simpson Ave.

30°36′23″N 94°56′42″W

Goodrich 2011 2 blocks south of 1988 on the east side of the street at the entrance to the auditorium
John C. Leggett House 10403 Livingston 1967
John Kale House 10402 Livingston 1965
Magee-Love Log House 10408 Goodrich 1970 private property - inaccessible
Moscow Baptist Church 14061 13994 N. Old Hwy. 35

30°55′13″N 94°49′38″W

Moscow 1965
Moscow Masonic Male and Female Academy 10416 464 Loop 177

30°55′3″N 94°49′38″W

Moscow 1962
Old Bean Place 10384 1964
P. B. Maxey Home 10410 S side of Maxey Rd. E of Mollie St.

30°59′33″N 94°50′16″W

Corrigan 1968 from Corrigan take US 287 about 1 mi. west to Eden St., go south to Maxey Rd., take a right, follow road up - house is on left
Polk County Courthouse
More images
12712 101 W. Church St.

30°42′38″N 94°56′1″W

Livingston 2001 101 W. Church Street (US 190 at US 59 Bus.)
Site of Old Andress Inn 10382 109 W. Mill St.

30°42′36″N 94°56′0″W

Livingston 1967 109 W. Mill St., Livingston
The Sawyer House 10422 110 S. Oak Ave.

30°42′28″N 94°56′21″W

Livingston 1987
Village of the Alabama and Coushatti Indians
More images
10381 PR 56 at US 190

30°43′10″N 94°40′13″W

Livingston 1962 16 mi. east of Livingston on US 190 at entrance to reservation
Whitehead Home 10431 End of Whitehead Rd. off E. Caney Loop S of FM 1745

30°53′57″N 94°38′18″W

Livingston 1967

Potter County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Alice Victoria Ghormley Curtis House 12162 1626 S. Washington St.

35°11′48″N 101°50′54″W

Amarillo 1997
Avery and Mary Turner House 16993 1706 S. Polk St.

35°11′42″N 101°50′24″W

Amarillo 2011 1/2 Block north of Interstate 40, West side of Polk St.
Bivins Home
More images
420 1000 S. Polk St.

35°12′11″N 101°50′17″W

Amarillo 1965 1000 Polk Street, Amarillo.
Bivins Library (PLATE 81) 15215 1000 S. Polk St.

35°12′11″N 101°50′17″W

Amarillo 1965
Canadian River 694 Cas Johnson Rd. at McBride Canyon Rd. W of SH 136 approx. 40 miles (64 km) NE of Amarillo

35°33′33″N 101°41′34″W

Amarillo 1967 From Amarillo, take SH 136 about 40 miles northeast to Alibates Road into National Park - marker is inside park property where main road forks.
Clarence and Lorraine Eakle House 902 2220 S. Tyler St.

35°11′16″N 101°50′33″W

Amarillo 1994 2220 South Tyler Street, Amarillo.
Eakle-Archer House 1332 2104 S. Polk St.

35°11′27″N 101°50′27″W

Amarillo 1994 2104 South Polk Street, Amarillo.
Edward L. and Margaret Seewald Roberts House 18486 2211 S. Harrison St.

35°11′19″N 101°50′35″W

Amarillo 2016 East side of 2200 block of South Harrison Street, fifth house south of SW 22nd Avenue
Fisk Medical Arts & Professional Building
More images
16911 724 S. Polk St.

35°12′21″N 101°50′16″W

Amarillo 2011 Corner of West Eighth Avenue and South Polk Street
H. B. Sanborn House 2312 1311 S. Madison St.

35°11′59″N 101°50′25″W

Amarillo 1971 1311 South Madison Street, Amarillo.
H. W. and Katie Galbraith House 2316 1710 S. Polk St.

35°11′41″N 101°50′24″W

Amarillo 1991 1710 South Polk, Amarillo.
Herring-Crudgington House 2464 1710 S. Tyler St.

35°11′42″N 101°50′28″W

Amarillo 1991 1710 South Tyler, Amarillo.
Houghton House 2579 1700 S. Polk St.

35°11′42″N 101°50′22″W

Amarillo 1981 1700 Polk Street (Junior League Headquarters), Amarillo.
Mary (Masterson) and John Fain House 3234 2405 S. Van Buren St.

35°11′13″N 101°50′40″W

Amarillo 1994 2405 South Van Buren, Amarillo
McBride Ranch House 3274 McBride Canyon Rd. entering Alibates Flint Quarries Natl. Mon.

35°32′29″N 101°43′44″W

Amarillo 1971 From Amarillo, take SH 136 northeast about forty miles to Alibates Road, enter park and take South Fork to Sanford Recreation Area. Site is just before first park roadside area on north side of road.
Northwest Texas Hospital School of Nursing 3612 2209 SW 6th Ave.

35°12′32″N 101°55′39″W

Amarillo 1997 2209 West 6th, Amarillo
Old First Baptist Church 3728 1200 S. Tyler St.

35°12′6″N 101°50′23″W

Amarillo 1964 1200 Tyler Street, Amarillo.
Ordway Hall
More images
14591 2201 S. Washington St.

35°11′20″N 101°50′53″W

Amarillo 2008 2201 S. Washington St.
Polk Street United Methodist Church 17577 1401 S. Polk St.

35°11′56″N 101°50′17″W

Amarillo 2013
Potter County Courthouse 4096 501 S. Taylor St.

35°12′28″N 101°50′5″W

Amarillo 1996 501 South Taylor, Amarillo
Potter County Library 4097 519 S. Taylor St.

35°12′30″N 101°50′7″W

Amarillo 1997 519 South Taylor Street, Amarillo
Russell Gymnasium
More images
15442 2221 S. Washington St.

35°11′16″N 101°50′53″W

Amarillo 2008
Santa Fe Building
More images
4574 900 S. Polk St.

35°12′16″N 101°50′15″W

Amarillo 1997 900 South Polk Street, Amarillo
Shuford-Killough House 4690 1608 S. Polk St.

35°11′48″N 101°50′23″W

Amarillo 1991 1608 South Polk Street, Amarillo.
Smith-Rogers House 14056 4841 SW Ninth Ave.

35°12′20″N 101°53′35″W

Amarillo 2008 4841 SW 9th Ave.

Presidio County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Blackwell School 16572 501 S. Abbot St.

30°18′21″N 104°1′20″W

Marfa 2010 Marfa, 501 S. Abbot St.
Building 98, Fort D.A. Russell 13284 705 W. Bonnie St.

30°18′11″N 104°1′39″W

Marfa 2004 705 W Bonnie St
El Fortin del Cibolo 1417 Cibolo Creek Ranch

29°51′43″N 104°20′1″W

Shafter 1992 SH 67, 5 miles N of Shafter go NW on private rd. about 4 mile
El Paisano Hotel 1422 207 N. Highland Ave.

30°18′44″N 104°1′19″W

Marfa 1979 Texas and North Highland Streets., Marfa
Humphris-Humphreys House 2597 110 W. San Antonio St.

30°18′34″N 104°1′17″W

Marfa 1996
Hunter Gymnasium 16579 300 N. Gonzales St.

30°18′44″N 104°1′34″W

Marfa 2010 Northeast corner of Lincoln St. and Gonzales (formerly known as N. Hill St.)
Presidio County Courthouse
More images
4117 Public square

30°18′48″N 104°1′20″W

Marfa 1964 SH 17 North at Highland Rd., Marfa
St. Paul's Episcopal Church 18213 101 E. Washington St.

30°18′51″N 104°1′19″W

Marfa 2015

Rains County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Rains County Courthouse
More images
13149 167 E. Quitman St.

32°52′28″N 95°45′53″W

Emory 2002 Emory, 167 Quitman Street
The Amis House 10854 304 E. Quitman St.

32°52′26″N 95°45′48″W

Emory 1985

Randall County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Amarillo Globe Dream House 14097 3104 S. Harrison St.

35°10′49″N 101°50′36″W

Amarillo 2008
Buffalo Courts 13952 102 N. 25th St.

34°59′0″N 101°54′56″W

Canyon 2007
C.R. Burrow House 15779 1110 5th Ave.

34°58′43″N 101°55′59″W

Canyon 2009
First National Bank Building 14757 400 15th St.

34°58′47″N 101°55′45″W

Canyon 2005 SW corner of 15th St. & 4th Ave.
L. T. Lester Home 2983 310 8th St.

34°58′49″N 101°56′13″W

Canyon 1967 310 8th Street, Canyon
Palisades State Park Concession Building 17928 100 Brentwood Rd.

35°3′47″N 101°48′41″W

Canyon 2014 South on Osage off of TX 1151 approximately 2 miles to Starlight Canyon gate.
Panhandle-Plains Museum 3930 2503 4th Ave.

34°58′49″N 101°55′2″W

Canyon 1970 4th Avenue & 25th Street -Canyon
Presbyterian Church Building 4114 1319 5th Ave.

34°58′45″N 101°55′49″W

Canyon 1990 1319 5th Avenue, Canyon
Randall County Courthouse
More images
4189 1516 5th Ave.

34°58′46″N 101°55′42″W

Canyon 1965 Courthouse Square, 4th Avenue & 15th Street -Canyon
Sam Wood Cabin 4508 2503 4th Ave. on E lawn of museum

34°58′50″N 101°54′59″W

Canyon 1966 located at Panhandle-Plains Museum, in Canyon, Randall County
Shaw-Keiser House 13993 1214 5th Ave.

34°58′43″N 101°55′54″W

Canyon 2007 1214 5th St.
T-Anchor Ranch Headquarters 5174 2503 4th Ave. on E lawn of museum

34°58′50″N 101°54′59″W

Canyon 1967 Located outside Panhandle Plains Museum (4th Avenue) on eastern grounds, Canyon.
Terry and Georgie Sneed Thompson House 15627 3002 S. Ong St.

35°10′54″N 101°51′9″W

Amarillo 2003
The Little House of Fellowship 16500 308 17th St.

34°58′49″N 101°55′32″W

Canyon 2010 northwest corner of 17th St. and 4th Avenue

Reagan County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
John E. Gardner Place 2776 Santa Rita Rd. via RR 1676 and US 67 5 mi from Big Lake

31°11′18″N 101°32′45″W

Big Lake 1964 from Big Lake go about 4 miles west on US 67, then 1 mile south on RR 1676 to Santa Rita Rd - Marker is on Private Property about 1/2 mile south off Santa Rita Rd.
Stiles Courthouse 5122 SH 137 19 mi. NW of Big Lake

31°24′23″N 101°33′58″W

Stiles 1969 on SH 137 about 19 miles northwest of Big Lake

Real County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Real County Courthouse
More images
11692 146 S. Market St.

29°43′35″N 99°45′44″W

Leakey 2000 4th Street, Courthouse Square, Leakey

Red River County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Andrew Thompson House 10895 706 N. Walnut St.

33°36′56″N 95°3′6″W

Clarksville 1984
Col. Charles DeMorse Home
More images
10874 115 E. Comanche St.

33°36′46″N 95°2′58″W

Clarksville 1962
First Christian Church of Detroit
More images
10876 155 First St. NW

33°39′48″N 95°16′3″W

Detroit 1984
First Presbyterian Church of Clarksville 10877 106 S. Pecan St.

33°36′37″N 95°3′8″W

Clarksville 1966
First Presbyterian Church of Clarksville 14980 106 S. Pecan St.

33°36′37″N 95°3′8″W

Clarksville 1966
John Nance Garner Home
More images
10879 200 S. Main St.

33°39′36″N 95°15′57″W

Detroit 1971
McKenzie Home 14685 CR 1287

33°35′27″N 95°6′27″W

Clarksville 1963
Old W. L. Nunnely Home 10887 507 S. Locust St.

33°36′28″N 95°2′56″W

Clarksville 1969
Red River County Jail
More images
10888 W. Madison St. at N. Pecan St.

33°36′47″N 95°3′8″W

Clarksville 1983
Red River Courthouse
More images
10872 400 N. Walnut St.

33°36′47″N 95°3′4″W

Clarksville 1966
St. Paul Methodist Church
More images
10892 403 W. Pierce St.

33°36′52″N 95°3′12″W

Clarksville 1971

Reeves County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Mission Mary 16611 FM 3078 1 mi. W. of Toyah Creek

30°56′19″N 103°49′40″W

Balmorhea 2010 1 mile west of Toyah Creek on FM 3078
Old Camp Hospital 3699 1703 W. 4th St.

31°25′7″N 103°30′42″W

Pecos 1966 corner of 4th and Ross Sts.
Orient Hotel 3868 120 E. 1st St.

31°25′39″N 103°29′44″W

Pecos 1964 West of the Pecos Museum, Cedar & First streets
Vicinity of Significant Neighbors Ford Trail 5648 US 285 roadside park N. of Pecos

31°26′21″N 103°29′56″W

Pecos 1966 In Roadside Park on US 285, Northern City Limits of Pecos

Refugio County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
John Howland Wood and Nancy Clark Wood House 12168 533 Copano Bay Dr.

28°5′32″N 97°12′45″W

Bayside 1999
Refugio City Hall 4231 613 Commerce St.

28°17′55″N 97°16′30″W

Refugio 1990 613 Commerce St., Refugio
T-C Ranch House 6479 Off U.S. 77 near San Antonio River 1972 US 77, 25 miles north of Refugio; Private - No Access
Woodworth House 5903 209 E. Purisima St.

28°17′50″N 97°16′30″W

Refugio 1976 209 E. Purisima St., Refugio

Roberts County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Roberts County Courthouse
More images
12593 301 E. Commercial St.

35°41′34″N 100°38′7″W

Miami 2000

Robertson County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Adams-White Place 10896 1105 Magnolia St.

30°52′27″N 96°35′27″W

Hearne 1968
Allen Hardware Store 10898 111 W. Third St.

30°52′50″N 96°35′43″W

Hearne 1968
Barton Home 10902 404 Maple St.

30°59′3″N 96°40′6″W

Calvert 1979
Church of the Epiphany 10913 504 E. Gregg St.

30°58′47″N 96°40′11″W

Calvert 1967
Citizens Bank & Trust Co. Building 10914 516 Main St.

30°58′45″N 96°40′28″W

Calvert 1968
Cobb's Market 10915 517 Main St.

30°58′44″N 96°40′30″W

Calvert 1967
First Presbyterian Church 10923 401 E. Barton St.

30°58′56″N 96°40′23″W

Calvert 1967
Former Calvert Courthouse
More images
10906 604 Elm St.

30°58′51″N 96°40′13″W

Calvert 1968 between Burnett and Hanna
Franklin Carnegie Library
More images
10925 315 E. Decherd St.

31°1′38″N 96°29′3″W

Franklin 1986
Howard House 10931 404 E. Gregg St.

30°58′44″N 96°40′12″W

Calvert 1982
Jacques Adoue Building 10897 506 Main St.

30°58′46″N 96°40′28″W

Calvert 1973
Katy Hamman Stricker Library 13024 404 E. Mitchell St.

30°58′52″N 96°40′19″W

Calvert 2003 404 E Mitchell
Mistrot-Adoue House 10934 303 E. Mitchell St.

30°58′51″N 96°40′24″W

Calvert 1981
Old Calvert Foundry and Manufacturing Company 10907 502 Main St.

30°58′46″N 96°40′29″W

Calvert 1969
Old Cavitt Home
More images
15313 312 FM 391, Wheelock

30°53′52″N 96°23′43″W

Calvert 1964
Old Cavitt House
More images
10911 312 FM 391

30°53′52″N 96°23′42″W

Wheelock 1964 .5 mi. west of Wheelock on FM 391
Philen House 10940 604 S. Magnolia St.

30°52′39″N 96°35′39″W

Hearne 1962
Randolph-Field Place 10938 800 China St.

30°58′48″N 96°40′6″W

Calvert 1970
Robert Cyrus Allen Home 10899 402 Cedar St.

30°52′44″N 96°35′45″W

Hearne 1980
Robertson County Courthouse
More images
10943 100 W. Decherd St.

31°1′37″N 96°29′14″W

Franklin 1968
St. Mary's Catholic Church 10944 715 N. Main St.

31°10′19″N 96°40′20″W

Bremond 1969 FM 2954 and FM 2413
St. Paul United Methodist Church 12590 101 M.L. King, Jr. St.

30°58′52″N 96°40′46″W

Calvert 2001 Pecan FM 979
St. Phillips Episcopal 10945 408 Cedar St.

30°52′43″N 96°35′45″W

Hearne 1979 Cedar and First St.
Stricker-Sneed House 10951 503 Pin Oak St.

30°58′56″N 96°40′13″W

Calvert 1973

Rockwall County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Royse City Lodge No. 663, A.F. & A.M. 6150 124 S. Arch St.

32°58′30″N 96°19′50″W

Royse City 1994 124 Arch Street (City Hall) Royse City
Royse City's First United Methodist Church Building 6149 701 E. Church St.

32°58′36″N 96°19′44″W

Royse City 1978 701 Church Street (corner of Church and Josephine Streets) off US 66 in Royse City

Runnels County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Abilene & Southern Depot 14601 300 blk. S. Seventh St.

31°44′10″N 99°56′42″W

Ballinger 1978
Carnegie Library Building
More images
732 204 N. Eighth St.

31°44′23″N 99°56′59″W

Ballinger 1977 204 8th Street, Ballinger
First Presbyterian Church 1817 301 N. Broadway St.

31°44′30″N 99°56′57″W

Ballinger 1962 301 Broadway, Ballinger
First United Presbyterian Church 15515 301 N. Broadway St.

31°44′30″N 99°56′57″W

Ballinger 1962
German Methodist Church/First Fire Station 2174 420 Strong St.

31°44′25″N 99°56′35″W

Ballinger 1962 420 Strong Street, Ballinger
Lynn - Hathaway Building 3151 800 Hutchings Ave.

31°44′16″N 99°56′55″W

Ballinger 1962 Corner of 8th and Hutchings (US 67)
Nancy Parker Cabin 3547 FM 382 near CR 190

32°2′37″N 99°45′18″W

Winters 1970 From Winters, take FM 1770 east 12 miles then FM 382 north about 4 miles
Old Cotton Oil Mill 3713 711 N. Melwood St.

31°57′57″N 99°57′34″W

Winters 1962 711 North Melwood Street, Winters
Oldest Rock Building in City 3844 307 Depot St.

31°38′55″N 100°2′59″W

Rowena 1967 Depot Street, Rowena
Rock Hotel 4317 300 W. Dale St.

31°57′28″N 99°57′57″W

Winters 1982 300 West Dale Street, Winters
Runnels County Courthouse 4392 613 Hutchings Ave.

31°44′18″N 99°56′45″W

Ballinger 1967 US Highway 83 and 67, Ballinger
St. Mary, Star of the Sea, Catholic Church 5064 608 N. Sixth St.

31°44′43″N 99°57′1″W

Ballinger 1984 608 6th Street, Ballinger
Theile Building 5459 2nd & Robinson St.

31°35′54″N 100°11′0″W

Miles 1968 2nd and Robinson Streets, Miles
Winters State Bank 5873 101 N. Main St.

31°57′28″N 99°57′47″W

Winters 2001 Main and Dale Streets, Winters

Rusk County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Birdwell House 10960 11992 CR 4233 behind Monte Verdi Plantation house

31°54′6″N 94°52′16″W

Cushing 1967
Crim, Elias Fleming and Mattie Spharler, House
More images
15423 310 E. Main St.

32°9′10″N 94°47′43″W

Henderson 2003
Dennard Home 10982 CR 3198 E of FM 95

31°55′1″N 94°34′38″W

Mount Enterprise 1984 5 mi. east of Mt. Enterprise via US 84 to FM 95 S .5 mi., then left on county road
Gaston Public School Complex 10998 CR 4133A

32°10′43″N 94°53′29″W

Joinerville 1992 6 mi. west of Henderson on SH 64
Hardeman-Griffin House 11000 313 E. Main St.

32°9′13″N 94°47′44″W

Henderson 1985
Howard-Dickinson House 11005 501 S. Main St.

32°8′57″N 94°47′57″W

Henderson 1968
Leverett House 11008 CR 133 W of SH 42

32°18′44″N 94°55′36″W

Overton 1962
M. Kangerga & Bro. 11007 102 E. Main St.

32°9′10″N 94°47′58″W

Henderson 1990
M. Kangerga House 11006 501 N. High St.

32°9′29″N 94°47′49″W

Henderson 1969 [NOTE: Mile (later Michael) Kangerga was born in Otocac, Croatia]
Mattie Trammel Schoolhouse 11075 600 N. High St.

32°9′34″N 94°47′45″W

Henderson 1992
Monte Verdi 11021 11992 CR 4233

31°54′6″N 94°52′15″W

Cushing 1964
Old House of Dr. Wm. M. Ross 11053 1962
Pine Grove Cumberland Presbyterian Church 11027 S of FM 2867 on CR 364 S

32°6′7″N 94°39′12″W

Henderson 1966 10 mi. E of Henderson via FM 840 to FM 2867, E until CR 364 S
Richardson-Lowe House 11052 N of US 84 W of FM 225

31°54′15″N 94°50′9″W

Laneville 1976 Glenfawn Road off FM 225, 6 mi. SW of Laneville
Rogers-Craig House 17291 1011 S. Main St.

32°8′36″N 94°47′57″W

Henderson 2012 From downtown square go about one mile down South Main St.
T. J. Walling Log Cabin
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11077 514 N. High St.

32°9′32″N 94°47′47″W

Henderson 1983

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