List of Recorded Texas Historic Landmarks (Cameron-Duval)

The following is a partial list of Recorded Texas Historic Landmarks (RTHLs) arranged by county as designated by the Texas Historical Commission and local county historical commissions in Texas. This page includes RTHLs in these counties: Cameron, Camp, Carson, Cass, Castro, Chambers, Cherokee, Childress, Clay, Cochran, Coke, Coleman, Collin, Collingsworth, Colorado, Comal, Comanche, Concho, Cooke, Coryell, Cottle, Crane, Crockett, Crosby, Culberson, Dallam, Dallas, Dawson, DeWitt, Deaf Smith, Delta, Denton, Dickens, Dimmit, Donley, and Duval.

Recorded Texas Historic Landmarks listed by county
Anderson-Callahan Cameron-Duval Eastland-Gray Grayson-Hudspeth Hunt-Martin Mason-Rusk Sabine-Travis Trinity-Zavala


Landmarks with multiple historic designations are colored according to their highest designation within the following hierarchy.

⁕ Listed individually on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) as a National Historic Landmark
Listed on the NRHP as a contributing property of a National Historic Landmark District
Listed individually on the NRHP
Listed as a contributing property of an NRHP Historic District
Listed individually as or as part of a State Historic Site
Listed individually as or as part of a State Antiquities Landmark

Cameron County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
1912 Cameron County Courthouse
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13830 1150 E. Madison St.

25°54′15″N 97°29′43″W

Brownsville 2000
1912 Cameron County Jail 31 1201 E. Van Buren St.

25°54′19″N 97°29′34″W

Brownsville 1994 E. Van Buren at 12th Street, Brownsville
Alonso Complex 11776 510 E. St. Charles St.

25°54′14″N 97°30′15″W

Brownsville 1998
Alta Vista Apartments 132 700 Polk St.

26°4′40″N 97°12′51″W

Port Isabel 1988 700 Polk Street
Arroyo Colorado Lift Bridge 17748 W. Colorado Ave. over Arroyo Colorado

26°14′8″N 97°35′5″W

Rio Hondo 2012 West side of the Arroyo Colorado near bridge on FM 106
Augustine Celaya House 239 500 E. St. Francis St.

25°54′13″N 97°30′19″W

Brownsville 1988 500 E. St. Frances Street
Barreda House 308 642 E. Washington St.

25°54′19″N 97°30′5″W

Brownsville 1994 642 E. Washington Street
Browne-Wagner House
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536 245 E. St. Charles St.

25°54′23″N 97°30′22″W

Brownsville 1978 245 E. St. Charles Street
Brulay House 18453 611 W. Levee St.

25°54′46″N 97°30′44″W

Brownsville 2016
Cameron County Courthouse of 1883-1914 640 1131 E. Jefferson St.

25°54′12″N 97°29′47″W

Brownsville 1962 1131 E. Jefferson Street
Cavalry Barracks 14252 89-93 Gorgas Dr., Texas Southmost College

25°53′48″N 97°29′19″W

Brownsville 1987
Cavazos House 768 608 E. Adams St.

25°54′21″N 97°30′3″W

Brownsville 1984 608 E. Adams St.
Church of the Advent 856 104 W. Elizabeth St.

25°54′38″N 97°30′28″W

Brownsville 1988 104 W. Elizabeth Street
Cisneros House 866 451 E. Adams St.

25°54′26″N 97°30′6″W

Brownsville 1991 451 E. Adams Street
Cisneros House 18415 207 E. Washington St.

25°54′31″N 97°30′16″W

Brownsville 2016
Commissary-Guard House
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15294 Gorgas Dr., Texas Southmost College

25°53′54″N 97°29′29″W

Brownsville 1965
Cueto Building (La Nueva Libertad) 1128 1301 E. Madison St.

25°54′15″N 97°29′43″W

Brownsville 1985 13th and East Madison Streets
El Globo Nuevo 18829 1502 E. Madison St. and 828 E. 15th St.

25°54′4″N 97°29′35″W

Brownsville 2017 Northwest corner of East Madison Street and 15th Street, southwest corner of East Madison Street and International Boulevard, southern boundary line defined by alley way between International Boulevard and 15th Street
First Presbyterian Church of Brownsville 1830 435 Palm Blvd.

25°54′34″N 97°30′26″W

Brownsville 1993 435 Palm Boulevard
First Presbyterian Church of San Benito 1847 566 N. Reagan St.

26°8′5″N 97°37′39″W

San Benito 1986 566 N. Reagan
Fort Brown, Buildings 85 and 86 1964 Gorgas Dr., Texas Southmost College

25°53′54″N 97°29′31″W

Brownsville 1965 Fort Brown, Gorgas Road
Fort Brown Cavalry Barracks 1965 89-93 Gorgas Dr., Texas Southmost College

25°53′48″N 97°29′19″W

Brownsville 1987 Fort Brown - Campus of TX Southmost College
Fort Brown Commissary/Guardhouse
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1969 Gorgas Dr., Texas Southmost College

25°53′54″N 97°29′29″W

Brownsville 1992 Fort Brown - Grounds of TX Southwest College, Gorgias Street
Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes 2290 700 W. Jefferson St.

25°54′58″N 97°30′33″W

Brownsville 1981 700 West Jefferson
Harlingen Hospital 2382 2425 Boxwood St.

26°13′1″N 97°40′5″W

Harlingen 1980 Harlingen Industrial Air Park, off Loop 499
Hicks-Gregg House 14016 1249 W. Washington St.

25°55′6″N 97°30′56″W

Brownsville 2007 1249 W. Washington
Hicks-Lawrence 14517 1247 Lakeside Blvd.

25°55′10″N 97°30′52″W

Brownsville 2008
Hinojosa House 17718 235 Sunset Dr.

25°55′15″N 97°29′43″W

Brownsville 2013
Home of Chas. Stillman
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2530 1305 E. Washington St.

25°54′3″N 97°29′47″W

Brownsville 1964 1305 E. Washington Street
Howard E. and Mary Butt House 12785 718 E. Taylor St.

26°11′14″N 97°41′18″W

Harlingen 2000 718 E. Taylor
Immaculate Conception Cathedral
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2617 1218 E. Jefferson St.

25°54′9″N 97°29′45″W

Brownsville 1962 1218 East Jefferson Street
Juan H. Fernandez Store 18827 1200 E. Adams St.

25°54′8″N 97°29′49″W

Brownsville 2017
Kowalski-Dennett Home 2976 507 E. Elizabeth St.

25°54′21″N 97°30′11″W

Brownsville 1966 507 Southeast Elizabeth Street
Kraigher House 18195 525 Paredes Line Rd.

25°55′46″N 97°29′22″W

Brownsville 2015
L. E. Snavely House 2981 3301 Wilson Rd.

26°12′36″N 97°44′3″W

Harlingen 1986 From intersection of US 77 and FM 2994, Wilson Road, in Harlingen, take FM 2994, west about .7 mile to Harlingen city limit
La Madrilena
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3000 1002 E. Madison St.

25°54′17″N 97°29′49″W

Brownsville 1988 1000 East Madison Street
Landrum House 3032 US 281 E of FM 2520

26°2′37″N 97°41′44″W

San Benito 1978 From San Benito, take FM 2520 south about 8 miles to SH 281
Launching site of first U.S. Army warplane 3048 80 Fort Brown St., Texas Southmost College

25°53′56″N 97°29′34″W

Brownsville 1966 Fort Brown - Southmost College, Gorgias Street
Lon C. Hill Home 3113 2425 Boxwood St.

26°13′0″N 97°40′3″W

Harlingen 1965 Harlingen Industrial Air Park Lon C Hill Park
Manautou Building 17316 1201 E. Washington St.

25°54′6″N 97°29′50″W

Brownsville 2012 Northeast corner of 12th and Washington Streets
Manautou House 3196 5 E. Elizabeth St.

25°54′33″N 97°30′23″W

Brownsville 1983 S. East Elizabeth Street (at Ralim Blvd.).
McNair House 14711 39 Sunset Dr.

25°55′8″N 97°29′52″W

Brownsville 2008
Medical Laboratory
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14750 80 Fort Brown St., Texas Southmost College

25°53′54″N 97°29′33″W

Brownsville 1965
Morgue Building 14083 Gorgas Dr., Texas Southmost College

25°53′55″N 97°29′30″W

Brownsville 1965
Neale House
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3559 84 Neale Dr., Texas Southmost College

25°53′39″N 97°29′43″W

Brownsville 1964 In Ft. Brown, south end of Porter Street
Our Lady of Visitation Catholic Church 3887 1 mi. W of Bluetown on US 281

26°4′29″N 97°50′17″W

Santa Maria 1977 From Bluetown, take Highway 281 west about 1 mile
Pitt House 16849 1806 Palm Blvd.

25°55′1″N 97°29′51″W

Brownsville 2011 0.1 mile north of corner of Palm Blvd. and Ringgold Street
Porter Cottage 18450 Poinsetta Place Brownsville 2016
Post Hospital 4086 80 Fort Brown St., Texas Southmost College

25°53′55″N 97°29′32″W

Brownsville 1965 Admin. Bldg., campus of Texas Southmost College, 80 Fort Brown
Post Hospital Annex
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4087 80 Fort Brown St., Texas Southmost College

25°53′54″N 97°29′33″W

Brownsville 1962 Admin. Bldg., Campos of Texas, Southmost College, 80 Fort Brown
Public Market and Town Hall 4135 Market Sq.

25°54′9″N 97°29′51″W

Brownsville 1965 Market Square and E. 11th Street
Rabb Plantation
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17140 8435 Sabal Palm Grove Rd.

25°51′9″N 97°25′3″W

Brownsville 2012 The end of Sabal Palm Road running south of FM 1792
Rockwell House 18828 110 Ebony Ave.

25°55′2″N 97°29′38″W

Brownsville 2017 The Cameron County Appraisal District online records describe the property as Los Ebano Subdivision Block 3, Lot 25, property ID 04-9040-000-0250-00.
Rosalio Longoria House 5418 401 W. Magnolia Ave.

26°9′21″N 97°49′38″W

La Feria 1974
Russell-Cocke House 12386 602 E. St. Charles St.

25°54′13″N 97°30′14″W

Brownsville 2000
Sacred Heart Catholic Church
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12624 602 E. Elizabeth St.

25°54′17″N 97°30′9″W

Brownsville 2001
San Benito Bank and Trust Company 4526 198 S. Sam Houston Blvd.

26°7′52″N 97°37′59″W

San Benito 1980 198 S. Sam Houston
San Roman Building 4553 1245 E. Elizabeth St.

25°54′3″N 97°29′52″W

Brownsville 1966 1245 E. Elizabeth Street
Santos Lozano Building 4590 117-119 W. Jackson Ave.

26°11′33″N 97°41′47″W

Harlingen 1980 Pioneer Building, W. Jackson Street
Southern Pacific Depot
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4985 641 E. Madison St.

25°54′27″N 97°29′57″W

Brownsville 1985 Historic Brownsville Museum, 641 E. Madison Street
St. Benedict's Church 4439 351 S. Bowie St.

26°7′50″N 97°38′9″W

San Benito 1978 351 S. Bowie
The Gem 5344 400 E. 13th St.

25°54′0″N 97°29′52″W

Brownsville 1991 400 East 13th Street
Tijerina House
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5491 333 E. Adams St.

25°54′29″N 97°30′10″W

Brownsville 1979 333 E. Adams Street
Water District Building 11789 216 S. Sam Houston Blvd.

26°7′51″N 97°38′0″W

San Benito 1997
Webb-Martinez House 5735 1324 E. Madison St.

25°54′9″N 97°29′40″W

Brownsville 1981 1324 E. Madison Street
Yturria Bank 5933 1255 E. Elizabeth St.

25°54′2″N 97°29′50″W

Brownsville 1962 1255 E. Elizabeth Street

Camp County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Abernathy House
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18101 406 Quitman St.

32°59′56″N 94°58′24″W

Pittsburg 2015
Camp County Courthouse
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13073 126 Church St.

32°59′46″N 94°57′57″W

Pittsburg 2004 126 Church Street
Cotton Belt Depot
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9793 170 W. Marshall St.

32°59′43″N 94°58′9″W

Pittsburg 1991
First Methodist Church of Pittsburg 9796 115 Mt. Pleasant St.

32°59′47″N 94°57′59″W

Pittsburg 1976
John L. Sheppard Home 9809 217 Mt. Pleasant St.

32°59′51″N 94°57′58″W

Pittsburg 1974 at Garrett St.
Saint Beulah Christian Methodist Episcopal Church 9808 105 Lewis St.

32°59′38″N 94°58′23″W

Pittsburg 1985 S. Texas at Dickson St.
Stafford-Paris House 9810 333 Quitman St.

32°59′57″N 94°58′22″W

Pittsburg 1981 at Texas St.
W. L. Garrett Building
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9797 102 Quitman St.

32°59′43″N 94°58′3″W

Pittsburg 1990 102 Quitman St. at Mt. Pleasant St.

Carson County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Atchison, Topeka, & Santa Fe Railroad Depot
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228 1 Main St.

35°20′28″N 101°22′39″W

Panhandle 1988 200 South Main Street, in front of city hall, Panhandle.
First Baptist Church of White Deer 16709 410 S. Main St.

35°25′57″N 101°10′18″W

White Deer 2011 NW Corner of South Main Street (FM 294) and 5th Street
Hotel at White Deer 2577 400 S. Main St.

35°25′59″N 101°10′19″W

White Deer 1994 400 Main Street, White Deer
N-Bar-N Ranch House 14348 1510 FM 294

35°24′6″N 101°9′55″W

White Deer 1965 formerly located at 2646 County Road 17, relocated late 1990s to FM 294; MARKER REPORTED MISSING 5/2011
Pioneer Dugout 4028 501 N. Elsie Ave.

35°20′46″N 101°22′49″W

Panhandle 1967 5th and Elsie Street, SH 207, at Square House Museum, Panhandle
Purvines Ranch Home
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20 501 N. Elsie Ave.

35°20′46″N 101°22′49″W

Panhandle 1964 Square House Museum, SH 207, 5th and Elsie Street, Panhandle.
The Square House
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5023 501 N. Elsie Ave.

35°20′46″N 101°22′49″W

Panhandle 1966 5th and Elsie Streets, SH 207, Square House Museum, Panhandle
Thomas Cree Homesite 5467 US 60 W of CR J 4.5 mi. SW of Panhandle

35°18′38″N 101°27′41″W

Panhandle 1967 from Panhandle, take Hwy. 60 about 4.5 miles southwest (on Highway R.O.W.)

Cass County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Cass County Courthouse
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9812 100 E. Houston St.

33°0′40″N 94°21′54″W

Linden 1967 Courthouse Square, SH 11 and FM 125
Law's Chapel Methodist Church 9824 4065 FM 2328

33°6′0″N 94°13′47″W

Atlanta 1968 on FM 2329 about .5 mi. off US 59 about 6 mi. SW of Atlanta
Masonic Lodge Hall and First Baptist Church 9826 1315 CR 1894

32°56′40″N 94°14′57″W

Kildare 1969 across from FM 125/FM 248 S junction in Kildate
Mathews - Powell House 9827 205 Miller St.

33°8′59″N 94°8′50″W

Queen City 1973
Mount Zion Baptist Church of Christ 9830 S end of CR 1771

32°53′6″N 94°19′47″W

Linden 1991 off FM 2683 on CR 1771 about 8 mi. S of Linden via US 59
Pleasant Hill School 16678 2722 FM 1399

33°3′11″N 94°23′46″W

Linden 2010
Smith-Hicks House 9831 606 E. Hiram St.

33°6′49″N 94°9′23″W

Atlanta 1963 606 Hiram at corner w/Harvey
Smith-Hoyt-Youngs Home 15651 606 E. Hiram St.

33°6′49″N 94°9′23″W

Atlanta 1963

Castro County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Gilbreath-Cowsert House 2185 404 W. Halsell St.

34°33′22″N 102°19′1″W

Dimmitt 1991 404 West Halsell Street-Dimmit
P.O.W. Camp Chapel 3902 Deaf Smith CR 301 / Castro CR 507 3.5 mi. S of US 60

34°44′45″N 102°25′30″W

Dimmitt 1991 from Dimmit take US 385 north 16.5 miles; turn west onto paved road; continues 3.1 miles, then turn south on local road, about .3 miles to chapel

Chambers County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
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9117 Cummings St. W of Washington Ave.

29°46′15″N 94°41′55″W

Anahuac 1968 Washington Ave. / Cummings St.

Cherokee County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Brown, W. A., Home 15291 428 S. Patton St.

31°57′35″N 95°16′28″W

Jacksonville 1965
C. R. and Jennie Kelley House 6829 1201 S. Jackson St.

31°57′12″N 95°15′54″W

Jacksonville 1997 1201 S Jackson Street in Jacksonville
Cherokee County Courthouse
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6626 135 S. Main St.

31°47′44″N 95°9′0″W

Rusk 1991 Courthouse Square in Rusk
Craft Baptist Church 13972 245 CR 1629

31°55′6″N 95°14′18″W

Jacksonville 2007 S on Hwy 69, W on CR 1629 at Hwy 22
Dr. I. K. Frazier Home 6769 474 E. Fifth St.

31°47′41″N 95°8′39″W

Rusk 1969 704 E. 5th Street in Rusk
Forest Hill Plantation House 6768 FM 241 N of SH 21 Alto 1962 FM 241, near Linwood community. Also known as Berryman Family Home.
Gregg Family Home 6772 808 E. Fifth St.

31°47′44″N 95°8′31″W

Rusk 1967 East 4th Street about .5 mile form Main St. in Rusk
John Wesley Love Home 6872 724 Cherokee Trl.

31°58′2″N 95°15′50″W

Jacksonville 1982 724 Cherokee Street
Newburn-Rawlinson House 11808 406 Kickapoo St.

31°58′2″N 95°16′50″W

Jacksonville 1998
Odom-Crawford House 6953 0.75 mi. N of US 84 Maydelle 1980 .75 mile north of Us 84, Maydelle
Old Bonner Bank Building 6614 208 S. Henderson St.

31°47′39″N 95°8′59″W

Rusk 1968 moved to 208 Henderson St in 2009
Oldest Home in Jacksonville 6619 428 S. Patton St.

31°57′35″N 95°16′28″W

Jacksonville 1965 428 South Patton St. in Jacksonville
Roark, William, Home 14557 Near SH 21 and FM 2708 Alto 1963 approx. 5 mi. E. of Alto, near intersection of Hwy 21 & FM 2708
W. W. Durham Home 6682 7 mi. S on Larrison Creek Alto 1964 private property

Childress County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Childress Post Office Building 830 210 Third St. NW

34°25′26″N 100°12′29″W

Childress 1991 210 3rd St. NW
Morgan Hospital 3471 400 Seventh St. SW

34°25′14″N 100°13′0″W

Childress 1982 400 7th Street, S.W.-Childress
Old Railroad Y.M.C.A. 3789 207 Tenth St. NW

34°25′38″N 100°13′0″W

Childress 1980 207 10th Street, N.W.-Childress
Palace Theater 13801 206 N. Main St.

34°25′22″N 100°12′22″W

Childress 2005 206 N. Main

Clay County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
1890 Clay County Jail
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25 116 Graham St.

33°48′59″N 98°11′50″W

Henrietta 1986
Byers High School 591 100 Harrison St.

34°3′54″N 98°11′43″W

Byers 1967 At intersection of North and Washington streets, inside school building
Clay County Courthouse
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911 100 N. Bridge St.

33°48′58″N 98°11′45″W

Henrietta 1962 On courthouse square
Old City Calaboose 3707 On county fair grounds near NE corner N. Bridge St at E. Fifth St.

33°49′35″N 98°11′39″W

Henrietta 1962 Fifth and N. Bridge, Henrietta; at Clay County Pioneer Association
Sanzenbacher Ranch Headquarters 15768 2520 Sanzebacher Rd.

33°39′36″N 98°10′5″W

Henrietta 2009
St. Elmo Hotel 5030 106 E. Omega St.

33°48′54″N 98°11′42″W

Henrietta 1962 106 East Omega Street (US 82)

Cochran County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
First Telephone Office in Cochran County 1876 206 SW First St.

33°43′26″N 102°45′37″W

Morton 1969 206 Southwest 1st Street
Former Whiteface Motel 5787 N side 100 blk of W. Second St.

33°36′1″N 102°36′52″W

Whiteface 1969 100 block of West 2nd Street-Whiteface
Slaughter Ranch Headquarters 4948 S side of FM 1169 0.5 mi. W of SH 214

33°41′19″N 102°46′15″W

Morton 1962 from Morton take Highway 214 south about 2 miles; turn west onto Highway 1169 about .5 miles to driveway-drive south to site
Smith Office 4955 116 N. Main St.

33°43′34″N 102°45′32″W

Morton 1962 116 North Main Street-Morton

Coke County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Bronte Depot 518 W. Main St. between SE. Railroad St. and SW. Railroad St.

31°53′14″N 100°17′42″W

Bronte 1989 SH 158 West (Main Street), Bronte
First Methodist Church of Robert Lee 1766 22 W. Ninth St.

31°53′44″N 100°29′8″W

Robert Lee 1988 9th and Chadbourne Streets
Hayrick Lodge 696, A.F. & A.M. 2415 701 Austin St.

31°53′37″N 100°29′11″W

Robert Lee 1966 Austin Avenue at 7th Street
Sanco 4558 Sanco Loop 3 mi. E of SH 208

30°0′31″N 100°31′27″W

Robert Lee vicinity 1966 from Robert Lee, take SH 208 northwest about 6 miles, then go north on Sanco Loop about 3 miles

Coleman County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Blair House 425 416 W. College Ave.

31°49′46″N 99°25′37″W

Coleman 1978
Camp Colorado Guard House 656 CR 140 4.1 mi. W of jct. FM 1176 at FM 2302

31°53′0″N 99°15′36″W

Coleman 1962 On private property, from Coleman take SH 206 about 5.3 miles; head east on FM 2303 about 6 miles; turn south onto dirt road and continue about 1.6 miles to Camp Colorado site.
Cleveland-Anson House 918 US 67 0.5 mi. W of Valera

31°45′14″N 99°33′47″W

Valera 1970 From Valera take US 67 west about 0.5 mile. House is located on private property on the south side of the highway.
Coleman County Jail 941 SW corner East St. and Cottonwood St. on Courthouse Sq.

31°49′55″N 99°25′22″W

Coleman 1970 On northeast corner of courthouse square, Commerce at Walnut, Coleman.
D. A. Parker House 1143 E of CR 488 1 mi. S of FM 1770

31°58′6″N 99°39′3″W

Novice 1983 2 miles west of Novice on FM 1770, then 1 mile south on CR 488
First Christian Church of Santa Anna 1716 508 Ave. C

31°44′21″N 99°19′19″W

Santa Anna 1976 S. 1st St. and Avenue C
Ken Elkins Home 1459 E of CR 140 2.6 mi. S of FM 585

31°54′29″N 99°15′37″W

Coleman 1962 5.3 miles north of Coleman on SH 206, 3 miles east on FM 2302, and 1.6 miles north on unpaved private road
Old Rock House 3796 US 84 0.4 mi. S of CR 108

31°45′9″N 99°20′48″W

Santa Anna 1975 From Santa Anna take US 84 NW about 1 mile
The Rock House on Day Ranch 3906 Formerly along FM 2134 at Grape Creek now under O.H. Ivie Lake Leaday 1962 FM 2134 to Leaday on Padgitt Ranch on Grape Creek
Turner House 5574 1204 Wallis Ave.

31°44′34″N 99°19′47″W

Santa Anna 1968 Wallis Ave. is US 84/67

Collin County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
1911 McKinney Post Office
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11815 300 E. Virginia St.

33°11′52″N 96°36′48″W

McKinney 1997 SE corner of Chestnut & Virginia
1927 Collin County Courthouse
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11816 111 N. Tennessee St.

33°11′51″N 96°36′55″W

McKinney 1998 City Square
Ammie Wilson House
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6220 1900 W. 15th St.

33°1′8″N 96°43′52″W

Plano 1978 1900 West 15th Street (corner of 15th and Pittman Road) Plano
Aron-Harris House
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209 523 W. Hunt St.

33°11′57″N 96°37′15″W

McKinney 1981 523 W. Hunt St., McKinney
Bain-Honaker House 11562 108 College St.

33°9′49″N 96°21′33″W

Farmersville 1996
Barnes-Largent House 305 618 W. Louisiana St.

33°11′51″N 96°37′21″W

McKinney 1984 618 W. Louisiana St. (corner of Bradley and Louisiana Sts), McKinney
Beverly-Harris House 398 604 Parker St.

33°11′36″N 96°37′19″W

McKinney 1979 604 Parker St., McKinney
Brown Cottage 18600 100 W. Jefferson St.

33°1′0″N 96°32′23″W

Wylie 2017 Northeast corner of W. Jefferson St. and N. Jackson Ave.
Burton House 578 515 W. Hunt St.

33°11′57″N 96°37′12″W

McKinney 1988 515 W. Hunt St., McKinney
Charles P. and Sallie G. Heard Home 6163 524 W. Hunt St.

33°11′58″N 96°37′15″W

McKinney 1981 524 West Hunt Street, McKinney
Collin County Prison
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950 115 S. Kentucky St.

33°11′48″N 96°36′56″W

McKinney 1990 115 S. Kentucky St., McKinney
Collin McKinney Home 6179 301 W. Standifer St. in Finch Park

33°11′28″N 96°37′7″W

McKinney 1962 Finch Park off S. Benge Street, McKinney
Crouch-Perkins House
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1121 205 N. Church St.

33°11′53″N 96°36′23″W

McKinney 1989 205 N. Church St., McKinney
Dallas Depot of the H. & T. C. 6669 E end Cotton Gin Rd.

33°8′37″N 96°50′3″W

Frisco 1979 Museum of the American Railroad. Moved from Fair Park, Dallas, in 2012.
Davis House 1178 504 S. Parker St.

33°11′40″N 96°37′20″W

McKinney 1990 504 S. Parker St., McKinney
Davis House 12898 705 N. College St.

33°12′13″N 96°37′15″W

McKinney 2002 705 N. College
Dr. William Taylor Hoard House 6167 401 W. Lamar St.

33°12′1″N 96°37′6″W

McKinney 1987 401 West Lamar Street McKinney
Dulaney Cottage 1296 311 S. Chestnut St.

33°11′41″N 96°36′46″W

McKinney 1977 311 S. Chestnut St., McKinney (corner of Chestnut and Anthony Sts)
Dulaney House 1297 315 S. Chestnut St.

33°11′40″N 96°36′46″W

McKinney 1988 Chestnut Square (at the Corner of Chestnut and Anthony Sts) McKinney
E. A. Newsome House 17707 511 W. Virginia St.

33°11′52″N 96°37′15″W

McKinney 2013
Estes House 1505 903 N. College St.

33°12′16″N 96°37′15″W

McKinney 1984 903 N. College St. McKinney.
Farmersville Masonic Lodge No. 214, A.F. & A.M. 13979 101 S. Main St.

33°9′45″N 96°21′41″W

Farmersville 2007 101 S. Main St.
First Baptist Church of Farmersville 6133 104 S. Washington St.

33°9′55″N 96°21′35″W

Farmersville 1977 104 S. Washington St., Farmersville
First National Bank Building 6153 110 N. Tennessee St.

33°11′51″N 96°36′53″W

McKinney 1986 110 North Tennessee Avenue McKinney
Fox-Caldwell House
More images
6158 311 N. College St.

33°12′0″N 96°37′16″W

McKinney 1994 311 North College Street, McKinney
Frankford Church 6160 17400 Muirfield Dr. in Dallas

32°59′22″N 96°49′24″W

Frankford 1978 south end of Muirfield Drive, Dallas, north of Frankford Cemetery
Fred Schimelpfenig Building 17904 1017 E. 15th St.

33°1′12″N 96°42′1″W

Plano 2014
Gough-Hughston House
More images
6162 1206 W. Louisiana St.

33°11′50″N 96°37′36″W

McKinney 1979 1206 West Louisiana Street, McKinney
Heard-Craig House
More images
6165 205 W. Hunt St.

33°11′55″N 96°37′0″W

McKinney 1975 205 West Hunt Street, McKinney
Hill-Robberson House
More images
6738 2500 blk. N. Plano Rd.

32°59′11″N 96°41′58″W

Richardson 1982 2400 block of Plano Rd., near intersection of Plano and Lookout
Honaker-Holsonbake House 13435 211 College St.

33°9′50″N 96°21′25″W

Farmersville 2005 211 College St
Howell House 6168 909 Howell St.

33°11′41″N 96°37′22″W

McKinney 1978 909 Howell Street (corner of Bradley and Howell Streets) McKinney
J. D. Stiff Home
More images
6205 520 W. Hunt St.

33°11′58″N 96°37′14″W

McKinney 1986 520 West Hunt Street McKinney
James Calvin Rhea House
More images
6195 801 N. College St.

33°12′14″N 96°37′15″W

McKinney 1989 801 North College Street (corner of Lela and College Streets), McKinney
James Waller Thomas House 16788 206 S. Benge St.

33°11′44″N 96°37′6″W

McKinney 2011 206 S. Benge Street
John Elias and Ida May Herrington House 13961 1425 Lone Star Rd.

33°22′17″N 96°40′47″W

Celina 2007
John Faires House 1548 315 S. Chestnut St.

33°11′40″N 96°36′45″W

McKinney 1984 Chestnut Square (at the corner of Chestnut and Anthony Sts) McKinney
John Martin House 6176 805 Howell St.

33°11′40″N 96°37′18″W

McKinney 1986 805 Howell Street (corner of Howell and Parker Streets) McKinney
John S. and Rachel W. Heard House 6164 315 N. College St.

33°12′1″N 96°37′17″W

McKinney 1993 315 North College Street McKinney
Kirkpatrick House
More images
6171 903 Parker St.

33°11′21″N 96°37′20″W

McKinney 1976 903 Parker Street (corner of Parker and Willie Streets) McKinney
L. A. Scott Home 6200 513 W. Louisiana St.

33°11′49″N 96°37′15″W

McKinney 1983 513 West Louisiana (corner of Louisiana and College Streets) McKinney
Law Office of James W. Throckmorton 6216 111 W. Virginia St.

33°11′52″N 96°36′59″W

McKinney 1966 111 West Virginia Avenue, McKinney
Mathews General Store 17669 1013 E. 15th St.

33°1′12″N 96°42′1″W

Plano 2013
Melissa Christian Church 6184 1708 W. Harrison St.

33°17′11″N 96°34′19″W

Melissa 1992 corner of Central and Harrison Streets, Melissa
Murphy School 17317 205 N. Murphy Rd.

33°1′0″N 96°36′49″W

Murphy 2012 205 North Murphy Road/FM 2551
Plano High School and Gymnasium
More images
13666 1509 H Ave.

33°1′15″N 96°42′12″W

Plano 2006 1517 H Avenue
Plano National Bank/I.O.O.F. Lodge Building
More images
6194 1001 E. 15th St.

33°1′12″N 96°42′3″W

Plano 1993 1001 East 15th Street Plano
Scott-Barker House 13770 1501 W. Harrison St.

33°17′15″N 96°34′26″W

Melissa 1999 1501 W. Harrison St.
Sherley, A. & Bro. Hardware Store 15159 118 N. Sherley Ave.

33°20′58″N 96°32′54″W

Anna 1999 118 N. Sherley Avenue and E. 4th Street
T. J. Campbell House
More images
688 7026 Main St.

33°9′2″N 96°49′25″W

Frisco 1972 Main Street and 5th Street (Main Street was designated FM 720 until 2000)
Taylor House 6211 315 S. Chestnut St.

33°11′40″N 96°36′47″W

McKinney 1983 Chestnut Square (corner of Chestnut and Anthony Streets), McKinney
Texas Electric Railway Station
More images
6210 901 E. 15th St.

33°1′11″N 96°42′6″W

Plano 1990 901 East 15th Street, Plano
Thomas and Mattie Brown House 535 301 N. Ballard Ave.

33°1′0″N 96°32′21″W

Wylie 1992 301 N. Ballard (FM 3412) at the corner of Ballard and Jefferson Sts., Wylie
W. D. McFarlin Building 17895 1011 E. 15th St.

33°1′12″N 96°42′2″W

Plano 2014
Walnut Grove Presbyterian Church 6218 Walnut Grove Cemetery, E. First St. near N. Custer Rd. in Prosper

33°14′15″N 96°44′9″W

Walnut Grove 1976 FM 2478, 3 miles north of US 380, 8 miles west of McKinney
William B. Largent House 6172 110 S. Bradley St.

33°11′48″N 96°37′23″W

McKinney 1977 110 South Bradley Street - McKinney
William Clinton and Anna Belle Thompson House 6213 1207 W. Louisiana St.

33°11′48″N 96°37′37″W

McKinney 1994 1207 West Louisiana Street, McKinney
William and Charlotte Stone House, Stonehaven 6207 1400 S. Ballard Ave.

32°59′55″N 96°32′33″W

Wylie 1992 1400 South Ballard Street (across from corner of Ballard and Alanis Drive) Wylie
Wilson Creek House 14335 9515 CR 88

33°17′23″N 96°45′19″W

Celina 1979

Collingsworth County

There are currently no Recorded Texas Historic Landmarks listed within the county.

Colorado County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Abram Alley Log Cabin
More images
8827 1224 Bowie St.

29°42′17″N 96°32′31″W

Columbus 1977 Bowie St., between Spring & Washington Sts.
Bartels-Wirtz House 312 1216 Live Oak St.

29°42′18″N 96°32′36″W

Columbus 1973 1216 Live Oak St., Columbus; marker reported to be in storage 5/2011
Brick Store House
More images
505 1038 Milam St.

29°42′24″N 96°32′27″W

Columbus 1973 1038 Milam St., Columbus
Brunson Building 545 1014 Milam St.

29°42′26″N 96°32′27″W

Columbus 1973 1014 Milam St., Columbus
Charles William Tait Home
More images
5192 526 Wallace St.

29°42′1″N 96°32′28″W

Columbus 1965 526 Wallace St., Columbus
Colorado County Courthouse
More images
8829 400 Spring St.

29°42′21″N 96°32′23″W

Columbus 1969 Courthouse Square
Columbus Church of Christ 979 815 Milam St.

29°42′34″N 96°32′25″W

Columbus 1973 815 Milam, Columbus
Confederate Memorial Museum
More images
1028 1101 Milam St.

29°42′20″N 96°32′25″W

Columbus 1966 Milam & Spring Sts., Columbus
Dick-Gillette House 12478 536 Milam St.

29°42′44″N 96°32′28″W

Columbus 2000
Dilue Rose and Ira Albert Harris House
More images
2392 602 Washington St.

29°42′16″N 96°32′31″W

Columbus 1966 602 Washington, Columbus
District Court Tree
More images
1231 1100 Travis St.

29°42′23″N 96°32′21″W

Columbus 1969 in center of Travis Street, near intersection of Travis & Walnut; tree is dead but marker remains
Ehrenwerth-Ramsey-Untermeyer Building
More images
1406 1120 Milam St.

29°42′21″N 96°32′27″W

Columbus 1973 1120 Milam St., Colmbus
Hahn House
More images
2330 903 Front St.

29°42′31″N 96°32′16″W

Columbus 1973 corner of Front & Preston
Hancock-Heller Home
More images
2354 934 Milam St.

29°42′28″N 96°32′27″W

Columbus 1970 934 Milam, Columbus
Harrison-Hastedt House 2397 236 Preston St.

29°42′32″N 96°32′16″W

Columbus 1993 236 Preston St., Columbus (corner of Preston & Front)
Home of Texas Attorney General George McCormick 3281 736 Travis St.

29°42′36″N 96°32′22″W

Columbus 1968 736 Travis St., Columbus
Home of William Christian Papenberg
More images
3935 900 Bowie St.

29°42′31″N 96°32′32″W

Columbus 1973 900 Bowie St., Columbus
Hunt-Cassell House 2599 904 Travis St.

29°42′31″N 96°32′23″W

Columbus 1973 904 Travis St., Columbus
Ilse-Rau House
More images
2660 1100 Bowie St.

29°42′23″N 96°32′32″W

Columbus 1970 1100 Bowie St., Columbus (Corner of Bowie and Walnut)
Isgrig House
More images
2657 436 Smith St.

29°42′48″N 96°32′25″W

Columbus 1973 436 Smith St., Columbus (at Milam)
Keith-Traylor House 2910 806 Live Oak St.

29°42′34″N 96°32′36″W

Columbus 1994 806 Live Oak St., Columbus
Maigne-Walther House 3187 904 Live Oak St.

29°42′31″N 96°32′36″W

Columbus 1973 904 Live Oak, Columbus
Montgomery House
More images
3444 1419 Milam St.

29°42′9″N 96°32′25″W

Columbus 1973 1419 Milam St., Columbus
Old General Store
More images
2141 936 Milam St.

29°42′28″N 96°32′27″W

Columbus 1969 936 Milam St., Columbus
Old Stafford Opera House
More images
5087 435 Spring St.

29°42′19″N 96°32′25″W

Columbus 1969 435 Spring St., Columbus
Old Water Tower
More images
15357 1101 Milam St.

29°42′20″N 96°32′25″W

Columbus 1966
Rosenfield Building 4351 1004 Milam St.

29°42′27″N 96°32′27″W

Columbus 1994 1004 Milam St., Columbus
Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church
More images
4490 1031 Church Ln.

29°51′56″N 96°32′36″W

Frelsburg 1993 FM 109 & Church Ln., Frelsburg
Simpson-Williamson House
More images
4707 630 Milam St.

29°42′41″N 96°32′27″W

Columbus 1986 630 Milam St., Columbus (Miliam & 3rd Sts.)
Stafford-Miller House
More images
5088 423 Spring St.

29°42′19″N 96°32′24″W

Columbus 1973
Stein-Girndt House
More images
14611 809 Milam St.

29°42′35″N 96°32′25″W

Columbus 2002
Strunk-Woolsey House 5141 1055 CR 271

29°36′2″N 96°49′47″W

Oakland 1963 Live Oak St., Oakland. From Wiemar, take FM 155 S. about 5-1/2 miles to FM 532 W. to Oakland
Tate-Senftenberg-Brandon Home
More images
5205 616 Walnut St.

29°42′24″N 96°32′33″W

Columbus 1969 616 Walnut St., Columbus
Toliver-Cone House 5498 436 DeWees St.

29°42′36″N 96°32′25″W

Columbus 1986 Corner of DeWees & Milam
Townsend-Koliba House 5542 1124 Front St.

29°42′21″N 96°32′18″W

Columbus 1971 1124 Front St., Columbus
Townsend-West House
More images
5543 634 Spring St.

29°42′20″N 96°32′34″W

Columbus 1973 corner of Spring and Live Oak
Youens-Hopkins House 5929 617 Milam St.

29°42′42″N 96°32′25″W

Columbus 1973 617 Milam St., Columbus

Comal County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Arnold-Rauch-Brandt Homestead 18455 4451 W. SH 46

29°43′42″N 98°12′53″W

New Braunfels 2016 To access the property, there is a dirt road on an easement off of State Hwy 46. Travel approx 1 mile on the dirt road to the 10 acre property. This will eventually be a paved access road.
August Dietz Cottage
More images
235 197 E. Mill St.

29°42′17″N 98°7′30″W

New Braunfels 1974 197 E. Mill St., New Braunfels
August and Karoline Tolle House
More images
13268 388 Comal Ave.

29°42′5″N 98°7′12″W

New Braunfels 2004 388 Comal Ave
Bevenroth, Heinrich, Home (Early Settler's Home) 14099 251 S. Seguin Ave.

29°42′7″N 98°7′21″W

New Braunfels 1972
Braschler House 492 240 South Kowald Ln.

29°42′51″N 98°5′4″W

New Braunfels 1974 240 South Kowald Lane, New Braunfels
Breustedt House 501 1370 Church Hill Dr.

29°42′33″N 98°5′47″W

New Braunfels 1972 Heritage Village, Museum of Texas Handmade Furniture
Breustedt Kitchen 502 1370 Church Hill Dr.

29°42′33″N 98°5′47″W

New Braunfels 1973 Heritage Village, Museum of Texas Handmade Furniture
Church Hill School Building
More images
852 1297 Church Hill Dr.

29°42′27″N 98°5′53″W

New Braunfels 1976 1297 Church Hill Drive, New Braunfels
Comal County Courthouse
More images
987 150 N. Seguin Ave.

29°42′12″N 98°7′29″W

New Braunfels 1993 150 N Seguin, New Braunfels
Dr. Theodore Koester Home
More images
1280 421 S. Seguin Ave.

29°42′1″N 98°7′13″W

New Braunfels 1970 421 S. Seguin St., New Braunfels
Emmie Seele Faust Memorial Library 18692 401 W. Coll St.

29°41′52″N 98°7′27″W

New Braunfels 2017
Erhardt Neuse House
More images
1495 1297 Gruene Rd.

29°44′20″N 98°6′17″W

Gruene 1987 in Gruene Hist. District
Faust Hotel
More images
1577 240 S. Seguin Ave.

29°42′5″N 98°7′23″W

New Braunfels 1984 240 S Seguin
Faust Street Bridge
More images
12509 E. Faust St. over Guadalupe River

29°41′48″N 98°6′25″W

New Braunfels 1999 east end of Faust Street, at Guadalupe River
First Protestant Church
More images
1857 172 W. Coll St.

29°42′3″N 98°7′21″W

New Braunfels 1967 172 W. Coll, New Braunfels
Fischer House 12474 230 Cypress Springs Dr.

29°55′23″N 98°22′20″W

Spring Branch 2000
Fischer Store 18380 4040 FM 484

29°58′37″N 98°16′0″W

Fischer 2016
Gruene Mansion
More images
2295 1275 Gruene Rd.

29°44′17″N 98°6′15″W

Gruene 1984 1275 Gruene Road (Gruene Historic District) New Braunfels
Gruene's Hall
More images
2296 1281 Gruene Rd.

29°44′18″N 98°6′16″W

Gruene 1988 Gruene Historic District, New Braunfels
H. D. Gruene Mercantile
More images
2314 1607 Hunter Rd.

29°44′20″N 98°6′16″W

Gruene 1987 Gruene Historic District, New Braunfels
Hermann Jonas Homestead 2839 3399 Old Dutchmann Rd.

29°51′36″N 98°18′53″W

New Braunfels 1972 From New Braunfels, take SH 46 MW to FM 2722, go North to FM 2673, go West to Overhill Rd., go south on Overhill Rd. until it dead ends.
Hinmann House 14917 161 S. Castell Ave.

29°42′6″N 98°7′29″W

New Braunfels 2008
Home of Ferdinand Lindheimer
More images
3089 491 Comal Ave.

29°42′2″N 98°7′6″W

New Braunfels 1962 489 Comal Ave., New Braunfels
Homesite of Johann and Gertruda Walzem 12863 690 Mission Valley Rd.

29°43′25″N 98°11′52″W

New Braunfels 2002 690 Mission Valley Road (about 4 mi. N of New Braunfels via SH 46)
Joseph Klein House 5364 135 N. Market St.

29°42′17″N 98°7′25″W

New Braunfels 1979 135 N. Market St., New Braunfels
Joseph Scheel House 8824 25520 SH 46

29°48′23″N 98°29′52″W

Spring Branch 1972 23 mi. NW of New Braunfels on SH 46
Kneupper Chapel 15327 E of PR 31 and N of Bell Ranch Rd. Bergheim 1983 2 mi. off SH46, 4.5 mi. SE of Bergheim
Louis Henne Co. 3136 246 W. San Antonio St.

29°42′6″N 98°7′35″W

New Braunfels 1973 246 W. San Antonio St., New Braunfels
Main Plaza Bandstand
More images
13018 W. San Antonio St. at Main Plaza

29°42′10″N 98°7′29″W

New Braunfels 2003 Seguin and San Antonio streets
Mission Valley School
More images
15737 1135 Mission Valley Rd.

29°43′15″N 98°12′11″W

New Braunfels 2009
Old Carl W. Groos Home
More images
2286 228 S. Seguin Ave.

29°42′5″N 98°7′22″W

New Braunfels 1968 228 S. Sequin St., New Braunfels
Old Krause Building
More images
3757 173 S. Seguin Ave.

29°42′9″N 98°7′25″W

New Braunfels 1968 173 S. Sequin Ave., New Braunfels
Old Lex Homestead 8821 33561 Blanco Rd.

29°46′54″N 98°32′28″W

New Braunfels 1969 at site, 26 mi. NW of New Braunfels, off FM 475, on Old Blanco Road
Old New Braunfels High School
More images
3578 430 W. Mill St.

29°42′4″N 98°7′44″W

New Braunfels 1986
Old Schmidt Home
More images
3807 354 W. Bridge St.

29°42′7″N 98°7′44″W

New Braunfels 1968 354 W Bridge St., New Braunfels
Old Scholl House
More images
3808 550 Comal Ave.

29°41′59″N 98°7′4″W

New Braunfels 1967 350 Comal St., New Braunfels
Pantermuel House 8822 485 Bremer Rd.

29°48′0″N 98°19′41″W

Canyon Lake 1972 17 mi. NW of New Braunfels, off CR 311
Plumeyer Bakery Building
More images
13810 239 W. San Antonio St.

29°42′5″N 98°7′33″W

New Braunfels 2005 239 W San Antonio St
Richard E. and Ella Sodke Kloepper House 14620 492 E. Main St.

29°42′45″N 98°6′59″W

New Braunfels 2003
Sattler Post Office 12705 271 Point Creek Rd.

29°52′15″N 98°9′39″W

Canyon Lake 2002 271 Point Creek Rd.
Site of New Braunfels Academy
More images
4840 407 W. Mill St.

29°42′2″N 98°7′41″W

New Braunfels 1965 corner of Mill & Academy across from Old New Braunfels High School
Site of Old Schmitz Hotel
More images
4859 471 Main Plaza

29°42′11″N 98°7′31″W

New Braunfels 1971 nw corner of Plaza, San Antonio St., New Braunfels
Stephen Klein Home
More images
5105 161 S. Seguin Ave.

29°42′10″N 98°7′26″W

New Braunfels 1967 131 S. Sequin, New Braunfels
The Eggeling Hotel
More images
1404 295 E. San Antonio St.

29°42′17″N 98°7′25″W

New Braunfels 1979 295 E. San Antonio, New Braunfels
The Grotto, Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church 5348 300 N. Castell Ave.

29°42′12″N 98°7′43″W

New Braunfels 1980 next to church
The Hofheinz House 13161 548 S. Hill Ave.

29°41′48″N 98°7′15″W

New Braunfels 2002 New Braunfels, 548 Hill Avenue
The Moeller House 5381 212 W. Austin St.

29°42′53″N 98°7′33″W

New Braunfels 1970 MARKER REPORTED MISSING 5/2011
The Voigt House 5447 308 E. San Antonio St.

29°42′16″N 98°7′22″W

New Braunfels 1973
The Wilhelm Weidner Homestead 8823 300200 US 281

29°43′43″N 98°26′15″W

New Braunfels 1974 dead end of Angel Trail at intersection of Bulverde Rd. and US 281
Ullrich Home
More images
5590 554 W. Mill St.

29°41′59″N 98°7′47″W

New Braunfels 1965
Waisenhaus (Orphanage) 5703 1276 Ervendberg Ave.

29°44′27″N 98°6′34″W

New Braunfels 1970 1276 Ervendberg St., 1/2 Mile N. of Loop 337 via Rock Rd (Rock Rd. becomes Gruene Rd., left on Ervenberg to private drive) (On Private Property) New Braunfels
Windwehen Home 17817 257 E. Bridge St.

29°42′20″N 98°7′32″W

New Braunfels 2014 257 E. Bridge

Comanche County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Captain James Cunningham Home 719 19601 SH 16 S

31°44′34″N 98°31′21″W

Comanche vicinity 1962 12 miles south on SH 16 to Mt. Creek Ranch on east side of road (marker is on chimney).
First Comanche County Courthouse 1722 101 W. Central Ave.

31°53′51″N 98°36′18″W

Comanche 1965 moved to Comanche Courthouse square c. 1983. Medallion is on wall inside building
First Presbyterian Church 1822 207 N. Pearl St.

31°53′57″N 98°36′11″W

Comanche 1967
Hanging Oak 2359 402 Moorman Rd.

31°53′53″N 98°37′8″W

Comanche 1967 Comanche County Museum, W. city limits, on Moorman Road, .2 mile west of intersection with Hilcrest, Comanche.
L. B. Russell Home 2980 801 N. Elm St.

31°54′15″N 98°36′45″W

Comanche 1967
Lindsey-Gore Home 16699 603 E. College Ave.

31°54′5″N 98°35′51″W

Comanche 2011
McCrary House 3283 802 S. Austin St.

31°53′29″N 98°36′13″W

Comanche 1989
South Leon Baptist Church 4980 FM 1476 E of South Leon River

31°46′11″N 98°31′13″W

Newburg 1968 At Newburg Cemetery, FM 1476, Newburg.
St. Matthews Episcopal Church 4473 410 N. Austin St.

31°54′6″N 98°36′13″W

Comanche 1964
Zion Hill Baptist Church 5956 CR 411 at CR  410 E of SH 16 in Van Dyke

31°58′20″N 98°33′43″W

Comanche vicinity 1968 5.75 miles north of Comanche on SH 16, then 0.1 mile east to church, in the Van Dyke community

Concho County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Concho County Courthouse 1018 152 N. Roberts Ave.

31°30′30″N 99°55′11″W

Paint Rock 1962 Courthouse square (corner of US 83 and FM 380)
Paint Rock Methodist Church 1764 327 S. Hall St.

31°30′23″N 99°55′22″W

Paint Rock 1962 2 blocks west of US 83, southwest of courthouse square
Silver Cliff Ranch 4696 FM 380 W of FM 381

31°29′11″N 100°5′49″W

Paint Rock vicinity 1966 from Paint Rock, take FM 380 west 10 miles (just past intersection w/ FM 381) [Private - limited access]

Cooke County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
City Hall-Fire Station, Old 3709 210 S. Dixon St.

33°37′23″N 97°8′42″W

Gainesville 1968 Intersection of Dixon and Pecan Streets, Gainesville.
Cooke County Courthouse
More images
1055 101 S. Dixon St.

33°37′26″N 97°8′44″W

Gainesville 1988 Dixon Street, between California and Main Streets on courthouse square, Gainesville.
Davis House
More images
5979 505 S. Denton St.

33°37′14″N 97°8′34″W

Gainesville 1982 505 South Denton, Gainesville.
First United Methodist Church of Gainesville 1889 214 S. Denton St.

33°37′23″N 97°8′32″W

Gainesville 1976 214 South Denton, Gainesville.
Nelson Log House 12484 1.4 mi. S of US 82 on FM 678

33°37′53″N 97°0′50″W

Gainesville vicinity 2000 9 miles east of Gainesville on US 82, then 1.4 miles south on FM 678
Potter-Hurley House 4099 108 Church St.

33°37′17″N 97°8′42″W

Gainesville 1973 108 Church Street, Gainesville.
Saint Paul's Church 4480 415 E. California St.

33°37′28″N 97°8′30″W

Gainesville 1966 Intersection of California and Jefferson Streets, Gainesville.
Saint Peter's Catholic Church
More images
5077 424 Main St.

33°38′9″N 97°13′35″W

Lindsay 1970 Intersection of Ash and Main, Lindsay.
Santa Fe Passenger Depot
More images
4580 605 E. California St.

33°37′30″N 97°8′26″W

Gainesville 1983 California Street and Railroad tracks, just east of Lindsay, Gainesville.
Houston House, The 5355 604 S. Denton St.

33°37′11″N 97°8′32″W

Gainesville 1966 604 South Denton, Gainesville.
Thomason-Scott House 5475 7022 FM 922

33°29′42″N 97°17′20″W

Era 1978 FM 922 about .5 miles west of intersection with SH 51, Era.
Washington House (Sycamore Creek Ranch) 5722 4 mi. N on CR 103

33°51′51″N 96°58′1″W

Dexter 1967 From Dexter, take County Road 103 north about 4 miles to Sycamore Creek Ranch gate. Marker is on private property.

Coryell County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Allin House 14810 401 N. Main St.

31°7′36″N 97°54′5″W

Copperas Cove 1998
Coryell Baptist Church 1060 FM 185 S of CR 271

31°28′41″N 97°32′51″W

Oglesby 1982 From Oglesby, take FM 185 northwest about 9 mi. 1885 church was a Recorded Texas Historic Landmark.
First Baptist Church Building, 1908 30 300 W. Ave. B

31°7′36″N 97°54′15″W

Copperas Cove 1991 300 W. Ave. B. (Fm 1113), Copperas Cove
First Christian Church Building 1705 902 E. Leon St.

31°26′5″N 97°44′48″W

Gatesville 1992 902 E. Leon St., Gatesville
First Methodist Church of Oglesby 1763 109 College Ave.

31°25′11″N 97°30′33″W

Oglesby 1992 109 College St., Oglesby
Hammack Building 2352 701 E. Main St.

31°26′7″N 97°44′58″W

Gatesville 1985 701 Main St., Gatesville
Leon River Bridge, 1904 28 W. Leon St. at Leon River

31°25′58″N 97°45′42″W

Gatesville 1996 West Leon Street at Leon River, Gatesville

Cottle County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Cottle County Courthouse 13447 800 Richards St.

34°0′50″N 100°18′5″W

Paducah 2005 Courthouse square
Gober-Barron-Williford House 2194 1314 Easley St.

34°0′46″N 100°18′26″W

Paducah 1962 1314 Easley Street, Paducah

Crane County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Crane High School 18392 509 W. 8th St.

31°23′39″N 102°21′15″W

Crane 2016 4 blocks square between 8th and 10th streets
McGee Ranch House 3293 4698 J-Bar Road

31°31′31″N 102°31′27″W

Crane 1966 20 miles NW of Crane via US 385 and FM 1233, on private property 3/4 mile down RR

Crockett County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Crockett County Courthouse
More images
1111 907 Ave. D

30°42′39″N 101°12′2″W

Ozona 1966 on Avenue D, near corner of Avenue D and 11th Street, Ozona
Crockett County Jail 1112 907 Ave. D NE of courthouse

30°42′41″N 101°12′0″W

Ozona 1966 on Avenue D (behind Courthouse), Ozona
O. W. Parker Ranch Headquarters 3634 CR 310 2 mi. N of US 190

30°57′48″N 101°53′15″W

Iraan 1994 2 miles east of Iraan on US 190, then 2 miles north on CR 310
Ozona Hotel, Old 3775 500 9th St.

30°42′43″N 101°12′3″W

Ozona 1968 on Courthouse Square, corner of Avenue D and Waterworks Drive
Ozona Junior High School 3895 605 Ave. E

30°42′49″N 101°12′4″W

Ozona 1968 corner of 6th and Avenue E (SH 163) Ozona
Ozona National Bank 3896 910 Ave. E

30°42′40″N 101°12′6″W

Ozona 1966 910 Avenue E., Ozona
The Perner House 5398 1106 Ave. D

30°42′34″N 101°12′3″W

Ozona 1975 1106 Avenue D, Ozona

Crosby County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Crosby County Courthouse 12434 201 W. Aspen St.

33°39′31″N 101°14′24″W

Crosbyton 2000 Aspen and Berkshire streets, Crosbyton
G. W. Smith Home 2089 CR 211 0.4 mi. S of CR 116

33°48′32″N 101°12′20″W

Crosbyton vicinity 1967 From Crosbyton, take FM 651, North about 12 miles to FM 193 and follow east about 2 miles, then take County Road North about 1 mile.
Hank Smith Rock House 2362 101 W. Main St.

33°39′35″N 101°14′19″W

Crosbyton 1965 Pioneer Memorial Museum, corner of FM 651, and US 82, Crosbyton
Headquarters of Half Circle S Ranch (L.R. French Ranch House) 4177 FM 651 17 mi. S of Crosbyton

33°26′27″N 101°12′18″W

Crosbyton 1962 From Crosbyton, take FM 651 south about 17 miles.
John R. Ralls Building 2803 801 Main Ave.

33°40′45″N 101°23′5″W

Ralls 1967
Pioneer Memorial Building (Hank Smith House) 14940 101 W. Main St.

33°39′35″N 101°14′19″W

Crosbyton 1962
R. M. Wheeler Home 4148 1 mi E of CR 115 14.5 mi. S of Lorenzo

33°29′55″N 101°30′3″W

Lorenzo 1966 From Lorenzo, take FM 378 south about 14.5 mile then take County Road east and follow 1 mile to ranch house.
Work Building 5905 119 W. Aspen St.

33°39′31″N 101°14′21″W

Crosbyton 1966

Culberson County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Clark Hotel 7925 112 W. Broadway St.

31°2′24″N 104°49′55″W

Van Horn 1971 US Hwy 90 near junction with SH 54
Culberson County Courthouse (razed) 15609 300 La Caverna St.

31°2′37″N 104°49′50″W

Van Horn 1962
Original Culberson County Jail 7932 281 Culberson St.

31°2′35″N 104°49′44″W

Van Horn 1979 3rd and Culberson
Presbyterian Church, U.S. 1092 7928 275 Fannin St.

31°2′33″N 104°50′5″W

Van Horn 1964

Dallam County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Dallam County Courthouse 1159 414 Denver Ave.

36°3′42″N 102°31′18″W

Dalhart 1991 5th & Denver Streets, Dalhart
St. James Church 5035 801 Denver Ave.

36°3′30″N 102°31′19″W

Dalhart 1966

Dallas County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
A. H. Belo House
More images
6592 2115 Ross Ave.

32°47′17″N 96°47′55″W

Dallas 1980 corner of Ross and Olive streets
Addison State Bank 6584 4803 Broadway St.

32°57′33″N 96°49′46″W

Addison 1984 4803 Broadway in Addison.
Adolphus Hotel
More images
6585 1321 Commerce St.

32°46′47″N 96°47′57″W

Dallas 1981 1321 Commerce in Dallas
Ahab Bowen Home 6598 2614 Boll St.

32°47′53″N 96°48′7″W

Dallas 1982 2614 Boll St., Dallas
Aldredge House 6586 5500 Swiss Ave.

32°48′23″N 96°45′50″W

Dallas 1982 5500 Swiss Ave., Dallas
Alexander Mansion 6587 4607 Ross Ave.

32°48′16″N 96°46′45″W

Dallas 1968 4607 Ross Ave.
Ambassador (Park) Hotel 6588 1312 S. Ervay St.

32°46′22″N 96°47′26″W

Dallas 1965 1312 S. Ervay, corner of St. Paul
Bill and Maude Dodson House 14034 2504 Farmers Branch Ln.

32°55′3″N 96°53′36″W

Farmers Branch 2007 2540 Farmers Branch Ln.
Buckner Log Cabin 6607 5200 S. Buckner Blvd.

32°47′23″N 96°40′59″W

Dallas 1965 6 mi. east of downtown Dallas, at Samuel and Buckner (Loop 12) Blvds., Dallas
Busch-Kirby Building
More images
6608 1509 Main St.

32°46′49″N 96°47′56″W

Dallas 1988
Caruth House 6638 8000 Cornerstone Pkwy.

32°51′39″N 96°46′28″W

Dallas 1962
Continental D.A.R. House
More images
18503 921 S. Washington Ave.

32°46′57″N 96°45′52″W

Dallas 2016 Inside Fair Park Historic District within Marine Corps Square
Cox House 6659 11210 Cox Ln.

32°54′3″N 96°51′4″W

Dallas 1993
Cristler-Rodgers House 6660 5750 Swiss Ave.

32°48′38″N 96°45′37″W

Dallas 1989
Dallas City Hall
More images
6664 106 S. Harwood St.

32°46′53″N 96°47′38″W

Dallas 1978 Main & Harwood
Dallas County Criminal Courts Building 6667 501 Main St.

32°46′45″N 96°48′27″W

Dallas 1986
Dallas County Records Building 6668 509 Main St.

32°46′46″N 96°48′26″W

Dallas 1985
Dallas Hall (SMU)
More images
6670 3225 University Blvd.

32°50′42″N 96°47′5″W

University Park 1979 SMU Campus, Daniels at Athens, Dallas
Dallas Scottish Rite Temple
More images
6672 500 S. Harwood St.

32°46′43″N 96°47′31″W

Dallas 1978 Young at Harwood
DeGolyer House
More images
6679 8525 Garland Rd.

32°49′17″N 96°43′3″W

Dallas 1991 at Dallas Arboretum, Dallas
Dr. Frank E. Rutherford Veterinary Hospital 11838 924 S. Haskell Ave.

32°47′2″N 96°45′51″W

Dallas 1999
Everard Sharrock Jr. Farmstead
More images
18506 6900 Grady Niblo Rd.

32°41′2″N 96°56′23″W

Dallas 2016
F.A. Brown Farm Home
More images
6603 4611 Kelton Dr.

32°51′2″N 96°49′52″W

Dallas 1976
First Baptist Church
More images
6689 600 N. Ervay St.

32°47′5″N 96°47′58″W

Dallas 1968 Ervay and Patterson Sts.
First United Methodist Church of Cedar Hill 6705 127 N. Roberts Rd.

32°35′28″N 96°57′30″W

Cedar Hill 1976
Florence Ranch Homestead
More images
6712 1424 Barnes Bridge Rd.

32°49′27″N 96°37′3″W

Mesquite 1978
Galloways' Old Home Place 6717 629 Pecan Creek Dr.

32°47′11″N 96°32′2″W

Sunnyvale 1973 just north of US 80; moved with THC's permission ca. 1984
General Richard M. Gano House 6719 1717 Gano St.

32°46′25″N 96°47′24″W

Dallas 1975 Old City Park
Gilbert House
More images
6725 2540 Farmers Branch Ln.

32°55′5″N 96°53′26″W

Farmers Branch 1990
Hall of State
More images
6732 3939 Grand Ave.

32°46′51″N 96°45′40″W

Dallas 1981 Grand Ave. at Nimitz Dr., Fair Park
Harris-Savage Home 17586 5703 Swiss Ave.

32°48′33″N 96°45′43″W

Dallas 2013 Northeast corner of Swiss Avenue and Glendale
Higginbotham-Bailey Building 6734 900 Jackson St.

32°46′40″N 96°48′12″W

Dallas 1984
Higginbotham-Pearlstone Building 6735 1701 N. Market St.

32°46′54″N 96°48′26″W

Dallas 1986
Highland Park Methodist Church Building
More images
6737 3300 Mockingbird Ln.

32°50′14″N 96°47′9″W

Highland Park 1994
Hilton Hotel 6739 1933 Main St.

32°46′54″N 96°47′39″W

Dallas 1988 corner of Main and Harwood Sts.
Hord Log Cabin 6743 2804 S. Cockrell Hill Rd.

32°42′45″N 96°53′27″W

Dallas 1962 Opera and Lancaster streets
Interstate Forwarding Company Warehouse 6746 3200 Main St.

32°47′5″N 96°46′37″W

Dallas 1991
J. S. And Birtie Herfurth House 17545 2122 Miller Rd.

32°53′36″N 96°34′54″W

Rowlett 2013 Miller Rd., 0.7 mi. W of intersection with Rowlett Rd.
Joffre-Gilbert House
More images
11829 309 S. O'Connor Rd.

32°48′41″N 96°57′1″W

Irving 1999
John Hickman Miller House
More images
6786 3506 Cedar Springs Rd.

32°48′24″N 96°48′20″W

Dallas 1981
John Neely Bryan Cabin
More images
6604 610 Elm St.

32°46′47″N 96°48′25″W

Dallas 1962 Dallas Historical Plaza at Elm, Market & Main, Dallas
Juanita Craft House
More images
16679 2618 Warren Ave.

32°45′53″N 96°46′1″W

Dallas 2010
Lawrence Farmstead
More images
11831 701 E. Kearney St.

32°46′13″N 96°35′20″W

Mesquite 1998
Majestic Theatre
More images
6779 1925 Elm St.

32°47′1″N 96°47′40″W

Dallas 1983
Marcus House 12491 10 Nonesuch Rd.

32°49′26″N 96°44′45″W

Dallas 2001
Mark and Maybelle Lemmon House
More images
13536 3211 Mockingbird Ln.

32°50′17″N 96°47′4″W

Highland Park 2006 3211 Mockingbird Ln
Miller Log Cabin 6787 1717 Gano St.

32°46′20″N 96°47′19″W

Dallas 1965 in Old City Park
Millermore 6788 1717 Gano St.

32°46′20″N 96°47′20″W

Dallas 1962 in Old City Park
Moorland YMCA Building 17060 2700 Ann Williams Way

32°47′32″N 96°47′40″W

Dallas 2011 2700 Flora St., Dallas
Munger Place Methodist Church 6792 5200 Bryan St.

32°48′24″N 96°46′11″W

Dallas 1990
Nance Farm 6795 1325 Greenbrook Dr.

32°36′48″N 96°51′41″W

De Soto 1976
Oak Cliff Masonic Lodge 17818 115 S. Beckley Ave.

32°44′40″N 96°49′23″W

Dallas 2014 115 S. Beckley Avenue
Oak Cliff United Methodist Church 11833 549 E. Jefferson Blvd.

32°44′51″N 96°48′58″W

Dallas 1999
Old Cumberland Hill School
More images
6662 1901 N. Akard St.

32°47′14″N 96°48′11″W

Dallas 1971
Old Red Courthouse
More images
6811 100 S. Houston St.

32°46′45″N 96°48′25″W

Dallas 1977 Main, Houston and Commerce Sts.
Rawlins Homestead 6833 2219 Dowling St.

32°34′49″N 96°45′22″W

Lancaster 1964 FM 342 and Lancaster-Hutchins Rd.
Reichenstein Home 6836 4810 Cedar Springs Rd.

32°49′10″N 96°49′15″W

Dallas 1984 corner of Kings St. and Cedar Springs St. (at apartment complex office)
Robert and Marie Stubbs House 12611 6243 La Vista Dr.

32°48′47″N 96°45′24″W

Dallas 2001
Roberts House, Dr. R. A.
More images
6821 210 S. Broad St.

32°35′17″N 96°57′26″W

Cedar Hill 1984
Santa Fe Railroad Depot
More images
6877 393 N. Sixth St.

32°54′56″N 96°38′17″W

Garland 1974 State and 4th streets
Schulze House 6878 303 S. O'Connor Rd.

32°48′42″N 96°57′1″W

Irving 1986
St. Paul United Methodist Church
More images
17802 1816 Routh St.

32°47′32″N 96°47′47″W

Dallas 2013 In front of church on Routh Street
Sunset High School 18209 2120 W. Jefferson Blvd.

32°44′48″N 96°51′15″W

Dallas 2015
Texas School Book Depository Building, Formerly The⁕
More images
6895 411 Elm St.

32°46′47″N 96°48′30″W

Dallas 1981
Texas Theatre
More images
17723 231 W. Jefferson Blvd.

32°44′36″N 96°49′32″W

Dallas 2013
The Louis Wagner Home 6910 5320 Live Oak St.

32°48′23″N 96°46′3″W

Dallas 1979
The Magnolia (Mobil) Building
More images
6778 1401 Commerce St.

32°46′48″N 96°47′56″W

Dallas 1978 Commerce at Akard
Turtle Creek Pump Station
More images
6905 3630 Harry Hines Blvd.

32°48′0″N 96°48′59″W

Dallas 1983
Union Station
More images
6908 400 S. Houston St.

32°46′32″N 96°48′27″W

Dallas 1979
W. A. Strain Home 6891 400 E. Pecan St.

32°35′16″N 96°44′58″W

Lancaster 1977 at intersection with Lancaster - Hutchins
W. P. Cochran Homeplace 6653 9027 Midway Rd.

32°51′48″N 96°50′14″W

Dallas 1976 behind church
Wheatland Methodist Church 6919 8000 S. Hampton Rd.

32°38′59″N 96°51′15″W

Dallas 1965
White Rock Pump Station 6921 2900 White Rock Rd.

32°49′15″N 96°43′43″W

Dallas 1989
Winniford House 6925 1921 Nokomis Rd.

32°33′46″N 96°44′15″W

Lancaster 1994 just south of Lancaster city limits
Woodrow Wilson High School
More images
6923 100 S. Glasgow Dr.

32°48′21″N 96°45′3″W

Dallas 1989

Dawson County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Hardy Morgan House 2376 E of SH 137 1 mi. S of FM 828

32°43′42″N 101°54′8″W

Lamesa 1963 From Lamesa, 12 miles south on SH 137
M.C. Lindsey House 3160 602 S. Bryan Ave.

32°43′34″N 101°57′34″W

Lamesa 1962 602 South Bryan, Lamesa

Deaf Smith County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Deaf Smith Courthouse, 1910 1196 235 E. 3rd St.

34°49′5″N 102°23′53″W

Hereford 1965 Courthouse Square, 4th Street - Hereford
Hereford High School 16007 711 E. Park Ave.

34°49′22″N 102°23′46″W

Hereford 2009
The E. B. Black Residence
More images
5325 508 W. Third St.

34°48′52″N 102°24′17″W

Hereford 1978 508 W. 3rd Street -Hereford

Delta County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Ben Franklin Methodist Church 6941 5416 FM 128

33°28′18″N 95°46′3″W

Ben Franklin 1966 FM 38 and 128
Chapman Family Home 6931 Cooper 1966 1 mi. south Cooper, off Liberty Grove Road
Cooper Rail Depot 18129 700 W. Dallas Ave.

33°22′27″N 95°41′39″W

Cooper 2014 Delta County Museum
East Texas Normal College, Original Site of
More images
6935 E side 700 blk. SE First St.

33°22′11″N 95°41′16″W

Cooper 1967 SE 1st St.
First National Bank 6936 11 West Side Sq.

33°22′26″N 95°41′20″W

Cooper 1966 Main & B-24
George M. Terrell Home 6947 341 W. Waco Ave.

33°22′20″N 95°41′28″W

Cooper 1965
Methodist-Episcopal Church South 14751 5416 FM 128

33°28′18″N 95°46′3″W

Ben Franklin 1966
Thomas J. Lane Home 6940 Cooper 1967 Marker reported missing Aug. 2009.

Denton County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
1927 Denton City Hall 18096 221 N. Elm St.

33°12′59″N 97°8′2″W

Denton 2015
Aubrey First United Methodist Church 16799 113 W. Plum St.

33°18′8″N 96°59′17″W

Aubrey 2011 southeast corner of Plum and Maple
Campus Theatre
More images
15950 214 W. Hickory St.

33°12′54″N 97°8′4″W

Denton 2009 northeast corner of Hickory and Cedar Streets
Christal House 18102 722 W. Oak St.

33°12′57″N 97°8′25″W

Denton 2015
Cooper Creek School 17135 Fishtrap Rd. in Cooper Creek

33°14′28″N 97°4′48″W

Denton 2012 From Loop 288 go east on US 380 0.4 miles to the intersection of US 380 and Cooper Creek Road; North on Cooper Creek Road 0.5 Miles to the intersection of Cooper Creek Road and Fish Trap Road; Straight on Fish Trap Road (Cooper Creek Road turns left) 0.1
Denton County Courthouse
More images
1208 110 W. Hickory St.

33°12′54″N 97°7′58″W

Denton 1970 bounded by Hickory, Locust, Oak, Elm Streets
Denton Senior High School
More images
15689 709 W. Congress St.

33°13′9″N 97°8′25″W

Denton 2009 south side of Congress between Denton St. and Mounts Ave., north end of DISD's Calhoun Middle School Complex
Elm Fork Bridge 17887 FM 428 over Elm Fork Trinity River

33°18′25″N 97°2′32″W

Denton 2014 North side of FM 428 (Sherman Drive) between Denton and Aubrey at Green BeltPark at Lake Ray Roberts. Bridge is 5.4 miles NE of Loop 288 in Denton and FM 428 intersection. Bridge sits in original location beside the newer bridge on FM 428.
Evers House 18839 1035 W. Oak St.

33°12′55″N 97°8′38″W

Denton 2017 Southeast corner of W Oak St & Welch, A0996a, E Puchalski TR 28B
James Newton and Eva Tabor Rayzor House 17263 1003 W. Oak St.

33°12′55″N 97°8′33″W

Denton 2012 at south side of West Oak Street, facng north; 150 feet east of intersection of West Oak and Fulton Streets; located west of Carroll Blvd. in Oak-Hickory Historic District in Denton.
Lipscomb-Doggett House 18358 918 W. Oak St.

33°12′57″N 97°8′32″W

Denton 2016
Martin-Russell House 13907 811 W. Oak St.

33°12′55″N 97°8′27″W

Denton 2007 on S. side of Oak between Mounts Ave. and Fulton St.
Milliken House
More images
3385 231 W. Walters St.

33°2′54″N 96°59′51″W

Lewisville 1969 on N. side of Waters St. between W. Charles St. and Herod St.
Mounts House 18508 305 Mounts Ave.

33°13′0″N 97°8′26″W

Denton 2016 northwest corner of Mounts Ave. and Gregg St.
Mounts-Wright House 18511 403 Mounts Ave.

33°13′2″N 97°8′26″W

Denton 2016 northwest corner of Mounts Ave. & Haynes Street
Old Alton Bridge
More images
16364 E of Old Alton Rd. across Hickory Creek

33°7′45″N 97°6′13″W

Denton 2010 In Old Alton Bridge Park, east side of Old Alton Road, south of Teasley Lane (FM 2181)
Rayzor-Graham House 4207 928 W. Hickory St.

33°12′54″N 97°8′34″W

Denton 1989 N. side of W. Hickory St., between W. Welch St. and Denton St.
Roanoke Water Tower
More images
16351 104 S. Oak St.

32°59′54″N 97°13′45″W

Roanoke 2010 100 Block of South Oak Street, in Heritage Place
Sanger Presbyterian Church 100px]] 4568 401 N. Seventh St.

33°21′48″N 97°10′33″W

Sanger 1972 NW corner of 7th and Elm
Scripture-Deavenport House 4617 819 W. Oak St.

33°12′56″N 97°8′28″W

Denton 1980 on S. side of W. Oak between Mounts Ave. and Fulton St.
Silver Spur Saloon 15720 114 N. Oak St.

32°59′58″N 97°13′43″W

Roanoke 2009 southeast corner of N. Oak and Rusk Streets
Simmons-Maxwell House 18509 607 Pearl St.

33°13′1″N 97°8′16″W

Denton 2016

DeWitt County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Adolph Strieber 89 E entrance of cemetery, Westside Cemetery Rd.

28°59′25″N 97°31′14″W

Yorktown 1964 in Yorktown, take SH 119 northwest to city limits, make a left (south) and follow Laval road about 1/4 mile in Westside Cemetery
C. Eckhardt and Sons Building 593 144 W. Main St.

28°58′49″N 97°30′13″W

Yorktown 1965 Main and Eckhardt Streets, Yorktown
De Witt County Courthouse 1191 307 N. Gonzales St.

29°5′29″N 97°17′19″W

Cuero 1966 307 North Gonzales Street, Courthouse Square, Cuero
Eckhardt Ranch House 1378 2.7 mi. W of town S of SH 72

28°57′46″N 97°33′27″W

Yorktown 1975 (private) from Yorktown, go west about 2.7 miles from west limit (take private drive south .5 mile)
Emil Reiffert House 1474 304 W. Prairie St.

29°5′56″N 97°17′28″W

Cuero 1965 304 West Prairie Street, Cuero
English-German School 1484 201 E. Newman St.

29°5′9″N 97°17′30″W

Cuero 1965 201 East Neuman Street, Cuero
Gohmert-Summers House 2197 604 Terrell St.

29°5′44″N 97°17′28″W

Cuero 1972 606 Terrell Street, Cuero
Grace Episcopal Church 2236 102 E. Live Oak St.

29°5′33″N 97°17′23″W

Cuero 1966 Esplanade and Live Oak Streets, Cuero
Heaton-Breeden House 2420 310 Terrell St.

29°5′36″N 97°17′32″W

Cuero 1989 310 Terrell, Cuero
Holy Cross Catholic Church 12794 1214 Zorn Rd.

28°58′58″N 97°29′7″W

Yorktown 2001 1214 Zorn Rd.
John T. Wofford Home 2813 210 W. Reuss Blvd.

29°6′0″N 97°17′25″W

Cuero 1964 210 West Reuss Blvd., Cuero
Keller-Grunder House 2913 409 E. Morgan Ave.

29°5′11″N 97°17′19″W

Cuero 1979 409 East Morgan Avenue, Cuero
Knights of Pythias Hall, Jewel Lodge No. 103 15641 302 N. Esplanade St.

29°5′33″N 97°17′28″W

Cuero 2003
May-Hickey House 3266 1.7 mi. S of SH 111 W of FM 682

29°15′39″N 97°8′40″W

Yoakum 1988 2 miles southeast of SH 111/Irvine Street intersection, Yoakum
Municipal Power Plant
More images
3535 810 Front St.

29°17′8″N 97°9′4″W

Yoakum 1993 810 Front Street, Yoakum
Proctor-Green House 18226 307 Terrell St.

29°5′35″N 97°17′30″W

Cuero 2015
St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church 5037 Meyersville Rd. NE of H Haun Rd.

28°55′50″N 97°19′14″W

Cuero 1965 from Cuero, go south on US 183 about 10 miles, then take FM 237 about 2 miles east go north on county road about 1.25 miles, then west on CR .25 miles
Stagecoach Inn, 1856
More images
5093 S of CR 236 at CR 235

29°17′29″N 97°17′46″W

Hochheim 1964 from Hochheim, take Highway 183 south about 1.7 miles go west about .2 mile PRIVATE
The Alexander Hamilton House 5284 906 N. Esplanade St.

29°5′52″N 97°17′19″W

Cuero 1976 906 North Esplanade, Cuero
The Bates-Sheppard House 5288 312 E. Broadway St.

29°5′33″N 97°17′11″W

Cuero 1978 312 East Broadway, Cuero

DeWitt Co. Historical Museum

The Edward Mugge House 5327 218 Terrell St.

29°5′30″N 97°17′33″W

Cuero 1971 218 Terrell St., Cuero
The Robert Allert House 5415 610 N. Indianola St.

29°5′47″N 97°17′32″W

Cuero 1973 610 North Indianola, Cuero
The William Frobese Home 5452 305 E. Newman St.

29°5′7″N 97°17′24″W

Cuero 1970 305 East Newman, Cuero
Wofford, J. T., Home 14130 210 W. Reuss Blvd.

29°6′0″N 97°17′25″W

Cuero 1964

Dickens County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Dickens County Courthouse 1220 512 Montgomery St.

33°37′16″N 100°50′10″W

Dickens 1962 Courthouse Square, Hwy. 82, Dickens (marker is inside of courthouse)
Lisenby-Campbell House 14208 109 W. Hill St.

33°28′53″N 100°51′14″W

Spur 2003

Dimmit County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Bel-Asher 355 823 Forest St.

28°26′33″N 99°45′46″W

Asherton 1990 823 Forest Avenue, Asherton
Catarina Hotel 13124 19290 Catarina Blvd.

28°21′7″N 99°36′52″W

Catarina 2002 Catarina, 19290 South US Hwy. 83
Dimmit County Courthouse 12348 103 N. 5th St.

28°31′19″N 99°51′35″W

Carrizo Springs 2000
First Baptist Church
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1603 706 Houston St.

28°31′23″N 99°51′43″W

Carrizo Springs 1965 706 Houston St.
Valenzuela Ranch Headquarters 6979 E of US 83 S of Catarina along Valenzuela Creek

28°13′52″N 99°40′39″W

Catarina 1987 private property - not located

Donley County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Church of St. John Baptist 854 310 S. Parks St.

34°56′18″N 100°53′30″W

Clarendon 1971 At intersection of 3rd & Parks, Clarendon
Donley County Courthouse 13596 300 S. Sully St.

34°56′14″N 100°53′26″W

Clarendon 2006 300 S. Sully Street
S. W. Lowe House 4403 507 W. 5th St.

34°56′13″N 100°53′38″W

Clarendon 1982 507 W. 5th Street, Clarendon

Duval County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Merchants Exchange Bank 18231 NE corner, E. Railroad Ave. at N. Depot St.

27°35′55″N 98°24′48″W

Benavides 2015 Northeast Corner of Intersection of East Railroad Ave. and Depot Street.

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