List of Pennsylvania Civil War units

This is a list of Civil War units from Pennsylvania.


Volunteer Infantry

Note: There are "gaps" in the numbering for the infantry regiments. This is because Pennsylvania numbered all regiments, regardless of branch, in sequence depending on when the regiment was raised. For example, the 6th Cavalry was also numbered the 70th Volunteer Regiment since it was raised between the 69th Infantry and the 71st Infantry, thereby there is no 70th Infantry.

U.S. Colored Troops

Pennsylvania Reserves




Light Artillery

Independent Light Artillery Batteries

  • Battery A - garrison duty 1861–1865
  • Battery B (also known as Muehler's or Stevens' Battery, or 26th Indp't Battery, PA Artillery)
  • Battery C ("Thompson's Battery")
  • Battery D ("Durell's Battery")
  • Battery E ("Knap's Battery")
  • Battery F ("Hampton's Battery")
  • Battery G - garrison duty 1862–1865
  • Battery H - garrison duty 1862–1865
  • Battery I - garrison duty 1863–1865

Heavy Artillery

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