List of North Korean films

This is a list of North Korean films and film series from September 1948 to present. Films, and film parts or halves with names, that are part of film series or multi-part films are not included separately to keep the list shorter and more readable. For South Korean films from September 1948 see list of South Korean films. Earlier Korean films made during Japanese rule are in the list of Korean films of 1919–1948. For an alphabetical list of Korean language films, see list of Korean language films.

List of films

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Year(s) English title[lower-alpha 1] Original title Director Cast Genre Notes Ref(s)
1949My Home Village내 고향Kang Hong-sikYu Wonjun, Yu Kyongae, Mun YebongWar filmFirst North Korean feature film[3][4][5]
1950Announcing to the WorldDocumentary[6]
1950Righteous WarReleased during Korean War[7]
1950The Blast FurnaceMin ChongshikReleased during Korean War[8][5]
1950Guards on the Crossing (The Frontier Guards)Released during Korean War[9][5]
1951Boy PartisansYoon Yong-GyuDocumentaryReleased during Korean War[8][10]
1952Again to the FrontChon SanginReleased during Korean War[8][5]
1953The Combat Unit of a Fighter Plane[11]
1953ScoutsChon Dong-minPak Hak, Chon Unbong, Choe Unbong[12][11]
1956Never Can Live Like That[13]
1956The Road of Happiness[13]
1957Orang ChonRiyong Gyu YunHak Su Kim, Hyo Gyong Dzo, Un Bong Che, Dzong Bok Mun, Sob Pak
1959The Tale of 15 ChildrenWar movieReleased in two parts.[14]
1959Love the Future[13]
1963The SpinnerO Byong-cho
1965Boidchi annun dchonson
1968Sea of Blood피바다Choe Ik-gyuDramaReleased in two parts. Based on Korean revolutionary opera of same name.[15][16]
1970Naega cadshun gilSeng In ChenGil-sen Om, Hye-rim Song, Hak Pak, In-sun Hon, Hak-mag MunDrama
1972Flower Girl꽃파는 처녀Choe lk-gyu
Pak Hak
Winner of Prix Special at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival[17][18][19]
1976Ichulsu omnym saramKi Mo JungYae Yon Yung, Kyong Sun Yu, Tae Hyon Choe, In Hi U, Pyong Yun KimAction
1977A Fire Burning All Over the WorldA film about Kim family members' Kang Pan-sok's and Kim Hyong Gwon's revolutionary deeds. It was also the first film in which Kim Il-sung was portrayed.[20]
1978Center Forward[21][19]
1978–1981Unknown Heroes이름 없는 영웅들James Joseph DresnokA multi-part serial made between 1978–81. Also known as Unsung Heroes or Nameless Heroes[22]
1979Ummisadul sogese
1979An Jung Gung Shoots Ito HirobumiOm Gil-sonDramaPresented at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. Released in two parts. See An Jung-geun.[23][24][8]
1980The Tale of Chunhyang (1980)See The Tale of Chunhyang (1935)[25][22][16]
1982On the Juche IdeaShort film/DocumentarySee Juche
1982Wolmi Island월미도Historical/WarSee Wolmido[26][19]
1982The Forest Sways숲은 설레인다Yong-bok JangDrama[27][19]
1983The Anti-Japanese StruggleSee anti-Japanese struggle
1984A Hedgehog Defeats a TigerChildren's film[28][29]
1984An Emissary of No ReturnDoraoji annun milsaShin Sang-okShin's first film in North Korea. Based on a stage play named Bloody Conference[16]
1984Love, Love, My LoveSarang sarang nae sarangShin Sang-okChoi Eun-hee[30][16]
1984RunawayTalchulgiShin Sang-okConsidered by Shin to be his best North Korean film[31][16]
1985Hae uh juh Unjeh ggah jee
1985Pulgasari불가사리Shin Sang-okKaiju[16]
1985SaltSogumShin Sang-okChoi Eun-heeChoi won Best Actress award at Moscow Film Festival[16]
1985The Tale of Shim ChongSincheongjeonShin Sang-ok[16]
1986A Traffic Controller on CrossroadsPhyo Kwang[32]
1986Hong Kil Dong홍길동Kim Kil-inChang Son Hui, Gwon Ri, Riyonun Ri, Yong Ho Ri, Kenpachiro SatsumaFirst North Korean entertainment film[33][34][35]
1986Order No. 027Ki Mo Jung,
Eung Suk Kim
Sung Chol Cha,
Jeong Woon Kim
1986One Second for a FeatSekunda na podvigGil-sen Om, Eldor UrazbayevAndrei Martynov, Chhan-su Chve and Oleg AnofrievAdventure/WarDPR Korea/Soviet Union co-production
1986Kangrung chonyowa Pyöngyang dzholmuniYong Bok ChangKuang Chun Ryu, Ryon-gu Nam and In-suk Ro
1987A Bellflower도라지꽃Also known as A Broad Bellflower[37][19]
1987A Country I SawKo Hak RimPak Ki Ju, Kim Ryong Rin, Pak SongReleased in five parts[38][35]
1987My HappinessYoung-Ho KimOck Heel Kim[39]
1988From Spring to SummerUtomlyonnoye solntseNikita Orlov, San Bok PakElena Drobysheva, Chkhol Kim, Yuriy Kuznetsov, Aleksey Buldakov, Gyen Sob So, Yen-gin Kim, Yun-hon Kim, Tõnu MikiverA Soviet Union-North Korea co-production.[35][30]
1988GandaharFrench co-production.
1988Ten Zan – the Ultimate MissionFerdinando Baldi
Pak Jong-ju
Italian co-production.[22]
1988Utomlyonnoye solntseNikita Orlov, San Bok PakElena Drobysheva, Chkhol Kim and Yuriy KuznetsovDPR Korea/Soviet Union co-production.
1990sFighting AnimalsNature documentaryAt least 5 volumes of the documentary film series exist. It was made by Joseon Science Film Studio. In 2006 the documentary raised concern that animals at Korea Central Zoo were being mistreated.[40]
1990From 5p.m. to 5a.m.[41][19]
1990Prince Ho Dong and Princess of RaknangChildren's film[42][29]
1990The Shore of RescueBereg SpasenyaArya-zhav Dashiev, Ryu-kho SonDmitry Matveev, Viktor Stepanov, Boris Nevzorov, Vitaly Serov, Aleksandr SlastinThe last Soviet Union-North Korea co-production.[35]
1992-2003 Nation and Destiny Multi-part film released in 62 parts (58 in cinemas from 1992 to 2002, 3 in home video in 2003) [43][44]
1993An Unattached Unit[45][19]
1993An Urban Girl Comes to Get MarriedComedy/Drama[46]
1994Always Working Together for the PeopleDocumentary
1994Bear's Hill and Rabbit's HillChildren's film
1994My Village at SunsetNorodom SihanoukNorodom Sihamoni, San Chariya and Mam KanikaRomance/DramaCambodia co-production
1994Oh, Youth!청춘이여!ComedyAlso known as Young People[47][22]
1996Quiet Front LineWar
1997Myself in the Distant Future먼 후날의 나의 모습Jang In-hak[48]
1999Chu uk sok eh Young won han ree ran
2000Korean Women's Costume, Chima and JogoriDocumentarySee Hanbok[49][50]
2000Marathon RunnerLi Chju HoJong Song OkDrama
2000Mt. Chilbo, Noted Mountain of KoreaDocumentarySee Mt. Chilbo[50][51]
2000Souls Protest살아있는 령혼들Kim Chun-song[52]
2001On the Green Carpet푸른 주단우에서Rim Chang-bomRomantic comedy[53]
2001Welcome to Pyongyang Animal Park어서오세요Yoon ChanComing-of-age story
2002Historic Relics in PyongyangDocumentary[54][50]
2002In the Days of Creating Extravaganza "Arirang"Documentary[50]
2002Spirit of Korean Celadon청자의 넋Phyo Kwang
2002The Blood Stained Route Map피묻은 약패Phyo KwangReleased in two halves[55]
2003Our Fragrance우리의 향기Jon Jong PalComedy
2005They Were Common Fighters그들은 평범한 전사들이였다
2005Empress Chung왕후 심청Nelson ShinNorth-South co-production. Unusually for Korean film industry, the character voices were separately recorded in both North and South due to differences in dialect.
2006Pyongyang International Film FestivalDocumentarySee Pyongyang International Film Festival[50]
2006Pyongyang Nalpharam평양 날파람Phyo Kwang
Maeng Cheol-min
2006The Schoolgirl's Diary한 녀학생의 일기Jang In-hakPak Mi-hyang, Kim Chol, Kim Yong-sukAlso known in alternate titles A Schoolgirl’s Diary and The Journal of a Schoolgirl. Distributed in limited release abroad.[57][35]
2007A Butterfly and a CockChildren's film[58][29]
2007A Present from the Old TreeChildren's film[59][29]
2007Extraordinary Crime Against Humanity of the 20th CenturyDocumentary[60][50]
2007Swordtail BrothersChildren's film[61][29]
2007The 25th April Spring Friendship Art FestivalDocumentary[50]
2007The Boy Takes RevengeChildren's film[62][29]
2007The Idle PigChildren's film[63][29]
2007The Oriole's SongChildren's film[64][29]
2008The Kites Flying in the Sky하늘을 나는 연들Phyo Kwang
Kim Hyon-chol
2008The Respected Comrade Supreme Commander Is Our Destiny경애하는 최고사령관동지는 우리의 운명Documentary[66]
2010Along the Climbing Route of Love for PeopleDocumentary[67][50]
2011Brighter is our FutureKim Yong[68]Kim Chol-nam[68][69][68]
2011Case ClosedChong Yong-min[68]Choe Kyong-hui[68][70][68]
2011Do People Know YouRi Kwan-am[68]Mun Jong-ae[68][71][68]
2011Flower in Snow눈속에 핀 꽃[72][68]
2011The Morning Glow of the Countryside[73][68]
2012Comrade Kim Goes Flying김동무는 하늘을 난다Kim Gwang Hun, Nicholas Bonner, Anja DaelemansRomantic comedyA joint British-Belgian-North Korean production.[74]
2012The Daisy Girl[75][68]
2012The Explosive Remover[76][68]
2015Rice Flower벼꽃
The Tale of Hung Bu[77]
The Family of Choe Hak Sin[78]
A Locomotive Engineer's Son[79]
On the Railways[80]
The Path to AwakeningOm Kil-son[81] Released in two parts.[82]
When We Pick Apples[83]
A Flourishing Village[84]
Black Rose[85]
The Girl Barber[86]
The Story of a Nurse[87]
You've Taken Me Wrong[88]
To the End of the Earth[89]
An Unforgettable Man[90]
The Songs Sung on the Frontline[91]
I'll Beat the Drum[92]
The Prosecutor Accuses[93]
Notes of a War Correspondent[94]
We Are the Happiest[95]
The Red Maple LeavesReleased in seven parts.[96]
Flying Circus[97]
A Day at the Pleasure Ground[98]
The Tale of On Dal[99]
Our Street[100]
Song of Love[101]
A New Legend on the Piryu[102]
The Story of the Kayagum[103]
A Day Before[104]
Run and Run[105]
The Girl We Met on Our Trip[106]
Ask Yourself[107]
The Story of a Blooming Flower[108]
Let's Go to Mt. KumgangSee Mt. Kumgang[109]
CradleReleased in two parts.[110]
Unqualified Sense of Duty[111]
Harang and General JinReleased in two parts.[112]
We Met Again on Mt. MyohyangSee Mt. Myohyang[113]
An Ambitious Girl[114]
A Happy Family with Songs[115]
An Obliging Girl[116]
Kwangju AppealsSee Kwangju uprising[117]
An Architect's StoryReleased in two parts.[118]
The Dear Nest[119]
After a Long Separation[120]
Rim Kkok JongReleased in five parts[121]
In Their Noble Image[122]
Don't Wait for Us[123]
The Road to the FrontReleased in two halves[124]
Morning Star[125]
My Mother Was a Hunter[126]
Song of Memories[127]
Stretcher Platoon Leader[128]
The Outpost Line[129]
What I Must Do[130]
Japanese Invasion in 1592See Imjin War. Released in three parts[131]
Affection-Permeated LandReleased in two halves[132]
They Met on the Taedong RiverReleased in two parts[133]
Two Families in Haeun-dong[134]
Eternal Comrade-in-Arms[135]
A Life Full of Ups and DownsReleased in four parts[136]
The Third Golden Medal[137]
Airman Kil Yong Jo[138]
Mother's Happiness[139]
Notes of a Woman Soldier[140]
Traces of LifeReleased in two halves[141]
Their Life ContinuesReleased in two parts[142]
My Father[143]
Trunks Grow from RootsReleased in two parts[144]
My Last Home[145]
InheritanceReleased in two parts[146]
Kang Ho Yong[147]
The Lieutenant of Those Days[148]
The Call of the Naval Port[149]
The Great Bear[150]
The White Birch of Mt. Paektu[151]
White GemReleased in two parts[152]
A Day of Training[155]
Song of the East SeaReleased in two parts[156]
This Is My Hometown[158]
The Name Given by the Era[159]
The Poplar Company[160]
My Family[161]
Our Political Instructor[162]
Bright SunshineReleased in two parts. Also known as Lovely Sunshine[163][30]
The Wheels of Happiness[164]
Brotherly Feeling[165]
The Big-game Hunter[166]
The World-famous PeakDocumentary[168]
Mt. Kuwol, A Scenic Spot by the West Sea of KoreaDocumentarySee Mt. Kuwol[169]
Mt. JongbangDocumentary[170]
The End of the US Armed Spy Ship ''Pueblo''DocumentarySee USS Pueblo (AGER-2)[171]
Aspect of PyongyangDocumentary[172]
The Secret of Nano AdditionDocumentaryA multi-part documentary[173]
The Turtle-ship, a Pride of Korean NationDocumentarySee Turtle ship[174]
Profitable Sea Cucumber FarmingDocumentary[175]
Growth HormoneDocumentary[176]
Korean Traditional Dish-SsukttokDocumentary[177]
Earthquake – Moving Flat MassDocumentaryA multi-part documentary.[178]
Let's Prevent Bird FluDocumentary[179]
Bears and RabbitsChildren's film[180]
Keep Traffic RulesChildren's filmA multi-part film. The first part is named Chol Nam's Ball[181]
Let Us Take Medicine in TimeChildren's film, Educational film[182]
Crabs and a CraneChildren's film[183]
Reception of Metal SamplesChildren's film[184]
Brother's Feelings[8]
Call of Naval Port[8]
Changes of Pyongyang During the Forced March[8]
A Checkered Life[8]
Daughter of War Veteran[8]
The Defenders of Height 1211[8]
Ding of Love[8]
The Earth of Love[8]
Everlasting Comrade-in-ArmsOm Kil-son[81]
The Evil Night[8]
A Far-Off Islet[8]
A Fate of Kum Hui and Un HuiOm Kil-son[81][8]
Female Medical Doctor[8]
Five Guerilla BrothersOm Kil-son[81][8]
Follow What We Are Doing[8]
Forever in Our Memory[30]
The 14th Winter[30]
Girls in My Hometown[30]
Green Shoulder-Strap[30]
The Lieutenant in Those Days[30]
Lightning and Thunder[30]
The Man Who Remained in My Heart[30]
Military Service[30]
MoranbongSee Moranbong[30]
A Mother's Hope[30]
My New Family[30]
The Name Given by the Era[30]
Namgang Village Women[30]
The Name Given by the Era[30]
Orang River[12]
Our Life[12]
Paek Il Hong[12]
A Photo[12]
The Problem in My Wife's Parents' Home[12]
The Problem in Our Family[12]
The Problem of Elder Brother's Family[12]
The Problem of Our Downstairs Neighbor[12]
The Problem of Our Upstairs Neighbor[12]
The Problem of Son-in-Law's Family[12]
A Red AgitatorThe movie was awarded with the People's Prize in 1962.[12][185]
The Red Flower[12]
Red Wings[12]
Rescued on the Shore[12]
Revenge in the Tiger Cage[12]
Righteous Struggle[12]
The Road I Found[12]
Scenery of Seoul in War[12]
The Separation[22]
A Silver Hairpin[22]
Snow Melts in SpringAlso known as Thaw.[22]
Son Comes Back Home[22]
Song Chung-hyan[22]
Star of KoreaOm Kil-son[81]
The Sun of the NationOm Kil-son[81]
Squirrel and Hedgehog[22]
A Tale of Noblemen[22]
This is Where My Life Was Settled[22]
Thousand Miles Along the Railroad[22]
True Life Continues[22]
A Waiting Girl[22]
We Must Not Return[22]
Woman Warrior of Koryo[22]
Young People Bloom Their Native Land[22]
Youth in Ship "Seagull"[22]
Daughter of the SunThe movie was awarded with the People's Prize in 1962.[185]
Demarcation Line in the TownThe movie was awarded with the People's Prize in 1962.[185]
SunflowerThe movie was awarded with the People's Prize in 1962.[185]
6,25 (June 25)Documentary[186]

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