List of New Zealand films

This is a list of feature films produced or filmed in New Zealand, ordered by year of release.

This film, television or video-related list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it with reliably sourced additions.



Title Director(s) Genre Notes
HinemoaGaston MélièsFirst NZ feature film; lost[1]
How Chief Te Ponga Won His BrideGaston Mélièslost[1]
Loved by a Maori ChieftessGaston Mélièslost[1][2]
The River WanganuiGaston MélièsDocumentary
HinemoaGeorge TarrRomanceFirst feature film with a NZ producer and director;[3] lost[2]
A Maori Maid's LoveRaymond Longfordlost[2]
The Mutiny of the BountyRaymond Longfordlost[2]
The TestRawdon Blandfordmelodramalost[2]


Title Director Genre Notes
BeyondWilliam Desmond Taylorlost[2]
The BetrayerBeaumont Smithlost[2]
The Bloke from Freemans BayRudall Hayward
The Birth of New ZealandHarrington ReynoldsEarliest New Zealand film of which footage (fragments only) are known to still exist.[2]
My Lady of the CaveRudall Hayward
Ten Thousand Miles in the Southern CrossGeorge TarrDocumentary/travelogue
The Romance of Sleepy HollowHenry J. Makepeacelost[2]
Rewi's Last StandRudall Haywardfragments only remain[2]
Venus of the South SeasJames R. Sullivan
The Adventures of AlgyBeaumont Smith
Glorious New ZealandArthur Messengerdocumentary[2]
Carbine's HeritageEdwin Coubray (Ted)lost[2]
The Romance of Hine-moaGustav Paulilost[2][4]
The Te Kooti TrailRudall Hayward
Under the Southern CrossGustav Paulilost[2]
The Bush CinderellaRudall Hayward
Under the Southern CrossLew Collinsa.k.a. The Devil's Pit or Taranga. Only fragments remain[2]


Title Director Genre Notes
The Romance Of MaorilandEdward T. BrownNever released. Intended as New Zealand's first feature-length "talkie". 30 minutes of footage only remain.[2]
Romantic New ZealandtravelogueNew Zealand's first released "talkie" film.[2]
Down on the FarmStewart PittNew Zealand's first non-documentary "talkie". Fragments only remain. First film shot entirely in the South Island.[2]
Hei TikiAlexander Markeya.k.a. Primitive Passions, A Saga of the Maoris.[2]
New Zealand's Charm: A Romantic Outpost of EmpireCyril James MortonScenic[5]
Magic Playgrounds in New Zealand's GeyserlandScenic[5]
Phar Lap's SonA. L. Lewisa.k.a. Phar Lap's Son?. Lost.[2]
On the Friendly RoadRudall HaywarddramaFeatures early New Zealand media personality Colin Scrimgeour in a lead role, playing his radio persona, "Uncle Scrim".
The Wagon and the StarJ. J. W. PollarddramaOnly one reel remains.[2]
New Zealand Review no.1, Holiday SoundsScenic[5]
New Zealand Review No.5, Mountain HolidayScenic[5]


Title Director Genre Notes
Rewi's Last StandRudall HaywardHistorical drama/War[6]
One Hundred Crowded YearsOfficial Centennial film
Sands of Iwo JimaAllan DwanWarLocation shooting for Hollywood film.[6]


Title Director Genre Notes
British Empire Games 1950Documentary[2]
Broken BarrierJohn O'SheaDrama[6]
The SeekersKen AnnakinAdventureLocation shooting for British film with NZ setting.[6]
Battle CryRaoul WalshWarLeon Uris novel set in NZ, starring Van Heflin, James Whitmore and Tab Hunter[6]
Until They SailRobert WiseWartime RomanceLocation shooting at Sumner for Hollywood film set in NZ[6]


Title Director Genre Notes
140 Days Under the WorldGeoffrey ScottDocumentary1965 Academy Award Nominee: Documentary Short.[7]
RunawayJohn O'SheaDramaFirst film appearance for several noted New Zealand media personalities, including Selwyn Muru, Barry Crump, and Kiri Te Kanawa.[2]
Don't Let It Get YouJohn O'SheaComedy[8]
Young Guy on Mt. Cook (ja:Nyu jirando no wakadaishô)Jun FukudaLocation shooting of Japanese film[6]


Title Director Genre Notes
To Love a MaoriRudall HaywardShot on 16mm. New Zealand's first colour feature film; Hayward's last film.[6]
Rangi's CatchMichael ForlongChildren's dramaFilm debut of Temuera Morrison[2]
Games '74John King, Sam Pillsbury, Paul Maunder, Arthur EverardSports documentary
LandfallPaul Maundershot on 16mm[6]
Test Pictures: Eleven Vignettes from a RelationshipGeoff StevenDramashot on 16mm[6]
The God BoyMurray ReeceDramaTelemovie[6]
Off the EdgeMichael FirthSkiing[6]
Sleeping DogsRoger DonaldsonDrama/actionFirst NZ film to open in the U.S.
SoloTony Williams
Wild ManGeoff Murphy
Angel MineDavid BlythFantasy[9] Art New Zealand
Died in the WoolBrian McDuffieWhodunnittelemovie
Colour SchemePeter Sharpwhodunnittelemovie
Skin Deep *Geoff StevenDrama[6]
Jack Winter's DreamDavid Simstelemovie
Middle Age Spread*†John ReidComedyshot on 16mm
Sons for the Return Home*†Paul MaunderDrama


Title Director Genre Notes
Beyond Reasonable Doubt *John LaingDramaBased on the true story of the Crewe murders and wrongful conviction of Arthur Allan Thomas
SqueezeRichard Turnershot on 16mm
A Woman of Good CharacterDavid BlythHistorical drama[10] AKA Lizzie; shot on 16mm
Bad Blood *Mike NewelldramaNZ-British co-production[6]
Dead Kids / Strange Behaviour / ShadowlandMichael Laughlin[6]
Goodbye Pork Pie *Geoff Murphycomedy, road movie[6]
Pictures† *Michael Black[6] Entered into the 12th Moscow International Film Festival
Race for the Yankee ZephyrDavid HemmingsactionAustralia - NZ co-production[6]
Smash Palace *Roger Donaldsondrama[6]
WildcatRoss Prosser, Russel Campbell, Alister Barryshot on 16mm[6]
Carry Me Back† *John Reidcomedy[6]
The Scarecrow *Sam Pillsbury[6]
(reissued as Warlords of the 21st Century)
Harley CoklissactionHollywood film shot on location[6]
Among the Cinders† *Rolf HädrichDrama[11]
Hang on a Minute Mate!Alan Lindsaytelemovie[6]
Heart of the StagMichael FirthDrama[6]
It's Lizzie to Those Close† *David Blythshot on 16mm[6]
Merry Christmas, Mr. LawrenceNagisa OshimaWarlocation shooting for British-Japanese co-production[6]
Patu!† *Merata Mitadocumentary[6]
Savage Islands (a.k.a. Nate and Hayes)†Ferdinand FairfaxAdventure[6]
Second Time LuckyMichael Andersoncomedy[6]
StrataGeoff Steven[6]
TrespassesPeter Sharp[6]
Utu *Geoff Murphyhistorical actionScreened at the 1983 Cannes Film Festival[6]
Wild Horses† *Derek MortonDrama[12]
War YearsPat McGuire[6]
ConstanceBruce MorrisonDrama[6]
The BountyRoger DonaldsonAdventureLocation shooting for Australian/US production[6]
Came a Hot FridayIan Munecomedy[13]
Death Warmed Up† *David Blythhorror/thriller[6]
Iris a.k.a. Out of TimeTony IsaacBiography dramaTelemovie[14]
Other HalvesJohn Laingdrama[6]
The Silent One *Yvonne MackayDramafilmed in the Cook Islands[15]
Vigil *Vincent WardDramaNominated for Palme D'Or at the 1984 Cannes Film Festival[16]
Bridge to Nowhere *Ian Mune[6]
Came a Hot Friday *Ian Munecomedy[6]
Dangerous Orphans *John LaingAction
Hot TargetDenis Lewistonsex thrillerLocation shooting for US film[6]
KingpinMike WalkerdramaEntered into the 14th Moscow International Film Festival
The Lost TribeJohn Lainghorror[6]
Mr Wrong *Gaylene Prestonhorror
The Quiet Earth *Geoff MurphyDrama/sci-fi/mystery[6]
Shaker RunBruce MorrisonAction/thriller
SylviaMichael Firthbiographical film[6]
Footrot Flats: The Dog's TaleMurray Ballanimated film[6]
Mark II*John Anderson[6]
Pallet on the FloorLynton Butler[6]
Queen City Rocker *Bruce Morrison[6]
Bad Taste *Peter JacksonComedy/horror/sci-fi
Illustrious Energy *Leon Narbey[6]
Mauri *Merata Mita[6]
Ngati *Barry Barclay[6]
The GrasscutterIan Muneaction/thriller[6]
Just Me and MarioGreg StittComedy
The Navigator: A Mediaeval Odyssey *Vincent Wardfantasy[6] Entered into the 1988 Cannes Film Festival
Never Say DieGeoff Murphyaction
Send a Gorilla *Melanie Read[6]
A Soldier's TaleLarry ParrRomantic drama[17]
Meet the Feebles*Peter Jacksonblack comedy[6]


Title Director Genre Notes
An Angel at My Table *Jane Campionbiography[6]
Flying Fox in a Freedom Tree*Martyn Sandersondrama[6]
Ruby and Rata *Gaylene Preston[6]
The End of the Golden WeatherIan Mune
GrampireDavid Blythcomedy/horror/kidsAKA My Grandpa Is a Vampire
Old ScoresAlan Claytoncomedy/sport
A Soldier's TaleLarry Parrwar/drama
Te RuaBarry Barclay
Alex*Megan Simpson Hubermansport /drama
Absent Without LeaveJohn LaingWorld War IIEntered into the 18th Moscow International Film Festival
BraindeadPeter JacksonSplatter/Horror
Chunuk BairDale G. BradleyWar
CrushAlison MacleanEntered into the 1992 Cannes Film Festival
Bread and Roses*Gaylene Prestonbiography
Desperate RemediesStewart Main, Peter Wellssurrealist melodramaScreened at the 1993 Cannes Film Festival
The PianoJane Campiondrama/romanceWon the Palme d'Or at Cannes
The TommyknockersJohn PowerHorror TV Mini-SeriesUS production filmed in New Zealand[18]
Heavenly Creatures*Peter JacksonDrama/romance/crime
Once Were WarriorsLee TamahoriDrama
Bonjour Timothy*
Cinema of UneaseSam Neill, Judy RymerDocumentary
Forgotten SilverCosta Botes, Peter Jacksonmockumentary
Broken EnglishGregor Nicholasdrama/romance
ChickenGrant La Hoodcomedy
Jack Brown GeniusTony HilesProduced by Peter Jackson
Flight of the AlbatrossWerner Meyer
Someone Else's CountryAlistair BarryDocumentary
The Frighteners*Peter Jacksoncomedy/horror
The Whole of the Moon*Ian Mune
Out of the DarkKeith HunterDocumentary
AberrationTim BoxellHorrorStarring Pamela Gidley, Simon Bossell
Lost Valley[19]Dale G. Bradley
Topless Women Talk About Their LivesHarry Sinclair
The UglyScott Reynolds
Memory and DesireNiki Caro
Saving GraceCosta Botesromance
Channelling BabyChristine Parker
I'll Make You HappyAthina Tsoulis
Savage HoneymoonMark Beesley
Scarfies*Robert Sarkiesblack comedy
What Becomes of the Broken Hearted?Ian Munedrama


Title Director Genre Notes
The Irrefutable Truth About Demons*Glenn StandringHorror, Thriller [20]
Jubilee*Michael HurstComedy[21]
The Price of Milk*Harry SinclairComedy [22]
Crooked EarthSam PillsburyDrama [23]
Kung Fu Vampire KillersPhil Davison[24]
Her MajestyMark J. Gordoncoming-of-age
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the RingPeter JacksonfantasyU.S. & NZ funded film produced in New Zealand
RainChristine Jeffscoming-of-age
SnakeskinGillian AshurstThriller/road movie
StickmenHamish Rothwell
Vertical LimitMartin CampbellAction/DramaSome scenes filmed in New Zealand
The Lord of the Rings: The Two TowersPeter JacksonfantasyU.S. & NZ funded film produced in New Zealand
In a Land of PlentyAlistair BarryDocumentary
Tongan NinjaJason StutterAction comedy[25]
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the KingPeter JacksonfantasyU.S. & NZ funded film produced in New Zealand
The Last SamuraiEdward ZwickU.S produced film shot in New Zealand
The LocalsGreg PageSupernatural Thriller[26]
Whale Rider*Niki Carodrama
ChristmasGreg KingDrama/Comedy
FractureLarry Parr Drama Based on Crime Story by Maurice Gee[27]
Without a PaddleSteven Brill ComedyAmerican film shot in New Zealand
MurmursElric Kane and Alexander GreenhoughDrama
In My Father's DenBrad McGannDrama
SpookedGeoff Murphy
50 Ways of Saying FabulousStewart Maindrama
King KongPeter Jacksonadventure
Banana in a NutshellRoseanne LiangDocumentary
River QueenVincent Wardhistorical drama
The World's Fastest Indian *Roger Donaldsonbiography
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the WardrobeAndrew AdamsonFantasy/adventure
Meet Me in MiamiEric Hannah and Iren Koster Comedy
Memories of TomorrowAmit TripuraneniDrama/thriller
No. 2Toa Fraser
Perfect CreatureGlenn Standringhorror/thriller
Buddha Wild: Monk in a HutAnna Wildingdocumentary
Sione's WeddingChris Grahamcomedy/romance
Kissy KissyElric Kane and Alexander GreenhoughDrama
The FerrymanChris Grahamhorror
The Waimate ConspiracyStefen HarrisDrama
Out of the BlueRobert Sarkiesdrama (based on true events)
Black SheepJonathan KingComedy/horror
The TattooistPeter Burger Horror New Zealand and Singapore co-production[28]
A Song of GoodGregory King [29]
Down by the RiversideMarama Killen
Brad Davison
Film noir/horror
The Devil Dared Me ToChris Stapp
Bridge to TerabithiaGabor Csubo drama American film shot in New Zealand
We're Here To HelpJonothan CullinaneKafkaesque comedy
Men Shouldn't SingSarah Higginson and Michael Bell Musical
The Last Magic ShowAndy ConlanComedy romance
Pictures of You
30 Days of NightDavid SladeHorror
The Vintner's LuckNiki Caro
Show of HandsAnthony McCartenRomantic comedyFilmed in New Plymouth, Nov-Dec 2007[30]
Eagle vs SharkTaika WaititiRomantic Comedy
Second Hand WeddingPaul MurphyRomantic comedy
Rain of the ChildrenVincent WardDocumentary
Taking the Waewae ExpressAndrea BosshardDrama
Dean SpanleyToa FraserDrama
BLACKSPOTBen HawkerThriller
Untitled Charles Upham biopic
Last of the LivingLogan McMillanComedy horror
AvatarJames CameronPrincipal live photography in Wellington studios, plus digital fx work
The Lovely BonesPeter Jackson
Under the MountainJonathan KingFantasyBased on the children's book of the same name by Maurice Gee which was also adapted into a television miniseries
Jumping in PuddlesNick Hitchens and Jonathan WarnerDocumentary
The Strength of WaterArmagan BallantyneDrama[31]
Separation CityPaul Middleditch


Title Director Genre Notes
Kawa-Nights in the Gardens of SpainKatie WolfeDrama
WoundDavid BlythHorror
MatarikiMichael BennettDrama
BoyTaika WaititiComedy/drama
PredicamentJason StutterComedyBased on the Ronald Hugh Morrieson novel[32]
BloodlinesPeter BurgerCrime/Drama
The Insatiable MoonRosemary RiddellComedy/drama[33]
The Hopes & Dreams of Gazza SnellBrendan DonovanComedy/family
The Devil's RockPaul CampionHorror
Love BirdsPaul Murphy
My Wedding and Other SecretsRoseanne Liang
The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the UnicornSteven SpielbergFamily/adventure
Operation 8: Deep in the ForestErrol Wright and Abi King-JonesDocumentary
The Most Fun You Can Have DyingKirstin Marcon
Dreamer by DesignDavid ChanComedy/drama[34]
TrackerIan SharpAction/Thriller
Sione's 2: Unfinished BusinessSimon BennettComedySequel to the Sione's Wedding (2006)[35]
Good for NothingMike WallisComedy/Thriller/Western
Ghost TVPhil Davison
The Hobbit: An Unexpected JourneyPeter JacksonFantasyU.S. & NZ funded film produced in New Zealand
The Red HouseAlyx DuncanDrama
Kiwi FlyerTony SimpsonFamily/Comedy
White Lies Dana Rotberg Drama
EternityAlex GalvinDrama/sci-fi/mystery
ShoppingMark Albiston, Louis SutherlandDrama
The Hobbit: The Desolation of SmaugPeter JacksonFantasyU.S. & NZ funded film produced in New Zealand
The Confessions of Prisoner TMicheal BennettDocumentary
Romeo & Juliet: A Love Song Tim van Dammen Rock opera Based on William Shakespeare's tragedy Romeo & Juliet[36]
Gardening with Soul Jess Feast Documentary [37]
The Weight of Elephants Daniel Joseph Borgman Drama [38]
Giselle Toa Fraser Documentary [39]
Fantail Curtis Vowell Drama [40]
He Toki Huna: New Zealand in Afghanistan Kay Ellmers Documentary [41]
Sheen of Gold Simon Ogston Documentary [42]
Us and the Game Industry Stephanie Beth Documentary [43]
Edwin: My Life as a Koont Jason Stutter Mockumentary, Comedy [44]
Ghost Bride David Blyth Horror, Romance [45]
Crackheads Andy Sophocleus, Tim Tsiklauri Comedy [46][47]
SyreniaFraser GrutFantasy/family
What We Do in the ShadowsTaika Waititi, Jemaine ClementComedy/horror[48]
HouseboundMorgana O'Reilly, Cameron RhodesComedy/horror[49]
The Pā BoysHimiona GraceMusic/drama[50]
The Dark HorseJames Napier RobertsonDramaBiopic based on the true story of chess player Genesis Potini[51]
Erebus: Operation OverduePeter Burger, Charlotte PurdyDocudramaBased on the true story of the recovery operation of the Mt Erebus disaster
Pirates of the AirwaysCharlie HaskellDocumentaryBased on the true story of Radio Hauraki
The Dead LandsToa FraserAction/horrorIt was premièred in the Special Presentations section at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival
Hip Hop-erationBryn EvansDocumentary
The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five ArmiesPeter JacksonFantasyU.S. & NZ funded film produced in New Zealand
Tūmanako/Hope Susy Pointon Documentary [52]
3 Mile Limit Craig Newland Drama [53]
Urban Turban Devesh Singh Drama, Romance Fiji/NZ Bollywood film[46]
The Cure David Gould Action thriller [54]
Jake Doug Dillaman Drama, Sci-fi, Comedy [55]
Everything We Loved Max Currie Drama [56]
Contract Killers Mathew John Pearson Action Thriller [46]
Beyond the Edge Leanne Pooley Documentary [57]
Orphans and Kingdoms Paolo Rotondo Drama [58]
Aunty and the Star People Gerard Smyth Documentary [59]
Erewhon Gavin Hipkins Essay [60]
Hot Air Alister Barry, Abi King-Jones Documentary [61]
REALITi Jonathan King Thriller, Sci-Fi [62]
Voices of the Land: Nga Reo o te Whenua Paul Wolffram Documentary [63]
notes to eternitySarah CorderyDocumentary[64]
DeathgasmJason Lei HowdenComedy/horror
The Dead RoomJason StutterHorror
Turbo KidFrançois Simard, Anouk Whissell and Yoann-Karl WhissellAction/adventure/comedy/superhero/post-apocalyptic
25 AprilLeanne PooleyDocumentary
Ghost Shark 2: Urban JawsAndrew Todd, Johnny HallComedy/horror
Born To DanceTammy DavisAction/sport
Belief: The Possession of Janet MosesDavid StubbsDocodramaBased on the true story of the exorcism of Janet Moses
AbandonedJohn LaingDramaBased on the true story of the Rose-Noelle
Slow West John McLean Action/adventure, Drama [65]
Lexi Wayne Turner Drama [66]
MahanaLee TamahoriAction/dramaBased on the novel Bulibasha by Witi Ihimaera
Penny Black (film)Joe HitchcockRoad Movie
Orphans and KingdomsPaolo RotondoDrama
Hunt for the WilderpeopleTaika WaititiComedyBased on the novel Wild Pork and Watercress by Barry Crump
Tickled David Farrier, Dylan Reeve Documentary
Pork PieMatt MurphyComedy/Road MovieRemake of Goodbye Pork Pie
Kiwi ChristmasTony SimpsonFamily
WaruBriar Grace-Smith, Casey Kaa, Ainsley Gardiner, Katie Wolfe, Chelsea Cohen, Renae Maihi, Paula Jones, Awanui Simich-PeneDrama
6 DaysToa FraserDrama/Thriller
The ChangeoverMiranda Harcourt, Stuart McKenzieFantasy/ThrillerBased on the novel The Changeover by Margaret Mahy
Human TracesNic GormanDrama/Thriller
The Wizard & the Commodore - Chathams Islands New ZealandSamuel A. MillerMondo Documentary
The Breaker UpperersMadeleine Sami, Jackie van BeekComedy
BrokenTarry MortlockDramaInspired by true events
Mortal EnginesChristian RiversFantasy/ThrillerFilmed in NZ, a U.S./NZ co-production based on the novel Mortal Engines by Philip Reeve
Mega Time Squad Tim van Dammen Sci-fi, Action, Comedy [67]
Daffodils David StubbsDrama
For My Father's KingdomVea Mafile'o, Jeremiah TauamitiDocumentary
BellbirdHamish BennettDrama
Come to DaddyAnt TimpsonHorror
Brown BoysHans MasoeComedy
Take Home PayStallone Vaiaoga-IoasaComedy

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