List of National Natural Landmarks in Virginia

The following table lists the 10 National Natural Landmarks within Virginia in the eastern United States. They are administered by the United States National Park Service.

Name Image Date Location County Ownership Description
1 Butler Cave- Breathing Cave 1973 Bath Private Two major cave systems that contain a 40-foot (12 m) waterfall, a natural bridge, unusually fine crystalline formations, and an underground lake. Access is managed by the Butler Cave Conservation Society.
2 Caledon Natural Area 1974 38.3525°N 77.132778°W / 38.3525; -77.132778 (Caledon State Park) King George State (state park) One of the best examples of oak-tulip poplar-dominated virgin upland forest in the country.
3 Charles C. Steirly Natural Area 1974 37.050833°N 76.981111°W / 37.050833; -76.981111 (Charles C. Steirly Natural Area) Sussex State (Natural Area Preserve) A small, essentially virgin stand of climax bald cypress-water tupelo swamp forest.
4 Grand Caverns 1973 38.260278°N 78.835278°W / 38.260278; -78.835278 (Grand Caverns) Augusta Municipal Contains unique shield formations as well as draperies, flowstone, stalactites and stalagmites.
5 Great Dismal Swamp 1972 36.640876°N 76.451797°W / 36.640876; -76.451797 (Great Dismal Swamp) Suffolk City Federal (National Wildlife Refuge) A remnant of the original Great Dismal Swamp.
6 Luray Caverns 1973 38.664306°N 78.483806°W / 38.664306; -78.483806 (Luray Caverns) Page Private A cave ornately decorated with cascades, columns, stalactites, stalagmites and pools.
7 Montpelier Forest 1987 38.219722°N 78.169444°W / 38.219722; -78.169444 (Montpelier Forest) Orange Private A mature forest dominated primarily by tulip poplar and spicebush, located on the grounds of President James Madison's Montpelier estate.
8 Rich Hole 1974 37.871389°N 79.638333°W / 37.871389; -79.638333 (Rich Hole) Rockbridge Federal (George Washington National Forest) An outstanding example of a "cove" hardwood forest.
9 Seashore Natural Area 1965 36.906111°N 76.015278°W / 36.906111; -76.015278 (Seashore Natural Area) Virginia Beach State (state park) Contains parallel dunes that are densely wooded with two distinct forest types of semitropical character.
10 Virginia Coast Reserve 1979 37.4163°N 75.689°W / 37.4163; -75.689 (Virginia Coast Reserve) Accomack, Northampton Private Relatively undisturbed barrier island-lagoon complex. A refuge for migratory shorebirds, waterfowl and colonial nesting birds.
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