List of National Monuments in Ulster

The Irish state has officially approved the following List of National Monuments of Ireland. In the Republic of Ireland, a structure or site may be deemed to be a "National Monument", and therefore worthy of state protection, if it is of national importance. If the land adjoining the monument is essential to protect it, this land may also be protected.

Only National Monuments in Counties Donegal, Cavan and Monaghan are under the protection of the Irish Government as the rest of Ulster is part of Northern Ireland. In Northern Ireland, such monuments are usually termed scheduled monuments and are under the protection of the Department for Communities, a department created by the Northern Ireland Executive in April 2016. Previously, such monuments were under the protection of the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (N.I.E.A.), which was part of the former Department of the Environment (the D.o.E.).

National Monuments in Ulster

Cavan - Donegal - Monaghan

This list is initially sorted by county. If the list is sorted under another heading, the county links above will take you to the first item from the county in the sorted list

NM# Monument name Description Image TownlandCounty Location
585 Cabragh RingfortRingfortCabragh Cavan54°03′14″N 7°06′32″W
456 CohawCourt TombCohaw Cavan54°04′N 7°02′W
4 DrumlaneChurch & Round TowerDrumlane Cavan54°02′N 7°17′W
585 Errigal RingfortRingfortErrigal Cavan54°03′57″N 7°06′12″W
570 GartnanoulCourt TombGartnanoul Cavan54°20′N 7°13′W
602 Cloughoughter CastleCastleInishconnell Cavan54°01′N 7°14′W
616 Lisnagowan RingfortRingfortLisnagowan Cavan54°03′32″N 7°18′14″W
139.01 Glencolumbkille ChurchChurch & Holy WellBeefan Donegal54°43′05″N 8°44′19″W
140 Grianan of AileachCashelCarrowreagh, Speenogue, Toulett Donegal55°01′00″N 7°26′00″W
139.02 Glencolumbkille CashelPenitential StationCashel Donegal54°42′32″N 8°43′20″W
319 Doe CastleCastleCreeslough Donegal55°08′06″N 7°51′52″W
271 CarndonaghCrossChurchland Quarters, Clonca Donegal55°15′00″N 7°16′20″W
25 Clonca Church & CrossChurch, High Cross & Grave SlabClonca Donegal55°16′04″N 7°10′25″W
174 Donegal CastleCastleDonegal Donegal54°39′18″N 8°06′39″W
175 Donegal AbbeyFriary (Franciscan)Glebe Donegal54°39′01″N 8°06′55″W
658 Inishkeel IslandEarly Medieval Ecclesiastical SiteInnishkeel Island Donegal54°50′48″N 8°27′11″W
139.03 Malin Beg (Glencolumbkille)Church & RingfortMalin Beg Donegal54°39′54″N 8°46′14″W
139.04 Malin More (Glencolumbkille)Megalithic TombsMalin More Donegal54°40′57″N 8°43′15″W
639 Newmills Corn and Flax MillsMilling ComplexMilltown Donegal54°55′45″N 7°48′31″W
453 Pluck Standing StoneStanding StonePluck Donegal54°56′23″N 7°38′11″W
23 Ray ChurchChurch & CrossRay (Raymunterdoney) Donegal55°08′51″N 8°04′14″W
463 BeltanyStone circle & standing stoneRaphoe Donegal54°51′02″N 7°36′17″W
24 Tory IslandEarly Medieval Ecclesiastical SiteTory Island Donegal55°15′45″N 8°13′00″W
435 O'Doherty's KeepCastleTullyarvan Donegal55°08′23″N 7°27′52″W
111 Clones Round TowerRound TowerCrossmoyle Monaghan54°10′41″N 7°13′52″W
112 Clones High CrossHigh CrossCrossmoyle Monaghan54°10′46″N 7°13′57″W
111 Clones ChurchChurchCrossmoyle Monaghan54°10′41″N 7°13′52″W
382 Mannan CastleCastle (Motte & Bailey)Donaghmoyne Monaghan54°00′33″N 6°41′57″W
208 Inishkeen Glebe Round TowerRound TowerInishkeen Glebe Monaghan54°00′13″N 6°34′44″W
564 Mullyash Kerbed CairnKerbed cairnMullyash, Tavanaskea Monaghan54°10′27″N 6°40′10″W
367 CairnbaineCourt TombTiredigan Monaghan54°11′50″N 7°04′29″W

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