List of National Monuments in Munster

The Irish state has officially approved the following List of National Monuments of Ireland. In Ireland, a structure or site may be deemed to be a "National Monument", and therefore worthy of state protection, if it is of national importance. If the land adjoining the monument is essential to protect it, this land may also be protected.

National Monuments in Munster

Clare - Cork - Kerry - Limerick - Tipperary - Waterford

This list is initially sorted by county. If the list is sorted under another heading, the county links above will take you to the first item from the county in the sorted list

NM# Monument name Description Image TownlandCounty Location
11 Corcomroe AbbeyAbbey (Cistercian)Abbey West Clare53°07′37″N 9°03′14″W
648 BallyallabanRingfortsBallyallaban Clare53°05′24″N 9°09′31″W
574 Tau Cross (Cross Inneenboy)CrossBallycashen, Roughan Clare52°58′40″N 9°06′53″W
484 Ballyhickey Wedge TombWedge TombBallyhickey Clare52°50′04″N 8°51′20″W
591 Brian Boru's FortRingfortBallyvally Clare52°49′08″N 8°27′06″W
478 Bunratty CastleCastleBunratty East Clare52°41′48″N 8°48′42″W
466 Caheraphuca Wedge TombWedge TombCaheraphuca Clare52°56′05″N 8°54′18″W
354 CahermacnaghtenCashelCahermacnaghten Clare53°02′45″N 9°11′54″W
195 Canon Island AbbeyAbbey (Augustinian)Canon Island Clare52°40′44″N 9°02′13″W
197 Clare AbbeyAbbey (Augustinian)Clarecastle Clare52°49′44″N 8°58′08″W
583 Dromore CastleCastleDromore (Ruan) Clare52°55′31″N 8°57′46″W
204 DrumcliffChurch & Round TowerDrumcliff Clare52°52′04″N 8°59′51″W
170 Ennis FriaryFriary (Franciscan)Ennis Clare52°50′45″N 8°58′53″W
509 Gleninagh CastleCastleGleninagh North Clare53°08′16″N 9°12′21″W
14 Inchicronan AbbeyAbbey (Augustinian)Inchicronan Clare52°55′05″N 8°54′24″W
5 Inishcaltra (Inis Cealtra)Early Medieval Ecclesiastical SiteMountshannon Clare52°54′53″N 8°27′01″W
7 KilfenoraChurchKilcarragh Clare52°59′23″N 9°13′23″W
9 Kilfenora AbbeyFriary (Franciscan)Kilfenora Clare52°59′27″N 9°13′05″W
8 KilfenoraCathedral & CrossesKilfenora Clare52°59′26″N 9°13′01″W
279 St. Molua's ChurchChurchKillaloe Clare52°48′25″N 8°26′40″W
448 Leamaneh CastleCastleLeamaneah North Clare52°59′15″N 9°08′23″W
16 Dysert O'DeaChurch, Round Tower & CrossMollaneen Clare52°54′33″N 9°04′06″W
649 MooghaunHillfortMooghaun Clare52°47′42″N 8°52′27″W
176 Killone AbbeyAbbey (Augustinian)Ennis Clare52°48′22″N 9°00′15″W
12 OughtmamaThree ChurchesOughtmama Clare53°07′01″N 9°02′19″W
17 Ruan ChurchChurchPortlecka Clare52°55′41″N 8°59′24″W
632 PoulnabronePortal TombPoulnabrone Clare53°02′55″N 9°08′24″W
15 Quin AbbeyFriary (Franciscan)Quin Clare52°49′09″N 8°51′47″W
427 Carrigaholt CastleCastleCarrigaholt Clare52°36′00″N 9°41′58″W
10 Scattery Island (Inis Cathaigh)Early Medieval Ecclesiastical SiteKilrush Clare52°36′42″N 9°31′10″W
6 St. Flannan's ChurchChurchKillaloe Clare52°48′23″N 8°26′21″W
270 Slievenaglasha Wedge TombWedge TombSlievenaglasha Clare53°01′02″N 9°03′06″W
13 Temple CronanChurchTermon Clare53°02′46″N 9°03′40″W
224 Magh AdhairInauguration SiteToonagh Clare52°50′28″N 8°49′44″W
270 Tullycommon Wedge TombWedge TombTullycommon Clare53°01′32″N 9°03′31″W
270 CashlaungarrCashelTullycommon Clare53°00′48″N 9°04′47″W
270 CahercommaunCashelCarran Clare53°00′52″N 9°04′14″W
645 Altar Wedge TombWedge TombAltar Cork51°30′49″N 9°38′38″W
314 Ardskeagh ChurchChurchArdskeagh (Fermoy barony) Cork52°19′55″N 8°37′41″W
301 BallybegDovecoteBallybeg East Cork52°13′13″N 8°40′11″W
301 BallybegTowerBallybeg West Cork52°13′12″N 8°40′07″W
301 Ballybeg AbbeyFriary (Augustinian)Buttevant Cork52°13′10″N 8°40′11″W
22 Templekieran, Clear IslandChurch & Cross inscribed pillarBallyieragh North Cork51°26′00″N 9°30′00″W
425 Ballinacarriga CastleCastleDunmanway Cork51°42′20″N 9°01′54″W
641 Barryscourt CastleCastleCarrigtwohill Cork51°54′17″N 8°15′34″W
594 BlossomfortRingfortBlossomfort Cork52°09′41″N 8°45′15″W
558 GlanworthMedieval towerBoherash Cork52°11′21″N 8°21′20″W
558 Glanworth CastleCastleGlanworth Cork52°11′17″N 8°21′17″W
558 Rock Abbey, GlanworthFriary (Franciscan)Boherash Cork52°11′21″N 8°21′22″W
450 Breeny More Stone CircleStone Circle & boulder burialsBreeny More Cork51°44′32″N 9°22′30″W
202 Buttevant AbbeyFriary (Franciscan)Buttevant Cork52°13′52″N 8°40′09″W
233 CahervagliarRingfortCappeen West Cork51°47′35″N 8°59′49″W
660 CarrigagullaStone CircleBallinagree Cork52°00′01″N 8°54′59″W
255 Carrigaphooca CastleCastleMacroom Cork51°54′19″N 8°57′45″W
255 Carrigaphooca stone circleStone CircleCarrigaphooca Cork51°54′35″N 9°01′30″W
656 Castledonovan CastleCastleCastledonovan Cork51°41′32″N 9°16′57″W
281 Mallow CastleCastleCastlelands Cork52°08′05″N 8°38′18″W
536 Clodagh Standing StonesStanding Stones - PairClodagh, County Cork Cork51°41′53″N 9°13′27″W
240 Conna CastleCastleConna Cork52°05′40″N 8°06′06″W
592 Carn TiernaHillfort & CairnCoolcarron (Fermoy) Cork52°06′54″N 8°16′58″W
565 Coolcoulaghta Standing StonesStanding Stones - PairCoolcoulaghta Cork51°35′48″N 9°32′36″W
395 Coole Upper ChurchesTwo ChurchesCoole Upper Cork52°06′31″N 8°12′12″W
600 Derryarkane Stone CircleStone Circle & Standing StoneDerryarkane Cork51°43′43″N 9°22′19″W
296 Drishane CastleCastleDrishane More Cork52°04′31″N 9°02′55″W
339 Dromaneen CastleCastleDromaneen Cork52°07′35″N 8°43′50″W
381 Drombeg StoneCircle, Hut Site & Fulacht FiadhGlandore Cork51°33′52″N 9°05′13″W
169 Sherkin AbbeyFriary (Franciscan)Sherkin Island Cork51°28′28″N 9°23′58″W
374 Farranahineeny Stone RowStone RowFarranahineeny Cork51°47′42″N 9°08′20″W
284 Knockdrum Stone FortCashelFarrandau Cork51°31′36″N 9°11′39″W
426 Ballycrovane Ogham StoneOgham StoneFaunkill and the Woods Cork51°42′47″N 9°56′41″W
535 Charles FortStar-Shaped-FortSummer Cove Cork51°41′47″N 8°29′56″W
552 Greenhill Ogham StonesOgham StonesGreenhill Cork52°04′42″N 8°36′28″W
502 Island Wedge TombWedge TombIsland (Rahan) Cork52°04′04″N 8°34′47″W
490 Kilbolane CastleCastleMilford Cork52°20′20″N 8°51′04″W
182 Kilcrea AbbeyFriary (Franciscan)Ovens Cork51°51′54″N 8°42′41″W
316 Kileenemer ChurchChurchKilleenemer Cork52°12′56″N 8°19′43″W
436 Kilnaruane Carved Pillar StoneShaft of High CrossKilnaruane Cork51°40′17″N 9°28′05″W
420 KnocknakillaStone CircleMacroom and Millstreet Cork52°00′22″N 9°01′25″W
318 Labbacallee wedge tombWedge TombGlanworth Cork52°10′11″N 8°20′13″W
18 Labbamolaga ChurchChurch & Grave slabsLabbamolaga Middle Cork52°18′39″N 8°20′51″W
333 Liscarroll CastleCastleLiscarroll Cork52°15′40″N 8°48′12″W
571 LissacresigStone CircleLissacresig Cork51°55′33″N 9°03′49″W
571 LissacresigRingfortLissacresig Cork51°55′28″N 9°03′21″W
Maughanasilly Stone RowStone RowMaughanasilly Cork51°46′14″N 9°23′11″W
411 Castlelyons FriaryFriary (Carmelite)[1]Mohera Cork52°05′21″N 8°14′01″W
525 James FortStar-Shaped-Fort & BlockhouseCastlepark Cork51°41′59″N 8°30′37″W
517 Kanturk CastleCastleKanturk Cork52°09′55″N 8°54′10″W
580 Skeagh CairnRing barrow & CairnSkeagh (Abbeystrowry) Cork51°34′29″N 9°20′18″W
Mount GabrielPrehistoric copper minesSchull Cork51°33′07″N 9°31′51″W
618 Kinneigh Round TowerRound TowerCastletown-Kinneigh Cork51°45′50″N 8°58′31″W
21 Timoleague AbbeyFriary (Franciscan)Timoleague Cork51°38′35″N 8°45′49″W
360 Desmond Castle or The French Prison, KinsaleTower HouseKinsale Cork51°42′26″N 8°31′29″W
299 Tullylease ChurchChurch & Grave SlabsTullylease Cork52°19′00″N 8°56′23″W
634 Michael Collins birth placeSite with historic associationsWoodfield (Kilkerranmore) Cork51°36′40″N 8°58′42″W
286 North Abbey, YoughalFriary (Dominican)Youghal Cork51°57′27″N 7°51′16″W
56 Annagh ChurchChurchAnnagh Kerry52°14′54″N 9°45′17″W
430 Ardcanaght StonesOgham StonesArdcanaght Kerry52°10′10″N 9°43′35″W
54 Ardfert CathedralCathedral & 2 ChurchesArdfert Kerry52°19′44″N 9°46′54″W
358 Ardfert AbbeyFriary (Franciscan)Ardfert Kerry52°19′49″N 9°46′26″W
221.01 Arraglen Ogham StoneOgham StoneArraglen (Corkaguiney Barony) Kerry52°11′12″N 10°20′28″W
355 GallaunmoreStanding stoneBallineetig Kerry52°08′21″N 10°13′22″W
221.1416 BallinknockaneBurial ground & possible churchBallinknockane (Kilquane civil parish) Kerry52°14′00″N 10°17′53″W
221.1416 BallinknockaneHut sitesBallinknockane (Kilquane civil parish) Kerry52°14′03″N 10°17′30″W
221.1416 BallinknockaneHut site & souterrainBallinknockane (Kilquane civil parish) Kerry52°14′12″N 10°17′37″W
168 Ballinskelligs AbbeyPriory (Augustinian)Ballinskelligs Kerry51°48′55″N 10°16′18″W
64 Ballintaggart Ogham StonesOgham StonesBallintaggart Kerry52°07′40″N 10°14′35″W
221 Ballybowler North Ogham StoneOgham StoneBallybowler North Kerry52°10′36″N 10°13′21″W
364 Ballymalis CastleCastleBallymalis Kerry52°05′05″N 9°41′33″W
62 Teampall Geal (St. Manchan's Oratory)Early Medieval Ecclesiastical Site & ogham stoneBallymorereagh Kerry52°09′16″N 10°19′53″W
221.0712 Cathair na BhFionnúrachStone fort, huts & souterrainBallynavenooragh Kerry52°13′34″N 10°17′53″W
221.0712 BallynavenooraghStone fort & hutBallynavenooragh Kerry52°13′38″N 10°17′48″W
221.2425 Cathair na gCatCashel & Ogham StoneBallywiheen Kerry52°09′22″N 10°24′27″W
221.2425 BallywiheenEarly Medieval Ecclesiastical SiteBallywiheen Kerry52°09′32″N 10°24′25″W
380, 492 BeenbaneCalluragh, hut sites, cross slab, enclosure, souterrain, cross, standing stonesBeenbane Kerry51°49′55″N 10°09′25″W
500 Beginish houseStone-built houseBeginish Kerry51°56′20″N 10°17′24″W
184 Caherconree FortPromontory Fort (Inland)Caherconree Kerry52°11′51″N 9°51′47″W
221.4748 Caherdorgan North CashelCashelCaherdorgan North Kerry52°10′45″N 10°20′22″W
221.4748 The Chancellor's HouseBuilding - medievalCaherdorgan North Kerry52°10′54″N 10°20′18″W
238 Callanafersy (Lisgortnageragh)RingfortCallanafersy West Kerry52°08′13″N 9°46′28″W
249 Carrigafoyle CastleCastleBallylongford Kerry52°34′12″N 9°29′39″W
59 Church Island (Valentia Harbour)Early Medieval Ecclesiastical SiteBeginish Kerry51°56′15″N 10°17′00″W
60 Church Island (Lough Currane)Early Medieval Ecclesiastical SiteLough Currane Kerry51°50′07″N 10°07′49″W
228 CloghanecarhanRingfort & Ogham StoneCloghanecarhan Kerry51°53′18″N 10°11′02″W
385 Dunloe Ogham StonesOgham StonesCoolmagort Kerry52°03′36″N 9°38′05″W
346 Darrynane Beg Ogham StoneOgham StoneDerrynane Kerry51°45′51″N 10°07′19″W
221.45 DoonmorePromontory FortDoonsheane Kerry52°07′07″N 10°13′19″W
221.46 Emlagh Ogham StoneOgham StoneEmlagh Kerry52°07′54″N 10°13′00″W
391 Emlagh East CashelCashelEmlagh East (Dingle civil parish) Kerry52°07′58″N 10°13′31″W
177 Dunbeg FortPromontory FortFahan Kerry52°06′12″N 10°24′31″W
65 Gallarus CastleCastleBaile na nGall Kerry52°10′33″N 10°21′21″W
66 Gallarus OratoryEarly Medieval Ecclesiastical SiteBaile na nGall Kerry52°10′22″N 10°21′00″W
64 GarfinnyCemeteryGarfinny Kerry52°08′53″N 10°14′03″W
612 Garfinny BridgeBridgeGarfinny/Flemingstown Kerry52°08′59″N 10°13′38″W
156 Cathair SayerClochaunGlanfahan Kerry
156 Cathair MartínClochaunGlanfahan Kerry52°06′07″N 10°25′29″W
156 Cathair MurphyClochaunGlanfahan Kerry
156 Cathair SíleoidClochánGlanfahan Kerry
156 Caher ConorCashelGlanfahan Kerry52°06′06″N 10°25′17″W
221.33 Glin NorthClochán & stone fortGlin North Kerry52°10′52″N 10°16′53″W
221.34 Glin NorthCashelGlin North Kerry52°10′49″N 10°17′09″W
63 Rinn an ChaisleáinChurch siteGreat Blasket Island Kerry52°06′19″N 10°30′40″W
61 Skellig MichaelEarly Medieval Ecclesiastical SiteGreat Skellig Kerry51°46′20″N 10°32′19″W
67 IllauntannigEarly Medieval Ecclesiastical SiteIllauntannig Kerry52°19′34″N 10°01′12″W
63 InishtooskertEarly Medieval Ecclesiastical SiteInishtooskert Kerry52°04′55″N 10°34′05″W
63 InishvickillaneEarly Medieval Ecclesiastical SiteInishvickillane Kerry52°02′39″N 10°36′31″W
183 Innisfallen AbbeyChurch, Oratory & Abbey (Benedictine)Innisfallen Island Kerry52°02′48″N 9°33′15″W
329 Kilcoolaght East ogham stonesOgham StonesKilcoolaght East Kerry52°04′26″N 9°44′46″W
593 Killelton ChurchChurchKillelton Kerry52°13′41″N 9°52′26″W
65 KilmalkedarEarly Medieval Ecclesiastical SiteKilmalkedar Kerry52°11′06″N 10°20′11″W
221.22 Keelers' StoneBullaun StoneKilmalkedar Kerry52°11′08″N 10°20′18″W
221.23 St. Brendan's OratoryChurchKilmalkedar Kerry52°11′05″N 10°20′11″W
227 CahergallCashelKimego West Kerry51°57′21″N 10°15′28″W
414 LeacanabuaileCashelKimego West Kerry51°57′30″N 10°15′43″W
258 Lislaughtin AbbeyFriary (Franciscan)Lislaughtin Kerry52°33′27″N 9°28′12″W
260 Listowel CastleCastleListowel Kerry52°26′33″N 9°39′00″W
611 Loher CashelCashelLoher Kerry51°47′10″N 10°09′56″W
221.02 MaumanorigEarly Medieval Ecclesiastical SiteMaumanorig Kerry52°08′38″N 10°21′31″W
311 Muckross AbbeyFriary (Franciscan)Killarney National Park Kerry52°01′34″N 9°29′42″W
53 AghadoeEarly Medieval Ecclesiastical SiteParkavonear Kerry52°04′36″N 9°33′16″W
236 Parkavonear CastleCastleParkavonear Kerry52°04′33″N 9°33′18″W
10001 IllaunloughanEarly Medieval Ecclesiastical SitePortmagee Kerry51°53′11″N 10°22′25″W
221.21 Rahinnane CastleCastle, Ringfort and SouterrainRahinnane Kerry52°08′35″N 10°22′59″W
57 Ratass ChurchChurch & Ogham StoneRatass Kerry52°16′01″N 9°40′55″W
55 RattooEarly Medieval Ecclesiastical SiteRattoo Kerry52°26′33″N 9°39′00″W
519 ReaskEarly Medieval Ecclesiastical SiteReask Kerry52°10′03″N 10°23′16″W
221.35 ReenconnellEarly Medieval Ecclesiastical SiteReenconnell Kerry52°11′07″N 10°18′11″W
534 Ross CastleCastleRoss Island Kerry52°02′29″N 9°31′54″W
221.27 Dún an Óir (Fort del Oro)Promontory FortSmerwick Kerry52°11′27″N 10°24′52″W
143 StaigueCashelSneem Kerry51°48′18″N 10°00′56″W
303 Tonaknock CrossCrossTonaknock Kerry52°22′59″N 9°41′54″W
295 Tullygarran ogham stonesTwo Ogham StonesTullygarran Kerry52°16′33″N 9°38′33″W
212 Kilmallock AbbeyFriary (Dominican)Abbeyfarm Limerick52°24′09″N 8°34′30″W
622 Desmond CastleCastleAdare Limerick52°34′10″N 8°46′56″W
201 Askeaton CastleCastleAskeaton Limerick52°36′00″N 8°58′26″W
625 Ballylanders fortRingfortBallylanders Limerick52°22′51″N 8°21′09″W
247 Lough GurEnclosureBruff Limerick52°30′51″N 8°32′31″W
247 Lough Gur TombMegalithic Tomb unclassifiedLough Gur Limerick52°30′31″N 8°31′55″W
85 Mungret ChurchesThree ChurchesBaunacloka, Dromdarrig Limerick52°38′04″N 8°40′32″W
194 Hospital ChurchChurch (Knights Hospitallers)Barrysfarm Limerick52°28′34″N 8°25′57″W
83 Dísert ÓengusaEarly Medieval HermitageCarrigeen (Croom) Limerick52°31′15″N 8°44′41″W
636, 582 Desmond Hall and CastleMedieval Castle ComplexNewcastlewest Limerick52°27′00″N 9°03′42″W
84 Clonkeen ChurchChurchClonkeen (Barrington) Limerick52°38′38″N 8°27′36″W
345 Killeen CowparkChurchCowpark Limerick52°36′29″N 8°53′38″W
663 Cush EarthworksEarthworksCush Limerick52°22′52″N 8°26′34″W
315 Duntryleague passage tombPassage TombDeerpark (Duntryleague) Limerick52°24′23″N 8°19′21″W
555 RathardRingfortGarryheakin Limerick52°31′03″N 8°18′24″W
341 Killulta ChurchChurchGlennameade Limerick52°37′45″N 8°50′10″W
268 Glenquin CastleCastleKilleedy Limerick52°23′02″N 9°06′25″W
247 Lough Gur Stone CircleStone Circle (potential)Lough Gur Limerick52°30′55″N 8°32′29″W
247 Lough Gur Standing StoneStanding StoneLough Gur Limerick
247 Grange stone circleEmbanked Stone CircleGrange Limerick52°30′51″N 8°32′30″W
247 The SpectaclesHouse sites & field systemGrange Limerick52°31′18″N 8°31′11″W
247 Crock IslandCrannógGrange Limerick52°31′12″N 8°32′16″W
247 Lough Gur Megalithic StructureMegalithic StructureLough Gur Limerick
680 Kilmallock Medieval HouseMedieval HouseAbbeyfarm (Kilmallock) Limerick52°24′02″N 8°34′23″W
408 Collegiate Church of SS Peter & PaulChurchKillmallock Limerick52°24′04″N 8°34′29″W
173 King John's CastleCastleKilmallock Limerick52°24′05″N 8°34′36″W
538 Kilmihill RingfortRingfortKilmihil (Ballingarry) Limerick52°27′38″N 8°51′17″W
247 Lough Gur CemeteryCairnLough Gur Limerick52°30′39″N 8°31′39″W
247 Lough Gur RingfortRingfortLough Gur Limerick
576 De Valera's CottageHouse with historic associationsKnockmore Limerick52°26′01″N 8°39′25″W
86 Killaliathan Church (Killagholehane church, Our Lady of the Snows)ChurchLacka Lower Limerick52°19′54″N 8°58′38″W
366 Kilrush ChurchChurchLimerick Limerick52°39′39″N 8°39′19″W
288 King John's CastleCastleLimerick Limerick52°40′11″N 8°37′32″W
383 Fanning's CastleCastleLimerick (Creagh Lane) Limerick52°40′02″N 8°37′19″W
247 Lough Gur HousePrehistoric House SiteLough Gur Limerick
247 Lough Gur Wedge TombWedge TombLough Gur Limerick
247 KnockadoonPrehistoric HabitationLough Gur Limerick
247 Carraig AilleEnclosureLough Gur Limerick
247 Lough Gur Cemetery MoundCemetery MoundLough Gur Limerick
247 LeagunStanding StoneLough Gur Limerick
185 Askeaton AbbeyFriary (Franciscan)Moig South Limerick52°36′14″N 8°58′31″W
171 Monasteranenagh AbbeyAbbey (Cistercian)Monaster South Limerick52°31′01″N 8°39′46″W
459 Ardagh FortRingfortReerasta South Limerick52°29′37″N 9°04′05″W
378 Lackeen CastleCastleAbbeville Tipperary53°05′18″N 8°04′26″W
124 Ahenny High CrossesHigh CrossesAhenny Tipperary52°24′45″N 7°23′41″W
396 St. Berrihert's KyleCrosses & Inscribed SlabsArdane Tipperary52°24′39″N 8°05′34″W
604 Ardcroney Burial MoundBurial Mound (Cist)Ardcroney Tipperary52°56′28″N 8°11′09″W
573 Ashleypark Burial MoundBurial Moundy (Cist)Ashleypark Tipperary52°56′02″N 8°11′20″W
120 Athassel AbbeyPriory (Augustinian)Cashel Tipperary52°28′46″N 7°59′01″W
581 Ballycomisk RingfortsThree RingfortsBallycomisk Tipperary52°29′22″N 7°50′27″W
659 Ballingarry WarhouseHouse with historical associationsFarranrory Upper Tipperary52°37′09″N 7°31′22″W
234 Ballynahow CastleCastleBallynahow Tipperary52°41′35″N 7°52′41″W
123 Ballynoran ChurchChurchBallynoran Tipperary52°21′20″N 7°29′24″W
370 Burncourt CastleCastle or fortified houseBurncourt Tipperary52°18′36″N 8°04′12″W
595 Cahir AbbeyPriory (Augustinian)Caherabbey Upper Tipperary52°22′45″N 7°55′43″W
507 Cahir CastleCastleTownparks Tipperary52°22′28″N 7°55′38″W
577 Cahir Castle CottageCahir Castle CottageTownparks Tipperary52°22′26″N 7°55′38″W
647 Swiss CottageCottageKilcommon Beg Tipperary52°21′27″N 7°55′25″W
447 Carrick-on-Suir CastleCastleCarrick-on-Suir Tipperary52°20′42″N 7°24′25″W
537 RathanadavRingfortCarron (St. Johnbaptist) Tipperary52°28′32″N 7°53′16″W
550 Carron fortRingfortCarron (Tipperary town) Tipperary52°29′37″N 8°10′48″W
127 Hore AbbeyAbbey (Cistercian)Cashel Tipperary52°31′07″N 7°53′52″W
128 Rock of CashelEcclesiastical siteCashel Tipperary52°31′12″N 7°53′25″W
667 Clonmel Main GuardCourthouseBurgagery-Lands West Tipperary52°21′10″N 7°41′54″W
353 Timoney Hills Standing StonesStanding StonesCullaun, Timenyhills, Timoney Tipperary52°54′01″N 7°43′12″W
533 DerryvellaEarly Medieval Ecclesiastical SiteDerryvella Tipperary52°37′05″N 7°40′09″W
193 St. Dominic's AbbeyAbbey (Dominican)St. Dominick's Abbey Tipperary52°31′05″N 7°53′16″W
122 Donaghmore ChurchChurchDonaghmore Tipperary52°24′47″N 7°43′29″W
407 Grallagh CastleCastle & BawnGrallagh (Graystown) Tipperary52°35′41″N 7°46′16″W
121 Holy Cross AbbeyAbbey (Cistercian) (part of)Holycross Tipperary52°38′25″N 7°52′11″W
654 Kilcash ChurchChurch & graveyardKilcash Tipperary52°23′50″N 7°31′24″W
654 Kilcash CastleCastleKilcash Tipperary52°23′50″N 7°31′16″W
218 Kilcooly AbbeyAbbey (Cistercian)Kilcoolyabbey Tipperary52°40′15″N 7°34′16″W
584 KnockgraffonMotte & BaileyNew Inn Tipperary52°24′44″N 7°55′59″W
266 Liathmore ChurchesTwo ChurchesLeigh Tipperary52°40′14″N 7°40′07″W
348 Lismacrory MoundsMoundsLismacrory Tipperary53°02′16″N 8°01′54″W
524 Longstone RathStanding Stone & prehistoric earthworksLongstone Tipperary52°30′22″N 8°17′52″W
673 Lorrha ChurchChurch & two crossesLorrha Tipperary53°05′30″N 8°07′13″W
357 Lorrha PrioryPriory (Augustinian)Lorrha Tipperary53°05′31″N 8°07′17″W
361 Lorrha FriaryFriary (Dominican)Lorrha Tipperary53°05′28″N 8°07′34″W
335 Derrynaflan ChurchChurch & Early Medieval Ecclesiastical siteLurgoe Tipperary52°35′50″N 7°44′02″W
125 Monaincha ChurchChurch & CrossMonaincha Tipperary52°56′47″N 7°44′53″W
292 Moor AbbeyFriary (Franciscan)Moorabbey Tipperary52°24′09″N 8°16′42″W
513 Nenagh CastleCastleNenagh Tipperary52°51′54″N 8°11′53″W
Roscrea FriaryFriary (Franciscan)Roscrea Tipperary52°57′09″N 7°47′59″W
451 Portland ChurchChurchPortland Tipperary53°05′24″N 8°10′32″W
126 Roscrea ChurchChurch, Round Tower, High Cross & MillRoscrea Tipperary52°57′20″N 7°47′45″W
211 Roscrea CastleCastleRoscrea Tipperary52°57′19″N 7°47′53″W
548 Shrough Passage TombPassage TombShrough Tipperary52°25′37″N 8°13′58″W
363 Terryglass CastleCastleTerryglass Tipperary53°03′34″N 8°12′43″W
332 Toureen PeakaunChurch, Crosses & SlabsToureen Tipperary52°24′32″N 7°59′36″W
131 Ardmore CathedralCathedral, Round Tower & OratoryArdmore Waterford51°56′56″N 7°43′34″W
384 Ballynageeragh Portal TombPortal TombBallynageeragh Waterford52°10′40″N 7°16′37″W
330 Kiltera Ogham StonesOgham StonesDromore Waterford52°04′28″N 7°50′56″W
154 Drumlohan Souterrain and Ogham StonesSouterrain & Ogham StonesDrumlohan Waterford52°09′48″N 7°27′55″W
569 Dungarvan CastleCastleDungarvan Waterford52°05′21″N 7°36′58″W
398 Gaulstown Portal TombPortal TombGaulstown Waterford52°12′21″N 7°12′38″W
421 Knockeen Portal TombPortal TombKnockeen Waterford52°12′26″N 7°09′34″W
237 Matthewstown Passage TombPassage TombMatthewstown Waterford52°10′33″N 7°13′38″W
132 Mothel AbbeyPriory (Augustinian)Mothel Waterford52°17′54″N 7°25′07″W
671 Double TowerTown DefencesWaterford Waterford52°15′23″N 7°06′43″W
661 Reginald's TowerTown DefencesWaterford Waterford52°15′38″N 7°06′19″W
205 French Church, WaterfordFriary Church (Franciscan)Waterford Waterford52°15′38″N 7°06′24″W

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