List of National Monuments in Leinster

The Irish state has officially approved the following List of National Monuments of Ireland. In Ireland, a structure or site may be deemed to be a "National Monument", and therefore worthy of state protection, if it is of national importance. If the land adjoining the monument is essential to protect it, this land may also be protected.

National Monuments in Leinster

Carlow - Dublin - Kildare - Kilkenny - Laois - Longford - Louth - Meath - Offaly - Westmeath - Wexford - Wicklow

This list is initially sorted by county. If the list is sorted under another heading, the county links above will take you to the first item from the county in the sorted list

NM# Monument name Description Image TownlandCounty Location
347 Aghade Holed Stone (Cloghaphoill)Holed StoneAghade Carlow52°46′12″N 6°44′48″W
351 Ballyloughan CastleCastleBallyloughan Carlow52°40′23″N 6°53′53″W
486 Ballymoon CastleCastleBallymoon Carlow52°42′00″N 6°54′25″W
566 BaunogenasraidBurial Mound (Cist)Baunogenasraid Carlow52°48′45″N 6°49′25″W
306 Carlow CastleCastleCarlow Carlow52°50′11″N 6°56′09″W
545 Castlemore MoatMotte and Bailey & Cross SlabCastlemore Carlow52°48′34″N 6°46′21″W
613 BrowneshillPortal TombKernanstown Carlow52°50′14″N 6°52′52″W
393 Killoughternane ChurchChurchKilloughternane Carlow52°38′02″N 6°51′13″W
603 Rathvilly MoatBurial Mound or Motte[1]Knockroe Carlow52°52′50″N 6°40′42″W
438 Leighlinbridge CastleCastleLeighlinbridge Carlow52°44′09″N 6°58′41″W
350 Lorum High CrossCross FragmentLorum Carlow52°39′51″N 6°55′56″W
352 Nurney CrossCrossNurney Carlow52°45′06″N 6°54′44″W
3 St. Mullin'sEarly Medieval Ecclesiastical SiteSt Mullin's Carlow52°29′20″N 6°55′42″W
452 Straboe Grave SlabMedieval Grave SlabStraboe Carlow52°51′41″N 6°46′19″W
310 Baldongan ChurchChurch & TowerBaldongan Dublin53°33′11″N 6°07′44″W
437 Ballyedmonduff Wedge TombWedge TombBallyedmonduff Dublin53°13′45″N 6°13′34″W
590 Balrothery TowerChurch TowerBalrothery Dublin53°35′12″N 6°11′24″W
291 Brennanstown Portal TombPortal TombBrennanstown Dublin53°15′14″N 6°09′32″W
32 Clondalkin Round TowerRound Tower & CrossClondalkin Dublin53°19′19″N 6°23′43″W
285 Tully's CastleCastleClondalkin Dublin53°19′15″N 6°23′24″W
444 Archbold's CastleCastleDalkey Dublin53°16′40″N 6°06′23″W
33 Dalkey Island ChurchChurchDalkey Island Dublin53°16′22″N 6°05′08″W
401 St. Mary's AbbeyAbbey (Cistercian) (Chapter house)Northside Dublin Dublin53°20′51″N 6°16′09″W
34 St. Audoen's ChurchChurchSouthside Dublin Dublin53°20′38″N 6°16′31″W
St. Stephen's GreenParkSouthside Dublin Dublin53°20′17″N 6°15′33″W
230 Dunsoghly CastleCastleDunsoghly Dublin53°25′37″N 6°19′06″W
276 Glencullen Standing StoneStanding StoneGlencullen Dublin53°13′11″N 6°13′03″W
605 Grange AbbeyChurchDonaghmede Dublin53°23′57″N 6°09′38″W
36 Howth ChurchChurchHowth Dublin53°23′15″N 6°03′57″W
226 Kilgobbin CrossCrossKilgobbin Dublin53°15′23″N 6°13′04″W
207, 587 Kill of the GrangeChurch, Well & Bullaun StoneKill of the Grange Dublin53°16′53″N 6°09′40″W
35 Cill Iníon LéinínChurchKilliney Dublin53°15′17″N 6°06′59″W
675 Kilmainham GaolPrisonKilmainham Dublin53°20′31″N 6°18′35″W
493 KilmashogueWedge TombRathfarnham Dublin53°15′02″N 6°16′02″W
343 Kiltiernan TombPortal TombKiltiernan Dublin53°14′20″N 6°12′26″W
216 LaughanstownCrosses and wedge tombLaughanstown Dublin53°14′32″N 6°09′06″W
225 Tully ChurchChurchLaughanstown Dublin53°14′49″N 6°09′08″W
157 LuskRound Tower & Church TowerLusk Dublin53°31′34″N 6°10′02″W
302 Casino at MarinoDemesne BuildingMarino Dublin53°22′16″N 6°13′37″W
494 Monkstown CastleCastleMonkstown Dublin53°17′20″N 6°09′02″W
628 Rathfarnham CastleCastle or Fortified HouseRathfarnham Dublin53°17′53″N 6°17′01″W
162 RathmichaelEarly Medieval Ecclesiastical SiteRathmichael Dublin53°14′09″N 6°09′20″W
340 Swords CastleCastleSwords Dublin53°27′37″N 6°13′12″W
464 TibraddenCairnRathfarnham Dublin53°14′19″N 6°16′49″W
St. Helen's, BooterstownPeriod HouseBooterstown Dublin53°18′17″N 6°12′20″W
681 Conolly's FollyFolly/ObeliskBarrogstown West Kildare53°22′09″N 6°33′38″W
471 Castledermot Round TowerRound Tower & CrossesCastledermot Kildare52°54′38″N 6°50′06″W
200 Castledermot AbbeyFriary (Franciscan)Castledermot Kildare52°54′31″N 6°50′14″W
394 Furness ChurchChurchForenaghts Great Kildare53°13′24″N 6°36′05″W
629 Grange CastleCastleGrange West Kildare53°22′30″N 7°04′05″W
528 Jigginstown HouseHouse - 16th/17th CenturyJigginstown Kildare53°12′50″N 6°40′57″W
275 Kilteel CastleCastle & CrossKilteel Upper Kildare53°14′03″N 6°31′32″W
485 Maynooth CastleCastleMaynooth Kildare53°22′51″N 6°35′40″W
674 Moone High CrossHigh CrossMoone Kildare53°46′31″N 7°30′01″W
589 Mullaghreelan RathRingfortMullaghreelan Kildare52°56′09″N 6°52′24″W
71 Old KilcullenChurch, Round Tower & CrossesOld Kilcullen Kildare53°06′25″N 6°45′45″W
190 Oughter Ard TowerRound Tower & ChurchOughter Ard Kildare53°16′40″N 6°33′57″W
305 Punchestown LongstoneStanding StonePunchestown Great Kildare53°11′31″N 6°37′43″W
404 Rathcoffey CastleCastle gatehouseRathcoffey Demesne Kildare53°19′53″N 6°39′53″W
503 St John's TowerTower, formerly part of hospitalSkenagun Kildare52°54′41″N 6°50′23″W
70, 578 TaghadoeRound Tower and ChurchTaghadoe Kildare53°21′12″N 6°36′48″W
334 AghavillerChurch & Round TowerAghaviller Kilkenny52°27′55″N 7°16′05″W
599 Ballyboodan Ogham StoneOgham Stone (AD 700-900)Ballyboodan Kilkenny52°28′12″N 7°13′22″W
282 Ballylarkin ChurchChurchBallylarkin Upper Kilkenny52°43′22″N 7°25′39″W
475 Callan Augustinian FriaryFriary (Augustinians)Callan North Kilkenny52°32′45″N 7°23′14″W
455 Callan Church (St. Mary's)ChurchCallan South Kilkenny52°32′39″N 7°23′25″W
79 Kilkieran High CrossesHigh CrossesCastletown (Iverk barony) Kilkenny52°23′52″N 7°22′51″W
274 Clara CastleCastleClara Upper Kilkenny52°40′10″N 7°09′08″W
77 Clonamery ChurchChurchClonamery Kilkenny52°28′01″N 7°01′54″W
646 Coolhill CastleDonjonCoolhill Kilkenny52°27′54″N 6°55′56″W
321 Burnchurch CastleCastle & TowerFarmley Kilkenny52°34′34″N 7°17′51″W
522 Magdalan CastleCastleGardens
Kilkenny City
Kilkenny52°39′10″N 7°14′41″W
331, 344 St. John's Abbey, KilkennyPriory (Augustinian) (part of & chancel)Gardens
Kilkenny City
Kilkenny52°39′13″N 7°14′54″W
626 Kells CastleMotte & BaileyGarrynamann Lower
Kells ,County Kilkenny
Kilkenny52°32′18″N 7°16′01″W
214 St. Mary's Collegiate Church GowranCollegiate ChurchGowran Kilkenny52°37′45″N 7°03′48″W
620 Graiguenamanagh AbbeyAbbey (Cistercians)Graiguenamanagh Kilkenny52°32′27″N 6°57′16″W
74 GrangefertaghRound Tower & ChurchGrangefertagh Kilkenny52°46′42″N 7°32′41″W
80 Jerpoint AbbeyAbbey (Cistercian)Jerpointabbey Kilkenny52°30′39″N 7°09′28″W
300 Kilfane ChurchChurchKilfane Demesne Kilkenny52°33′15″N 7°07′06″W
75 Killamery High CrossHigh CrossKillamery Kilkenny52°28′31″N 7°26′45″W
324 Kilmogue Portal TombPortal TombKilmogue, Harristown Kilkenny52°24′11″N 7°15′45″W
76 KilreeChurch, Round Tower & CrossKilree Kilkenny52°31′05″N 7°16′07″W
655 Knockroe Megalithic TombPassage TombKnockroe (Kells, Killamery) Kilkenny52°25′54″N 7°23′59″W
399 Dunmore CaveCaveBallyfoyle Kilkenny52°44′02″N 7°14′48″W
180 Kells PrioryPriory (Augustinian)Rathduff (Madden) Kilkenny52°32′19″N 7°16′01″W
376 Rathealy RingfortRingfortRathealy Kilkenny52°41′41″N 7°25′57″W
73 Sheepstown ChurchChurchSheepstown Kilkenny52°29′06″N 7°14′36″W
72 St. Francis Abbey (Kilkenny)Friary (Franciscan)St. Mary's Parish Kilkenny52°39′21″N 7°15′12″W
191 Thomastown ChurchChurchThomastown Kilkenny52°31′33″N 7°08′22″W
161 TullaherinRound TowerTullaherin Kilkenny52°34′45″N 7°07′50″W
670 Tullaroan ChurchChurchTullaroan Kilkenny52°39′29″N 7°26′01″W
78 Ullard ChurchChurchUllard Kilkenny52°34′49″N 6°55′59″W
372 Callan MotteMotteWestcourt Demesne Kilkenny52°32′48″N 7°23′29″W
540 Aghnahily RingfortRingfortAghnahily Laois53°01′33″N 7°12′21″W
567 Coorlaghan RingfortRingfortCoorlaghan Laois52°50′14″N 7°00′39″W
615 Dunamase CastleCastlePortlaoise and Stradbally Laois53°01′55″N 7°12′39″W
113 St. Kieran's ChurchChurch & CrossErrill Laois52°51′11″N 7°40′19″W
114.01 Fossy ChurchChurchFossy Lower Laois52°57′27″N 7°11′25″W
115 Killeshin ChurchChurchKilleshin Laois52°50′51″N 7°00′05″W
116 Sleaty ChurchChurch & CrossesSleaty Laois52°51′29″N 6°56′31″W
114.02 Timahoe ChurchChurch & Round TowerTimahoe Laois52°57′38″N 7°12′13″W
630 Aghaward fortRingfortAghaward Longford53°47′32″N 7°38′41″W
677 Corlea TrackwayTimber TrackwayLongford Longford53°37′25″N 7°52′22″W
91 InchcleraunEarly Medieval Ecclesiastical SiteInchcleraun Longford53°35′06″N 8°00′40″W
640 Larkfield fortRingfortLarkfield Longford53°50′30″N 7°32′46″W
263 Granard MotteMotte & BaileyGranard Longford53°46′35″N 7°30′07″W
598 Sonnagh fortRingfortSonnagh Longford53°49′51″N 7°36′02″W
326 Aghnaskeagh CairnsTwo CairnsAghnaskeagh Louth54°03′39″N 6°21′28″W
LH018-040 Athclare CastleCastleAthclare Louth53°29′08″N 6°14′07″W
480 Mansfieldstown ChurchChurchBawn Louth53°53′49″N 6°26′45″W
249 Carlingford CastleCastleCarlingford Louth54°02′36″N 6°11′13″W
242 The MintUrban Tower HouseCarlingford Louth54°02′24″N 6°11′11″W
388 Dun DealganMotteCastletown Louth54°00′50″N 6°25′49″W
526 Donaghmore SouterrainSouterrainDonaghmore Louth54°00′11″N 6°27′36″W
511 St. Laurence's GateTown GateDrogheda Louth53°46′31″N 7°30′01″W
92 DromiskinChurch & Round TowerDromiskin Louth53°55′20″N 6°23′54″W
144 Greenmount motteMotteGreenmount Louth53°52′41″N 6°23′08″W
623 Carlingford AbbeyFriary (Dominican)Carlingford Louth54°02′17″N 6°11′04″W
579 Lisnaran FortRingfortLinns Louth53°52′58″N 6°20′49″W
93 Mellifont AbbeyAbbey (Cistercian)Drogheda Louth53°44′33″N 6°27′59″W
94 MonasterboiceHigh crosses, churches & round towerMonasterboice Louth53°46′39″N 6°25′05″W
312 St. Mochta's HouseChurchPriorstate Louth53°57′12″N 6°32′44″W
476 Proleek DolmenPortal Tomb & wedge TombProleek Louth54°02′14″N 6°20′54″W
474 ClochafarmoreStanding StoneRathiddy Louth53°58′28″N 6°27′57″W
597 Ravensdale ParkCairnRavensdale Park Louth54°04′45″N 6°19′18″W
460 Castleroche CastleCastleDundalk Louth54°02′47″N 6°29′18″W
562 Rockmarshall Court TombCourt TombAnnaloughan Louth54°00′33″N 6°17′05″W
298 Roodstown CastleCastleRoodstown Louth53°52′21″N 6°29′12″W
178 Termonfeckin CastleCastleTermonfeckin Louth53°45′43″N 6°16′01″W
529 Townleyhall passage gravePassage TombTownleyhall Louth53°43′16″N 6°27′05″W
Alexander Reid moundBarrow moundAlexander Reid Meath53°39′04″N 6°37′48″W
546 Ardmulchan Passage TombPassage TombArdmulchan Meath53°40′58″N 6°36′35″W
496 Ardmulchan FortRingfortArdmulchan Meath53°40′28″N 6°37′36″W
239 Cannistown ChurchChurchArdsallagh Meath53°37′07″N 6°40′05″W
539 Athcarne CastleCastleAthcarne Meath53°37′19″N 6°26′29″W
287 Athlumney CastleCastleAthlumney Meath53°39′01″N 6°40′30″W
186, 468 The Yellow Steeple & Nangle CastlePriory (Augustinian) & CastleTrim Meath53°33′23″N 6°47′19″W
356 Balrath CrossCrossBalrath Meath53°37′25″N 6°29′18″W
187 Bective AbbeyAbbey (Cistercian)Bective Meath53°34′58″N 6°42′10″W
469 Sheep GateTown DefencesTrim Meath53°33′19″N 6°47′16″W
637 Calliaghstown Well (St. Columcille's Well)Holy WellCalliaghstown Meath53°40′17″N 6°19′46″W
544 Carrickdexter Cross (Baronstown Cross)Stone cross (early 17th century)Carrickdexter Meath53°42′11″N 6°34′57″W
676,148 Hill of TaraRitual & burial site, church & graveyardCastletown Tara and Castleboy Meath53°35′03″N 6°36′53″W
107 Castlekeeran CrossesCrossesCastlekeeran Meath53°44′28″N 6°57′16″W
199 St. Patrick's ChurchChurchDuleek Meath53°39′19″N 6°25′12″W
179 Duleek ChurchChurch & CrossesCommons Meath53°39′18″N 6°25′08″W
440 Dowdall Cross (Duleek)CrossCommons Meath53°39′15″N 6°25′09″W
290, 155 LoughcrewPassage Tomb Cemetery & Other Monuments, Cairn & Standing StoneOldcastle Meath53°44′34″N 7°08′08″W
264 Cruicetown ChurchChurch & CrossCruicetown Meath53°48′16″N 6°47′37″W
309 Danestown FortRingfort/RingworkDanestown Meath53°37′27″N 6°31′24″W
106 Donaghmore ChurchChurch & Round TowerDonaghmore Meath53°40′13″N 6°39′44″W
232 Donore CastleCastleDonore (Lune barony) Meath53°29′37″N 6°56′31″W
410 Dowth MoundMound, Standing StoneDowth Meath53°42′13″N 6°27′01″W
652 Dowth Passage TombPassage TombDowth Meath53°42′14″N 6°27′02″W
482 Dunmoe CastleCastleDunmoe Meath53°40′27″N 6°38′13″W
489 Church of St. NicholasChurchDunsany Meath53°32′11″N 6°37′03″W
400 St. Seachnail's ChurchChurchDunshaughlin Meath53°30′52″N 6°32′22″W
472 Fourknocks Passage TombPassage TombFourknocks Meath53°35′48″N 6°19′35″W
541 Gaulstown BarrowRound barrowGaulstown Meath53°37′43″N 6°27′25″W
257 Killeen ChurchChurchKilleen Meath53°32′10″N 6°35′41″W
409 Knowth Passage TombCemeteryKnowth Meath53°42′04″N 6°29′29″W
549 Knowth MoundEnclosure & MoundKnowth Meath53°42′04″N 6°29′29″W
543 Loughbracken FortMound and baileyLoughbrackan Meath53°50′09″N 6°40′38″W
514 Trim CastleCastleTrim Meath53°33′15″N 6°47′23″W
651 Mountfortescue HillfortRingditch, Tumulus & HillfortMountfortescue Meath53°45′43″N 6°34′34″W
147.03 NewgrangePassage TombNewgrange Meath53°41′41″N 6°28′26″W
110 Newtown AbbeyCathedralNewtown (Trim) Meath53°33′20″N 6°46′21″W
551 NinchBarrowNinch Meath53°40′37″N 6°14′38″W
261 Rath MeaveRitual Enclosure (Henge)Odder, Belpere Meath53°34′00″N 6°36′33″W
289 Rathmore ChurchChurch, Cross & BaseRathmore Meath53°38′35″N 6°52′21″W
495 Realtogue FortRingfortRealtogue (Realtoge) Meath53°38′33″N 6°35′00″W
322 Athcarne CrossWayside cross (c. 1700)Gaulstown Meath53°37′39″N 6°26′58″W
25 Robertstown CastleCastle (17th century)Robertstown Meath53°48′06″N 6°48′33″W
542 Robertstown FortBivallate ingfortRobertstown Meath53°47′39″N 6°49′13″W
553 Newtown TrimSt. John's PriorySaint Johns Meath53°33′18″N 6°46′05″W
547 Sarsfieldstown CrossWayside cross (c. 1500)Sarsfieldstown Meath53°39′14″N 6°15′27″W
109 Skryne ChurchChurch & CrossesSkryne Meath53°35′10″N 6°33′47″W
666,188 Hill of SlaneChurch & CollegeSlane Meath53°43′02″N 6°32′35″W
108 St. Columb's HouseChurchKells Meath53°43′42″N 6°52′51″W
158 Kells Round TowerRound Tower & High CrossesKells Meath53°43′39″N 6°52′46″W
679 Porch FieldsTown gate & medieval roadwayTrim Meath53°33′19″N 6°47′16″W
150 Hill of WardEarthworksWardstown Meath53°37′26″N 6°53′10″W
672 Cadamstown BridgeBridgeCadamstown Offaly53°07′53″N 7°39′25″W
617 CannakillDeserted Medieval VillageCannakill Offaly53°20′45″N 7°17′31″W
510 Kinnitty CrossHigh cross & medieval wallKinnitty Offaly53°06′11″N 7°41′51″W
497 Saighir (Seir Kieran)Early Medieval Ecclesiastical SiteChurchland and Clonmore Offaly53°04′15″N 7°47′34″W
336 Clonfinlough StoneRock ArtClonfinlough Offaly53°19′03″N 7°56′09″W
532 Clonin EarthworksEarthworksClonin and Bawnmore Offaly53°14′16″N 7°18′46″W
81 ClonmacnoiseEarly Medieval Ecclesiastical SiteClonmacnoise Offaly53°19′37″N 7°59′10″W
678,313 Durrow AbbeyCross, Church, graveslabs & motteDurrow Offaly53°19′34″N 7°31′22″W
504 Gallen AbbeyChurch & SlabsGallen Offaly53°15′45″N 7°49′24″W
82 Rahan ChurchesChurchesRahan Offaly53°16′45″N 7°36′45″W
520 Athlone CastleCastleAthlone Westmeath53°25′23″N 7°56′34″W
481 Delvin CastleCastleDelvin Westmeath53°36′40″N 7°05′37″W
560 DunnamonaMotteDunnamona Westmeath53°29′58″N 7°47′01″W
610 Mortimer's CastleCastleFaughalstown Westmeath53°38′55″N 7°20′26″W
220 Fore town gatesTown gatesFore Westmeath53°40′45″N 7°13′32″W
215 Fore AbbeyAbbey (Benedictine) & hermitageFore Westmeath53°41′02″N 7°13′38″W
265 Taghmon ChurchChurchGlebe Westmeath53°36′03″N 7°15′59″W
213 InchbofinEarly Medieval Ecclesiastical SiteInchbofin Westmeath53°32′32″N 7°54′59″W
155 Ushnagh Hill, CatstoneRingfort, Barrow & StoneUshnagh Hill Westmeath53°29′18″N 7°33′44″W
624 Portlick MotteMottePortlick Westmeath53°29′28″N 7°54′38″E
572 Raharney RingfortRingfortRaharney Westmeath53°31′03″N 7°05′33″W
223 Bealin High CrossHigh CrossTwyford Westmeath53°26′07″N 7°50′42″W
606 Wattstown BarrowsTwo Barrows (tumuli)Wattstown Westmeath53°34′32″N 7°25′53″W
516 Ballyhack CastleCastleBallyhack Wexford52°14′46″N 6°58′03″W
375 Ballymoty MotteMotteBallymoty More Wexford52°30′20″N 6°27′41″W
521 Ferns CastleCastleFerns Wexford52°35′27″N 6°29′58″W
665 Clone ChurchChurchClone Wexford52°34′06″N 6°30′18″W
644 Coolhull CastleFortified HouseCoolhull Wexford52°14′03″N 6°42′18″W
192 Dunbrody AbbeyAbbey (Cistercian)Dunbrody Wexford52°17′01″N 6°57′33″W
668 Duncannon Artillery FortArtillery fortDuncannon Wexford52°13′15″N 6°56′12″W
457 Tacumshane WindmillWindmillTacumshane Wexford52°12′32″N 6°25′26″W
133 Ferns ChurchChurchFerns Wexford52°35′31″N 6°29′26″W
133 Ferns Cathedral & CrossesChurchFerns Wexford52°35′24″N 6°29′31″W
133 Ferns AbbeyPriory (Augustinian)Ferns Wexford52°35′22″N 6°29′30″W
443 St. Mary's ChurchChurchNew Ross Wexford52°23′47″N 6°56′27″W
434 Rathmacknee CastleCastleRathmacknee Great Wexford52°16′09″N 6°29′26″W
229 Rathumney CastleCastleRathumney Wexford52°17′43″N 6°52′28″W
429 Slade CastleCastleSlade Wexford52°08′02″N 6°54′38″W
392 Vinegar Hill WindmillWindmillTempleshannon Wexford52°30′06″N 6°33′13″W
506, 614 Tintern AbbeyAbbey (Cistercian), Church & bridgeTintern Wexford52°14′13″N 6°50′18″W
445 St. Selskar's PrioryChurch (Augustinian)Wexford Wexford52°20′29″N 6°27′57″W
137 Aghowle ChurchChurch & CrossAghowle Lower (Shillelagh Wicklow52°46′04″N 6°37′13″W
416 Piper's StonesStone CircleAthgreany Wicklow53°04′19″N 6°36′46″W
203 Baltinglass AbbeyAbbey (Cistercian)Baltinglass Wicklow52°56′38″N 6°42′35″W
418 Crossoona RathRingfort & Ogham StoneBoleycarrigeen Wicklow52°56′39″N 6°36′51″W
134 GlendaloughCathedral, Round Tower, Churches, Priory (Augustinian), Crosses, ringfort, hut site & caveGlendalough Wicklow53°00′37″N 6°19′39″W
280 St. Mark's CrossHigh CrossBurgage More Wicklow53°09′41″N 6°32′29″W
442 Castleruddery MotteMotteCastleruddery Lower Wicklow52°59′34″N 6°38′40″W
441 Castleruddery Stone CircleStone CircleCastleruddery Lower Wicklow52°59′28″N 6°38′12″W
304 Castletimon Ogham StoneOgham StoneCastletimon Wicklow52°54′16″N 6°04′13″W
662 Rath Turtle MoatRingfortDeerpark Wicklow53°10′46″N 6°33′28″W
449 Dwyer–McAllister CottageHouse with historical associationsDerrynamuck (Donard) Wicklow52°57′44″N 6°33′53″W
337 Fassaroe CrossCrossFassaroe, Bray Wicklow53°11′45″N 6°08′25″W
267 Kilcoole ChurchChurchKilcoole Wicklow53°06′26″N 6°03′46″W
417 Kilcroney ChurchChurchKilcroney Wicklow53°11′10″N 6°08′20″W
323 Kindlestown CastleCastleKindlestown Upper Wicklow53°08′28″N 6°05′20″W
419 Lemonstown MotteMotteLemonstown Wicklow53°05′07″N 6°39′27″W
368 Moylisha Wedge TombWedge TombMoylisha Wicklow52°45′05″N 6°37′20″W
262 Raheenachluig ChurchChurchNewcourt Wicklow53°11′38″N 6°05′26″W
328 RathcoranPassage Tomb & HillfortCoolinarrig Upper, Pinnacle, Tuckmill Hill Wicklow52°56′49″N 6°41′00″W
422 RathgallHill FortRath Wicklow52°48′08″N 6°39′47″W
317 Seefin Passage TombPassage TombScurlocksleap Wicklow53°11′10″N 6°23′42″W
491 Threecastles CastleCastleThreecastles Wicklow53°10′54″N 6°29′14″W
531 Tornant MoatRingfort & BarrowsTornant Lower Wicklow53°02′43″N 6°42′04″W
135 St. Mary's Church, DownsmillChurch (11th century)Woodlands Wicklow53°07′47″N 6°06′38″W

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