List of National Monuments in County Tipperary

The Irish state has officially approved the following List of National Monuments in County Tipperary. In the Republic of Ireland, a structure or site may be deemed to be a "National Monument", and therefore worthy of state protection, if it is of national importance. If the land adjoining the monument is essential to protect it, this land may also be protected.

National Monuments

NM# Monument name Description Image Townland Location
378 Lackeen CastleCastleAbbeville 53°05′18″N 8°04′26″W
124 Ahenny High CrossesHigh CrossesAhenny 52°24′45″N 7°23′41″W
396 St. Berrihert's KyleCrosses & Inscribed SlabsArdane 52°24′39″N 8°05′34″W
604 Ardcroney Burial MoundBurial Mound (Cist)Ardcroney 52°56′28″N 8°11′09″W
573 Ashleypark Burial MoundBurial Moundy (Cist)Ashleypark 52°56′02″N 8°11′20″W
120 Athassel AbbeyPriory (Augustinian)Cashel 52°28′46″N 7°59′01″W
581 Ballycomisk RingfortsThree RingfortsBallycomisk 52°29′22″N 7°50′27″W
659 Ballingarry WarhouseHouse with historical associationsFarranrory Upper 52°37′09″N 7°31′22″W
234 Ballynahow CastleCastleBallynahow 52°41′35″N 7°52′41″W
123 Ballynoran ChurchChurchBallynoran 52°21′20″N 7°29′24″W
370 Burncourt CastleCastle or fortified houseBurncourt 52°18′36″N 8°04′12″W
595 Cahir AbbeyPriory (Augustinian)Caherabbey Upper 52°22′45″N 7°55′43″W
507 Cahir CastleCastleTownparks 52°22′28″N 7°55′38″W
577 Cahir Castle CottageCahir Castle CottageTownparks 52°22′26″N 7°55′38″W
647 Swiss CottageCottageKilcommon Beg 52°21′27″N 7°55′25″W
447 Carrick-on-Suir CastleCastleCarrick-on-Suir 52°20′42″N 7°24′25″W
537 RathanadavRingfortCarron (St. Johnbaptist) 52°28′32″N 7°53′16″W
550 Carron fortRingfortCarron (Tipperary town) 52°29′37″N 8°10′48″W
127 Hore AbbeyAbbey (Cistercian)Cashel 52°31′07″N 7°53′52″W
128 Rock of CashelEcclesiastical siteCashel 52°31′12″N 7°53′25″W
667 Clonmel Main GuardCourthouseBurgagery-Lands West 52°21′10″N 7°41′54″W
353 Timoney Hills Standing StonesStanding StonesCullaun, Timenyhills, Timoney 52°54′01″N 7°43′12″W
533 DerryvellaEarly Medieval Ecclesiastical SiteDerryvella 52°37′05″N 7°40′09″W
193 St. Dominic's AbbeyAbbey (Dominican)St. Dominick's Abbey 52°31′05″N 7°53′16″W
122 Donaghmore ChurchChurchDonaghmore 52°24′47″N 7°43′29″W
407 Grallagh CastleCastle & BawnGrallagh (Graystown) 52°35′41″N 7°46′16″W
121 Holy Cross AbbeyAbbey (Cistercian) (part of)Holycross 52°38′25″N 7°52′11″W
654 Kilcash ChurchChurch & graveyardKilcash 52°23′50″N 7°31′24″W
654 Kilcash CastleCastleKilcash 52°23′50″N 7°31′16″W
218 Kilcooly AbbeyAbbey (Cistercian)Kilcoolyabbey 52°40′15″N 7°34′16″W
584 KnockgraffonMotte & BaileyNew Inn 52°24′44″N 7°55′59″W
266 Liathmore ChurchesTwo ChurchesLeigh 52°40′14″N 7°40′07″W
348 Lismacrory MoundsMoundsLismacrory 53°02′16″N 8°01′54″W
524 Longstone RathStanding Stone & prehistoric earthworksLongstone 52°30′22″N 8°17′52″W
673 Lorrha ChurchChurch & two crossesLorrha 53°05′30″N 8°07′13″W
357 Lorrha PrioryPriory (Augustinian)Lorrha 53°05′31″N 8°07′17″W
361 Lorrha FriaryFriary (Dominican)Lorrha 53°05′28″N 8°07′34″W
335 Derrynaflan ChurchChurch & Early Medieval Ecclesiastical siteLurgoe 52°35′50″N 7°44′02″W
125 Monaincha ChurchChurch & CrossMonaincha 52°56′47″N 7°44′53″W
292 Moor AbbeyFriary (Franciscan)Moorabbey 52°24′09″N 8°16′42″W
513 Nenagh CastleCastleNenagh 52°51′54″N 8°11′53″W
Roscrea FriaryFriary (Franciscan)Roscrea 52°57′09″N 7°47′59″W
451 Portland ChurchChurchPortland 53°05′24″N 8°10′32″W
126 Roscrea ChurchChurch, Round Tower, High Cross & MillRoscrea 52°57′20″N 7°47′45″W
211 Roscrea CastleCastleRoscrea 52°57′19″N 7°47′53″W
548 Shrough Passage TombPassage TombShrough 52°25′37″N 8°13′58″W
363 Terryglass CastleCastleTerryglass 53°03′34″N 8°12′43″W
332 Toureen PeakaunChurch, Crosses & SlabsToureen 52°24′32″N 7°59′36″W


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